This Lady Danced Off 17lbs. to Win Our FitStar Challenge


30-Day Dance Fitness Challenge 22/30

Video taken from the channel: 876tutorialtuesdays Jamaica


Join the Karolyna challenge & Win $100! @zumba @majorboi @zjlenesha @embolab

Video taken from the channel: Embo Lab


Join the Karolyna challenge & Win $100! @zumba @majorboi @zjlenesha @embolab

Video taken from the channel: Embo Lab


All About Him by Auburn | Work Out Like A Dancer

Video taken from the channel: Work Out Like A Dancer


Join the Karolyna challenge & Win $100! @zumba @majorboi @zjlenesha @embolab

Video taken from the channel: Embo Lab


This women danced away 150 pounds

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MyFitnessPal user Cassandra is having fun while blasting off the pounds with Zumba. “I’ve lost seventeen pounds so far, and I’m getting more confident doing all the moves,” she says. This Woman Danced Off 17lbs. to Win Our FitStar Challenge!By participating in the 60-Day Challenge, you made changes on the inside and the outside and bettered yourself. Our Grand Prize of $5,000, a one-year membership and 15 free YouCoach personal training sessions goes to the member with the highest percent of weight loss, out of all our challengers, as weighed at our final weigh-in. The other lovely lady still in it to win it is Harry Potter ‘s Evanna Lynch, who while incredibly passionate about dancing, is also kind of on the.

30 Day Booty Challenge we will be doing on Livestream!!!! *** So after doing this I see it will take someone to do this challenge around 15-25 mins. If you haven’t Trust me you want it!!!! We Now have our Dance Fitness With Jessica App & it makes it that much better!!! It’s available now on Android, iPhone, Apple TV, Fire TV, & Roku so.

A DANCE CHALLENGE for ALL OF YOU! Go out in public, somewhere new, somewhere cool and dance. Upload your videos and nominate 3 other people to continue the challenge. We nominate ALL OF YOU! So.

decide who wins our dance off please comment. ailsa is the one in the leg warmers and wig and hayley is the one in the tophat and hoodie. Week 8 on “Dancing with the Stars” will have double the dances — but not for all the couples. The remaining seven duos will perform their usual individual routines and then participate in a.

Last week when ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ season 16 aired with the Academy Rounds part 2, we got to see the final Top 10 men and Top 10 women contestants. And now back again this week, the Top 10 women will take the stage once again. Partnered with an All-Star male, the Top 10 women had to do a choreographed duet that was outside their own style. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue.

Watch Queue Queue. Although Roxanne, 63, has always been on the slender side, her weight gradually crept up over the past 2 decades. “My clothes were tight, I had a ring of.

List of related literature:

To make the challenge even greater, the women danced with glasses of water on their heads; the winner was she who maintained her cool and made the execution of the dance look easy.

“Closer to Freedom: Enslaved Women and Everyday Resistance in the Plantation South” by Stephanie M. H. Camp
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Havingseenthe choreographed pieceonce, she remarked that ithad obviously been designedsothefirsthalf was ‘stagedleft’ and then repeated‘stage right’.The choreographer agreed.

“Skill Acquisition in Sport: Research, Theory and Practice” by A. Mark Williams, Nicola J. Hodges
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But the challenge that was undoubtedly the focus of her energies was the genoa cake competition.

“The Blue Ribbon Cookbook: Recipes, Stories and Tips from Prizewinning Country Show Cooks” by Liz Harfull
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Rosalin didn’t challenge Lenorre, she simply got to her feet.

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It looked especially incongruous because she was dancing as well, with mechanical perfection, never putting a step wrong.

“SPIRITS ABROAD” by Zen Cho, Buku Fixi
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She also co-presented a television street dance contest, Jika Majika with the likes of prokid.

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While Kanya Sevita Chitralekha displayed her dancing skills flawlessly using her chest, waist, bottom, hands, head, cheeks, neck, legs, thighs, knees, shoulders, arms, stomach, and also wrists, elbows, and ankles with delightful expression, “Victory and victory to you!

“Kingdom of Shiva” by Sivkishen
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Bintley gave chances to establishedand promising young dancers: Tapper, Deirdre Chapman, Lauren Cuthbertson, Galeazzi andNuñez, all dancing with verve and attack.

“The Royal Ballet: 75 Years” by Zoë Anderson
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It was good fun, and by the end of it we all looked like a choreographed formation in one of her videos.

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Viderian took her for the next set dance, with Talmor partnering Audiva in the same group.

“Dragonsinger” by Anne McCaffrey
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  • Can anyone please share his or her real experience of loosing weight through dancing, per day duration and how much time it took to loose 15 kg..

  • I was impressed until I read she had lost the weight dancing with combination of surgery.. Many ppl don’t get gastric band surgery and I feel.lifeboat cheating but if it makes you happy then who am I to judge.. Well done.. You could of lost it without the gastric band surgery tho.

  • Don’t think this is spreading good vibes actually. Losing weight is hard. It takes a lot of diet, working out too. It’s not this easy and people should not feel discouraged because of some wrongly-used video like this.

  • Move, you have nothing to prove
    no tournament to lose
    no game or competition
    There is nothing to win
    don’t need coaching or the gym
    no schedule and subscription

  • Imma try to dance at least 4 hours everyday for 60 day imma dance one hour in random times of the day until I have 8 hours for that day

  • I like how even when she slimmed down she stop dancing coz it showed she’s doing it for run and enjoys it and not just cos she might be feeling like she’s under a lot of pressure to lose weight

  • I got goosebumps watching this.. You motivated with a smile and joy and not like others who make it sound impossible that only they achieved.. I love you ♥.. You’re amazing.. I’m gonna start my practice from today.. Because of u I’m excited

  • Lol I usually run around my house dancing and jumping on the beds and sliding down the stair railing, but that is only if I am home alone

  • This is what I’m doing now! I’ve lost 10lbs so far, and took some bad habits out of my eating for the most part(eating out only 2-3x a week instead of EVERY DAY)….So I hope im on my way to this! So proud of this woman and love to see the energy shift! ��������❤❤❤

  • i watch those ”just dance” videos on youtube (like from the game) and following those is so fun honestly it’s such a great way to lose weight

  • Just getting up and moving, just like this lady, it will motivate you to do more! I’m on a weight journey too and sometimes I just don’t wanna do any high impact cardio, or strength training…….sometimes i jump off the treadmill and dance to one of my fav songs that come on!!! Just keep moving and making positive changes in diet and your weight will come off!!! It’s a journey…….Stay motivated!!! ❤️❤️��������

  • I love that she was already (seemingly) full of life and confidence and then that only grew as she progressed, what a lovely lady:)

  • Hi Newsflare. Congratulations on your “Losing 65kg through dancing” inspirational thanks for sharing. I Morine Barnes knew dancing as the secret to weight loss. I wish i could dance away 3st 1.4lbs fat. It would be great. I’ll get started. Morine Barnes 60.

  • I love your workouts, i have two bad knees and one of one I’ve had 4 surgeries and it is now unfixable and I have a very bad but I can modify your workouts, thank you so much for doing what you you are awesome