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While at ports around the world, Carl uses the MapMyRun app to locate popular running routes in the area and laces up his shoes to log some local miles. While at sea, he heads to the ship’s gym around lunchtime while the guests are at the (seemingly) never-ending lunch buffet to take advantage of the empty treadmills and weight machines. The Zaandam, is just one of at least 10 ships stuck at sea as of Thursdaycarrying nearly 10,000 passengers – around the globe, after having been turned away from their destination ports in. The official word from Costa was that the Deliziosa was going to continue its world cruise just minus the port stops. The ship was still set to arrive back in Venice on April 26.

The Zaandam is one of at least 10 ships around the world – carrying nearly 10,000 passengers – still stuck at sea after having been turned away from their destination ports in. Cruise Ship Rejected by Five Ports Runs Out of Options K The refusal and quarantine of cruise ships are the latest stepped-up measures by governments around the world. The number of places visited by Oceania’s Insignia on its six-month world cruise is one of its strongest selling points no fewer than 100 ports in 44 different countries on all six continents. In 1923–24, HMS Hood and the Special Service Squadron sailed around the world on The Empire Cruise, making many ports of call in the countries which had fought together during the First World War.The squadron departed Devonport on 27 November 1923 and headed for Sierra Leone. Returning from the Pacific, the battlecruisers passed through the Panama Canal, while the light cruisers rounded Cape.

Navy ships keep running records of their activities on board, and many of these logs are sent to the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) to be archived as permanent records. Eventually, NHHC transfers the deck logs to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Find out more about these records and how to access them below. (Updated 2:02 p.m. EDT) With ocean and river cruise lines temporarily suspending service around the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemi.

With cruises around the world suspended due to the pandemic, the former Royal Caribbean ship was sold for scrap along with the MS Sovereign and MS Horizon. All three were part of the fleet of.

List of related literature:

His day starts on a port day after the ship docks and port officials come aboard where the crew purser meets them.

“Cruise Operations Management” by Philip Gibson
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Much of his first freighter journey in the Mediterranean is spent with another passenger, a photographer called Nadia, who is compiling a coffee-table book of famous port cities.

“The Global Politics of Contemporary Travel Writing” by Debbie Lisle
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The captain announced his readiness for business by putting up the boat’s “shingle” announcing destination and date of departure and, usually, by inserting a brief notice in the newspapers and posting handbills in the local hotels.

“Steamboats on the Western Rivers: An Economic and Technological History” by Louis C. Hunter
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This manner of cruising in stages has become a common occurrence and several of the sailors interviewed are now doing it, although, as Jim Thomsen discovered, it is a more costly affair as it involves the expense of leaving the boat unattended in a yard or marina, as well as the flights home.

“World Voyage Planner: Planning a Voyage from Anywhere in the World to Anywhere in the World” by Jimmy Cornell
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The exhausted party were taken on board Captain Tristian’s ship on 24 May, 1681*, and here is concluded the second stage of the voyage round the world.

“Memoirs of a Buccaneer: Dampier's New Voyage Round the World, 1697” by William Dampier
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Capt. [Abner] Coffin, in the Favourite Privateer, of this Port, has taken a Ship from Jamaica, bound for London, laden with Sugar, Rum, Limes, Pimento, &c.

“Naval Documents of the American Revolution” by United States. Naval History Division, William Bell Clark, William James Morgan, Michael J. Crawford
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He must be cognizant of conditions in ports around the world, the charges made for handling his ships, the efficiency of longshoremen, and the availability of cargo-working equipment.

“The Business of Shipping” by Lane C. Kendall
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Loveland of Egg-Harbour; who, after a tedious pursuit of one day and two nights, took them on board a boat at Cranberry inlet, about thirty-five miles from New-York, in which he was assisted by Lieut Cook with six men, from an adjacent county, his own party being wore out with fatigue.

“Naval Documents of the American Revolution” by United States. Naval History Division, William Bell Clark, William James Morgan, Michael J. Crawford
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The fleet under his command sailed from Jamaica in the year one thousand five hundred and twenty three, on the day of St. John, and arrived without any particular occurrence at a port called Xagua in the Island of Cuba.

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Captain John Byron (grandfather of the poet) ignored his orders to find a Omai, a Polynesian from Huahine, accompanied passage between the South Seas and Hudson’s Captain Cook to England and returned.

“Moon Handbooks South Pacific” by David Stanley
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  • the most humble captain of msc cruises, comandante La Scala now he retired as captain but still works on company, and there was Staff Captain Bono besides him, the most dangerous staff captain of msc cruises ��

  • I’ve seen that first one a few times. Can anyone explain what’s happening there?
    Smaller vessel seems to be at fault for trying to overtake the cargo/ore carrier (whatever it is, some sort of bulk carrier). But is there more to it? Is that smaller ship an oceangoing tug? At first I thought it was a trawler but maybe not. What’s going on in that one?

  • Thanks Ken you run a tight ship. Takes the (I don’t know) out of the picture. Safety first! Am curious about your Pre Boarding Regulations!

  • Jesus Christ… I was on that exact boat at that time. 2 years ago, I was on that cruise ship and I went to Jamaica on that boat. I was one of the passengers on that boat.

  • Hello Ken, thanks for all videos. Can you please share your check list and all other datasheet format in your library, so we can download it. Thanks and Bon voyage

  • I had opportunities to manoeuvre big sized ships. This is a challenge. Especially going up Ghanaian rivers. Good video up there guys ��

  • 2:03 wow what pristine beaches you can work on your tan and swim and that the oily water you won’t have to worry about sunscreen because you’ll have enough oil all over your skin

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  • The pilot was on time. The ship came in too early. They docked according to schedule, did they not? Smithsonian TV trying to make this dramatic. Shame on them.

  • My hotel was literally right next to that port. I always saw ships docking, but it didn’t seem to be that hard. Look at 3:06 in the background. That’s it! Moon Palace

  • This channel has replaced TV for me and my wife. We are planning on living this lifestyle full time in 5 years when I retire. Keep up the great content

  • Hello

    So valuable video. These are really helpful informations that I will add as recommandations.

    Thank you so much for sharing ������


  • I love how the boating community keeps her cool when an idiot fucks up no name-calling no yelling screaming everybody just gets shit done and he goes on his way happened to me with a guy ran right over my anchor line tangling into both his propellers and it was real windy day took for ever to untangle everything I was so mad by the end of it But I force myself to keep my cool and we both just went our separate way! I guess it’s just proper etiquette for boaters I think that the fuck up should always have to give everybody a beer that helped out before he leaves. That should be part of the payment

  • “Nowadays this?! Come on, I’m not going Hawaii to find out portoricans at Cuba in Montevideo Bay are next to Africa double standards, different timeline, Montego Bay and quick sand everywhere… Where’s Kamara these days?!” ��������������

  • Jesus, 20 minutes after he calls the pilot arrives. Late my a$$. Sounds like a made up story for reality style tv. Plus with all the tech on that ship that turn is a piece of cake.

  • This glimpses reminds me of a large trade off under the symbol L for oil, gas, jewelry, clothes, mechanical supplies, hories etc.. In the billions of profit in trade of a suitcase of ideas and money

  • Y’all obviously never know about Jamaican time….you hav expect Jamaicans to work according to Jamaican time when coming to Jamaica

  • The only thing I want to know is…..WHY?!!!??? It shouldn’t be possible to do these ridiculous manoeuvres if the captains knew their jobs!!!

  • Sailed on the Divina on 3/2/2019 Beautiful ship but it is breaking water pipes above the hallways outside of the staterooms on deck 12 forward and decks 13&14 too. Divina is going into dry dock in 2020 to fix this problem. Ship staff thought cruisers should wait in long lines and Carnival has much better lines and food!! The port shopping guide is to get you the best price total lie. Bought a Diamond at Diamonds International and could have purchased the exact same stone retail locally for HALF PRICE they want to give me store credit for the difference between what I paid and appraised price. Honest?? Do not make me laugh.

  • No where to be found? He was out to the ship in 20 minutes? That’s called Fake News. Lying for drama in a documentary is childish. Shows there isn’t sufficient basis for the broadcast.

  • And all the cruisers are anxiously waiting to get into port so they can be pawed, manhandled and harassed by the local population. That is one port of call I have no desire to go back to.

  • I would love to hear the skippers side of the story. It might be that he just has no idea what he is doing, or it might be that something went wrong such as a gear failure. Maybe he was drunk. If there is a subtle lesson to be learnt here, I’d like to know what it is. To be honest, I cannot imagine what, with full sail up and heading up wind into the “zone” it should have been easy to fall off and head out again, fix the problem and try again. Maybe his rudder failed?

  • Don’t fucking know how the hell 2 ships can crash in Ocean, like it’s the most open space to cruise and yet 2 assholes crashes like some dumbfuck with blindfolded eyes.

  • what a fantastic show. I am amazed at the level of accuracy and dedication by the crew to make such an audacious journey with such a load.

  • Wow! That’s hard to believe. Talk about a train wreck st sea… Jeeze Louise!! And fenders?? Boats don’t have fenders, only cars and trucks have fenders! Lol You’d think they knew enough to at least drop the sails.

  • When he had 6 chances to board the ships he Attacked, WHY DID THE PIRATE NOT BOARD ANY BOATS! I don’t understand these credit card pirates today?

  • Sooo let me get this straight. A company charters a large cat to someone who has no business sailing it. That someone plows into a bunch of boats, and everyone is super nice about it and spends half the afternoon helping him on his way.

  • I sailed the windward Society Islands with my brother and three other trained skippers on board and never came close to this idiocy due to training and cooperation. How these morons EVEN CHARTERED A BOAT is an absolute mystery.

  • What can anyone say. WOW. Does anyone know the name of 5 sailing schools, I think he will flunk out of 4 before he gets to fenders.

  • Thank God for other boaters. Made some stupid mistakes myself starting out but started with an Ericson 23. Never like this. Was always surprised with the gracious help other boaters always gave. God bless you all!

  • He should have dropped his anchor further out then he might have been going at a third of a mile and damage would have been minimum

  • 3 cheers for the Hagland Captain! “delayed the rescue?” They risked their lives and went to help the cruise ship in those conditions! I didn’t notice Viking PR including them in their list of thank you’s. And how about this if there is a next time, Viking, you pay attention to the worsening storm conditions and marine forecasts and really care about the lives of your passengers and crew by staying in port until the seas are navigable.

  • Some people are collectively just a waste of blood and vital organs, then to add insult the steal breathable air that could be better used elsewhere, I would have taken my chances and given them a good keel hauling!!!!
    As for someone mentioning something about the anchor they were very close to naming the captain of said vessel.
    As for the very acceptable young ladies I think the fenders were being used to spare the blushes of the gallant fellows trying to save Captain Anchor from sinking an entire fleet of sail boats.
    It will never cease to amaze that some folk actually make it to puberty, let alone old enough to earn money and (God help us) even spawn children, the parents of individuals involved should be tried for serving this overloaded planet with more useless twats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I see I’m not the only one here because of the screenshot. But seriously, they actually rent these things out to idiots. I’d be embarrassed af.

  • Smh….. unfortunately this is all too common in the boating world. Credit Card Captain is a spot on name for this Mo-Ron. I’ll also bet this is his first boat EVER. He’s in way over his meager knowledge…… that’s life threatening dangerous

  • The captain didn’t know what to do because he couldn’t google it fast enough..we get stuck with stiffer boating laws because of assholes just like him.

  • The ships that were running aground in “Turkey” isn’t Turkey at all. That’s India’s ship breaking/demolition yard, you idiot. If you’re going to steal other people’s videos, then at least get your facts straight.

  • I thought drivers on the roads are bad. Im beginning to change my opinion on the ship industry. I suddenly feel safer on land in my car

  • 20 videos of captains getting the sack lol
    Also i like how nobody helped the old women who can’t run with a ship crashing toward her..

  • Nice driving by the Captain of the big white ship named Excellent. Smashing down that big sea container Crain was an Excellent job

  • It’d been good if the cause was told. I’d guess two, one a captain that’s became complacent or a newer captain, then a mechanical malfunction if not human error. Maybe getting by on a nonresponsive throttle, Rutter not repaired, etc.
    Anyone with insights?��

  • Couple of things here people:
    7:30 EXCELLENT…job of smashing up the place..
    9:48 The container sinking is a direct indicator of any further career for the Captain.
    11:14 Cap’n crunch is alive and well….and drunk

  • Like a well run company, procedures are key. Everyone does things the same way all of the time. If something fails, it’s not the person, it’s the process. Without records, you can’t change a process knowing if it affects other prcoess’s. As a newbie to sailing I like your thinking. Would you make your spreadsheets available for download?

  • These accidents proved that ship captains are mental blind or inexperienced or ognored and illiterate person about ship operating. Is there no breaking system in the ship? Modern technology can used more cameras in front of captain dashboard or how can used breaking system to avoid such notorious accidents?

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  • They just need to put one of those parallel park features like they have on new cars for women who can’t park. They could dock it with their iPhone.

  • Thank God Everyone has been saved. But one question. Captain and those in charge of navigating ship are required to observe weather conditions. Why ride into a storm. Just give everyone a refund.

  • 3:30 They had the entire ocean to turn away from the cargoship. How do you not see another ship crossing your bow in the middle of a clear day?
    You should have named this video, ” Falling asleep at the wheel of a cargo ship “

  • Singapore for real, we were coming into port and nearly collided with a commercial trawler i think it was, I can’t quite remember, I was on the bow and it crossed port to starboard at a diagonal, completely ignoring the horn of our ship going off and the OOD blasting them over bridge to bridge. Came within a few hundred feet i bet, close enough to throw a rock at, definitely a butthole puckering moment.

  • Divina isn’t that old. I’m surprised it doesn’t have azi pod verses Rutters. It probably does but for illustration purposes it was probably easier to show a rutter

  • And here is a blog from an eyewitness landside. Photos and map-plot show Europe was seconds and meters from the biggest disaster at sea since WW2:

  • The cruise industry is growing so fast, that they don`t know, where to deploy their ships any more. What a 4000 souls on board ship does in Norway in mid winder? Also, with the rate the industry grows, the most of the time, the crew is not familiar with the ship. One ship like that, if it sinks, its very difficult to be evacuated and even if we lose 1% of its capacity, we are talking, for 40 people. I know that money is important for companies but how much a human life cost?

  • Did you see how big that cruise ship is? Did you see how big that cargo ship is? Did you see who big those wave is? White people did not transport millions of africans in a little wood boat with no engine������������ to the Americas!!! Blacks was already here!!! Blacks are not africans!!!

  • “The engine isn’t even running” is a good staring place, also the sails were up. So we conclude they had no power and had to come in under sail in breezy conditions. When was that charter boat last maintained? It is clear assistance was needed and it is great to see some was given. Tell me, what is your plan in the case of engine failure in this situation?

  • When a diesal engine gets so far over the oil gets low on that side and the engine shuts down to keep it from wrecking itself then hard to start..

  • “Will this monster even fit on the ship” Well…yeah, ya twat, of course it will otherwise it wouldn’t be there would it!! Such over dramatized narration.

  • Good to know everyone is safe and there were no injuries. Sorry the trip turned out like that but all’s well that ends well at sea!

  • As an artist; and a fan of your channel, I have to say, the new thumbnail design isn’t as appealing as the old one. I think it’s the red writing, it gives it energy in a subject where the view is looking for calm and escapism. White might be better or maybe blue or cyan. Also, there is a nicer fat font at dafonts called Damn Noisy Kids. Just an opinion, disregard at your leisure! lol

  • According to the description of one of the persons onboard it may be that the ship got hit by a freak wave. The description ” A huge wave came out of nowhere and broke the doors flooding the restaurant” is one sure sign of freakwave.

  • If I had been on that boat you can bet your bottom dollar I’da been COMMANDING the waters, atmosphere and conditions to CALM and weaken in the Name above all Names JESUS according to His Word. If He’s done it when Ive prayed about tornados, He can certainly do that for water. Its only weather. God is above any and all weather and He is not a man that He should lie (Numbers 23:19).

  • Lol men definitely caught the butt shoot but nice one!! But reading the comments below made me laugh cause they have it down to the extent time when you see her cute butt lol ��

  • Thought you would say that docking here attracts machete wielding thugs with long hair, with smoky locally rolled cigars, on their lips.

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  • Well, with all that rig a moor roll you won’t see me signing up any time soon. I ran an off shore 34ton fishing vessel for 25 years and the only notes I kept was how many fish did I catch and where did I catch them.

  • I was glad to see that the ship was heading for Australia and New Zealand, but I am just a bit surprised that they didn’t call in on Hawaii after leaving the Panama Canal?

  • Meters, kilometers, kilograms. Speak American I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. The metric system is a Marxist tool.

  • We have the technology to detect weather ahead of time… why didn’t they go to another port to wait out the storm instead of being foolish and go right in it?

  • can you make a mini version with half of the weight for people, so they can easily [go with] their transport cars?!..i think we could use that…

  • 10m (30+ft) on either side in the canal locks isn’t nearly as tight as the narrator makes it sound. The lock isn’t open water. There’s no current or waves. I’ve watched ships in the Soo Locks off Lake Superior enter with less than 3m (10ft) clearance per side.

  • Great documentary, but its quite irritating to hear voice over, obviously i can hear the chinese speaks english understable. I think subtitles are much better

  • This is more fun than the first Saturday morning after our local dealerships week-long boat sale. The local launch ramp you see as many cars trucks and vans floating as you do boats. Makes a very intertaining morning.

  • So that’s how those ships work. I live in Maryland where Baltimore is the main city of my state. My hometown. The ship made a stop at my hometown. See 25:24 in the video. I will watch more videos from the channel.

  • I’ll never understand why germans prefer using voice-over over subtitles. In all of their programming, they do this lol. Just an interesting observation.

  • Really it’s a shame to voice over the Chinese crew speaking perfect English. Come on! Use subtitles if people have an accent. Cheers

  • Just want to ask if there’s a fire protection system in the large ship? Especially in car parking area? As i observe in the video. I did not see anything that can suppress in case fire? Thank you. Just want to know the fire protection system of this very large ship.☺️

  • Kind of typical Nat-Geo style, bloated, overdramatized.
    The visuals are good but for the narration, look at DW how they do documentations.

  • In the Panama canal: there is no “pumping”. The water flows into the lock chambers by gravity (free flow), after opening the right valves.

  • if there was “tardiness” how comes the vessel was on time?

    sensationalism while presenting the story I guess. well it all turned out well regardless.

  • Been in that port, the native foliage is GORGEOUS when you pull up. I was sitting on the deck of our friends aft balcony, so I got a really great view of the island as we were porting

  • Jamaica is so dangerous that I’ll never go back there. Unless you’re going to private islands with high security, all of the Caribbean is extremely hazardous.

  • And… a load of parasite humans disembark and ruin the sanctity of the peaceful island. Cruise ships should be banned. Horrendous forms of travel and hideously naff. Places like Venice have been ruined by these mass parasite transports.

  • I like your structured approach and work ethic Ken because you are always in control of EVERYTHING with these records. Very unusual in my experience, but worthy of following way to go! ROB

  • OK, it was a bad storm…
    but that furniture should not have behaved like that on any ship (even a cruise one)…
    nothing seemed bolted, plus panels going loose in turbulence… bad design!
    this is to take nothing away from the brave actions of the crew and ship staff
    who deserve our every applause.

  • You have to be a pilot so they have to wait for you, I came here after watching the couple was left behind in inside edition video

  • Well, Captain Ken. You don’t have to refer to aeroplanes regarding ship-handling procedures. In international shipping, ISM/SMS-code (International Safety Manual/Safety Management System) has been introduced since 1996 and is known to all mariners…

  • That was valuable. So organised. It must be tough once in a while to keep the discipline, but a great share. So, as always…thank you. Sk in the UK

  • Ah! So something like an aircraft, the way you run it. The only other I was wondering about is do you get a boat maintenance manual, just like airplanes and those thick manuals I had to deal with in my past. Journey log, and maintenance logs. Always a chore…