The way a Quadruple Amputee Army Vet Made His Comeback


Struggles of Amputee Soldiers

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How a Quadruple Amputee Army Vet Made His Comeback. On April 12, 2012, Travis Mills, a U.S. Army staff sergeant in the 82nd Airborne Division, had been on patrol in Afghanistan when he triggered an IED. “I went from 250 [pounds] to 140. I’d lost 110 pounds in a matter of seven days, and I got so weak that I couldn’t roll left or right, or even sit up by myself without assistance.

Retired U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills, a member of the 82nd Airborne, survived an IED blast while deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. Mills became a quadruple amputee as a result of the blast and is one of only five quadruple amputees in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to survive their injuries. A Quadruple Amputee Vet Transforms a Crumbling Estate into a Beautiful (and Free!) Vacation Retreat for Military Families Army Sergeant Travis Mills is offering injured soldiers a.

CLEVELAND — Retired United States Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills saw his life at a crossroads back in 2012. He had received orders to report to. Quadruple amputee vet gets double arm transplant.

Sgt. Brendan Marrocco almost lost his life when his vehicle tripped a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2009. Amputee ‘thrilled’ after hand transplant Jump to media player Five years after becoming a quadruple amputee, Corinne Hutton now has hands. Army veteran’s fight to have leg amputated. How a Quadruple Amputee Army Vet Made His Comeback. by Brian Sabin. September 12, 2017.

On April 12, 2012, Travis Mills, a U.S. Army staff sergeant in the 82nd Airborne Division, had been on patrol in Afghanistan when he triggered an IED. “I went from 250 to 140. On April 10, 2012, United States Army soldier Travis Mills was out on patrol during his third tour in Afghanistan when his life changed in an instant. As Travis climbed out of a Jeep, he stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED) that instantly ripped his left arm and leg from his body. Days later, his wife, Kelsey, was forced to sign paperwork allowing doctors to amputate his other two limbs because.

“Any one of his injuries was life-threatening,” his trauma surgeon, Maj. Jayson Aydelotte, told the New York Times in 2010. “It’s incredible.” But Marrocco became the first U.S. soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan to survive injuries as a quadruple amputee. He’s making history again now, as the recipient of a rare double-arm transplant. Travis Mills Foundation. Rest & Relaxation for the Recalibrated.

The Travis Mills Foundation supports recalibrated veterans and their families through long-term programs that help these heroic men and women overcome physical obstacles, strengthen their families, and.

List of related literature:

Okeowo (2012) reports how one soldier returned to his doctor 30 months after his first amputation asking for an additional 9 inches to be removed so that he could benefit from a new prosthesis.

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With thousands of American amputees returning home throughout World War II, the Army and Navy responded by establishing specialized centers for overall amputee care, including all aspects of prosthetic rehabilitation: 10 for the Army and 2 for the Navy.

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Lieutenant George Strott, a battalion surgeon in the Second Division, described taking an injured soldier off the field during a battle in the Marne region in July 1918: “Three of us were carrying Cooper of my company in a blanket.

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The actual work of putting the disabled American soldier back on his feet is still in its infancy, and many details still remain to be worked out in experience.

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A Massachusetts infantryman praised the surgeons of the 50th New York Engineers at Fredericksburg who had resected four inches of bone from his right arm, but he claimed that poor treatment in a Washington hospital had allowed his hand to heal turned outward, thus greatly reducing strength in the arm.

“Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!” by George C. Rable
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Over a thousand soldiers have lost a limb but survived, with nearly a quarter of these amputees having lost more than one limb.

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I was pleased to read that he had left the army with a prognosis for a full recovery, albeit on crutches.

“Faces of the Civil War: An Album of Union Soldiers and Their Stories” by Ronald S. Coddington, Michael Fellman
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In telling the story about his amputation, Weisskopf stated that prostheses were becoming more functional and available because of the increasing number of soldiers with amputations in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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The army just didn’t need double amputees.

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Over the next year, Rozelle and a couple dozen other veteran amputees put the BiOM through its paces.

“Tomorrowland: Our Journey from Science Fiction to Science Fact” by Steven Kotler
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  • He should not have been there. I prefer to feel sorry for all the innocent people of Iraq who were murdered and crippeld and who did not receive medical care.

  • @freshhug
    i agreed with you.
    i can’t believe china is getting the oil field in iraq after all the hard work we put in that country. heck, we are guarding china’s copper mine in afghanistan. no joke. china should pitch in.

  • What a big sacrifice, great to hear your victory overcoming the obstacles. Thanks for your service. May Buddha and God bless you!

  • Whoever the dumb SOB was that hit the thumbs down button, you need to drop to your knees and kiss this man’s prosthetic feet. It is ” BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE, WE ARE FREE”. This is the epitome of a man…..AMEN.

  • What a shame. All lost for NOTHING! This poor man brought into an unjust and illegal war by war criminals who themselves should be executed for treason against the USA and humanity.

  • The dislikes must be Marines.
    I can’t imagine how anyone could dislike this video or Travis?!?!
    VIDEO SAVED for “that day” where I need inspiration

  • U.S. Army SSG Travis Mills u are a fn tough Warrior.. and thank u Sir for your Service…..And what a beautiful family and baby u have…..Thank u all for your Sevice…

  • I know 2 guys that served and are both getting %50 plus VA money every month…neither served in combat and are both milking the system….1 is 400 pounds and is getting a big check for sleep apnea….both are plotting in trying to get as close to %100 percent VA disability as they can….that’s all they talk about……I should have both of the two broke dicks watch this…shame on them….
    Show less

  • What a great young man. A great example of what the United States Military and United States produces. A role model of the highest rank.

  • For those of you who are sooo negative, shame on you. If it wasn’t for people like Travis, we might just be the ones dealing w/war in our own country. God bless Travis and those who serve………..US!!!!!

  • Very inspiring for me. Have had some challenges for the last 2 years and have just decided to change my attitude and make the best of what I have. I also want to bless others like you have done.

  • I would love to be married to you! And I would love to have have your wife as a wife! (I am a single mom) You are both awesome and blessed. xoxxxooo,

  • Travis, I literally cant explain how much I respect you. The fact that u overcame all of this and in the end saying that you control your own attitude no matter what happens is absolutely amazing and heart warming. I cant tell you how many times Ive tried to tell ppl this and for them to understand it. Your god himself. Stay strong

  • Excellent documentary. A must see video for all to see, especially the politicians that send our youth into harm’s way, and often needlessly.

  • I met this amazing inspiration at school today!!! He told the incredable story of his tragedy and amazing recovery. He is so posotive and made our whole middle school smile. He actaully lives in the city next to me and we get to see him in our comunity. God bless you Travis and tysm for coming to our school!!

  • “America’s Warriors have always stepped up to the plate for our freedoms and liberties and many have paid the ultimate sacrifice and some have survived to endure worse. HONOR THEM, RESPECT THEM, LOVE THEM & NEVER FORGET THEM! I salute you all!” Sparrow Six-Five!

  • All that I can say is that you are an amazing example for everyone to follow, injured or not! God Bless you and your Family! Sgt Joseph MacDonald, Veteran.

  • Сожалею и переживаю что пережил этот парень, молодец, но какого черта американцы воюют в чужой стране и вообще это другой материк…. А если было наоборот а?….

  • I pray the day will never come when your daughters are embarrassed to be with you. They should be proud of how you’ve managed to come so far, and honored that they are the reasons why. God bless you, Travis.

  • You rock Travis! Amazing you and amazing speaker! Wonderful voice in narrating this! Do more, what a frickin’ inspiration you are sir! Love to you Travis & your family, all of your family includes your fellow amputees! And you for service, thank you for protecting us on America! You’re very brave! ����������

  • worst thing about war is you loose sight of who the enemy is i know about collateral damage but still innocent people and children get lilled

  • Mierda de guerras organizadas por los politicos que se quedan en su casa tan cómodos mientras mandan a los jóvenes y valientes soldados a sacarles las castañas del fuego. Mucha suerte soldado.

  • Thank you for your service man!!! You are still s great looking guy without legs and armsdont give a damn what anyone else says!!!

  • courage toute ta famille est à tes côté continu à progresse pour donne l espoir pour les autres l andicape n’a jamais été physique bravo

  • Hello I am an amputee learning how to walk again. I love to motivate people. Please subscribe to my youtube to see more of me!!!!!

  • three down thumbs??? Must be the guys who planted the mine. TOO BAD! You meant it for bad but God has done great things, beyond and exceedingly beyond your thumbs down.

  • Most people would be extremely challenged to cope with ONE amputation. This young man has FOUR. You are a very brave and committed person, Brendan. I’m in awe of you. I wish you well and hope the intervening years since have brought you happiness and fulfillment!

  • Eimaste pionia se kapoious pou theloun na ginoun pio plousioi an olos o kosmos katalavei oti exei tin dunami na stamatisei olo auto o kosmos pano stin gh tha eitan kaliteros den tha Eixame auta. Ksipniste. Ti zei auto to pedi tora ntropi mas

  • My son was also in an amrad, the driver lost his legs and the gunner died,, my son is now disabled due to his injuries,,, IED ambush in Mosul,,,, while escorting fuel tanks,, several troops died that day….����������������������������������������thank you all
    For your service,, US ARMY

  • I like when he said I pulled Johnny closer and guess what,Johnny goes I don’t know what he says no fingerprints Johnny no fingerprints.

  • Que terrible, los políticos ye intereses económicos generan Guerras, los perjudicados son los pueblos y los soldados… Ellos ganan plata sentados en sus mansiones

  • “The hardest part about losing your legs is knowing that your unit is there without you”.

    Get your ass back out there, fella. I’m sure those shiny new legs of yours will come in handy when your unit needs bangalores.

  • What a senseless loss. For nothing…
    The people of the Middle East and Africa stopped learning and mentally evolving hundreds of years ago.
    A second spent on those people is a second totally wasted.

  • even if he has no longer any limbs this guy will still accomplish his goals(thats so DEEP) thank you for your service you brave brave soul

  • Il y a évidemment les risques de bombe artisanale et de mine et le fait que certains soldats mal entrainé sans aucune expérience soient envoyé au front directement, mais également le fait de choisir le régiment d’infanterie alors qu’on peut également être ingénieur ou cuisinier dans l’armée

  • I hope In the future he will be able to get bionic limbs, they are hundreds of thousands of dollars but he could be selected to test some for free

  • Why would somebody in his right mind would join the US military?
    Hollywood movies glorify war but reality is nothing like that, you can’t just reload another life like in a video game.

  • They should do an update on this soldier story. Last I saw he received two hand transplants. And was a candidate. A double leg transplant.
    Very inspirational story of getting back.

  • The hardest part about losing your legs is rarely mentioned most of these soldiers have lost their penis and testicals it’s not spoken about ��

  • the usa government wants to make the best of the remaining soldier. the government is developing further advancemnt in robotics to produce parts for the soldiers who will return yet again with more amputations.

  • Heart breaking YES But Their Courage Amazing❗That Is The U.S. Solder Always making the Ultimate Sacrifice God Bless them All ��������

  • American soldiers always lost their legs overseas,which means if they stay in their own country,nothing tragic like this will ever happen.

  • And now there even more advanced prosthetics that would allow him to do this with no more effort than the level that we would have to give

  • Josh looks so fit, positive, lively, articulate and handsome in this interview! I wish him and all of the wounded veterans a full recovery and a happy and meaningful journey of life!!

  • i have multiple orthopedic problems and will be getting my left leg off above the knee in January. people like this are my inspiration. well done lads. you fights started in hospital. you humble me.

  • @murk2002

    Ye i removed it myself and rewrote it, why would I be ashamed of myself? for telling the truth you can’t swallow?..fool.

  • This coming from a Marine, we may be dumb, but we recognize strength and bravery. Travis, dude you are awesome! Also, those people in the audience need to put down their friggin phones and pay attention! Talk about being rude!

  • I hate to say it but i don’t shed a tear for theese people. Their limbs was wasted so a corporation could get richer. Fooled and now used as a tool to make more follow their fate.