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How a Magazine Headline Spurred Kevin’s 70-Pound Weight Loss. by Elizabeth Millard. November 28, 2018. 3 Comments. When Kevin O’Connor was about 12 years old, his mother sent him to the corner store near their home in London to buy bread and milk. When he walked in, a row of magazines caught his eye, especially one fitness magazine in particular that touted a huge headline.

• After making simple changes like combining the CICO diet with a hybrid workout routine, O’Connor completed a dramatic 70-pound weight loss transformation. Kevin O’Connor was just like a lot of. • After making simple changes like combining the CICO diet with a hybrid workout routine, O’Connor completed a dramatic 70-pound weight loss transformation. Kevin O’Connor was just like a lot of.

Kevin made a goal, and then made it a reality. How a Magazine Headline Spurred Kevin’s 70-Pound Weight Loss. MapMyWalk.

November 5, 2018 · Well it’s definitely a Monday. We are aware of the issues with the app. Cutting calories is a common part of weight loss, but are you going too far?

© Kevin O’Connor Simple changes like doing the CICO diet and a hybrid workout routine helped Kevin O’Connor complete a 70-pound weight loss transformation and get six-pack abs. That promise nearly. Kevin’s Weight Loss Journey. Home Journal Blog My Other Websites Contact Me Kevin W. Pledger. Husband.

Father. Teacher. Student. Writer.

Journal. My Other Websites. About Me.

I live in Linden, CA, although I grew up in Southern California. I am a married father of three wonderful children, service-connected disabled veteran, and (I like to. Kevin Smith has reached another health milestone six months after suffering a massive heart attack. “The weight loss only spurred me on to trust my process and stick with it,” O’Connor says. Hitting a plateau is inevitable for most people, however—and O’Connor was no exception.

When the pounds didn’t fall off as quickly, he switched things up, joining a gym and and following Men’s Health’s hybrid workout routine. Courtesy of Kevin Gendreau. Kevin Gendreau, MD, 31, wrestled with a food addiction for more than a decade, and was 306 pounds at his heaviest. “I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, hypertension, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, and sleep apnea, among other things,” Gendreau told Best Life in October.”I knew they were all because of my eating habit. Kevin Smith’s weight loss has been years in the works.

In 2015, the director told he had lost 40 pounds by cutting out sugar and walking his dogs regularly.

List of related literature:

Butler, and R. J. Robertson, Prescribing exercise in multiple short bouts versus one continuous bout: Effects on adherence, cardiovascular fitness, and weight loss in overweight women, International Journal of Obesity 19 [1995): 893—901).

“Calm Energy: How People Regulate Mood with Food and Exercise” by Robert E. Thayer
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He linked to a story that had inspired him by another writer who lost 153 pounds in a year.

“The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man's Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America” by Tommy Tomlinson
from The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man’s Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America
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Because he has not had significant weight loss, he has not experienced the typical symptoms associated with rapid weight loss.

“Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics E-Book” by William B. Carey, Allen C. Crocker, Ellen Roy Elias, Heidi M. Feldman, William L. Coleman
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His appetite is reduced, and he notes an 11-lb weight loss over the past month.

“Crush Step 3 CCS E-Book: The Ultimate USMLE Step 3 CCS Review” by Mayur Movalia
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He has lost 15 lb over the past 3 months, which is a clinically significant weight loss.

“Medical Nutrition and Disease: A Case-Based Approach” by Lisa Hark, Darwin Deen, Gail Morrison
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The banner headline claims “LOSE 5 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS,” the ad copy discusses how easy it is to lose weight by simply taking the product 3 times a day, and the ad includes dramatic before-and-after pictures.

“Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set” by Y. H. Hui, Frank Sherkat
from Handbook of Food Science, Technology, and Engineering 4 Volume Set
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He still had an appetite, but keeping weight on was another story; he was already losing the first of the more than sixty pounds he would drop in two years.

“After Midnight: The Life and Death of Brad Davis” by Susan Bluestein Davis, Hillary De vries
from After Midnight: The Life and Death of Brad Davis
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He had lost 19 kg during the previous 3 months, but had been eating normally up until 3 weeks previously.

“Clinical Biochemistry” by Geoffrey Beckett, Simon W. Walker, Peter Rae, Peter Ashby
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After a year, he had lost seventy-five pounds.

“The Jews of Capitol Hill: A Compendium of Jewish Congressional Members” by Kurt F. Stone
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Wise GR, Craig D. Evaluation of involuntary weight loss.

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  • I disagree with the weighing once a week. Here’s why (hear me out): Let’s say I weigh myself every Monday. I might weigh more this Monday than I did last Monday even though I’ve worked SO HARD all week. A small fluctuation can be attributed to million different factors and in one snapshot of weight, you feel like the whole week of hard work has been for nothing!!! That can be SO discouraging! BUT < insert open mindedness here > if I approach this like a scientist gathering data and weigh myself every day and wright down my weight daily, at the end of each week I can see my average (add all 7 days of weight then divide by 7) that number, THAT number is my average. You will then begin to notice that your weight can fluctuate day to day and it’s totally not a problem! Your weekly average is the truth teller. And week by week you can see your average go down, THAT’S when you know you are losing weight.

    (Edit) here’s an example:

    Week 1
    Monday: 203.4
    Tuesday: 205.6
    Wednesday: 200.9
    Thursday: 202.8
    Friday: 203.0
    Saturday: 202.1
    Sunday: 204.3

    Total: 1,422.1 (divide by 7)
    Average: 203.1

    Week 2
    Monday: 207.3
    Tuesday: 202.5
    Wednesday: 201.7
    Thursday: 202.1
    Friday: 200.6
    Saturday: 201.4
    Sunday: 200.3

    Total: 1415.9
    Average: 202.2

    See what I mean? If I just weighed myself on Monday’s, from week one to week 2 I would think �� OMG I GAINED 4 freakin pounds this week! �� But if I look at the week as a whole and find my average for the week then I can see I totally made legit progress! Look at things like a scientist, the more data we can gather, the better we’ll be able to see the whole picture and draw accurate conclusions! It’s incredibly motivating!

    Idk why more people don’t talk about this! It’s helped me so much. No more fear of the scale!

  • I’m having excellent results w/ eating Carnivore. The inflammation has greatly declined, like 80% maybe more! In my second week I am moving well, bending, walking more and less depressed. I’m going to see a new Personal Care Physician because I moved to a suburb with excellent medical facilities in walking distance from home. I want to wean off Duloxetine which I’ve been taking for a long time to relieve pain and anxiety. I did it cold turkey 2 years ago, on my own. At five weeks I experienced more pain, anxiety and one night mentally was in an extremely dark place. I just thought I was going to die. stayed up all night in bed, afraid to move and at dawn,
    started taking it again. I will talk to PCP about it Tomorrow but want to go in knowing proper protocol before I see her.
    Thank you so much. You are a tremendous help!

  • That ‘energy’ is your adrenaline kicking in because your body is malnourished. When your malnourished, your body eats itself because you’re not feeding it that’s the part you don’t get back; organs, bone mass, etc. You’re better off eating healthy with a few extra pounds.

  • I have bipolar 2. This cements my stand and I am sticking to this lifestyle. I’m literally crying. I have dealt with so much guilt and shame about being and angry, fat, lazy mom. My intense rage has been such an issue for me as long as I can remember. I cant wait to see what the future holds for me and my family. I’m on day 4 carnivore, my husbands thinks I’m ridiculous but I think I can persuade him:)

  • Can you talk more about set point theory? Stephanie buttermore referenced that too in her all in journey. I’m just wondering about the validity.

  • Abby, you’re terrific. I appreciate all the ideas, info, thoughts and science! Hopefully I’m not being offensive but have you had any lower body contouring surgery done? because you look amazing and I’m hoping to see someone on Youtube who looks like you w/o undergoing surgery��. you’re the best!

  • I have been eating clean, and working out every single day for 28 days and I just got fatter. And I researched and talked to people, and since I have high cortisol levels, no matter how hard I workout I will gain weight. But they said to only do low intensity, or just walk for 40. I don’t see how I will lose weight just by walking

  • I really want to hear what Emily is saying. But the voice is so low and it’s on and off. I might have missed some important messages from Emily.

  • Is the made for move it chanllenge over? I got late but still want to do it:(( even if it’s alone instead of in community I would like to do it

  • Hey guys! My new weight loss program has been released and I wanted to share it with everybody! There has been a lot of people satisfied with this product and I’m happy they’re losing weight. This is a great program for people who want to lose weight but don’t want it to be a long process. This workout has worked for many people and can work for you too! It includes many things like a diet manual which tells you what is good to eat and things like that. It has everything you need for help getting started with this amazing program, join today!!

  • I wish I had run into the “fetching tuti space” years ago when I was dieting for my wedding. I would`ve dropped 10 lbs years ago. You must check it out on google!

  • Hes tooo cute.thank you so much for your YouTube video s I really appreciate it and you do inspire me narrow the focus great advice and yes guilty of being overwhelmed. Definitely small steps. Mine is cutting out wine!

  • Well Yogi, you knocked it out of the park AGAIN!!! I hung on every word of this interview. I have also experienced that unexplained in knowing that I need to do this. I guess we humans still have some instinct left even if it’s been covered up by poisons!

  • I had never heard about a brain tumor linked with MS, however I do understand the inflammation component.
    I would have liked to hear what has happened to her tumor over time. In addition, is her MS now considered cured or in remission or is she also on some drug? I think that the keto/Carnivore community needs to be careful in not saying that diet can “cure” many ailments. However stories like Emily’s are certainly powerful and hope-inspiring even if there are not Randomized Controlled Trials to satisfy all.

  • I’ve been chunky and brainwashed with workout myths almost my entire adolescence. Now that I’m an adult I’ve been trying to take better care of myself. So I just love Abby and her channel! There’s just something so pleasant and encouraging about the way she talks about weightloss and it really helps that she backs up a lot of what she’s saying with research. Will definitely try to join in on the made to move it challenge! (Although I still live with my parents and will have difficulty with the food parts, I guess I’ll just have to do my best with CICO)

  • I’ve been mostly carnivore for the last year. Mostly ribeye steaks and hamburger meat. Tried grass finished ribeye, it tasted awful. Won’t be doing that again. I’ve been eating cheese and eggs also. I tried eating beef liver just yesterday, but I just couldn’t choke it down. I may try some chicken livers or gizzards, but IDK if there is much value in them. I’m 6-2 229. I was 284 last year and my goal is maybe 210. Been stalled at 227-233 for last four months at least.

  • Did you try celery juice every morning on empty stomachs?, it heals your guts very very quickly, like your stomach and digestion work so much better when you do it regularly.

  • Is there anyway I could get the calendar now? I really would like to do this challenge even if I’m late. Better late than never right ��

  • I can say I have successfully lost 28 pounds because I allowed myself to cheat 3 Meals a Week on average. There have been several times where I binge ate, which stalled my progress a little bit, but I was able to quickly stop and start over before too much time went by. I started by cutting out pop and adding veggies for several months. Then I did keto on and off for a month or so and ended up in the hospital to find out I had gallstones. That day I stopped eating keto and went to 90 percent whole foods, with about 70 percent plant based. Lost 6 pounds in less than two weeks without trying. Being mindful of how often u eating and what u are eating as much as you can is a key factor. My normal routine is drink water, eat food til I feel like I am just barely full, then I drink 1 cup of almond milk then one cup of water, and I feel immediately full so i stop eating. Also I stopped snacking and started eating 3 to 4 at most med to large meals a day, i try to intermittent fast 16 hours a few days a week, where I will eat dinner 5 hours before bed, sleep, then wait 3 hours after I get up to eat, i have coffee with cream in the morning but no sugar so my insulin isn’t stimulated much during the fasting days. Also when I would eat a ton of plain potatoes and a little protein and other veggies but no fruit on occasion the next day I would weight 1 to 2 pounds less the next morning. And I did not gain that back. So the starch rule is totally true! ☺

  • Meat for Medicine, is God’s sure gift to humans. I bless God and thank the two of you for this wonderful interview. Ms. Emili, I’m happy that you’ve given this to the Zero Carb family, allowing me to hear how effective this way of life is.

  • Wow. The biggest I’ve ever gotten was around 160lbs at 5’9 and that felt very uncomfortable. I cannot imagine the feeling at 420lbs. Congrats for making it happen, Josh.

  • Sounds like she has relapsing remitting MS and is just in a remission period. I have primary progressive MS and the carnivore diet hasn’t reversed it.

  • I thought you weren’t allowed to get a gastric bypass without being at least 100 lbs overweight? So disappointed that she felt the need to go that route

  • Wow. I find that this generation of women are facing so many autoimmune diseases. It is so sad. So glad you are finding a solution. ������

  • I dont drink soda and my diet is not that bad but my problem is sugar. I’m 49 and have a sweet tooth, I start slowing it down, but then fall back. I also have a sedintary life. I find myself one day ready and energized, I workout for 3 days and then stop. So consistency is my problem. It makes me sad knowing that I could look and feel different but I’m not consistent

  • Why do people keep talking about ribeye steak? Beef short ribs, chuck, shank meat, oxtail, and others are much cheaper and similar in fat content.

  • I’m saving a fortune not purchasing the regular rubbish. Now I can pay for the best grass fed beef, meats, chicken, eggs and steaks and I’m still winning by leaps and bounds.�� My health is the Biggest winner out of it all. ����Ditching a Dr on Monday!!! ��

  • I really loved the content but I wanted to give you feedback on the video quality. The sound of yourself is quite loud vs the interviewee which is quite quiet in comparison. It made it difficult to hear.

  • I wish I could get my sister in law to do this. She is bipolar. She has gotten really fat partly due to the medication. She told me she’d rather be fat than go without carbs. So sad.

  • Carnivore helped me get rid of my extreme depression as well as many other health issues including IBS-D, High BP, Back pain, sleep apnea, Frequent migraines plus over 100lbs of weight-loss so far.

  • Ok I have a question and it might sound stupid or snarky but it’s a real question? Y’all talk about eating like 4 bananas at a time. Is that like a thing that people do? I was always taught to eat like a banana or an apple or a few berries, but I see people in the vegan community who talk about eating like 4 bananas or a carton of raspberries. Maybe I just wasn’t taught to eat fruit like some people but it seems like that is a lot of fruit to eat in one sitting, and it would get really expensive. So I guess what I’m asking is is it normal to eat that much fruit? Or is it just that you eat more of that as opposed to other foods? Really confused

  • I hate what Emily went thru but holy cow! How exciting that she was able to heal herself just by eating meat and doing what made her feel better! So GOOD!!!

  • I don’t really like rib eyes, I eat minced meat, liver, eggs and pork belly. Love the carnivore diet, I started with keto, but carnivore is my thing. Simple and delicious. And she is exactly right, the fasting comes naturally because this way of eating is so satisfying and it stops the craving you can go many hours without feeling hungry! Nice interview. Inspiring! Thank you ����

  • You know what I love most about you two? You’re both beautiful from the inside out. Your appearance reflex the strength of character and beautiful minds. My god, your stories are so inspirational. It’s exactly what I needed to hear. I’m in the throes of nerve and back pain to the point I just sit and cry all the time. Constant pain is literally making me stay home all the time, unable to work or even enjoy a trip. I’ve been doing keto but it isn’t working as I had hoped. I never considered eggs might be contributing to the pain. I think you two are right to just give ribeye a try. I too need it to be simple.

  • Remember
    Exercise might hurt, but no pain no gain
    It goes day by day
    Forget about having a time limit
    This about just eating in proportion and healthy

  • This was insanely helpful and so great to watch! I love how you break everything down and address so many questions I personally have and am going through in this exact moment! Thanks for debunking these myths-i needed this vid!

  • I can’t watch this at work BUT I wanted to jump in and tell you: Both of you are giving me more courage to tell my story about going carnivore! THANK YOU! ✌(◕‿-)

  • Hi it’s been 2 weeks since I’m on IF 16/8 and doing 5000-10000 steps per day(might sound as a slow beginning). The fasting is not tough now.
    Started cooking on my own
    Anyone up for sharing their experience esp those on it right now? ��

    I’m having some trouble believing how much I ate in the past! I’m not sure if it’s okay but I’ve started having a slight disgust towards chocolaty stuffs (used to be my world) and snacks and I’m worried this might play against me someday

    I’ve been on yoyo weight loss journey with extensive exercise (2hrs 6times per day with muscle toning etc and stopped 1 yr ago) and I now want to try it for one last time but I’m scared.

    I feel my time revolves too much around food and I’m tired a lot.

  • Thank you for taking time to share and explain this. I appreciate your knowledge and taking time to help us understand how to eat better. That broccoli, hashbrown bake looks amazing!!!

  • I actually think I’m going to purchase your book on lifting. I’m super used to cardio because I’ve been a cross country runner for most of my life, so weight lifting Is super new to me. So I’m super lost when it comes to anything else in the gym.

  • I agree with relying on someone else, i did it with my mom and t first it was Going good buttttt same thing happend that she stopped and i stopped too:( biggest mistake, but i started doing it on my own and its better cuz i motivate myself

  • You’re looking great! I started swimming last summer until mid-March of this year when covid19 struck. I went from 162 to 152 and have managed to maintain it during the shelter in place, even while not exercising, by not going out to restaurants nearly as much as I used to. The JCC outdoor pool just reopened last month. Now, I’m trying to drop 10 more pounds this year by cutting down the sugar I put in my coffee as well as trying to eat more veggies and less junk food (or at least more healthy snacks like celery or popcorn instead of heavily seasoned/fried chips and crackers).

  • Hi!!! I’m starting a Weightloss channel! Please check my first super awkward video! I promise I’ll do better and longer videos! Please support my channel!

  • Hey Hannah I love your story I have been very confused as of late because what I used to do for a diet doesn’t work anymore,and I have accumulated symptoms of hypothyroidism,I smoke and have cut right down to a few a day and I am working on a final day to quit that,I also drink lots of those sugery alchol drinks,mostly social though,and vacations..But I over the last few years have been getting weird symtoms,along with a 20lb weight gain,I cant seem to budge below 180..I could go up and lose..but it stops at 180,seriouly driving me nuts..I am so cold all the hands feet and nose..and especially right after I teeth chatter,and I even get goosebumps,only time I’m warm is when I bundle up,sluggish digestion,and constipation,a flutter in my throat Anyways I Probabley have about 10 symptoms..i do have the now tyroid energy but I have been scared to take it,can you tell me how long it took to get to feeling right,Im pretty sure if I can get my thyroid back to normal I will be too,It seemed to all start when I got my wisdom teeth out,..cray,,any imput would be great on kicking hypo to the test are normal,but I know somethings not right..Magddaa

  • You’re amazing! I keep trying and failing. I work from home on a set schedule and my kitchen is always right there! I see so many conflicting things, people say do this do that then other people say no don’t do that etc etc! Very very overwhelming!��

  • Hi, I started following you over a year ago. Thought I wanted to lose weight but never really stuck with anything. I am now 35 weeks pregnant with twin girls and 40 lbs heavier. I was doing good maintaining 400 lbs but then started gaining 5-10 lbs a week when the shutdown started. My husband got a temporary leave and started keeping me from cleaning and cooking and I was always in bed and he never cooked healthy but I ate what he gave me because I grew up that way. He’s back at work now, I’m still 2 weeks from delivery and thinking hard about my weight because once these babies are born I will have 2 newborns, along with my 5 yo twins, our dog, and my husband (5th child, lol). I got a faucet water filter and I fill a 32 oz bottle alot, so my water intake has gotten better but the food is hard to change. I’m not big on veggies, ate a salad twice a day for two days then fell off wagon when my husband was home because I know he don’t wanna make salads and my feet are swelling awfully for any walking I try to do. I had pre-eclampsia my first pregnancy and was in the hospital for 3 weeks. I ate a salad for 2 weeks after the other food got blah and lost 20 lbs. I wish that could happen again but having other kids at home and my husband working a roulette schedule, I don’t have time to be in hospital that long now. I feel like I would benefit from support too but my husband is stuck eating like a teenager and my kids eat what I cook and other family is too busy. I’m alone for a while today so I think I will take these tips and work on a better plan than a random one. Will also be going back through your videos, thank you for keeping your videos up this long.

  • I recently found your channel, and as a DVM student, I love that you are researching and finding actual scientific articles on this! I went to your bio to see if you were educated, and was not surprised to see “engineer turned fitness nerd”. I love it:)

  • Kelly was always beautiful the way she was, I understand If you need to do that for yourself and to make you feel good. You were and still beautiful with the 80 or less pounds.

  • Hello! I’ve just re-started my journey to weight loss and just overall living better. I want to start exercising, but I’ve decided to focus on my nutrition first because in the past I’ve failed due to my eating being so terrible. I made the decision to start tracking my food on MyFitnessPal and hopefully, that will help!

  • New subscriber here! Your videos are so encouraging!! Thanks for the tips!

    My biggest struggle is binge eating and staying motivated. Getting myself to workout is not all that hard, but I know I eat too much so the only thing exercise is doing for me is staying at the same weight.
    I used to be at my right weight but something happened in my life and I lost all motivation and started binge eating. I only need to lose 70lbs but right now that seems like a lot. But your videos have inspired me to start again!

  • Why are eggs demonized and think it is a dairy food? It is not! It is the stuff that makes an animal. I wish people will just accept that fact. Eggs are animals, not a dairy food.

  • hello lovelies feel free to stop by my channel all about skin care tips getting rid of all skin diseases and get glowing youthful skin. thank yall for stopping by��

  • Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I work grave yard. A driving job. So lately ive been listen to audio books. Live radio broadcast. And youtube videos. Aka binge watching hahahaha. And Ive watched well listen to your entire journey and have been re-inspired. Thank you! I too began my weight lost about 2 years ago using the macro system. And i loved it. I was single then. And then I met my boyfriend whos my guy still today ( 1 1/2 years later) BUT I also was in the happy honey moon state of Love and well we BOTH over ate hahaha. And yep gained 30 pounds basically all that I lost the orginal macro days.. Ive reached my limit when I saw what my scale is saying and gasp holy BEEP. And said nope I must get back. After watching your videos your journey brought back memories of my mini journey and remember come on I can get back on track too. But this time I will add some of the stuff you recommended. Journals, perhaps video diaries, but for sure lots of pictures (which Ive never done before). Thank you again. And expect a new instagram follower too. Xoxo

  • How do you come back from a break? I lost 60 pounds but gain 18 like that everyone says I look great still but am so upset since some of my clothes don’t fit ��I need to get back on track I don’t want to be back to how I was before.

  • I miss watching your videos!! Please start making content often again. I am starting my health / weight loss journey (again) but I know in my heart this is not just a phase, I am ready to be healthy and see what my body is really capable of.

  • Many people nowadays are trying to figure out the best way to drop weight. Then again, having the ability to discover a diet plan that will work for you is hard to find. A very important factor you want to comprehend is that a diet that works for one person might not operate for another. So you have to understand what your getting into before you begin one of those diets. This can provide you enough info to learn whether this is something that is appropriate to your requirements. Read more here

  • i used to be 140 pounds my curent weight is 199 ive cut out carbs i exercise nothing works my matabulisum is very slow how can i change that
    please help

  • Great tips! I had lost 15 pounds in the past year and gained it back since I’m on anxiety/depression medication. I believe I’ve gained like 20 more pounds. I really want to lose 50 pounds! I am having no motivation to work out when I have to start back to working out again after being sick. I hate that. When I get into a routine and then I get sick and have to start all over again. I know I shouldn’t beat myself up for starting slow every time but I do feel like what I’m doing is not good enough. How much do you charge for coaching? Just curious. IG: Thank you so much for the motivation to jump back into my journey.

  • I’ve lost a lot of weight but I have a lot of excess skin left and I’m wondering if it will tighten up in time I’ve been told it will I just have to be pacient

  • Abby, is it possible to lose hip dips? I see in your “before picture have them” and in your after picture they aren’t noticeable. If so, how do you get rid of them?

  • Joining the gym tomorrow alone…..doing a group program there. I agree with not having a co-dependent to do the same thing…if they back out…I would too. I will go along under my own steam.

  • Digestive enzymes can be good for people just starting out on WFPB yourney to help deal with extra fiber and gas.
    Thanks for this informative video Hannah! Do you still continue to take both the supplements now?

  • Really enjoy your channel and the information. Just wondering why no one mentions Kimchi. Is it considered a processed food. Today for lunch I steamed up a plate if kale and topped it with Kimchi ( both organic) and it was delicious. Also, is air-popped organic popcorn okay for a snack? Thank you for the videos. ��Fran

  • I’m so happy for you Emily. Most people unfortunately don’t find an answer to their chronic disease. You’ve been given a gift of finding the healing carnivore diet. Blessings ✌️����

  • I have a question Marissa. I am helping my mom out with trying to lose weight, and we are doing pretty good. She started out at 300 pounds, so I am using a yoga based workout. My question is this, even though she is losing weight and getting more flexibility, she is still pretty lacking in stamina when she stands up. Will weight loss improve her stamina by the sheer fact that she is carrying less weight, or should we do things to improve it. What is your experience?

  • I decided to make the broccoli and hash brown dish after watching this. I had no high expectation and as I was preparing the dish was feeling very sorry for myself about my huge appetite and inability to lose weight. I take all the negativity back! After having eaten a portion for my dinner I am complete satiated and totally satisfied. It was the most delicious thing I have eaten in a long time. I have hope that by following the principles you suggest I will lose weight and not be miserable in the process. Thank you thank you thank you ��

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    Being overweight or obese is a cause of emotional turmoil. Because it is extremely harmful to the human body. Excess body fat can turn into a disease at any moment. Death disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack can occur. Obesity increases boredom, depression, anger, reluctance to work, reluctance to control food.

  • Hey Marissa, I was wondering when you where going to post a video. Please don’t leave us hanging here. Please put more dance video. Thank you so much for sharing and definitely going to keep in mind on your tips. Have a great weekend love.����✨

  • I had been trying to go wfpb for about 6 weeks and was getting a bit discouraged because so many of the recipes were horrible..! The folks would be saying how delicious a particular recipe was and I would be dumping it in the trash despite my aversion to wasting anything. Then I found you, Kiki, and things have turned around. Your recipes and the way you combine foods (is that a recipe?) make everything taste wonderful… really.!

  • My problem is emotional eating. Food is like my drug and I have a very stressful job. I can’t quit my job so I need to find ways to deal without without eating

  • I’ve made the heroin addict point to my mother several times. She constantly buys cookies and sweets and says “You don’t have to eat it.” Yeah because you would also put heroin in front of an addict and tell them “You don’t have to shoot up.” I really don’t think I’ll be able to meet my goals until I’m out of this house and away from her. She does everything she can to keep me fat so she can belittle me. My other biggest struggle is I hate eating healthy. Hate it. Nothing healthy tastes good. I look at meal plans and suggestions and they all sound terrible. But I also know I can’t meet my goals eating the way I do now. Sigh.

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  • Both of you thank you so much for such an inpirational message, today is my 1st day, doing OMAD, and already I feel like this could work:). Emily you have come so far, what an achievement. Thank you for the hope I can do it too:). Hugs, Dana

  • I started my weight loss journey almost 3 weeks ago (documenting on youtube also!) and I have lost 5 pounds so far! Videos like this are super helpful to me, so thanks for posting.

  • I’m trying to lose about 140 pounds (mostly gained in the past five years due to health issues) and one of the best tips I have for people who are more overweight or have issues moving (like I have exercise induced asthma) or who just have to spend long amounts of time sitting get a DeskCycle!!! It’s incredible
    Just stick it under your desk or in front of your couch or chair
    I strap my fitbit to my ankle and just use it most of the day and can get in 14,000 (or more!) “steps” that way while I’,m watching Netflix or Youtube (I’m using it now as I type this!)
    I’m moving, while I’m doing what I would normally be doing stationary… it keeps blood going and makes me feel so much better about myself and the fact that I can’t do much other exercise (because of the exercise induced asthma)

    It’s really great and I love it
    I got it late september ’17 and it’s going strong with daily use:D

  • I had to start hormone replacement therapy (estrogen-specifically). It’s been a year and my estrogen is normal but I’ve gained 15lbs and I cannot lose it. I keep up the efforts of 5 days of mixed exercises, balanced eating, and also tried intermittent fasting, fasted cardio, calorie tracking, etc. I even cut down on intensity to give my body rest while just eating healthy and staying active. What can I do?

  • I’m so happy this challenge is free! I’ve been trying to lose weight since giving birth to my third child ten months ago with almost no success. This video helped ease my frustration and I’m so excited to participate in the challenge!

  • Hi Marissa! I love your videos! I found you in my recommended list last week since I’m always watching motivational and instructional things on weight loss, nutrition and fasting. I hit my high weight a couple months ago and decided enough was enough and it was time to get back to business. I have yo-yo’ed up and down many times in my life, but I have lost 30 to 45 pounds several times, so I’ve been around the block on this. The bad thing is this time I was about 15 pounds more than my previous highest-ever weight, so it’s that much farther to go now. I’ve been doing fasts since Jan 26, most of them around 40 hours or more, and I alternate day fasted for 16 days. I lost as much as 15 pounds but have been floating at an average loss of 13.5 for the last 10 days (plateaus suck!), so I’ve decided to take some advice (you mentioned this too) and shake things up for a couple weeks. I started doing a 12/12 intermittent routine today and will see how that goes. I’m not doing a lot of working out yet. I will take your advice and start drinking more water, which I never seem to do. I have three things you said to do that I personally can’t do: 1) I have to weigh myself every day; if I don’t know my daily number, I get complacent and wind up ruining things; 2) I won’t take photos of myself; I have a few from other high weight periods and they disgust me, I don’t want to see myself like that; 3) I don’t take measurements; when the weight comes off, I’ll see it in the mirror, in how my clothes fit, and I don’t trust the tape measure to be accurate because you can’t put it in the exact same spot every time and you can pull it tighter or let it go loose. I’m going to see if I can start watching all the videos you’ve made, but there are a ton of them, so maybe I’ll pick and choose. Thanks for being here!

  • I’ve always eaten healthy but cut out all the processed food, no oils, no meat or nut butters after reading The Starch Solution book, sounds like your lifestyle of eating is similar to this doctors plan of eating. Been eating 3 meals a day, eating fresh fruit, getting in my walks and have lost 10 lbs in 5 wks. Wishing everyone reading this success on their healthy lifestyle journey.

  • Thank you for this excellent video! It gives an easy way to healthy sustainable weight loss. I was wondering if you eat whole fruits or make green smoothies? Thank you again!!

  • Very good Info! I can start off hold then I’ll go off the bandwagon and stay off for a min then struggle to get back on. Same as most people I feel.

  • I’m not sure what your profession is, but you would be a great occupational therapist! We focus on improving people’s ability holistically and you described this perfectly when you were talking about sleep environments! Just letting you know:)

  • Hi. Did you have aches and pains in your body in the initial days of losing weight? And I don’t mean because of exercise but just by changing to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  • It’s crazy to think about your small frame carrying around an extra 100 lb! That weight is equal to carrying 12 gallon jugs of water. Try carrying that out of the grocery store without a cart!

  • Such helpful tips! Narrowing my focus would be great, it seems like I focus on too many things at once and end up discouraged. My biggest issue by far, that keeps holding me back, is getting brave enough to lift how I want at the gym. I’ve been paying for a gym membership for years now, and I’ve gone about 12 times. I do cardio at home, treadmill, and the gym is a 40 minute drive (doesn’t help to live in the boonies). I justify all the money I spend on the gym by saying it keeps the equipment safe for my dad who regularly works out lol. I don’t understand my hang up. I’m just a very shy, self conscious person, and it’s not doing me any favors! I know lifting would really change my life.

  • great tips!! Just one question: You say you dont eat canned/frozen/boxed/bagged stuff. I may not understand this right but I eat canned tomatoes/beans/tuna and bagged brown rice/whole wheat pasta etc. Is that what you mean too?

  • This is me trying again to lose weight but this time I’m coming at it with goals of fitness rather than the scale, if I can do more reps at the gym of a certain machine then I’m making progress, it helps me focus less on the actual weight and how I feeel, I’m still working on the nutrition side of it because I have a binge eating problem so I’m trying my best but I have to try harder

  • My biggest struggle is living with my family. I feel pressured to eat with my family as well as eat what they eat. I’m judged by family for choosing to eat healthier foods because they don’t want to eat what I make. It also doesn’t help that my dad is a deal hunter. So, if he sees cake or cookies or whatever on sale, he’ll buy them but he won’t eat them (he’s diabetic). My family and I have asked him to stop (at least the members that are trying to lose weight, too) but he won’t listen. I don’t really know what to do. We’ve tried putting them in the cabinet but he complains that they go to waste in there, and that is another story on it’s own.

  • You mentioned the detox when you started eating healthy, but there is also the terrible feeling when you go too far off plan and your body is soooo mad. It helps keep me in check that’s for sure! Also makes me feel better about food I usually eat as obviously my body much prefers it!

  • I’ve already lost over 100lbs on my journey, but I needed this video! I needed to hear this. I’ve got another 60-80lbs to go.
    I think I need to start doing weights.
    Thank you.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You are helping me more than you know. I apologize for being so hard on Derek. He actually is smiling and looking good. Love you

  • Hi Hannah ☺️ loving your channel! I just wanted to ask you a question, can I take those thyroid pills if I don’t have the symptoms? Is it like vitamins? I don’t really know what a thyroide is but I’m gonna do research now (I’m actually srs ��) or is it something that would be dangerous if u took if to help me with weight loss?

  • I’m 16 and I live in a family of unhealthy eaters with no physical consequences. Or they are to old to care about how their body looks. They have open food packages of Oreos chips candy and every snack you could think of. It’s hard, I think about food all the time and it’s almost a impulse to think about it. It’s becoming my new normal. I NEED MORE ELABORATION ON THAT ������‍♀️

  • I’m so glad I found your channel so early into my journey. I began CICO (using Fitbit every day to log calories, water, etc) about a week ago, and have been soda-free for two weeks today! I’ve binged so many of your videos so far lol. I think the narrowing focus tip is incredibly helpful. I’m focusing most on nutrition at this point, but hearing that not focusing on working out right away is not only okay but actually a good(ish) thing helped so much. Working 50 hours a week and trying to dedicate myself to my first real-deal attempt to be healthy is already a big goal. I definitely want to learn more about nutrition not only for weight loss, but just general health which is something I never really let myself think about before now. Can’t wait to watch more of your content:)

  • This is perfect timing! I have been struggling with weightloss so much lately! I have been so overwhelmed. I cannot seem to motivate myself to get to the gym. It’s like I have a fear of working out

  • Thank you for addressing the thyroid issue.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease (hypothyroid) just over a year ago.  I’ve been taking the synthetic thyroid and my doctor says my levels have balanced out but I still have all the symptoms so I’m eager to give the supplement a try.  I have only been eating vegan for a month but I’m ready to start eating more hclf.  The only thing that holds me back is preparing dinners for the whole family, it’s hard to find meals that aren’t too monotonous that my kids will eat.  Luckily, they haven’t complained too much and my husband is totally supportive, even if they get non-vegan foods whenever we do eat out.  Any tips on having more of a variety of flavors so they don’t get bored?

  • I’m glad she lost weight and is healthier but to me she is kind of harsh looking now. Like she lost some of her sweetness. But as long as she feels good I guess that is the main thing.

  • How many people here just watched this to hear Josh’s story? It’s very uplifting and inspiring it’s what we need to hear more about these days. The COVID 19 stuff on this video is important to know but it’s so depressing and tiring to hear about this everyday.

  • I am really confused with how many meals and what times I should eat. I am up and out of the house by 6am and come back by 3pm. Is fasting a good thing to try?

  • I’ve always thought she was very pretty. Hearing a loss of 85 lbs sounds like way too much, but she looks great and healthy, not gaunt. I am skeptical though of sustaining her current diet. Good on her if she can, and I know of one person personally who only juices, so I guess it’s possible.

  • now she needs a hair style because her hair looks ridiculous (for a 35 year old). these celebs are very immature. They are so out of touch with what’s really important in life. “oh i was bullied in high school “…. 20 years ago and you finally went on a diet this year? so stupid

  • Hey Guys, if ever had an idea only to make a weight/Fat loss and make your sleep be better than ever you should email me directly! Only if want to have a better health and the exact weight you desire I’ve tried this and never regret that! Hope more people will get the benefit of that what I already got! [email protected]

  • How? She didn’t have 85# to lose, so I’m a bit skeptical. I can see #30, but no way 85#. I mean, where was she hiding that weight?

  • Facts! No one will care about your weight loss journey more than you will! Best sub tip:) You have to do it for you and don’t rely on others to be on board, root for each other but keep your focus and stay on track,regardless.

  • That’s not intermittent fasting…. waking up and having her coffee breaks her fast. Unless its black. But juicing also breaks the fast.

  • Hey, I was wondering if you have heard of this weight loss program before? It looks like a great program to help people lose weight. I was just looking for some options before I made my decision. By the way, I love the content you have been posting lately!

  • I was wondering if you heard of this weigh loss program before It worked great on me. I lost a lot of weight without any side effects

  • She looks amazing!! What an awesome, dedicated effort! Spectacular!! She should be celebrated for her perseverance and dedication! Way to take the power back!

  • Yeah that pic in the red outfit has her face photoshopped. You don’t lose bone, that prominent jawline she has. But she looks nice. I like her heavier too.She’s pretty.

  • I’m slimmer than she was, tried the intermittent fasting and was miserable. I’m back to eating a balanced diet and exercising daily. I feel and look great. But good luck to her and whatever she’s doing.

  • Nah I don’t believe it. She’s a notorious yo-yo-er. Classic signs of a person with eating disorders. Quarantine provides a perfect opportunity for anorexia. You don’t have to go anywhere for a long period of time, meaning you can starve and be super low energy because you can sleep in. Also less temptation from going out for dinners, or snacking during the day.

  • Hey, I was wondering if you have heard of this weight loss program before? It looks like a great program to help people lose weight. I was just looking for some options before I made my decision. By the way, I love the content you have been posting lately!

  • A french YT said she counted her calories, and she realized she did’t eat enough (only 1600 kcal) but she ate chocolat etc. Then she ate more and better, then her metabolism increased and she lost weight

  • I am wondering if it is only me, but I keep being drawn to Emily’s throat area. It seems like right where her thyroid gland is, looks swollen, like a nodule. I would love to hear what her test results for her thyroid is. It may just be the camera angle, or the lighting. I think it is wonderful the improvement she has had. I guess feeling great trumps eating more variety. I am so not sure I could do this. It is good to know how much this helps people though.

  • Remember when her brother loss weight? Guess what, he gained some of it back over time. Cells in the body have memory. You have to sustain it or it’ll just come back. Take it from me and the people from the biggest loser. She definitely got some work done to herself. She’s had That Maniac cop Jawline since birth and weight loss doesn’t take that away. But plastic surgery will. Let’s see if she’s still the same size when she’s 40.

    The Maniac cop reference is for the old school horror fans��

  • Prefacing with its her body, her life. Fine. HOWEVER, this is only a sliver in time. 35 years old and doing all of that plastic surgery…. starving yourself? It’s temporary. As tired as it is, it’s about EATING RIGHT & EXERCISE! There is no getting around it if you want to sustain it.

  • Great for the short term, but unsustainable in the long term. She will need to find a balance of exercise and eating normally to keep it off permanently.

  • I think one golden outcome of half a plate of veggies is the fact that it takes the counting, the worry, the anxiety, the obsession, the guilt, etc. out of this. Heal the mind too while we’re at it.

  • What is wrong with how she was? I don’t understand white pple’s obsession with getting thin. She’s supposed to look like a woman, not a teenage boy.

  • What a lovely and refreshingly honest woman! This way of eating can be so life-changing. It is great how she stayed focus on keeping it simple once she saw improvement. Some of the most seriously affected people are the ones with the greatest motivation and results.
    I wonder if she had trigger foods or addictions that she suspects as contributing to her problems? I think that plant foods have neurotoxins and elements that are quite dangerous for many of us. I used to get some horrible psychological reactions to certain foods.

  • When r people going to wake the f up?!?! For survival of the human species, we can no longer eat the way we’ve been eating, much less farm animals the way we’ve been farming them.

  • This is incredible! Congratulations Emily��♥️. I have a cousin who has bipolar disorder I’ve tried to explain how Keto could be a possible outlet, but it hasn’t panned out.
    Your story gives me hope that maybe he’ll try it or Carnivore someday.

  • very nice tips and beautiful content. It is very helpful. I liked this too much. I know a program which helps me a lot to lose my weight, it proves miracles for me. if anyone wants to lose their weight, should check this amazing weight loss program check here

  • Great advice! I think that one mistake I’ve made in the past has been to try to go all in and change a ton all at once… this time around I’ve done one change at a time and let myself get used to that change before adding something else to my plan. First I cut out night time snacking, then lowered carbs and increased water, then added fasting into the mix. I’ve been able to stick with my plan this time because I haven’t felt overwhelmed with so many changes at once. Thanks for your video!

  • The email has photos of you and headlines of what I need to do to follow your plan. I still need to make my own workout routine? I thought you were gonna show us recipes too.

  • Why did you gain the 20 pounds after being very fit. I’m just curious about your mindset and how you overcame that to get back on track.

  • ok so this is only the 4th vid of yours i’ve watched but you already managed to clear up so many things about fitness myths and stuff thats been confusing (and probably holding me back) for so long and I’m so joining this challenge! x

  • @kate on the cobb. well yeah if you cut a potato it’s still a “whole food” if you cut it in half. it will just then be a half of a whole food… half of a whole. it’s still whole food, you’re just eating half of it. non processed food! whole foods! not talking math here!

  • I really got a chance to know Kelly when she did Fashion Police w/Joan Rivers❗ She opened up & revealed a lot about herself,Congratulations on the Weight Loss❗

  • Oh my goodness regarding the mental illness aspect! But, what about those individuals like many thousands on the street, (and even in prison system) that have such severe mental illness, that they don’t even know, or believe that they are suffering? Many of us have a loved one that has constant delusions, and the mind is in another world. Dr. Chris Palmer, Harvard Psychiatrist and many others are now recognizing that Bipolar and Psychitzofrenia are one and the same with degrees of intensity. My loved one was recently diagnosed with SchitzoAffective Disorder, Bipolar Type. An example of the two diagnosises combined.

  • I need info for almost a 40 yr old woman. I have a hard time losing weight although I’m not fat more skinny fat. But it’s so hard to lose half an inch. It’s so frustrating

  • Motivation is tough for me! I suffer from Chronic pain and Autoimmune issues… I really don’t eat much but it’s the whole getting up and moving!

  • I think lifting increases my appetite more that cardio. I feel like body weight exercises are harder on my joints and muscles than lifting or cardio.

  • She’s saying the truth. Idk why cardio gets a bad rap. I lost 40 pounds by running at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days. With portioning foods like chicken,veggies, and sweets like dark chocolate. I focused first on diet then gradually worked out at my own pace.

  • I just want to say that you are an inspiration and I really love how you support your arguments with all the interesting facts! Thank you so much. You are simply gorgeous ��

  • I still feel like people, especially those without significant amounts of weight to lose, still need to track calories to efficiently lose weight. Most of the research featured talked about how hard it is to accurately track calories burned through excercise, not calories eaten from food. So often people think they’re eating less when in reality, they are way off in their minds and aren’t eating less at all! The only thing that has led to me losing fat diet-wise has been using a food scale so I can accurately track how many calories I’m eating. There have been studies saying that people are terrible at guessing how many calories they eat. Even measuring cups are inaccurate! Maybe if someone planned to just eat the same amount of food, hopefully more healthy food, but also crank up their cardio, they wouldn’t need to track calories because with all the cardio, they’re definitely burning more calories. However, without knowing how much your eating, you might still be eating way too much to lose weight

  • The only thing I am cutting out of my diet is sugar. I am eating tons of fruits and veggies but also other whole foods that I love in smaller portions. Plus jogging everyday! I am not weighing myself, instead I am measuring myself once every 2 weeks. I am also not calorie counting. Basically I’m doing everything differently this time around, wish me luck!

  • I’ve in a roller coaster with my weight the last few years that it’s nuts, all related to my insulin resistance and well, bad eating habits. Quarantine has made it harder for me to exercise, it’s been all work no exercise. I’m so joining this challenge to get back in track!

    You are a rockstar to me Abby. Thank you!

  • Amazing story!! Also great because your family has also improved their life eating the same way�� I wish carnivore worked for me as it would make life simpler but my body responds well to the keto veggies… We are all different and I wonder if it relates to our ancestry and also what our recent generations have been exposed to. Blessings to you and all people that have taken their own health as their own responsibility ❤️��❤️

  • Just joined! Excited to kick start my fitness journey with everyone! If anyone wants to get in touch and keep each other accountable, my ig is @crazy_equestrian_17:) Good luck everyone! -Tara

  • this video was a godsend! i could literally cry. it seems so simple, but it has been so hard for me to consistently keep off weight my entire life. however this is something that ive never done before and i think i could give it a shot. thank you so much for this video and sharing your progress. im soOoooo excited to try it out!!!! ������

  • hannah, i’ve been dieting for a year now. last summer i went vegan for a few months and exercised regularly. after seeing no results, i went back to eating normally. i was 190 pounds. this spring, i tried your 2 week meal plan and exercised, drank tons of water, and ate clean for a month. i had gained ten pounds since last summer, and i didn’t lose any of it during that month. just a few weeks ago i tried “dieting” by eating 1100 calories and going to the gym every day, but i didn’t lose anything. recently i’ve been wondering if i have thyroid issues, and upon further research, i really do think i have it. my neck feels swollen every night and i feel sluggish every day. i feel winded after walking up the stairs and i feel my heart beat in my chest uncomfortably. i’m 22. i think i’ll have my thyroid checked out to see if it has anything to do with my inability to lose weight. because of my weight gain and a great amount of stress from working 6 days a week, i’ve begun to feel depressed. but i’m feeling very hopeful at this probable solution!

  • 1) counting calories is not necessary, most trackers are inaccurate and just a rough estimate. 2) Cardio is amazing for you. even just walking around the grocery store is cardio. just being more active can be really helpful 3) cardio is not the only way to lose weight. weight lifting is important. the cardio will make u want to eat more. make habits that will fit into your lifestyle. if u don’t like the treadmill don’t do it, find something that works for u. Resistance training!!!! 4) just bc you’ve never been fit doesn’t mean you can’t be fit. “your body type is your body type and u can’t change that” is a very simple saying and it is not true. 5) you do not have to do everything at once. pick one small win or one habit a day

  • You are such an inspiration person! �� I needed to here this, I was just wondering if you had a video about how to resist craving or binging?

  • Had the last stubborn 10 pounds to lose last summer. Then I was medicated and now have 25 pounds to lose. Sigh… ��
    Signed up and hoping for a lot of motivation. As none of my summer clothes fit, and I am both to cheap and too stubborn to buy new ones…. ����‍♀️

  • I discovered your channel in high school but had no direction or idea of how to incorporate your information into my life. Now I’m in college and am visiting your videos again because now I know how I can use this information and that I have more drive to actually follow through. Honestly I love your videos and are so high quality because of the information and evidence you present. This channel is amazing!!!��

  • I can see you slimmed down but the “last 20” before and after pictures are such different poses… your legs are completely different and you tilt on the after… Would have loved the same pose on the before and after.

  • Hi, I signed up for the challenge when you posted this video, but have not received any emails yet. (I checked junk mails as well)?

  • Thank you so much for sharing, and I am wishing you all the luck and good health thoughts in the world. I’ve only just started listening to this video and it’s really hitting close to home. I suffered from depression pretty much my entire life. I am 49 years old right now. When I was 30, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Curiously, I had been vegetarian for years at that point. In any case, 20 years have gone by, I have had attacks of blindness, lameness, everything that one could have with multiple sclerosis. I even had the throat condition, or something similar that this woman has described. I currently have to be very careful when I eat and swallow, lol because I can very easily choke.

    I have been eating a carnivore keto diet for the last year or two, and I have not had new attacks. In the last several months, I’ve shifted to a mostly carnivore diet. Beef, eggs, cheese, and then also coffee, avocado, and nuts and occasionally greens. I pay attention to how those affect my mood..

    I should mention that besides not having new MS symptoms, my mood has been the best it’s been all my life. This is the number one best result that I could ever ask for. Thanks for sharing, thanks for listening.

    Best health to everyone Reading this! ��

  • Excellent video Ladies, Wow what a testimonial.I could relate to so many symptoms you had it was scary.I’m sure you feel like you have been born again! People should not be skeptical and just try it to see how much better you feel in a short time.They should just forget about all the bad information we have been given by Doctors and even our elders for many generations.

  • I wasn’t overweight but I have asthma & had cancer 3x since age 30. I feel so much better on this vegan diet. I haven’t been able to work out since my gym closed but I’m maintaining my weight of 140 lbs, 5’7″ age 58. I feel flabby since I’m not weight training but I still fit into my clothes. If I hadn’t been vegan, I know I’d gain weight.

  • I love that everything you’re saying is what I have realized for myself over the years! I used to overwhelm myself by incorporating changes for fitness all at once and it always left me burnt out. I wish I knew this from the start. This is such a great video!

  • I do cardio and resistance training (body weight, some weights, resistance band). I used to hate cardio but i found a way to enjoy it and never skip a day. I have an exercise bike at home and I put it on max resistance and put some youtube on! I catch up on my fave videos and exercise at the same time! Haha

  • I’ve been doing so much research after feeling defended and you explained everything better than any article I found. Thank you so much ��

  • I agree about narrowimg the focus and applying it in stages. I love the idea of that. I did the opposite and started with working out since I enjoy Zumba. Once I got consistent with going to the gym, I started to make the changes to my diet. It is def. a lifestyle change.

  • What about muscle tone? Being super skinny isn’t healthy. A lot of you vegans women look sickly being so thin. Which why you probably have fertile issues and no period smh

  • I bought your 8 week beginners guide and I’ve done the first day and about to do the second. It has really helped me even though I’m not a complete beginner. Having a solid plan makes me much more likely to go to the gym. Love your vids btw ��

  • Tracking calories is good for starting out. I recommend tracking your calorie intake before starting a fitness regime to find out how many calories you consume without dieting. Then, aim to eat around 500 less calories and increase exercise to a sustainable level to put you in a deficit you can maintain. Another option would be eating low calorie dense foods that fill you up but are not full of calories. This can make the defecit much easier to maintain without feeling starved.

  • I’ve heard cutting out salt completely is bad for you too because your body needs salt to hold on to something, something along those lines basically don’t cut out salt completely as she said just a little is enough

  • I never understood when someone said how excercise can “improve the mood and help with confidence” because every time I excercise I feel depressed afterwards and go back to binge-eating…I’m not saying that I don’t move at all, I have a large dog and I’m the only one going out with her, I love cycling, I’m curently learning on skateboard and in hot summer days I love to swim, but every time I tried to excercise, even when it was just squats or push-ups I was crying during or after because it makes me feel like trash…I don’t really understand why, because everybody’s telling me it feels great, maybe it’s because I get tired easily or idk…

  • i cut out sugar for couple of days only and already then instead of previous candy cravings i started to have banana and grape cravings. so now my deserts are bananas and grapes
    50 billion?
    i effed up my thyroid when i had strict diets and over ate. when eating balanced food the thyroid problem disapeared also

  • Such a great interview. Thank you both. Forget weight loss. Everyone I know has a brain �� that needs healing in one way or another.

  • I use to watch your channel when you first started your journey. Idk what happened or what made me stop watching but I just came back to your channel after a year or more and I’m so proud of you and the progress you’ve made! I believe when I “stopped” watching your channel was around the time you were gaining back the weight you lost (not the reason I stopped at all). I just remembered your channel and for some reason was unsubscribed, which I NEVER EVER did. But I’m glad I rediscovered you �� I struggle a lot with weight loss and havent been doing very well in many aspects of life ahaha. I’m also addicted to food, and it’s getting worse. I think rediscovering your channel is a good sign for me.

  • Thyroid is synthetic now. They used to use cow thyroid which is still available, but most Drs prefer the synthetic. I’ve been on it since I was 16 because I lived downwind from the nuclear testing during the fifties. I did test low and had lots of the symptoms much like you describe yourself having previously. My first profession was hospital lab. So, I ran the thyroid and all other lab tests. You don’t look like you have low thyroid now, so no need to worry or test for it.

  • Just out of curiosity, how many calories do you think you ate this day? I used to calorie count a lot and I don’t anymore but its still fascinating to me as it helped me understand food in a different way.

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  • You have the same EXACT body type in the first picture and last! Only difference is the cut of bottoms and posture. You still need to lose weight and work on your posture. Shame on you!!

  • I really needed to watch this video to get me back into the habit of eating better. I did weight watcher’s and lost 20lbs, bringing me to my ideal weight for my height and age. Loved it! But when Corona hit…i fell off a little bit…i haven’t weighed but maybe 10lbs….I need to get back to it. Thank you!

  • I been on carnivore for was going grate for me till I find my self day after a day that I lost my ability to deal stress.. I couldnt deal the routine daily life stress. Little stress tipped me off the edge till I cooperate small amount of berries oranges raw honey and raw milk and some raw yogurt. I dont know how people do continue more the 2yrs and still they feel personality was changing b4 I started adding carbs I couldn’t sleep for weeks without a help from sleep herb or alot if magnisium.

  • You are so helpful and practical. Thank you for mentioning daily movement, I’m vegan as well and I take the dog for an hour walk once or twice a day and I’ve seen significant improvement in my health and I’ve lost weight! I think it’s good for people to hear they don’t have to have a expensive gym membership to workout, get your heart rate up and get the recommended 10k steps.

  • Thank you for this so inspirational vlog literraly im crying not because i cant do diet but because now i can have motivation because of you i love you so much your new subbie. Here i love you again muahhh������

  • I realized watching this, that when I eliminated eggs for a couple of months and then added them back a couple of weeks ago, suddenly, I am feeling depressed and more anxious again… While I did feel better when not having eggs… I do find the carnivore very limiting even though I had been having some chicken, & seafood as well as lamb and beef. The chemicals in bacon seem to cause me a lot of pain, but I haven’t found any bacon without the chemicals. so… now eliminating both the eggs and bacon… I like ground lamb with nothing but Himalayan salt is the best tasting on the carnivore protocol. Rib eye steaks are not so bad, but often when I buy ground beef it tastes so awful that I end up throwing it away. I wish there was a Costco where I live as whenever I have been able to buy from Costco the quality of the meats is so much better and tastes better, though the cost is not less. I have never purchased junk foods or eaten grains or sugar for over 30 years. I can eat for $450.00 per month on veg, fruits, & meats, but on carnivore my cost is about $850.00 per month, so that is a hardship for me. A pound of ground lamb is $14.00 and one rib eye is $15. to $17. for one steak… so if I eat one pound of ground lamb and one rib eye steak per day… well that adds up over the month.

  • iam doing the starch solution for 6 month now’ but i only lost 7 8 pounds. i am active between three to 4 times aweek… what do u sugest me to do. i realy love this diet

  • Wow! So wonderful hearing Emily’s story!! My Question is I have never ever been a meat eater. Just never cared for it. I’ve been lead to the Carnivore way because of Depression & Arthritis & Obesity.
    I’m New… only 2 weeks in. I have a major problem eating enough meat. I take a bite or 2 and get so full! Can anyone offer suggestions for me. I’m starting to feel less Depressed and I don’t want to stop!

  • Any advice for a newbie with chronic illness and pain? I cant move around well so exercise seems impossible and im not eating much food, 23 female 223

  • I am on day 10 of changing my life. Today I said No to my Dad for like the first time ever. I said No Dad I am not going to make those brownies for you. I love you, but no. If you really want them you can make them for yourself. But that’s one boundary I do not want to change. I’m on Day 10 of changing my life. It felt kinda awesome. It’s been kinda hard because I haven’t seen any changes in the scale. But I’m hopeful. �� it took me 25 years to make this body. It’s not going to magically change in 10 days right?

  • I couldn’t believe it when my friend advised me about the diet plan “sowo hope site” he’d discovered. Search it on Google. My partner and i started using it too, along with the results have been impressive. I dropped 13 pounds.

  • Hey Marissa! So I’m just looking for motivation, I’ve been pretty down on myself and I also am always wanting to eat a bunch of food. I have a school dance coming up so I want to get fit for that, but even more than that I want to just live a healthy life but I always feel so lazy. It would mean the world to me if you actually saw my comment and responded:) I love your videos and you are a great inspiration to me!

  • I can’t sleep at night and I sleep all the day…eat and sleep eat and sleep during the day. My routine messed up because of I can’t handle my sleeping habbits…. should I start having sleeping pills for sometime to get used to of sleeping at night….

  • My brother did a juice diet for six months. Lost a ton of weight. Went back to regular food and gained all of it back and more. Seriously though, with all the crap going on around the world…is losing weight really noteworthy? Someone decided to eat less and exercise so it’s worth telling the world?

  • Love watching your videos as they are informative and to the point. I wanted to ask if the challange is safe to do whilst being pregnant? Thank you

  • the problem with eating intuitively is that people with an eating disorder like anorexia won’t eat when cause they think that they aren’t hungry and people with an binge eating disorder also have a problem to stop eating when they are full.. what can one do then?

  • I totally recommend audio Buddhist chanting at night if you feel like your mind is wandering at night. I totally can relate and I agree it’s so important to go to bed and think about the positive things

  • Thank you. This was very helpful. I have issues with my thyroid and I’m on synthroid. It took years for the issue to come up in my blood tests although I was asymptomatic several years before that. I was having a lot of heart palpitations and it’s because the thyroid regulates everything. It is very important that we seek medical treatment if we are having symptoms.

  • This was the most logical and straightforward plant-based weight loss video I’ve seen. THANK YOU! I have hypothyroidism and PCOS. I’ve been trying to lose weight for the longest time now. I just ordered the supplements you recommended. I can’t wait to try them and your suggestions.

  • Great suggestions! I’ve lost 60+ lbs and have kept it off for over a year now, but I’m really struggling with the last 10-15 lbs! Nights are the worst! I’m tired, I’m bored and I want sugar! I’m really disciplined during the day, it’s actually not hard for me, but at night I turn into a different person. I haven’t gained anything, but I’m not losing. My husband quit his regime, gained the 30lbs he worked so hard to lose, and every week says he’s starting over, and will be good with me to offer support, but just today he said, “pizza Friday?” Ugh! I listened to your commentary about that, maybe I just need to squirrel myself away and watch nothing but wellness videos every evening! ��☹️��

  • Really a valuable content. thank you!
    Well, I have published a book on Weight Loss on Amazon, as i myself struggled with weight loss in my earlier years. My book goal is to help you lose up to 10 pounds in just one week. So guys, if anyone interested to take that challenge and wana lose weight, Just click on the link below and make your weight loss dream come true!! If you find it useful, a nice Amazon review is always appreciated! Thank you!

  • Those tips are so helpful! I’ve been doing most and hearing I’m on the right track helped. I’m on a journey with my Husband and I always hear him in the cookie jar at 1am lmao..but I love him to bits. ��

  • I have lost weight by making some changes along with this weight loss green store tea product. Only water for drinking, no processed foods. Healthier habits all together. I exercise moderately. I am on my thrid months and i’ve lost 22lbs.

  • I’ve been eating a wholefood diet for years. I don’t drink, don’t smoke,eat zero junk, gluten and diary free, sweet potatoes for my starch, loads of veg,!emon water, acv, organic meats, I weight train twice a week and I walk loads and I’m still fat.

  • Ok I have a question and it might sound stupid or snarky but it’s a real question? Y’all talk about eating like 4 bananas at a time. Is that like a thing that people do? I was always taught to eat like a banana or an apple or a few berries, but I see people in the vegan community who talk about eating like 4 bananas or a carton of raspberries. Maybe I just wasn’t taught to eat fruit like some people but it seems like that is a lot of fruit to eat in one sitting, and it would get really expensive. So I guess what I’m asking is is it normal to eat that much fruit? Or is it just that you eat more of that as opposed to other foods? Really ��‍♀️

  • I’m 17 and started this diet 2 weeks ago. I lost 6lbs already but I still had ice cream once a week. Do you think I could go on like this and still lose more weight?

  • Thank you for your story. Do you consume raw dairy? I have MS and am on a carnivore diet as well and feeling better, but still have trouble walking, using my hands, etc. I still consume raw egg yolks and raw dairy. I guess I need to eliminate them for a month and see what happens when I reintroduce.

  • You are so right I was at a plateau for a little bit (2 1/2 weeks) weighed myself everyday for a week and was going between 209-217. Finally put the scale up for 2 weeks and I weighed myself last night, 203!! That means I’m down 53 pounds now!!! ����‍♀️����‍♀️

  • I signed up for this challenge and still havent received any emails. I checked my inbox, spam and trash folders and nothing. Anybody else experience this?

  • Hi Hannah! Came across your video after a run of watching fasting videos and watched til the end 😉 I am not vegan, but I’m curious about it because I’m coming from the perspective of a keto lifestyle which helped me lose weight but I gained it right back. Going back to a high carb lifestyle scares me, mainly because I don’t want to give all the oil roasting of my veg. This is a great primer for alternate ways to cook veg and keep it flavorful and savory. How much of a dealbreaker is that airfryer?

  • Any harm in taking the thyroid supplements if you don’t need them? I have some of those symptoms but have been tested before and it was normal. I’d like to aid myself but want to know if it’s ok to add these in as a buffer

  • Right now I am 190 Pounds and 5’5 in height so I’m a freaking fatty!!!! I lack the motivation to lose weight given that I have been trying for 2 months and I have gotten nowhere!! Please help! I am 16 and am having my first date to prom!!! How do I lose a lot of weight in 1 month without starving myself???!!

  • What kind of fats do you recommend? Im scared to eat a lot of avocado bc I feel like i’ll just gain weight and now I’m even MORE scared bc you mentioned the side effects. And what about nuts? Thanks!

  • I’ve been Whole Foods based vegan for almost 2 years now and I still have issues with gas:/ Would a probiotic help with this issue??

  • I have thyroid issues (everything you said resonates with me and I have 99% of listed symptoms) and after seeing this, I immediately bought the supplement. Was thinking about buying some a while back but I really hope it helps. If so, you’ll be even more of a life saver. Thank you so much Hannah!

  • Anybody knows what other veggies I can spiralize instead of zucchini to make veggie pasta? Zucchini is way too expensive in my country!

  • Do people find that ribeye induces a different feeling than say ground beef of stew meat of the same quality? I find that steaks make me feel better than these other options, even when keeping the amount of fat about the same. I think it has something to do with the nutrient profile of different parts of the cow…

  • She got Gastric Bypass two years ago which is not mentioned here and then all of sudden it is revealed and then she makes a statement that she won’t ever lie about it…lol…she is a turd who should be cleaning her own toilets. Note: I have nothing against Gastric surgery nor Plastic Surgery…just don’t claim your weight loss was solely due to sobriety diet and exercise.

  • Hi guys, I admire your knowledge and work you do everyday to raise people’s awareness! Lately you talk a lot about weight loss but believe or not there happens a lot skinny body shaming in the world… Would you please explain by giving examples what is healthy skinny and what’s unhealthy one? Have a lovely day! ��

  • I wish more overweight people would recognize that it’s not healthy or fun to be bigger than your body can handle. It causes so many issues and can be prevented. Our bodies are not meant to carry so much excess weight. That’s why our joints begin to hurt and we get difficulty breathing.
    It’s fantastic that he (and Chuck) were able to love themselves enough to change their lives around. We only have one life, one body, we need to cherish it.

  • Chopsticks??? I am reporting you to the cultural appropriation �� but not before Frank gets a report on suspected Cornivore. I kid! I am the resident Ketovore ��. You are the best thing since Bart Kay to happen to this community…oh and Mrs. Spath. Keep bringing us more useful content.

  • Iv been really really struggling and just getting depressed. We tried the whole vegan thing and I’m getting frustrated. So much so that I just didn’t want to eat anything today n I have a huge head ache. I just feel like giving up cause I’ll always be fat and everything you eat is basically bad for you:/ plus I have a 11 month old that doesn’t let us do anything

  • awesome story! thanks for sharing. no doubt the way to go so yall keep spreading the word.. more need to know about this.. I just started doing some free YouTube videos on Health and whole food plant based eating, just getting started with that so if you want to SUBSCRIBE and support the channel please do and here’s the link! Random monthly to weekly videos by me and my wife, she’s family doctor too.. just released a video on the forks over knives app and success story reviewsaw josh on that app

  • Great show! Chuck, I heard you mentioned a recipe with green tea and rice on one of the episodes. What was the full recipe please? Thank you.

  • what about the unreliability of the tests and the fake autopsy reports? how can we come close to knowing how many people have the virus and have died? can you address these issues?

  • I just love how Dr. Barnard breaks it down. He is the first person to help me understand how diabetes affects one’s body. He makes it so easy for us, non-med, people to understand. And I love the diagrams.

  • I’m seriously so far off. You’re talking about fruit or dates for dessert. Dessert for me is cookies or lemon bars �� I need helllpppppp

  • I’m in the UK. What are the hash brown she uses? Here a hash brown is a potato fry thing you get with a McDonalds breakfast or buy to reheat at home. Thanks

  • Oh thank heavens!���� I needed this so bad! I’m a mother with MS, migraines and an anxiety disorder. I’ve tried AIP and lots of other things and I feel there’s something more so I’ve been looking into carnivore and can’t find a ton of people in my situation talking about their successes. I’m so thankful for this.

  • Hi thanks for this video it’s a lot of food for you to digest do you have any issues or do you do smoothies to cut down on digesting?? I think I would get a lot of bloating eating that much ��

  • I love your channel! I too have lost over 130 lbs naturally and I want to help others who think they cant do it. Just like you have ur awesome!��

  • What about desserts though? Do you allow yourself desserts? Can I sauté my veggies in butter? Veggies for breakfast? I suppose sautéed mushrooms, onions, and spinach with eggs?

  • Now I need to look up Chelsea McCullin and Plentiful Kiki as well! I love your info! Awesome before and after pics. Thank you for this video!

  • Hello everyone, just a question.. how About your electrolytes during Carnivore diet? Do you encounter any problem? Thank you in advance!

  • She is a badass & always has been.
    She did not have 85lbs to lose.
    I’m feeling very concerned.
    I’m not sure that I can support this.
    There’s always going to be someone out there to put you down no matter how skinny how chubby how “whatever” you are
    No amount of skinniness starving or weight loss is going to change that. Love yourself and be healthy forget what everyone else says

  • I’ve been following you for years and I really want to start this and have me and my family healthy! I struggle losing weight and staying at a healthy weight

  • Hey girl, just came across your vide and I’m really looking forward to trying this new lifestyle. Is there anywhere I can find a picture of everything I need to buy at the grocery store. It’s the most confusing thing when you just get a name of something and when you got to buy it there are like 10 different ones. Thanks so much girl..and great job!!

  • Kelly I love you darling and your family xxoo. Your beautiful any way but your always going to be a knockout!!!!!! Fabulous!!!! Wish you did a show or dvd on fat girls need help!!!!! Xxoo

  • I have had the same weight issue going plant-based. I gained 25 pounds and I quit. I had maintained my weight for years before going plant-based and was so distressed by the gain. It’s been a rough time. I’m starting the PB journey again and this is a great video. Thank you.

  • I don’t think there are any “myths” when it comes to weight loss. If something works for your body then it’s true. Like the whole calorie deficit thing, I have a huge amount of cortisol in my body. I have several mental illnesses so no matter my deficit my body ain’t getting rid of that fat no matter what. The only thing that finally helped decrease my cortisol levels was to start eating every 3 hours no matter what. It makes me less anxious and stressed about food because I am always looking forward to my next 3 hours and my brain no longer thinks it’s starving. Every body is so uniquely designed by God and there is no 1 scientific explanation to explain weight loss. What works great for
    one is zero indication if it will work for you.

  • I started off at 222 pounds I have released 43 pounds down 19 pounds to go:D I eat so much vegetables as a vegan I ♡ it. Great tip to eat more vegetables. Calorie controlling has helped me along my journey find what works for you and stick to it!!

  • Wow it’s so simple and still look yummy. I have been struggling my yoyo for a year now. I will start this today. Thank you for sharing

  • Oh yes when I lost weight before. I completely agree don’t focus on the scales they lie! Sometimes its inch loss or before I put on muscle not fat so was heavier. Measurements great idea thank you! Brilliant advice

  • Hello Hannah,
    I believe that it was meant for me to come across this video. Your sharing is very helpful. I just subscribed to Plantiful Kiki yesterday and today, I am subscribing to you. The plate method has helped immensely. Thank you.

  • I’m almost 25 and I’m at my heaviest weight of 185 sometimes more depending on the day. I have PCOS, I’m borderline type 2 diabetic, and I have a lazy thyroid problem, which I’m on medication for. I didn’t even think to see if it was vegan or not. I was vegan for about six months, but then I gave that all up and started eating animal products again, and I’ve missed being vegan. I’ve heard of you from Mommytang, but it never crossed my mind until just recently to watch your videos and you are so inspiring to me right now. Money is a little tight for me right now, but when I can, I’m going to buy a yoga mat from Five Below and just stock up on all these foods when I head go Aldis since it’s so affordable. thank you for the tips. I’m planning to go out to Cleveland to see an Endocrinologist and talk to her to see if I can take those thyroid supplements instead of medication. And I am going to get probiotics too. I have horrible digestion problems and just recently I think my body is reacting very badly to gluten. I’m always bloated and have to constantly go to the bathroom. TMI, sorry lol. This video has really helped and I have my boyfriend that I know wants to lose weight too. I’ll see if he will do this diet with me so we can both get healthy. I really want to start a family, and I know it’s not going to be easy with my PCOS, but I think a healthy lifestyle will be good for me to conceive in the future and keep my baby healthy when that time comes. thank you again for this video!

  • I LOVE that this approach lets me eat my potatoes, only eat 3x per day, and get more greens in enjoyably! But ummm, where’s the fruit? Lol. I eat fruit so much but I didn’t see any examples. I’m also not trying to lose weight at all but I do want to be optimally healthy

  • I’m so glad you & Kelly Hogan among others have made YouTube channels. I think carnivore is my last hope. I’m not carnivore now but I have tried so many ways of eating even keto & failed. On keto I was eating diet soda & even combining that w/IR I couldn’t get below 230lbs. To top it off I was a raw vegan for 3 years & a borderline vegetarian on an off for 15 years. All it did was increase my carb cravings & make me gain weight.

    I know the less carbs I eat the more weight I lose. Unfortunately artificial sweeteners & sugar substitutes make me stall. When I use stevia it made me bloated.

    I totally get you about not cheating. I’ve noticed that once you disengage from what society expects you to eat & not eat starches or sweets you’ll lose the desire.

  • I set out to lose 50 lbs and am currently at 45 down, so almost there. Your tips are great! Especially the narrow your focus. It wasnt until I did that, that I started seeing success. Congrats on your wonderful weigh loss!

  • Wow, I’m glad you mentioned the Ezekiel bread thing. I eat it almost every morning and your potatoes look yummier, more fulfilling, and lesser cals. I actually didn’t realize. Wow

  • I’m 31 now and my weightloss journey has been on going since I was 12 years old or so. I have gone from overweight to small in size over and over. But everytime the weight goes up, it’s more and more and more. Now I’m the biggest I’ve been in my life and I just want to take the power back! I cant accept that this I’d just “my adult size” you have been a huge motivation. I just have to find it now within myself.

  • I’m having such a hard time with the number on the scale. I’ve been exercising 6 days a week mixed cardio and strength, eating well and I lost 4 pounds and then it just stopped for like 3 weeks now. I am breastfeeding but slowly weaning which could be part of it that my body is trying to hold onto weight but I started weighing myself more than once a week and saw the number go up and down so much and it was so discouraging! I’m going to take your advice and weigh myself once a week and just focus on building the habit. And I’m going to buy a tape measure too because I have a feeling I’m building muscle finally because I’ve felt so strong in my workouts! Thanks so much for this please keep the content coming it’s so motivating!!

  • What’s in frozen hash browns exactly? Just grated potato? Petty I know but I’m a bit uneasy about all the plasticky packaging veg come in. Guess the alternative is nothing frozen etc pick your battles right?

  • Which is better for weight loss: eating low fat pasta or not eating lunch? I’m in high school and the only real thing I can pack for lunch that i will eat. Thx!

  • Amen! Seriously. I’ve been tested several times and I’m always inside the “normal” range. This last time I looked at my numbers and compared them to the range they use and my TSH is at the very high end of “normal,” but they won’t take any more time to help me out.
    I’ve taken a thyroid support before, but I’m going to try the one you suggested. I’m tired of my weight fluctuating 60+ pounds every few years. I had it almost completely off and then it started piling on again for no apparent reason.
    Loved this video Hannah!

  • What if I feel a need to overeat and I only stop thinking about food if Im full to the point where my stomache hurts and i feel sick

  • Thanks so much for this info! I’m not vegan but this really opened my eyes to the other side of my plate! I’m getting back on track with my gluten free journey & with this video I’m ready to get started! ����

  • I just made the cheesy sauce and I have to admit, I was extremely skeptical. I forgot hash brown so I made some extra red potatoes and experimented with it. I put one average red potato at the bottom of the bowl, smashed it with a potato smasher, then added same proportion steamed broccoli, and smothered the cheesy sauce. I garnished it with an avocado and a dash of pepper. Sooooo yummy!!!!

  • I’m eating really healthy whole food plant based but want to GAIN weight as I am very underweight since eating this way. What should I do? I’m eating much more than I usually do to put on weight but still no progress!

  • Wow Hannah!! I haven’t seen any of your videos in a while due to starting a new business but Wow wow wow! You are looking incredible absolutely glowing ��

  • Hey I really like your videos…..I’m trying to get back in shape & loose like 50lbs. I used to do it so easily, but I feel like I don’t have that motivation now with being home all the time now with quarantine. I have to eat healthy to stay in shape, I needs a little guidance just to start & get a boost. I just get unmotivated if I don’t see results. But I enjoy your videos, please helps I want to feel healthy and confident again! ALSO, Im confused on if I should eat 3 meals a day OR should I eat 6 small meals a day, people tell me different things.

  • Omg makes so much sense how do I get all your books and do I have a book eat this not that??? Like dates/ swap sweet potatoes??? I am watching your videos all day and got a new notebook for all inform so excited

  • about the salt, question, I used salt when cooking, but we don’t use table salt at all. its just during the cooking process and I use course ground salt and pepper to season pretty much everything. like two turns of salt and 4 turns of pepper. So If I’m not adding more salt than that is that still ok to use during the cooking process?

  • This was very informative thank you im so tired of counting calories cause I only eaten between 300 and 900 a day cause I’m not hungry im 57 with health problems on Sunday I told my husband im done with calorie counting im just doing my physical therapy taking my meds and going back to eating vegetables cause I can’t eat a lot of meat.