The Way A Horse Riding Accident Helped Jessica Reclaim Her Existence


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Jessica’s Story

Video taken from the channel: Norfolk Accident Rescue Service

After being thrown from a horse and breaking her neck, Jessica fought to get her life back. Jessica Vankesteren can’t talk about her health journey. At the age of 16, Jessica had a serious horse-riding accident, which resulted in a life-threatening brain injury. This is the story of how she was helped by a NARS voluntary Critical Care paramedic. A keen horse rider who suffered a freak accident which left her needing 16 staples in her scalp has told how a £349 LED face mask helped heal her facial scars.

Liz Falkingham, 48, a. When she’s not writing about the weirdest fitness trends or nutrition news, you can find her conquering her fear of heights at the rock climbing gym, hitting the pavement in Central Park or trying to become a yogi. How A Horseback Riding Accident Helped Jessica Reclaim Her Life. by Macaela Mackenzie June 7, 2018 A Medical Diagnosis.

Jessica was an amazing rider and person who’s life was tragicaly cut short in a horse back riding accident February 6th, 2008. You can read about what exactly happened that day in a blog on her. She calls it an ampu-versary: the two year mark of a horrible accident and the beginning of a long purposeful march to reclaim her life. It was 2014, she was a newlywed, just two months into their.

A BRITISH woman has been left fighting for her life in Dubai after being thrown off a horse. Rebecca Chisholm, 24, is now stranded in the United Arab Emirates until she can pay off her. A TEENAGER who caught her jaw after horror horse riding crash has admitted she was terrified at catching her own reflection. Emily Eccles’s chin and jawbone was left hanging by a 1cm thread of. Current Trends Injuries Associated with Horseback Riding -United States, 1987 and 1988. Each year in the United States, an estimated 30 million persons ride horses (1).

The rate of serious injury per number of riding hours is estimated to be higher for horseback riders than for motorcyclists and automobile racers (2). Sara Cox on horrific riding accident: “As I fell from my horse I thought I’d be paralysed” The radio DJ recalls the time she fell from her horse and had a bad accident leaving her terrified she.

List of related literature:

She chose to run in front of and interfere with a galloping horse carrying a rider, thereby not only risking her own life, but also that of whoever was riding the horse.

“The Suffragette Bombers: Britain's Forgotten Terrorists” by Simon Webb
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It was her life’s goal to open a counseling practice that incorporated riding as therapy.

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She was fortunate not to have been paralyzed, and her career as an amateur rider abruptly came to an end.

“The Jumping Game: How National Hunt Trainers Work and What Makes Them Tick” by Henrietta Knight
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Once she reconnected with her senses, her emotions, and her intuition through work with the horses — and began changing her life in response — she became much less easily victimized by friends and family.

“The Tao of Equus: A Woman's Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse” by Linda Kohanov
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It was on horseback that she suffered a broken arm which made her anxious about riding afterwards.

“Diana: Her True Story In Her Own Words: The Sunday Times Number-One Bestseller” by Andrew Morton
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The accident wrecked her carriage, seriously injured the horse, and put her in the hospital.

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A competitive dressage rider before her illness, Lis rehabilitated herself through riding to not only become the first woman to ride for an Olympic equestrian team and medal, but the first person with a major physical disability to accomplish such a feat.

“The Clinical Practice of Equine-Assisted Therapy: Including Horses in Human Healthcare” by Leif Hallberg
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Although she could not walk well again, the injury did not affect her ability to ride horses, so she spent a great deal of time riding around the countryside on horseback.

“Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell
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It was humbling to realize that despite all the control over her life that she liked to think she had—the hours of practice on a horse or the hard work on her business—fate could come along and intervene and change the course of one’s life in the breath of a moment.

“The Summer Guests” by Mary Alice Monroe, Katherine Kaneb Bellissimo
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Horseback riders usually live by the rule and insist on getting back on a horse even immediately after a serious injury.48 Sonya, discussed briefly above, described multiple and serious injuries.

“Horse Crazy: Girls and the Lives of Horses” by Jean O'Malley Halley
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  • notice how the dog is so focused on her and wants to be near her all the time <3 animals are the best and feel it when you need them. (minus my chihuahua who just doesn't care )

  • Yay!! She is ok Is the horse ok?? I have not had my 1st fall yet but i stayed on when Danny spooked and nearly got kicked by mayfly!!

  • Rotational scary:( why was this filmed? Or was it acted out? Poor girl poor horse… I’m riding on Thursday.. now I’m scared �� (I’m trying to comfort myself) poor Jessica though.. a lot of people die from these falls.. so scary.. does she still ride???

  • I’ve almost been in one of these accidents but the horse managed to pick herself up and carry on. But I stopped and she had a broken leg so had to say goodbye to her as it werent fixable. Literally the scariest and one of the saddest days of my life to this day

  • Jo,
    Thank you for sharing, it is both a great and sad story. I’m glad you still love horses and don’t blame it.
    I have never fallen off of a horse, but I have been bucked off of a couple of donkeys. A couple of years ago, I went riding with my brother and his horse got spooked, reared up, and he fell off the back. He hit his head pretty hard. I think he might have had a concussion, but I couldn’t get him to go to the hospital. He ended up being fine, but it was a bit scary.

  • I LOVED this! I also love you because you are so brave and confident to talk about this infront of MILLIONS of people globally, I want you to keep fighting for as long as you can, if you start falling, your internet friends will back you and push you back up!! ✊������❤��������

  • No, horse riding is an activity, not a sport…. There are sport where you do ride horses like  horse  racing, polo, dressage, show jumping, pole bending, calf-roping, and eventing. Most of these sports require the rider to in top physical shape as well as having a lot of training.

  • No matter how much time goes by, this young lady will always be remembered. Its obvious that she loved to ride and was very talented. But even the best rider can have a bad accident. And unfortunately, sometimes there is nothing that can be done to change the outcome. But, if you love to ride (I share this passion), you know the risk you take. My heart goes out to her family and also her friends. Our children are so important to us, and we always strive to give them what they want. It’s a tragedy what happened. May God bless them always and may Jessica rest in peace until they see each other again.

  • pepole always care more about the human than the horse the hores is your partner dont you think the should have checked the horse to

  • Some of you guys said I’m not doing horse back anymore. You don’t just quit because something happened to another person or you. You keep doing what you love. I have had so many bad Falls. But I don’t give up. I keep doing what I love. Because Life is not that long Soyou need to keep doing what you love the most

  • When I was about 14, I got bucked off a horse and landed on the top of my neck (on my back) onto a rock! Nothing happened. So when I see these kinds of stories, it breaks my heart. There but for fortune go I.

  • I’m very thankful it was only your ankle.. knowing what can happen when a person falls from a running horse, your life could have been drastically different than it is. I grew up around horses because of my sister.. she also taught me to ride. I miss riding. The freedom of being one with such a majestic creature��

  • How amazing yall have a place to go to like that!! My dream!! �� OMG would be so much fun to climb the hay stacks! My daughter wants to learn how to ride horses so bad.. I really want to find someone to teach her soon.. if we ever get to be around people again �� How fun!! ���� I am so nervous watching waiting to see what the disaster is ��

  • I know how it feels to loose someone,I lost my grandad and my great uncle about 4 weeks apart it was so hard since they were so close together it happened about 2-3 months ago and then about 5 weeks ago a amazing horse at my stables called frosty died he was a blanket appaloosa I loved him all of my friends at school who knew him or rid him cried it is so hard to loose someone ����
    Pls read my comment to I forgot to add it
    Yes I can edit I know how just saying��

  • This brought joy to my heart and a big smile to my face. Can we take a minute to appreciate Grace and the work she is doing to help provide a space for women like her, my hats goes off to her for having the strength and the voice to demand a space for all these beautiful women❤❤ not to mention how wonderful Sophia is as well. Sending love and blessing for the states.


    (I mean I understand y)



    (I do still care for the horse and hope both of them r ok)

    But ask about the girl

  • I am terrified of the fact that I could have a rotational fall ��
    I hope the rider and the horse are ok!

    (I think it’s a rotational fall)

  • I hope the horse is ok and same for her
    Horse back riding is a sport I do the same sport and I recommend wearing a body protecter while practicing (I do wear one in practice) but just don’t wear one in comp just do so in cross country (it’s needed in that sport) but please be ok

  • Jo, I had a question. Why do you frequently change your video titles? Usually from something specific to something more general. It seems disingenuous

  • This is SO SAD, poor Jessica, I couldnt imagine her father finding her, I’m sure boomer misses her every day and she misses him you will be missed Jessica and never forgot by family friend and other people that have seen this video and your horse and other horses at the barn RIP Jessica❤❤❤

  • So good to be young and free.i made the same deal with a horse riding school to get free rides and all i had to do is brush and saddle the horses each day, best time of my life

  • I almost died from a horse riding accident I was riding and I fell off after my horse bolted and I went head first If I wasnt wearing a helment My neck would of snapped and my skill would be shattered

  • horse riding IS a sport. and that’s it YOU putting YOURSELF under a risk of being hurt, even of a risk of death or serious injury.

    So don’t be surprised if you get injured. It happens cuz it’s a sport. And it’s YOUR CHOICE to put yourself under that risk.

  • I’m so sorry Rest In Pease Jessica! Imagine being the Dad texting his daughter he raised and having her not respond then going to find her dead. ����

  • That’s so sad. RIP, I guess it’s the risk everyone is willing to take to do the thing they love. At least she died doing something that meant the world to her. I don’t know her but she seems like such an inspiration to younger riders like me I’m only 11

  • Thankyou for sharing your life’s journey you offer inspiration for others and the support and commitment from your folks is fantastic. You are a beautiful young lady with the world in your grasp.

  • Im am truly hurt and heartbroken for jess and her father. Just think your texting your daughter and she’s not replying. So you go out to the barn to find her laying on the floor dead. That just made me heartbroken. R.I.P jessica

  • Thanks for sharing Jo! Your strength and courage in sharing your story (through all your videos) is really meaningful.

    Just as much as you appreciate us choosing to spend a few minutes of our day with you, I appreciate you choosing to post videos! You are a source of brightness in my life. Take care:)

  • oml, Jessica is a fighter!! horses have mind’s of their own, don’t they? im glad Jessica is ok and doing fine! tell her to stay strong!!

  • My mom has horses too and a few years ago she had a pretty similar “fall” like you. She went over his right shoulder, hit the ground with her back/shoulders and (here’s where this might help you) while falling he hit her shin with one of his hoves and the moment she hit the ground and her legs met the grass I actually heard it crack. Like, the horse fractured her bone right above her ankle but actually hitting the ground broke it. I think that could be a possibility for you too, but like you said, we’ll never know for sure ����‍♀️
    I also love your channel and really admire your way of dealing with everything life hands to you. You’re such a smart and positive person, it’s very inspiring and educating to watch your videos. (And your voice is really calm and soothing, I always feel like I’m in a spa ��)

  • Had the ER response been different, would they have been able to treat the trauma to a degree that the damage would not have ultimately led to amputation?

  • These are big dangerous animals and even if you think you can trust one completely, freak accidents happen. They’ll never know for sure what happened to cause this. I gave up horses when the economy busted, and I’m too old to try again. It’s not worth the risk.

  • Sophia i had ever seen enerjetick women like u i pray to lord Buddha ur recovery will soon thanks a lot to shareing ur inspiring story n ur such beautiful grill…

  • Sophia you are such an angel with a beautiful soul. As a 20 something kiwi woman myself I admire your strength and power as you continue to live your life to the fullest!

    I was having a rough day and you’ve reminded me that there’s so much beauty in this world. You’re truly an inspiration. All the best with your future endeavours. Arohanui x

  • This happened to me and my horse but luckily he rolled the opposite way to me and he was just slightly lame so I would say the horse is ok xxx

  • Terrible story, but I think it’s just an occupational risk when you are a horse rider.
    And I have a question… her second name was Forsyth, really?:O I read a book last time (maybe u know that), the title was Summoner (The Novice, The Inquisition, The Battlemage) and there was a lord named Forsyth. He was an antagonist and… is that surname well known in English?

  • I’m not sure if it was mentioned but what is the name of the film? Also, thank you Sophia for sharing an update of your life with us!

  • my horse bolted, as he always did. I always stayed on. But one time he took a 90 degree turn onto a road and slipped and fell on me. I passed out. I was wearing a helmet but my skull cracked nonetheless. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I jumped a lot of logs, and one time my horse bolted and jumped a massive gate. I would never put him over a table (I wouldnt have wanted him to get hurt). But I did take a lot of risks, riding a lot of random horses, including unbroken ones. It is sad that she didnt survive, I wish she could have survived, she was one of us, I cried too.

  • I am in graduate school for rehabilitation counseling and found Sophia’s story so inspiring! I hope to help others be as bright of a light as her!

  • When God calls you home….you go home… made her life perfect here….an even in this loss…she’s still giving us hope love an faith…thank you for sharing this beautiful remembrance of her…. God bless

  • I do horse riding. My worst fall so far was getting dragged when I fell off. I’ve almost been thrown over the fence when another horse was on the other side

  • If it was me I’d wish for the option of euthanasia. This girl has strength that I don’t and I’d just never get over the loss of what I once had and all the dreams and desires I’d never get to realise.

  • Horse sports are risky, to both rider and horse. More often than not it is the horse who ends up paying the price for human mistakes. Nobody makes video’s for them when they break their legs or their necks. It’s off to the slaughter for them. Nobody cares. But they did not choose to be there and take that risk! Try Liberty, if you love your horse and your life.

  • Oh, I just learned a little bit more about my wonderful internet friend. Thanks, Jo! See, that’s why I decided to Patreon you. When you make these Vids, you talk “to” us out here and not “at” us. You would be surprised how many folks cannot tell the difference.

  • So glad we get to have an updated insight into Sophia’s life!

    Also! Is the girl at 10:03 one of the little girls from the “Miss You Can Do It” HBO documentary??

  • Someone should’ve been watching her (a friend, family member, trainer, etc.) This is why my dad or at least one person watches me while I am on a horse because the horse has a mind of its own and could do anything.

  • my heart breaks for you. i was just like your daughter. i must say she had to die doing what she loved soooo much. i am so sorry for loss.

  • Where did her horse go? Did someone lead her horse back to the stable and untack it or put it in a field? Or is someone just standing in the background holding the horse out of the camera range?

  • I just stumbled over your video, it’s so inspiring! You are simply amazing, Sophia. Many will say you are beautiful, but more you are such a wonderful person (and for sure lovable, as you know in the meantime). I feel you are more “enabled” than many, many of us so called “not disabled” to give to other people positivity, inspiration, empathy and hope. Keep growing, greetings from Austria, and good luck forever!

  • I had been feeling depressed lately, and this video came to me at the right time. Such an inspiring woman. I love her confidence and her positivity. Thank you, Sophia.

  • This is why I never told my boyfriend I ride horses I only told my best friend she said,” your horse is your partner? Your horse can kill you with her own body” ever since that moment I never wanted to ride her again but I got back on her last year and I almost fell if my cousin wasn’t there watching me she ran over and caught me

  • Life can never be a same as u think or plans. Life has its on course of plan made for each human. I nyself is a quadpragic (c5-c6) from india.but again its u
    who has decide which way to go,as this injury changes entire spectrum of an individual and their family.
    Good luck to u and God bless u

  • Sophia… I’m sure you know the legend, “Pania of the Reef.” You are her sister, “Sophia of the Shore.” You sacrificed your physical, land abilities to protect… and a story shall be written. Perhaps one day… there will be a statue of you erected near your sister, ” Pania.”

  • Hi Jo thanks for sharing your story my daughter is 10 and rides it’s always a fear for me of her getting hurt she’s so in love with them they are are her life right now ��

  • She’s so incredible. Incredible!!!! All the amazing humans that she’s met, and helping, she’s truly a shining star, beyond. Much love, we need so many more like her, so beautiful, beyond.

  • When I got my horse he was green I got frustrated a lot and I wanted to give up but I didn’t. And if I gived up on littleman I don’t know where he would be right now

  • Alter schwede�� das sieht soo heftig aus �� bin echt froh dass du da heile rausgekommen bist ������ aber wieso ist das pferd eigentlich einfach abgebogen? Vlt wegen dem einen auto?

  • I watch to many murder mysteries but I think maybe the one cutting the grass spooked the horse which sent it bolting and it flipped over the fence crushing Jessica I’m sorry if people disagree but that is wt i think anyway no one really knows at happened!

  • What an amazing and most beautiful young woman. She is a superstar in so many ways. An awesome role model for young women and all of us. God bless you beautiful Sophia. ♥️

  • The biggest & hardest race of your life came earlier than you expected Sophia….but you are winning it, again, and again and again. Total respect

  • Sophia is even more inspiring and amazing than ever!! Thank you for a great video and update on such an intelligent, beautiful & hilarious woman! ☮️������

  • Sophia’s story is tragic and I wouldn’t wish what happened to her upon anyone. However, I feel she’s growing into a position where she is helping and encouraging a large amount of people especially among the disabled.

    Even when life is tough you’re still finding ways to keep at peace and keep life moving. You’re inspiring, Sophia. Much love!

    Also, thanks Attitude for another educational/inspiring video!

  • People say that riding a horse is not a sport. Like what everyone says, it is a sport, you risk your life and put your life on a horse, when you get on a horse youre taking that risk. My dad was riding a horse. And one of the workers tried passing my dads horse, instead of the horse letting the person go in front the horse was kicking. Of course my dad is ok. But riding horses is a sport and youre risking your life getting on a horse. I love horses so freaking much, it’s my passion. And I don’t let that fear get a hold of me.

  • Strength and Heart can go a long way, if loved and nurtured in the right direction. Also, being an inspiration for others can lead to more opportunities and happiness.

  • I couldn’t imagine being her father coming to get my daughter and seeing her dead on the ground, saddle hanging on the fence, Boomer out in the field, I just couldn’t.

  • I’m hesitating to post this comment because of course it doesn’t help you now, hindsight is 20/20, etc. but in case it helps anyone reading the comments who is thinking about riding horses: good horseback riding lessons don’t just teach you how to ride, they teach you how to fall, in such a manner that you’re less likely to be seriously injured. You practice emergency dismounts standing still, at a walk, a trot, a canter. My riding instructor would shout them out randomly like a fire drill sometimes; everyone riding around the arena, suddenly “EMERGENCY DISMOUNT!” and we were all standing beside our horses. Obviously there’s always a risk but knowing how to fall off a horse almost certainly saved me from a few breaks in my teenage years. I definitely recommend lessons before attempting serious horseback riding! I grew up with horses and fell a dozen times but never broke anything. The worst was when the horse spooked in the middle of a jump, while I was on the ground he ended up stepping on my thigh, I had a nice hoof-shaped bruise but nothing broken. Another time I went galloping across a large open space, and yep, horses can really take off in that situation! She tripped, I fell, knocked the wind out of me, which was scary, but still no broken bones.

    I am 100% NOT trying to blame 13 y/o Jo for not knowing that or assessing the risks accurately, you were 13! And maybe you did learn emergency dismounts and there just wasn’t time, that can happen too. This is just in case it helps anyone reading to be safer in the future!

  • Your stories are amazing, your videos are amazing, you have the most beautiful smile and you are a inspiration. This is David saying Hi from India:)

  • Do you ever regret galloping in that feild and did you have a bad feeling that it was going to happen? Are you at all mad at the owners for assigning you a ottb and do you think you were ready to ride that horse?

  • Ok I might have a problem or a fetish…I have been watching women with different physical disabilities on YouTube for longer than I would like to admit. And I’m ok �� with this.

  • Did you continue to ride horses after the accident? And would you ever concider getting into horseriding now? (Assuming you’re not)

  • No one will ever know what happened for sure. However, it sounds as if she had perhaps, attempted to jump the arena fence bareback. And both her and Boomer sustained a (rotational fall)-which is when a horse and rider hit a fence or obstacle and then completely flip forwards over it. Sadly and unfortunately the rider, can be crushed by their own horse in this type of fall. Fatal injuries normally occur within the rider’s head and/or neck. I am saddened very much by the death of this young girl. However-I do see in this video some previous risky behaviour and potentially dangerous situations arising. Please, for anyone out there who owns, rides or are around horses. Regardless of how quiet, or amazing you think yours-or someone else’s horse is. Safety always comes first. Always. Horses are large, unpredictable animals who can seriously harm or kill you (even accidentally) do not become complacent or believe that you can trust your horse 100% under any circumstances. Or believe that you can do absolutely anything with them. Because you CANNOT.

  • Okay I’m curious do you ever wish you were given the option to amputate directly following your broken ankle, thus avoiding the years of pain and surgeries to follow or are you grateful you had that time. And by grateful I mean mentally you have yourself a chance to try every avenue before goin through with your amputation?

  • With my medical history I am a wonderment to doctors every day. So I sorta know how you felt when you said that you surprised the doctors with your brake.

  • I doubt this is how you actually managed to break your ankle but my guess would be is that when you started falling on to Georgia’s shoulder you could have gotten your foot stuck in the foot hold and then when you fell your foot was stuck so it could have gotten pulled away from the rest of your body causing a fracture. Just a guess though.

  • Awww love that you guys went out to see the horses. I need to get out this house too we just go for little walks or a drive. Awww so fun! Glad you guys got to saddle the horses. Oh noooo your dad �� so sorry to hear that. I will definitely keep him in my prayers friend ��

  • When you talk about horses you explain it exactly how I would. I may not be the best socialable human but when your on a horse I am perfect in that moment!!

  • you have an amazing attitude ��
    gotta say I’m slightly appalled they put an inexperienced 13yr old on a race horse.
    keep on being amazing x

  • I was a horse child as well, they are such superb and in-touch beings and I miss when they were a part of my life so much. Galloping across an open field was my DREAM as well as a child, and now again as an adult.:) <3

  • Amazing! Thanks for sharing! I used to own an ex-racehorse. And, yes, riding something born to run is very different outside the arena. There were times i remember trying to decide if i should bail off or stay on and potentially end up in a ditch or piece of farm equipment. But i also echo your feelings of terror and exhilaration equalling absolute freedom!

  • It is such a blessing you got to grow up on such a beautiful piece of land and share it with your kids. I really need to hear about your band day and stories��My heart goes out to you and your family I am so sorry about your dad you all will be in my prayers but he seems like one tough son of a gun, keep up your faith.

  • It was probably a good thing that you were home schooled with all the pain, surgeries and recovery time. I know many people with that much hospital time who’s learning was really affected

  • Yeah it definitely isn’t good to be ‘exciting’ for doctors �� also is it possible that Georgia hit your leg/stood on it slightly as you fell?

  • I feel like people should be with their riding instructor when they’re riding at all times even if you are really experienced. I was so sad to hear about her death. I never knew her but I know that she was a great person and she died doing something she loved.

  • Sophia, you are a brilliant young woman in a position to help so many people. Congrats on being in the first NZ inter-able fashion show.
    Live your best life.

  • Two things: I’m very glad you have such happy memories of what led up to that day. I think that’s a very important memory to have. The other thing, I was wondering if you think having to wait for your initial treatment/surgery made a difference in the long-term outcome? Anyway, thanks for another great video!

  • You are my soul mate I was thrown from a horse on 24th of Feb 1994 broken tib fib and smashed ankle. This was operated on many times and fused and then hardware finally I had it amputated at 61. I am a great fan of yours you are my inspiration I can’t do as much as you but I can walk and do many things that I could not do before amputation. I drive my car and am independent at 64. I am so glad that you did not wait longer before amputation and you are now on your new exciting journey. Take care Jo and keep up the wonderful videos stay safe Love Katie ��������������

  • Everybody is saying that horse Riding is a sport because you can get hurt doing it but it’s not about that I agree that it is a sport but that’s because it’s an activity involving physical exertion and skill which the team (you and your horse) compete against another or others for entertainment

  • Hi Jo been a sub since October 2018 you helped me thru a very dark time where I badly sprained my groin and I was on crutches for 3 months. When I was told I would be off my crutches 2 weeks after my injury but I wasn’t.

  • The Bible speaks much of horses, and Jesus was an avid equestrian Himself, he came in riding his lowly donkey, HE returns on His White Horse, lots of horses & chariots in Bible too, so we Know this young lady is still riding horses in Heaven.

  • I was trying to figure out why listening to you talk is so familiar, and I realized you have a lot of mindsets and vocab that my therapist uses (and that I’ve started picking up as I’ve grown and integrated healthy habits into my life). It’s obvi to me that you value mental health and that you’ve taken the time to process and work through stuff and I’m proud of you for that <3
    My theory…Maybe your foot got caught in the stirrup and broke the bone and then the impact shoved the broken bit up into your leg?

  • This happened a few weeks ago. I was riding a different horse then usual. I Started to canter him and he Started to buck causing me to lose my stirrup. He then startes to gallop. I then fell off in to the Wall and then blacked out. We went to urgent care and the doctors told me i got lucky. If the horse would have thrown me off i would have broken my pelvis. I also had a minor concusion. Thankfully the horse was ok

  • Sophia is so positive and inspirational!! I just wish there wasn’t the teeny hint of ageism in not wanting older carers, or feeling comfortable with them�� no one should ever be discriminated against for their age, just as no one should be discriminated against for their race, disability or sexuality.

  • “Oh Sophia… you are so SWEET and BEAUTIFUL. You are STARDUST so very GOLDEN… you are the GARDEN, BLOSSOMING and so emboldened Your aura brings loving light to the darkest of lamenting plights. YOU are the sparrow we all long to see…we all long to be… so free in flight.” I’m a disabled veteran in the U.S. and I have a children’s project that may interest you. It’s 1st stage is completejust waiting for the right advocate. You may be that advocateit’s worth a look. By having a disability, I fully appreciate the courage and strenght needed to move forward and carry on. You are a lighthouse in stormy weather guiding weather beaten vessels into the shores of safety. Be well and safe, Dear Sophia. The words or poem in quotes… were written just now, just for you. It’s the least I can do.

  • Hey Joe, just saw ur video on how u messed ur ankle. Fyi i fracture my tibia just below my knee. anyway I’ll wager when u’ve fallen ur foot was probably at an curious angle and, u know the rest.

  • Oh man, hearing about your injury is just making me cringe (with the terrible break and so on)! I rode horses (a lot) as a kid too English style, lessons and everything. It was heaven. I did fall off maybe twice didn’t have any injuries, except maybe a bruise. Your horse tripping like that that would be very easy to get thrown off, even for an experienced rider. So sorry this happened to you and it’s been such a loooong struggle. I hope your adjustment to your amputation (and new leg) is still improving. ��

  • Dear Jo. I found your channel a while back now and I absolutely love you. I’m not an amputee in any way but following you on your journey really inspires me, not only that but you have great energy and a great personality.
    But I do have one odd question and I don’t know if it’s more relevant to your other channel Trauma Talk but I’m just going to ask it here.
    : would you feel annoyed or any kind of negative feeling towards someone self harmjng on their perfectly working legs, would it seem like they are not appreciative of their able bodies but cutting into it (or anything else ) as a way to hurt them selves and cause damage? (Seeing that you can get permanent nerve damage from especially cutting)

    Sorry for the odd question but I felt the need to ask because I struggle sometimes and I feel really bad about it.

  • Where safety stirrups a thing then when this happened
    Do you still interact with horses
    I have horses btw if you don’t know what I’m talking about with the first one

  • I normally am a quite watcher, but I just have to tell this now. I lost half of my leg in a car crash when I was 7. I’ve always lived on a horse ranch and riding was (and still is) my life. After the accident I had to stay in the hospital for quite a long time cause I also had other injuries. When I got back out and was allowed to ride again I directly tried to, and it worked. It still does. And I love horses. I don’t know if I’d be still here without my very special horse…
    Sorry for any mistakes, english is noty mother tongue

  • I saw a video of Sophia before and how she got her injury and how she lived day by day a while back. Now seeing her again like this continuing on her journey gives hope to keep moving forward! ✌️����

  • What an incredible testimony, Jo! You are the epitome of resilience. Thank you for being so open, I am sure that I am one of MANY who feel inspired watching your story. ❤️

  • The only thing that worked for you is amputation and it’s not for everyone and some people are just born that way. �� it could’ve been chopped off sooner but still

  • PLEASE STOP saying “She died doing what she loved”. That is an oxymoron at best, and RIDICULOUS at best!!! I’m so sorry she died, but people ALWAYS use that stupid saying.

  • I broke my arm in 3 places and the doctors were impressed by the fact that I had a high pain tolerance because I waited until 4 days after the break when I had slight pain but consistent but it still is pretty scary because if I had touched something really hot and hadn’t realized until it was pretty late I could have permanent damage

  • Theory: When you flew thru the air you bent your leg. When you landed on your back your heel slammed into the ground. That how it broke and got pushed up into your lower leg.

  • I had a similar fall off a horse and ended up with almost the exact same injury, but in my elbow. The ends of my humerus broke off and wedged up into the remaining humerus, splitting it up the middle. It was five years ago and I’m 2 surgeries in, with lots of hardware, and probably more in the future. I’m lucky because my surgeries have been largely successful, but I’ve been following your story since the beginning and it’s so helpful and encouraging to know there are always options and ways to live your life other than in pain with these sorts of breaks. Best of luck with your continued recovery and thank you for always being so open with your story!

  • I can’t imagine having a limb amputated in general, but especially from a horse accident. Horses are my life and I train horses. I was in a serious horse accident that left me with many injuries including a trauma induced cyst in my brain and vision loss. It’s still a hard adjustment and can be overwhelming and I love keeping up with your channel because even though mine isn’t an amputation, not being able to drive because of vision and seizures from brain cysts really takes away my independence so it’s nice to see you finding ways to be independent and positive

  • Hi jo how are you? I would want to discuss something with you about amputee’s. I really don’t like people cutting they’re limps off or blinding themselves on purpose because they don’t like they’re body parts. It angers doctors all the time when they’re trying to cure or save lives. It’s individuals who make it harder in life by destroying or damaging themselves in awful ways.

  • I’m so sorry you got hurt but plz for the love of everything don’t do this ever again. For your safety and whatever horse your on. Running on gravel/concrete is terrible for your horses hooves. Using bits, crops, spurs and things are really really damaging to your horse. Plz just consider looking at other options. There are a lot of studies out know proving how damaging stuff like this is. I really hope you’re doing better and that everything is ok.

  • it seems to me that she had a lot of opportunities that not all people have. Her family must be rich enough to build for her a separate house and travel to america to see a boy, and stuff.

  • Oh no!im so sorry pixie about your its bad it is. I am staying away from Facebook as it is so much to see about covid…

  • Having your playlist on xo..i feel you about your step look so pretty…yes i agree with youtube it seems more positive than other social media huh.. ah i heard your that..xo hope you feel better soul sistah

  • Omg I love ur hair!! Ur laugh is the best!! I showed my day these horses. She’s obsessed with horses! Awe ur poor dad! He’s such sweet guy

  • Its so beautiful there!! OH NO!!! ��☹️ �� What an awful time to have to go to the hospital too!! Sucks y’all couldn’t be in there. Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry!!! OMG ���� Wow what a day �� Yes one good thing is Youtube can help distract you. I couldn’t even imagine!! Prayers for a speedy recovery for your dad!! ��������

  • I have a horse and his name is littleman and he is a chestnut. And I was just riding him and I leaned to one side and I fell into the Fence. It REALLY hurt but I was ok. And littleman was fine.

  • Our storyline likely the same. I went thru 26 operation in 4 years to save my leg, until i need to walk using crutches, in pain 24/7, dependind on pain killers, had to quit studies, until 2010 i just lost hope for my leg and ask the doctors to amputate my leg, since then i am below knee amputee, and i never regret my decision to amputate my leg to be free from pain.

  • ohmy gosh PIXIE!:( I’m soo soo sorry!!! I will seriously be praying for you guys and your dad. Keep us posted girl!!! I’m so sorry you can’t be with him:( I can’t imagine.

  • Oh my goodness…I am SO sorry. Awful that you can’t see him during this timeit’s so heartbreaking. And you are SO rightYouTube is total escapism and I love it!! LOVE your videos as always & sending all of the love to you!! <3

  • I was horse crazy too at age 13. I love your description of 13 y/o Jo withe her hair flowing behind, galloping across a field. You had a passion and were able to realize a dream. Lots of people never have a passion about anything. I believe in dreams and if a kid has a passion, letting them go with it. Do you think that you’ll ever go back on a horse?

  • I feel so sad watching how your beautiful day ended up. Rob and I are sending our prayers for your dad’s recovery. We love you.