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What It Really Takes To Get Into Shape (The Real Truth!)

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THE REAL TRUTH ON HOW TO GET 6 PACK ABS – By Men’s Health Cover Guy Weston Boucher

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Getting in shape is truly a universal wish. If your goal is to put on muscle, lose fat, or just be fit all around, you need to put in the work, period. Let us examine what “work” is in the fitness world. The real truth about getting in shape is that first and foremost we have to change our habits, our attitudes, and our mental approach to working out. Everything else is easy.

Everything else is easy. Once you change your mind, you’ll find the right workout, you’ll find a good nutritional program, and this time it will work because you’ll stay consistent. The TRUTH About Getting In Shape (and staying that way) by lunden on November 10, 2014 in Blog, Nutrition There is SO MUCH health, fitness, diet & exercise information out there how do you even decide which one is the “right” one?Maybe the most important truth on this list.

If you give up, you won’t get to your goal. Very obvious, I know, but the problem is that people don’t put this into action. Messing up by falling back into junk food or stopping exercise — that happens. Life gets in the way. No one is.

There are many training programs to help you get in shape for these races, but expect to spend at least two months on pre-race training, clocking miles three to six days each week. That extra time will be worth it, especially for beginners. I work hard to remain in my present shape and I sacrifice a lot. But I am living proof that if you’re willing to follow some I mean all of the 10 tips provided in this simple beginner’s guide, better fitness and a more pleasing body shape can be yours. Place your hands directly under your shoulders.

Position your feet hip-width apart. Maintain a plank position; your body should be in a straight line from from the back of your head to your hips. Chances are you’ve heard of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by now. The Bronx native made headlines as the youngest person ever elected to Congress in 2018.

She also went viral for. Start your journey to get in shape by including regular aerobic exercise, strength training and flexibility training. In addition, be sure to support your new exercise routine with a well-balanced diet to fuel your new workouts and get your body in shape. Part 1.

If you’ve spent time getting to know your body and experimented with G-spot stimulation, you’ll know how you like to be touched in this area (if you haven’t done this yet, go back and start there). You could like pinpointed pressure, a circular motion, left to right, or something totally different.

List of related literature:

Simply aiming to “get in shape” is vague, which is why so many people fall off their path.

“Body and Soul: A Girl's Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life” by Bethany Hamilton, Dustin Dillberg
from Body and Soul: A Girl’s Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life
by Bethany Hamilton, Dustin Dillberg
Zondervan, 2014

Getting in shape is one thing, keeping fit is another.

“Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints” by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
from Muscle Medicine: The Revolutionary Approach to Maintaining, Strengthening, and Repairing Your Muscles and Joints
by Rob DeStefano, Bryan Kelly, Joseph Hooper
Atria Books, 2009

But getting into shape is the purpose of the fitness program, not the diet or the exercise or the supplements.

“Tools and Tactics for Operations Managers (Collection)” by Randal Wilson, Arthur V. Hill, Hillel Glazer
from Tools and Tactics for Operations Managers (Collection)
by Randal Wilson, Arthur V. Hill, Hillel Glazer
Pearson Education, 2013

For most people looking for a way to get back into shape, there is no simple answer to the question “What is the best way for me to become fit?”

“The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom” by Erwan Le Corre
from The Practice of Natural Movement: Reclaim Power, Health, and Freedom
by Erwan Le Corre
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Imagine if you spent three months trying really hard to get into shape—eating less, exercising every day, giving up booze.

“Build Better Products: A Modern Approach to Building Successful User-Centered Products” by Laura Klein
from Build Better Products: A Modern Approach to Building Successful User-Centered Products
by Laura Klein
Rosenfeld Media, 2016

This is the easiest advice to give, but often the most difficult to take, because when you want to get in shape or lose weight, you want it now.

“Body Mind Mastery: Training for Sport and Life” by Dan Millman
from Body Mind Mastery: Training for Sport and Life
by Dan Millman
New World Library, 2010

Actually, “getting back into shape” implies that I was once in shape.

“The Sexy Vegan Cookbook: Extraordinary Food from an Ordinary Dude” by Brian L. Patton
from The Sexy Vegan Cookbook: Extraordinary Food from an Ordinary Dude
by Brian L. Patton
New World Library, 2012

I know very few people who actually enjoy the process of getting in shape, but the results cannot be denied.

“To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man: The Keys to Catch a Great Guy” by Gregg Michaelsen
from To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man: The Keys to Catch a Great Guy
by Gregg Michaelsen
Gregg Michaelsen, 2014

You don’t need to join a gym to get in shape — if you’re motivated enough to design and continue your own exercise regimen at home.

“Endometriosis For Dummies” by Joseph Krotec, MD, Sharon Perkins, RN
from Endometriosis For Dummies
by Joseph Krotec, MD, Sharon Perkins, RN
John Wiley & Sons, 2006

Just as it takes effort to get in physical shape, the Truth Workout will take hard work on your part for you to get in psychological and spiritual shape.

“The Lies We Believe” by Dr. Chris Thurman
from The Lies We Believe
by Dr. Chris Thurman
Thomas Nelson, 2003

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I’ve been making. A fruit bowl with strawberries raspberries grapes in a teaspoon of chia seeds for snack today had a Bowl of raspberries and grapes and my water bottle I now love. Drinking water. It’s Been a year that I didn’t have a drink of soda pop. So I just gave up. Soda pop all together But I will have a cheat. Meal just for one day and my cheat day was Wednesday and after that there was no more cheat days. And the rest of the days. Were healthy meals.���������������������� and I forgot I do love. Too snack on vegetables to they’re all So good. And yummy������������

  • Don’t forget the clen and anavar… come on my man I’ve been doing this longer than I can remember. TRT, it’s ok to admit it. Consequently abs are NOT made in the kitchen they’re made staying out of the kitchen.

  • “actors” give advice, as if they’re not just all babysat by their coaches and trainers and told exactly what to do and what to eat. Respect to the average person who works a full time job and still puts in the work in diet and training without having anyone spoon feed them. They are babysat and paid to workout, and given PEDs by a professional a lot of the time. No I will not watch this video nor take their meaningless advice But I will show my respect for each and every one of you who is reading this comment, has a lot of occupations like university, full time job or a family, and still works their ass of in the gym and on their food. You are the true hero here.

  • Don’t forget that all these f*ckers use steroids anyway. If you think you’ll get that fu*king body in 4 6 months like they do, you’re just stupid. Their eating habits are also designed for steroid users. A natural guy doesn’t even need to eat 6 times a day.

    They are in a heightened protein synthesis all the timefrom all those hormones they inject and they need to take advantage of that with that constant over the top style of eating. Hell, steroids by design make hard for the body to store fat.

    For example compare Mark Wahlberg on his No Pain No Gain role and how he is today when he is a natural athlete. No comparison whatsoever.

    So don’t listen to these idiots. They have an army of people behind them. Nutritionists, doctors and whatever.

  • Err man! �� I know Vicki and she would be laughing ah arse of at her appearance on the hit tv show “heordie shore” do you mean Geordie shore Howare man!

  • very sad video which tells how actor abuse their bodies before preparing themselves for a film, an unsustainable life. Please leave the experts to give advise on living, not the illusion industry

  • So, is training six days a week and living the life of a Hollywood leading man, supposed to be a difficult thing? I’ve been doing the former since 1986! Maybe I just realised I should have been an actor?��

  • These people wanted to be strong and healthy and they went after their individual goals of achieving that. Im proud of all of them. It doesn’t matter who you are what matters is if you want something that bad you can obtain it. We are all different.i use these success stories as jumpin off points for me..they got their bodies where they wanted them to be and so can i and everyone else can as well. U just have to work hard to get there.but eventually you will be one of those success stories right along side them.make better choices when it comes to your food intake and start small then gradually it will be second nature to u.its not rocket

  • I am confused..If being on a surplus is a no no to get the 6 packs..then how come bodybuilders who are over 250 lbs and are mostly in surplus have 6 packs??

  • These are good tips and can make you feel better and so forth, be healthier. But… Having a six pack is even more simple than he makes it. Learn to count calories. Know your maintenance calories requirement. Eat less than that until you have a six-pack. That’s it. It is unbelievable how many people have YouTube channels talking about this stuff. The answer I just gave you is 100% fact. You can get a six-pack eating nothing but pizza and donuts if you are in a caloric deficit to the point where you lean up and have a six pack. This is a fact. Obviously, you will look better and feel better if you are following the other tips here. Especially the water! But again, there’s no magic secret other than learning to count calories and knowing when and where to adjust them based on how you look. That simple!

  • A really good workout makes me feel.amazing even if I’m sore. I wish more people worked out to deal with their problems instead of unhealthy things

  • Research has shown that short term benefits like improved mood, energy and concentration keeps people a lot more committed to fitness than getting to a particular body shape. Big appearance changes take time, and many people may lose motivation because they feel like it’s not working.

  • I agree with all you said except the water intake, drinking to much water flushes out all your body’s salt which you need then you have to take in more salt its a vicious cycle. drin when your thirsty don’t force yourself to drink water that’s just stupid.

  • I have a question. How much do you work out everyday? I was talking with an inlaw who has a lot of weight issues. And he’s under the impression that to look ripped all year means staying in gym all day or after your day job.

  • Anyone who still believes that the most muscular roles of some of these actors is only due to hard training, and correct eating is just brainless. Their amazing transformation in nine, six or even three months is not possible without PED’s. They or the studio can afford the best candy out there and the best doctor to get them safely and as efficiently to that point. But granted, they still have to do the work. They just can not mention the candy, but everyone knows.

  • Unfortunately this is not the Whole truth, it is only part of the requirements…..It is nigh impossible, if not impossible, to maintain muscle and remain ripped without taking some form of PEDs…The End….Everything else told you is lies, full stop! I know, I have trained and competed all my life and modelled for a short period. I held myself at 8% BF for two years always totally natural and I lost muscle and felt awful! All….Yes All Physique Competitors and models are on some form of SARMS or PEDs!

  • Hi! What you said about seeing a doctor every now and is important. Lately I’ve been doing regular blood tests. My health wasn’t good and I didn’t even know it. Now I am poked every month to make sure my body is healing, reacting the way it should to the vitamins.

  • If they did research, they’d see they could eat good food while losing weight but they do their homework bc they have money and don’t have to put the time into the research.

  • Say what? Another guy fooling people… in 2008 an important science report got published. Some facts got revealed about fatcells. The number of cells differs from at least x10 from a person to person. And the number of fatcells is in large part inherited from your parents (decided by genes). In your grown up life the number is largely stable. Each fatcell can expand at least around 3-4 times. Most of the fatcells are under the skin, covering the muscles below. Large number of inherited fatcells = You can forget getting your full 6 pack to show, only through serious liposuction maybe. Stop fooling people!!! ITS THE SHARE NUMBER OF FATCELLS ON YOUR BELLY WHICH LIMITS YOUR 6-PACK POTENTIAL!

  • What if I just have a flat stomach no fat covering my stomach but still have no abs? Like I’m lean but I probably have to train my abs more at the gym to get them to pop out

  • Someone please send this to Coach Greg, so that he can roast these actors: “Make the process something you enjoy, not something you suffer!!!”

  • I got absagree with most of what is said here, it’s mainly clever thought out calorie deficit then maintenance. If you want to bulk again don’t go too mad and put on kilo’s because it’s just as hard the 2nd or third or fourth time you want to cut from flabby stomach to abs it doesn’t get easier just cos you know what your doing. Training is training and hunger is hunger they never gonna change from being hard. Too have abs on display most men will need to reach body fat levels of 10-12% some lucky genetics guys can do it at 15%. Most important fact for all guyscalorie deficit for longer than 6 weeks will result in significant muscle loss so I don’t suggest going for abs if your just starting outbuild up your chest back and shoulders first for 2-3 years.

  • Most of these actors i really do like. However tyey need to stop lying!!������. They know darn good and well STEROIDS is the real trainer.

  • Am I the only one who is amazed at how narrow the “look” is for these male leads? Racial minorities clearly do not need to apply.

  • It’s nice to see it from people who have actually done it without trying to sell you some sort of overnight miracle supplement. They do have the advantage of eating healthier and managing their diet is easier due to the fact it does cost more money to eat healthier and a lot of them have someone prep their meals which most of us do not have the luxury to do. However, most of these guys say about an hour a day. Even Stallone and The Rock were working out about an hour or a little more a day. You don’t have to spend all day in the gym if you’re eating right is the message I think.

  • have these actors ever heard of IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS?? Or they wanna look like badass? Someone tell me how this guy will proove that he doesnt eat any sugar.. IN FACT he can’t proove it beacuse the results depend on the CALORIE INTAKE!!!

  • It probably fucking helps they can dedicate there life to it and don’t have a 9-5 and have millions of dollars to motivate them to get in shape ��

  • Hey man I am 15 and I am struggling to get abs. I have been having having 0 sweets and 0 fat/processed food for the past 3/4 months and have also been working out at the gym 4/5 days a week. However I still can’t get defined abs. Just wondering how long u think it will take someone that’s 15 with relatively low body fat to get defined abs

  • Hi Weston. What are your thoughts and opinion on Insanity Max 30 workout program.. also do you not in take any alcohol beverages all year round?

  • Hey guys, If you’re
    trying to lose weight, get more energy, or just look sexy, download the ebook
    Sugar Detox by Maria J. Avila! It’s completely free on Amazon for kindle
    users from May 16 May 23. After that it goes back to 2.99! GET IT BEFORE

  • Why the fuck would I ask an actor how to work out…? ��‍♂️ why wouldn’t I ask their personal trainer or nutritionist? Just lost their personal trainer and nutritionist information….I watched two seconds and paused this vid just to type this comment because morons don’t need to listen to these people who just regurgitate what their trainer and nutritionist told them…�� Give then the business.

  • Subscribed for sure. Watched till the end without even getting bored or distracted to read the comments. Great video straight to the point

  • I absolutely agree with everything you said. I have worked out for the better portion of my life, off and on, and never seemed to have nice abs, but I do now, at 48 years old, because as I have gotten older, I have found I now have the discipline required in the kitchen (late bloomer I guess hahaha). Anyway, thought I would drop a quick comment, because I was using my fitness pal for a while and I found it to be pretty time consuming and frustrating… Thought I would let anyone reading this know about MyNetDiary… I am not affiliated in any way, just a happy user of the app. It’s free in the same way that my fitness pal is, until you want to use the pro features, and then I think it costs the same as my fitness pal for the annual membership. It is a little more buggy than MFP, in terms of finding foods already in the database when scanning bar codes, but the home screen customization and food logging is just so much more user friendly and convenient that I will deal with the cons ;). So, if like me, you want to spend less time logging and more time living, give the free version a try and compare the two apps to see what you think.

    Hope this info is helpful to someone… Cheers.

  • I call BS. The only way to have your abs showing is to have 1. muscular abs (easy) and 2. no fat over your abs (nearly impossible if you’re not genetically inclined.) I’ve seen some people who had to starve all the fat off of them because the last fat that left their body was on their abs. They looked disgusting with sunken cheeks, thin necks, etc…and they were miserable and such a low body fat for them it wasn’t sustainable. I had two friends in seventh grade who ate like shit like the rest of us and they had abs that could have landed them on the cover of men’s magazines. Genetics. Everybody carries fat in different places. I even had a friend in college who carried almost all of his fat internally (bad for your health) and even though he had a barrel stomach or ‘beer belly’ you could see his abs because he had little subcutaneous fat. Frankly if you’re not someone who’s lucky enough to have their abs showing your best bet is liposuction on your abs and then work out those muscles to make them grow.

  • Hey weston can you make a video on how to get a cutting face shape. I can see you dont have a chubby cheeks. Any diet, workout or face exercise might help that you suggest? Thankyou

  • Whenever Christian Bale plays a role, like let’s say Batman, who is American, he even does the interviews with an American accent. He goes all the way in

  • I feel bad the moment I skip even one workout session, so doing it 5 times a week is a lot easier than the cheat meals for me ^.^ thanks for the great video

  • Everyone has to start somewhere and The Rock was once a pebble.

    It’s the journey of working out and improving yourself that’s often overlooked.

  • I wanted to get the subscription for your workout stuff, but my dad told me, “no,” and I could just figure it out without buying anything. I’ll ask my mom (my parents are divorced) because I really want to figure out a workout routine.

  • I’m trying to challenge myself.

    1 Like = 2 Sit-ups

    1 Comment = 5 Second Plank

    I’ll Upload It To My Channel If It Gets To A High Number So Make Sure You Are Subscribed To Watch It. ����

  • There is no advice whatsoever in this video… just a bunch of millonaire superstars bitching about how exhausting and borying their workouts and diets are. And then there’s Dwayne Johnson.

  • 1. Water Intake
    2. Track Your Calories
    3. Clean Up the Amount of Food that is Processed
    4. Keeping your protein high
    5. Cardio
    6. Don’t go extreme, do something sustainable

  • These are all true facts. He can’t say everything it takes because he sells a book on it but the things he does list are all true and it’s what you need to do. Not sure how much his book is but going off this info I would have bought it when I first got into fitness. This dude seems like he knows what he’s talking about.

  • No need to watch any further than 30 secs.. already know he’s going to say.. Clean diet… light cardio daily.. drink plenty of water.. take l glutamine to prevent muscle loss during the low cal diet stages and be consistent. THE REAL RUTH IS.. everyone already knows all this.

  • No sugar for 6 months(ofcourse need to do weight training and eat clean) I see myself getting ripped. In my opinion sugar should be banned in all countries. It’s the worst processed food ever.

  • Ok, but I think it’s important to remember; these guys work this hard because they need to drastically change their bodies IN VERY SMALL WINDOWS OF TIME.

    Its very important to know that getting in shape does not have to be miserable. As long as you’re eating healthy and working out, and consuming fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. You dont have to kill yourself to get in shape.

    Howeeeeever. If you wanna go from Paul Blart to Thor in 3 months… then yeah. Its gonna suck.

  • iam 32 years old weigh around 90kgs when I do gym with a proper trainer iam getting pain in my thighs, stomach couldn’t continue but have to loose weight. tired, depressed all the time

  • I really love your videos and the personality that you give in all of your video that you shoot
    you always help me to achieve my goals by your small tips

  • Thank you for this unpretentious and sincere upload. True, six packs are already there in your abdomen. All you have to do is eat wisely and not let fat-making crap keep them in the hide.

  • Poor widdle actwors. Getting paid millions and having the best nutrition and experts to help them get fit. Slow clap for these heroes. When is that fault line gonna give? Can’t we just line California with dynamite and wave bye bye?

  • Ben Affleck worked so hard to be retard batman. What a waste of time. Oh I’m sorry Benny, calling you a retard probably makes me a “racist” right? Look it up people, Ben Affleck is an idiot and a horrible person.

  • Why were her husband and best friend on a plane together???? X-Files music starts playing

    No, but seriously I think they were cheating on her.

  • Funny, you didn’t mention actually training the ab muscles at all. Why are abs the only muscle group in the entire body where training the muscle is not a requirement? This conventional wisdom is garbage. I’ve seen plenty of skinny people with no abs. Because they don’t work them.

  • There are 3 components to fat loss exercise, diet, and motivation.
    One resource I discovered which successfully combines these is the Triple trim formula (google it if you’re interested) definately the most useful diet i’ve seen.
    look at the before and after photos and great testimonials.

  • Stars whinging about getting millions of dollars to do some working out and sticking to a diet… I feel so sorry for these poor people ������

  • I’m 6ft4 but have the genetics so that I’m not skinny but bordering stocky built. I need to eat about 3,000 calories a day to maintain a decent body weight and I mostly eat eggs, turkey, chicken, sweet potato and veg as well as porridge with fruit, honey and peanut butter. I actually enjoy eating like that. Non-smoker and don’t drink alcohol. Got the whole thick stubble with chiselled jawline and nice cheekbones going on. I tend to stride through most men like a Titan lol. I won’t be reading replies!

  • I swear 90% of this channels views come from me pausing the video and ending up clicking the card at the end instead as it comes up just in time for me to misclick xD

  • I snack on nuts but that does not mean I eat a whole bag. I would eat 4-6 almonds as a snack and that is not a lot of calories at all.

  • All these chickens… uhgh.. you can also just eat some veggies and beans btw, plus a chicken does not have to be tortured (yea they are tortured look it up go watch the docu dominion).

  • Horny goat weed is the best, bust 5-6 nuts in a 3 hour span with my then girl on the regular. The sixth nut was like shooting a blank.

  • I had been working and eating pretty healthy for almost a year until I had two cheat days in a week. I completely stopped and ate super bad��

  • This was great inspo! I was 187 on Jan 1. Now, Jan 29 and I’m to 178! My goal weight range is 127-117. I’m 5’4, 31 yo, post 3 kids. Lets do this you guys! You can do it! Educate yourselves, change your lifestyle, find motivation & self discipline. It ain’t easy but neither is being sick, unhealthy, & depressed!! ❤

  • XD You’re sooooo right about gay guys respecting a muscular body more than females. Females sometimes oversee that I’m working out. Gay guys see it and love it immediately!

  • I really like that you added that disclaimer at the end about possibly having underlying health problems. If only my mother had have seen that 10 years ago, before she ruined her health in the gym on an undiagnosed underactive thyroid.:( be very very careful with your health, you don’t get a second chance

  • • Snacc on carrots, not nuts kiddos.
    • Stretch a waarm body, not icy cold body.
    • Give yourself time and use abdominal muscles in plank, don’t tense yo shoulders.
    •Be careful plan ur healthy meals, & ur cheat meals.
    • If ur new to exercise it’s alright to do 1 or 3 days a week, but as you build up do more than 5 days a week cuz y not she said so.
    • U gotta exercise and eat healthy foods, let’s face it there isn’t any cheating all are scams lmao. Plus you get faster results by this

  • Just watch More Plates More Dates people, the guy knows his stuff and will explain it all. He has videos for just about everyone here basically

    If an actor tells you all he eats is chicken and broccoli they most likely took an enhancer period but don’t think these are impossible bodies to get because they’re not

  • plenty of formerly obese people have lost the mayority of the weight before adopting an excercise regime. also, excercising 6 times a week is freaking unnecessary for anyone who isn’t a pro athlete. yes, excercise is a necessery step of keeping the weight off but isn’t a necessary step of weightloss itself.

  • dudes aint ‘checkin you out’ they sussin the competition. its built into male awareness to notice bigger males, not surprising when dudes are always lookin at ya when your buff or flexin

  • watching this while eating my avocado and nuts and looking forward to measure my waist again and see another inch drop. Do intermittent fasting, people

  • Another tip. Get enough sleep. I had bad sleeping habits, going to bed late every night. I went on a new workout regimen working out six days a week coming from 3 days. Guess what? I got sick. How did I start to feel better. Started going to bed earlier. If you up your exercise you gotta up your rest time. Seems like common sense but a lot of us don’t do it.

  • There are 3 components to fat loss exercise, diet, and motivation.
    One place I found that successfully combines these is the Alinn diet plan (google it if you’re interested) definately the most useful diet that I have ever heard of. Check out all the before and after photos and awesome reviews.

  • Drinking a lot of water will purge “toxins” from your body. Sure.

    Hard to believe people are still promoting this kind of quack health advice. What does that even mean? Toxins is such a bland, generic term that can easily be thrown around without having to be specific.

  • I think the worst part of working out all the time is really what Ryan Reynolds said; you’re doing all of this shit…but you don’t feel great. You feel like garbage because you’re exhausted all the time.

  • Weston, thanks for the great video. Love the straight forward, honest, no bull, no fluff approach. Looking forward to watching more of your stuff. Keep up the good work!

  • I was on Adderall for several years and stopped a few months ago. Now I’m gaining weight. I go to the gym and eat okay but my clothes are starting to get too small. Im 5’10 175. What advice do you haveI’m 39

  • I feel like I knew these already but it’s nice to hear them again and keep myself in check…. especially the cheat meal…. it doesn’t mean I can go all out on the crisps haha

  • What about hate from friends and family. Talking sh #t behind your back closing you off from social events and shaming you when you work out or when dieting.

  • I think it’s cool that celebs lost so much weight, but they have a lot of money and that helps them lose weight. People don’t have money for supplements or personal trainers.

  • I defied doctor and medical advice too! I defied severe kypho-scoliosis, and paralysis. To this day, I am up and walking, able to life 30 pounds (1/3 of my body weight). Just because someone’s medical condition looks bad from a superficial perspective, does it mean it will stay “bad” forever. Just keep doing great and being yourself, sexy man at 2:02!

  • I’ve been working on my health for a long time, I work out and watch what I eat. Now that I think about it, my problem could be that I cheat maybe just too many times (for example, two cheat days per week instead of one), but the point is that I feel like I slim down just a bit and then I just stop losing the weight. The belly fat, thigh fat and arm fat is still there and I’ve been looking at fitness videos and articles of all kind and every time I read them I can honestly say, I do many of the things that they recommend and I’m still in bad shape… or maybe I am doing something wrong! So… I am very much open to opinions and suggestions:)

  • SO much animal product…these guys are just killing themselves for money. PLANT PROTEIN all the way!!! It’s all about the weight and the look…not about being healthier. Sad…

  • Hey, You are so encouraging! I’m sitting here right now. I was really discouraged and then I watched this video and like, wow! About half way through high school, I stopped doing physically active things, due to my struggle with depression and a lot of other things that were going on. My muscles just kinda started to atrophy. Now I’m really weak and I have a lot of physical problems and constant pain everyday. It’s frustrating because I’m so young, but I feel like my body is ancient. I’ve been advised several times that working out will help, but, you know, it’s so hard to even start a routine, especially being so busy. You’ve really encouraged me and motivated me. You are a blessing from God.

  • It’s true, I’m nowhere near as muscular as them, im only bout 160ish But sometimes when I wear smaller tighter shirts people do notice, and take in mind I’m not even close to them, My gentetics give me larger chest so I look kinda buff even though my bench ain’t all that good.

  • Here’s my advice.
    Get a job, that pays you millions of dollars to get into the shape of your life with the best pt’s and dieticians at the best gyms in the world. And then, when you’re at that absolute peak of human fitness, someone films you from all of your best angles and then you can go enjoy it on a big screen while every single fucking idiot on the planet admire you and wonder how you got so fit.

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  • Chris Pratt: “Time is going to go by just as fast whether you’re doing it or not. So, who do you want to be eight months from now? If you want to be in good shape then get on it today.”

  • All true, specially the part where you mention the effortless of maintaining it throughout the year and years. One think i believe is key as well and make a lot difference to me is a eating window. I fast every single day for at least 12 hours. You don’t have to be to precise on cal intake, unless you’re know a shooting is on the horizon. Great atmosphere coming from you i hope some people listen. Have a great day

  • I haven’t even watched this yet but I bet not 1 of them admit to taking testosterone to help shape their bodies. Stallone did it. Wahlberg did it. Tom Hardy? Yep. It’s become just 1 of many designer drugs used in Hollywood.

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  • When I was a teenager I used to aspire to have a food and exercise journal…write what I eat, how much, how much water I drink, when I exercise, etc. But I realised that just stresses me out �� Now I live by myself and I buy only healthy food and have the habit of picking those things in the stores without thinking about it. I don’t have a plan to the point and I prefer to spend my mental energy on other things…I am happy.If you think too much about getting in shape and seek perfection, as most people do, you might end up stuck and stressed without actual results…

  • Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I came for the thumbnail;
    So did you.
    I’m not a perv
    Neither are you,
    We just haven’t had sex
    Since 1992.

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    I create exercise and beauty videos, so everyone please visit when you can. I, too, will encourage you to get healthier. I’m subbed and liking this channel!

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    This YouTuber isn’t a nutritionist I think her advice is great in general but I’d consider other advice alongside hers

  • man my genetics suck.. I got my dad upper half which is small is fuck but my mom’s bottom half so if I did squats I’d have a ass like Niki minaj ���� shits not fair

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  • i learned about the 3 T’s since getting in shape.


    everyone wants to touch u especially guys. older woman arent as subtle as well

    then u have guys who try to test you and try to talk about their strength even though they are shaped like an oval.

    lastly is teach. everyone asking u ur diet and routine knowing damn well they wont listen or do what u say.

    so there u have it. when u experience the 3 T’s then you know youve made it!

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