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The 10 Most Common Exercise Excuses—Squashed! by Jacquelyn Brennan January 4, 2016. What’s standing in the way of you starting a new exercise routine? Well, usually, it’s you. When you decide to make yourself and your health top priority, getting to the gym or working out in. Below I’ve provided the 10 most common fitness excuses our reptilian minds trick us into believing and why, ultimately, they’re all nonsense.

1. I don’t have enough time. This is probably the most common fitness excuse of them all. Injuries are painful, debilitating, and have the potential to set you back weeks or months from your workout goals.

A few injuries make up most of the exercise mishaps out there, and though nobody. This is by far the most common excuse. Yes, schedules are busy but if something is a priority (the finale of American Idol, for example), you will make time for it.So make time for exercise. Try.

All Your Workout Excuses, Squashed And regular exercise can help you sleep better, according to a 2015 study from the Journal of Sleep Research. 3. ‘Gym Memberships Are Too Expensive’ Belott and Perkins have both found that for a lot of people, one of the biggest things holding them back from going to the gym are the fees. And with some.

Photos: 10 exercises that could land you in rehab Romanian dead lift: Most commonly, a person will fall into hyperextension through the low back while lowering and lifting weight, which could. Most of these exercises can be modified, too. (For instance, one-arm rows can be done with either a cable pulley or a dumbbell, and a face pull can be done with either a band, TRX, or cable pulley. The 10 Most Common Excuses For Not Reaching Your Goals. It involves doing things we don’t want to do. I don’t enjoy having a six-pack on top of my six-pack so I have to exercise or eat salads to rid myself of that unwanted gut.

If it’s hard then it’s another good thing. It is a. Top Picks. 7 Habits of Super-Healthy People; Exercises That Ease Joint Stiffness; 10 Common Running Injuries; Yoga: How It Works, Types, and More; further reading. Slideshow: Risky Exercises and.

These 5 excuses are propbably the most common excuses that people do say. I know I have said them myself. I think excuse 2 is a reasonable excuse not to exercise.

Gym memberships can be very pricey and if you use excuse 1 – not having any time as an excuse then you are paying for something you are not going to use.

List of related literature:

Again, the list was long: “I must exercise every day for at least half an hour.

“Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial” by Tony Robbins
from Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial
by Tony Robbins
Simon & Schuster, 2007

I’ve not only heard all these excuses, I’ve used most of them.

“Life's Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter” by Hal Urban
from Life’s Greatest Lessons: 20 Things That Matter
by Hal Urban
Touchstone, 2003

9) Do not sit down after exercising.

“The Wrestler's Body: Identity and Ideology in North India” by Joseph S. Alter
from The Wrestler’s Body: Identity and Ideology in North India
by Joseph S. Alter
University of California Press, 1992

These five exercises are by no means comprehensive.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

‘Exercise One’ is the best one.

“Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division” by Peter Hook
from Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division
by Peter Hook
Simon & Schuster UK, 2013

Examples of these items were as follows: “Does anyone [e.g., friends, roommates, family] ever tell you that you exercise too much?”

“The Social Psychology of Stigma” by Todd F. Heatherton
from The Social Psychology of Stigma
by Todd F. Heatherton
Guilford Publications, 2003

Number 10 deny this was ever a serious ‘transition exercise’.40

“Blair Unbound” by Peter Snowdon, Anthony Seldon
from Blair Unbound
by Peter Snowdon, Anthony Seldon
Simon & Schuster UK, 2008

The ‘no exercise’ rule is ridiculous.”

“Good Girl's Guide to County Jail for the Bad Girl in Us All: Your Guide to the Incarcer Nation” by Ellen Marie Francisco
from Good Girl’s Guide to County Jail for the Bad Girl in Us All: Your Guide to the Incarcer Nation
by Ellen Marie Francisco
FriesenPress, 2017

List three excuses for not exercising.

“Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs” by Darlene Mannix
from Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs
by Darlene Mannix
Wiley, 2009

1) No Moderate Exercise Sessions: Either toolittle, or too much, orway beyond what I plan todo, andwith noset schedule.

“The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging” by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
from The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging
by Arthur De Vany, Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Rodale Books, 2010

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  • I think everyone realizes that 1 pound of fat equals 1 pound of muscle… just an easier way for people to say “the density of muscle is more than fat”

  • Ok. So I’m 15, and I’ve been trying to get into working out. I can barely make it 4 min into the vid, I’ve decided that this will be what I work out to for now. My goal is to be able to make it through the whole video twice without braking down. I’ll keep you guys posted on how I do.

  • I usually do this in my room, alone. Today I have to watch my dog in the family room. He’s very cuddly and thinks everything, including leg lifts means cuddles.

  • The one time I tried it front raises totally f*cked up my elbows. Probably did something horribly wrong but I won’t do it again that’s for sure ��

  • Crunches gives you abs, but whether they are visible or not depends on your fat percentage.

    There are definitely bad exercises and good exercises, but it depends on what your goals are and for what purpose you need it. And really bad ones or even harmful exercises do exist: such as squatting with heavy weight on a fitness balance plate (oh, what could go wrong?).

    What kind of energy do you use with cardio? Calories!We aren’t plants that only needs sun light -_And fat is the most dense source of calories, so of course you will eventually burn it! You just have to make sure you’re not in a calorie surplus but in a (small) calorie deficiency state.

    And muscles weight more than fat (From what planet do you come from? You need a higher volume of fat in order to have the same weight as muscles. Therefore, muscles weight more than fat!

    About strength: although it’s true (especially as beginner) you don’t need aside your body weight extra weight to build strength, but soon you will hit the plateau. If you want to continue to build even more strength you need more weight or you are only going to build more endurance since you are probably going to hit even higher reps. Therefore, you need to some degree a (your own) gym! Real life is not just like the anime “One punch man”.

    Should I go on? lol

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  • Me reading comments before doing it: (thought ppl were just overreacting)


  • day 1: i gave up so many times and i felt soo discouraged. even tho i took a lot of breaks i kept going. it’s the noodle arms that kill me

  • does anyone know if this workout will cause the waist to grow? I want toned abs and ab definition but I do not want my waist to grow. Thanks!

  • Thank you Bob & Brad for sharing this video. My mother is suffering from cervical neuropathy and polyneuropathy in her foot. She always feel that when she is walking there is no sensation, a padded foot. She is above 75 Docs suggested for a cervical spine surgery first. Then, considering her age they told not to go for surgery because it won’t suit her. They recommended to do physical exercise. Can you please share some video regarding this. It would be a great help. Thanking you in advance.

  • These will be helpful. I’m 62 and had a bad fall 18 months ago, wracking both knees and hips. Squats have vastly improved my leg strength and tone; will add the others you show here.

  • A workout I dislike is the…. well when people go to the assited pull up machine, and push down on the assistance pad like they’re doing a tricep workout, or like… a standing pushup thing… I domt even know what you call it or what theyre focusing on working out. Back? triceps? Chest? There are so many better, more time effective exercises they could be doing instead.

  • for some reason my rear delts are well developed and the front are not so much. Even though as he said they work in other exercises

  • Day 1: i could barely get through the workout. the planking felt almost impossible.
    Day 2: had to do some alternative exercises just to get through. Wasn’t easy but getting there
    Day 3: had to break for a lil bit for some but planks were much easier than day 1. Pleasantly surprised.
    Day 4: slightest bit easier but still didn’t finish the workout. no visible change yet

  • hello to you out there!
    I have an important question fr me: I’ve been doing the same exercises for about 7 weeks now (about 8 videos that last 70 minutes in total) and don’t see any difference. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong… I skip breakfast and lunch, so I only eat for dinner that I cook myself and that is never more than 400 kcal! In addition, I regularly take laxatives! There are 2 apps on my cell phone which should help me not to overeat and to exercise regularly. I gi for a walk for 30 minutes every day, have school, judo twice a week and gym twice. This has been going on for 7 weeks and my stomach is still there! Does anybody know what I’m doing wrong? or do you have any tips? I could really use some support right now.

  • Meaning I am never going to build up a good body!!!! These videos are discouraging…one video says that is one says that is not, the other says it’s good, the other not good….. All these stupid so called trainers.

  • Waist: 32 inches
    Upper waist: 28 inches
    I did Chloe workout for 12 days, but was disappointed.
    Day 1: This workout literally killed me������ it’s too difficult and I could feel the burn. I also took break in between because getting difficult to do continuously.
    Day2: It was so difficult to do, I took so many break in btw. I completed the workout somehow
    Day 3: I did finally, I was sweating so badly. Today was bit easy, I only took 3 break in between.
    Day4: Completed. But I also had 3 chocolates and 1 burger ��
    Day 5: I did it, still it’s hard due to no break ��

  • According to my Apple Watch I burned 78 calories during this workout and 59 of which were active calories. I’m 5’0 and 103 lbs to give everyone an idea:)

  • I think I have to take another birth for six packs ������ as of now my weight is 112kg��, will any girl may like a obes boy on the basis of their character, behaviour, way of talking etc and not because of his six packs or should I Suicide as without a life partner I can’t live in this world alone and definitely this is not only for sex.

    But sometimes I think it’s better I didn’t have a partner as if she leave to heaven before me, I can’t handle that pain.
    A men is incomplete without a women. Its a men and women who complete God creations.

  • does anyone know how many calories this workout burns? (include height and weight pleaseeeee, just for reference, I am 116llbs and 5’2) THANK YOU SO MUCH

  • Anyone’s shoulders hurt more than their abs after this workout? And, would it kill her to let us know what we’re supposed to do next?

  • I’m not no fitness expert but the first myth literally sounds impossible because I know fat and muscle are different and if you don’t use muscle and it turns to fat then you will have no muscle and I never heard of that stuff happening to people so yea.

  • You guys are so enjoyable to watch! I always learn and laugh when watching. Keep up the great work. You’re both inspiring and fun!

  • Hello I have the greatest song to workout to. It will give you lots of energy. It will motivate you. Please check out my cardio song electric groove.

  • I find so funny that this video is 20:20 minutes long. Is like she knew everyone will be doing this during the 2020’s pandemic haha

  • In this link you will find ��‍��healthy recipes and ��‍♀easy and effective exercise routines to stimulate your whole body, each week the recipes will be different in order to help you GET IN SHAPE.

  • The other day I went to the gym (which has two squat racks) one person one doing bicep curls, the other was doing rack pulls. Which wouldn’t have been an issue if the barbell moved more then an inch or two when lifting. The fact that your using a squat rack for a lift that provides no ROM.

  • I saw someone else do this so thank you for this idea I’m going to be doing this for 14 days and by the way before this I haven’t worked out in a while
    Day 1: after trying multiple times stoped because started feeling sick hopefully day 2 will be better
    Day 2: did each workout for 20 seconds but finished workout and skipped out on a few workouts

  • Very good and informative video gentlemen. I’m 71 and have kept myself fit and strong for many years. If I could pass on some wisdom to others, it is to do some exercise such as demonstrated above. You will feel better and stronger and it may get you off medication and away from medicos. Try it, you’ve got nothing to lose and it may add active years to your life..!! It’s a real good investment..!! 😉

  • Hey people! Go support UNICEF to help donate supplies for the people from Lebanon. One prayer=One survivor. One donation=100 Help. Remember one little thing can make a difference. Pray for the people.

  • A lot of the things they said are quite funny and it’s easy to be a smartass (at least for me), but at the same time it was a very informative video:)

  • if anyone can give me a little bit of motivation while i do this for a week i will appreciate it and won’t give up. ty i’ll also try to give some updates like the other girl that did it under my comment xD

  • Thank you for this video! I’m only 54 but I work a very physical job and I ache all over. Low stress strengthening exercises are what I’m looking for.

  • Thank you both. I need to do all of these every day. For some reason I always think I am going to hurt more in the knees if I do. Will the pain ease up if I do them all every day.????

  • Мне 14, и вес 61 кг при росте 163. Смогу ли я скинуть 14 кг, если буду делать эти упражнения месяц? Они дольно интересные, ну и бы хотела узнать смогу ли похудеть?

  • FINALLY something especially for me!! Don’t worry, Brad. You were in every shot! Might mention next time contraindictations in case people have neck or back problems (from surgery or disc issues, etc.). Nicely explained and pretty well demonstrated. 😉

  • For myth 6 of the muscle weight more than fat he is basically just correctly the vocabulary not really the actual myth which is true

  • Hello everyone, when I do side plank I feel that the side of my body is kind of collapsing and causing me back pain. I probably don’t have enough muscles there even if I do other exercises without problems. Do you have some tips how to get stronger in that area? Thank you for comments

  • Some of this myths are confusing before but after I’ve actually done it, it makes sense.

    My fat is around 31% prior to the lockdown and after a few months it was down to 25%. It’s not easy since I can’t see any changes yet. But it was encouraging when people are saying ‘hey, you looked like you lose some weight’.

    At first my aim is to lose weight but after months of caloric deficit and workout, I feel healthier and that’s now my aim. To be healthier. The abs is a welcome bonus.

  • Wow!! It sure seems like a lot but im gonna be 60 next July and I totally need to exercise!! I suppose if I start off with a few at a time I can get use to exercise!! Man I love watching you guys!! If it wasn’t for your awesome personalities I probably wouldn’t watch you guys!! Your actually pretty funny sometimes too!! Thank you guys!! You are my inspiration!! P.S. in my world you both are the best Physical Therapist online!! Thank You so much for being here!!

  • SO…
    If a newbie doesn’t have the mobility to squat a** to grass squats and BTN Presses, then wouldn’t it be more effective to work on mobility and proper positions in the squat and BTN, first before moving to weight? Why do we have to completely avoid the squat and the BTN Press?

  • I love your videos. I’ve been working out for decades but as I near 60 years of age, I don’t want to stop working out but I realize I do have to tweak my routine a bit to prevent injury. How many reps and sets should I be doing? My orthopedic doc said it’s not necessary to do more than one set of about 16 reps with a challenging weight but still follow correct form. He said the gains you get from an additional set aren’t worth it especially if you are trying to work out in a 45 minute time period including cardio. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS AND REPS AND SETS? Thanks

  • My favorite exercises is the behind the back single arm bench with dumbbells on it deadlift standing on pull bars, I also attach a dip belt to it and put that on my neck and to increase the amount of weight I can use. If you try this PLEASE don’t bend you knees at all as it directs HIGH amounts of straining onto your hamstrings

  • Abs are made in the kitchen. I’m 54 and in better shape than this entire bunch. Cardio is over rated…..good advice bro and I’m with you. I disagree with the you don’t need weights but over all you guys give good advice. A breath of fresh air in this era. Cheers!!!

  • Buddy… I love seeing people.use machines in kookie ways. I go how the f… did u come up with that.
    ..that’s for the vids amigo
    .. respect from L.A.

  • Been told not to do any exercise on my arm as i have mushed rotator cuff and significant bicep tear. Any ideas other than fingers up wall?

  • Used to do 400 lb plus ass to grass squats for many years, now I have FAI and moderate arthritis on my left hip. Not worth it… a well performed 90 degree squat is good enough.. no reason to put your hips in an impinged situation.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration and knowledge with us! You have helped me in so many ways. I found you last year when recovering from a tibial plateau fracture (Biking accident while training for a sprint triathelon). These strength exercises are very similar to ones I’ve done for the past 5 years (I’m now 73 years old), and the doctors credit fitness level to my rapid healing. Consistency is key….do what you can do with what you have on any given day. Over time it will make a huge difference in how you feel and your quality of life.
    Wish me luck as I train for my second marathon….it will be slow, but the real goal is to finish with a smile and all parts intact!
    And yes, I have gotten back on that bike….��

  • I’m 55 and am looking to getting back into strength training. This is a perfect start for me!! Thank you! I talk about you guys all of the time!

  • Does this exercise make our abs look like a window? I wanna try the one week challenge of doing this 2 times a day but kinda skeptical about the results.

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  • Going to do this every day for two weeks. Will update everyday and share the results.

    Day 1: did this video two times and did the Alexis Ren 10 minute abs once
    Day 2: Did the same thing, but was very sore��
    Day 3: Did the usual
    Day 4: Definitely felt the burn today, but I pushed through. Did the same thing btw
    Day 5: Decided I should take a rest day today
    Day 6: Got back into it and did this video twice and one Alexis REN video. Am thinking that maybe I will start just doing did video twice and no Alexis Ren video after day 7
    Day 7: did the usual
    Day 8: only did this video twice, officially eliminating Alexis’s video from my routine
    Day 9: Did this twice
    Day 10: I did this video twice yet again

  • Abs are made in the kitchen but if you don’t exercise your abs, by doing crunches and abs exercises etc, you won’t have much definition.

  • Me drinking beer: hmmm yeah

    Honestly, I never really exercised in my life. I do not feel proud about it but I wish I could. My main reason why I do not is that I feel to conscious to people. I feel embarrassed doing the run in public and in gym I do not know what to do.

  • More people need to see this video and need to understand that depending on your goals is how you should train. Im training to be more explosive because I play volleyball and basketball but my height puts me at a disadvantage a lot so if i can get there quicker or get higher im gonna train to do it. Great video!!

  • As human beings, large gluteus maximi are what most distinguishes us physiologically from primates. They are what allow us to stand upright. In other words:

    To develop a bubble butt is the most human thing you can do for yourself.

  • I dropped 50lbs by running only, and no diet, if anything my diet got much worse when I exercised. I constantly ate and continued dropping weight

  • is noone gonna talk about how horrible that rowing form was? thats how the new guys row and wonder why they cant move the next day, smh…

  • fasted workouts to target fat? So does glycogen not exist? Your body always store like 2 days worth of fuel from the carbs you eat.

  • With hydrating, you can add pink salt to your water, also if you add some baking soda with it, they work well together to bring alkiline to the body. I drink alkiline water, also I blend a little of brócoli, a lot of spinich, together, plants are great way to hydrate the body as well. I wouldnt say over eat plants, or over eat fruit, or over eat anything. Every body needs balance, and you have to know what your body needs and how much, so some people require more food, some dont need as much, but at the same time. You need healthy fats, meat/protien, fruit, veggies, some nuts also are good, to give a healthy over all diet. But alkiline is the best way to bring balance to the body and health.
    I also add honey to my blended drink, Apple cider vinager, different powders, like protien powder, a little ginger, 2 different cinnimons.

    Also if your loosing weight do a 32 oz or 42 oz bottle or cup from a 7/11 and add ice, water, and lemon, but make sure your replenishing your iron, like with cilantro. Because it decresses the iron in the body.

    And apple cider vinager is not good for your teeth, and it thins the blood, so make sure not to over use, more than whats needed. It lowers sugur levels, and is great when loosing weight, and to also tighen the body, lots of people have good results. But at the same time be careful with everything you take.
    Thinning blood can lead to being anemia, anemic, its not good. So stay healthy. ����������

  • Don’t mind me..I’m only here to screen shot this. Watch the full video though

    1Hamstring curl
    2Lat pull in
    3Straight arm pull down
    4lateral shoulder cable raises
    5Baesian curl (( butchered the spelling ))
    6Single arm cable triceps extension
    7Cable cross over ( chest focused )
    8Standing Calf raises
    9Barbell shrugs
    10 Hip thrusts

  • I just wanna know how often yall did this and HOW are yalls lower abs? Im doing this twice a week and then the 15 min sixpack workout once a week, also adding the muffin top workout to every one of them, so 3 times a week in total

  • How does Pamella manage to finish the exhausting workout with picture perfect hair??! I literally look like a buffalo after my workout!! A hairy buffalo!! XX to Pamela btw i’m a girl o

  • 30″ Leg Left Circles
    30″ Reverse Crunch Variation
    30″ Leg Lift w/ criss cross movement
    30″ Cross Crunch w/ leg lift
    30″ Russian Twist
    30″ Leg Lift
    30″ Flutter Kicks
    30″ Toe Taps
    30″ Reverse Crunch Variation
    30″ Roll Ins
    30″ Bicycle Crunch
    30″ Side Plank pull left
    30″ Side Plank reach through left
    30″ Side Plank left
    30″ Side Plank pull right
    30″ Side Plank reach through right
    30″ Side Plank right
    30″ Plank
    30″ Plank back and forth
    30″ Cross-Spider Plank

  • I’m about 73, have been working out all my life, but recently incurred some injuries from doing so things in my classes.
    After watching you guys, I realize that some of the things being taught in our adult community are not good for our demographic.
    Now I have to heal, regroup, and build an exercise program for myself. Thanks for enlightening me! ������ RedPat

  • Jeff. Really like your channel. I’m in my mid-50s, and I was a competitive power lifter for 30 some odd years. I was successful and quite strong during my prime, 1500 lb. + total, so I have a very good sense of how to train for maximum power. I lifted in the AAU exclusively as it is a completely natural organization, I was in the military for 24 of the 30 years that I lifted competitively, so of course no drugs allowed, nor did I want to cheat to achieve my maximum potential as a power lifter.
    I did not really follow any strict diet plan, other than to eat foods in their natural state. As such I am generally lean and muscular from so much lifting heavy weight. But, I have never done any bodybuilding type training programs. I am anxious to do so but I want to focus on getting guidance from someone who has chosen to be a natural lifter, vice someone who is enhanced. It doesn’t make much sense to me to follow the program of someone who looks to have a very impressive physique, knowing that they are enhanced through artificial means.

    If you don’t mind me asking, are you all natural?

    I mean no disrespect if you are not. But I am looking for someone online who appeals to the natural way of life. If I can’t get where I want to be via good natural diet and hard work, I don’t want it. Thank you for your time.

    If you don’t mind me asking, are you

  • At myth number 6, I think most people mean “A given volume of muscle weighs more than the same volume of fat” when they say that muscles weigh more than fat at least I always understood it this way. They didn’t really “debunk” the myth imo but point to a sloppiness in speech

  • These people are stating a bunch of bullshit, I’ve been doing crunches long back, well honestly speaking, when I started of doing crunches in the beginning, my abs became more defined, and then I progressed it by increasing reps and sets, you’ll get clear abs in no time, i started of with crunches and have hardcore 6 packs, I only do calisthenics, from them I switched up to crunches + sit ups + planks + hanging leg raise etc, and my abs became tight and defined, could be because I’m pretty lean as well, but generally speaking, you will get abs, you just have to keep doing it and increase reps and sets each day, evens if it’s just +1, it’ll show great improvement and do more of other ab workout, for me over all, best ab workout would bePush ups, crunches, sit ups, Russian twist, reverse crunches and hanging leg raise. These are enough for you to get them proper tight hardcore abs. But you have to stick to it. I studied in a military school so, I couldn’t depend on weights and stuck to it, oh I love doing pull ups as well, which will help you’re traps chest, bicep and back. For some or professional trainers they might find this “wrong” or something, but it worked out pretty well for me. Also whenever you’re free start doing you’re workout and it’s not the time that counts, it’s how many you do.

  • If you want to get slim thighs then I recommend Emi Wong. If you want to get a flat stomach I recommend Lily Sabri and Chloe Ting. If you want abs then use Pamela Reif or Alexis Ren. In my opinion everyone says that Chloe Ting has amazing benefits, well when I did it I only started seeing results if I did it 2 times a day and after 3 weeks but then the abs went away. And now I have been doing Pamela Reif and Alexis Ren each once a day I have defined abs. And if I take a break they dont go away.:)

  • Loved the push ups on the counter, I put my breakfast on the counter and take a mouthful every time I dip. 2 birds with 1 stone��

  • While I commend anyone who builds a good physice, guys don’t go overboard with tight shirts and wife beaters it looks really gay!
    edit: unless you’re in fact gay. Nothing wrong with that if you’re trying to score some dick

  • i cried twice doing this LMAO but im proud of myself for the side planks bc i kept my balance which is really hard for me and i did the whole thing!

  • Good group of exercises and logical reasons. I do like the BNP myself, but what you say is true, and I don’t see it as a beginner’s exercise.

    Also Jeff Nipps: *Chooses some of the most popular workouts just to be different

  • 1 pound of anything weighs the same as a pound of anything else. thats just basic. i think what theyre tryna say in myth 6 is that 1 cubic inch of muscle weighs more than a cubic inch of fat. or a comparison like that

  • inspired by Kwan Zoe, I will write my own experience too! I am a 15 year old female who weighs about 120 pounds. I don’t really keep up with my diet, nor do I eat THAT healthy, but I want to change that. But, I do exercise regularly!:D

    day 1: I took 5 to 10 second breaks after every exercise, but most of the time, I would have to stop during the exercise to catch my breath. Also this is off topic but, it’s very important to keep a bottled water with you, stay hydrated folks!:3

    day 2: I actually withheld my workout for a day or two because online school was starting, but today I was actually looking forward to it because I felt like a dumpling, after each exercise I STILL took lots of breaks. I’m still struggling a lot tho����

  • I’ve met people with ten times the strength of a buffed dude that goes to gym every day and were stick-skinny, genetics or some secret technique?

  • Good for you Bob, you beat a 73 year old when you were 39…Way to GO CHAMP!
    Love the videos, showing this one to my mother.
    God Bless!

  • Given your job, you two both know very well that older people can be incredibly fit and young people can have conditions that have seriously compromised their fitness and stamina. This clickbait caption is insulting.

    I’m really glad the physical therapists I’ve worked with seem to be more capable of recognizing the limitations many people face in regaining their mobility and strength. People are going to get hurt trying to do the things you suggest. And you shouldn’t be flaring out your ribcage while doing the shoulderblade exercise. You should engage your upper abs instead.

  • Video: Don’t drink sports drinks after workouts
    Me: okay so I drink water
    Video: Don’t drink water either
    Me: what am I supposed to drink then
    Video: AdD SuM pInk HiMaLeAN SeA SalT to the water


  • Thanks for this and so many more of your videos. I think you are super cool. I use several of you techniques…knee…hips especially and definitely consistency is important…I have experienced good results…Tai Chi and excercise….its like turning back time! Thanks again!

  • Hip thrusts (aka “glute bridges”) work best with mind-muscle connection: Push with your glutes, don’t pull with your abs. Make your abs go limp and force the glutes to do the work.

  • Well I’m feeling like I’m on track.. because I always do my compound stuff first and then go to isolation movements.. I pretty much do all the isolation movements mentioned except the hip thrust. Will try it one day lol

  • my dad: *does this everyday
    Me thinking its easy and joins in
    1 ᴍɪɴᴜᴛᴇs ʟᴀᴛᴇʀ
    Me: dad, i never signed up for this, imma take a 1 min break ok?
    *graduates from Stanford
    me: K! I’m back so lets finish the workout!

  • As a PT in my area, what I have found is that when teaching the deep squats if the client has trouble with keeping the hips from rotating (as showed in the video 4:34 ) then you can place really thing small weights underneeth the heels and it seems to do the trick

  • I’ll have to disagree with the rackpull portion. I think rackpulls below the knee have better carryover into a deadlift because the slack is already pulled out, which is typically the case at the elevation in which you’re puling from.

  • I loved the video.
    1. Very informative
    2. Very clear
    3. Very respectful(ppl are very easily offended nowadays)
    4. Provided other safer/better options
    5. To the point(no unnecessary stretching of the video)
    Thank you, I truly appreciate the hard work!

  • I’ve never seen half of these done irl by anybody, you’re just nitpicking. And “T bar rows with bad form” isn’t a a bad exercise, its someone doing a good exercise with bad form…

  • Well, I partially disagree with the “muscle weighs more than fat” thing, because when people refer to this, they are implying density. It is quite obvious that a pound of bricks is as heavy as a pound of feathers.

  • myth 16 is most important for beginners. 30 day programs are complete bs. 30 days and you’re blood is flowing (you can push yourself and your winning against bad habits) 6 weeks and you will notice. 2 months you’ll get comments.

  • I’ve been a self employed personal trainer for 25 years. This is by far the best fitness channel on YouTube. Keep up the good work! ��

  • I agree with most of these. But the landmine row!? Why you gotta do that! JK. Love the reasons you gave for these exercises. These are all things I see everyday in the gym and just shake my head and walk away. Nice video!

  • Me 13 years watching and thinking to do this exercise I am very excited to start this from today and after 1 month I will share results ����
    Day 1: some exercise are difficult to do but after all I done it between first two exercise itale break but after that I done all exercise ����

  • “It’s not like when I eat a cheeseburger it’s going to go right to my right hip.”

    Me, with cellulite only on my thighs: interesting

  • Good exercises for everyone! Thanks for your dedication in doing these videos guys! Your making a pain free world for a lot of people!! Well done!

  • Jeff, rack pulls are really good for your lower back and quite effective! And quite frankly, your excuses not to do it is not valid, sorry mate….but I’m totally agree with other ones!

  • I feel like such a pro watching this and seeing I don’t do any of these. I even do the alternative exercises that you mention.
    I suppose I’m not a beginner, either. But it’s nice to get some positive reinforcement.

  • so Myth 2 is Not Really Wrong

    3 is wrong for a type of stretching
    4 is just right, not gonna argue
    5 is true too, not loosing weight doesnt mean you arent burning fat
    6 true also, Bc “weights more” means the same volume of it weights more, not one kg of something weights more.
    7 is true if your goal is loosing weight bc you are overweight

    8 is the one thats wrong bc its not easier for woman to build up muscle
    9 is a myth too

    10 is true but you gotta know no work out is enough if your diet is a mess
    11 only sometimes, you gotta know yourself

    12 wtf, who would believe that. Do you know what hydration means

    Dont know much about 13

    14 again wtf… who even believes this

    15 Kinda true…
    16 Kinda true but huge is a relative term so probably not what you’d expect
    17 is true too but its personal like good for You bc of what you want and how your body is

  • The only one on this list I do is the curls in the squat rack and I do them really for a warm up on arm day. Since im a 30 year vet of the gym i never monopolize the squat rack for this. Most gyms I go to have 4 or more racks and if no one is on it I will use it. If I cant then I use the bench press or just a bar on the floor. I prefer squat racks or a bench press rack because im 6’5” and dont like bending all the way down to pick up the weight for a warm up.
    The other mess on the list I see people doing it and its just overkill. A shoulder press on a hack squat machine. Man just get some dumbells or a smith machine. The T bar is the other one I used to do in the past but I always used light weight and small weights like 25’s instead of 45’s because I noticed with 45’s i couldnt get a full range of motion because the weights were hitting my chest and floor without much room for a nice stretch. I dont do this exercise anymore,but when I did I used 25’s.

  • If im paying for å gym membership, I can do whatever I want as long as I dont damage equipment and such. If I choose to curl in the squat rack than so be it. When one has advanced in strength, its way more easy to switch plates when the bar is on the rack than doing it from the flor or a preacher curl stand. If im using the rack to curl, so what? its just a gym equipment. Why should I think of others needs when im there to work on my physique?

    I give more props to those that have earned the strength and size by working hard and curling on the squat rack, rather than the modern gym folks that hog the squat rack for 1 houre, doing 50 sets of glutes, deadlifts, and press movements while looking the same all year…

  • A lot of what theyre saying isn’t going against how the “myths” are interpretted just how theyre worded. For example the “muscle weighs more than fat” one is so ridiculous and a stretch. He says one is more dense but the less dense one doesnt weigh lesss… but thats kinda how wieght works density = mass / volume, so alternatively, mass (what shows up on your scale) = density * volume, if you take the same volume of muscle and fat, the muscle will have a larger mass than the fat. This man essentially says muscle doesnt weigh more that fat, its just that fat weighs more than muscle. Per square inch muscle literally weighs more than fat. This video isnt very good

  • Hey guys, I’m new to working out, and I had a few questions (sorry if they sound silly ��). 1—What type of exercise is this? ( strength, endurance, etc) 2—is it possible to loose weight with Pamelas workout plans? if so, around how much? Thank you in advance if you’ve answered:)) I can’t seem to find it online

  • I use basu ball squats to increase balance and stability in my lower body. I especially did them during recover after a broken leg

  • Muscle is definitely heavier than fat. When people say that, it means that for the same volume muscle will be heavier than fat due to its density. Trying to get technical about the wording is idiotic.

  • Don’t curl in the squat rack I feel as long as the weight your curling exceeds any fixed weight barbells and if you can do a plate your good, as long as the gym isn’t busy. Also if your doing super setting with some heavy barbell rows, FREE GAME.

  • Front raises are important for bench press. It’s the basic. I always had a big lower chest but small shoulders (looked a little bit like man tits ^^ even tho my lower chest was muscular) I benched 70 kg 5 times one year ago. Then I fokussed on my shoulders and did a lot of front raises. Now I can bench 90 kg x 5. (1,94 m 95kg)

  • Thank you for this video! Clear and concise!!! refreshing lack of back and forth banter sorry guys…that does get tiresome! You provide a great service Thank you both⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Fun fact: deep squat (ass to grass) actually helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles (look it up!). So as a woman, no, I will not stop doing this exercise.

  • The behind the neck pull down doesn’t even make your humorous line up with your lat fibers well so why the fuck would it be more lat anyways? It should primarily be a upper back movement. Why the hell does anyone need a study to tell you that it gets less than a pulldown to the front. The whole leaving back vs a torso at 90 degrees vs leaning forward shouldn’t even need to be done.. what the fuck. You can do that study and I do that study and get the exact opposite responses just by me adjusting grips, humerus paths, how the scapula moves through the ROM. Yes, no matter what I do, a lying incline pulldown to the front (everything positioned right) will be superior to my well positioned one while leaning back but I could also make a lat pulldown leaning back better than someone else’s lat pulldown at 90 degrees.

  • This makes me think of the guy who did push ups every single day for a year. Never mind that exercising only your frontal muscles can be very dangerous for posture and health. But weight training does not build muscles. That should be the myth. Weight training damages your muscles and your body responds by repairing them and incrementally building more than where they started. So adequate rest is just as important as proper training.

  • Brilliant video. Science is true whether you believe in it or not. I’ve been told my whole life that all my muscle will eventually turn into fat.�� If you go outside with wet hair you’ll catch a cold. ������������

  • I lift 140kg(308lbs= in parallel squats, is it okay? Someone said i dont need to do lift that heavy weight on Smith machine as it can be bad for my knees but it gives me great Quad activation and my posture is good. Anyone??

  • I did this for the first time today. About 4 days ago, I finished a Chloe Ting 5 week program, so I feel pretty fit. I did this whole video and was surprised to get no break times! but I did the whole thing and stopped when there was 15 secs left if I was too tired. I really like this

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  • Day1: ✅ ( 15min HIIT + this vid )
    Day2: ✅ ( as Day1 )
    Day3: ✅ ( 15min HIIT + this vid + 12min lower body + Chloe’s 11line )
    Day4: ✅ ( 15min HIIT + this vid + 10min Arms and Core + Chloe’s 11line )
    Day5: active rest
    Day6: ✅ ( 15min HIIT + this vid + 12min lower body )
    Day7: ✅ ( 15min HIIT + this vid + 10min arms and core + Chloe’s 11line )
    Day8: ( 15min HIIT + this vid + 12min lower body )

    I’ll do { Alexis’ ABS + Chloe’s 30day flat belly + Pamela’s 7min plank challenge + lower ABS + ‘ _10cm ‘ smaller butt + 10min lower body to lose 10Kg } straight with this schedule ( I’ll also do another workouts but not daily )

  • At the moment we have one straight barbell in my gym and one guy keeps doing rackpulls to destroy even the last one. It’s not the heavy deadlift or squat that bends the bar unless ist well above 300 kg. It’s the weight dropping on the safety bars.

  • Me and my brother did this and he was like OMG how I was laughing so much! �� This was also my first time not stopping! I’m getting abs! You can see the 2 lines there 4 small packs coming in yay! Thanks Pamela!

  • Question: I used to take aerobic classes and we always started with ‘warm-ups’, which was a way to get your blood and heart starting to pump and “warm up those muscles”, the teacher always said. Would you recommend warming up before starting these exercises or can one start out with these exercises without ‘warm-up’ exercising?

  • Activation studies disregard the fact though that you can load more weight with a compound. For instance chest flies activate great, but you can’t get as much load on them as a heavy dips or bench.