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The Power of Connection

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The Power of Connected Training The Power of Connected Training Heart rate training is not just for serious athletes. Anyone — at any level — can benefit from tracking. The Power of Connected Training. by Sarah Sung. October 31, 2016. 0 Comments.

Heart rate training is not just for serious athletes. Anyone — at any level — can benefit from tracking. The Power of Connection offers practices that encourage us to be willing to have challenging or difficult conversations that we might be anxious about or want to avoid. We learn how to differentiate between what our mind is predicting will happen a future state that we can’t know in the present and what is really true about the situation. As connected learners develop, they access varied programs, communities and opportunities.

In order to support diverse learner pathways, organizations and caring adults can form partnerships, broker connections across settings, and share on openly networked platforms and portfolios. The power of connection. Oct 27 2017.

Katie Ward (MEd ‘11) believes in the power of connecting with students. For Ward and her students at Sequim High School’s Hope Academy, building trust and practicing emotional honesty is the foundation for creating deeper relationships and for giving young people who’ve struggled in traditional classrooms an opportunity to find their path through high. Parent Training Overview. Empowered to Connect (ETC) Parent/Caregiver Training is an interactive learning experience designed for parents and caregivers specifically those whose children have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), toxic stress, and maltreatment.

We fundamentally believe that every human being has great capacity to grow and overcome adversity when that journey. Receive economical, high-value training to become a NextGen Connect power user—from the comfort and safety of your own home. NextGen Connect Virtual Fundamentals Course.

The four-day course consists of six hours of training each day. You’ll grasp of the power of. Communicating Power of One Concepts By Penny Reynolds. It’s important to educate and regularly remind frontline staff about the important role they play simply by being in place and on time.

Their impact on service, occupancy, and cost should be communicated early in the cycle of training and then again with regular, ongoing reminders. Connection Training is a collaboration of mother-daughter team, Rachel Bedingfield and Hannah Weston. Rachel brings the science and theory and Hannah brings the real-world practice!

Together, they are a great team, combining a firm base of knowledge and understanding with step-by-step exercises and techniques you can use with your horse. Connect with the Power of your Soul to heal, grow, manifest and prosper. Training in Power™ Academy’s meditation and healing courses engage the active mind, with profound results.

Connect with the power of the Universe and find out how Unlimited you are.

List of related literature:

It is essential that patients understand that training a new strategy is not related to approaches they may have been exposed to in community gym settings that are about strength, power, or endurance of muscles.

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The EnhanceFitness program provides training workshops for professionals, which include program protocols, leading classes, performing fitness assessments, and how to collect data during the program (Belza & PRC-HAN Physical Activity Conference Planning Workshop, 2007).

“Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation” by Terry Long, Terry Robertson
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Whether that training involves literacy and technical abilities or increased ESP and psychic strength, free people will always make better progress.

“You Are Psychic!: The Free Soul Method” by Pete A. Sanders
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To talk about training a power, mental or physical, in general, apart from the subject matter involved in its exercise, is nonsense.

“Democracy And Education” by John Dewey
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• Both trainers and trainees may have equal power to control the learning pace.

“Software Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications” by Tiako, Pierre F.
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It is important to remember that an inverse relationship exists between volume (amount of training) and intensity (how hard the training is).

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In a graduate course on systems taught by one of the authors, an imagery exercise is conducted on the concept of power (Krejci, 1997).

“Advanced Practice Nursing: Core Concepts for Professional Role Development” by Dr. Michalene Jansen, PhD, RN,C, GNP-BC, NP-C, Dr. Mary Zwygart-Stauffacher, PhD, RN, GNP/GC
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In the third training step, we focus on learning the hallucination network from the teacher model, i.e., the depth stream network just trained.

“Computer Vision – ECCV 2018: 15th European Conference, Munich, Germany, September 8-14, 2018, Proceedings, Part VIII” by Vittorio Ferrari, Martial Hebert, Cristian Sminchisescu, Yair Weiss
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If she has not maintained the level of performance of the session, the quality of the training session will not be optimal.

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There is a definite number of powers to be trained, as one might enumerate the kinds of strokes which a golfer has to master.

“Democracy and Education: Top American Authors” by John Dewey
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  • Throughout the video we see clips of Ollie riding his red/black Orbea but if you look closely, at 20:24 there’s a shot of Hank riding a red/black Dogma. This clip just so happens to come after a cheeky comment about how everyone will be so excited to hear all about your 5 watt gain. Very subtle keep up the good work mates!

  • Really enjoyed being annoyed by loads of intrusive ads especially the weight loss one featuring people who look as though they’d actually put on 10 times more weight than they’re claiming to have lost maybe it’s pitched at the US.:-) Difficult to follow the video because of the interruptions.

  • Hi, Edureka!
    Thoroughly explained the concepts and very easy to understand, thanks for uploading this course video!! could you please share the datasets for practice.

  • 3phase is my bread and butter and I have been fascinated with these strange anomalies since I had this exact issue happen to me on a 3 phase board. I first noticed voltage between neutral and earth around 4v when I came to isolate a lightning circuit via mcb to replace a fitting. So I switched the main switch off voltage in neutral disappeared, carried out my work switched everything back on and went to check if the voltage in the neutral was still present.

    On my walk back to my work area I noticed a few LED flood lights were on even with the light switch off and the other lights on the same circuit were also off, this only effected the led ones.

    Retested the neutral this time was getting 200v+ to earth. Found the neutral pole high resistance on the main switch. Causing the neutral to become live and also I’m under the belief that as the neutral was now live the led drivers powered up using the electronic reference to ground to complete the circuit these led floods needed an input of 80v+ to work. The neutral bar had become the star point for all the phases within the db and all 1ph circuits had now become 2ph.

  • 3 phase dont need neutral,as long has its wired star or delta with balanced loads.I work on commercial ovens no connections tion to neutral…mmm no neutral I’m sure all will be explained future Joe videos.Great videos Joe ����

  • I need to learn tableau for a new project at work, and must say I am finding it very helpful based on how much of this video I have seen so far. Thank you for the amazing training!

  • Very profound…Those neurons Hedy talks about the capacity to forgive, feel compassion, etc. actually come from the heart. Science finally is proving what the eastern philosophies knew all along the heart controls the brain, not the other way around:)

  • Hello Guys…

    The overall video was so nice and taught each and every steps clearly with utmost professional.

    A big THANK YOU to all..

    [email protected] is my email address and it will be very helpful if you can share with me the details or data set for my ups killing.

  • Hedy, you are a blessing to this world. I’ve had the privilege of meeting this beautiful and amazing woman (and her wonderful husband Yumi) and still have so much to learn from her!

  • Prick 1: for assuming everyone can just afford to swap out a perfectly good Dura Ace crank for another (we don’t all get stuff given). Prick 2: GCN spends a lot of time preaching sanctimoniously at their audience and there you are, riding down the middle of the road needlessly and blocking the white car behind and creating needless ill-will from drivers.

  • Thanks for the video, it is so beautifully explained. Could you please send me the link to download datasets for practice, thank you.

  • Got a question on the topic? Please share it in the comment section below and our experts will answer it for you. For Edureka Tableau Certification Training Curriculum, Visit our Website: Use code “YOUTUBE20” to get Flat 20% off on this training. Below is the video timestamp:
    2:27 Introduction to Tableau & Data Visualization

    2:39 What is Data Visualization?

    3:37 Power of Data Visualization

    5:09 Scope of Visual Analytics

    6:28 Data Visualization

    7:16 Why Tableau?

    9:11 What is Tableau?

    10:25 Tableau Architecture

    13:33 Tableau Desktop Installation

    14:31 Tableau UI Connections

    15:24 Tableau Datatypes

    16:59 Tableau Desktop UI

    18:09 Tableau UI Dimensions & Measures

    19:52 Tableau UI Show me

    25:14 Functions in Tableau

    25:22 Join & Union

    25:56 Sort

    26:19 Set

    26:36 Forecasting

    27:19 Highlighting

    27:44 Device Designer

    28:26 Visual Analysis

    33:55 Components of Tableau

    34:05 Tableau Product Family

    36:59 Pros of Tableau

    39:07 How to use Tableau

    39:12 Connecting to Data

    42:02 Joins

    43:42 Show me the Data

    44:38 Filters

    46:59 Hierarchies

    48:10 Groups

    48:56 Sets

    49:22 Data Types

    51:57 Tableau Success

    53:02 Demo US Crime Dataset

    1:02:58 Charts & Graphs

    1:03:37 Generated Fields

    1:09:16 Building Charts in Tableau

    1:09:29 Bar Chart

    1:11:14 Pareto Chart

    1:14:39 Bullet Chart

    1:16:56 Text Chart

    1:17:35 Heat Map

    1:18:40 Waterfall Chart

    1:20:37 Gantt Chart

    1:22:28 Pie Chart

    1:23:09 Scatter Plot

    1:24:11 Area Chart

    1:24:48 Dual Axis Chart

    1:25:43 Bubble Chart

    1:26:08 Histogram

    1:27:03 Features of Tableau

    1:30 Dashboarding in Tableau

    1:30:35 Use Case: Indian Premier League

    2:11:43 Functions

    2:12:41 Number Functions

    2:36:55 String Functions

    2:49:09 Date Functions

    2:57:59 Type Conversion Functions

    3:02:17 Aggregate Functions

    3:08:12 Logical Functions

    3:15:38 Level of Details

    3:16:58 Introduction to LOD

    3:18:29 Types of LOD

    3:18:44 Working of LOD Expressions

    3:21:44 Include Calculation

    3:22:18 Exclude Calculation

    3:22:46 Fixed Calculation

    3:23:51 Aggregation & Level of Detail

    3:26:46 Nesting in Level of Details

    3:27:45 Data Sources Supported by LOD

    3:27:57 How to create Level of Detail Expressions

    3:33:35 Limitations of Level of Detail

    3:35:20 Parameters

    3:36:31 What are Parameters in Tableau?

    3:38:46 Getting Started on the Desktop

    3:41:25 Creating a parameter in Tableau

    3:43:19 Using the parameter in a calculation

    3:45:32 Parameter Control in Tableau

    3:46:54 Using Parameters in your Visualization

    3:49:47 Data Blending

    3:50:55 Objective of Data Blending

    3:53:36 Introduction to Data Blending in Tableau

    3:53:53 Joining vs Blending in Tableau

    3:54:03 Data Joining

    3:54:47 Data Blending

    3:59:52 Limitations of Data Blending

    4:01:22 How to become a Tableau Developer

    4:02:37 Who is a Tableau Developer?

    4:04:58 Tableau Developer Roles & Responsibilities

    4:08:12 Skills Required to become a Data Scientist

    4:10:25 Tableau Training @ Edureka

    4:12:33 Tableau Interview Questions

  • Excellent video. Really well explained, thank you. I may be an ageing leisure cyclist, but I am off to look at power meters to work out my numbers and get better!

  • Power meters and radios have ruined cycling, riders don’t know how to read a race anymore, they just look at and listen for data. If you like this type of racing then you probably enjoy virtual events.

  • I think most of this we already instinctively know as she points out and the most striking line of her talk was regarding that it takes courage to let go. I guess we build walls and become ingrained in norms of behaviour through culture for some reason. So breaking down these is really difficult after decades of building them.

  • three phase load when neutral is disconnected, voltage may go up, the reasone is the electric circuit closes throw the load and on to the other pahse, the load become in line with the other load.
    more easy to look on a skatch and the to understand….

  • Yes, by all means, talk about your power numbers. Then watch as your friends put those numbers to the test by trying to ride away from you as quickly as possible. Makes for some great interval training.

  • Some times loads of the 3 phase may not exactly have be equal but what should be maximum difference load between the phases required in order to say that phases are balancing

  • “With all the technological advancements and support, depression has actually increased” this quote hit me like a ton of bricks! And this quote is now more relevant than ever with social distancing as loneliness will increase even more now! But I am finding myself connecting even more online now through Skype, zoom, etc and watching much more YouTube videos of inspiration (like this one) that’s helping me cope with social distancing and quarantine. Maybe you guys could share what it is that you are doing that’s helping you cope through this time?
    The only way out is through!!
    PS Thanks Brendan for sharing this clip from HPX Live! Coming to your event is definitely on my bucket list!!!

  • The training was clear and detailed. A lot of information was covered. She made the approach easy to follow.I was very impressed with your teaching methods and presentation. Edureka is the best!Thank you.
    May I please get the dataset.. So I can practice on my own.

  • This video is brillaint, I have now just started my course and I have been finding your collection of videos to be an amazing resource. You’re a natural gifted teacher, please keep them coming!

  • Watching this video, a few million of my neural-pathways were just re-wired to love life with new eyes again. Thank you Hedy for creating that love and appreciation for life and each other all over the world. I agree with camixxx about 2012, but I think the way you are talking you does not need to wait for then you are already creating peace all over the world. You do it for me and many people around me in South Africa. Kobus

  • Very timely. Just started using my Faveros just a day ago. I’m lovin’ it and indeed very useful especially for someone like me who goes to work by bike.

  • You may not have to be a Pro to own a Power Meter,…………………but Winning the Lottery may Help you to own one, you seen the Price of them.


  • bought a powermeter in april, after a week into riding. gained 50 FTP since then, killing it outdoor. without the powermeter, i would have no clue how to ride to be honest.just riding and not knowing what’s i’m doing is quite bad

  • My dear friend Marushka Glissen just sent this video to me and I can’t thank her enough.  The message that Hedy Schliefer sends resonated with me because of my work with a very special woman and I will change my approach and “cross the bridge” when I see her on my next visit.  Thank you for a talk that I will never forget.  Roberta Chadis

  • Interesting that you cite that power meters are more accurate than HR in terms of cals burnt but how does a power meter take into account the weight of the rider that the HR would account for?

  • GCN, I realize cycling is an international sport, and obviously there’s not discrimination against people of other nations or for the language they speak. But you guys have been absolutely silent during this BLM matter movement and it is concerning. Many cycling companies including Strava have spoken up about how they’re not doing enough for the BLM movement. Why have you guys chosen to stay silent? Why did it take years for Hambini to be the first POC in your show? Why have you refused to speak up?

  • I liked the video very much��������however you didn’t get into detail where to get one and what kinds of meters and options one may have��

  • It’s awesome to see Hedy at Ted. I recently met Hedy and Yumi at one of their couples workshops and they truly are special people. I can only hope more people experience, and learn, how to truly connect with one another. I also hope that they reach their November 11th 2012 goal. If they succeed I definitely plan on being there.

  • lovely tutorial.. it would be great if you can share the data sheet so i can practice nd follow along.. i hav seen your other videos too.. you guys are doing a commendable job..

  • Our admin sent us here to watch this however all our class sizes are too big to make really good connections with all the students. Also admin does little to support the teachers with disruptive students, or the students that assault other students and even teachers.

  • Too expensive I’m afraid, need to come down in price before I will take a look.For those of you racing and trying to get the best yes go for it, but the average user, just ride your bike guys n gals n enjoy it.


  • hah. check this out. Quite a coincedence This lady definitely plagiarized.

    Do a google search for The Biological Basis of Relational Presence
    By Lee Glickstein

  • okaayy.. so you can sum up this entire presentation with:

    Having problems in a relationship? here’s what you need to do:
    1) Relax
    2) Forget for a moment your anger and options
    3) Empathize with the other by trying to think what he/she are going through.
    4) spiritual mumbo jumbo. Brain adapts to relationships. Problem solved.

    That’s it. That’s the entire presentation in 4 sentences.

    That’s 19 minutes in my life I’ll never get back.
    Thanks a lot.

    Now without cynicism, I have no problem with the message or the messenger but I have very little patience for such presentations, I’m here because my wife made me.

  • The “lost neutral phenomenon”… How about swapping 3x lamps for 3x pc’s or similar electronic devices?? I can smell the burnt fishy smell from here!! When is part 2 coming up?��

  • Learning should be joyful experience. Without connection you can’t involve students in learning process. Let’s prepare our students to face 21st century chaleges.

  • Feeling a deep connection is important for people. It’s hard for a lot of people to feel human connections in this digital and social media age.
    I have a similar YouTube Channel where we teach marketing strategies to entrepreneurs trying to grow their businesses. I welcome any and all comments and feedback, don’t hesitate to subscribe. I’m trying to post at least one video every day.

  • la nostra relazione vive nello spazio e questo spazio è sacro se vissuto nel quì e ora nella nostra essenza di esseri umani, è lo spazio che l’oriente indica come spazio meditativo. E’ uno spazio che appartiene all’individuo in quanto tale, la trasposizione a entità non individuali come stati o nazioni non è possibile, l’uno e il tutto, dalla altra parte del ponte c’è l’ umanità, altro non ci può essere.

  • My oldest son passed away when he was 2. My way of staying connected to him is connecting to others by sharing what his life (and death) taught me. Death does not end our connection to those we love who have gone on. This is such an important reminder. And Oh my gosh. We always fight on vacations. LOL.

  • I watched the videos in reverse order. In the second video, with the same load
    on L1 and L2 the neutral has a current reading. MEANING it was needed to
    BALANCE the load of TWO PHASES being used. In this video with same setup
    L1 and L2 light on, the neutral was not needed and the two lights stayed on?

  • ENCOUNTER… within the sacred space… of human essence to human essence.

    Beyond right thinking & beyond wrong thinking
    there is a field.I will meet you there. Rumi

    YES, Hedi, this is exactly what I strive to live, too. It is so good to have us remind of what the essence of life is like. Thank you for having made it possible through this talk to meet you.

    With love and gratitude and in awe.
    Yours, Claudia
    photos with a message

  • Oh come on! talking about powermeters and only mentioning one product which in reality costs more than a fully budget level bike not cool cool. with such price tag, this is not even a consideration for most of the amature cyclists…

  • Separately, some tips on how to ride to set power would be great. 1s or 3s average, what screens to set up, how best to hold a certain power, etc.

  • Wait! on puling neutral, L3 got brighter and L1 got weaker, L2 seemed to stay the same, if that was a “yes” Joe, no doubt future videos will explain?

    Ah as per your last few seconds comments I see you will address it:)

  • It would be interesting to do this kind of video with a cheaper power meter, most of the people that use this top-end gear already know how it works and how to train, this crank set/powermeter combo alone cost more than what the average ful bike setup do.

  • are you going to add these particular videos to a play list, “three phase mystery” video series?? would be helpful instead of having to search for them which is sometimes a pain. GSH put his lighting and testing in a play which made it a lot more useful, a more complete lesson.

  • Hi Ollie, you may want to check that formula on screen. You take the measured KJ and convert to Kilocalories by dividing by 4.2 divide by efficiency (not multiply) to gross up to actual work done by the body. Sorry the mathematician in me couldn’t bear to see that and not comment

  • After many, many years of happily riding without a PM I finally kinda fell into one on a new bike and I have to say I am surprised how much I like using it to guide my efforts. I suppose most cyclists are data hounds on some level right? I mean, I am no where near the athlete I used to be, but it is still fun to apply some of the modern training logic that is so much more available out there and understandable than in years gone by when it was all mysterious whispers and secrets…

  • wauw!! tears of happines, goosbumps for feeling a live
    Verder dan het juiste denken, verder dan het verkeerd denken, daar is een veld✨ ik zal je daar Ontmoeten

  • Hedy, you are a miracle. I feel so privileged to have had you as my therapist for many years. I thank you because without you I would not be who I am today and for living in the present. You are my miracle and I think of you and use the tools you left me daily. I love you always.

  • Great intro to power meters. Yes, please do another video on how to choose one according to your needs, budget etc. Thanks Ollie

  • Words…and more words put together to make a phrase. And what is a word? It is a sequence of sound put together and create…a word….People give a meaning to this sequence of sounds that make a word or a series of words. Some people decide that something profound is being said…some people decide that fluff is been said. In this case i am on the fluff camp.

  • I would like to appreciate your effort in presenting such a wonderful lecture. An in-depth analysis of each section of Tableau makes the video interesting, undoubtedly easier to understand. Can you please share the datasets for practicing?

  • I was about to refer to the specifics of power while seated or standing & then tight at 14:50 of the video you addressed the topic head on. Well done mate ✔️

  • Excellent video contents Joe, would you please be able to do more coverage on three phase supplies, covering star & delta connected loads, balanced & unbalanced systems, the reason for the neutral conductor, would it also be possible to cover more on delta connected loads, the differences between line & phase currents, with the line current being less than phase current, I understand this on loads connected in star, or is this just same but the other way around if makes scene. As other have said there defiantly not enough covered on three phase supplies, with everything aimed at single phase supplies, even when at college there no real coverage on the subject.

  • Powermeters are great for keeping you in check at the start of really long rides and for showing you the error of your ways. In one 400km ride, I couldn’t figure out why I was so stuffed until i looked at the data afterwards and saw that getting out of the saddle to keep the speed going up all the little bridges and overpasses (of which there was around 70) made it a 400km ride with 70 intervals thrown in. Not ideal.

  • Research shows that students who feel safe and supported by adults at school are better able to learn.
    Yes I agree, so why are districts cutting the lowest paid staff that are the closest to the students? District continue to pay the administrators 6 figures and those admin never interact with the students. I don’t get it.

  • Wow just wow, I am sitting in Mumbai in my room and just watching this video i can feel the tremendous energy thats flowing through when Brendon is addressing the audience.

  • I’m glad came across this video. It proves the essence of what I do as an educator not only builds relationships that last forever, but helps my kids learn in my present class and the classes they’ll embark upon in the future. Thanks!!!

  • Well Explanation and Really love too, I saw lot beginner tutorial explanation videos I never ready accept those explanation because those are not usefull because lot confusion but here well learned thank you for edureka.

  • I agree with the other commenters. It has points which deepen our desire to listen and enjoy ourselves. As a couples therapist and a lover of women, I recognize the value of this talk.

  • Human beings need three basic things in order to be content—they need to feel competent at what they do, feel authentic in their lives, and feel connected to others.

  • Like so many others, I have been positively influenced by many educators, but, the one that stands out the most for me is my fourth grade teacher. She was very dynamic and engaging, and cared about us as individuals as well as a class. This teacher acknowledged and praised my work on reading and writing assignments and as a shy student, this really boosted my confidence. I credit her with my life long interest in reading and writing. I would also notice her giving feedback to other students in different subjects/projects.
    I relate this experience to Rita Pierson’s message and the mantra she would motivate her students with, “I am somebody. I was somebody when I came, I’ll be a better somebody when I leave. I am powerful, I am strong.” Pierson is telling her students she cares about them, she is there for them, and she will continue to be there for them to support and encourage them. It’s an important message about creating relationships with all students and about creating a welcoming classroom environment.

  • I’ll argue that for non-competitive cyclists seeking to get fitter, a heart rate monitor is the better tool. You want to pace your effort depending on whether you have a better or worse day, how much you’ve had for sleep etc., and your heart rate reflects all of that, so it is a better indication of how your body is doing. Also as you get fitter over time, you will be able to exert more power at the same heart rate, and you can maintain a training effort relative to your own condition by maintaining your heart rate. For objective numbers, and comparing your performance to others, of course a power meter is better.

  • The course is very comprehensive, I really liked it. Thank you Edureka. I was just wondering if I can get the dataset used here. Thanks.

  • I was a paramedic for 11 years and feeling disconnected was part of my job. It was all about removing any personal connection from the situations I needed to deal with, just to get through. I did it very well. I built rapport and was very kind to patients and their families, yet stayed focused on my skills to help bring the calm to utter chaos. I remember in school being told that if there isn’t a personal connection, then DO NOT attach one. Easier said than done. I’m a mother, wife, daughter, etc. How can I not feel heartache when I hear the sobbing cry when they have lost someone they love? You build a wall over time. As a medic you can’t cry along with them, even though you want to. You need to go document your findings and procedures, get cleaned up, clean your ambulance and restock it to prepare for the next call, whatever that may be. I realized the switch between disconnect and connection was broken. It took a lot of therapy to feel joy, to embrace love, to practise gratitude. Dress rehearsing tragedy was exactly how my brain worked whenever I looked at my family. It is not healthy. It really is the thief of joy. In saying all of this…I would LOVE a video on just how first responders can be all in with humanity and connection when also faced with extreme trauma and devastation that really makes you question just how this can all work in synergy. Thank you!

  • Awesome video Joe, thanks for taking the time to upload these videos. I’ve always been interested in 3-phase supplies and you are helping me understand the underpinning theory behind the scenes.

  • Loved this. Ollie is so good at going in-depth and explaining in a really relatable way. Everything you really need to know! Let this man loose on all cycling subjects!

  • You say 1kJ = 1kcal, or close to. When I look at my rides with a powermeter, I find that the numbers are not even close. I got 750kJ and 1600kcal, on my last ride, as an example.

    Is something wrong with my setup? Or am I just terribly unfit?

    Any advice from anyone would be appreciated.

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