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The Art of Making Goals That Stick (Any Time of Year) by Lori Russell, MS RD CSSD. February 4, 2020. No Comments. Roughly a month into the new year and statistics say most resolutions are long forgotten.

Most of us set goals heading into the new year with aspirations to accomplish greatness when it comes to health, weight and performance. The Art of Making Goals That Stick (Any Time of Year) Roughly a month into the new year and statistics say most resolutions are long forgotten. Most of us set goals heading into the new year with aspirations to accomplish greatness when it comes to health, weight and performance. Yet, these goals tend to quickly slip out of mind as the days go by. The Art of Making Goals That Stick (Any Time of Year) Most of us set goals heading into the new year with aspirations to accomplish greatness when it comes to health, weight and performance.

Yet, these goals tend to quickly slip out of mind as the days go by. The start of a new year or a new semester can often restore your sense of motivation, and many people take advantage of that time to set goals for the year ahead. There is an art to effective goal-setting, however. While there’s no harm in challenging yourself, you’re more likely to stick to your goals when you know you can be successful.

This should come as no surprise if you’ve ever set goals at the end of December hoping a fresh calendar year will be motivation enough to stick to them. In reality, 80% of people who make New Year’s resolutions eventually break them and a third don’t make it out of January. Many times, people make the mistake of creating superficial resolutions.

Set a goal! Set larger goals first and break them down into smaller goals. Use a planner or an electronic calendar to set a target date for achieving your goal. Making smaller goals out of your life goals will help you to succeed. Make sure the goal is personal to you!

Don’t create a goal because you think it’s what others want you to do. Note: there are five follow-up posts to this article.expanding on the ideas below. Part 1. The “WHY” Matters More Than The “HOW” Part 2. Make Powerful Goals Parts 3, 4 and 5 are yet to be written It’s about that time year!

Everyone is out to make some massive progress on their resolutions for 2008. Continue reading Five Tips For Making Goals That Stick. It’s no surprise that we struggle to make new habits stick according to research even New Year’s resolutions fail in the first six weeks of the year. Now, Dr Amy Iversen, an executive and performance coach from The Iversen Practice, has revealed the five common mindsets that are most likely to fail at forming new habits and how to beat the. Why Set Art Goals?

In short, setting art goals for beginners is vital for these reasons: 1. Motivation: You most definitely have the potential to be an amazing artist, but your lack of motivation and inconsistencies are holding you back. Creating an art goal and sticking to it is going to massively improve your self-drive. 2.

Last year, I took a cue from a friend from my professional learning network and abandoned the resolution route. Instead, I set goals and then even stretched those goals so I could keep on achieving throughout the year. Goals are (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely) than resolutions, and that’s why they succeed.

List of related literature:

Such an approach has been used successfully by Leavitt (1979) to examine the attention demands of skating and stick-handling in ice hockey.

“Visual Perception and Action in Sport” by A. Mark Williams, Keith Davids, John Garrett Pascoe Williams
from Visual Perception and Action in Sport
by A. Mark Williams, Keith Davids, John Garrett Pascoe Williams
E & FN Spon, 1999

The aim of the game is to score goals by shooting a hard vulcanized rubber disc, the puck, into the opponent’s goal net, which is rated at the opposite end of the rink.

“World of Sports Indoor” by Anil Taneja
from World of Sports Indoor
by Anil Taneja
Kalpaz Publications, 2009

All goals should be SMART, that is they should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

“Learning to Care E-Book: The Nurse Associate” by Ian Peate
from Learning to Care E-Book: The Nurse Associate
by Ian Peate
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

There are many origins for goals.

“Instructional Design: The ADDIE Approach” by Robert Maribe Branch
from Instructional Design: The ADDIE Approach
by Robert Maribe Branch
Springer US, 2009

A swerve or bending shot was called a ‘screw shot’, and phrases such as ‘a goal was obtained by judicious work’ and the goalkeeper was ‘forced to exert himself to the fullest’ were the order of the day.

“Lost Teams of the Midlands” by Mike Bradbury
from Lost Teams of the Midlands
by Mike Bradbury
Xlibris UK, 2013

In fact, many people have had the experience of writing out a list of goals on New Year ’s Day, putting them away and not referring to them again until the end of the year, and then finding that 80 percent of the goals have been achieved, sometimes in the most amazing ways.

“The Power of Self-Confidence: Become Unstoppable, Irresistible, and Unafraid in Every Area of Your Life” by Brian Tracy
from The Power of Self-Confidence: Become Unstoppable, Irresistible, and Unafraid in Every Area of Your Life
by Brian Tracy
Wiley, 2012

An aim is an overarching goal such as: ‘this season our aim is to develop skills and strategies for attacking and defending from set pieces’.

“Youth Soccer: From Science to Performance” by Gareth Stratton, Thomas Reilly, Dave Richardson, A. Mark Williams
from Youth Soccer: From Science to Performance
by Gareth Stratton, Thomas Reilly, et. al.
Routledge, 2004

Often this involves a nearly instantaneous process of picturing the outcome: visualizing the puck gliding through the upper-right-hand corner of the goal, imagining the golf ball dropping into the cup, foreseeing the shape of the letter f before inscribing it.

“The Myth Of Laziness: How Kids and Parents Can Become More Productive” by Mel Levine
from The Myth Of Laziness: How Kids and Parents Can Become More Productive
by Mel Levine
Simon & Schuster UK, 2012

A goal is a work of art with the superb finishing touches from the free kicks of Del Piero and Zidane.

“Attacking Soccer: A Tactical Analysis” by Massimo Lucchesi
from Attacking Soccer: A Tactical Analysis
by Massimo Lucchesi
Reedswain, Incorporated, 2001

In goal setting, this is achieved by establishing incremental goals that can be broken into smaller segments of the season.

“Coaching Track & Field Successfully” by Mark Guthrie
from Coaching Track & Field Successfully
by Mark Guthrie
Human Kinetics, 2003

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  • This song and “Clover Cage Mirror Mirror” are two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better

  • I don’t mind when people don’t write lyrics like yeah I’d rather they did but it’s kind of like how an actor didn’t write their lines they say it’s all about the performance

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  • The goal I have been working on is to have a few continuous streams of income before I retire for the second time in 2021. It’s happening, but not specifically in the goal oriented and organized fashion you speak of. Going to dive further in to defining. Which of your books would be most helpful to me?

  • This is just superb, been searching for “electronic goal setting tools” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Conoah Goalify Gotchie (just google it )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my neighbour got great success with it.

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  • Thanks so much for this. Taking action right now and listing my goals right here…
    1) Financial Freedom by 2023 ( I already had it but life had some other plans for me. I have exhausted all my money into my cancer treatment but no regrets as I have fully recovered and rocking the world again)
    2) Get married with a loving and caring man by 2022 ( Would be a bit tricky as I can never conceive in this life but I am sure there are tons of men out there who will love me for me only )
    3) Happy, healthy life with a beautiful family ��

    Thanks so much once again. I will break it down and try to achieve as fast as possible but I will play a long game. God bless you. Love from Bangladesh ����

  • You just energized me to reset my goals!
    My goals are:
    1) be healthy by reducing 30Kg from my weight.
    2) In 3 years I want to be a manager.
    3) I want Range Rover in 3 years.
    4) I want to have PH.D. By 30 yrs old.

    Instructor: RODULFO ” RoLLy ” GALARION
    ( SpeciaL Demonstration ROLLY GALARION )
    SEPTEMBER 16, 2012…


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  • Hi Mr. Tracy, my name is Emad.This is the first Video I watched in your great channel. It is straight to the point & informative video, I enjoyed watching and learning from it. I am pleased to watch all your videos & subscribe to your valuable channel & follow you on twitter. I also subtitled (translated ) your video in Arabic -hoping I did not breach your intellectual rights. I am a licensed translator & I post the video to my youtube channel as I post Arabic translated/ subtitled videos. To answer your question: I want to achieve 3 goals: memorize the whole Glorious Quran, do my PhD, and to translate books from English to Arabic.
    My Youtube Channel:
    Name of Channel in Arabic is: Knowledge Pathways for Translation
    My Twitter: @KP_TRANSLATION

    Instructor: RODULFO ” RoLLy ” GALARION
    A demonstration of ROLLY GALARION when he is in Zamboanga City…

  • Thank you guys this video really gave me some inspiration I started a new workout plan (I’ve started one before but gave up on it because I got bored of it and just gave up) thanks for the inspiration guys let’s hope this workout pays off ^-^ ✓

  • Having watched this video, I thought. What should I put down here should I put down my goal or something wrong? but, I wanna put it down correct. So, My one of the most crucial goal is that I wanna become Monk. I want to accomplish this goal.

  • Set goal specifically.

    Write your goals on paper
    Set deadline. Estimate when you achieve goal.

    Make a list all Actions and skilld you need to achieve goals.
    priority sequencing the list

  • 1. Achieve great wealth 2. Achieve respect by changing the things that need to be changed in the world 3. Live a long healthy life

  • From: PHILIPPINES ( Gingoog City )
    Instructor: RODULFO ” RoLLy ” GALARION
    ( Torres FeLix ConsoLidated MartiaL Arts )

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  • I listened to it bout 3 years before and listening today again and realized how good it is when you actually umderstand english ��❤❤

  • Yo whats the shrinking masters contact info, i want to do more shrinking then just being a master of hide in seek with hiding in a box

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  • Interesting rules. Thank you very much Mr.Brian. I have got a goal to study abroad to get a Diploma in English Literature, however struggling to find a better way to achieve it. Appreciate your valuable advice on this.

    Me: ������ It’s the same song ������
    Don’t flame me for copying this comment, I know I did.

  • And when you achieve your goal be grateful to your Creator and show your gratitude, that will re-energize you for the next goal. I mean a secret (the power of gratitude)

  • The turning point of the video 1:39 “find a way to make it more fun”
    Routines are not allways fun, neither is wiping your ass but you still do it
    Get shit done, bitch

  • So that is what Martin looks like. I have always been listening to the podcast. I imagined that Martin would be buffer. I guess he just has a buff ass voice then.


  • I love your videos and I love your channel, but I noticed you don’t give verbal cues when enumerating your topics and ideas. To people like me who listen to your content while working, it would be helpful. Anyway, great job. Keep producing quality content,my friend. Cheers!

  • This is not the way to go about it. 20 Golden Rules for MAKING MONEY? It is not mainly about making Money! Here is what should be given attention. It is about inventing and it is about developing a business, to do something benefacturing to ones society! The work in itself has an intrinsical value also. Says the laziest man on Earth. What is it to be lazy? It is to engage only in what one likes to do and never in what is important to survive and/or being unable to benefit from regular working.

  • The beat dropped so hard that:

    One Direction went the other direction

    Chainsmokers stopped smoking

    Alan Walker stopped walking

    Panic at the Disco stopped panicking

    my hotel isn’t Trivago anymore

  • tip from a person who likes to listen to interviews: Do not talk while the other person is talking. All the “mhm”s and “yeah”s are disturbing. Also sometimes you talk at the same time. Listening to them at speed 2x makes it hard to listen:D But great input. I love it.

  • Keep it up, and you will gain the followers. Your video’s have greater substance and less fluff than currently more popular channels.

  • Me:plays this song
    Dad:stop changing the song!?
    Me:I didn’t!
    Me:plays ‘life is good’
    Dad:chases me with a whip������
    Me:I swear I didn’t!(pants)you have to believe me!

  • You can skip this, I’m just checking how long until I lose my streak.:>

    2015 ✗ (I “WAS” 7 years old at that age.. I missed it, ;w;)
    2016 ✔ (I “WAS” 8 years old… Founded this song from “Roblox Music Video”, xDD)
    2017 ✔ (I “WAS” 9 years old… I did not regret hearing it again,:D)
    2018 ✔ (I “WAS” 10 years old… Still hearing it,:>)
    2019 ✔ (I “WAS” 11 years old… At least I didn’t lose my streak,:>)
    2020 ✔ (I’m 12 years old… I don’t know why I almost cried when I listened to it, xDD)

    There’s still a lot, but that can’t stop me! Stay safe, everyone! (If you didn’t skip.):D

    2021 ❓ (Will turn 13 years old here…)
    2022 ❓ (Will turn 14 years old here…)
    2023 ❓ (Will turn 15 years old here…)
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    2026 ❓ (Will turn 18 years old here…)
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    Thank you for reading this! If you want to take your journey here then COME ON!! Let’s get in the CAR!

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  • Whenever I try to do something like learning a new skill I usually last 4 days and then give up so nowadays I don’t even bother trying no matter how motivated I am to doing it cause I know in a few days I’m going to give up. I pretty much don’t try anything anymore cause of this. Tbh if there’s some long term fix in this video I probably won’t do it cause I know I’ll give up and it’ll have been waste of time. I really do want to try though

    1:09 shit I’ve been called out

  • my goals are to be able to solve every mathematical question of the course discrete mathematics without effort by the first of march. I want to see it, know what to do and follow the steps and get to the right result
    2. I want to be able to be able to run half an hour without a break at the first of march
    3. I want to pass all my exams ( 3 courses at university) with a minimum score of 80 % this term (deadline exam dates in march)

  • The indian martial art makes no sense they are attacking the shields and weapons of the opponent. They should be attacking the person in a real life situation it wouldn’t help at all

  • I want to serve humanity i want to see people happy and for that i start with being an administrative officer then prime minister of India.����

  • yesssssss I so needed to hear this and I can relate! I have so much potential but often find myself getting bored and quitting or not producing as much. Thanks for the motivation!

  • I want to read lots of books about several topics, but when I go to read I get bored, and ended up reading just a few pages. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED.

  • Is Master Li the role model of bone and mallow cultivation/refine techniques in those genetic cheesy manhua that flooding the internet recently:-?

  • Awesome! These videos are awesome! I deal with bad habits and generalized anxiety, which kind of struck me back many times, but with these videos makes things a bit more organized in my mind, thanks for thelp, hope many others keep with your simplified and more thurstworthy way of thinking, wish ya the best and more viewers.

  • If i take up a particular task i don”t tend to think much about it. While i do this i don’t think about why I’m doing it or how I’m doing it. I just tend to block off such thoughts. It makes doing tasks much simpler. Same with routine work.

  • I had been working towards my goal around 10 years ago, but each time I start closing in on it something happend, like this last time for un example, everything was going fine, then covid19 step in. so i decided that i rather die, than not be able to achieve all my goal. actualy i have achieved 5 of my 7 goals during this time, i wanted to speak English, French, Latin, mandarin, learn some piano, and most of all take my weight and health to perfection, and i have done them all while i was trying to create this amazing proyect/finance. so tell me how is my english. With this information from Mr. Tracy is pricelest. so thank you. next week I’ll put on my protection againce Covid 19, and continue with my plan. to bad i just got to see this video at the recomendation from a friend.-

  • My goal is to buy my home back from the bank this year and to relocate to another country in November. But let’s see about the second part.

  • This video is fantastic, I am literally facing the same problems, both with the difficulty of Japanese and being bored to death trying to learn guitar music theory

  • Answer this question: What is one of your goals you want to accomplish? Leave a comment below with your answer. Also if you need help setting goals, check out my FREE download here

  • While I sympathize with that master who couldn’t find someone to pass it on to, I kinda also get why it’s disappearing.
    I imagine dislocating your bones on purpose is very painful (at least at first), it would take years to learn, it has no real prestige, and it’s not useful in the modern day.
    I can’t think of anyone in their right mind who would be willing to learn this martial art.

  • Great advice on goal setting! You may want to check out our goal setting app called, a very nicely built web app designed for tracking goals and todo lists, and supports time tracking too. It’s clear, focused, easy to navigate. What’s more, it provides 30 top goal templates that are ready to use.

  • Its all good, would be great if you could speak a bit more loud or increase the sound somehow.

    Sounds more like whispering. Rest I appreciate your knowledge, its quite helpful. Thanks

  • My goal is to make a tutorial videos and share it with the people who knows less and a lack of resources, I want to help them by watching my very easy video for them to follow and fully understand.

  • Set goal specifically.

    Write your goals. Write maximal three goals.

    Set deadline. Estimate when you achieve it.

    Make a list of everthing you will have to do to achieve your goal
    sequence / what you have to do before you do somethign else
    priority the list with 80/20 rule
    Select your most important goal for the day with 80/20 rule

  • In my country there is a lot of tone-policing. If you’re excited or passionate about something often you are told to ‘keep it down’ or ‘stop being so over excited’. And I have to compliment you on your tone in this video. You tells us everything clearly, slowly and with conviction. It’s perfect. I could listen to you lecture easily. You also make some fair points about the fake goal setting. Overall very well done video Sir. Thank you.

  • Sometimes in life, we are brought back to songs that we loved, before all this drama about Covid-19, and realize that it’s 5 years old and that time flies. Eventually things change, we become 30, or even 60 and the time we’ve spent till then was to become nothing soon… We all die, at any age, and any time. We can spend decades, and some not even, to die, possibly not fulfill our dreams, and become forgotten, and all we can truly do is wait for our inevitable demise… Has anyone truly wondered hat happens when we die? We might just start another life, completely forgotten about the past life. Our family, our friends, even our enemies will be gone forever. But I guess, in reality, this is normal, people die, whether they like it or not, and the best we can do during this pandemic is to stay positive about it, and we’ll be fine. Stay safe and wear a mask outside!

  • hey.. question is that I want to read many books on various topics like productivity, sci fi, novels, etc. I have those books but I am not able to finish any of them properly bcoz I get confused on which book read.And also I get very attracted on buying another book you suggest or I like..I just can’t stop myself.. please help.

  • Kudos for the video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you considered Patlarny Ancient Secrets Principle (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one off product for maximising your life using a simple goal setting strategy minus the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my good mate called Gray at very last got great results with it.

  • Hi everyone this is a longer video for you. Firstly, I’d like to alert you to the fact that I’ve added timestamps and more details on each of the examples I’ve used in the video. Hope it helps some of you that like to skip to the bits that are relevant.

    I find it fascinating that despite P. T. Barnum writing this book back in 1880, a lot of very successful people today are still using the advice he discusses in it. He was even ahead of his time with his clickbait-style book title “The Art of Money Getting: Golden Rules for Making Money”.

    Let me know if you prefer the longer video format. They take a lot more time so I don’t want to waste my time if you don’t like them. Cheers!

  • Hey! Another great episode as usual, but I think you could turn down the brightness of the screens in the back a little! The background is fairly crowded already and that plus the screens is a little distracting, making viewers focus on the words less.

  • I truly appreciate you putting this powerful video out to the world. I do videos on similar topics, would love to for you to enjoy them as well:) Stay crazy, stay awesome!

  • I am presently working at pharmacy college as a lecturer.. Now I want to be an entrepreneur and start an import export business.. By 1st January I will be financially free and around the world..

  • >you are in the Sichuan province of China
    >walking down the road minding your own business
    >suddenly you get surprised by a “Kung fu master”
    >threatens you with violence if you don’t give him money
    >say no
    >he brings out a tea pot watering can combo
    >he makes a small fire
    >”now you are gonna get it” He says
    >he begins to lay a small table out on the street with sandwiches and small cakes
    >”you had enough yet?!?” He helps as he pulls you up a chair and pours you some tea
    >he starts tossing and flipping his orange kettle whilst you eat a scone and cucumber sandwich
    >”you had better back down now!” As he pours you another English tea
    >confused, you hand him 5 yen
    >he laughs in victory and proceeds to jump 20 feet into the air and fly away on a nimbus cloud.

  • thank u for this helpful video, it really help me and open my eye on my weakness points, i feel like i can move to a better step now, keep posting..u awesome:)

  • I will:
    Be in possession of $5million (05/28/2022)
    Reach millions of people(10 million) with my music and my art(01/01/2022)
    Be a master in tai chi (05/08/2026)

  • I loved your video and m an action taker and with a go getter attitude person. My 5 major goals
    1. To create 5 lac business models by June 2023
    2. School of passion: with a mission of reading a book with nation discussing ideas and implementing strategies by 11 schools by June 2022
    3 To travel 18 different countries and 9 different places in India with my parents, my partner and family by June 2024
    4. A beautiful home bought by June 2025 another by Nov 2027 in Ahemdabad
    5 Creating assets for my clients and for myself mishty learning’s being a first one earning 10 lakh revenue per year starting June 2022

  • i know most of their language cause’ i am from Korea and i speak Korean,Chinese,Japanese,Russian.i know Chinese because my mom is from china and the other language because my father is from Japan and i learned Russian and English because I went to Russia and North Carolina

  • These snippets from the podcasts are cool:) ive already watched the full version but these snippets help me digest the learnings more:)

  • If you still want to learn japanese, duolingo realesed the Japanese course a while ago.
    No, don’t say that you can’t stick to getting your daily xp goals. I once failed to reach 20 exp a day, but sinse you showed me habitica I do it almost every single day and now I’m on a 50 exp a day streak. So you defenatly should try it out:)

  • Actually I have a goal a very important goal of my life, is to develop a ice cream manufacture company. I don’t have any idea from where should I can start? If anyone is related with this goal than please suggest me how to achieve this my goal. have a good. Stay positive. Love you from nepal��������

  • I was thinking about this problem and I actually just wrote it on a sheet of paper and figure out how to commit the goal that I need to acheive, ’cause I have the same struggle of starting a new habit so exited then it’s less motivated like Learning Korean language for me and Memorizing but at the same time i don’t want it to be boring and less fun.. I tried “Don’t break the Chain” method and I’m just sometimes in the mood of Not feeling like doing it.. but luckly i notice it quickly and put a plan, brain storming to organize my thoughts, get rid of the barriers and keep it up.. it’s just another thing that i would like to point is when we pet on our shoulders in situations like this and deny our failure most of times and that’s what actually stop us if we were not aware of it..
    Anyway Thank you Thomas for the video, all of your videos and podcasts are seriously amazing it helped me a lot, Good Luck!

  • 1. Set SMart goal.

    2. Write it down some people write it down now, some write it down much later. Be the ‘now’ people.

    3. Set deadline there’s no unreasonable goal, only unreasonable deadlines.

    4. Make an actionable list with obstacles and ways to overcome them.

    5. Prioritize your list, put the most impactful actions into your schedule / agenda, and make sure you do them.

  • This is a sad or cool song��

    But this is a beautiful and coolest sad song this need just few likes like 90.4M cuz its sad but untill the end kinda sad this is very old video but still good/cool song and sad this bring my memories back with this song but thank you for making this love your video..��

    eDiT: yes no likes cool litterly cool!

  • the reason the broke the bricks with there hands is not impressive there just using math to make there hands like anvils due t gravity and physics

  • Now if only they would do one on the Shaolin Warrior Monks. Their level of dedication and mastery of Kung fu is just astonishing, and it’s truly amazing and awe inspiring to witness.

  • I’m gonna get real here for a sec. I gotta say seeing the warrior nuns really makes me happy. I, as a male who truly believes in gender equality to the fullest just seeing women doing martial arts like that really puts a smile on my face.