The Sandwich Master One Man s 100-Pound Active Helping Quest



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Two Years Ago, This Man Was 500 Pounds. Now He Is Two Men Who Weigh 250 Pounds.

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The Sandwich Walker: One Man’s 100-Pound “Active Helping” Quest. Ben Pobjoy doesn’t look back fondly on his 20s. Today, he calls them a “decade of destruction” that led him down a road of inactivity and poor eating.

By the time he was 32, he was 100 pounds overweight, tired and unhappy with his lifestyle. READ MORE > THE SANDWICH WALKER: ONE MAN’S 100-POUND “ACTIVE-HELPING” QUEST CHEF TESTIMONIES AND SUCCESS STORIES At some point it dawned on us that by signing up for this event, we committed ourselves to getting healthier — to taking better care of ourselves, watching our diets and following a training plan. The Sandwich Walker: One Man’s 100-Pound “Active Helping” Quest Ben Pobjoy doesn’t look back fondly on his 20s. Today, he calls them a “decade. The Sandwich Walker: One Man’s 100-Pound “Active Helping” Quest. by Mackenzie L. Havey January 5, 2017.

Ben Pobjoy doesn’t look back fondly on his 20s. Today, he calls them a “decade of destruction” that led him down a road of inactivity and poor eating. By.

> The Sandwich Walker: One Man’s 100-Pound “Active Helping” Quest With his diet and nutrition under control, Jesse’s now focusing more on his training. “Though I don’t run many races aside from the occasional 5K, I run every day. These days I run 4–8 miles a day, hitting 30–50 miles a week. The Sandwich Walker: One Man’s 100-Pound “Active Helping” Quest | Inspiration | MyFitnessPal Ben Pobjoy doesn’t look back fondly on his 20s.

Today, he calls them a “decade of destruction” that led him down a road of inactivity and poor eating. > The Sandwich Walker: One Man’s 100-Pound “Active Helping” Quest > How One Woman Lost 100 Pounds and Fell in Love With Running in the Process. Tags gaining strength half-marathon motivation running success stories. About the Author. Erica Schuckies.

Erica is a runner, gym rat and outdoor buff based in Austin, Texas. She is a lifelong. > The Sandwich Walker: One Man’s 100-Pound “Active Helping” Quest > Watching Your Weight When It’s Your Job to Drink: Lew’s Quest > How One Woman Lost 100 Pounds and Fell in Love With Running in the Process. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon.

Fat is an important part of your diet, but figuring out how much to eat can be confusing. Over the last 50 years, everyday diets have gone from moderate-fat to low-fat, based on recommendations.

List of related literature:

At 1 o’clock, 30 minutes, P. M. same day, he dined on four ounces of fresh boiled beef (cold) and five ounces bread, and continued walking smartly for three and a half hours, till 4 o’clock 45 minutes P. M.; stomach nearly empty; dinner almost completely chymified.

“Experiments and Observations on the Gastric Juice, and the Physiology of Digestion” by William Beaumont, Alexis St. Martin, Andrew Combe
from Experiments and Observations on the Gastric Juice, and the Physiology of Digestion
by William Beaumont, Alexis St. Martin, Andrew Combe
MacLachland & Stewart, 1838

“I have not worked it out exactly, but roughly, for a garrison of 40,000 men that means fresh meat for forty-eight days at half a pound per day,” he said.

“The Tide at Sunrise: A History of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905” by Denis Warner, Peggy Warner
from The Tide at Sunrise: A History of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905
by Denis Warner, Peggy Warner
Frank Cass, 2002

Recruit Marcus Stephenson, a “fat tray” who came here from working for a temp company in Rhode Island, and who already has shed eight pounds and a double chin, recites the proper way to come to a stop while holding a rifle: “Left, right, port.

“Making the Corps” by Thomas E. Ricks
from Making the Corps
by Thomas E. Ricks
Simon & Schuster, 1998

By early February nearly six thousand were lining up for rations at the almshouse three times a week—receiving a quart of soup, a pound of bread, and three-quarters of a pound of beef.

“Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898” by Edwin G. Burrows, Mike Wallace
from Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898
by Edwin G. Burrows, Mike Wallace
Oxford University Press, 1998

Although these selections may sound slightly far-fetched, writing a fiveweek menu cycle with two soups, two salads, one appetizer, four entrees, two vegetables, two starches, and two desserts offered per day for thirty-five days is a task that might strain anyone’s creativity.

“Senior Living Communities: Operations Management and Marketing for Assisted Living, Congregate, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities” by Benjamin W. Pearce
from Senior Living Communities: Operations Management and Marketing for Assisted Living, Congregate, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities
by Benjamin W. Pearce
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007

It’s only certain that one of the most obese men in town (weighing over four hundred pounds) used up his whole reserve of disposable meat in the brief space of fifteen days (he was extremely fond of snacks and sweetmeats, and besides, his metabolism required large quantities).

“The Oxford Book of Latin American Short Stories” by Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria
from The Oxford Book of Latin American Short Stories
by Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria
Oxford University Press, USA, 1999

Huge depots of food were established, and as it was in Wolseley’s campaign, the emphasis was on meat (once again each man was to receive 1 1/2 pounds of meat each day) and freshly baked bread.

“The Fall of the Asante Empire: The Hundred-Year War For Africa'S Gold Coast” by Robert B. Edgerton
from The Fall of the Asante Empire: The Hundred-Year War For Africa’S Gold Coast
by Robert B. Edgerton
Free Press, 2010

Just beyond the work camp, he found a sympathetic elderly man who rushed the downed flier into a run-down house and fed him bread, butter, wine, and a small piece of rationed meat.

“Best Little Stories from World War II: More than 100 true stories” by C. Brian Kelly
from Best Little Stories from World War II: More than 100 true stories
by C. Brian Kelly
Sourcebooks, 2010

Polis wrapped a large sirloin neatly in the folded skin, which he packed in the bottom of the canoe—a hundred pounds or, as he said, “one man” more, in a canoe already heavily loaded with two clients and their massive gear.

“Henry David Thoreau: A Life” by Laura Dassow Walls
from Henry David Thoreau: A Life
by Laura Dassow Walls
University of Chicago Press, 2017

Not satisfied, the hungry person opens the sandwich again and adds pickles and ham in the center (stanza 3).

“Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes: Cultural Studies in the Gospels” by Kenneth E. Bailey
from Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes: Cultural Studies in the Gospels
by Kenneth E. Bailey
InterVarsity Press, 2009

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Oh thank God! I just saw his original video and then saw this. I’m so glad people are reaching out to help him! I hope everything works out for him! <3

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  • What anyone believes about the events leading to the guy eating so much that it led to him essentially punishing himself to such a severe extent is irrelevant because each human experience is never identical from one person to the next. Stay ignorant and see if you don’t learn a hard lesson that could’ve been avoided.

  • the incriminating evidence you think you found in regards to what i watch is a funny video my mate recommended when we spent time discussing loose skin.hes a trainer btw, you do know what friends are right? anyway, its not at all as it sounds, but i pity you for needing to go to those lengths to try to make a fool of me. in case you havent realized not a fuck is given, and only cements your immaturity. as for car and job? its your mums car and washing it for loose change is not a real job. prat

  • this was my first clickhole video and i actually fell for it and was genuinely wondering if this was a real thing that could happen to people

  • Directions unclear, went from being two men that weigh 250 pounds, to one man that weighs 500 pounds. Please work out responsibility.

  • Theory:What if Heavy from meet the heavy its useless? The same people that he “killed” în meet the heavy are now dying while he is eating a sandvich. So we have 2 options here
    1 Valve its lazy:\
    Or 2 Heavy did not killed anyone

  • I agree with You comrade,I’m a cyclist from Minneapolis Minnesota and I swim,bike, do Trx training and weight lifting and I workout a lot at the YMCA and I don’t know how people can let themselves get that fat, eating clean and exercising for two hours a day every day is what people should do.

  • Not trying to be mean, but he had the chance to not eat, and to exercise. I am pretty big, I’m working on it though. I stopped eating so much, and I started working out, he had the chance, and he still does.
    P.S: Don’t call me a dick, I know it sounds like it. Just think about it.

  • Nobody:

  • i seriously doubt that, i was powerlifting at 19. im 36 now. i couldnt care less though as i do what i do for fun. this doesnt change my opinion of you. your a judgemental child. now shoo im busy

  • Now there is 4 men who all weigh 65.2 pounds. Those 4 men are now 8 men who weigh 32.6 pounds. Now all 8 of them are dead because they never ate

  • Scout: Boston, USA

    Soldier: Mid-West USA

    Pyro: Hell (Mexico) (Mexico??wot??)

    Demoman: Ullapool, Scotland

    Heavy: Russia (USSR)

    Engineer: Texas, USA

    Medic: Stuttgart, Germany

    Sniper: Adelaide, Australia (New Zealand)

    Spy: France

    Sandwich: Fridge

  • Heavy: [Groans repeatedly]

    Scout: “Yeah, there he is!”

    Soldier: “You! Stop right where you are, that is an order! He’s getting away! Do not let him get to the re-“

    [The Heavy opens the door, grabs one slice of the Sandvich and closes the door]

    Scout: “D-don’t do it, pal!”

    Soldier: “Do. Not. Do it!”

    Heavy: [Eats sandvich] “Om nom nom nom…”

    Soldier: “Oohhhhhhh, hell…”

    Scout: [Stuttering]”H-h-hey, let’s just calm down here! You listening? J-j-just… OH GOD!”

    [The Heavy chuckles as his loud footsteps are heard gathering speed]

    Scout: “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GO-“

    [Several loud thuds are heard, a beer bottle falls over, and the refrigerator door opens slightly]

    Heavy: “Ahahahaha!”

    [Sound of liquid spilling on the floor, presumably the Scout’s blood]

    Scout: “My blood! H-he punched out all my blood!”

    [More thuds are heard.]

    Soldier: “Ow, ow ow ow ow! Ouch, ouch! Ahhh…”

    [A thud and a snap is heard]

    Soldier: “You call that breaking my spine? You RED team ladies wouldn’t know how to break a spine if-“

    [A loud snap is heard and the door closes and opens again, the floor now covered with blood and another one of the bottles of beer falls over]

    Soldier: “AUGHHH! MY SPINE!”

    [A girlish scream is heard as ending flourish music plays. The camera pans across a diagram of the Sandvich]

    [Cut to the Heavy in Dustbowl, as he was in the original Meet the Heavy, but instead of wielding his Minigun he is devouring a Sandvich]

    Heavy: “Nom nom nom… [Takes a bite] nom nom… mmmm.. nom.”

  • Some videos are very short clips of singles heats in qualifying heats whereas now you post 3 whole events in a long video, wheres the consistency

  • Jesus, a bunch of idiotic fucks in this comment section. That man lost so much weight, and friggin’ succeeded. Now, tell me, what have you accomplished, fucker?

  • Do u guys realize that the 500 pound man died and she married 2 other guys.Who would beleve that he would duplicate like that�� she must be crazy or something worst or maybe is only a show��

  • Ken you are smart and a sweetheart. You share my sentiments exactly. Thank you for calling attention to all of the judgmental haters and douchebags. You probably would like this quote that my grandmother used to say to me rest in peace Grandma! Do not judge a person until you walk a mile in there shoes. If you are single I would date you. Your mom brought you up right. You are non judgmental! May good karma follow you for the rest of your life. Robert should be proud of himself for losing weight.

  • are we allowed to bring canteen bottles in flight? i would love to bring one but never thought liquid containers more than 100mL were allowed

  • While this was a “scientific flight” and I found it interesting, as I’m sure others did. However, this was really just a tremendous publicity/advertising stunt. This is completely impractical air travel on many fronts. Much like the gentleman states toward the end, the plane isn’t at all close to any capacity. Throw a 80% capacity in there and it will be pure bedlam throughout that aircraft on many fronts. What is saddening is airlines are “trying” to make this work with old technology. Sure, the plane might be NEW, but it’s still cruising at the same speeds achieved over 50 years ago. The answer for air travel is to “GO FASTER”, not longer flights. Much like the Space Shuttle was outdated before it ever blasted off, the Concorde suffered from the same fate of being shelved because of its old technology and lack of efficiency. Thankfully, there are a couple of companies that are developing “sonic planes” today that will hopefully get the funding they need to accomplish what our governments across history have funded to make ALL air travel possible. It’s sad that governments across the world spend billions on new ways to “kill one another”, yet we still get on aircraft that haven’t changed in their original functionality of performance in over 50 years. Deflecting some military spending toward super sonic travel, ease through the sound barrier (like these private companies have figured out), gain the efficiency and we don’t “NEED” to sit on a plane for 21 hours.

  • what’s going on out there. says food girl with her twin brother(food boi). and see soldiers spine being broken, then they leave, rest in peace rick

  • I must agree with you. Comes the time when we start to feel heavy or the clothes starts to feel tight; we all know it’s time to cut down, go for walks or hit the gym, have light dinners, eat more salads, etc!

  • Im currently at about 400lbs and this has inspired me, ive been going on a weight loss journey for 3 weeks now (3 week mark tommorow) and If he can do it so can i ^^

  • sigh, in what way. lifting more than someone such as yourself who is so hetrosexual you got a tattoo on you mud smeared chest of duke nukem bending your mum over, is obviously a homosexual act. and so what if it is. i can powerlift you cant. so fucking what. look honestly, your mildly amusing for a few minutes, but your boring me. i only bothered to reply because, though i doubt it, i hope youll look at your character and sort your shit out. your only 17 its not too late.:P

  • I am just wondering. We all are major fans of the 747. Was there no way to make them more efficient? All that perfect 747’s just standing there. You could start an airline for just people who want to fly 747.

  • Imagine youre flying economy on a pack flight…i have experienced 7 hour flight and it was bad my feet feel so stiff even though im flying premiun economy but maybe on this flight Qantas inly going to use premium seet and have a lot of empty seat because of the take off maximum weight the fuel taking most of the weight

  • Wait am i missing something how did he become two people like i know its not medically impossible but in this aspect its not what happened im not 100% whats going on am i sideways stupid?

  • your a tool and im far from ignorant. i checked the facts before i commented. he, all of us and you know its his fault, but for the 10th time hes doing a lot to rectify his problems. you know what im through with you and your shit. i go to a gym too, and im not an arrogant, uneducated grunt. give the guy respect hes due, stop talking to me because i dont like you and go troll elsewhere. he needs support. the one nice statement you posted, its good he lost 300 pounds would have sufficed.

  • Easy way to lose weight: cut out animal products. Dairy is super-fatty and actually really unhealthy. Think about what milk, especially cow milk, does. It turns a little 90 lb calf into a huge cow. Cheese is even worse, and contains high levels of casein, which is actually addictive! There are enough replacement products available now to make the transition off dairy pretty painless.

  • you speak to me as if im thick. id match wits with you any day, and believe me i myself am adapt i the use of sarcasm. im just nasty to the people who consider themselves above all others. i could not do what this man has accomplished and if the tables were turned, just how confident would you be with people hurling shite like youve been slinging. i looked at your photo, what are you, 130 pounds soaking wet. id change to a better gym if i were you. you could never understand his pain.




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  • the place have a ticket a bee but is using ticket is expensive 500 ticket got photon festive tabby and puppy 250 ticket got crimson and cobalt bee

  • Interesting read first time I have seen a barrel of oil quantified in terms of human labour “17. Cheap energy, not technology, has been the main driver of wealth and productivity.

    The chemical potential energy available from the burning of things (e.g. wood) is rather astounding when compared with the energy which we supply our bodies in the form of food, and the fossil fuels of coal, oil, and natural gas burn even hotter while also being much easier to store and transport. We quickly learned that using some of this heat to perform work would transform what we could accomplish in massive ways. One barrel of oil, priced at just over $100 boasts 5,700,000 BTUs or work potential of 1700kWhs. At an average of.60 kWh per work day, to generate this amount of ‘labor’, an average human would have to work 2833 days, or 11 working years. At the average hourly US wage rate, this is almost $500,000 of labor can be substituted by the latent energy in one barrel of oil that costs us $100. Unbeknownst to most stock and bond researchers on Wall Street, this is the real ‘Trade’.” -Nate Hagens. Do you suppose one of the major contributing factors to the start of the first big one WW1 was a race to secure oil in the oilfields of Iraq? I recall reading somewhere that the first British deployment at the outset was to secure the Iraqi oil fields, Germany vs England who could get the rails to the oil first? Perhaps a mystical paradox of our times how a commodity in such high demand and valuable could be so cheap…

  • ok well then nvm ALLLL vegans will be low on protein needs. Unless they are on roids i havent seen a vegan bodybuilder with a decent amount of muscle mass. show me a picture and ill believe you if you can somehow prove they ate vegan style, fyi…thought vegan was short for vegetarian i was mistakin

  • Bringing your own water bottle and having it filled up from a communal water bucket may be good for the environment, but quite bad when trying to get rid off a deadly virus.

  • WRONG yourself. Bodybuilders are not representative of the population at a whole. Their physique is more a result of exercise than diet, but there are plenty of vegan bodybuilders out there. There is also a huge difference between looks and actual fitness. Check out veganbodybuilding if you want to insist that dairy is all that bodybuilding is about. Dairy is fat, pure and simple.

  • Restaurant food is more expensive. This woman can afford restaurant food daily, but there is not money for veggies & fruits? How about some deliciously prepared lentils? A small bag of lentils can feed both with several servings and are very healthy. That is not expensive. I am not a rich person, but the moment I eat my carrot or celery I go outside my door and plant it right back… there is such a thing as recycling my friend. I’m praying for him. I’m following him as well:)

  • As a vegan, that is absolutely NOT the case. Where on earth did you hear that horrible misinformation? Furthermore, there is no such thing as a vegan that eats dairy. Those are called “vegetarians.”

  • ummm I never said I was annorexis I just like working out. if he was not a bit fatso instead of eating healthy and ate 20000 calories in a day, maybe just maybe he wouldn’t be fucking 700 fucking pounds. its his fault and good for him he lost 300 lbs

  • I agree. As a former super-fatty (lost 73 lbs this year) it’s all about portion-size. The portions in America are way too big. I used to over-eat. These days I always leave the table knowing I could have eaten a little more. And this works. I hope Robert gets well and loses a tonne of weight so he can get his life back.

  • Robert Gibbs’ mom needs to be arrested for feeding him almost to death!
    That is not love, that woman does not know what motherly love is. The person preparing UNHEALTHY foods and feeding another person is not thinking of his/her well being! What in the world is in his mother’s mind? She ought to be arrested and placed in some kind of jail for what she did to him!


    this line is gold

  • WRONG. You can be vegetarian and have lots of proteins but the right proteins. Have you seen a fat vegetarian? i don’t think so. Animal fat is nothing but CHOLESTEROL AND TRIGLYCERIDES. GO VEGETARIAN!

  • I think the super morbidly obese are lonely people. This young man lacks someone to care about him and he is destroying himself as a result. I hope with the trainer he manages to get down to a healthy weight.

  • We flew from London to Sydney on BA, but not non-stop. The flight had several stops, which I didn’t realize when I booked the tickets. It was a 747 and we were in Economy class. The trip was supposed to take 22 hours, but we were delayed for hours at every stop and it actually took 36 hours. We were zombies by the time we got to our hotel.

  • WRONG meat and dairy products are the staple of the modern body builders diet. especially whey and casein proteins in dairy products. follow the example of body builders and you wont go wrong. these are the fittest most best built human beings to ever walk the face of the earth and regularly drop 20-30kg a year to get in contest condition. experts in FAT loss and muscle retention to maintain metabolism.

  • Knew a guy in college who was 104 2-pound men. One winter got a really bad flu and lost nearly 20 of himself in a month. The police found his bodies in a coyote den outside of town a year later. So if you want to try becoming many equally weighted men too, always be careful to keep track of yourself so you don’t stray from the pack and get eaten by coyotes or picked up by birds of prey.

  • 19 hour’s without Transit and with bonus 2 sunrises���� i wanna need to Travels in this flight from London to Sydney but how I’m not a rich man like you Mr. Chui����

  • No, i don’t name call you for any of your words. I agree with you about the enough eating is enough! If we don’t take care of ourselves then who will stop us from eating ourselves to death? God forbid, there is such a thing as going out for walks etc.

  • Sam you are one fun airplane geeky guy! Love seeing your videos and very envious about your “job!” Awesome rapport with people! Can’t wait to see more! ☺️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

  • 6:00 and 9:27 Irony
    Telling us to save earth by using environment friendly reusable bottles while sitting on a plane carrying 100 tonne of greenhouse gases. RESPECT��

  • A vegan eats no animal products no meat, eggs, dairy, and sometimes no honey. Look up veganbodybuilding. It’s a site for exactly that. I’m not a body builder but I used to date one. He was omni at the time but has since switched to being vegan and hasn’t lost any mass. I’m certainly not low on protein. I’m much healthier than I was when I was an omnivore.

  • So envious Sam that must have been major fun! Hope they go with ( went with ) Boeing and we can put this virus behind us and get back to traveling. I’ve never been to Australia but its definitely on my bucket list! ( How about comping me a ticket Quantas?) G’day All. ( And a special hello to ONJ ).

  • Everybody is talking about some stuff, but have you been wondering what must have Heavy been on? Those noises just made me think Heavy was on crack

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  • It’s not double sunrise the earth is moving around and your airplane is moving around too so that’s why you get to see it twice but in reality it’s only one sun lol ��

  • I would say boxers are fitter than bodybuilders. They do the same regarding diets as bodybuilders and their training before a fight is intense.

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  • Go back to the big game and then the secret thing you know when you went to the club go behind it and you got to do parkour to get another house and then and then go get a ticket that’s all right the front and then go outside

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