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Synthol Abuse And Injection Effects: 1. Addiction. Many Synthol abusers do so because they become addicted to using the stuff in the first place. They may, for example, notice their 2. Unnatural-looking Physique. 3. Destroyed Muscles.

Synthol usually consists of a mixture of oil, benzyl alcohol and lidocaine that overzealous gym enthusiasts and wannabe models use to jack up their. Side effects of using Synthol include: 1) Unnatural Muscle Growth – Simply looking up images of Synthol use on the internet will show what this side effect can 2) Muscle Destruction – There’s a great deal of damage that can happen when injecting Synthol into your muscles. One 3) Cerebral.

Uponrepeated injections, a huge bolus of the oil accumulates, adding volumeto the injected muscle. SideEffects. As far asside effects are concerned, injectingany significant amount of fatty-acid material intramuscularly can be extremelydangerous. Side effects of synthol can cause nerve damage, stroke, ulcers, pulmonary embolisms, and much more.

Injecting synthol is very dangerous and if that doesn’t deter potential users, there is also a problem from an aesthetic standpoint; synthol use makes ones body look deformed (just see for yourself in the pictures below). Synthol injections that are used for the short-term enhancement of muscle appearance by bodybuilders bear the danger of long-term painful muscle fibrosis and disfigurement. The most obvious side effect of chronic Synthol injections is muscles that have completely lost their ability to maintain a muscle shape.

This is because they are so full of oil that they cannot create any definition. You can begin to notice this slightly in professional bodybuilders. There is also the risk of significant scarring, which can reduce blood supply to the area.

If left untreated, this can result in gangrene and eventual amputations of limbs. Even worse, synthol abuse has been known to lead to staph infections, which can ultimately spread through the body and be fatal. According to the FDA, synthol and other dermal fillers can cause shortor long-term side effects, permanent side effects, or a combination. In addition to redness, bruising, and swelling at the injection site, synthol has been associated with more severe side effects, including many documented by the NIH.

Some of these includ. So what is the effect of injections of Synthol? It is assumed that after contact with the drug in the athlete’s body, it is wrapping the muscles with oil and changing its shape.

It is worth noting that largely thanks to the injection with synthol, observed local inflammation and swelling.

List of related literature:

With respect to steroid injections, risks include leakage of steroid into the dermis and subcutaneous tissues, which may result in fat atrophy and depigmentation.

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Bilateral wasting of deltoids, supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles, sluggish upper limbs biceps reflex, and bilateral pansensory loss on skin over deltoids were reported in two cases of argemone oil poisoning [28].

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Safety can be compromised by excessive hair, adipose tissue, bony prominences, fluid (edema), adhesive failure, and scar tissue.

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Some people say that would have a Synthol-like effect, and that’s fine, but every drop of oil I ever put into my body was with the intention of delivering more testosterone or equipoise or whatever drug I was using into my system — never for the purpose of site enhancement or size.

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Injections of PLLA in the buttock are typically safe because the subcutaneous tissue is thick and does not contain any main vasculature or nerves and provides an alternative to implants, permanent fillers, or fat transfer.

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“Surely, they wouldn’t be able to sell DNP online if it were dangerous.

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The chemical stays in the muscle where it is injected, and its use is safe, but there are potential side effects, such as spreading weakness and muscle scarring.

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The fat excites an inflammatory reaction with the development of fibrofatty scarring between sclera, muscle and the inner surface of the anterior part of Tenon’s capsule.

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Long-term use may lead to impaired wound healing, skin atrophy, Cushing syndrome, glaucoma and cataracts, Kaposi sarcoma, and growth suppression in children.

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A recent clinical trial has confirmed the uselessness of saw palmetto for this indication (Bent et al., 2006), and furthermore, the danger is that patients will use the product to temporize for symptoms that could lead to an earlier diagnosis of malignancy.

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  • Clear case of schizophrenia, along with possible disassociative identity disorder. The young man is sick and shouldn’t be chastised too harshly for his actions. His brain is literally producing a chemical that warps his reality, as well as his response to what he perceives. It is a sickness and should be treated as such. I wish him well.

  • Poor thing. Seems to think having disproportionately sized arms (that he didn’t gain naturally) makes him more interesting. Poor thing

  • Guy looked great before. Hard work was paying off. Why mess that up? Removal surgeries are crazy expensive & you get amazing scars afterwards.

  • Synthol? Oil? Is that not to fry potatoes? I mean my wife cook with oil. Why should someone inject oil into something if it’s not….. I mean….. Why? Obviously it looks really shit like the guys on YouTube who say: „Yes I do sport for 14 years and take steroids 10 years and never been off.“ And than they look big, yes. But just as my grandma is big but no definition…. It’s so stupid…

  • AHAHAHAHAH 1 they are only using machines. They are for noonbs. 2, look at the absolutely pathetic amount of weight they’re using. A 100lb girl could push more. These guys are teh definition of idiocy.

  • They got to the point where they cant get bigger so they used steriods.. it will take at least 2 yrs if u go to the gym after drinking protien shake everyday

  • At least they dont say its not dangerous and even if u use it use it carefully

    I dont approve of this but i know these people cant be stopped so they should at leat do it the rigr way

  • Every synthol is obvious, and people keep using it.. we need these people in mental institutes, they need help. Its a disorder. This is the easiest way to see if a body builder is losing it.

  • Nobody should use that stuff. He should have started training, but he rather risked his arms by putting in some oil. I do not understand how anyone thinks that those arms look good.

  • looks like they have breast from the steroid use, and they are very unbalanced in there looks and there is no nice looking lines it all looks awful, and they have lots of body fat as well so why do you want to have square looking muscles in your upper body it looks awful.

  • Now a days people focusing only on look which is very bad beeing healthy and getting big is two differant things if u need to build mucle please do it in natural way….

  • “My body attracts women a lot”My guy,no need to get your hopes up.They probobly stare at you because of how idioctic and insane you look.

  • He’s not being honest and that’s a problem. “He said someone must have injected him with something,” come on bro! Stop. How can people help you if you are not being truthful about the situation at hand.

  • This guy looks like he has 2 infected systs in his shoulders can’t believe these guys think they look good!�� Im new to YT let’s do Sub for Sub! let’s support each other!

  • Of course he’s not going to admit that. His wife left him because of that and she took the kids. If he’s a danger ro himself he will endanger her and their kids too.
    Maybe had he actually told the truth, perhaps doctors could have saved his life.
    He was already married so who knows who he was trying to impress (it’s just a guess but that’s also probably the main reason why she left).

  • he is a human opec,damn that is awesome gettting a body like that without doing the real work and being dead and buried or cremated,your choice by the age of 40.this is really great. i will put some 30w oil on his grave out of respect.i love this great world we live in. god bless you all. and for all you atheist,nothing bless you all. is that politically correct.i am not sure,i did not watch tv for a week.

  • do not have to be proud of steroids before you know the side effects. when used incorrectly, then the effect is bad..Natural is better. much more beneficial work. The steroid is just for those who really want to train their body. everything is up to self-assessment.

  • He looks fantastic. Just the way he was supposed to be… why who ever develops those drugs doesn’t develop something to grow their brains instead..

  • I feel so bad for this young man I wish him well and hopefully the doctors can help him there’s nothing funny about this whatsoever he could be a good candidate for amputation and that would be devastating I wish him well y’all have a great evening

  • I hope your reading this, your arms look very asymetrical with your skinny body, you look like a freak show. You want an beautiful body like tje hulk its needs to be propertional with your body. You need to work put the manual way, so other muscles will grow no just your arms

  • Holy crap, that’s sick! Jeez Jebus.. WTF, “someone might have injected me”. Talk about delusional and denial deluxe. (º_º’) the triple D’s of a shit fest…

  • woman find that attractive….??? This looks uglies of anything I have ever seen… I not against muscles… but like a fit normal human…

  • Who were those idiots posting for pictures with him instead of sitting him down and telling him kid you need mental health treatment.

  • That indian bodybuilder and his rancid drug body of starvation,they have eating muck for so long and famine in indian history makes india 250 years behind the rest of the worlds bodybuilding community,I cant think of a single indian bodybuilder at all

  • What’s sad not just this guy but the whole world is so lazy and inpatient to achieve goals work out and eat it’s not a chore I work out and I barley care to look and flex in the mirror I do it because it makes me happy and stress free and stay healthy I don’t do it because I’m trying to be big but guess what every few months pass buy and I realize my arms are getting bigger and I get bigger because I do it for the love of it it’s not a chore remember that I actually feel bad for this guy very embarrassing on his end

  • the people who use oil you look like you have tumours or the elephant man so wake and get a oil change or just drain it and then train and wait for real results it will take years but you see the real gains as you grow

  • Omg what did he do to deserve this kind of karma. Geez Louise!!!! I’m talking about the first one. Omg. People just stop do it the natural way…HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!

  • Yes!! Those who take Synthol are NOT bodybuilders. Just freaks and deserve any side affect they get! I don’t know what mirror they are looking in that says. ” damn you look good”!

  • These dudes look like they should be saying
    “The girls always said no to me and I never knew how to fight so I started injecting myself with chemicals”

  • Long term exposure to chemicals that are unnatural to the body are asking for danger. The Brain and body defenses will not tolerate foreign substances for ever. The body systems will either temporarily fight it, become incapable of fighting and causing the body to break down, or become disable to fight and allow cancers, ulcers, infections, and up to death. Either way it’s never a good idea to fight against yourself. Both will lose and the prize won is death.

  • Esses caras, desmoralizam o esporte..
    Injetam óleo, dizendo ser “anabolizantes”…
    Vao estudar o que significa hormônios do crescimento e depois conversamos..

  • As many ppl have said it was probably body dysmorphia, which is a compulsive disorder, not that he actually thought he looked great

  • What a bunch of dumb asses. Let’s have them inject all the oil they want and then have a pay per view at the end when they’re bodies explode.

  • They talk about not using that supplement because if you use it wrong u can look ugly and deformed, well duh havent they looked in the mirror,they look exactly like that.

  • These men’s muscles or fake from you looks at them because a real body builder muscles doesn’t look like that they should not inject themselves they are putting there life at a risk it might look go old on the outside but its not right in the inside

  • This dude is risking his life because he’s so chronically impatient.
    And the sad thing is, even if he did inject it into all of his muscles to become a proper hulk he’d die and be remembered for his dumb decisions

  • That man he has a nice shape already by looking at abs and arms, plusing steroids he would have a really nice shape. Still, he is not a heavy oil injector. Man get rid of oil using steroids, you will have a better shape than most ppl

  • WTF is wrong with people like this, They just need to experience some chronic illness for a whyle and have a whole new outlook on life

  • the side effects of Sythol are way worse than gear…you can take a little ASS 1 cc a week forever…and get permanent…healthy…real advances

  • Of course, nobody ever uses synthol. Nobody ever uses gear. And if they die an early death, it’s because of choking, falling, hitting head, heart defect, etc. Denial even in death. I guess it’s a legacy thing.

  • Woh thats freakish man. Talk about wanting to fk yourself over a woman. The time spent in the mirror. Hows that song go. Because your so vain. You probably think its all about you. Your so vain. Bla bla bla u get the picture. Ugly is what ugly does. Do you even lift bro. Nah bro i do oil bro.

  • Why would anyone do this to themselves??!
    Smh so sad. We are in the fitness world to be healthy not impress anyone but the person in your mirror! Love yourself and the world won’t matter…..

  • Yes, it’s not very smart to get carried away with sintol at 16, but do not lose sight of the fact that this allowed him to earn about 10 million rubles (about $149,000), buy an apartment. Currently undergoing a surgical course of treatment, removed synthol from triceps. The General course will take at least 2 years, and serious medical sequelas are possible

  • No sign of strength to be had. What’s the point other than being a bad influence, and why is it always in these types of countries?

  • 0:50 they prefer synthol over steroids because synthol doesn’t come with side effects???
    So instead of risks for heart attack and liver disease from steroids, you’ll just take your chances with infections, embolisms and hematomas?
    Fucking stupid.

  • That’s not even snythol anymore its mineral oil or othe immuno reactive oils that cause scare tissue actual synthol is a mix of fats and alcohol so it is metabolized in the muscles and doesn’t last very long

  • synthol shoulders are so funny looking. sir can you take those pads out you blazer jacket. im not wearing shoulder pads there my muscles.