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Before-and-after photos are the bane of my profession. They do more harm for the health of the United States than all the toys in Happy Meals ever could. Most “after” photos are lies.

They’re a Happy Meal with no prize in them at all. Celebrity sex tapes have been a staple of Hollywood scandal since the personal camcorder became popular in the 1980s. Invariably, most of these intimate videos or private nude pictures were stolen and released without the stars’ consent, and are brazen invasions of privacy.

This is why, today, we are showing you 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Trust Photos on Social Media. You have probably seen people dangerously standing by the edge of a cliff to post a photo on social. 78 Examples Of Celebrities Sharing WAY Too Much (PHOTOS, VIDEO, NSFW) We find it kind of ironic when celebrities oftentimes complain about their privacy, then turn around and share way too much about themselves be it on Twitter, in talk-show interviews, or by “forgetting” important undergarments when the paparazzi are around. Jan 2, 2015 Explore caboodlepink’s board “Celebrity before and after pictures” on Pinterest.

See more ideas about Celebrities before and after, Celebrity plastic surgery, Plastic surgery. Before you start comparing yourselves to them, keep in mind that their photos are usually the case of being photoshopped excessively. So don’t worry, nobody looks like photoshop pictures in real life. Celebrity photoshop takes it to another dimension by also setting unrealistic beauty standards to their young followers.

Though sometimes, with a touch from an inexperienced. Celebrity Before and after Plastic Surgery Pictures. Celebrities are viewed differently by everyone in the world. There is so much expectations they have to live up to.

This is because they are in most cases placed on a pedestal and are expected to be perfect. This might be the reason why most of them are turning to plastic surgery to try and fix their flaws and maintain a youthful appearance. 10 Celebrities You Won’t Even Recognize In Their Yearbook Pictures Duration: 3:32. TheTalko Recommended for you.

Most Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss Before and After 13 Before And After Photos That Will Make You Wonder If These Celebrities Have Had Surgery surgery rumours after photos appeared showing her nose looking slimmer than it did when she first. 30 Before And After Photos That Shows The Power Of Makeup These transformed women’s face shows the skill and talent of the makeup artist.

They use nothing more than a little contouring and light shade makeup.

List of related literature:

The pictures were genuine and she was happy for them to be published to generate interest and reignite her career.

“Fashion Marketing Communications” by Gaynor Lea-Greenwood
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Celebrities whose images were shared in this way were berated firstly for having been stupid enough to take the image and secondly for not having secured their data well enough.

“NSFW: Sex, Humor, and Risk in Social Media” by Susanna Paasonen, Kylie Jarrett, Ben Light
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Over time, such photos have been released several times to different individuals.

“Penetration: Special Edition: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy” by Ingo Swann, Stanley Krippner, PhD, Janet Lee Mitchell, PhD, Thomas McNear
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How can you learn the lessons from these celebs, and not make the same mistakes?

“Get Rich, Lucky Bitch: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First-Class Life” by Denise Duffield Thomas
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Some of the most unflattering and ruthless tabloid pictures were

“Worth Fighting For: Love, Loss and Moving Forward” by Lisa Niemi Swayze
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Receiving that level of exposure of a mistake with a much-loved celebrity could have been brand damaging.

“Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing” by Simon Kingsnorth
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Most every sibling or child of a celebrity never trusted anyone.

“Stormy Weather: The Life of Lena Horne” by James Gavin
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One of the first things a person notices when they become a celebrity is that the people around them suddenly treat them differently.

“Famous Enough: A Hollywood Memoir” by Diane McBain, Michael Gregg Michaud
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Celebrity did not always guarantee long-term likability.

“Money Players: Inside the New NBA” by Armen Keteyian, Harvey Araton, Martin F. Dardis
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Celebrities are just human, of course; everyone makes mistakes and if they are caught out then the chances are that BIG will already have a system in place to deal with it.

“Mr Paparazzi” by Darryn Lyons
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  • I think if only we would take a minimum of care of our face/body we wouldn’t need to have plastic surgery, when you change something about your face or body you will want new surgeries not because you want to reach perfection but because you want get back the former you or perhaps the younger you. Take care of what you have, the transformation usually it’s horrid, if it’s the nose I would never get used to it,.

  • Zendaya’s picture is as flawless as reality can get. Though I don’t tend too think being skin and bones is that pretty to look at as a woman. But her real thighs look almost perfect in that pose. What did they think taking away her tiny curves would enhance? We all have, or at least I hope, we all have a picture of ourselves that happens to catch every feature in its best light and angle. Our peak attractive moment. This is hers! They were blind and arrogant to mess with this picture anywhere besides the background. She looks so lovely that the coast line can’t complete.

  • Hey Azzy you want a kiss ok here �� sorry they don’t have a kisses Emoji lol someone was like hey miracle want a kiss I was like ewww no and he said ok fine and pulled out his kiss I was like WAIT YES OK he said nope you said no btw this was at lunch in 5th grade last year who here’s watching from 2020 and thinks summer went by too fast����me i do

  • Justin Bieber’s Photoshop was as off as the earth to the moon!! That waist down bulk belongs to a 6’0 200lbs black male…you funny Justin..but No! ����

  • Des chirurgies plus ou moins réussies dommages de s esquinter pour suivre une mode ou faire plaisir au chirurgien restons dans la légèreté dans ce domaine il y a les crèmes et les vitamines qui aident aussi ainsi que different produits de base

  • I love the topics of these videos…but this narrator is trying so hard to be funny and is so unfunny that I both cringe and get annoyed watching. I can’t even finish the videos she narrates, so I will no longer be watching this channel. Great topics though!

  • To anyone reading this… never do drugs! It will ruin your life and could be dangerous if you have to much! Doing drugs will put you life at risk! Stay safe and remember what I said

  • 1:18 Madonna still looked great in the before photo. This was before she went overboard with all the fillers and plastic surgery. Her face now has completely lost its distinctiveness.

  • Too bad that celebrities and models don’t see their photoshopped pictures as phoney wax figures of the real thing. The end result is the opposite of perfection.

  • Wow! Eye fulljoyed Charlotte Dobre’s Jew-wish accent and somewhat British impersonation.

    Now, that’s a show by, or in it self…Just do the Graspmatyx and k-now (not no, the letters k and w are not silent, and why should they be?). What’s Graspmatyx e-mail [email protected]

  • It must be pretty gutting when someone takes your pic then edits the crap out of it when you’re not there!! That’s gotta hurt! It’s one thing touching up your own photos but it’s an insult when someone feels the need to it. It must sting! Also, where TF has Eva Mendes’ facial beauty spot gone! ��

  • Megan is still gorgeous, and I’m not so sure she’s been ‘under the knife.’ definitely had injections and maybe some botox but nothing on her seems re-constructed.

  • The real reason they call it a Hershey kiss is because when the chocolate hit the conveyor belt it sounded like a kiss got that from a Melton Hershey bio

  • Lip augmentation makes most of them duck faced. Nose jobs, some good, most bad. Fillers and botox most artificial results. Too much pressure in these aging stars to look youthful. You can never recapture that, learn to age gracefully and love yourself.

  • most are not surgery but noninvasive method of skin tightening. Med Spas offer many methods. No down time. A friction of surgery’s cost.

  • Perfection suggests a state of flawlessness, without any defects. To be perfect implies a condition whereby your action or performance attains a level of excellence that cannot be exceeded.

    We have flaws, regrets, desires — we wish something on our body would look differently than it does. We wish we were smarter, faster, thinner, stronger. We see all these things we want to change, and we ridicule ourselves when we can’t seem to make them happen.
    We can’t be everything at once, all the time, and for everyone.
    If you’re a “perfectionist” this may initially sound like a bad thing, but it’s not! Let it free you — to open your heart, to feel the embrace of acceptance, and to truly and finally love yourself and those you care for.

    Remember:= You are perfect just the way you are.

  • Priscilla Presley was beautiful before she had that plastic surgery Elvis saw her now as much as he loved her he’d be all shook up a mad. Saying what have they done to my beautiful cillia.?????

  • YOU FOOL!!! Britney Spears never even did drugs police tested her and found no drugs in her blood she is just stressed out from all the drama ��

  • PLEASEinstead of saying how horrible people look why don’t you take a minute and ask yourself, “why would these people go through these expensive and painful procedures?” We have done this. We demand that they don’t age or we replace them with younger people. I work in the entertainment industry and was at dinner with one of the top TV stars from decades ago. In the middle of dinner someone walked up to us and saidto be nice “you used to be so beautiful” to her. She thanked him, signed an autograph and didn’t say anything. When I asked her how often that happened she said “every day, almost every single time I go out”. Of course they looked better before but they want to continue to earn a living. The public wants youth and all of the people in these videos must please the companies that hire themregardless of how rich you think they are. So “why did they ruin their faces?” Because they found that regardless of talent we wanted them less every single day.

  • 1:13 Macaulay culkin I am surprised about he ain’t the little innocent home alone boy any more but I gotta say he doesn’t look that bad after (P.S he is not cute but he looks like some other dudes with long hair)

  • I know this was realeased like two years ago but Oli London will definitely fit in here. He spent like $100 000 on plastic surgery just to look like Jimin.����

  • Explain why most of these people had to have surgery, so young women will understand they shouldn’t rush out to have surgery/ copy /look like their ‘idols’… it’s not all about being trendy..

  • They looked so pretty before plastic surgery! Guys, dont love yourself for looks but your personality. Looks never matter. But the most good looking people get to be celebs, dont feel bad if u want to be one

  • World’s best model you’re all the most beautiful girls in the world.
    I am a former best model man, but our girls are all beautiful from each other and attractive wonder you are the most important parts of the fashion world, if you were not someone could not talk about fashion modeling and beauty as the most important factor that should be seen in this world, girls, I love you harishkansun way open luck, all of you wonderful girls, in the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I served as an instructor I trained girls like you four podium eight podium walks coorography and what else I taught halada training girls I love you all I wish you success

  • Honestly all of these women look better in the untouched photos. Not just the already young and skinny ones like Zendaya either, but Beyonce and Britney and Madonna too. They look like real people who are actually their age, and if seeing textured skin or lines on their faces changes your perception of these incredibly talented women in any way, you seriously need to spend some time reevaluating your thought process. A woman’s value shouldn’t change based on her looks.

  • I think Cameron Diaz has aged well and still looks pretty even after the surgery. I have to say though, Courtney Cox completely ruined herself. Even in Friends, you could tell she had gotten HEAPS of surgery in between the episodes.

  • If you look at pictures of Mimi Minaj when she was a kid she is almost the same color she is now. Black people her color which is similar to mine get summer darkh skin and winter lighter skin. I go through many shades of brown from dark to light.

  • I think that natural women are the most gorgeous. Yes I know how society is. To repair damage from accidents and burns and such is one thing. Keep it natural.

  • Britney Spears never went on drugs,
    In 2007 she suffered a mental breakdown alarmingly, paparazzi who captured her behaving erratically, at one point attacking a car with an umbrella and shaving her head.

  • I dont think that dmx has ever taken drugs lol, and dennis rodman has his own personality and thats why he looks like he looks today

  • Lo único que hay que hacer para no arrepentirse es buscar un buen cirujano plástico, estar asesorados y ver trabajos recientes, para tu hacerlo!!!! Yo estoy a favor de la cirugía plástica mil por mil…..mas a cierta edad que uno necesita arreglitos….

  • When I was a kid I watched Phil Collins Land of confusion video and had now idea that celebrities from that time would be turned into the characters from that video with the help of plastic surgery. It really is creepy all most like deja vu.

  • Well everybody looks better younger especially in the photos your re uploading as many of them are I. Their 20s! For their ages the work looks great. I’d rather be 60 with no wrinkles and plump then sagging and wrinkling!

  • cameron diaz was was always pretty from young age then now. Cathriane still looks beautiful with or without plastic surgrey. courtney never needed the plastic surgery she is always pretty, on camera and off camera.

  • This video proves what I have always believed. You are what you are, take care of your health and just let it be. Aging is not a bad thing at all. Many people look far better with age on them, don’t try to alter nature, be yourself.

  • Sadly only jazz and Gina are truly passable and undetectable. And whoever jaimie Wilson is and almost Janet but only if she smiles. I have no clue who half these people are. Music was so annoying and the video so slow, I gave up 4 mins in

  • Men are to able to discriminate between a young lamb and an ironed turtle. No surgery can make you love yourself. Madonna, to you: there are a number of phases in our life. Every age has their lights and shadows. Surrender… and embrace the third age with pride!

  • I watched an interview with Sharon Osbourne and she talked about getting her vagina tightened��She said it was excruciating I think I will just stick to Keagle’s LOL

  • To be honest after watching all these plastic surgery and I felt very sad for all these ladies and I believe l will never trust with plastic surgery any more I my life!

  • Growing up looking at celebs and even people I’ve personally known, its obvious that the surgeon’s history has to be considered. Many have the usual changes while others are clearly done by someone who is very good at their craft. That blow fish look(Versace)…what in the hell o_O? Then there are the surgeons that are absolute pros at it. Some modifications I can understand, while others have me screaming “YOU WERE AGEING BEAUTIFULLY, WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE/BODY??? that was your signature! ” Personally I enjoy growing older and welcome every white strand or wrinkle that pops up. As for as celebs that I’ve followed thru out the years, there are some (men and women) that did it right and many that have me confused. Took me a while to understand this subject. It was right up there with transgender. To each their own. Live your life, be happy.

  • The kardashians control all their pap pics too and pay them to edit their photographs before they release them. Otherwise they’ll sue them.

  • I think it’s horrible how Beyoncé always has to have retouched photos. She hates unflattering photos. She needs to just be herself. It’s why I’m not a fan of hers. She is way overrated.

  • Ok so fix the face, but sooner or later you will need to remove your clothes and trust me, you’re age will show. But gotta say that Jennifer Grey looks awesome.

  • Her nose and bleaching her skin were done many years ago,btw she doesn’t have hair anymore,too much glue for too long destroyed her ability of growing hair

  • Tyra’s nose was better before: 0:30. Now nose makes whole face look like it’s not balanced and too angular. She is still now very beautiful though. �� But what you get naturally usually goes beautifully together with the rest you got. ��

  • You can run but you can’t hide… Too many stars and known people like Linda Thompson, Jackson, Presley, Cher, Demi Moore and many others have opted to have plastic put into their faces. It’s obvious this procedure is not perfected regardless of who does this or how much $$$ is handed over, be it, Beverly Hills or Mexico. We see this so many times, overdone and sometimes, a reconstructed train wreck. Looks like their face collided with a wall and still swollen. Who would do this to iron out a wrinkle? Or risk, ultimately looking like a different person and sometimes a freak attacked by some man-eating virus?

  • Kim got booty….no..She have surgeries
    Those baby hairs….i don’t know if u mean edges but if they are on her forehead, that’s a widows peak…i have one. I think it’s unique and beautiful

  • This is the problem with drug education, if you lie to people they will find out and not trust your judgement. It’s clear most of these pictures of people as they got older or when they weren’t ready for a picture. Half of theses people aren’t druggies

  • Most of those before pics looked better than the afters…. Really sad to think those freaky looking after pics are supposed to be the “beauty standard” ��

  • They transform you into what they say is appeasing to the eye… they all look fake and these girls really need to stop bleaching their skin.. so corny!!!!

  • Kim K: Fake nose, lips, eyes, boobs, behind….. fake personality maybe….? Youth want to be like her….
    What’s wrong whith this world…..

  • They didn’t really show the before and after very well I mean there were some very bad pics of Madonna all haggard before her surgery circa 2007!!!

  • Money to burn! Some jobs are okay, many are horrible! One of the most obvious signs are people whose eyes end up looking Chinese or they have lines going out to the sides of their mouths and their faces just look plastic like Melania Trump! One of the best jobs ever was the late great comedian Phyllis Diller who looked like she didn’t have work done but she did. I’ve always though celebs should find out who her plastic surgeon was and go to him instead! And I think Renee Zelwegger looks okay now but she did get rid of her very distinctive Lapland i.e. northern Norwegian look and I’ve wonder what her mother who is was born in Norway thought of that? Now Renee just looks like another typical all -American blonde girl and doesn’t have a unique face anymore like the woman stars of the 1930s and 40s had along with their very distinctive voices along with the famous male stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Some had work done back then too, but many still had unique faces that were natural! There’s a great book I have about that great era called, “They Had Faces Then” with short bios in the back of all the female stars of the 1920s, 30s and 40s….check it out if interested! Thanks for sharing

  • It’s just vanity why people just can’t age gracefully you can’t stop for the time I don’t care how much money you got they look like fools and jackasses and it shows you how the devil make a fool out of you

  • There are a lot of comments like “they looked better before the surgeries”, but I think that the point of having all those surgeries done is to “try” to keep that young look or idk… Everyone should do what makes them feel good with themselves and ppl who constantly make them feel bad about the way they look, no matter what they do about it, are the ones who should mind their own business.


    කුමක්දමම කෑගැසුවෙමි නමුත් ඔහු මහිමයට පත්වනු ඇත ත්‍රාසජනක සිදුවීමක් ඔහු අනෙක් පැත්තෙන් බලා සිටින අතර එමඟින් මේ මුළු ජීවිතයම කුඩාඅශික්ෂිතආත්මාර්ථකාමී පෙනුමක් ලබා දෙනු ඇත මරණය අපට බිය නැත

  • I don’t see anything wrong with most of these pictures. It just seems like they’re old or just weren’t ready to take a picture.
    I did say most, so here are the (maybe) real drug users:
    and that’s it.

  • Magazines will Photoshop anything that isn’t European like cus apparently because people with Europeans like features are hotter than everyone else

  • The picture of Zendaya almost took me out I couldn’t stop laughing Zendaya is beautiful but why would they do that picture like that������

  • Madonna’s just ridiculous with her surgeries!!! She’s starting to look like Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” A person can age gracefully and still be beautiful! Beauty is within and that’s what people fall in love with!!

  • Do the numbers on the side of my classes have hidden meanings?
    Edit: I googled it, it just means the specific code for my prescription

  • 3:28 you can’t even tell which one it is at a certain point, because some get plastified into one and the same idealised beauty puppet I mean, did anyone else think that this was not Megan Fox, but Lindsey Lohan?

  • Why don’t they outlaw photos shop like they did fur wearing?? Killin humans with fake unreachable demands is more important than wearing fur in the cold weather.. humans have lost their ability to care about their bodies because of this.. dance floors are ghost towns being scared of real photos

  • i knew the baskin Rodin logo i knew that already and mc donolds is not in mexico bc last time to visit my family and i asked “weres Mc. Donalds?” my mom said” theres no Mc. Donalds here” i was like WAIT WUT

  • AzzyThe kiss is right here
    Mewhere I cant see it
    Azzy I wanna be ur friend im maria and in in India if I had money I would come to Canada to meet u and im 10 so I dont think i can come there alone especially in quarantine and pls reply to me ��luv u and ur videos