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Why You Don’t Go to the Gym as Much as You Should. by Coach Stevo. June 22, 2016. 50 Comments.

Share it: In a survey I conducted for a newsletter, I asked potential and current personal training clients why they wished to hire a personal trainer. Far and away the top response was “lack of motivation.” In fact, that and “no time” are. Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak says that going to the gym should only be used as a way to tone muscles. You can get fit by eating healthy and staying active outside of the gym. If you do go to the gym, you really only need to spend 30 minutes there at the most, since you should only be targeting certain body parts and not doing cardio.

Go to the gym once, and the results can be hard to see. Collect a check at the gym, and the results are in your pocket. But let’s assume you can’t find somebody to pay you to work out (a likely. People who have just started going to the gym or who don’t have much time to go usually decide to the gym once or twice a week. While this is a good way to maintain a basic level of fitness, this frequency is not enough for your body to adapt to new muscle work, so you won’t see physical changes or an improvement in your athletic performance.

Once you’re committing to staying fit, you don’t want anything come between you and your workout. Even when you’re on a tight schedule, you find a way to fit in an exercise session. Fortunately, when you’re exercising at home, that’s not so hard to do.

If you’re more of an endurance athlete (running, cycling, swimming) then you fall in the middle, Cooper says. Someone in the middle needs more than the casual gym-goer, but you don’t need as much as someone doing hard-core strength training. Most.

Not only is it the most boring piece of equipment in the gym, it is also extremely ineffective. First off, the elliptical doesn’t use a natural body motion to work your body. You don’t.

Many people go to the gym, because they like the social part of it, the group training they can do, and the variety of equipment they can use. If you are self-motivated and build the habit to do it on your own, then do an at-home workout or program. Many times people need accountability and the gym is one way to do it. If you want to go the gym more often, you can but don’t work overwork tired muscles. They need the rest.

Instead, try a restorative yoga class. Take advantage of the sauna or whirlpool to ease soreness. Walk around the track. Benefits: A three to four day schedule allows for adequate rest.

Muscles don’t grow when you’re lifting weights. If you are completely sedentary, this might be very taxing and you’ll have to rest more, and do less at first. On the other hand, if you’re in somewhat good shape, this workout might be too easy.

Always meet challenges at your own fitness level, that’s what you’ll build on.

List of related literature:

But if you make the commitment of traveling to the gym for half an hour, you will most likely decide that you’re going to put in some work so you won’t have gone there for nothing.

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It’s too expensive to go to the gym.

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But it doesn’t follow that the gym is the only answer.

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But what happens when you’re sick, too tired, or just don’t have time for the gym?

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lowers the cost of going to the gym at the moment of decision when they may not feel like exerting the effort to go.

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And second, you don’t need a gym or fancy equipment; heck, it takes more time to drive to the gym and change clothes than it does to actually work out.

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The gym is really tiny and there is never enough equipment.

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• Some people love going to a gym, where they can be around other like‑minded exercisers.

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Because the effort Annemarie must exert to get to the gym is an issue of distance, she can’t do much to reduce the actual amount of effort that action requires.

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When you use your body for resistance, you don’t need tojoin a gym and feel intimidated about working out in front of angry dudes wearing sweat-stained Megadeth T-shirts.

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  • I think going to the gym should not only have net positive return but also net positive calves (my first calves comment) ��
    I love you Mr. Isuf. You drive me to put in work at the gym even during my bad days. Thank you.

  • For me the issue wasn’t about the discomfort of working out but rather feeling weak and tired (while working out) yesterday I just stopped my training because the quality of the workout isn’t there anymore..

  • Getting back to the gym last year was the best choice I have ever made. I was in a bad place. My confidence was non existent not just with my appearance but with other things. After losing 70 pounds and 15%bf while getting stronger at the same time has improved all aspects of my life. It empowers me to tackle all obstacles in my life when I see that barbell in front of me. Some of us are meant to be in the gym to feel complete. When I slack off I feel like I am missing something in my life.

  • I realized this 4 month before
    Now im focusing on my exam with doing ( weight training at home with dumble rod pushups pullups laungs and sprints..
    And getting same result as in gym for last 1 year

  • I have been thinking about this recently. I guess I started lifting 5 years ago. But I probably could attain the physique I have now with 3-6 months of actual solid work if I had to start again. I’ve spent a lot of time and money lifting, trying various programs and supplements, tracking food, and most of it has been a waste. Although I enjoyed some of it, it’s probably not the best way I could have spent my time. Recently I’ve been trying bodyweight exercises and a few months ago I started running. These things don’t really suit my large frame and I’m sure I’ll get back to lifting again in a few months, but for now, I’m excited to run as often as possible and I’m facing new challenges just using pushup and plank variations. Sometimes it’s ok to switch it up and have fun instead of chasing this make-believe ‘grind’. Thanks for the timely video Bromar!

  • Spot on advice. I usse another little trick to gt the job done. I don’t have much trouble with not wanting to go to the gym but just dont look forward to a tough work out. so I tell myself to just go play today. Maybe only go 75% and maybe try new exercises. I start off tht way with no pressure but before I know it I’m into my regular routine and never look back.

  • Perfect sense. My imaginary thoughts of working out is what stops me. Not limited to just exercise either, but just about most things that take more than 10 minutes to complete. For example, I used to be a triathlete. My wife wants to start riding bikes with me, I stopped riding 6 years ago. I want to ride, but my imaginary thoughts about the entire process involved with, prepping the bikes, loading, driving,unloading, riding, loading, driving, unloading, cleaning etc, just wear me out and makes me tired. I’m trying to change my thinking, it’s been a lot of work. I think my addiction to the internet has something to do with my problem. My attention span is very limited, My brain thinks like I’m surfing the web like a madman, searching for something, but I don’t know what it is. And I never will, because it’s a fake. Anyways, I’m going to workout now. Thanks

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  • why would you work out when you could do jujitsu then you see the teacher then you want that live and like 3 years later youre a purple belt you start a school then get a Mercedes then the family. working out is for idiots.

  • Remember, you’ve done it hundreds of times before, it’s just the lead up that’s changed, not the actual work. Once you’re in the zone, it’s all good and you’ll think ‘what was that about’. You’ll feel great once you’re done.

  • Never worked out joe.i actually physicaly work 6 days week 10 hrs a day!!most people don’t have the free time you have Joe you are way out of touch with reality.

  • How very very true! I can attest that I’ve skipped work outs before and usually regret it, but if I ignore all my justifications on why it would better not to work out, and actually go work out, I feel soooooo much better, both physically but maybe more importantly, psychologically! One “trick” is just to tell myself that I’m only going to do a light set for one muscle group but when I actually get in the gym, it’s like my whole perspective and motivation changes and I end up having a full workout and go home feeling pretty damn good about myself!

  • Hello Sean,
    Great content as usual. I just wish you could upload good stuff like this more often man!
    I particularly would like to know more of your perspective of muscle imbalances. I watched an old video of you talking about it but I think maybe you should make an updated version if you have more to say on this subject.

  • Really enjoying my metal changes on how I view my gym time but every time I get a groove for a few weeks I get this strain on the left of my neck that causes me to skip a few days. KILLING MY FLOW

  • I hate going to the gym. Not because of laziness, because it’s boring I prefer outdoor activities to stay fit. Lifting heavy objects is the most braindead activity one can do.

  • Been lifting since junior year of high school, now I just started running. My damn legs feel like they will fall apart every morning after 3.5 miles on the trail. But nothing feels better than after your done, and the weight falls.