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The Only Goal-Getting Tip You’ll Ever Need. by Coach Stevo. September 29, 2014. 19 Comments.

Share it: I like to think of goals as Point B—that place you want to get to from here (Point A). And, obviously, you want to find the path that gets you from Point A to Point B the most quickly. This idea is simple enough, but it can be surprisingly. The Only Productivity Tip You’ll Ever Need Next Article -shares; Let’s talk about the only productivity strategy you’ll ever need, why it works, and what holds us back from using it.

Let’s talk about the only productivity strategy you’ll ever need, why it works, and what holds us back from using it consistently. Productivity, Simplified. No need to draw this out. This productivity strategy is straightforward: Do the most important thing. Want instant, easily-accessible, 24-7 coaching from PRO Fortnite players?

Then check out our website: See more highly informat. You’re meant to eat breakfast, get plenty of fat, make sure you never eat processed food, miss at least one meal a day (ideally breakfast), cut out carbs entirely, only eat pre-made. In my business as a recruiter and a career coach, I talk to job seekers every day who are kind of all-over-the-place. There are a thousand critical details involved in a successful job search, and the typical candidate focuses on whatever piece of the process that’s currently tripping them up—the resume or their interview skills or how to write the perfect thank you note.

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It will skip everything and take you directly to the DVD menu. So full of tips and angles that only a booby or a billionaire could not benefit. New York Times For nearly forty years, The Only Investment Guide You ll Ever Need has been a favorite finance guide, earning the allegiance of millions.This completely updated edition will show you the best way to manage your money, no matter what your means.

Not only does it get your hands clean, but it makes them feel so soft, too! Second, it’s almost laughable how easy it is to make. You’ll only need two ingredients!

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Not every tip will work in every situation.

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by John Mueller
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Then they’re embarrassed about giving you a tip.

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That is why I don’t believe in tips.

“Reminiscences of a Stock Operator: With New Commentary and Insights on the Life and Times of Jesse Livermore” by Edwin Lefèvre, Jon D. Markman, Paul Tudor Jones
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After all, why try harder when society has decided that you’re getting a tip anyway, with the default setting at 15 percent?

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But this was more than a tip.

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No tip is ever enough.

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So spread out your tips and make them in small amounts.

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These days, I temper my tipping to some extent, but I still tip.

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  • Bro here is another tip that can find empty servers in mobile/tablet step 1: Download firefox step 2: download BTRoblox step 3: open your roblox then wait for it to load after that go back to firefox step 4: login your roblox account to firefox step 5: your nearly done just find a game then press the button that has the symbol >> like that after you press it you will see no servers but press < symbol continuesly until you see players like pick only 1 or 2 players in the server that you find.

  • one comment on shrapnel, it does not stack! to all the ppl out there, stop casting it on the same area thinking it’ll do triple the slow and damage!

  • 1:31 Unless you are like me, who almost never reads it. It’s helpful but only for like bank, j store, msm, and sometimes double p (to me at least).

  • I sort goals to daily goals/short term goals/long term goals. I feel like setting yourself a daily, simple goal helps with trying to reach even the short term goals.

  • I always look on yt for private server then go to upload and you click on the one that hasnt been watched thar much so you can grind by yourself or with a friend and when its uploaded (np):D

  • I know this is 2 years later but I’ve been catching up on your videos.

    I was wondering, I havent seen one, if you could do a video about the rune pouch.

    A list of runes to put in it for better use. Such as I know if you put three times of runes together in the pouch you have b2p & high alch. And combo for all standard tele. Maybe something like. “Use these in pouch plus this one on side so you can use all these spells” thanks in advance.

  • Tip: when your in your VIP server or friends VIP server try to rob the plane and try to open as many create bc they can give you keycard sometimes only and look out the minimap bc they plane will leave the map and you start to take damage if you can if you have mobile garage spawn a car and it will glitch out and save you

  • I agree with Innemannen, also try and apply your tips in the video to Youtube, if you haven’t already. I mean the video was just flat out great life advice and has all kinds of applications. Also going to quick tips as opposed to ‘6…’ removes that threshold and can lead to a better flow in the videos. Can’t wait to see what else you have!

  • I feel like this video isn’t just 6 tips for setting goals in osrs, but also just tips for setting goals in real life. Fantastic advice dude! Thank you.

  • Speedy can I make a request since I’ve been taking break, the items have changed, I don’t know what to buy early items for all roles. Please respond, it’ll make my day. Thanks!

  • Ive played with a very annoying master tier sniper who uses his 3rd skill everytime rune spawns just so he can deny it and prevent me from getting advantage from those runes.

  • For the no robux players there try to find servers with less police that what i do and play for hours if you have the time for that��

  • I wanna pay respects to speed because I did quit dota for a while, and I came back this year, and I’ve always followed this channel even when I quitted Dota, but rn I’ve been actually doing much better than before quitting. And I think taking the tips seriously have helped, specially mentality

  • Remember old sniper with old third skill, hurricane pike, lvl25 talent range and rapier hit from highground fuck i love old sniper

  • Can you make video like this on midlane void spirit? It is an amazing hero, I love it, but i have only 42%winrate with it and idk why.

  • First vheicle i bought is lamborghini cuz i was just being a noob walking around having no idea hoe to play the game and then i realized hoe to play and bought the lambo then i got the volt bike and i didnt been a criminal a SINGLE TIME during the volt bilke grind cuz im good being the cop

  • What I expect from speeedHow to destroy smurfs(joker,morph,meepo,etc)
    What speed actually uploadsHow to play the easiest hero of Dota that literally got 2 skills out of which 1 is to be positioned.

  • Just got into OSRS from RS3 when mobile dropped, just wanted to say your videos are awesome. I like how you emphasize having fun in this game rather than just the grind. Good job man.

  • Btw if they patch the whole thing with the cross hair if u have a gaming monitor u can go the settings and enable a tiny dot in the middle of ur screen

  • Lol when you say to choose a wise vehicle I realize that my only vehicle is camaro, blade, and volt bike. Are does good vehicles lol

  • I think the way you could make sniper broken is when 1.have strong frontliners and meta supports and 2.there’s no slark, tusk or axe (at least if you are have 3k mmr like me:( )

  • I bought all gamepasses expect vip waste of robux i love duffel bag one i recommend that i bought mobile garage swat pass crime boss and music

  • I know what are you doing here. Basics are same everyone knows. You are just a commentery of whatever a pro do. I can show you a lot of contradictions from your own sayings. So this is not working.

  • your awsome man. stopped playing after wild and now tgat im back i feel like a noob. fprgot so mich and alot of new things too and your tips save my ass

  • I almost exclusively play mid. I’m not at a good mmr or anything but almost every sniper player if not all gets very comfortable in lane, so much that they forget about kill potential at 6 against them. Games against sniper is usually a free win.

  • Late to the party but i have a ton of small milestones and goals that are basically the things i wanted to get/do when i played this back in 2007 when i never got any shit done.

  • I have recently subbed and I love the recent upload amount, and I’m like “Well, the content might be a bit stale if there’s such a good upload schedule.” But I was very wrong. This content is great! Congrats on 35k, bro, u deserve it!

  • There was literally no update and since 7.23c he said dont ever play sniper, its trash and now all of sudden in the same 7.23c sniper is broken, literally ran out of content and just spewing random shit at this point. Literally anything is broken for him when he’s out of content.

  • If you are interested in learning more about 1:1 Monitor Distance I would suggest reading up on it. It maintains the actual sensitivity at the point of aim. This is generally the most useful games where there is a lot of tracking, recoil control. So basically give it a shot and don’t instantly revert to your old ways without trying.

  • this video is so weird bc its really good and motivational but its for a game that’s by definition a time waster lol but rs is life ;p

  • I’ve been recommended you since you were at 5k subs and I joined when you hit like 23k subs just gotta say for the most part I’ve seen improvement

  • GUYS do any of you have more then 1 mil cash bc if you do I rlly need or want to buy the military hello so pls I would love if any of you could give me the rest for the new/old heli pls KaN pls could you pls give me money for it and I’m using your guide so pls KaN reach out to me and spare me some cash pls

  • Still too line up dependence, the enemy had a mid-late game comp (carry gonna have 3 items, es may have blink+1) which is already pass the weak point of sniper. Sniper is still the same hero from last patch, except he can’t go for necro into agh now.

  • my grinding pattern is museum powerplant while having museum bag then to the volcano base then bank and jew then repeat and btw I grind with my friends if one of us or all of us oof we give eachother a key card but my friend call me the keycard man because I always turn into a cop before they can

  • one thing i learned from sniper mid is put a ward near the med camp next to mid. on highground or not, does not matter. this is for 2 reasons, 1 spot out gankers 2. so you don’t have to wrap around the trees to get the camp and can farm it from tower.

  • If you used to play 83 ads before, and you now wanna make all the scopes the same, I made a short video about that.
    (I dont want to self advertise, but I feel like there is a lot of people struggling with finding their old sens especially when they played 1:1)

  • Why torpedo is better:
    -Limited Edition Car
    -Fast Top Speed for playing with friends or joyriding or even car chase
    -Very good looking car

  • if you’re paying attention to the game it makes sense to do the high intensive methods such as 2 tick woodcutting, 3tick fucking and if you wanna afk it make sense doing afk methods.

  • Just tried this on my ranked game am and ember spirit cant do anything, they cant even jump on me thanks speed free +30mmr lmao
    Match ID: 5578808920

  • almost closed at the “thank you guys for watching if you enjoyed like and subscribe ” part, good thing I didnt miss the sniper “bonus” content

  • i can get 100k from arresting a day but it takes awhile u just need an alt account u arrest ur alt and whateveer cell its in u stay there hit urself with the prisoner alt account then arrest it and once the cell opens up do it again i do it and get 100k each day but im only doing it to get lvl 50 for the nuke lol i wanna get the rocket spoiler and radient yellow texture xD

  • Hope to see your channel grow more and the progress on your account is bomb, have a good day man and keep putting out the good content and I have no doubt you’ll grow:)

  • How are this pro?! Your videos are too good.

    I agree with your point 100%. We need to learn to let go of what we can’t control and gain value from the journey.

  • I got 500k in a day just by following these simple tips:
    Always start off with the Armi Heli, if u lose it, don’t go all the way back, instead spawn a volt bike.
    Always use Jetpack to skips near-death scenarios such as hobbies or cops.
    Get the Boss game pass as it saves your time of camping near stores.
    Never grind alone as friends keep company and can break you out of handcuffs
    Always make sure you check your mini-map in case of camping cops on jew
    Lastly, follows a damn grinding method.
    Mine Is:
    Msm, pp, bank, jew, doughnut, gas, cargoplane, cargoship

  • The pattern I use is: Bank, Jewelry store, museum, power plant. With bigger duffel bag each cycle gives about 15k and only takes 5-8 minutes

  • i just checked this video coz this is what i always do with sniper. found out that maxing 1st and 2nd is the best skill build early game. its a very good build for harassing enemy during laning phase. for the build, i always rush mkb after madness. its op for me coz ive seen a lot of my teamfights where i can just rain down shrapnel, madness and stand in front of the enemies, just attacking then and they just die.

  • nice video, idk if i did something wrong or if i misunderstood but when i have it on standard with 50 my zoomed scope sens dont feel 1:1 with my hipfire at all, any help?

  • All of these tips are exactly how ive been doing it for years.. Glad in doing it right. Lol. For example right now I’m working on 1-70 agility. As soon as I get 70 agility I get to beast out some combat. Although 66-70 agility I am struggling to get through, I will be sooo happy to move along to easier skills that are actually entertaining.

  • I am nearing a weight goal and plan to drink/eat junk food ONLY every other weekend to maintain that weight, while continuing with at least 200 total minutes of workouts each week.
    Is there any part of your process that you recommend I apply?

  • One tip that I missed is setting a daily goal. Like what do you plan to achieve today. A certain quest, 200k xp in a skill, earn a mill ect. Something to aim for

  • Have you had success in other goal setting techniques? I know one size doesn’t fit all, but I found the simpler the better. Whispering: Teeeelllll me your secrets.

  • Really like your vids! They give me some extra boost to keep grinding those skills! subscribed!

    Note: nr3. 700 total level and a max cape statement. i had 90 fletching when i had 675 total level 😉

  • is it just me or did ubisoft changed the ads speed for the vertical grip?
    i was playing Echo yesterday on the tts and his ads time was a little faster than it used to be, also i found it with kapkan smg.
    But when i try this on attack there is no difference between the new and the old ads speed.

  • grind grind grind grind. Do yourself a favor and quit now and focus on life and start a business i wasted so many years on this game and i cant get back.
    After 12 years you realise runescape is just a time waster that never ends

  • My current goals are these, never got to do any of these back in 07, going for em now:)
    The last 4 goals are way way long term.
    65 ATT/STR
    Complete a Master Clue Scroll
    Legends Guild
    Full Guthans
    Dragon boots
    Abby Whip
    Barrows gloves
    void set
    miner set from MLM
    fighter torso
    swan song
    70 base stats
    10M cash stack
    20M cash stack
    100% Rep in Miscellenia
    175 Quest Points
    Fire Cape
    Music Cape
    Max Cape
    Completion Cape

  • Extra tip! Play at night, people are usually easier to deal with, less people are online (smaller servers, less cops etc) and if u play with friends it just seems like you have a more fun time then just playing solo, and if u r playing alone, just have some headphones on and listen to music while y play(not in game because u can barely hear the song over the engine)

  • Hi 50fifty how do you unlock new operators is it like with renown or packs? but if you have any best operators that are cheap if you have to get them with renown what are the best cause I’m looking at ones like Valkyrie IQ Ash Thermite Sledge. Pls reply

  • Lmao, you start to be a clown. In every video you have the same title, super broken, lol. Sniper is not even once broken, this is just a good sniper game. This was a good sniper game because they had legion and void, heroes who jump in and disable heroes. With legion who duel someone and void chrono at least 2 heroes of course Sniper become a free dmg dealer. And Dire team have tide and terror, 2 heros who plays around big cd skills, space for sniper to be free farm. “Why you need to play sniper “, lmao. You learn small mmr players to spam sniper and be afk farming mid and also pick sniper random into heros like anti mage. The most painfull way to play dota in this patch for your teammates is to pick hard farmers mid when you already have a hard farmer. Your broken hero have 45% win rate and under 41% in immortal braket lol.

  • How about “10 quests to start up skills”?

    Quests like waterfall quest and the dig site that have low requirements but give out good XP rewards to start off skills.

  • Thank you so much it really helped me out this is my second day and I already have 200k be fore it took me ages to even get 100 k keep up the amazing work

  • I get that you wanna make this “6 tips” thing into a series, but sometimes (like with nuimber 1 and 2 in this video) you don’t really need 6 different points and you risk becoming repetitive, so personally I would recommend just kinda rebranding it to something like “quick tips” or something like that.