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No, the two little words that are the secret to making healthy habits stick are what I say in response to “I’m sorry.”. They are what I try to teach people to tell themselves when they think, “I’m sorry.”. The two little words that get people back on trac. The routine is the specific action that results.

The reward is the end goal which is often the pleasure or satisfaction that the individual desired. Identify any bad habits you want to curtail and identify these three facets. Cues and rewards are hard to eliminate. In order to break bad habits, the routine must be altered. Step 2 to Make Healthy Habits Stick: Make The Action Feel Good In The Now.

When a habit is rewarding in the moment, there’s more incentive for you to practice the habit. The thing about healthy habits, in particular, is that they aren’t nearly as rewarding as their unhealthy counter parts. Instead, start small. For example: If you want to clean up your eating habits, begin by making consistent healthier choices at one meal and build from there.

Discover your favorite healthy breakfast foods — oatmeal, eggs, smoothies, Greek yogurt, fruit — and make sure you have them readily available. Look for opportunities to make changes. Reward.

Practicing self-affirmation—that is, praising yourself for a job well done or identifying how your habits align with your core values—after engaging in your healthy habit can help you stick to it. It may also be the most gratifying part of incorporating your habit into your day-to-day life. Starting new habits is hard.

Some changes take longer to become second nature than others; there is no magic number. The key to making a long-term change is sticking with it and making it a habit as soon as possible to avoid expending willpower. Here are eight ways to establish long-term healthy eating habits — especially after a relapse.

Healthy Habits Quiz: How to Make Changes That Stick. 0 0. make the challenge a little harder until you reach your goal. For example, if you cut the habit 1 day a week, try to go for 2 days.

Recently, I started to use a simple strategy to break my unhealthy habits (like eating a plate full of cookies) and create healthy habits (like flossing every day).. This little tactic is so simple that you’ll be able to implement it in just a few seconds, but if you’re anything like me, it can make. 7 Strategies to Make Healthy Habits Stick Luckily, there is a way to cut through the noise and create a plan that works. Here are seven strategies to make those healthy habits stick.

The Secret to Sticking to Healthy Habits. Do you have a laundry list of healthy habits you wish you could stick to? Have you tried keeping a gratitude journal but only written in it once and then forgot about it? Vowed to drink 3 litres of water a day but totally failed. A little goes a long way. Start small.

I know that’s pretty vague so.

List of related literature:

Memorize: I feel healthy!

“Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude” by Napoleon Hill, General Press
from Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude
by Napoleon Hill, General Press
General Press, 2019

Habit expert M.J. Ryan says having a slogan, mantra, or physical prompt can help you maintain the healthy habits you’ve established while on the Whole30.

“The Whole30 Day by Day: Your Daily Guide to Whole30 Success” by Melissa Hartwig
from The Whole30 Day by Day: Your Daily Guide to Whole30 Success
by Melissa Hartwig
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2017

I can definitely say that I get what I say ALwAYs! these are my own personal health/fitness affirmations that I say every day.

“R3 Diet” by Joy Brown
from R3 Diet
by Joy Brown
Xlibris Corporation, 2011

The FoodBabe, for instance (discussed in the third section), promises that following her diet tips will help you “break free from the toxins in your food, lose weight, look years younger and get healthy today.”48 “Lose,” “shrink,” “slim,” and “drop” are the common buzzwords on women’s health sites.

“The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics” by Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, Tyler Doggett
from The Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics
by Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson, Tyler Doggett
Oxford University Press, 2018

Words like willpower, self-control, and personal responsibility coupled with eat-lessexercise-more advice were the common mantra.

“Quality in Obesity Treatment” by John M. Morton, Stacy A. Brethauer, Eric J. DeMaria, Scott Kahan, Matthew M. Hutter
from Quality in Obesity Treatment
by John M. Morton, Stacy A. Brethauer, et. al.
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24 healthy controls learned a list of 15 words.

“Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences” by Robert B. Daroff, Michael J. Aminoff
from Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences
by Robert B. Daroff, Michael J. Aminoff
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The book lists all healthy habits that I had to inculcate in myself and how I did that.

“From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom: A common man’s journey...” by Manoj Arora
from From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom: A common man’s journey…
by Manoj Arora
Jaico Publishing House, 2016

Following these simple guidelines for healthy living has made a huge change in my life.

“Mastering Yourself: How to Align Your Life With Your True Calling & Reach Your Full Potential” by Corey Wayne
from Mastering Yourself: How to Align Your Life With Your True Calling & Reach Your Full Potential
by Corey Wayne
The Corey Wayne Companies, Inc., 2018

Such advice shaded into general maxims for healthy living.

“William Osler: A Life in Medicine” by Michael Bliss
from William Osler: A Life in Medicine
by Michael Bliss
University of Toronto Press, 2002

“Habits and Free Associations: Free Your Mind but Mind Your Habits.”

“The Oxford Handbook of Consumption” by Frederick F. Wherry, Ian Woodward
from The Oxford Handbook of Consumption
by Frederick F. Wherry, Ian Woodward
Oxford University Press, 2019

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • The best way to stop smoking is to switch to something all natural like Cigars, preferably Cuban. I know Tim from TNT Cigars used to smoke cigarettes and he said since he quit he got into Cigars and never looked back, not to mention Cigars have minimal to no risk of smoking since you don’t inhale, look at the legend himself, Richard Overton.

  • Nice video but ego depletion is a bit controversial. There were a lot of efforts to replicate that study and almost all failed. The new studies claim that if you believe that ego depletion is real, it becomes real for you. Otherwise it does not effect your willpower.

  • This is a great tip. But I find that after a little while, I’m catching myself saying, “just once won’t hurt… it’s been a long time”… quite a lot! I don’t know if I’m limiting myself to my cravings way to much, to fast, or if I’m just slipping. It’s a serious mental battle sometimes. But thanks, I’ll deffinetly try to use this!

  • i hit a juul when i was 14 not even knowin what nicotine was. im 17 now. i rip tobacco through a bong every 20 mins. my lungs ache often and sumtimes i cant get a breath more than halfway into my lungs. i feel as if im suffocating when this happens n i’ve come very close to passin out many times because of this problem.. please dont make the same mistake so many others have,, you dont wanna be 17 with nicotine induced asthma you dont want that at any age or anything worse cus this is jus the start for me.. it jus aint worth it n that buzz ya’ll kids get from your vapes aint gonna last forever,, n please listen to me on this never rip tobacco through a bong its like the heroin of tobacco it destroyed every aspect of my life right down to my sleep schedule cus my body couldn’t even wait a full nights rest to rip that shit anymore. i’ve seen it happen to more than myself. good luck quitting n good luck avoiding peer pressure

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  • I like your vedios very much
    But more people will get benefit from them if you make them in dual audio like movies
    Hindi and english

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  • I’ve tried the patches ended up smoking again 10 months later. now I’m forced to quit smoking thanks to the laws being changed so i guess ill try cold turkey although i do have nicotine gum to help out if needed…

  • My personal journal is one where I write like a main character in a movie. I’ve been reminding myself every day that I’m the main character of my life and journaling helps that a lot!

  • My success story of quitting smoking, I touch bible and prayed and took promise not to smoke again and also told lord to take care of me while I needed him it’s true I have done it amem❤

  • welcome to the world of BuJo! Yeah I was originally doing the KanBan deal until I started the whole BuJo thing. WAAAAY more portable and somewhat flexible. I use it to track food stuff, what sort of workout I did, any ideas that come to mind, etc. Handy handy stuff.

  • I’m 15 years old I smoked for a whole year and I stopped by telling people that I want to stop so I will feel shy if I go back again

  • great…. awesome video quality… looks like you are using more than videoscribe….what other software did you used for this video?

  • hi everyone,if anyone else wants to learn about how to give up smoking try Letza Quiter Lessons(should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some great things about it and my neighbor got cool results with it.

  • Dr. Kimo’s Quit smoking program, with it’s unique and high-quality natural medicine, has been documented to be one of the most successful treatments for quit smoking and nicotine addiction.

  • First of all just keep a count on how many cigarettes you smoke per day. Lets take you smoke 10 cigs a day, then the first week reduce 1, that is 9 cigs per day for the whole week. Then reduce one more and so on. Just keep reducing one cig every week. The number of cigs you smoke the same number of weeks it will take for you to quit. I used to smoke 15 cigs a day. Now its been 8 weeks and now i have come down to 7 cigs. Hopefully will quit completely in a few couple of weeks.

    Above all you need that strong mind and the urge to quit. Nothing is stronger than your mind. All the best to all who are trying to quit.

  • Hey guys I’ll recommend y’all to check this video here on YouTube it’s helped me to quit smoking.��

  • 10 essential keys to make habits stick:

    01. It takes about 66 days to develop a habit.

    02. Build one habit at a time.

    03. The kiss principle. Make easy goal first.

    04. Establish your why.

    05. Keep the context constant.

    06. Be held accountable. (1.Tracking, 2.Social accountability,3.Stakes)

    07. Never skip two consecutive days.

    08. Do it in the morning.

    09. Pain and pleasure principle.

    10. Write it down.

  • Great video! Do most of these keys also apply to losing bad habits?

    Point 6, about the stakes part can be a pitfall for me. I usually find myself having a harder time after i’ve invested in some habit like buying sportswear for running or something like that.


  • thank you for reading all those books for us and summaries. Your channel has genuinely helped me in seeing the world from a different perspective, being more productive, being consistent in what I do. I think I am more kinder and calmer so cheers I appreciate your videos

  • Very pleased that bullet journal gets talked about how much productivity it can bring you, and not just how pretty you can make it. I have been bullet journaling for a few years now, and the best thing is that you can change it whenever your situation changes. For example, in lock down, I have been able to create a work routine that is almost identical EVERY DAY, so I’ve been able to use the time block system. Make the bullet journal so that it’s always useful for you. And so that it’s always easy to plan your day. PRO TIP that I got from Cal Newport’s book: If you use the time block system, leave a blank space next to your task, so that when life happens you can just re-plan it on the go.

  • I quit smoking
    Using only one thing white pepper
    It all thanks to ayurveda
    Chew the seven seed and drink one glass warm water
    If you’ve strong will you will end up leaving within 2 weeks if not than 1 month max

  • I’m heavily inclined to oblige the voice of someone that makes old school runescape references in the middle of a lecture.

    Something about that game has authority over me.

  • I quit cold turkey. I think quitting cold turkey is the easiest. Because only the first 3-7 days are difficult and then you are over it. Whereas, quitting gradullay takes forever and becomes a constant fight.

  • I have smoked on and off for about 5 years, and I have just quit again. But It’s the social side of it and drinking etc that lures me back. But I am hoping this time I will have some success as the habit really does make feel terrible. I have a partner that hates it. And the guilt of doing it has made me want to quit. Hoping to stay smoke free from now on

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  • Hi improvement pill! A big fan of your youtube channel! I’m currently in need of organizational system and this video made me interested to try it! Also, i think this system has also help you to have the habit of gratitude, especially in your monthly analysis! Anyway, God bless you and rooting for your channel’s growth!

  • I was a two pack a day guy, plus cigars and pipe and enjoyed it but Wife was ragging on me and encountered a thing called aversion therapy. They charges $365 which was the cost of a pack in those days. Wife wanted me to do it so easier to do it than listen to her so went ahead with it.
    That was over 40 years ago and have not had a smoke since. Not even sure if they still do it. Probably the experts are making too much money in counselling and yakking and meetings etc. to do something that works but nasty.

  • If you is interested in giving up drinking the best results that ive had was by following the Sebs Magic Tactic (i found it on google) without a doubt the most incredible idea i’ve followed.

  • Hey everyone, the greatest results that i’ve had was with the Quit Smoking Crusher (just google it) without a doubt the best plan that I have ever followed.

  • its tough for those who have anxiety issues because there needs to be a replacement to the nicotine. probably nootropic-amino acid therapy would be best.

    watch out for substituting with e-cigs, effective at first but you still have to cut off all nicotine or you will progressively work your levels back up until only a cig will satisfy.

    watch out for any of these posts that say “just google……..”, they all lead to a hypnotist site.

  • This was great, I have been researching “i gave up smoking” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Mackorny Smoking Escape Blueprint ( search on google )? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

  • There should be places you can go like overeaters or AA, so when you feel like picking up a pack, you could go to a meeting, get some strength and keep going. I don’t understand why smoking is treated like a person is quitting chocolate.

  • I’ve been smoker since I’m 15. (30 this year) well, tbh, I did stop smoke for 2-3 years. But because of stress, I start it again..=(

  • Hi everybody! This is my first day i stopped smoking. Im 18 i started smoking at 14. This is really hard because i still need nicotine in my body to feel good. Today i bought a vape and i bought some vape liquid with no nicotiene. Im smocking on the vape to smoke. But as long as it does not have nicotine i think it does not give me addiction. I hope i will be strong enough to stop completelly.

  • Many thanks, I’ve been looking for “stop smoking uk” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Mackorny Smoking Escape Blueprint (do a search on google )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

  • What is the difference daily summary and daily section and monthly summary,like I wanna say that if monthly summary is like written on one page only one big event and 30 days then daily summary and monthly would be same???? And daily section is like one page for one day????

    Plzzzzzzzzzzz PLZZZZZZZZZZZ ANS IMPROVEMENT PILLS….. it will be really helpful for me I’m stuck from longtime and wanna organized but I don’t have any idea plzzzzzzzzzzz help….������������������
    (Plus) I wanna ask if I’m thinking to add any hobby where I wrote it…

  • I quit smoking 15 years ago. I used the patch for 7 months. Unfortunately 6 months ago my dumb ass starting smoking again so now I’m trying to quit again, but it’s harder this time.

  • Hi Keri. I enjoyed watching your last video and I’ve subscribed to your channel. My name is Cindy Stewart otherwise known as The Fibro Gal. Looking forward to seeing more inspiring videos. Thanks for sharing.

  • With cbd oil I had easy success quitting cigs. It calms you, takes away the headache and gives you some sort of replace action. i can just recommend it.

  • By the way, if you never heard of the zettelkasten. You should give a try. It is the best note system for KNOWLEDGE management. It is literally the second brain that is perfect for remembering stuffs. And you can use your real brain to think even easier because you reduce the work load.

  • I after even just 1 months of eating clean, when I tried to eat fried food my stomach got sick, so I learned that I cannot treat my stomach as a trashcan anymore. That helped me to stay on track, feeling sick after eating something that wasn’t on my list of clean diet wasn’t just worth it.

  • So I’ve downloaded the habit app and I will read a little every day for 66 days. I miss reading so much and how I could lose myself in it as well as how much I learn from reading. I like this video, thank you ��

  • 10 Essential Keys To Make Habits Stick Summary:
    1. 66 Days (Takes 66 days for habit to stick.)
    2. Build 1 Habit At A Time
    3. The KISS principle “Keep It Simple Stupid” (Make it so easy your grandma can do it.)
    4. Establish Your Why (As fuel to keep you going./ Make habit rewarding)
    5. Keep The Context Constant (Same time every day)
    6. Be Held Accountable
       #1 Tracking
           #2 Social Accountablility
           #3 Stakes (Put money on the line for the completion of your goals.)
    7. Never Skip 2 Consecutive Days
    8. Do It In The Morning (Will power at it’s peak in the AM)
    9. Pain And Pleasure Principle (Consider pleasure you’ll gain from regular exercise vs. the pain of being sedentary.)
    10. Write It Down (Those who wrote down their intended behavior were 3x more likely to complete their exercise program than those who never wrote it at all. // Ex. “Every day after my AM meditation I will sit down in the kitchen and start reading a book related to the field I want to master.”)

  • Prayer to the father of Jesus Christ in his name can you go asking to receive the power of the holy spirit to overcome all harmful addictions and to be replaced for better habits that are waiting to flood you with joy,peace and selfcontrol as your mind onforms to Christ where” ALL” things are possible!!!!That’s how I did it!!! 31/2 paks a day back when you could smoke in public and indoors anywhere and then the pak was 1.50$ and Dr’s said if I didn’t quit I would have incurable cancer I loved my �� s but I found out I loved the idea to please God who could give me salvation instead of damnation I could live my way or his way and I chose heaven!!!! He impowed me to go cold turkey at the same time with crack, alcohol weed caffeine salt cuz why just stop at Just nicotine I went clean with everything,Do I miss it yes but its not worth the consequence!ALL glory to my savior plus I had no support God did it with and for me so I’m so grateful!!!

  • It probably does take about 66 days but if you are telling yourself ok I can do 66 days and then no efford don’t do it you must understand that you make the habit that day you start and it last till end of your life.If you cannot deal with that than it just isn’t for you!

  • Great content. I’m just wondering what the odds of a professional of your caliber on self improvement area only discover bullet journal last Christmas… it was just for the narrative take?

  • Hi. Thanks. I recommend the book by St. Ignatius of Loyola. There are methods there that are deeper in forming habits and choosing the wisest decisions on things one should do. God bless, Proverbs 31

  • Creating and maintaining good habits is a sure way to success! I am starting by fasting for 30 days and walking 30 minutes per day!

  • I realized that those apps for plans and stuff are useless. I have Evernote on my cellphone but is not helping me to organized my plans or schedule my work time. I think I gonna take this way to organize my daily work.

  • This was great, I have been researching “smoking kits free” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Mackorny Smoking Escape Blueprint (just google it )? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.

  • [ 5:57] KEY 7: Never Skip 2 Can I have the source for that please? I’ve been hunting all over the internet and I can’t seem to find it myself:(

  • I quit cold turkey 7 yrs ago. No guidance from anyone. Did it on my own. No cravings at all. But the key is avoid even a single puff.

  • This program kind of works with one’s brain chemistry to change it like you’ve never smoked before, kills your urge to even want a cigarette I have never had such feelings before.

  • Every individual is different. Everyone will have different experiences. But something in common. Thats nicotine is highly addictive. You have to pass through thousands of cravings, which will push you to smoke. Miserable cravings.
    I will give you a small advice,
    Overcome that one day…..
    Then again add one day……
    again, ONE DAY AT A TIME
    it worked for me.
    Best of Luck ��

  • Great video content! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you ever tried Tarbbatigan Beyond Dreams Tip (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for quitting smoking minus the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate finally got cool success with it.

  • i stop exercise due to fasting ( ramdan), for one one week i tried even during fasting but i could not do i was feeling very week while i was exercising, i will start as soon as ramdan will finish, will it break my habit can any one explain?

  • You sir have a great channel! Not necessarily stuff i don’t know, but it’s a nice compact reminder of what i can do to improve myself. Keep up the good work brother!:)

  • Thanks pill. I wanted to incorporate bullet journal in my daily life way before but because of procrastination. I did nothing. Thanks for remotivating me up!

  • Thanks for the Video! Forgive me for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you considered Qiyictoria Teyrooklyn Eradicator (do a search on google)? It is a great exclusive guide for kissing goodbye to your smoking habit without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my good mate called Gray after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical results with it.

  • Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
    Lao Tzu

  • 0:51 I think Tai Lopez said in one of his videos that he wanted to make it just 66 steps, but a superstitious aunt or something persuaded him to change it to 67 because it looked like 666.

  • so basically u like to do bullet jounaling in the most lazsy way as possible to prevent urself form actually being lazy niceeeeeeeeeee

  • I absolutely love your videos and the way you animate and articulate the things you have learned but I feel like its very geared towards guys even though women can use your advice just as much. For me, I watch the video get super motivated listening to your tips and then when you specifically direct the advice at guys/lads it just feels like…oh so this isn’t meant for me. Anyway, end rant. You’re still doing great work so thanks:)

  • I’ve read opposite advice on the goal thing, I’ve read it’s bad to share your goals as your brain perceives the encouragement and praise you may get as reward before you even achieve the goal, and that actually you end up more likely to fail as a result.

  • Such an amazing video man! You’ve inspired me alot and have watched nearly all of your videos! Keep up the amazing work buddy, you’re amazing!:D

  • This is something I’ve been trying to convince my students.
    if they are consistent, no matter how they study, they will learn English.

    ps. I kinda didn’t understand the number 6.

    good job.

  • My guess on meaning of “95% asymptote” is that it took 66 days to be 95% certain that habit is developed. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

  • Great videos but at the end I am able to remember just some of things I have watched, It would be nice if you could summarize the video at the end.

  • when you live in normal country you keep a bullet journal, and strive to achieve something. in my country you can get a bullet, if you start to talk what you think

  • 66 days, build 1 habit at a time, KISS-keep it simple stupid, why, association (outside, walk a dog), Tracking, social accountability, never skip 2 consecutive days, do it in the morning (willpower limited), pain vs pleasure, write it down

  • The main thing about quitting is getting the nicotine OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM..not putting more in! Even lowering the doses isn’t much help because your still craving nicotine. I smoked a pack a day for 35 years and quit cold turkey. It was insanely hard but I started it on my 3 weeks of holidays so I wouldn’t chew someone’s head off at work…lol. I had to train my brain to learn to function my body without nicotine as the nicotine releases dopamine to give you that nice comfortable security feeling…believe me I have done a lot of research on what nicotine does to the brain and how it affects it. It is tough at first but if you can hang in there after 3 months it got easier and easier and whats 3 months after being a slave to cigarettes for 35 years! GOOD LUCK TO ALL. I will add this… vigorous exercise helped and watch what you eat, have a meal plan! AND ABOVE ALL…have a plan on what to do for those cravings..for me it was immediately go brush my teeth then drink a glass or two of ice water straight down the even kept toothbrush and paste at work in my locker. and VAPING AIN’T the answer either that’s also bad for your heart and lungs!

  • Awesome video. What’s really interesting is when you start questioning even your good habits. The gym for instance. Many people are consistent with that but make almost zero progress over the years.
    I think we become so comfortable during our routines. We Go on autopilot. Just like brushing your teeth, you sort of go braindead. We have to keep questioning and keep learning.

  • Do you struggle with building habits?
    Join my newsletter and you’ll get notified when the doors for the Habit Builder Challenge open again:
    You will also gain access to a free mini-course I put together on self-improvement!

  • Thanks for the vid! Can you make a video for cluttered minds? I keep thinking about a lot of things and I can afford writing every single detail in my journal ;_; it’s gonna finish in a week please help!

  • i quited smoking because i found it very stupid. but later i started again when i had alot of stress and too much energy. I think making friends that hate smoking and make fun of it can help you quit it.

  • It is also important to understand limitations of these experimental studies of human behavior.

    For example, when study finds that those who wrote down their goals were more likely to accomplish them, what they really found was that those who wrote down their goals WHILE BEING OBSERVED BY A RESEARCHER​, were more likely to accomplish them.

  • Yeah your name for the “monthly log” is way better, because it describes what it’s “officially” (Ryder Carroll’s original idea) used for, for logging memories. Daily summary pages. I write there the thing I’m most proud of or thankful for, or some particular thing that I don’t usually do.

  • The morning routine is the best for me.
    Just do all your habits the first 2 hours when you wake up if you can, and u’ll be happy all day long, and gladly do it the next day!


  • This is my first YouTube comment in my life. Best video I’ve ever seen on self development. Good sir I wish you huge success and I’ll share your channel with everyone.

  • while I was browsing some online stores I found that there are two sizes of bullet journals that I should choose from, A4 and A5, the link you gave in the description was of an A5 one, but I wonder if it has enough space, is it worth getting an A4 one instead? it seems to me like more space well give more real estate to write in which would be beneficial in a way or another

  • salamat po sa video mo boss,Ako po ay isang smoker mula edad ko na 14 hanggang ngayun 37,pero nagawa kong Tumigil sa paninigarilyo ngayun lang taon ng lumabas ang COVID19,pero bago yun dami kong sinubukan kung ano ano pero mahirap talaga laging mainit ang ulo ko,pero may isang herbal na nagpatigil sa akin sa paninigarilyo yun lang nakapagpatigil sa akin sa loob ng isang linggo,postahan tayo ikaw mismo ang aayaw sa cigarettes pag nasubukan nyo to,wala pa kayong nararamdaman na side effects, hanapin nyo nalang po sa channel ko nasa playlist paano Tumigil sa paninigarilyo. Magbigay din kayo feedback kung gumana po sa inyo. Gusto ko lang e share sa inyo dahil yun nakapagpatigil sa akin. At sa mga kasamahan ko sa construction lahat kami di na naninigarilyo laki na ng natitipid namin sa aming mga sahud.�� May tanim din kayo nyan sa bakuran nyo o sa kapitbahay nyo.

  • This works just perfectly. I have been writing my journal everyday for the last 5 years and it really serves well as a compass. Highly recommend it.

  • I,ve barley used a journal for my life but I used one for my school and altough it was a mess but I,ve never forgeted a home work back then, I,am gonna try using one of my favorite note book as journal, any tips to help me keep this habit actually stick, and should I use multiple times a day or it depends on my needs. Thank you improvment pill.

  • Hey improvement pill would you make a video about veganism?I have recently watched a documentary named game changers it has affected me a lot but I don’t really know if I wanna try it or not so I want know your pot of view about it!your videos are great and have helped me a lot through my life I love your channel thanks for the great content,you rock ^^

  • This organizational system is so versatile with the way it uses modules and spreads.

    What I would suggest for random pages that don’t belong to any month should be put in the first few pages. I know you’ve already set up your spreads or modules but next time, you should definitely take notes of those random pages and put it upfront of your next notebook. These pages are called yearly spreads or modules. They don’t belong to any one month but are used any time of the year.

    An example would be package trackers, investment trackers, saving or spending trackers or goal trackers. Anything. You can also leave blank pages just in case you come up with new spreads/modules.

  • I think you guys should start the WONDERFUL habit of checking my channel lmfaooo I’m sorry in advance if this looks sammy, but I’m starting my channel this week about book reviews, check it out and let me know what you think, when you have some free times, I’d appreciate it so much 😉 Keep reading, it’s not ILLEGAL yet!

  • I was literally thinking of bullet journaling! Amazing content!<3
    A video request: “how to avoid/get rid of toxic friends/family ” cuz negativity in our environment has a lot of effect in our life so it would be amazing to know more about it.

  • it became a habit for me in cali to walk for a hour to my highschool just because I didnt have a car, and once i got a car i still havent used it unless horrible rain(rare from where i live) even in near 100 degree heat i still walked because i was used to it, but once my family and i moved to a new neiborhood in a different state closer to the school, i still ended up walking just because it was a habit

  • What is the difference daily summary and daily section and monthly summary,like I wanna say that if monthly summary is like written on one page only one big event and 30 days then daily summary and monthly would be same???? And daily section is like one page for one day????

    Plzzzzzzzzzzz PLZZZZZZZZZZZ ANS IMPROVEMENT PILLS….. it will be really helpful for me I’m stuck from longtime and wanna organized but I don’t have any idea plzzzzzzzzzzz help….������������������
    (Plus) I wanna ask if I’m thinking to add any hobby where I wrote it…

  • I used to smoke around 20 cigarettes a day sometimes more than 20 or less than 20 I gave up after 18 years of continuous smoking I smoke my last cigarette on 17th October 2019 at 8:45 pm with my cousin it was a biggest challenge that i ever accepted in my life in result I started eating toffees and bubble gums but I gave up it too because I had to go once for teeth scaling.. on 2nd January 2020 my boss suddenly fired me from the job that was such a difficult time to control myself because I was going to buy a cigarette to release my anger my sorrow and stress but I controlled myself instantly and didn’t touch any cigarette.. in starting months I was not meeting only smokers now I can feel free to meet anyone.. that’s all depend on your intention your strong initiative one thing only keeping in your mind you can’t give up eating food drinking water you can’t get rid of like your built in needs of your body we were not born for cigarettes when a baby comes in the world he doesn’t know a cigarette we adopt this addiction willingly when we become addicted we give excuses to people that we can’t give up

  • What is the difference daily summary and daily section and monthly summary,like I wanna say that if monthly summary is like written on one page only one big event and 30 days then daily summary and monthly would be same???? And daily section is like one page for one day????

    Plzzzzzzzzzzz PLZZZZZZZZZZZ ANS IMPROVEMENT PILLS….. it will be really helpful for me I’m stuck from longtime and wanna organized but I don’t have any idea plzzzzzzzzzzz help….������������������
    (Plus) I wanna ask if I’m thinking to add any hobby where I wrote it…

  • Hmmm, is there a risk perhaps with this constant effort of structure and habit and tracking and analysis that it sucks the whole joy out of living like that things cannot be just what they are, as a moment in time, without greater meaning? Or am I alone with this feeling of doubt?

  • I have a new neighbour less than two months who stands out in his driveway and smokes and coughs. I suspect he will not be with us much longer then I will have to put up with another new neighbour and possible one who will tear down the house and rebuild and I have to listen to workers hammering for many months. I have to listen to his coughing every morning about 6:30 and a constant reminder

  • I’ve been Bullet Journaling for 5 years and this year I started organizing my life digitally with Notion, I still use my Bujo because I love it though.

  • Exactly! Totally agree! It’s all about consistency.

    That’s why now I ask my friends to build habits together. Every day we motivate each other to keep our routines through a habit tracker App (FYI, it’s called PingPal, free DL but iOS only). Peer pressure has become part of my willpower lol

  • I use a similar system as your stars and dots. Instead of stars I have boxes and dots. But I use that on a specific collection/spread (for example currently I’m studying for my driving licence theory exam), and from there I take the dots to the daily page that I use to plan my day. I don’t always need the reference, but sometimes it’s useful if you have multiple projects going on.

  • I have this kind of planner this year. And to be honest, I use it the same as other planners I had. I didn’t know that you can do whatever you want in it and plan your activities the way you want it. It was given to me as a Christmas gift from my friend and I don’t know why it has dots rather than lines and dates. Thank you for this video. Now I know how to use it.

  • Agree on this. Even just a journal will do, writing what happened to your day or what’s in your mind. There is a twist I’m doing it and it’s a digital journaling by using my iPad. Good notes is a good app that will make your journal more visually satisfying hehe �� it’s like a notebook journal but on iPad hehe

  • I have three clipboards loaded with paper that hang from thumbtacks on my office wall, and a pocket-sized black book with a collapsible pen for taking notes and task lists.
    There’s no doubt in my mind that following this advice will improve your life. Nothing has done more for me, because I have an imperfect memory, and this tool set corrects that problem!

  • Mr.Improvement pill, how much time is required to write the bullet journal per day? I used to write a journal but I lost the habit due to the constraint of time because of school work. Please reply so that I can do it more efficiently.

  • So wait, do YOU animate these videos? because they’re beautifully animated and i didn’t think someone who wasn’t an artist from like age 5 could have the commitment to animate when it’s such a tedious task