The Art Work of just living within this Moment


Here’s A Simple, Proven Way To Live In The Moment

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The art of living in the moment and making the necessary changes | Arika Shiga | TEDxICU

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Stoicism and the Art of Living: A Conversation with John Sellars

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Want to be happier? Stay in the moment | Matt Killingsworth

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How To Live Your Life (Terence McKenna)

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the art of living in the moment.

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The Art of Living Authentically

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Living in this moment means being happy without any reason, because you are choosing to go inward instead of pointing out all the external flaws of yourself and others. READ MORE FROM DAINA LYNN > The Fine Art of Ending the Justification Game > How to Use Pain and Discomfort to Your Advantage. The Fine Art of Living in This Moment This whole “life” thing is rather interesting. From the people we meet, to when we meet them, to the things we lose and when we lose them life is anything but predictable. I have had my share of love, and I have lost a lot of things and people I had hoped I’d never lose.

Description. Introducing. The Art Of Living In The Moment. A lot of people think that they are in full control of their lives. They think that as long as they’re making the right amount of money, live in the right part of town or otherwise enjoy the right kind of lifestyle that they are doing pretty well. Eventbrite Heal Mantras presents The Art Of Living In The Moment Saturday, June 27, 2020 | Saturday, June 26, 2021 Find event and ticket information.

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. -Henry David Thoreau. The Art Of Living In The Moment FE Sales Video Most people have forgotten the present moment. Living a life of confidence and competence thanks to the power of integrity takes time, focus and energy.

What matters is you are willing to tap the power of the eternal now and the eternal present to remake your reality. Living in the present seems obvious, and though it should be, it’s actually the exception. Why? Because truly being present is more than physically being in a certain place; it implies being connected with our essence, which is beautiful and undisturbed.Unfortunately, that inner peace is perturbed, sometimes violently, by our thoughts and emotions, which take us away from the present moment. The Art of Living in the Moment.

Ever feel like the coronavirus has put you in an alternate reality? Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone. It’s natural to want to get back to our “original reality” and trade-in the new normal for the old. Sri Sri has brought yoga, meditation and practical wisdom to millions of people in over 150 countries. “Whenever you are in love and feel joyous, your mind is in the present. That is when you achieve yoga.

The art of living lies in being in the present moment.”. Happiness is an art When you have learnt to enjoy life, you learn the art of living.. See more ideas about Art of living, Life, In this moment.

List of related literature:

In this vision there is only the simple harmony of everyday being, beautifully captured by Andre´ Gide when he described how in his still-life paintings Jean-Baptiste-Sime´on Chardin depicted ‘‘la vie silencieuse des objets’’—the silent life of objects.

“Philosophers without Gods: Meditations on Atheism and the Secular Life” by Louise M. Antony
from Philosophers without Gods: Meditations on Atheism and the Secular Life
by Louise M. Antony
Oxford University Press, 2007

It is this chain of life, of objects made by artists, that I believe to be the artist’s confidante and consolation within the quiet isolation that is the space created by art’s incongruity to life; we live always with the absence of an immediate and easily available resolution of that incongruity.

“Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of Artists' Writings” by Kristine Stiles, Peter Selz, Selz
from Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of Artists’ Writings
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The present is always going to seem unsatisfying because life itself is unsatisfying—that’s why Gauguin goes back and forth between Paris and Tahiti, searching.1

“The Clock Mirage: Our Myth of Measured Time” by Joseph Mazur
from The Clock Mirage: Our Myth of Measured Time
by Joseph Mazur
Yale University Press, 2020

Yet in these ordinary moments of life, the imagination is going about its business: measuring different futures, cooking up semiconscious fantasies, stoking the fires of anticipation, longing for different goods, homes, and lives, savoring the pleasures of fantasy.

“On Paradise Drive: How We Live Now (And Always Have) in the Future Tense” by David Brooks
from On Paradise Drive: How We Live Now (And Always Have) in the Future Tense
by David Brooks
Simon & Schuster, 2004

More philosophical explorations of happiness, consolation, and the good life are undertaken by Alain de Botton in The consolations of philosophy (London: Hamish Hamilton 2000) and Status anxiety (London: Hamish Hamilton 2004).

“Happiness: The Science Behind Your Smile” by Daniel Nettle
from Happiness: The Science Behind Your Smile
by Daniel Nettle
OUP Oxford, 2005

As Calvino describes, even the most monotonous life feels the force of the future.

“Hope in a Secular Age: Deconstruction, Negative Theology and the Future of Faith” by David Newheiser
from Hope in a Secular Age: Deconstruction, Negative Theology and the Future of Faith
by David Newheiser
Cambridge University Press, 2019

Yes, Art, living on the same street as Life but in a different room; Art, which offers relief from life without actually relieving one of living, and which is as monotonous as life itself but in a different way.

“The Book of Disquiet” by Fernando Pessoa, William Boyd, Margaret Jull Costa
from The Book of Disquiet
by Fernando Pessoa, William Boyd, Margaret Jull Costa
Profile, 2010

This is that consolation des arts which is the key­note of Gautier’s poetry, the secret of modern life foreshadowed—as indeed what in our century is not?—by Goethe.

“The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde: Novel, Short Stories, Poetry, Essays and Plays” by Oscar Wilde, General Press
from The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde: Novel, Short Stories, Poetry, Essays and Plays
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As a spiritual venture it reaches beyond irony to celebrate the gift of human creativity—”This perfect moment of bafflement” to which the artist, the poet, dedicates a life: “Our days all pass waiting its return.”

“The Robert Frost Encyclopedia” by Nancy Lewis Tuten, John Zubizarreta
from The Robert Frost Encyclopedia
by Nancy Lewis Tuten, John Zubizarreta
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But the nostalgia and the yearning have not gone away, and the hope of blissful reunion, now relegated to the unconscious, is therefore projected onto some future point in this life, when the “right” partner arrives, or the “right” job manifests, or when everything somehow magically becomes “all right.”

“The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption” by Liz Greene
from The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption
by Liz Greene
Red Wheel Weiser, 2000

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  • “At its heart, the idea of being authentic means figuring out who you are, accepting yourself, and being true to yourself”
    -Arin Murphy-Hiscock

    For me, I love the simple things and moments when I can work with nature. That’s where I find authenticity in my life and where I go to spend my time when I free from other responsibilities

  • hey, i just wanted to say that i really appreciate your videos. this one in particular has truly reignited my old love of scratching (using exacto sets to create patterns in scratchboard). it’s almost like paper cutting! when i saw you doing your paper cutting, i realized how much i missed doing my etches, and now, for less than $20 on amazon alongside your inspiration in mind, i am rekindling myself and my enthusiasm for the small things in life and taking the time to do the things i love.

    i live in tennessee and have only just recently refound wicca for my path. i had delved into it a bit as a young teen but……well we live in the bible belt, $#!+ happened that forced me to drop it. thank you soooo so much for doing what you do, for being such a wonderful influence for the new on their paths, you are a light in this world. i don’t know if this is a thing, but i definitely believe your “totem plant/tree”(?) is the willow tree. if you desire to teach and guide, girl, your spirit was meant for it and i along with most everyone else here is here for it. whenever you are feeling lost, please think of this and us, and i hope we help guide you back in turn, just as you do for us.

  • Everyone in the comments talking about “I think this is how we’re meant to live” are making me cry�� I thought I was weird for wanting just the simple things in life. Watching this video soothes my mind so much I’m literally so relaxed right now. I hate all the college pressure on me and the way I’m “supposed” to live out the rest of my life according to my family and societal expectations! I just want nature, food and good vibes like these.. also her outfit caught my attention so simple yet so beautiful ����

  • you should go vegan, think it really suits your lifestyle <3 the egg and dairy industy isn't as animal and nature friendly as they want you to think it is...

  • I am one with your intention in my own little part of the world. THANK YOU for braving social media and bringing this peaceful perspective on an authentic life. Wish i found you a lot sooner! Huge hugs and kisses to the wind from NE Washington.

  • Oh how ive missed you sister! Thank you for your blessed being, beautiful wisdom and gentle precious heart. May God be with you.

  • Earlier I was too anxious
    Now I am too depressed not knowing for what is the purpose of my I
    Know I just need to live in present than I will find out the puspose

  • im gonna dieugh i want to so BAD live like a cottagecore aesthetic and surrounded by nature and maybe a little river or a stream near my house and just life in a simple way �� ugh my heart i don’t know how to put in words my sudden attraction to cottagecore

  • because one can only live in the moment, the last conscious moment is determinative to conclude what life is…..all the last moments of other people I’ve witnessed where full of suffer and grief, therefore life is suffering and grief……

  • Yeah its pretty crazy how you’d think most girls would love this lifestyle but according to my ex she didn’t seem to like the idea of being liberated and free in nature, so I’m just soloing life now, good luck with yours. Really sweet vid.

  • Its indeed A.R.T.
    That little blessing enabling who ever you are, to put up that smile upon lips of million A.U.T.H.E.N.T.I.C admirers.

  • Dream of Life… ich wünschte das könnte ich mir auch leisten… weg von der Gesellschaft, nur für uns sein, kleines Mimihäuschen und viel Natur und im Einklang leben…

  • What a beautiful video. This resonates with me deeply. To infuse our energy into every moment of life. That is the beauty! Your energy comes through so clearly; powerful, clear, loving. I’m excited to see what’s next in your journey

  • Happiness is only one emotion. It’s impossible to be happy all the time and you’re WRONG and MISGUIDED thinking you should be. I’m tired of gurus promising ‘how to be happy’ and making money out of the sheep that pay them. I’m happy now that I don’t have to listen to this!

  • I cried middle in the video,it feels unexpressable,how in different parts of world people exist,which share same,but same,wishes and feelings as you do, thank you <3

  • You can’t truly live in the present if you don’t know the truth of life. This is a simple truth that you can check for yourself.

    It all begins with the truth. The truth is key. To know it, Google: TruthContest

  • Wild Flowers are beautiful when they are in the woods, if you pick one or two for your hair, it’s amazing but why are you plucked so many flowers for creating Mandala art? The patels will be dry after one day, Better they will dry in the woods

  • this really grounded me. i feel like I’ve been so caught up in the ways of life that I always forget to slow down sometimes. even if I only do a few things throughout the day, i should go about them in a passionate and kind manner. thank you:)

  • To everyone here thinking we should all pick flowers and wander in forests for a living: who is going to provide you with medical treatment when in need? You are all delusional. When people start dying because everyone is living this lifestyle, you would quickly change your mind. Sure, it might be pretty to look at as an escape from everyday life. But when you say that we all should live like this and every problem on earth will be solved, you come from a place of absolute privilege.

  • Wow, you’re so inspiring!
    This shows how beautiful it is to live simple life with nature ♡
    I really do hope that when I get older I will find enough time for nature and things that I love to do. ♡

  • Thank you for being courageous and generous enough to share such a personal glimpse into your life and the sort of moments that bring you peace and happiness. I imagine it took work to film and edit it and pick the music and hopefully that was fun too. It’s a great reminder to allow time for our intentional hobbies, to connect with nature, use our hands and brains, and let meals be special. I’ve also found a lot of peace through cooking, projects, nature, beautifying, and slow, detailed projects. Just today I loved making an overnight chia oats with fruit and a sweet potato avocado pepper herbed tofu scramble. And gently waded with my little disabled dog in the river. Mundane stuff like dishes and taking the trash and recycling out can feel so good. There’s something very primal and universal and survival-based about things like gathering, cooking, making, caretaking, caregiving, beautifying, being outside. It’s like the opposite energy of dying. Recently I worked as a caregiver and it reminded me many people can’t do all those things so all the more reason to be grateful when we can.

  • There is peace and spiritual happiness in solitude. Find time to work on your inner self. Follow your dreams and your path even if the world disapproves. Always choose to be happy, you always have a choice. ❤️

  • This is the American Liziqi. This is my everyday. Loving that others can appreciate the beauty in their own environment and flourish in the expression of it. ❤
    Check out Liziqi on YouTube also. She’s divine.

  • I’m taking whatever steps I can to eventually live this life. We can never get there if we don’t act. I’d love to hear how everyone is working towards their more authentic life-maybe we can learn from each other! ⚘����������

  • Hello dear, as your Video started I found a new way for healing and to help clients to transform there problems/issues. Your way of life is mine too. I feel home by seeing where you live. Feel loved and seen you angle ♥.

  • You can eat those flowers? Didn’t know that. It’s nice that she can live that way. Love the soothing voice. I think living like that calms you down.

  • I wish I could live authentically and happy and raise 4 kids at one time… until then, inspirational youtube videos will serve as my help.

  • When I win the lottery I can afford to live in peace and contentment like this. Otherwise who would raise my 4 children through to university if I don’t work a 12 hour shift a day all week

  • “What is real are feelings and feeling attain a nexus only in the moment. Only in the moment. So, you know.. explore the edges, keep your logical razors sharp, trust nothing that you haven’t verified for yourself and my faith is that the universe will take you in and share with you its meaning and its intent and its conclusion.”

  • “The final act of liberation will be an act of understanding.” Terence

    this “scales” upwards perfectly to Gil Scot Heron’s reasoning behind the phrase “the revolution will not be televised” ->

    it’s an acoustic, musical “attunement” metaphor.

  • “Belief is toxic, all belief, do not believe in anything… live in the presence of the felt fact of immediate experience. Everything beyond that is conjecture…”

  • Cult of Curiosity! ��

    Anybody here whos listening everyday:

    Also: Jordan Peterson
    Alan Watts
    U.G. Krishnamurti

    And learning and going into own big dreams and working for it??? ������

  • When I hear Terence speak, I see that I have a profound missunderstanding of the universe! The more I learn, the more I come to realize that I do not know. Those who don’t understand, don’t understand that they don’t understand. (<-see it’s even clumsy to try to describe it with language, )

  • “The reason for looking at all these things, for looking at the hallucinogens, and the alchemy, and the mythology and all this, is because these are the materials present at hand for an assault on the citadel of true being.”

  • Happiness and Mind Wandering from the perspective of affective neuroscience

    Being in the moment, or being mindful, results from the elimination of mind wandering. However, happiness, if defined empirically as a combination of pleasure and arousal and the neural structures that produce them, requires an additional modification of mindfulness practice to elicit both affective states. Hypothesis and simple proof below.

    HYPOTHESIS: Dopaminergic activity will stimulate endogenous opioid systems when the latter are in a non-suppressed state.

    EXPLANATION AND ‘PROOF’: Activity that involves continuous positive act/outcome discrepancy or novelty (productive or meaningful behavior) while the covert musculature is inactive (a resting state) will result in heightened feeling of pleasure and arousal, or ‘eudaemonia’, ‘flow’, or ‘peak’ experience. This derives from the observation that neuro-muscular tension (or stress) inhibits endogenous opioid (pleasure) release, while relaxation accentuates it, the latter permitting opioid systems to be further stimulated by dopaminergic activity (arousal) elicited by meaningful behavior.

    The reason this explanation does not appear evident from general observation is that its counterpart as ‘flow’ or ‘peak’ experience is described through literary metaphor and not scientific language and obscures the independent and dependent measures that accurately describe it. The virtue of this explanation is that it is easily testable by anyone. Just get into a relaxed state (mindfulness protocols are the best way to do this) and then exclusively pursue or anticipate pursuing productive activity for periods of a half hour or so, and voila, you will have a flow or eudaemonic experience. It is that simple.

    I offer a more detailed explanation in pp. 47-52, and pp 82-86 of my open source book on the neuroscience of resting states, ‘The Book of Rest’, linked below.

    This above book is based on the research of the distinguished neuroscientist Kent Berridge of the University of Michigan, a preeminent researcher and authority on dopamine, addiction, and motivation, who was kind to vet the work for accuracy and endorse the finished manuscript.

    Berridge’s Site and article on the neuroscience of happiness


    Meditation and Rest

    from the International Journal of Stress Management, by this author

  • I never seem to concentrate on things in the moment. I’m in a perpetual state of mind wandering. I don’t know if this is just the way I was born or if I have ADHD or what.

  • Aristotle did NOT say that happiness is the ultimate good. He said eudaimonia is the ultimate good, and happiness is a terrible translation of that word. It is, in fact, a type of “human flourishing” and in that sense, is more akin to self-actualization than it is to happiness.

  • Forget happiness! I’ll put it this way: “Want to be healthy? Stay in the moment!” It took me many years to discover that my non-stop mind wandering, mental chatter and multitasking were making me sick. Stay in the moment! Powerful stuff, at least it worked for me. I am grateful every single day for finding this “secret”.

  • “If mind wandering were a slot machine it’d be like having a chance to lose $50, $20 or $1. You’d never wanna play”
    Genius right here

  • When im angry I remember that I can´t get a single moment back so why to live it in anger. We can always control our thoughts and with that we influence what we feel.

  • Alright but mind wandering also gives us some of the most innovative ideas. Most of the ideas of good memes come to your mind when you are on toilet seat.

  • …Just had an interesting thought.
    If the mind tends to wander to unpleasant things, and we gently redirect it back to the moment, and then it wanders to something pleasant, and we dwell on that for a second, or a minute or longer…
    We’ll have trained ourselves, accidentally, to shut down unpleasant thoughts and focus on what’s good in life.
    Weird… Think I like it.

    Source: Was reading a page in WikiHow on how to stay in the moment after watching this video and the article said, “The mind will wander. Just accept it happened without judgement and gently redirect the mind back to the present.” (Yes, I’m paraphrasing.)

  • Most of us get lost in memories, sometimes repeating a negative situation, an old conflict, or just wishful daydreaming. Here is what has worked for me to live in the present moment, in the ‘now.’

  • Thank You a lot

    Presence is a present; a gift.

    Nowhere = Now + Here

    When there is the Ease, no disEASE.

    Happyness is a Happy Nest.
    Joy is green Oasis

    Writing is focusing. Reading as well. These both are like a couple; partners.

    In a small is an immense value = > small has a mall


    Again has a gain

    Be blessed

  • For me being in the present is more than happiness, is that amazing feeling of peace with yourself. The thing i do when i caught myself not being in the present is to visualize myself go from the 1st perspective of the body to the 3rd perspective of the watcher (the real you). It really work great for me.

  • Such a great talk, thank you. I have been undertaking my only happiness project in recent years and have found my struggle with being presence to be my greatest challenge! I find that building in rituals of gratitude (giving thanks at certain points each day) is something that makes the biggest difference. x x

  • Great taşk! Thank you for posting it. The song “Oh I Love You” I am posting tells a similar story. Please like and share the video if you enjoyed it. I would like to spread this message to as many people around the world as possible. I wrote the song in Istanbul, Turkey and I’m sending it to the world now from Margate, England. Where in the world will it reach? Please let me know where in the world you watch the video from. Thank you xx

  • What if iPhone users 2:33 are not representative of the human population? There are studies showing difference in iPhone and Android users which might be Important.

  • My mind did wander during this talk thinking about the cute girl in the red top behind him! Sorry, the talk lost me, I try to stay in each moment and enjoy it. I tend to wander when I’m bored and lost interest.

  • I liked this and all but can anyone actually tell me how to “stay in the moment” ’cause I’ve never found it easy. Seriously, any books or videos anyone knows of that would help?

  • He’s a great speaker and made us inspired in how we can feel happier. For me, in order for you to feel happier in your life, you should do the things that makes you happy..��

  • My mind wanders a lot and when they do, I am usually planning or preparing myself for the next step (eg. how to be a better person today, how to ace the exams, what lessons can I learn from my mistakes), which I find very helpful but also makes me unhappy. However if I just stay in the moment and not think about the past or future, I wouldn’t be able to reflect, learn or plan. How do I balance both activities in this case?

  • Anyone else watch the whole video because of the lead picture of the wildflowers in a circle? Never didd show her making anything useful out of them.

  • I had a talk with a doctor, I asked him about whether his plans back then includes becoming a doctor, he said it was all part of his plan. And then It hit me, I asked him again, if he ever felt unmotivated and unsure of everything, lost too when he was pursuing his career path, he said, no and never did felt that. I asked, what’s the secret. (Because I was having anxiety and I was being so unsure of my career path, which is also to become a doctor someday—still in my premed tho but I’m already becoming unmotivated and lost and I don’t want that.) Then, he told me. “Live in the moment, Enjoy the moment.” And I wondered for awhile and realised that I never once thought of the present, I never once enjoyed and never took time to breath and look around my surrounding. I was so focused of what the future brings and the past with the (what if’s and maybe’s) So, I am watching this video to make time so I could realised the fun and joy being in the field you are taking. That’s its not just all about ‘getting a job’ and ‘passing the semester.’ Its more than that.

  • The issue seems to me to be that mind wandering very often ends in a feeling that we do not have enough of something. I suggest a mental discipline of catching oneself and ask, “So, what do I have to be grateful for?” This will turn us back to happy thoughts, and even to God whom we claim guides us anyway. Also, what we intentionally go looking for on the Internet, and with the friends we choose, will come back as mind wandering, especially conspiracies and bad news. We must make better choices when we can in order to have good things to return to during wandering sessions. Example: Regular doses of Alex Jones will come back to you when your mind goes idle, and you will only make them worse.

  • Hi friends! I’m trying to get new visitors to my happiness blog, hoping to reach people that would take interest in a blog like mine.
    Check out
    much appreciated!

  • I have to move on after just 3 mins for other plans, but let me guess the key to happiness he will say, friends family and doing good deeds for others,,,, yawn! But if I’m wrong, please somebody let me know and I will come back and finish. Oh, and I don’t believe happiness is anywhere near as important as ‘well being’.

  • I don’t think some people want to be happy. You give them what they want, they arent happy. They achieve it on their own, still not happy. You could give them all their hearts desires or drop them in the desert to die and they still wouldnt be happy or choose to be. It has led me to think that people arent searching for happiness but something else, possibly something they have yet to even discover.

  • Rumination precedes ruination. I’ve recognized this for a long, long time. It’s interesting to see some scientific methodology making the connections empirically.

  • I don’t want any of that stuff I just want to be happy which I am. working out and working, just doing something can increase your happiness

  • Your mind might wonder always but if you make sure the content at that moment like this

    “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.
    Philippians 4
    But this can be obtained if repent from your old ways and really need help a Savior!
    Jesus Christ the hope of the world.
    God bless you all!

  • the best way to be present is not thinking about the now but to use your: eyes,nose,ears,tongue,skin. these five is the door to now. example when you look at red or whatever colour or whatever object dont describe it in your mind, if you did then fast look at something else. or even better when you eat something if you have time try to focus on the taste of that food that you eat that will make even a vegetable like cucumber super tasty.

  • If our minds wander to typically unhappy things, is it possible to teach ourselves to let our minds appropriately wander on hopeful ideas? Maybe creative and innovative ideas are the practice of having purposeful wandering thoughts. Food for thought

  • I like ted talks and the information they bring.
    There is however one “trick” that is becoming a little tiring.
    When they show these graphs for happiness they maked the difference in high huge (factor 2 maybe).
    While in fact on the axis you can see they represent a score of 57 and 66..
    Just a trick to make it seem bigger than it is and i don’t like that.

  • You should live in the moment most of the time and the rest use your imagination to plan for your goals but never allow worry, rumination and any negative internal self-talk.

  • I wish it would be that easy:-) Everybody have a different triggers of happiness but there is one similarity consistency To do the daily action we need to remind ourselves daily our motivation ( why we want to be happy ) and remind ourselves to do what you need to do in order to stay happy.THAT’S WHY  I developed one simple and awesome tool to help you stay on the happiness track every day:-) I want everybody to use this tool free…

  • So true in what Matt says. But also, hanging out with happy people is a must to find and maintain happiness. Wrote article on this thought and am sharing for free.

  • Watching your vid gave me such a feeling of peace and a renewed love of everything natural and homespun. Thank you so much for sharing:)

  • What a crock! The graph at time-stamp 6:06 uses trickery to exaggerate the difference between the happiness ratings. That just calls into question everything else said here. How pathetic

  • I am scared to die, I have death anxiety… I have no goals in life or friends etc, so I feel like I am wasting life and I am only 16 or 17, I wish to stay young forever, but that is selfish. I hate feeling this way, I can’t live happy and I don’t want to think about death… I want to enjoy life but not wasting it, the way right now is I try to study and not waste time, I can’t sleep so I do something productive to not waste time, every second is wasted if I don’t do anything ��

  • im 16 so i have so much ahead of me but i can’t stop thinking about the future, i think too much about everyhting like if someone likes me i know bc i unintentionally analyze how they act around me and everything and its horrible bc i want to experience not suspecting they like me and have someone be nervous around me without having to play dumb and act like idk that they like me. that was just an example but the other day i was rewatching an anime so i knew the outcome and wat will happen later on but for a minute i got so lost in the scene that i wasn’t thinking about how i know everything that will happen and i was hype about what happened in the scene and was excited to see what would happen next, that was the first time i’ve “lived in the moment” and it felt so great to not be thinking about the outcome. like when i’m going out of state to see my friends for the first tune in forever, before it happens i will imagine what i will do like run up to my friend and hug her and cry in her arms but when that doesn’t happen i get really disappointed and i don’t know how to stop myself from thinking abt the future like that and i’m too tired to watch this video and ik i’ll forget to watch it tm ugh anyway goodnight everyone������

  • Love, love, love your print at the bottom of your screens. Lists & Notes on the screen give 100% certainty that I will view & like & subscribe.��❣️

  • I recently came across your channel, Mel. Your videos are very relevant and they really hit hard. You make it so simple too. Will inculcate this.
    Keep it going.

  • thanks for your advice… it helps me realize the present. my past hurts keep coming back and i even hate it.. coz they give me fear of what is my future… thank you for teaching me how to savor the present and keep my sanity intact…

  • Pastcheated, married to person who drools over other ladies every now and then, domestic violence survivor.
    Presentaccepted the truth and the life, living with the same person for the sake of my child. Confused whether to be happy, live in present, as know this very well that the normal life won’t last long.
    Futuresame past will be repeated in the future. Experienced for 11 years.

    What do I teach my mind and heart? If I live in the present, a bomb explodes with a news of the partner cheating again. Cannot leave as my child too much attached to his father.

    If Mel you are reading this..please guide.

  • Wooooow….I fell in love with the concept and quality of your video…it’s very inspiring as well….thank you for this!!!! I just subscribed!!! Please make more videos:-)

  • And what when debt collectors are chasing you non stop.That’s not the past not future but present moment. How do you overcome that??

  • Almost always when i get myself stick into the present for while i will experience alot of headache. Is this natural? Will it pass?

  • Everyone if you wanna be now in this moment Ask yourself “what’s going to be my next tought” and see what’s happen

    If you can’t think about anything and just nothing comes to your mind you are in the present moment and that’s how you can practice ❤️

  • If you’re living in the past; you’re going to be depressed.
    If you you’re living in the future; you’re going to be anxious.

    She didn’t mention living in a daydreams ��

  • I don’t actually totally agree with this. I believe that emotions come up to tell us something. And if we don’t acknowledge them and shove them aside….or INSIDE…it creates the perfect environment for disease.

  • Hi Mel
    I don’t bilieve it that YOU suggest such an impossible way. You say that i should refer my mind to the present time the moment i am catched in the past or future. The problem is that when someone is catched in the past or future he/she is not conscious enough to remind him/herself to do that.
    Dr. Alex

  • Curious about how representative was the data at the time of collection in 2011 or earlier than 2011. Not everyone had a smart phone (especially iPhone) to give the data at that time.

  • The best savor which have been discovered by the indian sages is the human breathing movements. Because the breathing is continuous, in the present moment, evidence that we are still live. We can focus on the sensations created by the natural breathing moments near the gates of the nostrils and that will help us to keep in this present moment and make us happy!

  • How do I stop depending on other’s for my happiness. I live alone and find it very hard to be alone and be happy. I live in the past all the time and it makes me sad.

  • I wonder if there was an option for someone who isn’t performing any kind of task, but rather just being, observing themselves and the world around them. Because when you talk about living in the now, that would be the definition.

  • You can’t actually control your thoughts, you can only control how you react and what you decide to focus on. Easier said than done.

  • What if the guy sitting across from you at the dinner table keeps talking to you and everyone else there about the ice fishing trip you all went on last year?..The one where you fell through the ice, broke your ankle on a rock downriver and then got mauled by a grizzly as you limped back to camp; only to find your best friend “comforting” your wife inappropriately… in YOUR sleeping bag…

  • Just be aware of your sensory perception’s. I use my breathing, because the breath is ALWAYS here and NOW. So by default if you are aware of your breathing, you are in the now.

  • This is important to everybody, plz read this carefully, you must read this to make your life more enjoyable living in the present and how to get rid of past and future worries:

    Past worries:

    Worrying about the past is such a foolish thing to do. Because the past will never happen again, and worrying about someone who has hurt you in the past will just ruin your present life and you won’t have any concentration in the present. You getting upset and angry won’t harm the person who has hurt you in the past. It’ll only harm yourself and your life. Choose to forgive and forget. This means that if someone has hurt you in the past, forgive them. Forgiving them is the best way to deal with you getting angry and upset on how people treated you in the past. Then after you forgive them, and have calmed down, forget about it for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s called forgive and forget. It’s good to understand how the person treated you in the past, but don’t dwell on it. Dwelling on it will make you feel like you wanted to be back in the past and not in the present, and it can harm yourself. So remember don’t dwell on the past. If you start to think about the past again after you forgive and forget, try to say to yourself “no, don’t think about it”, then think about happier times instead. Please understand this, no matter how many times you worry or think about the past, it won’t make a difference. It’s best not to worry

    Future worries:

    Why worry about the future if the future hasn’t came yet. In the past someone might have hurt you, and you might be seeing that person again in the future, but what if their attitudes change, what if they are positive people now, what if they want to be your friend and not your enemy anymore, who knows. Remember, nobody can predict the future. You never know what will happen in the future yet, so why worry. Some positive things might happen, some negative things might happen. Even if you think or worry about the future, your future will still come, it won’t go away. Everybody has a future, and nobody can make their own future go away (until you die). The future will still be waiting for you to come, and life will definitely get harder the more you age. Instead of thinking or worrying about the future, be mindful and conscious about the future and the present. So no matter how many times you worry or think about the future, it won’t make a difference. It’s best not to worry

    How to live in the present:

    Living in the present can be quite tough. Because you are trying to get the past and the future out your head. To live in the present happily, try focusing on what you’re doing and what you’re supposed to do. For example, if you eat chocolate, slow down and think about the size and the shape of it. Eat it slowly to understand the taste of it too (even if you find it boring). Don’t think about other things when you are doing what you’re doing now. Also try to understand that

    the past can’t change, the only thing you can change is the present so you can always impact the future. Something bad has happened to everybody in this world (not just you), so it’s best to learn why it’s bad to help yourself from the future, and what mistakes you are making to improve it.

    Extra information:

    Just to let you know, you can’t control what other people want to say, but you can control what you wanted to say.

    If this helps you, plz like my comment:), if it doesn’t…

    I’m sorry:(

  • Thank you! MY STORY#.I overthink too much every day and i know it’s all in my head! Now my problem is in concentration for example while im talking to someone my mind goes wild and brings me like a ton of thoughts example: am i doing this right? Am i overthinking right now? Am i concentrating? What is he/she thinking about me rn? Why can’t i concentrate? Or maybe i am concentrating but all this is made up by my mind? All this kind of stuff and i think sometimes i am going crazy.Is this good i mean can i fix it? Once again thank you for this video!

  • Hey, Mel, try living in poverty with depression and massive anxiety as a sufferer of C-PTSD. Tell someone with all those challenges, plus a lack of education so therefore no earning power, that 54321 will solve their problems. Sorry, but it’s mostly BS. Please be honest enough to just admit that some people have far larger and more complicated issues than can be solved with a few positive thoughts and simple *cheesy” 54321 actions. I am so tired of all these self-help gurus who tell us how easy it is to be happy, fulfilled, well-adjusted or even successful. Sure, they have figured out a way to make a great living telling the rest of us how simple it is. For me, happiness comes from Peace of Mind. And that comes from knowing you have adequate resources to keep a roof over your head and food on the table. It comes from having a modicum of certainty about the future. No, we can’t predict the future but we can prepare for it. While money is not the answer to everything it at least can provide a lot of relief from anxiety. Let’s face it, with money you have options and without it you’re stuck. When you’re a hermit riddled with fear and anxiety then your kind of talk just sounds like empty, feel good, gibberish. I’m exhausted from trying to express these thoughts but hopefully they won’t be removed. I’m sure there’s a boatload of people who can relate.

  • When i try to be present i feel some kind of emptiness because i don’t have any motivations because i won’t need them and i don’t know what to think about so i feel empty and think about the future to “motivate” myself

  • I AM JUST 15 AND I ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT MY FRIENDS and other student who are in my previous scl.i imagine them with some other circumstances and keep imagining. Uff! when I am alone I repeat it for several hours.. I want get rid of it..I score worst in my exam..because I spend a lot of time in imagining worst thing..and circumstances
    .plzz give me some tips. Help me.I really want to score best in my exam

  • I savor my friends, after we hanged out last night and talked about silly things, I realised how grateful I am, the gratitude that you should be feeling is there and right at that moment, I realised also that I’ve enjoyed the moment and the happiness it brings is much more comfortable. ❤️

  • People that makes videos of themselves living with the nature and being cfeative are so pleasing, we need more people like them nowadays

  • I’d also add that these are new neuropathways being created and learning how to do it instinctively takes TIME! But keep in mind that what you practice, you strengthen. Keep at it, even if at first you’re struggling to bring yourself back to present every 30 seconds. You got this! ^_^

  • I try to live in the moment and prepare for the future. I’m okay to stay anxious to develop a stronger version of myself and try to enjoy what I have right now.

  • How do you do that? The last few seconds were the most important, in my opinion, but unfortunately I didn’t get any good ideas how to anchor yourself in the RIGHT NOW AND HERE. That seemed a little vague. However, the explanation at the beginning is great.

  • I cant stop worrying about future. I am not ready to be an adult even I am 29 now. Please help me to live in this moment and feel happyness

  • happiness is nothing but a mindset.
    we all get happy when we see somebody who is either in a wheelchair or is down syndrome. we then think to ourselves
    ‘wow I’m sure glad that’s not me’ and if you froze that moment,you would feel something Inside, a good genuine feeling of satisfaction, that’s happiness. Its that simple.i read a book I think its incredible its called “gateway to happiness” by rabbi zelig pliskin
    although I cant say its guaranteed to make you happy there’s a lot of methods that can really help.
    it also tackles many other of life problem as well as: approval seeking, peace of mind, realizing your self worth, worry, anger, guilt, insults, jealousy and desire.
    you can check it out on amazon here I read a good part of it and I thought it simply amazing!
    you could also check him out on YouTube, just type in his name.

  • Same here I don’t know what to do I have lot of debt I don’t know what to do. Looking for the solution everyone are depression I don’t know how to handle

  • You know I over analyze stuff about any thing and it always go negative on me I should start admireing more about life and enjoy the moment. Heck when I talk to my friends mom I started to be a lot more happy because I was being nice and happy. Because there was admireation.