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Where to find your fitness tribe

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Be Part of a Revolutionary Fitness Tribe

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The 8 Best Places to Find Your Fitness Tribe. by MyFitnessPal. May 1, 2014. No Comments. Share it: Your fitness tribe awaits you.

We believe—we know—there are other folks out there with goals just like yours, who would love to link up, team up, or just occasionally tag up, to share everything from digital high-fives to in-the-flesh sweat. Find your fitness tribe: Six of L.A.’s best fitness social clubs Consider it your yoga clubhouse, with more than 100 classes a week, as well as a place. So much so that they offer several opportunities to find your tribe. For example, there’s Nike’s in-person run clubs and fitness-friend-finding function on the NRC app, as well as Strava’s new online community feature and Athleta’s welcoming fitness studio and Power of She campaign. Find out if you’re a good fit for our online fitness Tribe!

Get A Price. Success Stories. Learn about how you can find a way to sustain health and fitness on your terms.

Client Success. WHAT WE OFFER. accessibility_new. Personal Training. fitness_center. Small Group Training. laptop_chromebook.

Online Fitness. account_circle. Right away, it makes finding a fitness tribe seem doable, because if you are part of your own tribe (duh), then you only have to find one other person to root you on in your journey. Just one! Finding that one person or a few key people to give you the power of support as you start is so important, and then you can grow your tribe from there.

Well, I’m here to help you find your Fitness Tribe. With social media being very much present in our daily lives, it’s hard not to notice all the different ‘Fitness Tribes’ that are around these days. You’ve got the F54 Tribe, The CrossFit Tribe, The Areal Yoga Tribe & even The Reformer Pilates Tribe. This might be the best gym in Seattle in terms of Group Fitness. Not only are the instructors (I’m talking about you Mary & Alice) upbeat and knowledgable, they will kick your butt, all with a smile on their face.

TRIBE offers such a variety of classes there’s no way you could be bored, not to mention the space is modern and clean. Incentivize Your Fitness Tribe Goal. Once you start getting people to take part of your goal, make it worth their while to take part.

Regardless of what of the situation, people like to feel rewarded for their hard work. Placing a reward at the end of a workout adds a layer of interest to member’s gym perceptions. The Tribe Fitness Center has three levels. We distinguish four areas of training: cardio zone, a functional training zone, a zone with fitness trainers and a zone for fitness in larger groups.

After each training you can take a bath and refresh in all of the dressings there are showers. Whether you’re merely starting your fitness journey, an experienced CrossFit athlete, or a weighlifting enthusiast, this place has all that in spades. Knowledgeable coaches, amazing 6,000 sq ft space, well-maintained equipment, and best of all: a community that will encourage you to work your butt off and keep you accountable.

List of related literature:

In its market, HealthFit faces competition from two large multipurpose athletic clubs operated by major multiple-club chains located in neighboring towns and from Gold’s Gym located in Needham.

“Principles and Practice of Sport Management” by Lisa Pike Masteralexis, Carol A. Barr, Mary A. Hums
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Some might say that what we’re looking at here is a community that creates a sense of belonging, which is valid for certain people who know how to keep their membership of a particular fitness tribe in check.

“Unplugged: evolve from technology to upgrade your fitness, performance & consciousness” by Brian MacKenzie, Dr. Andy Galpin, Phil White
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Planet Fitness is a chain of fitness centers targeted at new or occasional exercisers.

“Intellectual Property: Valuation, Exploitation, and Infringement Damages, 2017 Cumulative Supplement” by Russell L. Parr, Gordon V. Smith
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Fitness Australia: the peak fitness industry association,

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For example, an advantage of using Virgin Active health and fitness facilities is that the fitness centres are found in each major city in South Africa, making it possible for customers to enjoy the facilities when they are travelling.

“Personal Selling” by M. C. Cant, C. H. van Heerden
from Personal Selling
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All the guidelines in this book apply not only to group fitness in a facility but also to bringing group fitness into less traditional spaces.

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
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Thoday’s fitness does not correspond to any of my list of five.

“The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene” by Richard Dawkins
from The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene
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Community resources include a fitness facility that offers group instruction in aerobic dance, spinning (i.e., stationary cycling), step aerobic, and kickboxing.

“Wellness and Physical Therapy” by Fair, Sharon Elayne Fair
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In Montreal’s West Island area, Carmine Petrillo has made Monster Gym an inviting community-oriented gym for people who are serious and not-so-serious about exercise.

“Contemporary Business” by Louis E. Boone, David L. Kurtz, Michael H. Khan, Brahm Canzer
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At an affiliates’ gathering in Big Sky, MT, in a talk caught on a videotape, Glassman acknowledged that some gyms have become incredible financial successes.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
from Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body
by T. J. Murphy
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • I love what you are doing Mike I’m a big fan, but can you explain why should I buy your program when you have it for free on your youtube channel?

  • Leaders authentic people who are able to be themselves and not looking for attention or out to please others.
    People who smile, and laugh and don’t take life to serious. I love happy bubbly people these are the type of vibes I want to be around.
    Motivational consistent people who have a goals, and stick to them even if I means sacrifing time out with friends or going out. These are the people that inspire me to be better.

  • I can imagine jeffs neighbor coming out to his porch with his coffee and sees jeff doing the S-Sprints, sips his cofee and stares then goes back inside.

  • One thing I like about your Flow routine, is that as such of a “feeling” and intuitive person that I am, I work best without routine. Standard workout practices are rigid to me. Your flow training provides me with the impetus to continue it and desire to do it daily because of how it truly benefits the body. It’s something I naturally prioritize. I had a hard time sticking to standard workout practices because they perpetuated the “societal body” image of myself. Your method gives me something else, something I’ve been looking for: a natural support that fits seamlessly into my unique way of living and experiencing my body.

  • I remember we went with my brother and his fast car on a night drive and this played while he was drifting and no cap, mood was so good

  • Jeff, I’ve got nothing but high praise for your channel. Yet another awesome video.

    But, the best way to avoid zombies is not to shower for a few days. This way you smell like a zombie and they leave you alone.

  • In deadman press-ups, if the zombies got you

    Why waste all that energy trying to drag yourself away as you’re either be zombie sticky ribs or you will become a zombie

  • Jeff I love your information here but you’re planning on making fit zombies now. If a zombie apocalypse happens we’re going to have very fast and strong zombies running amuck

  • You’re the God Legend, Jeffo. You’re gonna go down in history as the most innovative, creative, and accurate trainer. Keep on keeping on.

  • You make that box jump look so easy, Jeff! How can I train, to get that type of leg strength? For the last 62 weeks, I’ve been running, but I haven’t really been training my legs.

  • Don’t need drug to listen this I already do listen things WAY WORSE THAN THAT (***speedcore extratone jcore camellia etc***) (osu mania)

  • What’s a good brand to purchase from? I’m struggling to find one that’s not insanely expensive but also one that won’t snap because of how cheap it is.

  • What if I find the people who connect with my soul, are exactly what I want in my tribe, yet they change after a certain period of time and become the soul suckers? Because this is what happening with me.

  • 1:30 Is it an issue having the band rub against you? For example does it catch grip on your skin/shirt? What about the hands they seem a lil awkward like maybe some gloves will be necessary.

  • I admire your knowledge of the human body and follow you always. Do you think you could bring back shoulders which are totally fused together to avoid replacement? I have done a lot of work to eliminate most of the pain and continue to train.

  • This is the best ‘band’ workout I’ve ever seen. I’m a 62 yr old gym rat but quit the gym and bought the bands. It would have never occurred to me to do these exercises. I can’t wait to go back to the park tomorrow and try all eight. Thanks for putting this video up. It’ll take the sting out of not going to the gym. What a great group of exercises! I’ve watched you before but this time you hit it out of the park!!

  • For me my ideal traits are someone who’s trust worthy, loyal, supportive, and are present in life. Like they don’t make excuses for me to come visit them or avoids me for days on in. And no outside relationships.

  • I looked on your site, but (sigh) none of my weight bands are available all have red crosses on them, am I to assume these bands are not available?

  • I have been looking high and low, and really want to get the same bands you are using, those therapy therabands keep breaking, can you please tell me where I can get them?

  • Would be nice to be a little more detailed with the exact correct form for each of these excursions
    Love your education of the masses, just realize many of us are newbie

  • I link my 2 bands between the feet of my bench and the tips of my bar, that benchpress is aaaaaawsome because it gets both benefices weight and bands at the same time.

  • [ ] Band pull a parts ( 0:45)
    [ ] Serratus punches ( 1:20)
    [ ] Over & backs ( 2:16)
    [ ] Over head Jackhammers ( 3:24)
    [ ] Face Pulls ( 3:58)
    [ ] Hip Hinges ( 5:20)
    [ ] Over-head Side steps ( 6:08)
    [ ] Oblique Corkscrews ( 7:24)

  • when I saw this vid for the first time I was not a believer. 30 bux later I realized i am an idiot. These bands are really good on the go!!

  • Je me suis acheté une bande élastique jaune Décathlon pour faire ces exercises mais Fédérico m’ignore car il ouvre des franchises Senor Frogs à Ixtapa et Acapulco, no ma mes!

  • Jeff you’re always my go to guy for anything fitness related. Also your lower back video really help me release my pressure and pain for my lower back! Awesome stuff and keep going at it!

  • Amazing. I lift heavy and after doing this on “off days”, dude… I added 4kgs to my dumbbells right away. And it is so goddamm time-effective as well. Getting a thicker band next month. Also gained lean mass as well! Brilliant

  • I found a website that takes this workout and programmes it with sets and reps: is it worth following their suggestions?

  • Why is there a X in a lot of the names that revolve around working out? Like equipment names, brands, and in this case channel names? Is there some significance in the letter X and working out?

  • Hi OK so if I try lift a bar bell I feel pain in my left shoulder. So I feel the week In my left arm and when I lift my left shoulder gets hard like it’s taken all the weight and not my arm sorry if you don’t no what I mean

  • 2nd Day of this routine. All looks easy…until you try to do it. Form n Control..both which I’m lacking. ��. Shared video with my Oldest Daughter…..she will now make it part of her routine. Thanks

  • My ideal tribe are those who are creative, curious, compassionate and always wanting to push themselves and chase to build a life they love.

  • You have my like! ��Great vídeo! ��
    However, if you let me say, you should have focused more on the exercice video and showing the full body from different angles. Instead, you showed more time of trainer talk and cutted some essentials of the entire position.

  • What I find interesting is that the title of this video’s is exercises “for mass”, the exercises are actually prehab/rehab and at the end he says adding them to you routine will boost your lift numbers, somewhat mix messaging however…
    The exercises themselves don’t help with mass however they will no don’t help those seeking it because you need a lot of volume and you can’t do lots of volume if you’re beat up from shit form or poor foundation, which is smart on Jeff’s part really. Also, although not what the title suggested, or the exercise choice did either… at the end when he says you’re numbers will jump up he is also not wrong if you do add them you would see strength improvements.

    Just thoughts ��‍♂️

  • For the overhead sidestep: how do you stop the band from slipping under your feet? With every step I take, when my feet are close together, the band slips towards my hands and then the next step is harder. Within 10 or so steps, I can barely take a step because my feet are attempting to stretch a 1 inch piece of band 3 feet.

  • So currently, the Novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is getting worst. Since I’m stationed in house that how can I maintain my exercises during the pandemic like this?

  • My ideal tribe are people that respect my idea as much I do theirs, people with open minds and that love to work hard. People that think of the future as amazing also loyal.

  • My ideal tribe:

    Into spiritual health/wellbeing, creativity and entrepreneurship, and kind and authentic:)

    Anyone in New York City trying to build a tribe? ��‍♂️

  • Surround yourself with people you respect and people that respect you. If there is no mutual respect the relationships can not work. One more thing, the respect must be genuine and not just an attempt to be polite.

  • My ideal tribe people are creative and clear about their own identity and ideas and are passionate about something like really passionate

  • Honesty, kindness, generosity, upbeat/positive…and I am spending most of my time with one person who only really sort of meets one of those criteria.

  • jeff my man teaching us to save our friends and carry them I love this so much speedy agility in all different planes great mobility and balance

  • a quien le gusta el minuto 4:24?

    soy el unico que no sabe que tipo de bajo es?

    como se llama ese bajo estupendo?

    pongan 2 paginas aviertas
    si no son 2 aganlo con 4 xDDD

    se alarga el bajo perron

  • My ideal tribe:
    1. Good sense of humor
    2.humble & down to earth
    3.good heart
    4. Motivated and self sufficient
    5. Positive and optimistic
    6. Patient
    7. Loving attitude towards all
    8. Serious when they need to be serious, but goofy too
    9. Trustworthy
    10. Loyal

  • I had weed and I was driving back to Mumbai from my home town nagpur and it was my first time while driving and with�� fucking assholes friends..we all smoked it and then they also bought bong and we did that also..and then this music ����������still when I thought about that moment ��������I can’t describe what happened that day… We are stoned like hell..and this song �������� LMAO.. actually we put camera on in our car and after reaching their we know what we did last night.. actually after finishing weed we start listening song and after sometime all are watching the iPad from back in front where the song were playing ��and I donno why…no one knows what happened..just watching the front screen and then I realised that I need to pee and I want tea or coffee..and when I turn around I was fucking shocked by watching them..somany things happen that night..but overall it was fun..we smoked 800 ka maal������

  • This was great, been searching for “free energy and electrical work” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Senarper Salient Secret (search on google )? It is a good one of a kind product for discovering how to have free power in your home without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

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  • My tribe looks like: patience, work team, interesting in growth spirituality and psychological, likes to support growth in family and friends, gives u feedback about what I been trough, loves consistency in relationships, loves to be outside, loves adventure and explore, love to Dance and express emotions with compassion. Gooood listeners and have big big vision about evolution of humanity and them lives

  • #BOSSCLUB Gotcha Boss no uttering the phrase Ever, Ever, Ever! In my tribe I’m looking for the Fail-aholocs, Intentional Living, Healthy, Generous, Supportive, Fit, Happy, Open Minded, Driven, & Inspiring. Next step Tribe Audit �� Wish me luck

  • I think i have less or more tha 3 to 5 traits of my ideal tribe member here is all of them. Kind, loyal, fun, smart, supportive, motivetive even if the thing is scary, positive, open minded, also they don’t give up easily

  • No saben la desesperación y lo tonta que me sentí poniendo “itamigo samala samala omamipibe lamatashine” en el buscador
    Pero la encontré, Pepega Clap

  • Hey Mike, thanks for the great content. Just wanted to ask a quick question. I’ve heard that drinking black coffee makes our mood more volatile. ( ) Do you think its a good idea to quit caffeine completely? Would love to hear your thoughts.

  • My TOP 5 traits for my ideal tribe would be: 1. Positive and down for adventure 2. Ambitious for their future life and to improve the world we live in, financially ambitious too ✨ 3. They believe in their dreams and in their friends, they go out their comfort zone to achieve their goals 4. They love nature and they’re spiritual peop, deep peop, kind, benevolent, they take care of themselves and their bodies 5. they like art, music, drama, photography, down for art projects to change the world ��

  • I have never had a “tribe” so picking traits is very uncomfortable for me. Beggars can’t be choosers, lol. I just want to belong to a tribe.

  • U are the real reason why i am in my best shape today. The knowledge and all the myths u busted years back were so relevant. Thanking you so much for making me turn into fitness during my childhood days ❤️❤️

  • Hoping someone can recommend a band for me. Something simple like Jeff appears to be using in the videos. No handles, no 17-colors of bands packages, just one simple band.

    BTW Jeff could make a killing selling his own bands or getting an affiliate cut by recommending one

  • LOL zombie apocalypse jeff would do anything the kind of shit he does to get the muscle heads or seasonal festival people to workout for balance, mobility, and longevity

  • Jeff, can you build size and mass using ONLY resistance bands? If yes, Jeff YOU really need to develop a resistance band only program!!! with some body weight exercises added,( i.e., pull-ups, chin-ups etc…..) I’d buy it hands down!

  • Looking to create a tribe. Based in London, passionate about traveling, Karma believer, positive energy, sense of humor, respect for any life form, movies / music / walks, parks. Creative, peaceful, respectful. Age range 25-35? Let’s create our happiness together. Email: [email protected]

  • But what if I am? I did number 1 and I am the ones around me aren’t striving or as positive. I’m usually the most outgoing, uplifting and go getting. Please advise!

  • A little late watching and commenting on your video but thanks for this Boss! I moved to a new place 2+ years ago and still no tribe. I’ve put myself out there but never thought to like this. Lead with generosity and you can’t go wrong!

  • Boss, I am:) Thanks so much!!! You are a great teacher! The 3 traits among many that inspire me are; 1.) Kindness 2.) Attentive 3.) Successful.

  • resistance band set best thing for training at home get one for urself at some store (or at store where i get it at ) TRUST ME ITS GREAT

  • I use to follow Mike years ago when he first started and was huge! I’m glad he’s transformed his body from muscle mass to health and defined! You don’t need to be big and muscular to look good, I was one of those who was doing everything to get huge and I did unfortunately injuries followed, high BP etc. now taking it easier to be healthy!

  • My ideal tribe are people who are wise, middle age, life coaches, experts, and extremely loving. I am a content developer and academic scholar, if anyone wants me in their network, i would be happy. Cheers

  • Forgive me I can’t decide what the top five attributes of my people are, so I’ll just post the whole list!

    1. Visionary — sees potential in all things and people.
    2. Kind — not just nice, but kind (able to transcend politeness and be fierce, when that’s needed, for the ultimate benefit/good)
    3. Warm — huge-hearted. Caring.
    4. Deep — Deeply intelligent, thoughtful, wise, soulful
    5. Listener — Able to actively listen and engage, able to draw out what is good or essential in people. “Listening others into being” as a Witness.
    6. Playful — able to be light-hearted, have a light touch.
    7. Resilient — adaptive, able to bounce back from adversity. Able to honestly look at themselves and work with what they find, light or dark.
    8. Uplifting — Charismatic, bright spirit. Able to brighten the mood and state of those they interact with. Catalyst for hope and joy in the world.
    9. Process-oriented — Aware of How the moment is unfolding, not just the What (i.e., content). Patient with their own and others’ processes & paths.
    10. Mindful & Aware — Able to perceive the layers of things. Reflexive ability.
    11. Curious — Interested in the world around them, interested in others, in ideas. Really leans in and allows the world to disclose its secrets.
    12. Dynamic — Expressive & Embodied — Spontaneous and liberated in their range of affect. Able to stand into and embody what they feel. Whole range of ways of being.
    13. Open — open-minded, open-hearted, open to what is ‘Other’ than them
    14. Majickal — Have a sense of majick & live by the metaphor that life is Enchantment.
    15. Harmonious — Committed to balance & synchrony in all things.
    16. Respect — Respected by others and shows respect for others.
    17. Big Player — Want to play in a large arena in terms of their contribution, open to enlarging the arena of their life. Live by the metaphor that life is an infinite game.
    18. Advocate — Advocates for the good in others.

  • I’ve been doing the same morning routine for about 6 months that I learned from Mike. My favorite is that thing when you swing your arms. It really helps loosen my shoulders. And also the jumping. Thanks for all the tips over the years. The content has gotten so much better than years ago. Before it was about having an appealing physic and now it’s about have an appealing spirit hahha. Thanks Mike.

  • #BOSS The best kind of people to add to your tribe, are the ones that can get in your universe (mostly) and add something that you’d have never thought of on your own! I think it is one of the best forms of growth.

  • I would love for Jeff to come up with a new program that’s entirely based on bands. Lately I’ve been doing his TNTs using only bands and the 6 pack shuffler using bands but would definitely buy a band program from him.

  • my perfect tribe member will be compassionate, warm and caring, open-minded, optimistic, creative, focused on growth and non-judgemental <3

  • Sunny, I know I’m late to the party but I Absolutely ��love this! My ideal tribe are people that love Jesus & desire to live life to the FULLEST using the gifts God gave them.
    ☕️Be a person of integrity
    ☕️Live with Intention
    ☕️Live Joyfully ��
    ☕️likes coffee☕️ & fellowship!

    Genuine relationships only right here����‍♀️. No time for “soul suckers” �� lol

  • my ideal tribe are people who are positive and passionate about the world around them. People that are curious and love to try new things and go on adventures:)

  • I want to show and teach people about the beautiful world! I have travelled to over 25 countries and I wish to inspire others to be as curious as I am about the people and places.. and eat LOTS of different and delicious food along the way:)

  • i ideal soul tribe would be:(loving) (understanding) (loyal to their soul tribe) (helpful) (supportive) (wanting the best for eachother to aline with our soul journey)

  • This really helps because i am lazy a f and i lack the muscle to support a proper exercise even if i do get to exercise it’s so hard that i quit a lot easier than i should. Even playing with a rubber band will do me more good than not

  • Omg I’m freaking out because I’m new going into you tube creating my channel and I was going to refer to my subscribers as my “Tribe”

  • tribe members: grok ideas quickly; optimistic and lucky; non dogmatic, but rather fluid and adaptable; great sense of humor…. lovers of music, satire, lush nature, and… me! they’d all have to love me A LOT and believe in me and my potential and want it realized!!

  • me/my ideal tribe member: Encourager, pragmatic-dreamer, compassionate, CAN-DO attitude, out-of-the-box thinker, Jesus follower, visionary, joyful, impromptu, adventurous, positive.

  • I love how this came back under my recommended videos now during a very different kind of outbreak. Is YouTube trying to tell me I should be more worried?

  • Nonjudgmental; responsible; thoughtful; reliable; giving

    Make sure you don’t take personally either Boss! When someone tells me they want to pick my brain, I’m thinking they respect what I have to say 😉

  • My ideal tribe members are inspired by Abraham Hicks, are supportive, encouraging, take themselves and me lightly and have lots of fun.