Ten best YouTube Fitness Channels to look at in 2020


Top 10 YouTube Channels of 2019

Video taken from the channel: WatchMojo.com


10 YouTube Channels You Should Follow in 2020

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Most Subscribed Fitness Channels ❗ TOP 10 YouTubers [2017-2020]

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Most Famous Fitness YouTubers | Most Popular Fitness Channels on YouTube [2017 2020]

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Top 10 YouTube Women’s Fitness Channels TopX Ep.20

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10 Top Fitness YouTubers

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Top 10 YouTube Men’s Fitness Channels TopX Ep.19

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Workout Videos on YouTube: Which Are the Best Channels to Follow? 1. FitnessBlender. If you are just starting out and want an easy entry into online workouts then you would be wiser to start with some basic 2. BeFit. 3. Blogilates. 4. Tone It Up.

5. XHitDaily. The best YouTube channels for 2020 By Will Nicol July 27, 2020 Biggest doesn’t always mean the best, and millions of subscribers don’t always mean that those channels are producing high. YouTube Channel Examples: Top 5 Best; WatchMojo; Final Words. Oh my God! I didn’t keep a track of words and now it turned out to be a super-massive 5,000+ words article.

I hope the research and hard work I put into it, was worth your precious time and you found at least one YouTube Channel idea worth continuing. Best Gear For YouTubers. This video contains plenty of YouTube channel ideas for beginners based on finding a profitable niche to make videos about. The best youtube niches 2019 and the best youtube channel ideas 2019. Davis, CA About Youtuber I am the founder of Super Training Gym, Power Magazine and the inventor of the Sling Shot.

I’m also a pro powerlifter who has totaled 2601 at 275. POWER is about helping lifters get stronger by lifting smarter, training better and understanding all there is to know about powerlifting equipment and gear. Some YouTube channels have become so huge that they have billions of views and subscribers. A few big YouTubers make thousands to million views in a week.

Viral videos and music videos are a daily phenomenon on this platform. You can find every kind of content creator on this platform. Let us look at some of the biggest YouTube channels in 202.

American Youtube Channels list ranked by popularity based on total channels subscribers, video views,video uploads, quality & consistency of videos uploaded Watch our videos and discover this land, like never before. Previous 15 Vancouver Youtube Channels to Follow in 2020. Next Top 5 Yandex Blogs & News Websites To Follow in 2020. These are the best fitness channels on YouTube.

If you’re looking for all the body benefits of Pilates with the added benefit of quieting your mind, yoga might be your thing instead. Hi Friends! There are many Fitness channels on Youtube. But I have chose the best 5 channles.

If you are really a fintess ethusiast. You should follow these channles. These are the best. Youtube Fitness Channels. We all want to be healthier, we all want to get into better shape, and to look at ourselves in the mirror, flex and think ‘Oh yeah!’ The best way to achieve this is by going to the gym, but that’s harder than it first appears.

You’ve got to summon the motivation to go.

List of related literature:

Bocanegra et al. [17] have stated that on channel like Health and fitness related videos are quite famous, but the matter of issue is their quality, they are generally of low quality but still they are being followed by people.

“Computational Vision and Bio-Inspired Computing: ICCVBIC 2019” by S. Smys, João Manuel R. S. Tavares, Valentina Emilia Balas, Abdullah M. Iliyasu
from Computational Vision and Bio-Inspired Computing: ICCVBIC 2019
by S. Smys, João Manuel R. S. Tavares, et. al.
Springer International Publishing, 2020

These videos, made by former fat people Simmons and Powter, exemplify the practical use of editing to facilitate the home user’s view of aerobic routines, to motivate the user, and to maintain visual interest.

“Bodies Out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression” by Jana Evans Braziel, Kathleen LeBesco
from Bodies Out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression
by Jana Evans Braziel, Kathleen LeBesco
University of California Press, 2001

PopSugar Fitness (YouTube channel).

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

Even this list, however, includes only a sample of the most popular vigorous aerobics, sport, and recre

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
from Health Opportunities Through Physical Education
by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, et. al.
Human Kinetics, 2014

Thoday’s fitness does not correspond to any of my list of five.

“The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene” by Richard Dawkins
from The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene
by Richard Dawkins
Oxford University Press, 2016

Exercise videos are an excellent medium for learning a new fitness activity.

“Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children” by Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle
from Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children
by Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle
Human Kinetics, 2019

Italso hasan on­demand channel where you canselectvideoworkouts; at any time,the channel offers about 100 workouts and offers instant downloads or streaming options.

“Fitness For Dummies” by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
from Fitness For Dummies
by Suzanne Schlosberg, Liz Neporent
Wiley, 2010

Universal Fitness Video.

“Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook” by Subrata Ghatak, Roger O. Weed, Debra E. Berens
from Life Care Planning and Case Management Handbook
by Subrata Ghatak, Roger O. Weed, Debra E. Berens
Taylor & Francis, 2009

Exercise videos are also available, but choose one that is appropriate for your needs and abilities.

“Basic Geriatric Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Williams
from Basic Geriatric Nursing E-Book
by Patricia A. Williams
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Health-enhancing fitness 5.

“Instructional Models in Physical Education” by Michael Metzler
from Instructional Models in Physical Education
by Michael Metzler
Taylor & Francis, 2017

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • delete this video you should be ashamed of yourselves promoting some of these channels the misimfermation given causes alot of damage gobshites sixpackshortcuts really ffs

  • How is Scooby just an honorable mention? He’s real and straight to the point and doesn’t sugar coat anything. He should’ve been number 1

  • Summary

    1. Videos

    2. Playlist
    Tone it up

    3. Yoga

    4. Video over animation

  • Fast forward to 2020 AtheanX still delivering quality content whereas Mike Chang along with SIXPACKSHORTCUT was almost banned by youtube for its false practices.

  • If you’re a beginner who stumbled upon this video while searching for good fitness channels, STOP RIGHT HERE! This rating is made by people who don’t know what they’re talking about, and who just want to make money by making top-10 lists without making actual effort researching the topic.

    If you’re looking for actual useful channels, then stick to channels that give good information, talk about injury prevention, and about healthy and balanced nutrition.

    Below are some of the most important channels that you should subscribe to:
    1. ATHLEAN-X (If you only had to choose 1 channel, this is the one)
    2. Jeff Nippard
    3. ScottHermanFitness
    4. Buff Dudes
    5. Omar Isuf
    and then some more… Also, if you stumble upon a channel, and you’re not sure whether it’s actually good or bad, you can head to channels that do reviews of other channels, like:
    1. Shredded Sports Science (very important, he does great peer reviews)
    2. Every Damn Day Fitness
    3. Pure Bullfit
    and then some more… These channels will help you make sure you’re not subscribing to the wrong places…
    Finally, if you wanna laugh, while learning what NOT to do in the gym, then go Infinite Elgintensity and his incredibly funny satire

  • Athleen x is way over-rated takes 10 minutes just to tell you not to do dumbell chest fly’s…I’ve been watching Jeff when he didnt even have a million subscribers so I’m not new to his channel.

  • Hey can you please do a ASMR top 10 list and do another top 10 professional eater list please that would really make everybody’s life better or something

  • The natty fitness channels I rely on (not in any specific order):

    FitnessFAQs (Daniel Vadnal)


    Athlean-X (Jeff Cavaliere)

    Buff Dudes

    Jeremy Ethier


    ShreddedSportsScience (fitness reviews)


    Gravity Transformation Fat Loss Experts

    Ric Drasin

    PictureFit (for more basic stuff)

    HASfit (for my HIIT sessions)

  • Hi my cousin mark just started a yt channel if u could show him some love highly appreciated his channel is https://youtu.be/Dqh4V866hVA or you can type mark mcsweeny

  • Hmm? This list is a little suspect. Mike Rashid, Funk Roberts, and Calisthenics & Weightraining are three channels that need to be viewed more. Mike is from the CT Old School training camp plus the Brotha does make decent bodyweight cameos.He’s currently training Mylessa Ford now (That’s a treat for Hip-Hop vixen fans of the 90’s) Brotha Funk aka Burpee Man is my favorite. He gives you functional HIIT and TABATA with a dash of MMA training, with and without equipment. His routines are very sustainable (Even OGs like me can do these exercises with NO EXCUSES) Calisthenics& Weighting (Alex the narrator sounds European. That’s alright his English is excellent) Most of their routines are bodyweight training with the BEST progressive exercises on YouTube. Don’t sleep on this channel. Tee Major was also my Dude but I haven’t seen new stuff from him in a minute. Mike Vasquez is just SICK and not for beginners. Frank Medrano is another NOT for beginners, but his Bodyweight training is something to aspire to. Oh yeah, a special shout out to Josh Bryant. He turns men into MONSTERS!!!!

  • I stopped watching this bullshit when you put Athlean X anywhere but #1… Hodgetwins and 6 Pack Shortcuts over Jeff? Dumbfucks….

  • They’re surely the best coaches out there, with especially CT Fletcher the beast when it comes to pushing some iron. Flexing weight day & night, it’s the main goal in life!

  • Hey these guys,have been one of my idols for so long. I listned to him and I finally started to grow. Can you guys make my dream come true and follow me on
    instagram @stevelyfin? I’m not very big but I believe in myself!

  • Lew talk about Indian bollywood movie called ” SADAK 2″ in english it translate to The path or Road, just released its trailer and got most dislike video of 2020 in shortest amount of time. More than 11 million dislike in 12 hours.. because the producer / director has potential involvment in killing of most liked bollywood star actor named ” Shushant Singh Rajput”. That director/ producer( Mahesh Bhatt) has been linked with Mafia and now they found the state has been protecting him while the fedral govenment is after him.. Amazing news spread like wild fire, do a little research and watch your video likes will sky rocketed like nothing..Your subscriber will go to millions in no more than 24 hrs..

  • Speaking from experience, I’ve done Athlean X’ s training plans and it’s better than all these guy’s, his muscle marker and science and strength mentality can’t be beaten. You train like an athlete and work your ass off

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    Check out the very amateur and ACADEMIC website at http://www.BornAgainHair.com and do what it says…you will not be disappointed again.

  • My GF has been lifting for a year now. She absolutely loves lifting weights so i came here in the hopes of finding a badass chick to suggest to her so she can improve her knowledge and help her make a more specialised workout plan. And instead what i found is a list of beta females that eat avocados and hop around all day. What about all those women that actually like to lift shit and actually do some proper training? Aerobics will only get you so far. Anyway. Disappointed.

  • I’m happy my bets are included in your review both Jeff Cav and Jeff Nippard. I’m pretty much impressed by the contents of their videos. It’s also nice to hear your reviews regard some of the fitness youtubers and I’m going to check them out. If I may suggest a topic, I would love to hear your inputs regarding Wim Hoff breathing technique, especially the physiologic side of it. Thank you. Continue the good work guys!

  • i have to throw my boy martins licis into the ring now: he takes a very athletic and intelligence focused approach to training fitness and of course strongman (loads of tips even in the jokes) but combines it with exactly what you expect from the second strongest man in the world and a lot of offbeat humour.

  • FitnessFAQ’s and the bioneer are probably the best 2 channels for fitness and if you’re looking for strength and size gains alpha destiny and team 3d alpha are also excellent

  • Best of luck for your channel.its takes a great effords in finding the best of the best. And it’s been ages someone has done that. So this video is a great help to me. Thanxd and yes will subscribe to your channel.
    By the way I hav my channel too

  • Wow! This is the videos that I have been looking for.. I was really inspired by this video to stay fit and healthy and to create my own youtube channel as well.. feel free to visit me guys��

  • WHAT! CHLOE TING NOT INCLUDED… Oh sorry it was 5 years ago.��but whoever sees this I must say Chloe ting is great u shd try her workouts they r simply divine

  • nice content. new subscriber in your channels guys:) Please if you have time visit my channels too. i am very happy but if your right some comments I am vitalize.

    Anyway can you make some contents about Top 10 Qigong Youtubers. I am very small yOutubers but if you like to put me there. I am very High Powers;) feeling. NAmaste.

  • Just found your channel and you guys are doing really good! Smashed that red button! Would love if you could check out mine as well! ��

  • I am subbed to Athlean X and Shredded Sport Science. Also there is Massive Iron, EDDF and one I really like is OmarIsuf. His channel is really good.

  • One channel I was hoping you would include Brian Alsruhe, he competes in strongman competitions, but you can’t help but feel motivated after seeing one of his videos.  He wants people to become the best versions of themselves and not just follow what he does… He’s amazing in what he has accomplished.  He has not let having a brain tumor or puking 10-15 times a day stop him from being him.  The cause for the puking is unknown and he just underwent having 15 vials of blood drawn to help find out the reason.  He has been dealing with the puking for about 2 years… anyway… Another channel I recommend is FitnessFAQs.  Another good one for calisthenics is calisthenicsmovement (I think that is the name, lol).

  • The ” best” depends on what you’re looking for; what your goals are. Many so-called fitness sites focus on body building and body builders are not always fit from every point of view.
    I like your choices, but have learnt a lot from the Buff Dudes and Scooby.
    However there is one which has something for everyone, it’s presenters are charming, never rude and agressive like many are, yet they manage to get me to push myself further…. Hasfit!

  • How mr beast is 5th because of reading a dictionary how about the other stuff like team trees he should be 3rd man how dead meat is a 3rd place this is weird and also HOW PEWDIEPIE IS AT 2ND PLACE THE 19 YEAR OLD ARE MAD RIGHT NOW!!!! i know i post this at 2020 but is triggering to see it

  • This just came back up on my youtube feed, and I’ve since made some more discoveries and rediscoveries. Everyone Alan Roberts mentioned in his ongoing feud with Chris Heria is fantasticAustin Dunham, Calisthenic Movements, and Red Delta Project have been on my list for a while and he showed me to Tao Physique and Saturno Movements.

    Two more that he didn’t list, and I think should be talked up around the community are Training Pal and Workout Union. Both of these are fantastic channels for anyone interested in learning movements and seeing some real passion for them on screen. These guys aren’t necessarily fitness professionals, but they bring some great perspectives and progressions to the table.

  • You all were doing good work before, but I think it’s cool that you’re giving shout-outs to other fitness channels and steering your audience toward the best content regardless of where it comes from. Admirable.

    I also like the idea of a group fitness channel that, as you stated, isnt focused on a specific target audience. Keep up the good work!

  • Hurray, I subscribe to most of these channels already. A couple of others I’d recommend if you’re interested are Tom Meredith he does stretching and gymnastic/calisthenic strength routines, Gabriel Sey is a bodybuilder who does various bodybuilding related topics and Boho Beautiful who has some amazing yoga and also meditation videos, a lot of which are set in stunningly scenic locations.

  • Scott Herman was the first fitness youtuber that I subscribed to, but now I’m subscribed to Athleanx Scott Herman and EXTRA love you guys

  • Came here cause of shredded sports science.

    Only one I would highly recommend that really fits the list is Jeremy Ethier. Solid science based stuff without any unnecessary fluff. Good list overall!

  • I don’t agree, to me it would be: #1 Fitness Blender #2 Blogilates #3 Pop Sugar Fitness, ’cause those channels are the ones that have helped me a lot to gain resistance, strength and weight lost, although 2 weeks ago I’m working out only with Fitness Blender.

  • Why would we need other fitness tubers when I have you guys? (and Athean X, who I take it is some kind of god). V’Shred is a clown.

  • Another great video. I found shredded sports science just before y’all. I do some yoga with adrienne from time to time as well, it was good practice before getting out to a paddleboard yoga class. Fitness blender has a couple of kettlebell workouts I enjoyed, but I was pretty put off by their kettleblocksno way to do a real clean with appropriate weight on those, and that’s usually a litmus test of mine.

    Not on your listmindpump. Those guys have great standards of movement, and bring in multiple strength disciplines. Good group dynamic, and they present a range of intelligence.

    Deep dark confession, Zuzka light gave me one of my favorite kettlebell workouts of novel movements. I like her because she demonstrates perfect form, makes appropriate weight recommendations (most recommend too light, particularly women) and she demonstrates on an appropriate weight for herself… which is a 50 lb bell on some exercises. To me that says respect for weight and respect for her audience.

    That said, I wouldn’t take her diet advicestrict keto. I’m not going to do a macro exclusion diet. A number of her workouts are geared more towards women… I’m not working on a bikini booty.

    And finally, y’all are in fact already on my top ten.

  • For those people like me who is lazy to finish the video.. Here you go.. Your welcome

    #10 Passion4Profession (animated)
    #9 Tara Stiles (yoga)
    #8 POPSUGAR Fitness (perky hosts)
    #7 Yoga with Adriene
    #6 Tone it Up (Bikini Series routines)
    #5 Body Rock (intense workout sessions)
    #4 XHIT Daily (celebrity workout)
    #3 Fitness Blender
    #2 Befit (fitting to be a TV show w/high profile hosts)
    #1 Blogilates (Pilates)

    My personal favorites though are for EMI Wong’s workout and Roberta’s Gym (although animated but it has easy to follow routines, rest time sessions and a whole list of daily workouts to choose from)

  • I love Zuzka Light -she is extrem cute with an extracute accend and her Workouts are insane awesome:-) also her startchannel BODYROCK TV makes you Badass ;-D

  • Wow! This is the videos that I have been looking for.. I was really inspired by this video to stay fit and healthy and to create my own youtube channel as well.. feel free to visit me guys��

  • Casey and Zuzka have to be my favorite, they let us see the struggles that everyone goes threw and they are so encouraging and always trying to look at the good in life!!!

  • i am following Pamela Trujillo on instagram and halecraze i got very interesting tips from here video here you can fallow her here

  • I often follow Watchmojo for fitness training and guide such i useful resource ever. Guy here is one another website resource you might be helpful: https://halecraze.com/the-15-most-famous-fitness-trainers-you-should-follow-in-2019/

  • My list:
    1. Jeremy Ethier
    2. Calisthenicsmovement
    3. Jeff Nippard
    4. AthleanX
    5. FitnessFAQs
    6. Picturefit
    7. Red Delta Project
    8. TrainingPal
    9. SaturnoMovement
    10. Bro Science Life (lol)
    I’m on a calisthenics/weight training hybrid side with a focus on aesthetics, skills and long term health.

  • Update 2019:

    1. Blogilates
    2. FitnessBlender
    3. Befit -slow uploads, start with video/playlist
    4. Rebecca Louise channel only
    5. Bodyrocka few videos in playlist
    6. Tone it upladies got married and pregnant, few videos in playlist
    7. Yoga with Adriannea lot of video start with playlist to avoid duplicate watching
    8. Popsugar fitness30 minute video playlist very good
    9. Tara stiles-few good video
    10. Passion4Profession-last resort

  • I actually found you guys in the Shredded Sports Science comment section lol. Maybe even saw you guys in an Athlean-X comment section too.

  • just want to tell your audience that your channel is amazing. I followed your channel a few months back from my individual channel and learned a lot of things from you since then. Thanks, Thomas.

  • Hey ladies, want to ecercise your braim too. MR BUILD on Amazon books by Kathy Evans and Steven Kreg is a GREAT book. 4.99 is a steal.but Kathy worked sooo hard writting this story and it beats Shades of Grey by a long shot. Thank you for supporting a women with a DEEP mental knowledge!!

  • Hay Successful People: What about your health neglected for YEARS to gain financial success? (No, I’m not talking about your MD physicans doctors who knows nothing about nutrition!)

    Isn’t it about time to consider your health as a priority?

    Successful / rich people die just like the poor from the same diseases buried in the same earth with all the dead animals!

    Hosea 4:6 King James Version (KJV) “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.

    Did you know that you can die from nutrition defeciny according to Dr. Bruce Ames?
    Even if you’re a little bit deficient in some nutrients, you accelerate diseases and ages you faster?
    Check out this blog: https://www.lookingvibrant.com/blogs/lookingvibrant-com/why-are-consumers-buying-more-vitamin-c-than-any-other-vitamins

    Athletes live 7 years less than a couch potato according the Dr. Joel Wallach book” Dead Doctor Don’t lie”, because Even When You Exercise you loose so much nutrients, and if you don’t relish your body daily 2-3 times a day with high quality nutrients, you’ll just as sick as everyone else and die sooner than a couch potato!

    Athletes with exercise-induced fatigue have abnormally short muscle DNA telomeres

    Evidence linking telomere length and age-related diseases
    Average Telomere Length (ATL) from blood leukocyte cells or white blood cells and its impact on human health has been researched for over 20 years with compelling clinical findings published in numerous scientific journals. ATL has been associated with several chronic or age-related diseases such as Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes (Type 2), Obesity and Mood Disorders.
    Telomere length and mortality
    Telomere length and cardiovascular disease
    Telomere length and diabetes
    Telomere length and obesity
    Telomere length and Alzheimer’s disease
    Telomere length and mood disorders

    Check-out the latest Stunning result by University of Colorado Regarding Antioxidants: https://www.lookingvibrant.com/blogs/lookingvibrant-com/university-of-colorado-not-a-single-microgram-of-green-tea-was-detected-in-the-blood

    What makes Lookingvibrant.com unique from the ordinary supplements to the extraordinary? No Chinese Ingredients, No Fillers, Soy or Chemicals free added, formulated by top Ph,D nutritional gurus based on undisputed research… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUfEieq7Y04&t=6s

    Karlie Huffington

  • I know this was from 2015 but
    “Mike doesn’t just have the most subscribed channel…”
    Mike Chang: 4.8 million subscribers
    Athlean X: 6.5 million subs, completely legit, and sometimes a few comedic videos

  • I feel fucking stupid when I try to work out or jog I just end up walking or stretching. People stare and talk shit so much that it’s made me not want to bother at all. If you have a teeny bit of cellulite on a tiny fairly in shape body you get shit on for it so you try to work out and fix it and you get shit on for that too. Why can’t people mind their own fucking business like it’s so sad and pathetic..

  • https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074XPBRNT/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B074XPBRNT&linkCode=as2&tag=19911221-20&linkId=9bcae2b4ad8d4b900117700f5d25294e

  • Joanna Soh is my favorite Female Fitness Youtuber. She has actually many videos with more than 1M views and I think she shall be included. Her workouts are generally safer and more scientific than the majority of other channels. And Joanna has never sold any products on her channel. I think she deserves more credit.

  • Interesting variety of different methods here but I think if you really want to change your body, HIIT and strength training is always the best and fastest route to your goals. Pick up the big girl weights, ladies! It won’t make you huge!:-) xo J

  • I used to watch tons of different channels, but there is just too much out there. Now, I only really watch XOA and Athlean-X. You guys definitely have the most underrated channel out there.

  • I hope this is right..
    10. Passion4Profession
    9. TaraStiles
    8. POPSUGAR Fitness
    7. Yoga With Adriene
    6. Tone It Up
    5. BodyRock ( charliejames1975 )
    4. XHIT Daily
    3. FitnessBlender
    2. BeFit
    1. Blogilates

  • I love your videos. The underlining take away is universal here follow those w/techniques-inspiration you wish to improve upon in your life. Though as a non-musical person, this left me confused. Maybe it has been because 95% of your other videos I select are productivity and organizational by nature. Keep up the good work overall

  • Melissa Bender for hiit/cardio/full body, Shelly Dose for hiit, Jen Heward for weightlifting and fitness advise. These are the only channels you need ladies. Your welcome.

  • how stupid to mention kim’s lardass as a point of reference when she’s had it surgically enhanced?  and the body rock one is soft porn with a horned up cameraman and rock hard boobs. ha haa, waste.

  • Don’t be afraid to lift some weights ladies. Body weight exercises will only get you so far as well as the starvation diets. #liftthatshitupandputitbackdown. Repeat.

  • Thanks for not considering women that are interested in going to the gym and lifting weights pfft. I agree with a previous poster that people like Megsquats, chelsealifts, Amanda Bucci, and Jazmine Garcia should be mentioned. They give people insight into their day-to-day nutrition and fitness regiments. Even-although she is not for everyone-Dana Linn Bailey could have been a valuable individual to add to this list; she does some KILLER arm workouts for both genders.

  • Man, Fitness Blender all the way! Thanks to them I left my eating disorders behind and I’ve been working out for 6 month, I would have quit long time ago if it wasn’t for Kelli and Daniel. Fucking love those guys.

  • FitnessBlender and Yoga with Adriene and you are complete!! These three people are so down to earth and adorable! Not slutty, not sexistic, they don’t make you feel ashamed of your body, like you should be perfect..Quite the opposite! Absolutely recommend these 2 channels!!!! Use FB to strengthen, gain muscle mass, endurance etc etc and YwA to calm down, gain flexibility, meditate and find ease with yourself.. Although, I don’t doubt the power of yoga on strength anymore. This petite lady is so strong!

  • Where is the fitness channels representing women using actually heavy weights? Are we not past this stupid idea about women and muscles?

  • Please watch the Video until the End for the YT Algorithm! ��
    �� Subscribe for more DAILY Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChXpORoIJqROzvhAvgs5Aqw?sub_confirmation=1 ��
    Who is your favourite fitness youtuber? ��

  • cool content, the quality is like someone with 1M subs, dont worry you’ll reach it. By the way can you tell me the software you use?

  • Ooh love this! Some great YouTubers I follow already in here but also a few that I’ve obviously been missing. Can’t wait to take a look at their stuff!

  • My list of YouTubers you should watch, not ranking Order:

    FaZe Rug (1
    ZohaibZee (2
    Brawadis (3
    Dobre Brothers (4
    Sherman The Verman (5
    Lucas and Marcus (6

    Make sure you Subscribe to all these guys, because their videos are really cool!!

  • Youtubers I love:
    Game Theory/Film Theory (not sure why I find these videos inspiring I just do)
    Genetically Modified Skeptic
    Sam O Nella Academy
    Ryan George (He makes videos similar to CalebCity.)

  • sarahs day is my personal number one! She is more of a lifestyle/fitness content, that is so uplifting and encouraging, she geniuenly makes me want to get fit. ��

  • 10 YouTube Channels I Recommend in 2020

    1. Thomas Frank
    2. Thomas Frank
    3. Thomas Frank
    4. Thomas Frank
    5. Thomas Frank
    6. Thomas Frank
    7. Thomas Frank
    8. Thomas Frank
    9. Thomas Frank
    10. Thomas Frank

  • @BenitaLarsson not so frequent videos but a nice contrast with Thomas and Frank. She is calm and wildly simple with her approach about minimalism. With her guidance, your productivity and Matt’s sense of humor you can only have good overall content in your feed.

  • 1.Actualized.org
    2.Matt d’avella
    3.Nathaniel drew
    4.Medlife crisis
    5.Captain sindbad
    6.Alex mathers
    7.Universal man
    9.Wheezey waiter
    10. Rick Beato

  • Personally, I think it’s great that you share this information with your viewers. However, with a channel that’s not primarily focused on photography/music, but rather productivity I find your title really misleading and biased. I can’t help but feel that I wasted 20 min of my life expecting at least one channel relevant on the topic, and that my trust in your content has decreased.

  • thanks for the music channels suggestions! that’s in my top 3 goals this year (to make an album, so improving in singing, guitar playing, music theory, writing, composing, music production…):D

  • Summary of the video
    3) Fitness Blender.
    4)XHit Daily.
    6)Tone it up.
    7)Yoga with Adrienne.
    8)Popsugar fitness.
    10)Passion for Profession

    Some other great channels are:
    Sarah Fit, Bikini Model Fitness, CrossFit,Zuzkalight,Releekah-Boruki Bexlife and Jessicasmithtv.

    Wish you good luck for getting you your dream bikini body (your target).Stay Fit,stay healthy and happy ��������

  • Thomas, thanks for respecting Tash’s pronouns! I was watching a couple of your vids but hadn’t subbed yet. But you earned my respect! Subbed.

  • I am big fan of u sir, seeing Ur channel I have also started a new fitness channel so pls subscribe channel and give some comments and guide me sir

  • Holy fuck. I’m watching this 7 months later with no knowledge of this list… MY MAN JAMES ON HERE GETTING THE RECOGNITION HE DESERVES, YESS!!

  • 1. Blogilates
    2. Befit
    3. FitnessBlender
    4. Daily Xhit
    5. Body rock
    6. Tone it up
    7. Yoga with Adrianne
    8. Popsugar fitness
    9. Tara Stiles
    10. Passion4Profession

  • Wow one of the best YouTube channel I have seen it help me alot I also have a YouTube channel free free to check it out I will appreciate your subscribe to it thanks God bless

  • I’ve honestly never heard of any of these. Maybe it’s a age thing (32) or that I don’t have a game console. I’ll usually watch Joe Rogan podcast, gas station encounters, dale jr podcast and I have a hand full of my favorite football team podcast. Any suggestions?

  • I believe GMM should have gotten top three, as they have been friends for 35 years, and they built a two season show, a talk show, two books, and an astounding career in the heart of LA all from nothing. I Love GMM, and I’m still glad to see they got an honorable mention.

  • Yes you didnt mention dream. Dream has been called the best minecraft player of all time on multiple occasions and basically mastered youtube by making beautiful edits that really entice the viewers and not to mention that he is also really funny. Dream is one of the best youtubers of all time. Change my mind.