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At 15, MacKenzie Walker has accomplished more than most people twice her age. She’s written a book, started a fitness training business and has lost 100 pounds. Tired of being 16 and afraid of facing an obesity-related death, MacKenzie lost 100lbs and went from fat to fit. NEW Outright Bar ️ White Choc. Chip Crisp is HERE!

A Canadian girl has her eyes set on the prize of becoming the world’s best female bodybuilder after losing more than 100 pounds. MacKenzie Walker, 15, has decided she wants to be Ms Olympia and. Teen Girl Loses 100 Pounds, Aspires to be a Bodybuilder MacKenzie Walker changed her diet and started working out to drop the weight going from an overweight teen.

Mackenzie Walker started her incredible weight loss journey at only 13 years old. By 16, she lost over 100 pounds and, along the way, gained a new sense of confidence and a. MacKenzie Walker, 16, found the inspiration that helped her to lose more than 100 pounds. The high school student, from Windsor, Ontario, changed her diet and turned to Instagram to document her. An Open Letter to Mackenzie Walker, the 16-year-old Girl Who Lost 100 Pounds I feel you, girl.

I feel you so hard. I was a fat kid, and then a fat teenager, and then a fat adult woman. I was depressed, and troubled, and bullied, and hated myself. And I, too, made a decision to lose weight. But before that, I made a decision to love myself and.

How did I lose 101 pounds & 51 inches in 6 months? Through clean eating, exercise & intermittent fasting. MacKenzie Walker 2,738,266 views. 7:25.

The Secret to Losing the Amount of Weight You. An Open Letter to Mackenzie Walker, the 16-year-old Girl Who Lost 100 Pounds. I feel you, girl. I feel you so hard. I was a fat kid, and then a fat teenager, and then a fat adult woman.

I was depressed, and troubled, and bullied, and hated myself. And I, too, made a decision to lose weight. But before that, I made a decision to love myself and. My name is MacKenzie Walker.

I am a 15 year old girl from Ontario. When I was 13 years old, I weighed 227 pounds at my highest weight. As a teen in this day and age, you’re 20x more insecure.

You live life with fear, you live life with a mental battle.

List of related literature:

She had first lost weight at 14 years of age, losing for about 6 months before her parents considered treatment consisting of hospitalization aimed at weight restoration.

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She still wanted to lose at least 18 more pounds and she was staying within her points, so she couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t losing any more weight.

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Because studio executives believed that she looked too heavy at over a hundred and fifty pounds, given her height (five feet three inches), she began a regime of strict dieting, during which she lost twenty-eight pounds in a few months and forty pounds by the end of the year.

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She had lost about 3 pounds since the six-month point.

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Her parents report preoccupation with her body and food intake beginning at 12 years of age.

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happens and she decides to lose that extra fat, she’s likely to discover—as many of us do—that it will take a permanent change in exercise and eating habits to lose and then keep the lost weight (fat) from returning.

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She had lost 20 pounds since her last visit a year earlier, putting her weight at the low end of normal, but significantly below her body’s natural range based on her weight history, body type, and genetics.

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She had also lost a pound, which is a lot when you weigh only six.

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Lynne Lynne had experienced several episodes of dramatic weight loss, beginning at age 18 when she first left home for college.

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  • Let’s love ourselves in 2020! Who’s with me?❤️
    If anyone needs help with ANYTHING, feel free to message me on Instagram. I am here to help. Instagram link in bio ❤️

  • You are a true inspiration ❤️ I’m so glad I found this video because this motivates me like no other! If you are able to do this, I can do this! Thank you! ��❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 180 lbs trying to be 140 �� I’ve done keto in the past but I had to leave it and I got all the weight back and my metabolism has been slow since then

  • She looks Great and I’m glad she lost the weight and had the surgery. My only concern is that she’ll end up overly fixated on her outward appearance and become like many of our teens today. Shallow, vain, and self absorbed.

  • I hear her about the clothes. Thats why I need to get buff. The cheapest shirt looks ten times better when you are in shape. I would save so much money on clothing.

  • MacKenzie I know the feeling. I was 280 in high school and got down to 170 and still had loose skin. It’s a very disheartening feeling, leads to depression and all kinds of negative feelings. Im currently dieting now hoping to get back down, hopefully I can get surgery too one day. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Omg yes 260.6 currently and I’m 5’5 want to really get this weight off mostly for me but the people who bashed me and couldn’t love me the way I was.

  • I love your video, im where you were. I had a horrible wreck that hurt my lower back last year and I have the body type you have. My knees hurt to do weights. Im ready!!

  • girl i was trying to focus on what u were saying but the background music kept putting my attention off lol,love ur transformation tho!!!so happy for u❤

  • This is EXACTLY the point that I’m at! During this quarantine, I have gained 30 pounds! ��30! I’m always tired which sucks because I’m a wife and working mom of 4. I should know better than to eat like trash because I have gallstones but ����‍♀️. This seriously has motivated me to get my sh!t together!

  • At her age 13 I was the same, 200lbs and I was bullied to the core. So I can completely understand and relate to what she is saying. It truly is sad to be that young and overweight.

  • So damn pretty! i changed my diet and exercise every other day for about 10 mins and lost 20lbs in one month.. i never believed it i could do it people like you are so inspirational i woke up and said F this i can’t do this no more ❤️❤️ thank you

  • I’m 230 and I’m trying to get to 130 and I’ve always tired so hard to lose weight but I always give up but I really want to do it and i think it would be one of the hardest thing I will do this year. I dont want to give up this time

  • This is legit. I lost about 70 pounds pretty recently and everything she says about how freeing it is rings true. If you’re overweight and wanting to make a shift, I feel your pain and recommend a healthy change. The hardship of cutting calories and working your butt off in the kitchen and the gym is nothing compared to the elation of realizing what you’ve done once you’ve done it.

  • You give me so much motivation!!! You started your journey in the same place I am and you’re so relatable �� please never ever ever stop posting videos!

  • One of my “friends” is overweight. I want to convince her to loose it, for her own health but I don’t want to offend her. Any advice? (she’s 15)

  • Very inspirational Mackenzie… Congrats!! I can relate to a lot of your overweight emotions.. It’s saying a lot, that you’ve made a permanent change… Respect

  • Great to lose weight but you need some humble pie…”I thought I was somewhat attractive so I could pull it off”. That comment right there made me immediately disliked you.

  • That’s the nicest bellybutton I have seen someone have after this kind of surgery. Cause they can never get it right. You could tell by the bellybutton that they’ve had a tummy tuck. It’s a big give away.

  • i do believe this is the best motivational video that you have ever posted on this channel or pog… hands down… great job for the both of you! keep it up…!

  • The problem with lots of diets is that you’re always starving and never in a good mood. Am I correct!? I know lots of people feel exactly the same way. I knew I was done with the traditional ways to burn fat. That’s the reason I am very happy I found The Venus Factor. Dr. Charles has a proven system to shed weight without counting calories or skipping meals! Go watch the video on this other website to get more info. WeightLossWomen.4YourHelp. Com (remove space and open the site)

  • My Plan:
    High Protein
    Intermittent Fasting
    Walks Every Day
    Weight Lifting
    Focusing on weight loss and school when the school year starts!
    Oh and also working on skin care so I am more motivated to feel confident!

  • tummy tucks are not cosmetic if you got a big chunk of skin that is preventing you from looking like a normal person that is not cosmetic a cosmetic surgery is one that improves your overall look not one that just makes you look like a normal person.

  • Girl I’m within 5 lbs of your starting weight and we have very similar body types! Thank you for this, it gives me tremendous hope!

  • I really appreciate this video! You are so genuine and I thank you for sharing your story! Congratulations on your successful journey!

  • Wow! What a great story! Congrats on your accomplishments! A couple of questions however. Did you have to continually purchase clothes since you lost weight so fast? Did it get expensive? Next question for me. I am a guy, 6’2″ tall, 220 lbs I am much older than you. I am comfortable with my weight, but probably could lose about 10-15 LBS. You mentioned that certain foods made you feel bloated. I experience that also and dislike the bloated feeling immensely. What type of foods cause this? I do not diet I eat just about anything I want so it has to be something that I am eating, but I do not know what. I have more or less been this size and weight since I was about 16 or so. Again, cool on what you accomplished!!!!!!!

  • I love your calming energy in this video. Thanks for the motivation to stay true to Keto and this journey. I’m working towards OMAD but not quite there yet. I’m IF 11-8 with two meals a day. Love this video and congrats on your results ♥️♥️

  • This may be out of topic, but GIRLLL YOU’RE SOOOO PRETTYYYYY. I’m glad that people shares their weightloss journey because my family supports Me but they don’t think I’ll lose weight and be skinny since I weigh 85 kg. Your story Inspire me to continue my weightloss journey ❤

  • I have been following Chis Jones for a few years now and I was able to lose over 120 pounds while following his advice.

    Thanks for your always honest advice!! It has changed my life!!

  • Good on her. She’s deserve it because other people wish they had Barbie doll bodies or different lips. Unlike her she gets it because she needs it

  • Wow, what a transformation Rosa. And to be honest, you already were beautiful before all of this. And I’m not trying to be some scum bucket here. lol. I started doing keto since last week and I feel great. Lost 6.6 pounds within my first week and that was really unexpected.

  • You look beautiful! Congrats on your weight loss! I am starting today 16hours fasting 8hours on at 250! I’m sad I let it get this far but I have PCOS as well and I’m just excited to change my life!

  • Your story is inspiring because I was in a car accident too. I was disabled as well I couldn’t walk or anything, it was bad, I gained all my weight when I was on bed rest. Matter fact I still got the weight on me, I gained 70lbs since then… I’m tryna get like you lol

  • This is honestly me, I was at least 5’8 in grade 8, I got bullied for my weight and whenever I tried to do sports nothing ever happened. Now I’m trying to learn about healthy eating and portions. It’s my second day on it and I realized wow! I eat a lot more than i should. I already feel better about myself and cant wait for future months!

  • I have been 118 pounds for so fuckin long (im short so my weight isnt good) and I dont know how to lose weight!! I have even changed my eating habits but I still havent lost weight.

  • It’s funny how they said about the thinner body, she is showing off her “bikini” body… I think a body in a bikini is a bikini body. It doesn’t have to look like that.

  • I began doing this diet about 2 weeks ago when I weighted 245 lbs and now I’m at 235lbs! My only concern is that I feel that I’m not exercising much due to the gyms being closed because of COVID-19. I go out for a walk about 30 mins but that’s about it. I hate exercising lol. Do you have any tips on what exercises we should do while stuck at home? Or should I just stick to the diet and the walking?

  • I’m actually going on the same diet that you did. I did it once before and lost about 30 pounds but had to stop due to money problems.
    I hope I have a similar result as you did

  • Hi Chris, I like your pump chasers picture in the background. It’s cool how it changes pictures of you doing different poses, cool.

    Congratulations McKenzie. You look great.:-)

  • With regards to shedding weight, burning fat is very important. If you go hungry, though, you are not going to shed weight at least not for very long. After a lot of research, I made a decision to try out The Venus Factor and I am thankful I did. I was finally able to really lose weight with out going hungry every night! If you want to know more, all you have to do is go watch the video on this site. WeightLossWomen.4YourHelp. Com (remove space and open the site)

  • Do you really need to know the key to losing fat fast even stubborn tummy fat? Well, I do not want to brag, but from the time I began employing the Venus Factor, I’ve been reaching my weight loss dreams! I have to work on it, of course, however the Venus Factor system makes a lot of sense to me. Visit here to check out the video for additional information. WeightLossWomen.4YourHelp. Com (remove space and open the site)

  • One thing I want to wish is to get plastic surgery because I tryed a lot to loose weights but I can do it and I wish I can get a plastic surgery

  • I don’t do diets purely because I don’t want to stop eating how I do now (I eat relatively healthy now) so it was more of a lifestyle change for me. Most people I know that have gone on diets have lost weight and then gained it back, but if it works for you, it works for you. But for y’all that are strugglin’, try just cutting bread and eating only patties and the greens instead of a whole hamburger for example, like I cut sweets, chips, fast food and bread and I am losin’ weight. Remember: Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels <3.

  • And this right here guys, is why toning up is very important. Don’t diet and try to lose weight without also trying to get some muscle and tighten up.

  • I’m 13 a football player and just started fasting I’m 180 I’m trying to get to 120 fast ���� for sports if anyone has tip PLEASE tell me I’ll take any advice I’m only drinking water but I don’t know what to eat? Please help

  • You look beautiful! Congrats on your weight loss! I am starting today 16hours fasting 8hours on at 250! I’m sad I let it get this far but I have PCOS as well and I’m just excited to change my life!

  • I have three kids I have tiny loose skin on belly, but I am so scared of surgery but love myself.kids and my husband love me. But she’s so young she have to build up her life. So great for her

  • First off, girl you are gorgeous!!! Second, thank you for this video!! Love to see your progress and the motivation. You go sis! You look amazing ��

  • She is very mature for her age and im sure her whole family is proud of how far she has come. Congrats to your weight lose and getting rid of that extra skin. You deserve to feel good in your body after all the hard work.

  • Lol the only thing most people see here is she looks older than 15 but fail to see the success she has under gone through her weight loss and how pretty she is! Atleast she got plastic surgery physically but u most need it emotionally!

  • Thats awesome.people sometimes dont believe its possible but i also lost 85lbs in just 4months if your day to day routine is dedicated to weight loss it will happen i a short span. Once your body triggers ketosis you will see easy weight loss but you will plateau but it migbt be only a week before it launches again

  • Saw her video for the first time today and decided to track you down. I was moved by what you did. You are a good man with a kind heart. I just felt the need to acknowledge what you did and how amazing it is that you would do that for someone. I wish I could shake your hand. In this world where there is so much hostility, it’s so good to see some kindness. So thank you for that.

  • Hi, amazing video! I’m 13 and want to lose weight, I’ve been starting with cardio but I was wondering if I should start off lifting at my age and if you should skip every other day? Thankyou!!

  • Girl, you inspired me so much! I just purchased a bike from Amazon. Thanks to you! It’s about time I start my weight loss journey. I have been slacking off and I gained so much weight during the quarantine.

  • I’m doing the same thing you did. I eat around lunch or noon, and then fast the rest of the day, work out around 12 am. I’ve lost 15 lbs so far. Just now started working out so hopefully it speeds my weight loss even more. I have at least 100 lbs to loose ��

  • wow man…incredible power for this girl and she is 15 years old! this world nowadays is fucked up….always stepping on your toes but you can use that to motivate yourself like this girl did and change your life!

  • Omg I’m listening to video at work and you said something that I say all the time, “I just want to drop this weight, and than start lifting” But you got me. I will be switching it up. Thanks!!!

  • WAIT A MINUTE GUYS LOOK AT 14:00 and look at the picture of her when she was fat. Look at the bottom left of the picture and look at her right hand. IT LOOKS LIKE IT UNHINGED OR SOMETHING LMFAO

  • They arent losing weight. the weight is different on different planets because of the gravity it is the mass which stays the same.
    Like If You Learnt this.

  • The advantages of being young. I seen video of older people who were fat, lost a lot of weigh and end up with loose skin dangling every where. There are surgery to remove loose skin, but you get noticeable scars running every where

  • It should be the responsibility of the parents, raising their kids in a healthy way, though most of the time if the parents are fat, the kids are fat too, and kids have no chance at all to avoid being fat. Sad.

  • I’m 20 weighing 225 pushing 230 I wanna get to 123 by October I feel like it’s impossible alil cause it’s now the end of July and I only have 2 months to lose my weight I’m also trying to get pregnant but I’m fat and I don’t know what’s the healthy things to do and good workouts to do someone help me ��

  • Some people don’t want it bad enough. I lost 100lbs in 3 months and out of those 90 days i only took about 5 off (no exercise at all). Some people’s skin retract very well and I thank god mine did. Once you get your mind to stop telling you that you can’t, anything’s possible.

  • In November 2013 i reached a max weight of around 360lbs. My diet was Chinese food atleast 5 times a week and a lot of Colt 45’s, Kfc. I had a desk job. It was hella embarrassing being winded after a small flight of stairs. Since then I’ve lost over 100lbs November 2015 will make 2 complete years since i Started

  • i’m 13 years old and just going into 9th grade. i know that might sound really young and it is but i really want to try volleyball! (yes because of a anime…) but my legs are really big and i have a bigger stomach and y’know side fat:/ so i hope this helps me because i’m really passionate about this! thank you for sharing ^^

  • I am starting at 234 right now! I have never worked out and have been fat since BIRTH. Give me luck. You are all so beautiful and amazing����

  • She did great, great transition. The fact that she started to take the right road early is the perfect thing for her health. Salute to Chris.

  • Thank you so much for this video, I think you were beautiful before, and now. Your video has inspired me to love myself enough to do the right thing. Because we need to be strong for our loved ones, and for life’s journey.

  • Thanks for the motivation… Just what I needed… I work 3rd shift and I came in tonight n they got pizza n chips and candy laying around and Aug.4th would be my 1 month mark on keto plus I just started working out in my fasted state today so I needed bit of encouragement cus boy is losing weight wayyyyyyyyyyy harder than gaining ��

  • Ok so im doing a weight lose Journey I’ll be back in a year or in 4 months and I’ll give updates so it’s august 4th and my goal is 90 pounds

  • I wanna know if someone wanted to lose weight like she did, do you start with a small calorie diet or do you work down to a small calorie diet

  • Hi Chris Jones I just bought your women’s 200+ eating plan to loose weight. This story is very inspirational. Mackenzie I am so happy for you. Chris Jones can you please do an update on her and how Mackenzie is doing now it’s been 2 months. Thanks

  • Where is all her extra skin?
    Is it because she is so young?
    Do you only have extra skin if your big as an adult and then lose it all?
    The one thing that worries me about gaining and losing weight:S

  • People who get suction weight loss are really lazy people and don’t deserve it, you want to lose weight lose it the proper way, if you have some sort of illness It’s ok but for people like models and stuff who do this are really lazy

  • Is it true you can have low carb muffins, keto bread, and smoothies on the keto diet? Or should we stay away from those even if they claim they are low carb?

  • Chris! Great video man. I like the motto that you said, ” It didn’t two months or 3 to get fat so don’t expect to lose it that fast.” Also so many people fall for the marketing online and social media of trainers showing clients loosing 15lbs, 20lbs in 3 to 5 months and be ripped.

  • Congratulations ladies!:). Yes, a whole foods, plant-based vegan diet is the BEST way to lose weight and keep it off. Additionally, you’ll live longer, prevent the unnecessary torture and murder of innocent animals and help stop the rapid destruction of the planet. If this video inspires you check out the documentary Forks Over Knives, it may just save your life.