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Article author and Tiger Fitness Editorial Director Steve Shaw has used the power of small changes to lose 100 pounds while building a powerful and muscular body. Using a moderate walking rate of three miles per hour, person A will walk a total of 4.5 miles per week. This burns about 450 calories, depending on the weight of the individual.

Each small tweak changes the angles of the joints which changes how muscles fire. It’s essential that you work the partial range of motion from your sticking point to get stronger. Make sure you’re setting up with the same position that you’d be in during your sticking point, use the same grip and stance width to maximize strength gains. Research shows that people who adopt smaller, positive changes to their lifestyle, such as drinking more water or walking five more minutes each day, lose more weight and keep it off.

Here’s how a sample superhuman strength training protocol would look (you only need to do a program like this once per week to get results). You can go through this entire routine 2-3 times as a circuit, and unlike most circuits, you’ll want full rest between any sets that use similar muscles (typically 60 seconds to 3 minutes). Fasting has facilitate weight-loss of 3–8 percent of total body mass in just 3–24 weeks! During that same time-frame, you could lose 4–7 percent of your waist circumference (e.g., harmful.

Superhuman Strength You can’t build shoulders and biceps like the Hulk’s unless you have a great special-effects department in your basement. Whether these stories are true or not, scientists are still wondering what hormone or neurotransmitter would be able to even catalyze such enormous bouts of strength in such a small amount of time. Adrenaline, which seems to have powered the sudden fear-driven strength of both Mr. Boyle and Mrs.

Cavallo, may not be able to reach muscles quickly. Most people trying to lose weight want a trim yet toned body. Oftentimes, traditional weight loss programs focus on cutting body fat and hitting lower numbers on. Angela Fitch, M.D., of the University of Cincinnati’s Weight Loss Center, answers all of your TMI questions about boobs and weight loss. Well, let’s say that you base all of your superhuman feats off of the most impressive physical feats accomplished by humans.

From what I’ve gathered, the heaviest weight ever deadlifted was 457.5 kg. The most weight lifted overhead is 263.5 kg. The strongest punch estimate is 749472.14 kg/m 2. Usain Bolt set the record for sprinting at 44.7 km/h.

List of related literature:

As discussed in chapter 1, a very limited number of repetitions builds strength rather than muscle size.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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The following examples provide real-life scenarios of strength/power athletes who want to lose, maintain, or gain weight.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
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Dynamic strength: the power of arms and trunk to move body’s own weight continuously.

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It allows the athlete to change his body composition to better suit the demands of his sport—that is, to become bigger and stronger if that’s what is called for, or to maintain or reduce body weight but create the maximum amount of strength for any given body size.”

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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Like a muscle, willpower has been shown to fatigue with use, and get stronger with training.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
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If I measure my power output when lifting the 50-pound sandbag before and after training for a month, I can compute how much more power I am now able to produce, and hence, how much more fit I am.

“Inside the Box: How CrossFit ® Shredded the Rules, Stripped Down the Gym, and Rebuilt My Body” by T. J. Murphy
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The personal trainer needs to be aware that the ability to develop maximal strength or power (or both) with body weight training will be eliminated because it cannot provide the intensity necessary to develop these physiological adaptations.

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This latter increase in weight and strength on the same regimen would not be possible if the previous loss of fless and strength on it represented an actual loss of vital power.

“Human Life: Its Philosophy and Laws” by Herbert M. Shelton
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Superhuman strength and physical resistance; energy absorption.

“Superman” by By Wikipedians
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Leibel RL, Rosenbaum M, Hirsch J. Changes in energy expenditure resulting from altered body weight.

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  • Over decades I’ve tried lots of these highly-restrictive diets. And why are there so many of them? Why can’t we find that “perfect” one? Ha. I’ve heard this term “keto” for a while now, but never felt spurred to learn about it. As I sort of suggested, I’m kinda over highly-restrictive ways of eating. But oh how they persist, heh. But I decided to find out the basics of this one just now. In an article I was reading, I came upon a paragraph that spoke of the things to avoid. Started with “fruit,” and the rest of the list was sh*t food that I never eat anyway (processed junk, flour-y baked goods and all, dairy, refined sugar). What came to me, “throwing out the baby with the bath water.” Just seems awful to put fruit in that list of truly junk food. It makes no sense to me. I eat most of the good foods on the keto “good” list. In fact forcing oneself to eat a whole bunch of this and none or almost none of that (all among good healthy foods), makes no sense to me. I think, like many of these very restrictive diets, ppl have initial health improvement because they eliminate, well, the “bath water”(truly junk food). And that part is a good thing, and likely the first time they’ve done it. But eliminating awesome natural food we call “fruit”? What an awful way to live, under such restrictions, and who knows the long-term effects. And eliminating the joy of eating wonderful real food, with all its juice-y goodness and nutrition. And just maybe it has some magical joo-joo we don’t know about? lol 😉 Just seems, um, not wise to shun our phenomenal fruit babies. shrugs Best health advice ever, variety and moderation.

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  • I have used 50 of Viagra with 600 mg caffeine 30 mins B4 workout and my endurance and my mzscle Pump Sky rocketed.But the effects were shortlived!!!!!

  • Yo! The title had me in my feelings coz I’m out here doing the most on keto…! So I thought you about to tell 30 plus min of negativity

  • Ok, so I’ve been looking around on-line and can’t seem to find a good source of Acetoacetate. The video says that you take BHB with Acetoacetate at 3:30

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  • Best Tips for Weight loss

    Eat a high protein breakfast.
    Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice.
    Drink water before meals….

    Choose weight-loss-friendly foods.
    Eat soluble fiber.

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  • This video was absolute cringe. It was painful to get through; when she goes into pseudoscience and strange social justice lingo it does not lend anything to her credibility, just the opposite. She does not need to do that. She has legitimate credentials, and it makes me sad how she only seems to pepper honest science into her presentation, because, when she does stick to real science and psychology, she is actually more informative and helpful. I used to watch her, and even tried some of her advice, but I hadn’t watched any in a while, and this is why. Anyone looking for more legitimate advice without all the useless fluff and silly social justice, please check out some other Youtubers. Jordan Shrinks, Every Damn Day Fitness, Obese to Beast, Doctor Mike, My Thoughts Will Probably Offend You, High Carb Hanna are some good places to start.

  • Here’s the problem: EVERYBODY who sides with your argument on “encouraging people to eat healthier” also believes that encouragement is THE SAME THING AS SHAMING.

  • I love that you’re so woke about how to address folks w/ diabetes, obesity, etc., while also understanding we all need positive relationships with actual NUTRITION not just being thin. V refreshing on YouTube!

  • Okay wow, this is actually amazing! I’ve heard the term “intuitive eating” and that it’s “eating when you’re hungry”, but the rest was murky for me. I didn’t realize it was a system rather than a vague concept, and I’m excited to watch the rest of this series and more of your videos!

    One thing I want to say relating to the term “obese/obesity”: I had no idea I was fat. i felt fat, but I have always felt fat. I knew I was “overweight”, but my doctor always told me that was fine. It was only after I was asked on a healthy eating group what my BMI was, and when I plugged the numbers into a calculator… I was obese. It rocked my world! Yes, I felt horrible and disgusting… but it was the moment that made me realize “oh shit… This isn’t okay.” I’ve been working on trying to find something that works for me while being sustainable for the past 5 months (since finding out I’m obese). My weight has fluctuated a little since then, but not yo-yoed as I’ve always been told that dieting isn’t sustainable or healthy. So I feel like “obese” isn’t necessarily a word that encourages yoyo diets. i feel like people just jump to whatever their bestie got results from, whatever ad they see with a picture of someone who looks like them getting skinny, or what they see in movies. It’s more a lack of education. This said, I’m not a dietician, so my opinion might totally be wrong here. I’m just a fat girl with a keyboard lol.

    Hopefully, intuitive eating will help me get healthy, and I hope that does include losing weight as I hate the body I’m in… but I’m trying really hard not to get sucked into that mindset.

  • This was a great video. It is often hard to watch those in thinner bodies talk about these issues but you did it in a very informative, factual and genuine way.

  • Hi to you
    How do you work out for the Australia version of work out for the Australian units of work out.
    I’m weight 52kg of weight. How many calories in Australia units of work out.

  • Obesity doesn’t mean what you said in this video: this word comes from Latin and means literally “the one that ate too much”. Please, don’t share incorrect informations

  • When starting keto do it slowly. If u go cold turkey u will feel like dirt for a bit which can be self defeating.
    I have been on it for about 15 months now. After about 9 months i weaned off one antidrpressant med. Now I am weaning off the last one. At 62 i have more physical & mental energy than Ive had since my thirties. Even as a kid my fave food group was fats, not sweets. In my 50s i noticed carbs were really making me feel bad. Once i learned about keto the light bulb lit up! I rarely crave carbs now. But when i do i will eat them. But even that is short lived. I dont miss them.

  • Hey, Iknow were strangers but I’m lookin for a bit of help, due to covid I’ve been out of work for 4months I’m almost losing everything I own. Everyday is a battle mentally in my head,if anyone can help an donate a couple bucks I would greatly appreciate it! via cash app $allyboy23 ���� I’m hoping better days are to come, I just hope it’s soon..i almost feel like just giving up w life at this point. My job deciding not open back up an telling us last minute(restaurant)6days ago���� each day gets more stressful. God bless!

  • When I was in middle school/high school I wanted to lose weight because I felt like I needed to look a certain way. There were times where I was afraid to eat in front of other people and I let food have so much control of my happiness. I’m in college now, and I still want to lose weight, but now for completely different reasons. I don’t care so much about my size anymore, but more about my overall health. In the past three years of my life, my mom, dad, and other close relatives of mine have had major health complications because of their unhealthy eating habits. So while going down a few sizes may be a plus, it’s not a huge concern for me. I want to be the one in my family who won’t have to let these health complications get in the way of their lives, I want to be able to be active with my future kids, and I just want to feel good. I am very grateful for channels like Abbey’s because they remind me that I am perfectly normal and will have ups and downs but in the end, I am valued and loved and should never punish myself for who I am or what I eat.

  • I really appreciate the talk about economical impact sometimes and about doctors. There have been doctors that don’t make everything about my weight and actually make me feel like a person while others I feel like they just judge me and makes me uncomfortable. It is real that people in any setting can treat you differently because of your weight. Once I got referred to get some hormonal tests done because I was exercising and eating healthy and wasn’t really losing weight and the doctor didn’t want to even test me and rolled his eyes at the fact that and he himself told me that doctors send patients to see if there are underlying problems affecting weight and he said that most cases aren’t. He went on saying I’m going to get diabetes even though I just tested my glucose and was great! It was probably the worst experience I had with a doctor. I have been fat since I was about 7 or 8 and I have always felt like I have been treated differently even by my parents who are fat themselves. Even boys that liked me privately would treat me badly in front of others because it was unacceptable to be attracted to a fat person. Also people think money is an excuse but there honestly have been times that I can’t afford all the veggies and fruits etc so I eat rice and eggs, beans, etc or pasta because it is the cheapest. I’ve been making an effort to budget and really try to buy as much produce as I can afford but it is hard sometimes. I can go on and on there is so much that comes with being fat and it is different for everyone. But I really loved this video. I have an appointment coming up with a dietician and will be talking and looking into about intuitive eating.

  • Hey, I was wondering if you have heard of this weight loss program before? It looks like a great program to help people lose weight. I was just looking for some options before I made my decision. By the way, I love the content you have been posting lately!

  • Viagra can cost $40 a pill. Im on testosterone therapy due to my age, that costs only $800 total for 6 months treatment. So if it has the same results, testosterone is cheaper.

  • People should be checking out Dr. Jason Fung’s videos. The calories-in vs calories-out method doesn’t work. It has been disproven by the millions of people who yo-yo on these types of diets. To lose weight, you have to try intermittent fasting and a low-carb diet. I lost 10 pounds in 5 months without really trying. It wasn’t fast but it was effortless.

  • What the Keto diet seems to achieve is drastically reducing inflammation in the body. The weight loss is just a side effect, and a good one! But ultimately, reducing that inflammation is what will change your life.

  • that is very interesting what you said about the term, “diabetic”. I have Celiac Disease, and would never say, “i am celiac”. First off, it sounds strange, but also, I agree that, it implies that having celiac disease is my identity. I also have ADHD, and never say, “I am ADD”. I also get frustrated when others say that flippantly, because it is arguably offensive to people who actually do have the disorder, to just say that you’re distracted. Getting distracted is normal, having ADHD isn’t “normal”

  • on the 20 minutes watching this video, I tried unconsciously about 5 times to press the “Like” button, only to realize I had already done it. This is how much I liked this video

  • Imagine going to the gym and all the dudes have a fucking boner. Those dudes that have their buds behind them as spotters for the squats will have an ackward experience.

  • I noticed a big difference in how doctors interacted with me when I gained weight. Especially younger doctors (UK), say those under 35.

    For example I went to the doctor about unusual for me breathlessness, including breathlessness when sitting on my sofa! And also with a huge difference from day to day (some days getting breathless, other days not/less), and the doctor literally said to go away and loose weight and if I was still breathless to come back (and also if something drastic happened in the meantime to be fair). I was in the “overweight” section of her chart, not the “obese” section. Probably around 13-14 stone, a UK size 14/16 (US 10/12). Not shaming anyone else, just saying that although “overweight” and admittedly not as healthy as I’d like, me telling her something was unusual for me was dismissed as being weight related.

    This is the most obvious example but the overall mood of being essentially “told off “ about my weight has been a pattern and TBH I choose the doctors that don’t do this. Ironically these are the doctors who have come through the newer training system that is supposed to be more patient centred. I’ve also seen poor trainee doctors who clearly don’t want to bring up weight etc with a patient twice their age but must have been told they have to, and so awkwardly bring it up. And bless them I really feel for them, they feel so uncomfortable doing it. Good instincts guys, you can feel that something is “off” in what is being asked of you. Don’t loose those instincts and become too hardened.

  • I never understood how someone can keep feeding themselves junk when everyone around them is begging them to change. That’s a level of stubborn I’ll never understand. A form of idiocy beyond words. I call it the “fuck it mentality”.
    Your health is all you really have in this world, but so many people are outright careless. They’d rather eat pizza every day and lose 20 years of potentially healthy lifespan. I hope you REALLY enjoy that pizza.
    Will power is all you need to kick any habit.

  • I am a recovering addict. Most of my life I have been morbidly obese. I cannot stress enough how harmful this video is. Telling a food addict to eat whatever they want is absolutely no different than telling a heroin addict to do as much heroin as they want. I mean zero difference. The only reason this video is popular is that she is telling people what they want to hear. It’s the same with all victim mentality.

  • Growing up I was skinny as heck because all I ate was chicken, cheese pasta, and hot dogs for like one meal and then drink caffeine free (but regular sugar) coca cola as a way to stave off hunger. I was crazy sick throughout my childhood, but because my parents knew nothing about nutrition, I suffered while nothing changed. Your videos help me learn about better nutrition while still enjoying the food I eat.

  • The explanation about the word obese is great Abby! It’s the reason I felt sick when cassey ho from blogilaties called a woman obese on camera during a “body positivity” video ������

  • Omg I think I would be starving on (122×8) + 200= 1176 but I would at least add 300 or more for walking & activity because i go on long walks pushing my toddler all around town for errands, eating, shopping, fresh air, & park play time. But even that seems so low.

  • Hi Abbey. Cake doesn’t lose appeal if someone is still not eating frequently, consistently, and sufficiently enough. If someone is routinely going overly hungry, allowing oneself to eat all the cake or ice cream one wants ensures that the person will eat such foods almost all the time, because every time they give themselves permission to eat, by that time, they’re starving, and the body craves foods that are higher in simple sugar, fats, calories, and foods higher on the food chain (sat. fats and cholesterol risks if constantly overeaten) when in an overly hungry state. AND they’ll need to eat past the point of fullness to make up for calories uneaten. There is what I call physical or “mechanical” fullness, and then there’s nutritional fullness. If someone has been restricting, they might eat to the point of physical fullness, but still not be nutritionally full, and therefore are still craving more calories, fat, carbohydrate and/or pro. The huge problem with IE is that it encourages people to eliminate the controls they’ve been putting on themselves without ensuring that the person is eating at least 3 genuinely filling, nutritionally well balanced, sufficiently caloric meals per day, spread out throughout the day, before attempting IE. And not having recovered from restrictive eating thoughts and behaviors before attempting IE. IE demonizes eating before one is supposedly “hungry enough,” and demonizes eating beyond being supposedly “full enough,” which is really dangerous when coupled with zillions of restrictive eating thoughts learned from dieting advice, because “hungry enough” and “full enough” become a further form of restrictive eating for someone who has already been trained to fear eating and is routinely becoming overly hungry. For someone who has ever been on any type of restriction regime, of their own or someone else’s “weight loss diet,” all of the restricting advice s/he’s learned from every diet embarked upon, is still carried around in one’s head, consciously or subconsciously influencing the person’s awareness of hunger, and fear of eating and of potentially gaining, or just not losing, weight. I first read Tribole and Resch’s book 30 years ago, and I went from a so-called “normal” BMI, to my weight tripling! I was 3x as much as back then, and it has been very clear to me that this is from the harmful messages of IE, from those authors. Prior to reading their book, I had tried every imaginable diet for 4 years, and had continued to restrict for another decade or so, but could no longer stick to any diet for even 5 minutes, without the mere thought of a diet triggering a binge. But no diet I’d encountered had said, “Don’t eat until you feel ‘set,'” which was Tribole’s one word to describe what they listed as an acceptable “3” on the hunger scale, at which they granted permission to eat. To me, the word “set” has always connoted a physical sensation which is just short of “Oh geez, I’m waaay too hungry, I need to eat NOW.” And there in my kitchen and food bag would be lots of ice cream and chocolate chip cookies, among foods, and that’s what I’d reach for in a state of famine. It was IE that taught me the harmful guilt trip that I SHOULDN’T eat until “sufficiently” hungry. To this day, even after 15 years of ED outpatient treatment and further recovery work on my own, and I have a meal plan, and I have had instructions for 15 years to eat 6x/day, every 3 hours, mechanically, I still struggle all day with the subconscious thought, “You’re not hungry enough to eat,” that rings in my head thanks to the horrible dietitians Tribole and Resch. Result: I go for hours and hours not eating, because “You’re not hungry enough” rings in my head. “Hungry enough” quickly became another food fear: an ED thought that drove me to starve all day, for almost 3 decades, that I haven’t been able to banish, though I’m improving, thanks to the writings of Ellyn Satter (on her web site), Jean Antonello (terribly titled book, “How to Become Naturally Thin by Eating More,” that is obsessed with weight loss promotion but has brilliant insights i haven’t been able to find anywhere else; and ED treatment) Honestly, thought I’m not in favor of banning books, Tribole and Resch’s is the one book I would like to light every copy of on fire. It’s that harmful.

    All this said, I really appreciate that you said in this video that maybe people who are still above “healthy weight” (problematic term) or eating restrictively should not embark on IE. That is light years ahead of what most IE coaches say, that I’ve heard.

    But there are inherent contradictions in what you’re saying in the video: unless you know of strategies that result in everyone plus-size to be able to lose weight (which do not exist: most plus-size people will stay that way regardless of eating strategy), most plus-size clients will never be at “expected weight” (i.e. “normal” BMI), to then be able to embark on IE, as you state. That would leave them with using some other method of trying to lose weight (restricting), in order to then be able get down to “normal” BMI in order to start using IE! And of course, dieting a) doesn’t work for most people to cause sustained weight loss, and b) it teaches ED behaviors.

    That leaves only slim people, with no restrictive eating behaviors, as candidates for learning IE. That means the majority of Americans are not candidates for studying IE, or acquiring the “peace with food” that IE practitioners dangle. The most people who aren’t at peace with food are plus-size, and/or restrictive eaters.

    Here’s what I’m getting at. IE is not useful to most people, especially those who IE purports to help. And in fact, it can be harmful: it can cause, or exacerbate disordered eating, by telling people who already restrict, to only eat when “sufficiently” hungry, and not “too full.” That might even be a dangerous message for people who don’t already have other restrictive eating thoughts.

    Jean Antonello, RN, RD, partially solved one problem with IE: she recognizes that dieters learn to fear food and their hunger, and thus delay eating. To counteract this extreme tendency, she advises eating at the first sign or thought of hunger (no more than 10 minutes within the first sign of hunger), and to eat until one notices one has put the fork or food down and doesn’t feel like picking it up again. In other words, to eat at the first sign of hunger, until truly full and uninterested in eating more.

    Ellyn Satter recognized these problems and went further: she recognizes that pretty much everyone does better on 3+ scheduled meals, and scheduled, planned in-between snacks (and I would add an after-dinner snack before bedtime, to tide one’s hunger over until morning, for a total of 6 feedings/day.) On the advice of an ED RD 15 years ago, I have a mechanical eating schedule, eating 6x/day, every 3 hours, which I’ve set at 6 am, 9 am, noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm. Bed at 9-10 pm. But it’s a nightmare for me to try to follow it. In 15 years, I’ve only been able to start eating breakfast by 6:30 am (my only goal in my life, to focus my full attention on it, because multiple goals are harder to achieve) every day for one week. That was a few weeks ago. My breakfast times range from 3 am 6 pm. My weekly average works out to breakfast at 9 am.

    Ellyn says that by eating on a consistent schedule, the body sorts out what and how much to eat in order to arrive at the next planned meal or snack comfortably hungry. This is brilliant. Instead of adjusting the feeding times to the body, as with IE, which can be totally unpredictable and stressful to figure out and then eat what one wants at that time and have it available and prepared, Ellyn is advising to eat on a consistent schedule, and let the body adjust the food choices and quantities according to the schedule (and choosing foods that bring one joy). Like people used to do up until dieting took over our lives in the 1960s present.

    I urge you and all IE advisors to 1. Put a warning note at the beginning of all videos and in the descriptions that IE is not recommended for plus-size people or people with a history of dieting or disordered eating, and 2. switch over to teaching Ellyn Satter’s method, instead, a) for safety/first do no harm/harm prevention, and b) because it so much easier to learn and apply (except for someone like me with an extreme ED, and even for me, it is massively simpler and better than IE ever was. It gradually improves my eating, eating competence, nutrition, psychological well-being, and schedule stability, whereas IE worsened all of those.

    Thank you for reading all of this. I can tell you really care about your clients and potential clients/the public, and appreciate that. I’m grateful you are an anti-diet dietitian, and are trying to improve dietetics. I’ve noticed that for many people who catch on to IE, it comes relatively easy to them, as compared to, say, my story for sure! What I’ve noticed isn’t apparent for IE fans is that for others, it can be a pure nightmare, and profoundly harmful: as harmful as dieting, or worse. I hope you will check out Ellyn’s web site (Ellyn Satter Institute) and if you do, skip to the “How To Eat” tab to get into the relevant parts.) Thanks again.

  • Hey everyone,
    Enjoy carrot milk as best snack for winters

    Also Watch Healthy high protein salad Recipe on my Other Channel “ FitFood Flavours”

  • Did I cry watching this? Yes, yes I did. After struggling to love my body after my babies, despite “doing everything right” and going to work “feeling fat” I so desperately needed this today.

  • that is exactly me when I decided to get off from keto and fuck the calorie calculator and eat what ever I want and never let eat occupy all the space in my mind and attention!!!! And now I found myself hating the feeling of being 100% full cause that’s soo not fresh, and I tend to be grumpier, and I totally can’t take it when something is too sweet, I basically feel disgusting when I eat for example a too sweet ice cream. I lost some weight but not a lot, and now I feel like it’s my set point….but really weight doesn’t matter, the structure of the body is. Now by adding more sports that make me happy like riding bikes or klettern or yoga, I’m hoping to shake offf some fat!!!

  • I have a follow-up question on the study mentioned at 11:33. Did the study address the possibility that women who had never dieted were at a “healthier” weight or had maintained a “healthier” weight through their current age? I am not being a little “poop” in this question, seriously want to know if this was addressed in this study.

  • I tried intuitive eating before I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, but because I had been using food as a source of dopamine (addiction, including food addiction, is common in ADHD) for so long, I was totally unable to decipher what was a body hunger cue, and what was dopamine hunger (i.e. self-medicating my ADHD symptoms). I’m currently taking medication for my ADHD, which greatly diminishes my dopamine-seeking behaviors and has allowed me to actually see my real hunger cues. I’m eating intuitively now and feel so much less shame and stress. So if you have issues with chronic overeating or binge eating as well as other symptoms like frequently overspending, always being forgetful or disorganized, and difficulty getting started or seeing tasks and routines through, it might be worth getting screened for ADHD. Disclaimer: I’m not a mental health professional; just sharing my own experience.

  • Folks, be careful of the replies on this video. Some person named “Loko” is asking for money and another is asking for an email for a free book…. just an FYI, be safe!

  • Thank you Dr. Oz! As we loose weight, I would guess the number will reduce. Do we change it once a month until we reach our goal weight?

  • I like being a y’all guy. I get get a bit big or get slim and still have a nice shape vs being short and having to compensate with big muscle

  • The culture of steroids needs to be stamped out, in every gym across the UK there are juicers trying to belittle ‘natties’ in the hopes their sense of worth will be damaged enough to be peer pressured into taking this nasty shyte. The fact a lot of people can’t exercise without perpetual infantile comments from these insecure, drug abusing, petulant wankers is a result of their use. Steroids foster a culture of insecurity and as a result gyms close down because normal people leave, look at DW gym in the UK, it’s gone into administration, the amount of junkies in DW was horrendous, in other words if you weren’t doing junk the wankers using it would get paranoid about you grassing on them and try and push you out. The main goal of these junkies is to get people hooked on steroids so they can sell them to people and supplement their income. If you have a suspicion any of the gym trainers are on the juice either stay away from them and the circle of daft cunts they hang around with or report them to the management as you will normally be locked into a monthly contract and cannot change gym until it is up……….this is why people hate steroid users and yes, they are dick heads.
    Show less

  • When I was in the hospital immediately after having my twins they gave me an iPad with apps to order food, review my charts, call the nurse and other things like that. But you wouldn’t believe what I saw there on my chart. Based on weight only, my chart said that I was there for obesity. Obviously nobody reviewed it and consider the fact that I had just carried to full term and pushed out two babies and was probably actually considered underweight for someone who had twins.

    I’m so glad that I didn’t have postpartum depression and it even bothered me a little without that, but if their system is automatically adding that to every woman in the maternity ward then I can only imagine how that’s making women feel and how it’s making them distrust their doctors. I’m going to give birth again in November and will be at the same hospital so I think this time around if I see that on my chart I’m going to point it out to somebody and tell them that they need to find a way to change that in their system so it doesn’t damage somebody further while they’re already struggling with all their postpartum hormones

  • I lost 37 pounds in 60 days, reduced my sleep time for five hours (no need for more)… thing’s change drastically, so fast! I changed my way of treat patients, focusing on target the insulin resistance first. My mental state improved at a level that I was able to realy learn english by myself in a couple of months, just to understand more about this incredible technology of diet. Im inthe process of learning and loven it!

  • I like the idea of intuitive eating and would be curious to read the book. My doubts are in the ability to resist binges. The one thing that I have found helpful about food trackers is that it teaches me what a normal portion or serving is. I don’t believe in cutting out food groups, but normal portions seem maintainable to me. Tracking isn’t something I would do forever, but sometimes it helps me get a handle on the concept of eating several healthy portions of different foods, and feeling satisfied and full. It’s actually surprising how much better I feel when cutting out junk too. Last weekend I ate a greasy burger and meal at a restaurant and felt awful the rest of the day. Thanks for the info.

  • Hi, I have a question!
    I’m not vegan but I wanted to know can you be vegan and still be intuitive eating? Because being vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, dairy-free, etc(weather we want it or not) is a way of restricting, even if it’s not for health or weight motives it still is restriction right? Like if you do follow a type of restriction you can still call it intuitive eating?

  • Another take away: The people who think that I should lose weight and tell me that I should, most of the time have no credentials. They are basing their statements off of an idea that they have, and have little knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle being indicative of health.

  • What about eating fruit..??
    Are they harmful..??
    Does the fructose get you out off the ketone state..??
    Thank you very much..
    Warm regards from greece:)

  • Keto-does-make you-lose-weight-this helped me get into ketosis fast in 3 weeks I been able to lose 36 pounds

  • Hi Abbey, I’ve really enjoyed watching your videos. I am a herbalist and have studied nutrition as well. I have come across this “program” called Bright Line Eating, which I find very problematic in lots of ways. I’d be curious to hear your review of it. Thanks again for your videos, and thanks for getting the real info out there!!

  • I’m super late in finding this video, but I’m so glad I did! From one PCOS queen to another, thank you for spreading info on intuitive eating and HAES! It’s amazing how much your body can do and tell you when you are finally able to listen.

  • I have been on keto for over a year. I started it because I read that I had to stay away from sugar and carbs for my rheumatoid arthritis. My doctor said it wasn’t true, but, I was on it 2 months already and was off one of my pills. I decided to stay on it and have lost over 50 lbs. and off all my medication for rheumatoid arthritis. I am very happy and have no arthritis pain in my body. I am very happy with the recipes and will always eat this way. Shockingly I do not miss pasta, sweets and ice cream. I have all substitutes that are just as good. I am 73 and feel the best I ever did.

  • I’ve recently started intuitively eating. I’m overweight because I eat when I’m bored and honestly force myself to overeat even when I’m full because I’ll be eating chips and “I’m not allowed to eat those so I have to eat them all right now so I can restrict tomorrow” and stuff like that. I’ve found your first points to be true (when you said cake doesn’t seem as appealing when it’s not off limits and you know it’s not what will make your body feel good) and I’ve noticed I actually don’t want junk food anymore. I always thought “good” foods were things I couldn’t ACTUALLY want because they’re healthy but when I evaluate what foods I want to eat I realized I actually want more nutritious foods most of the time. They give me more energy, make me feel happier honestly, and keep me full longer. Sure I’ll still want chips or chocolate sometimes but I know eating too much won’t make me feel any better than having some and once I’m satisfied putting it down and knowing I can have more tomorrow if I want to, and usually I don’t because I satisfied that craving.

  • When I saw Virgie is one of your favorite HAES I was like oh hell no she is 50 shades of insane… literally an excuse making victim and diets do work if you customize it to your needs

  • Hello manju ji
    I am nearly following all of your strategies. Your last tip about sleep is slightly tricky at the moment
    Would u mind sharing your bedtime routine or any tips that would help to go to bed early

  • Some parts of the brain actually need glucose to function. The liver will make that glucose when you’re not eating carbs so abruptly cutting out all sugar wouldn’t hurt you other than going through sugar withdrawals.

  • I’m not fat or overweight. I tried keto and made me lose too much energy to the point I wanted to sleep several times a day. Anyone else have this issue with no energy on keto?

  • Living forever…I have no desire to live forever or even to 100 which will likely be no problem.
    Living to a very old age may be possible health-wise, but it psychologically takes a toll to the point where you’ve just had enough. I want to be healthy though for as long as I live, or at least until the end, and then die quickly.

  • All natural inhabitants eats there food RAW!!! COOKED FOOD IS POISON foreal!!! That being said if you cant eat it raw you not supposed to be eating it foreal!!!! Its just common sense But COMMON SENSE IS NOT SO COMMON ANYMORE!!!

  • I have wanted to lose some fat and build muscle for a while now but I have developed a bad habit of eating when bored. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to food but whenever I’ve been bored (especially during quarantine) I’ve been going for my comfort foods which are often unhealthy like ice cream, cake, pop tarts, salty chips and ramen. Sometimes I try to eat healthier meals but when I’m bored I still go back to eating even if I’m not hungry. I don’t really know what to do. I don’t know how to stop this habit. Do you know what I could do to help lose this habit and safely lose fat and gain muscle?

  • Oh my god, okay, so as someone with a background in pharmaceuticals DO NOT TAKE VIAGRA WITHOUT AN ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION DIAGNOSIS. You could quite literally lose part or all of your penis if you do that… This conversation is essentially irrelevant, because this isn’t going to be of use to someone who doesn’t have an ED diagnosis. Otherwise, you would literally be deciding between the trade off of normal genitals or increased muscle gains. Not really much different from steroids in that respect. Lmao. Dumb.

  • Honestly guys I’ve used it for months and not a single side effect I had
    So I don’t mind trying it day on day off before hitting the gym

  • I guess people in Hollywood have been eating babies and drinking their blood for decades now, is that keto? Alzheimer’s is caused by aluminum. He’s right about the gut, the gut is huge!! They need to cut up all the people in Hollywood and feed the hungry with their flesh, like soilent green. I have no idea what this guy is taking about but I’m doing keto immediately! I’ve tried MCT oils but I usually shit myself.

  • There is no enough evidence that on intuitive eating junky foods lose their allure and that people start to crave more healthy food. It’s just a theory. May be at some point yes, but we don’t know actually. What people say and think they do and what they actually do a big difference. A lot of people tend to choose high calorie foods on evolutionary basis.

  • I come from a history of anorexia a looooooong time ago but it is always lurking in the background. This video is very encouraging so I thank you for the info. I hope this becomes a way of life not only for me but all those struggling. ��

  • They are working on the government guidelines for nutrition again we need to get them to change it if you were working with keto and have a good experience we all need to tweet about it etc. save our government a lot of money save us a lot of taxes and a lot of money for illnesses please Tom see if you can get Dom A’gostino to get involved �� they’re working with the guidelines on July 11 please notify your congressman and do everything you can to keep people from being sick on the sad diet

  • Officially a month into Keto. Inflammation from Hashimoto’s disease all the way down. My body looks completely different. My energy is so high I do not wake up tired. I can go long without my first cup of coffee which is HUGE for me because I was a heavy coffee drinker, couldn’t function without it! Also, I used to wake up with joint pain and foot pain that is all gone!!! I am amazed at how much better I feel now at 33 than I did in my early 20s. I am grateful for this lifestyle change. It’s amazing! oh and the added perk looking even younger.:-)

  • Hello there, I want to know if Penlargerem System, will really work for me? I see lots of people keep on talking about this popular male enhancement.

  • Telling a fat person to lose weight is not discrimination, it’s advice, for the wellbeing of the person. People with obesity have a way, way higher death rate than those of average weights. Maybe you’re right, maybe weight isn’t an indicator of health, but you’re not taking into account the fact that almost all people with obesity reach that level because of unhealthy habits. Once they drop those habits, they can be healthy again and lose weight. That’s the reality, you can’t ‘speculate’ on it because it is what the truth is. Intuitive eating is not possible for those on the verge of death. They need a faster, more guaranteed approach to get them to a safe level, and then they can begin to implement those longterm habits.

    But I’m not the dietician here so idk ����‍♀️

  • All people need to do. Put on a Constant Glucose Monitor (such as Freestyle Libre or other) and just look at what happens when you eat certain foods. If that doesn’t turn your stomach nothing will. It is glycated Haemoglobin (from blood sugar spikes) that damages the glycocalyx, and leads all those diabetic type results in later life, even if you are not diabetic.

  • I eat mostly keto, but live in France and the food I’d have to cut out would be too much. Eating every second day does the same thing as ‘eating Keto’… ketones are very high on the fast day and stay moderately high on the eating day. Only really drink wine, have a baguette or croissant on one or two days a week, but I stay in high ketosis with Alternate Day Fasting.

  • Thanks so much for making this. I struggle a lot with eating sugar and shaming myself for it, so this is a great stepping stone for me.

  • Cheers for the Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you tried Biaphaan Voiceless Blueprint (should be on google have a look)? It is a great one off product for eradicating erectile disfunction (ED) without the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my mate at last got amazing results with it.

  • I found out the shocking truth when after 6 weeks of stumbling through this diet that i lost 20lbs… how do you just lose 20lbs, my fat ass just didn’t walk away… or did it!

  • I have actually implemented this specific guide for a few weeks already and also the effects are remarkable. I still have the vitality I need without having curbing my appetite without having making me really feel jittery. I have not changed other things I`m doing and also have lost 7 pounds. Find a right program is not easy, you can research by Google. Program’s name is below.
    Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • 1,040!?! That would be an unhealthy crash diet for me. I maintain at 1,600. Not sure people should follow this. Yes you’d definitely lose weight as this advocates a pretty severe calorie deficit in my opinion. I say x1.2 to your weightx8 before adding the 200 and you’ll still lose weight, just more sustainable and gradual.

  • I have an anecdotal story for around minute 11. I was prediabetic, my blood pressure was increasing, I switched to a plant based diet, lost no weight and my fasting blood sugar range is now 20-30 points lower and I am no longer suffering bouts of low blood sugar. My blood pressure also improved. I can definitely see the impact. Now I am focusing on trying to get in touch with my body’s hunger cues and exercising in my favorite way (hiking out in nature) and strength training. I am seeing weight loss and look forward to improved health.

  • Every day I learn new thinks.
    Just understanding all this I guess is not that hard to loose weight. Thanks God for internet and all this smart, good people. Love ��

  • I was a 120 kg insulin dependent type 2 diabetic and followed the instructions of my doctor and dietitian and just seemed to get worse, searching YouTube for an answer I found the Keto diet, lost 22kg to date and no longer require insulin and my sugar levels are mid normal every day, they were 22 when I started and are now between 5 and 7 every day. More people need to know that the diets our doctors are prescribing are floored.

  • Ive counted calories and macros for about 8 months now, no breaks. And it has helped me get an understanding of health, comming from a food addict because i used food for comfort. I still have weight to lose for health, not looks, but I AM SO TIRED OD WEIGHING AND COUNTING AND DOING MATHS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THE CALORIES PER PORTIONS OF HOMECOOKED MEALS ARE.Sometimes i choose unhealthy foods simply because they are easier to calorie count??? THAT STOPS TODAY!

  • I would like to hear a rebuttal to the ketogenic diet. It’s my understanding that people in Blue Zones consume a lot of carbs. Sure you can lose weight rapidly. Atkins showed us how to do it. But is the ketogenic diet a healthy approach to eating for the long-term? That is what many people are pondering Personally, I always felt fatigued on a low carb diet. Sometimes, I would plop down on my sofa at 3 PM and feel so fatigued, I felt like I was going into a coma. It was dangerous. It was scary.

    I’m very skeptical of people saying they have more energy on a ketogenic diet. Sounds like a placebo effect to me. How many can stay on the diet even for a year? Atkins’ patients had a high dropout rate. Most people find it too restrictive. I did too, but it was great for weight loss. Just not a permanent life style.

    Right now I am very thin, but eating more carbs, mainly Muesli with no added sugar. Of course, it has sugar in it from fruit and a lot of carbs. My energy level is high. I rarely feel the need to lie down in the afternoon. I can go the whole day with high energy. My fasting blood sugar has always been low normal, like 77-80, but I want to have a 2 hour glucose tolerance test to see how well I am metabolizing carbs. That will tell me whether I can eat the current level of carbs, or need to restrict.

    Whole grains are good, vs. whole grains are bad is another debate I would love to hear. There are compelling arguments on both sides. A large % of adults in this country are insulin resistant, meaning they can’t process carbs, so for them I think carb restriction is necessary. What about the non-insulin resistant population?

  • I never restricted my foods in the past and it led to me being obese. Not the other way around. As a?child or teen i never stressed or restricted my Eating or foods… my disorder is wont stop eating. I love food and will just keep shoveling it til im sick and now “morbidly obese” bottom line i have to cut my self off at some point. And if you’re like me know you’re not alone or wrong with giving your self boundaries.

  • Taking Viagra un necessarily is dangerous you greatly increase your risk of priapism the dreaded 4 hour erection that won’t go a away without medical intervention. All gym supliments that increase blood flow can cause this which is why I’ve stopped using them all.

  • I went keto 2 years ago after two arteries on my heart closed up, got two stents. Now at 70 yrs. old my brain fog has cleared I am off all medications, don’t get tired (out of breath) regularly ride 16 miles on old 3 speed bike in 80 + degrees, feel great.New lease on life in my book.

  • My intuition led me to eat carnivore… I also intuitively fast for 18-23 hours a day… I feel better than I ever have: sleep better, hair grows faster, calmer, no period pain AT ALL etc. I just had to give myself premission to not be pressured into eating things my body can’t handle. I can’t eat grains, vegetable oils, fruit, any kind of sugar, and even fiber. The worst is any kind of seeds, including beans, legumes, nuts, and again, grains. These give me stomach upset, diarrhea, they make my mood unstable and my periods excruciating. Also after eating even a little bit of carbs I can’t breathe well. That can be milk, fruit, pasta, cookies, doesn’t matter. Luckily raw honey is more tolerable for me for some reason. Once I actually let my body decide what to eat and followed gentle nutrition, I basically stopped consuming plants. I can’t tell you how good I finally feel. I eat plants when I crave them, which is like a tbsp of sauerkraut or a squeeze of lemon every 2 weeks or so. I also ended up naturally fasting and not even thinking about food for the rest of the day. Basically everyhing against Abby’s advice oops. But I appreciate that she acknowledged that everyone needs a different individualized way of eating.

  • So, I should eat 1,736 calories a day. I do lots of exercise most days.

    The thing is it’s just basic calorie counting, it’s tedious.

    We have all been told before that you have to on average drop 500 calories a day in order to lose weight

    Everyone is promoting the intermittent fasting and keto diet. Losing lots of weight quickly. The trouble is how can you be sure that just having 1-2 meals a day you are getting all the right nutrients and minerals and vitamins?? As you aren’t really allowed fruit and there is very little carbs to add any fibre.
    It’s just high fat, no sugar type diet. I get and understand the theory but I can’t see I could do it longterm, I like milk, I love carbs, and I eat lots of fruit and veg.

  • I have done Keto for three years. Lost 18kg My blood sugars HbA1c now down to 4.7 from 5.8 Blood pressure down 10 below 120/70 CRP =0.1 My Trigs very Low, my HDL HIGH My blood work has never been so healthy in my life, and Im 61

  • Keto Diet is simply eating natural food the way it was intended by nature, and to follow the natural cycles of the body instead of forcing it into artificial schedules.
    I am lucky I’ve been doing this all my life without even realizing it. I love natural food and Ive usually just eaten once a day. I’m 40 years old and everyone thinks I’m in my twenties.

  • I was on keto for about a year or year and a half. Then, I changed jobs, moved back home, and got off keto. I slowly started becoming less mentally quick. I was having problems with stress and depression. I have got back on keto and I feel better all the way around. I don’t care about the fitness or athletic part just the mental well-being benefits of keto make me want to stay on this permanently.

    I have had to work hard at getting into spices and herbs when cooking and get away from sugar. Everything I eat now is spicy, complex herbal flavors, healthy fats, moderate protein. And I eat a lot less than I used to.

  • Hey Dr oz I want to lose weight but the problem I have is where I work I cook a lot like every day and you no when you cooking all the time you have to taste everything Maybe something you don’t want to but you have to ever since I get this job I gain about 30 pounds and I want to loss it but I don’t no how help me please…

  • In Brazil is different, if you go to a registered dietitian, you certainly will leave with a crazy expensive meal plan that will basically make you suffer because some healthy foods taste like garbage and will make you hungry all the time. I’m a size 12, and I don’t want to loose weight but the first thing that they used to tell me was “you need to loose weight”, it was so painful, I ended up giving up diet and looked for other resources like a mental health professional and good sources on the internet, your channel is a breath of sanity, very needed in our sick society

  • Higher body weight can be directly tied to breast cancer as fat produces estrogen and higher levels of estrogen can cause breast and ovarian cancer

  • I was reading something that said the Ketogenic diet could be a cure for cancer as tumers feed off the glucose in your blood and by switching to keto
    you’re basicly starving them to death

  • This is so helpful! The points you make about weight descrimination have put in to words things I have felt and experienced my whole life but could never express. Thank you!

  • I am so fucking averse to believing the credibility of the information in this video, because of that stupid ass click bait title. What self respecting academic uses bullshit titles like that. Don’t even get me started on the thumbnail.

  • As a kid I was overweight and when I became a teenager I lost weight and transferred school’s and one weird thing I’m noticing that bothers me a lot is that I used to be heavily ashamed of my past and didn’t want anyone to know that I was overweight, but like, now that nobody does, and everybody I know see’s me as medium/small, I still feel and think of myself as overweight since thats how I grew up and that is how I was when I developed most of my identity. So like, when we talk about prejudice against fat people, I automatically think of myself as a victim of it even still, and it takes me a minute to remember and accept that I do actually have thin privilege. I hate to admit it but it honestly makes me mad. It feels like I no longer have the right to be angry about the way I was treated since I no longer am treated that way, but I still treat myself with fat-phobia and the shit I’ve dealt with feels like it can never be acknowledged. ALso I hate it when I tell people I was fat growing up and they’re like, “don’t say that about yourself”. Like, that just fucking stings cause it reinforces the idea that fatness is something that undermines your worth as a human being. And it bothers me when people tell me I can’t speak for fat people because I’m not particularly fat, but like, bruh, I was though. For most of my life. And now I have a chronic eating disorder and body dysmorphia. Like, it just feels like all of my pain is so un-acknowledgeable, and no group, overweight or not, can accurately represent my experience.
    Sorry for that tangent that isn’t related to anything this video just really brought some feelings up lol

  • To be very honest, it’s hard to intuitively eat processed foods. I suffer from PCOS and insulin resistance as well as overeating whenever stressed, and the insane hunger I experience after eating things like white rice, bread or pasta is something I cannot control. Not to mention the crashes. I’m perhaps a special case, but for people who already struggle with obesity and hormonal issues, we may have to resort to a whole foods diet with few, rare exceptions, in order to undo the damage. I found that a mostly vegan, whole foods diet has really helped me keep fuller for longer. It’s incredible to me, but I now eat 2 meals a day, not feeling hungry in between. The only dairy I consume daily is kefir salad dressing and my latte. And well. yeah, I do cook with butter instead of olive oil (not sure which is better, if you can help me there I’d really appreciate it!) 50% of the meals being green salads with nuts. The other 50%, mixed veggies with some type of protein. I reserve animal products for the weekend and I make my own weekend dark chocolate bars with nuts, dried fruit, oats and bananas. I find that eating a little bit of each, and playing with textures, colours and spices has deeply enriched my eating experience.

  • A lot of people nowadays are working to find out the best way to drop weight. Then again, having the ability to find a diet plan that will work for you is tough to discover. A crucial factor you want to understand is that a diet that works for one person might not work for another. So you have to understand what your getting into before you begin one of those diets. Therefore we have decided to offer you a fantastic look in the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. This can provide you enough information to find out if this is something which is suitable to your needs. Read more here

  • This was a fun video to make! Shoutout to John Meadows and Jorn Trommelen for helping me out by sharing their expertise. Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

  • My Greek father in law is 81yrs old and has parkinson’s. I am doing a carnivore diet and I am regularly in ketosis. My father in law is about 5’8″ tall and weighed about 200lbs. His diet was 90% beans,okra,lentils and such. He was so swollen and inflamed from the ankles and up and could not even get off the chair by himself. He is now doing a very strict keto diet, um for about 3 weeks now consisting of 1 egg a day, a variety of meats and some hard greek cheese called Graviera. Also a few vegies like cucumbers, romaine olive oil and vinager. THe swelling has greatly diminished and he can now get up by himself and his weight is way down, (he wont allow me to take his weight. He say after 1 month. I make sure he gets his elektrolytes. He was so sick and afraid of dying that he gave this way of eating a try. It took a few weeks of talking with him out of love for him and his health. Please dont give up!

  • So how often should you take this to see those results and also once you start taking this wont you then need it to get erections from then on

  • Ugh…. Anyone can be an expert on IE (regardless of size). And anyone can make a YouTube channel, so how are you more “privileged” for having made one yourself?

    If you wanna give a shout out to others who are “experts”, that’s good. But I get the feeling you feel the “need” to because you are discounting your own expertise/experience based on your smaller size.

    How is that right? That is the ONLY problem I have with the IE community. And with the world in general. People are so concerned about comparring eachothers “pain” and “privilage”. Comparring is devicive and not helpful in ANY way.

  • The logic is that 75% needed calories from polyunsaturated fats to drive the body to burn stored fat for the other 25%.
    About right?

  • I am 52 and I fell into depression eating crap like donuts and breads, I got overweight and got more depressed then last September I realised how fat I got. I got onto Keto just before Christmas. I have lost weight, I am coming out of depression I have lots of energy and I have never experienced such mental clarity as I have since Keto and increasing MCT oil intake. Although I miss bread now and then, I have no interest in sweets any more and I do not crave sugar. Since I have increased my Apple Cider Vinegar and Zinc I have lost more

  • Thanks for making these videos! They are really helpful. As a person with binge eating disorder who is trying to recover I’m aiming for a lifestyle with intuitive eating. It’s a process, but I’m trying.

  • Tom, you are one the nicest and most helpful people I follow and learn from. Thank you so much for all this wonderful things you for our human community. Everyone whom you have interviewed including Dr. D’ Agostino has become a favorite and I always share their teachings with my loved ones.
    Dr. D’Agostino, thank you for so generously sharing your education and life experiences with us. May you both have continued success.

  • KETO, INTERMITTENT FASTING AND FASTING helped me lose 50 pounds. Here’s exactly what I did:

  • I finally got to my best ever weight happily, slowly, fairly easily by adopting these principles. I was finally able to stop bingeing, and I enjoy regular exercise for the first time. I think there’s something in it for everyone. And I still eat chips. Just not by the bags full.
    But I take issue with “thin privilege.” Hoo ha and baloney. There are natural consequences to our choices. All choices. And no one gets through life without adversity and sorrow, regardless of your circumstances.

  • C’mon man, they acted like it was a miracle that she lost 1 measly pound in a few days lol. Now I would be wowed had she said 10 pounds in a few days lol. Not to be a Debbie downer, IJS. I fluctuate between 143 -147 every dang week, its so frustrating. I won’t give up tho!

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  • I started practicing intuitive eating last year after learning mindfulness and self compassion in therapy! Sugary “bad” foods have mostly lost their appeal, and I no longer associate a number on a calorie counter with my self worth. I’m focused so much more on how food makes me FEEL, and less on how I can use food to treat how I feel. I started exercising for fun, peace, and health! 2 years ago I would have said this would never work for me, today I say please give it a try.

  • This is such bullshit! This guy just talks about calories and doesn’t explain where those should be coming from. It’s still the old model of consuming less calories than you burn, but that has gone the way of the dodo. It is much more important what you eat and when you eat than how many calories you eat. Sustainable weight loss can only happen once you cut all sugars, all grains, all juices and Sodas and all so-called vegetable oils from your diet and replace them with good healthy fats and high quality proteins. I never count calories, I always eat until I’m full, I never eat snacks, because they keep your blood sugar and insulin permanently elevated. Insulin is the fat storage hormone. I lost more weight than I ever thought possible.

  • I guess you haven’t had much experience with someone with Alzheimer’s. They are amazingly uncooperative and clueless about their condition. Especially in the mid and later stages of the disease. And early on they can be quite uncooperative since food is one of the few things they have control and choice over. There is no reasoning with someone that has Alzheimer’s.

  • I’ve had this video in my watch later list for too long! Glad I finally watched it, and I am yet again grateful for your content!

    Thank you for sharing this with us, Abbey!

  • Using a fitbit that tracks steps, exercise, and increasing heart rate from my exercise, it tells me I usually burn 2300 calories a day as a 160lb women. Some days I burn 2,700 calories when I work out! I usually do more than 10,000 steps a day as a nurse at work. If your an active person, this calculation will not work. Unfortunately, I’m still 160 lbs due to bad diet. I lose weight fast when I eat 500 calories less than my daily expendature.
    I can not praise how easy the fitbit makes it to track my daily calorie expendature and with the app I can log my food in daily and track my calorie intake.
    Last year I lost 10lbs doing this. I’m currently trying to lose the 10lbs I gained back with the calorie counting ‘diet’.

  • I believe no matter a person’s weight they are valued and important. I believe every person’s concerns should be taken seriously and not pushed off to be just about their weight.
    I also have worked in the geriatric field for a while and can tell you I see younger people coming into geriatric care facilities regularly because of obesity. Maybe their diseases weren’t directly caused by their weight, but their lack of mobility was. Whether they couldnt lean down to dress themselves and put their shoes on, couldnt properly clean themselves or just couldnt fit into their shower/step over a tub (and couldnt afford a bathroom remodel), could no longer fit in their car to drive to doctor appointments, were no longer ambulatory, had become bed bound and were developing sores from so much skin on skin contact, they were using a cpap because the extra weight on their chest caused them to quit breathing at night, or they were needing to get out of bed with a hoyer and couldnt do that alone… they were losing quality of life. They had wished someone told them how hard it would be sooner.
    I would never shame anyone for their weight but when I have held patients crying because they are so hopeless from being bed bound, watching their muscles atrophy more everyday making it harder to move the extra weight, knowing they cannot physically exercise is they wanted to, feeling like it is there fault and like there is nothing they can do, hating that they hadnt taken their weight more seriously when they were physically able to, I feel like it’s doing people a disservice acting like disease is the only dangerous thing about obesity.

  • Ingot 1580 (that’s with the extra 100). Pretty sure I need more. My TDEE is 2700. So I eat about 2150 per day while leaning (cutting). Went from 174 to 160. I am a body builder, so I am in the gym lifting weights 5-6 days a week.

  • I tried keto 3 years ago during the summer. I didn’t lose a single lb, not one. I felt miserable, hungry, snappy. All I could think about was food 24/7. I very much doubt keto has any health benefits and I won’t be doing it again, ever. Life’s too short to be that miserable

  • Even easier calculation…figure out what weight you want to be x 10 then add for activity. I want to be 130..1300 calories + 100 as im not very active…1400…dr oz formula was 1336.

  • This is exactly what has been going on in my 80 year old body these past few years. Someone should study me. Intuitively by paying attention to my body I’ve been driven to a keto / carnivor lifestyle. No formal testing, just feedback from my body.
    My brain, attitudes body have all responded so well.

  • I cut off sugar and carbs since 2 weeks. I hate vegetables but since then I am drawn to it. I just love carrots! �� the natural sweetness of a carrot is just 1000 times better than all that sugar bombed sweets. Keto was the best decision I ever made. Also my mood improved!
    Guys throw away the sugar and carbs!
    3-5 days will be hard but after that you will feel like a teenager again.
    I also always had problems to take deep breath. It’s gone since I stopped sugar and carbs. I think it was the Gluten because Gluten like the name says is a glue protein and it glues your lungs!

  • I went to weigh in at a dumpster this week to get a good weigh in reading, I just uploaded it but watching this nowJodielee always says calories in calories out and everyone is telling me KETO.

  • It’s great to see more providers taking the approach of individualized weight loss. This is something we have been doing in our clinics for years.

  • I like that you’re addressing that it’s not a new diet and not a quick fix. It is getting back to what is right for our bodies, so we decide what that is.

  • You are one of the most embarassing phoneys out here. The amount of Crap in this video i think burned some Youtube servers or databases:))))

    You are reading a script, you don’t know literally anything about any form of exercises and their benefits. Yeah….jesus, hope nobody is dumb enough to listen to your actuall “advices”:))))

    Literally no clue, no knowledge about healthy eating (aka dieting which can be to lose weight, gain weight, it literally means “having a plan to achieve a goal” )….hope the Neuron in your head finds the strength to duplicate at least once:)))

  • As a person who has been keto for two years I was really enjoying this until things took a weird turn talking about tying a person with Alzheimer’s arms back and making them eat. So weird and horrific actually.

  • I like your videos and I agree with the Intuitive eating approach, but I can tell you from personal experience that binge eating and emotional eating is not only linked to a restrictive diet. Food can evade you from your daily problems, can reduce stress and anxiety, can transport you to your childhood or to a happier time, etc. You can overuse food as a mechanism to deal with your emotions in many different ways, that are not related to the diet culture.

  • I am carnivore for 16 months now. gone is 95 lbs but that is not what was important. I was about to die. Now I am not gonna anytime soon.

  • This is a fantastic video. I completely relate to the scenario you noted about having issues with medical staff that simply infer that “everything” would be better if I just lost weight. I changed doctors over this issue. I mean I was there to get treatment for an injury I incurred while exercising in an attempt to get healthier. I am really enjoying your channel and only wish I would have discovered it sooner.

  • I am “obese” and after a lifetime of cycles of diets I now struggle with binge eating. I’ve been introduced to intuitive eating and have not worked through the book yet. I’ve been trying to only eat what I need and that nothing is off limits. It’s been really good. But I can’t let go of my weight goals. I’m sad that I’ll be this size forever.
    How can I achieve a healthier weight without my body fighting back and being bigger in the long run?!

  • In the 1950’s, welfare food assistance was little, & mostly was occasional box of nonfat dry milk powder, canned spam, & velvet a cheese.  
    Today’s welfare food is supposedly choice using food assistance, but, that fund is insufficient to buy nutrient-dense food; one can only afford poverty foods that are dominantly empty calories….
    Bread became empty calories & a source of glyphosate residues, over 30 years ago. Commercial bread makers use a standard basic cellulose fluff dough, and add coloring, flavoring, etc. to make breads look special…but they aren’t. Not even the token few vitamins they are mandated to put back into it, is remotely enough.
    Now, there’s a company that crowd-sourced a recipe to make a meal replacement of soy…which is also a source of gmo & glyphosate chemistry….and that company’s dream is to sell it to the welfare system in every State, to feed welfare recipients their “Soylent” as food, instead of giving out food funds.  
    The Soylent company thinks their formula would be healthier, & more cost-effective, than food stamps/EBT card funds. 
    Any wonder that welfare recipients are unhealthy?
    Now, according to info in this video, maybe, making sure the poor had a ketone supplement, Might make better sense.

  • Sugar needs to be removed from our diets. I do IF as well. I lost 50lbs, I run 3 miles a days and feel awesome. I’m 1.5lbs away from my goal weight.

  • Great insight! What truly sucks though, is when you’re overweight and decrease calories, the more you lose, the more you have to decrease your calories. So if you end up reaching a goal weight of 120, you can only have 1160 calories. Nothing more or you’ll gain weight again. If you increase calorie intake, you’d have to work out everyday for the rest of your life. Sucks!

  • I work as a prostitute, I’ve been using Viagra for 5 years and somehow I didn’t notice any beneficiaries at the gym. Research and practice are another matter

  • He, I was wondering if you have heard o this weight loss program before? It looks likes a great program to help people lose weight. I was just looking for some options before I made my decision by the way. I love the content you have been posting lately!

  • I loved Commando and watched it over and over. I was vocal but simultaneously deathly afraid of speaking formally in front of a group. I joined the service to build confidence (I guess) and lost total muscle control giving my first training to a platoon on Fort Bragg (where I trained). Eek ��. Keto helped my blood work come back better and lowered my thyroid meds (and cost) from 150mg to 30mg!

  • 500 calories and you’ll lose lots of pounds,crap less too! Just eat meat and you’ll stay full longer. No exercising. I dropped 125 pounds doing this

  • I wish I could subscribe to you a million times… THANK YOU for providing this knowledge to the public for free. I can’t even begin to explain how life changing your videos have been for me. Bless you ❤︎

  • Thanks for the informative video on weight loss. I don’t have a problem with weight but always willing to learn so I can help others achieve their weight-loss goals. Thanks so much! Dr. Oz, you have inspired me to create my own channel on healthy living so thank you very much!

  • Hi, there.. Saw New Incredible U.. Great to See U so fit n Healthy.. V. Logical/ Simple steps Shared.. Thanks.. they are indeed v. useful tips to go down on One’s weight in a V. Healthy way.. I too need to do these few changes.. Thanks Once again for uploading.. U r on a Right Path..