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Kari Sweeney, 30, of Sun Prairie, WI, had lots of opportunities to get healthy, but nothing seemed to keep her motivated. “Every year my company hosts a weight loss contest, and for the last five years, I’ve participated. But I’ve always given up or stopped weighing in within the first month of the competition,” says Kari. Kari Sweeney, 30, of Sun Prairie, WI, works for a fitness company and had lots of opportunities to get healthy, but she struggled for years to get motivated. Last year, with the help of co-workers and MyFitnessPal, Kari broke through her barriers and lost 17.4% of her body weight! Read her story in her own words belo.

Success story: Kari Sweeney gets fit with co-workers Kari Sweeney, 30, of Sun Prairie, WI, works for a fitness company and had lots of opportunities to get healthy, but she struggled for years to get motivated. Last year, with the help of co-workers and MyFitnessPal, Kari broke through her barriers and lost 17.4% of her body weight!by Johnson Fitness September 14th, 2014 Kari Sweeney, 30, of Sun Prairie, WI, works for a fitness company and had lots of opportunities to get healthy, but she struggled for years to get motivated. Last year, with the help of co-workers and MyFitnessPal, Kari broke through her barriers and lost 17.4% of her body weight!Exactly how insram s fatfedup lost 312 pounds using under armour s health tracking myfitnesspal for 475 myfitnesspal review pcmag 10 amazing myfitnesspal success stories 5krunning myfitnesspal weight loss success story hiking for 10 Amazing Myfitnesspal Success Stories 5krunning10 Amazing Myfitnesspal Success Stories 5krunningSuccess Story Kari Sweeney Gets Fit With Co WorkersMen S Success.

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Its first store featured low-priced lookalike products of popular, higher-end clothing and fashion. Amancio Ortega named Zara as such because his preferred name Zorba was already taken. Exactly how insram s fatfedup lost 312 pounds using photo only success stories page 110 myfitnesspal 9 habits successful myfitnesspal users swear by life the woman behind myfitnesspal says if you don t see a female keto t success stories before and after results 2020 Success Story Kari Sweeney Gets Fit With Co Workers. 8 My Fitness Pal.

One Macon, Georgia family shares their success story on maintaining life, at a steady pace, during the world’s rat race amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, racial and political unrest, and social. These success stories leave me in happy tears. I can only hope and pray ours gets the attention needed. My Aunt Bridget had a brain aneurysm and is in desperate need!

If the good Samaritans of the world could please SHARE and if possible, give a few dollars to her cause, I would be forever indebted.

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But her team stuck together, and she turned to a colleague who was “even more optimistic.”

“How Remarkable Women Lead: The Breakthrough Model for Work and Life” by Joanna Barsh, Susie Cranston, Geoffrey Lewis
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Before her doctoral work, Ms. Cvar worked in Brand Management at Procter & Gamble.

“Competition in Global Industries” by Michael E. Porter, Carliss Y. Baldwin, Michael E. Porter M. E. Porter, Harvard Business School, Harvard University. Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University. Graduate School of Business Administration. President and Fellows of Harvard University
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In fact, she has developed strong friendships with her coworkers.

“Organizational Behavior in Health Care” by Nancy Borkowski
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by Nancy Borkowski
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She got along well with her manager and slowly became a valued employee.

“Addiction, Attachment, Trauma and Recovery: The Power of Connection (Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology)” by Oliver J. Morgan
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She soon became office manager and at that point phased out her antidepressants.

“The Noonday Demon: An Atlas Of Depression” by Andrew Solomon
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However, she has learned that attempting to be a versatile manager is always better than not trying at all.

“Personal Styles & Effective Performance” by David W. Merrill, Roger H Reid
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Now she has her own company working with management teams helping them developing their work relations.

“Climate Psychology: On Indifference to Disaster” by Paul Hoggett
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About a month after her return to the office, she had a brief conversation with her boss to review her progress and see how he could help her be more comfortable and successful in her new role.

“Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a Time” by Kevin Eikenberry
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One key contact was new to the firm, so she also had limited interactions with managers who were happily managing their teams under STAR.

“Overload: How Good Jobs Went Bad and What We Can Do about It” by Erin L. Kelly, Phyllis Moen
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She found that going slowly with her changes has been key to acceptance from her coworkers.

“Transgender Voices: Beyond Women and Men” by Lori B. Girshick, Jamison Green
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  • When I first started and my current job because i was trying to get to know my coworkers I started hanging out after work for drinks or catching up with them on the weekend. Well i realised that other colleagues would ask ‘hey heard about Friday night, what happened?’ Ok.. im like how did you hear?. so i realized that maybe its not best to socialize with workmates after work if its not a work related function.

    I spend weekends with family and friends (former schoolmates and workmates). Office drama is too much.

  • I noticed on another video when they were talking to Nichole A. they asked her her address and they don’t bleep it out so now the public knows her address and this guy’s which I really don’t think is a good idea. Some people are very passionate about these murders.

  • I don’t trust my coworkers they are nice on the outside they don’t give a sick on the inside few days ago I had a argument with my coworker I don’t really talk to my coworker don’t hangout to much with your worker just focus on your job

  • “You see, all our people are business men. Their loyalty is based on that […] Now on that basis, anything’s possible” Michael Corleone, The Godfather Part II

  • I work in Germany and I can say that it is okay to be friends with colleagues. Social events after work are very important in our department. Many of them are friends with each other. I drink coffee on Weekends with my boss (women) and it has helped us to work better together because she now understands that I don’t talk much in meetings because I am an introvert not because I don’t have what to say. We eat always lunch together with other colleagues and they always tell what they did on the weekend and share other not work-related things. I am actually surprised because I had this idea that Germans are cold people, but they are super friendly.
    The tips are very helpful, but friendship at workplace may be healthy for your professional life.

  • So how is a adult supposed to make friends? Not supposed to make them at work. People on the streets pretty much keep to themselves. Neighbors keep to themselves. Seems like the only friends people have anymore are people they only chat with online but have never even met and then they claim “I have 1000 friends”.

  • Hi, I am an introvert, but I really love helping people and being kind. Recently I applied to a job, and I’ve been asked to a second interview, what advice can you give me as an introvert trying to be an extrovert at the same time?

  • He seems such a nice guy. He made me cry when he broke down.Wish he would have shed more light on how hell did CW fit the girls in that hatch. That puzzles me.

  • I’m an introvert but what if you don’t give a fuck about interacting with colleagues or your manager but are always friendly and nice to them?

  • This is pretty close minded. In general this is the case but I’ve built great relationship with people I’ve worked with and still hold strong today. Learning and being able to identify that is probably hard to do. Granted the people I did grow bonds with are in the smaller numbers but I do generally build good work relationships even when the other person has something they need or want to talk about even if it’s on a more personal level. From my experience it’s created better work environments.

  • Carol, Look Into The Cubicle This Is My Stockpile Of Paychecks I Never Cashed I Have Enough Money To Buy The Company Inflict The Same Work I’ve Been Forced To Do Day In And Day Out For The Last 22 Years Onto Unproductive Employees Like You And Not Even Get Rid Of A Thousandth Of The Accumulated Money

  • I have a couple of close friends from my old job but I think it is due to the fact the job was so intense and we spent a hella time together on night shift I see one of them all the time x

  • This is sooo helpful and clear….thank you sooo much…Its because of these reasons why sometimes I really dread going to work(given my intoverted nature too)��….Its as if there’s this unwritten rule or pre-convieved notion that co-workers have to be like super sociable,,friendly and somewhat “CLOSE” with each other…EgADD!!!…as a result of which due to my introverted quiet nature many times we get misunderstood as TOO aloof, unsociable, unfriendly, reserved, because I don’t want to participate in one to one or group gossips and slanders of our other colleagues, unsociable and unfriendly just because I’m cordial and careful with just how much I share with them….It can get really lonely sometimes but then I realise on and off again that the workplace is just another world stage, that we’re all actors with each other, we’re all there to first earn our salaries and not to necessarily be so called besties with each other.
    …Office working relationships have to be taken with a pinch of salt….I’ve always been taught that many times your own immediately family and very few close friends that you have outside of work(if at all) will always come before your workplace relationships interms of you expressing your true genuine best self without the need to hide anything (totally no strings attached)….I sooo totally agree with all that you said����������������������������

  • No wonder Chris was so worried about his Co Workers finding out. And he was more upset about the Co Workers and for the first time he broke down Crying worrying what his Co Workers were going to think about him. He even said No don’t have My Co Workers look for them. They are going to say what that F**k did you do now Chris. Than there were cables missing, what happened to the cables. This interview alone would of given Chris life. Or Death Penalty???How strange this Video popped up. Shanann was even sharing her points from Thrive that was going to get Chris a Telsa, from Thrive. At the time he was planning on getting Shanann Pregnant, He was working on planning to do what he did. A Co Worker saw them about 5 months before the Murders. Flirting and you could see it between them. That was another reason he didn’t want the Guys at work to know. This Video really upsets Me. Chris knew Shanann would never of had an abortion, so he was probably going to talk her into giving the Baby up for adoption especially if it was a Girl. This is as sad as hearing what the creep did to them. So he was going to get rid of them one way or another. And once again the story got messed up. Chris told Troy, Shanann left her $10,000. Wedding ring on the Counter. ( Maybe that’s the real reason Cindy hated Shanann ). Yet when He got home and opened the Garage and finally let Nicole A. And Patrolman Coonrod into the house. And after Chris was done running around the house like a bunny rabbit. Chris walks out with the Wedding Ring dangling from his finger, telling Nikki A. He just found the ring on the end table. Poor Shanann.

  • You have a nice voice and your tips are on point. I never thought about this since I started working at the age of 20, how I wish I knew this before, I am living on my own because my parents were dead and so I thought I can treat people at work as my family, I don’t have anyone to share my thoughts. I don’t know if that is still wrong, but I guess it is. Is there a way to undo this mistake of sharing too much of yourself or nah its too late to change that’s what interest me to know.

  • The beginning of this year I told myself I would keep to myself and avoid drama. And I thought I was doing so good, and then boom. I hear a rumor about me from my boss, in which I have to explain myself to her. Im just so over it. I don’t talk to anyone. And people still say things

  • I’m a guy and worked in a majority female workplace and few males. I tried to be friendly to everyone but they were always paranoid about me because some of them assumed I was flirting with them. Even though I was never interested in any of them, I was just trying to get along with all of them.
    There was this female co worker who accused me of flirting with her and saying that she felt uncomfortable/unsafe around me. I overheard other co workers talking about this behind my back, and I felt like I was being watched every second that I worked there, like they were eagerly waiting for me to do anything that they can use against me..

  • how bout that coworker who seems kind, friendly and good natured when they talk to you but otherwise is always looking at you like they want to kill you…

  • Sir mera idea bhi duniya ko dekha do please.
    I invented a chemical formula which decomposed all types of polythenes as we use in our daily life like hand bags which government banne, chip, kurkure, milk and all types fully without creating any pollution in the atmosphere.
    Through your channel i want to tell it to the world and this first in the world who did it in the world.

  • I’ve just been listening to NK interview with officer about the wedding ring. I’m sorry to bring it to you but I’m here and I have to write it down before I forget. There is that much evidence against NK but none that is hard facts. Except her phone pinging on the morning her boyfriends murders his wife, in the exact place and time. With NO GOOD REASON for being there. No gym, no, on the way to work. It was completely off the route.
    Anyway it just hit me. Twisted true had transcribed, so I noticed it. She said Shan’anns ring was worth SHIT. When he was talking about having it appraised. She said she pawns jewellery all the time??? Ok!! And that the ring was worth shit. I had never heard this before.

    MY QUESTION is this. HOW do you know how much another woman’s ring is worth, a woman that you have {supposedly} never met, nor ever seen her ring. You obviously had never discussed the ring before or you would have known it was worth about 10 thousand. I find it so disrespectful to discuss and degr8another women’s ring but a murder victim and her investigation. This is blatantly disrespectful. I’m sick to death of spotting all these things when listening to this woman. It’s so obvious. But this is all that motivated this awful woman. She describes the new apartment she was searching for as “CHEAP”, but it’s the way she says it. She can’t fake being genuine.
    Anyway please can someone tell me how much my wedding ring is worth?? I am betting not one of you can tell me if it is worth over 10,000 or 10 cents. Why, bc you have NEVER met me, nor seen it in a picture. Even a picture couldn’t really tell ya if it’s worth a lot or little. This woman had scrutinised this family. I also think she went out of her way to meet up with Shan’ann. probably under the guise of a customer of thrive. A fake fab account and with a burner phone. If I was in the police I would be going through every phone call of shann’anns going back a full year. I would want to verify every phone call. Wow �� this woman is so hateful. How could you hate a pregnant lady and her 3 babies so much. Even if you was sleeping with her husband. They were definitely in the way. I think she regarded them with the same concern as an object. An object stuck in your foot. One that makes you scream!!! She really is something else. It’s like she is some Disney character, the wicked evil witch. Does anyone like her???
    But I’m very baffled by the ring. If a woman had been interviewing her the first thing she would of said is…how DO YOU know how much it is worth. To me it’s like they ignore all the important questions. But then so much may have been going threw his head he didn’t catch it. But they must have at some point.
    ITS WORTH SHIT!!!!! How do you know, Miss Killing-ger?????????

  • I’ve worked at four different companies and have made two close friends from these workplaces. For context, I’ve worked with and been friendly with literally hundreds of people.

  • I go to work to get paid. Sure I’ll be friendly but, as soon as it’s time to go home, I’m outa there. I segregate my friends from my colleagues, and family. Life is better that way.

  • Hello I just watched your video. And I have to say I pretty much stepped over all of the guidelines do you have place in your video. Now I’m wondering is there a way of fixing this or just start making up resumes?

  • What a guy! He seems so nice. His family should be proud of him for being such a standup guy. His momma raised him right. That’s where it starts but apparently, CW didn’t receive that from his momma. Since he mentions seeing NK and CW being close approximately 5 months before (about April?), do you know the date of the interview? I assume by the last week of August.

  • Help. We’re stuck at >16,850 signatures on way to 25,000 to bring to Governor. Please sign & share petition to confiscate trophy photos of CW murder victims

  • Thank you so much. I fit more the insecure type and I have changed it over the last couple of months, therefore you are completely right. You are beautiful overall and I thank you for being a Blessing.

  • My girlfriend’s colleagues became her best friends and they gave her a piece of advice to leave me ����, and guess what she did!!

  • cw was one ugly man, im effin amazed that no matter how fugly someone is (physically, though we all kno his personality is indescribably putrid) theres always a desperate fool who’ll call them “good-looking” smh ugh, wtf was sw thinking����

  • 9:20 -So True! I’m working in the office and overheard 2 of my colleagues bashing a team lead for over 90 minutes. Yet these 3 people are ‘friends’ outside of work. In the distant past I would’ve jumped in and gave my opinion about the team lead but I stayed out of it. The two gossipers owe their career advancement in the company to the team lead so I realize most likely these two are just using her.

  • Remember that the world doesn’t revolves around you.People that treat you horrible probably have a horrible life and that’s all they know therefore that’s all they can give.

  • Sometimes you need to punch them to remove those toxic behaviour from them without beating them some are arrogant will still continue misbehaving with you.

  • I work with this one guy at a HVAC facility for like 2 years now and he has a sort of anti social approach when it comes to me only; he’s loud and talkative with the other guys. Im the one who tries to initiate small talk because If I don’t he will walk right past me and say nothing lls; I’m a quiet dude and everyone else is cool with me except him for some odd reason after two years.

  • I met my bestie at a work interview. But we didn’t end up working together. Also she tells me all the time, my stuff are not my friends and I have to be secretive

  • This case has had such a huge ripple effect.And man, there was was zero justice.1 and a half yrs later I’m still watching stuff on you tube about it.So huge that people even made channels specifically about the case
    So surreal,and mainly because really, there was no justice.I hope those people who worked with him get some closure, and can get back to somewhat of a normal life.

  • I think these types of people are the main reason for high unemployment. They should be identified and separated from the work force and given different jobs with the proper help for whatever cluster b issue they suffer from. Otherwise the country goes in ruins as that is how some countries were undone.

  • Coworkers that have given me problems have always been severely overweight. At the time i never thought middle aged men could be so catty.

  • I made the mistake of sharing my family issue as a first time employee. I thought they have right to know things about me as I’m their colleague. Later it was the talk of office. Lesson learned. Never ever share personal issues at work place.

  • I have seen it. Coworkers feeling they must explain why they are out sick, and her coworkers feigning sympathy only to talk behind the sick one’s back. They say things like: “My grandmother had the same surgery and was back in 3 days. So our sick coworker is milking it.” Despite the fact the sick coworker had complications and felt she had to then defend herself to these expert “doctor coworkers.” They may mention a problem they are having so you may try to make them feel understood by mentioning you have had a similar problem. Then, they go to the cojerkers and blab your problem you had, and that it “is soooooo bad.” Do not mention any weakness or personal obstacle, they will use it against you. No matter that you try to be friendly, it backfires. Some of my coworkers even took it upon themselves to stalk coworkers’ houses and come to work next day and report things they did not like about the houses.

  • Huge difference! You can have a low to average IQ yet remember a lot. Real intelligence comes in quick problem solving, pattern identification and things like that.

  • offices are full of scumbags. narcissists, psychopaths…and they are the ones who get promoted every time they throw their coworkers under the bus, or sabotage your work.

  • My work environment is extremely toxic and comprised entirely of cliques. It really sucks because i have to travel for work and spend months and years living in places where I don’t know anyone and don’t want to be. Its really lonely, especially when your the only one not included and negative things they say about you are gossiped to the supervisor, and your performance is essentially worthless because your nor apart of the group.

  • I saw that all the time. But some people hang out a lot. I don’t. Bc if you not working are they going to pay your bills. I keep my business to my self.

  • My brother and my 2 of my child hood neighbors I met when I was 8 we all ended up at the same company. And it’s a huge company. What are the odds. I’m now 34. Nothing has changed between us. We still act like kids when we’re together

  • It’s been nearly ten months since i worked my first job. I always considered my co-workers as family but there’s always so much negativity and drama going on. There used to be a couple that always used to argue with members of staff and used to always accuse me of mistakes that weren’t my doing. I’d get bossed around whilst she was watching netflix for hours just because i’m ‘16’ and ‘have to respect her’. The husband was a driver and he was also very toxic towards me. One night the husband started swearing at me just because i called him boss by mistake. (He was a driver). When i told the employer on what happened i was just ignored and no action was taken. I was bullied by them for months for so many diverse reasons and i was told to suck it up and deal with it. It shocked me. They were eventually fired months later however for a completely different reason. Then i began working with a completely new team as the previous staff eventually left one by one. I have a strong relationship with the manager however he always ignores me and sticks up for other staff. I tried to ignore it until today. I was told by a member of staff of the same status as me to take the bins outside. I politely said i’d do it later as it was quite busy and he literally screamed at me saying i have to listen to him otherwise i have to leave the shop. Other co workers were watching and standing by like it was a movie. Customers just stared and i never felt so small and worthless in my life. He began threatening me saying he’d kill me and saying the most outrageous things you could imagine. I called the boss and he said he was just angry and i should wait for him to calm down. Bare in mind the man were talking about is married and in his late 30’s. I’m 16. The manager brushed it off like always and didn’t do anything about it. He only upholds his business and money before anything, even his employees safety. I was threatened and he even held a knife to me and just kept repeatedly screaming at me even as i went back in the kitchen. Over bins. He then started lying and twisting words and man i just didn’t expect it. The day before we were joking around and laughing and then this happens. I learnt a very valuable lesson today and that is to never see a co-worker as a friend. I’m never gonna hold small talk or trust anyone ever again. I haven’t told any of my friends or mum about what happened and don’t know what to do. I still have shifts for the next week but this is just fucked. The extent someone would go just to see you get fired is crazy.

  • Unfortunately most workplaces still have high school drama b.s. Your colleagues may have graduated high school on paper, they still have that high school mentality that they bring to work. If I were the boss, I wouldn’t put up with that drama…

  • What sucks is that you kind of do need “work friends” because when employers ask for references they want work references (co-workers).

  • I don’t give a fuck about my co workers. They ain’t shit. I don’t eat with them or anything. I go to work to make money. If I feel bullshit I’m in their fucking face. Don’t fuck with me let me work. If not both of us will lose our jobs. We will throw down. I’ll fuck your life up.

  • I befriended some younger woman at my job (two jobs ago). She was dealing with a sexual harassment issue. I helped her out and even spoke on her behalf. In hindsight, she may have exaggerated her plight. She wanted his job. I do believe the guy was thrilled to have a young assistant and took advantage of that (and he was married) yet I don’t like the way the whole thing went down. The younger woman? Found another job because she created a lot of enemies (he was short of retirement) and worked at the company for years (he was fired). I no longer have that job either (different set of circumstances) but I’m sure getting involved didn’t help. NEVER AGAIN. Oh and the woman I helped? Never talked to me again. Pfffff

  • Some racist bitch who just started went to her supervisor claiming I smelled like alcohol. She dont even work in my building or department. I dont even drink. Thankfully the department Ihead i been working with for 25 years knew that

  • I except that most jobs will be like this and you always have to be on your guard however if the work environment is Constantly toxic with strong negativity around me then I will leave sooner then later because health comes before money

  • They couldnot fight back.. They trusted him… Sha nan could not fight back.. He drugged her… Thank u for crying… It helps… Their pain is over.. Their in a better place… All the good people in this world want only love for them.. It must help… I dont live in the same state and im crying.. And im sure most people… They are so loved now… By millions… Their mom is with them…

  • Honestly this guy’s reaction is the only rational reaction I’ve heard out of all the friends and family. I would 100% react the exact same way

  • Great video, but I have a question…what if they jelous of me? Ok, I’ll try to understand them and their feelings, but I should underperform for myself just because they jelous? I like to work it hard and I like to learn new things. I should always focus on their feelings before I do anything? Because this is what I’m doing now and it’s really sucks for me honestly… ��

  • Anthony Brown, you are a wonderful person brother. I hope one day we meet. My heart �� went out for those 4 innocent people that gorne. May God bless their souls. God bless you for your honesty.

  • They never got testimony as to who dug the shallow hole. Why it wasn’t farther out and why is the sheet lying out in the open? Seems as if it was all done in a rush. As you can see, there was nothing done to mask that something was recently dug or that the dirt was disturbed. As you can also see from aerial view, it sticks out.

  • I just love you so much. Thank you. I love the way you tell the story. Keep giving us some things to think about all right to the next one.

  • I had a job once where I was the only single employee. I worked with a lot of older divorced or bitter people. I was getting promoted fast and purchased my first new car and other things. It caused nothing but jealous coworkers. They were out to get me. If I took a vacation. They would say. Vacation again? Must be nice. My coworkers treated me like I did not deserve it. It eventually got me fired. I was at my job for 7 years. I had an employee of 1 year get me terminated. My company believed him over me. My current job I don’t ever talk about anything I own or have.

  • I just googled this guys address and got pics of the whole inside of his home thanks to YouTube. They’re the pics from real estate but still. I think he drives a red Jeep Cherokee as well. Pretty modest home.

  • Hi! Interesting point of view, the first thing I see is that Americans have a different look on their work environment compared to for example Sweden where I’m from! Now I’m not talking for all Swedes but my experiences!

    I work in retail part time while studying at university and I still live with my parents, so I spend most of my time away from my parents. Either at university or at work. I’m friendly with all my colleagues and have the normal work banter back and forth. We Swedes are normally more personal when it comes to interacting with our colleagues. Besides from work events every other month or so, we go on after works like all the time and have a great time together. Most of my colleagues are people I’ve known for several years and would consider some of my closest friends. Having a close friendship with colleagues in my opinion doesn’t change the work priorities either, we’re there to work and we do that but, in pass or when there’s nothing to do we might talk about non work related matter and it has worked for me the past 2 years. I’d say it depends on the situation. For some it works and for some it doesn’t!

  • Co-workers, classmates and neighbours should never be placed in your inner circle. You should have fam that you grew up with, and you plan to grow old with. Keep your circle as tight as possible.

  • My neighbours saloon shop is not running profitable even he has opened in a posh area.Thus I want you share success stories of such industries or companies as how to expand their business beyond just startups case studies. This will benefit larger audience.

  • I still think NK had something to do with it. She might not have been the person who killed the family but I think she might had given Chris un alternative

  • Guys that was her job! She included her two girls because she loved them. She talked a lot about what she did during the day because the poor woman suffered from Lupus and had been through other things, and she was just trying to show and explain that the Thrive was helping her get through life with energy and be able to take care of her babies and (husband ��). She did something right because she was high up there with a new car. I am impressed with all that she did.

  • Aww this has hurt and upset so many people..everyone who knew Shannonn trout she was great..there was no need for him to kill the children ��

  • Gonna look at the other crimes just like this
    Hope to see people there having the same so called caring heart. It’s not much of a good heart if this is the only case that makes u sad now is it?!? Also, HOW N THE HECK CAN YOU TELL THIS GUYS SUCH A GOOD GUY?!? Didn’t they say the same about Chris?!? Calm down people and just listen to the deals of this case and except it. Stop giving credit to people who knew Chris as if they’re angels. Just a coworker in an interview damnit!!

  • my partner was diagnosed last year with a terminal brain tumour and one of my co-workers said when i wasnt there ‘she is only dying to get away from that retard C**t’. now i expected this from that person but what i didnt expect was the amount of people i work with who found it funny. now i do not talk i have completely shut the door on these people and where i was helpful and would go out of my way from them i do not. never ever tell people you work with anything and never go out of the way to help because they are using you to get done what they dont want to do themselves.

  • I think the reason or thought behind Chris putting the bodies in separate tanks is because when they check them and if there are any significant changes of pressure or the like in the tanks. If he put the two together it would be thrown the readings out to much and it would be been to noticeable and looked into further. Especially when one tank didn’t have a lot in it and the other tank did. He knew it would be disturb the levels too much in either tank but split up it would be both tanks have changed so no worries. Does that make sense, as trainning this guy they discussed the checking of the tanks.

  • Im a targeted by mean coworkers who are toxic and insecure. What you told on your channel is so true to me. I gotta change my thoughts. Thank you so very much! I really appreciate you told me this amazing story!

  • Sounds like NK deliberately singled Chris Watts out. Her search on Shanann was in 2017 way before they claimed to be together. I bet if further investigation would be done on NK’s previous lovers we’d find that there are more married men. She seems like the type.

  • The most emotional interview I’ve seen on this I just wanted to reach in and hug him… he’s probably gonna be effected by this as well as others there for sometime I’m sure every time they may in the future go out there if this one isn’t shut down permanently will never get that out of there head it is still unbelievable to this day still so many questions

  • Is it weird that I listen to you because my BF doesn’t live with me and the way you say things reminds me of him? It is? Well I’ve done some weirder shit

  • This has traumatised so many people, you don’t have to be connected in any way to feel the pain and heartbreak….horrendous
    NK wanted shannans life for free….CWs wanted the insurance and sex on tap 24/7 Heck that don’t last

  • There is no excuse for bad behavior. I’m surprised this video did not offer more practical solutions like confronting your bullies not aggressively but meeting with them and making your concerns heard.

  • How do I boost my confidence after my supervisor disrespected me? do you have a video on this subject? I would appreciate it if you have one to post it. Thank you for your time.

  • How do you deal with a colleague that likes to deal low blows whenever you offer advice. He got in trouble because his productivity does not meet new expectations. Unfortunately I set the bar according to my supervisor.

  • Omg those beautiful girls so innocent and precious what angels ����. How can he do that!? God bless shannan family this is the worst

  • Zav Girl…when you’re able to receive callers..or able to have someone join live…I’d love sharing some of my life experiences that are off the charts crazy.
    People will find them hard to believe, but they’re the honest to Gods truth. I’m in the middle of writing an autobiography i’m calling “On my Way Home”…how i was an unwanted pregnancy, Bob=my bio-sperm donor was angry when my mom told him she was PG with me…and Bob had been told by her folks, my grrandparents (wealthy dairy owners in Los Angeles area) that they would NOT give him a free ride, but he could work on their dairy alongside my moms brothers…Bob married my mom for the sole purpose of getting money….but when things didn’t go as planned, HIS goal…money..Bob took off to be with his family in Florida. My mom was madly in love with him as he was a very handsome, blue-eyed blonde, charismatic, charming and genius smart. She couldn’t see the obvious, that Bob was a con man who refused to work. My mom was also a very smart and beautiful woman who was Mexican, black hair, porcelain color skin who attended the same college, La Sierra University an Adventist college tied to Loma Linda Univ hospital. Bob claimed he wanted to be a doctor, but ONLY because it held status, he had zero interest in medicine, hard work which takes nearly 10 yrs of self-discipline, hard work and tons of studying AND money.
    I was a 3 months old fetus when i was unwanted, despised and hated by BOTH of my parents. My mom had no choice but to live on the dairy in Artesia, Calif with her folks until I was born. My moms focus was on HER wants/self…she was in love with Bob and willing to do whatever it took to get him back. She dumped me with her folks soon after I was born and headed to Florida to get her “man” back. So for the first few years my grandma Theresa was my “mom” and I was loved, but NOT by my own mother…Bob didn’t see me until I was nearly 4 yrs old…my mom returned to retrieve me and take me to Florida to meet my father, Bob and his very white trash family…and thats when my being abused, sexually, physically and mentally. My mom worked nights as a nurses aid, while Bob played cards w his numerous siblings, brothers. We lived in a tiny trailer in the dumpiest, cheapest available. I’m sure was my grandparents who’d paid for our trailer.
    My mom slept during the daytime while I entertained myself…mostly getting into trouble such as grabbing my parakeet from its cage, but i didn’t want it to get away, and it was biting me, so I held it a bit too tightly and it died. Feathers all over the trailer, but I didn’t want anyone to know what happened, so I buried it underneath a swing…I was swinging for hours with the dead bird buried beneath my feet….I received a royal beating, but I thought I’d deserved it by killing an innocent bird. I hadn’t meant to hurt it and I felt bad. One day I turned on all the gas burners to the kitchen stove, was the old fashion type needed to be lit with a match, filling our tiny trailer with deadly gas…the ONLY reason we didn’t die is because someone came to our door, knocked, woke my mom up…we were both feeling sick…our lives were spared in nick of time.
    I found ways to entertain myself for hours on end…while my mom slept hard, leaving me to fend for myself I cut my moms hair, then cut her white nurses stocking off her legs so she’d sleep more comfortably. I cut up her white nurses uniform, my hair, the curtains…anything I felt needed trimming or fixing….and THAT is how my first attempts at “crafting” began. So I was always alone and leaving a child unsupervised spells disaster.
    Here’s some of the crazy stories…I’d be wandering around, found a wonderful way to please my mom! I’d bring home beautiful bouquets of flowers, ribbons, trinkets and good finds until my folks discovered just WHERE i was finding all those beautiful flowers I’d bring home…the local cemetery!
    Later in my teenage years, I stepped on a 5 foot Diamon Back rattlesnake accidentally when i jumped into a freshly dug ditch. But I landed on its head, broke its neck. When I was 14 i was kidnapped, drugged and raped by 45 yr old man…I was lucky he didn’t leave me in the forest where he’d taken me and he let me go, but threatend to murder my 2 younger sisters if I told. Before this happened, I woke up in middle of the night to a pervert sticking his head in my bedroom window which was several feet from ground level, so that was ONE tall pervert!
    We’d also had a pervert who kept chewing the crotches of all our panties that had been hanging on the clothesline, dripping wet left to dry a few days. We lived in a dump on 10 acres, a converted tavern, Dew Drop Inn, on major hiway far from town, no nearby neighbors. But one night, I woke up, heard something outside my bedroom window…there were a bunch of perverts chewing the crotches of our panties…there they were, in the full moonlight I could see ALL of them, standing on their tippy toes, chewing our panties!..I counted 3 thirsty deer!
    Bob and his brother Chet ran after the crotch sniffing pervert after they woke up to my screaming and they ran outside with a shotgun in hand…cornered the big guy in the detached garage/shed…BIG black bear!
    My mom began attending college to get her RN degree, was 100 miles from home, so she moved in with a classmate, put my younger sisters in care of foster family from our church, but left me with Bob…he did a few handyman jobs, but broke his right leg and food, so couldn’t drive, so I had to drive him…i was about 13 yrs old then. No one ever questioned me because I was very tall, fully grown woman by then and I looked like an adult.
    I hitchhiked into town after 2 am…an older couple picked me up and dropped me off in town where I went to confront Bob who’d left me alone 4 days without food, no electricity, no TV, no phone…I’d had enough of his shenannigans. I was brave, but I didn’t care if I died or was murdered, I’d already been raped, and threatened.
    My only friend, a local deer was my friend. It ate from my hand, apples, oats and even the cigarettes i’d steal from Bob until one day I was feeding my friend when a neighbor used a high powered rifle and shot it, injuring its hind leg, it ran off into the forest, never to be seen again. Bob and his brother followed the trail of blood and confronted the shooter across the few acres. I was beyond distraught and heartbroken.

  • Chris knew he was married so why was he messing around? I’m guessing he was out looking for someone who was into getting the stick shift up the ass, but still he should have not killed his family over a sexual fantasy he had….That’s so sick to kill his wife and kids over it when there is divorce.

  • Omg! This is how a NORMAL person reacts WATTS!!! So sad. Love this guy a coworker and a true friend… something that Chris’ mind never registered. And HE is crying!

    Yet, the WATTS? Just another day at the office… no big deal my son just annihilated his family!

  • That is why he put children in separate tanks!! So fluid Guage would not rise very much!!! Diabolical!! Now he is allowed to keep their pictures in his cell!! What is wrong with them in that prison???

  • Wow this guys reaction shows you how nk should of acted but no laughing jokes me me me how their relationship was everything they did she didnt give a shit about what he did on the level she should of

  • Zav Girl, the Anthony Brown interview w his phone number and address is on other youtube videos. My motto is live and learn. You could have blocked it. But it was already public knowledge on other sites months ago. Other sites delete nasty comments and block them to maintain harmony. Thanks for the share. (here’s one posted since December 2018)

  • I get and I understand but damn this is depressing when you don’t have friends as an adult and want to make some it’s like friend making was over in highschool and I missed the course sorry this is actually pretty good advice for keeping my job.

  • Hi Zav. Thanks for a wonderful video, I listened to it when I was on my way to work. I noticed something and it is between 21.29 to 21.31 Anthony Brown makes a sound with his mouth and then 46.27 he makes another sound, if you go back to CW interrogation with Tammy, he makes the same sound ����. This man has no personality, he is like a parrot, he copies others, he said so much the word ( like, like) because he socialized with NK. I also want to admire this amazing man Anthony, he showed more emotions, he has a very beautiful soul. Damn you CW. R.I.P. Shanann, Bella, Cece and Niko.����

  • Did You catch the part where the word was going around that Shanann was pregnant. And the different Guys were congratulating Chris. And He was about to go out on a site with this Worker, and He asked him, Do You want another one? The Co Worker, said, well We have been trying, We had a couple of Miscarriages, so We might not be able too. Chris asked him. I’m serious would you be interested? The Co Worker ( said He thought Chris was joking, but now after thinking about it. He didn’t seem Happy about the Baby ) The Co Worker said that if it’s a Girl, We might be interested. The Co Worker just meant it as a joke. The Detective who was questioning Him, He told said I didn’t think about it until now. He said that Chris was upset because Shanann wasn’t allowing him to go out jogging. That’s a lie. He was with His Mistress. And he blamed Shanann again. This report does has a lot to talk about.

  • Great topic and excellent points. Expecting to here more what to deal with the 1st scenario, for example, the coworkers set barriers for your promotion.

  • Bless You Anthony Brown and your Wife…may you both be blessed with a beautiful Baby Girl..much Love to You and your family..������������������

  • Bhai mujhe to apke video itne pasand h ki apka video start hone ke pahle he mai like kar deta hu qki mujhe pata hota h ki video jarur insteresting hoga to jo bad me like karna h vo pahle he kr do
    Love u bro ��������������

  • I just found out about this mans interview, 2 yrs later. THANK YOU for picking the most beautiful pictures of Shanann, AWESOME tribute to her! Her babies too! Im so tired of NK gross bikini and dunes pics getting attention

  • Hi..i’m also suggesting blocking out his private contact info. While it may be public information, having it on youtube will ensure at least a few morons start calling his number. Thank you for your consideration and posting!

  • I got asked if my Manager could stay at my house in the city I live in because the company had no staff accommodation there…

    Was like. No. Was f #cking awkward.

  • Not Everyone Has The Luxury Of Going Home Because Of Lack Of Work I Need To Do Basically Everything In This Devision Including Getting All Windows Taken Out And Replaced By Wall So That Some People Don’t Get Distracted, I Also Predominantly Just Do Work And That’s It And I’m Happy Because Of My Great Salary I Could Go Home If I Wanted But I’ve Got To Get All The Work Done At Most A Month Ahead Of Schedule Or Else I’m Fired So I’ll Stay And Do My Work Please Go Home Carol, Let Me Do My Work, Earn My Pay, Not Touch A Penny Of Said Salary And Continue Doing Work, But You Are Overworked With Your 30 Minute Lunch Breaks Per Day Try Having To Do Work 168 Hours A Week Without Any Breaks

  • “You should go home, the boss doesn’t see you working on that”
    You should go home too
    “Touché, i just have a few things to do”
    You know the boss doesn’t see you working on that

  • 1275 crore jitna bade funding me fail �� ho jana salo nale me dub maro
    1275 crore kitne sare hote h
    Kitne experiment kiye fir bhi fail pe fail pe fail
    Investor ne case nai thoka ka kya?

  • I was so into it and then he said “eighty-it” and I laughed so hard ������
    Also “first contact has been made”
    Did he level up or����

  • Thank you for sharing your honest truth! Some of us need and appreciate honesty that’s not so cookie cutter and P.C. ❤️
    I also want to add that sometimes changing your environment can be exactly what u need

  • Am getting stressed because of my workmate she is too much I don’t know wt 2 do she’s unstable, she’s disturbing me I really don’t know what to do ����

  • well said linda, it is all correct politically but not in real life, managers are to be blamed for allowing toxic envo, why we dont think out of box, why we don’t create a measurement for managers like feedback from co-workers against managers and those feedback to go back to hr and then if hr doesn’t do shi, then go to some court crap. todays organisations are made of this structure, upper monkey can shi the lower monkey and stop bull crapping on trying to make people feel on most uncomfortable way to feel, when co and managers are a oles it is time to do a heavy crime by shooting those m f, or just leave, so shoot if you have no famy or leave if you do.

  • I really dont believe in friends…but I work with a leadership team that’s culture is kind of toxic. Nothing is confidential, and they talk about people behind their back. They play mental games like ohh I’ll talk to you today and not tomorrow. Snubby,clicky like high school smh. I’m so tired of it. I wont allow them to see me sweat.

  • M just going through this kind of phase n feeling anxious so searched for technique to deal with such issue n m shocked to find soo many ppl alike me suffering from same issue across the world. Its every where. M strong believer in live n let live; however i feel ppl with this motto suffers a lot.. Don’t understand why why ppl tend to be like this, competitive/ insecure/ backbiting.. We have one life then why cant we just spread love, equality.., in this covid 19 pandemic, when all of us should stand together, help one another;i fond everyone serving personal goal only.. Nobody bothers, be it politicians, employers.. Lets all of us pray for a secured and lovable environment around.. I pray for peace

  • Sorry but I don’t agree with the second part. We all have insecurities but when we act positive and do what’s best for the company, toxic people still attack. I agree it’s not personal though.

  • Jealousy or being negative are not the only reasons why this happens. Narcissistic co-workers can exist regardless of the 2 things you pointed out though I could see a case for both of those but it’s much more diverse. If someone comes into a work place with the right attitude of learning and trying to be part of a team, there shouldn’t be a pressure to be liked. You can also go through a funk as a person and be negative if you need to, of course without unloading it onto co-workers, but that doesn’t make you the reason why some people are just natural jerks. After working in the office environment for a while you start to notice a pattern of high-school-like attitudesit’s narcissism, plain and simple. Expect this everywhere, it’s just a matter of knowing how to shake it off and still kick ass.

  • There is also a lot of triangulation at work and “divide and conquer” tactics. One person could be friends with everyone and isolate one specific individual and become a bridge between both of them and carry news back and forth or in whatever direction that suits the triangulator. For control. Narcs are good for that.

  • Yo I work at a starbucks. It’s 100% gossip and backstabbing and cliques. It’s high school but with only 15 people. It is social hellllll.

  • Awesome video. everyone is fighting their own demons, outside of work. There is no need to bring it into the office. I pick up on peoples vibes and i have just completely shut this particular toxic person out. Its true negative brings down negative. And that person stays clear from me too. There is no need for that. We are too busy trying to make money!!!

  • Another excellent video! I have been using YouTube for a long time and you are the first person I have ever wanted to subscribe. Congrats on receiving my first subscription!

  • I finally understood this when I realized that one of our more senior employees was sabotaging my performance. Now I am producing 10x better no thanks to them. They pretend to be kind and helpful. They were also assigned by the supervisor as the ‘next in charge’ even though they weren’t officially promoted. Screw these people, they KILL careers. Glad to get this off my chest and move on from this nonsense.

  • I remember spending almost 7 years in a toxic workplace with a bunch of old miserable women in there 40s 50s and 60s who had nothing better to do with their lives but talk about me and bring up my past

  • It is horrible. You can’t win. Do well and they hate you, meeting you with anger, put-downs and passive-aggressive behaviour. Tone it down and be ‘average’, and they smirk and crow about themselves. Make a mistake and they are ecstatic! Try to ignore them, and they cry loudly about how mean and cruel you are.

  • I’m fresh to this tragic case, probably only 3 or 4 weeks, Chris Watts’ actions makes me feel physically ill, this guy’s words makes me cry.

  • i’m 18,just got my first part-time job as a cashier at a local burger joint. from the moment i stepped it, i noticed two of the main cooks are quite aggressive and are constantly nagging about something. they also speak spanish to each other (which i barley know) so it makes everything worse because i know they’re making comments about me or the other cashier when we make small mistakes but we can’t understand what they’re saying. these men that are cooks are in their late 40s and act so petty and immature. it’s already so toxic and i’ve only been there for a month and a half.:/

  • I’m friendly but treat every relationship like the age old rule “don’t date people at work”. I’m a musician and turned down several people who wanted to jam. Turned down camping. Turned down girls who hit on me in extravagant ways. Rarely go to lunch with co-workers. I keep my humor PC and I never talk poorly about ANYONE.
    Doing these things alone will make you enemies. Doing these with open body language and a friendly demeanor all while staying busy people will want to be around you but see you as a go getter.

  • Very true but you forgot to mention it doesn’t matter if you feel good about yourself in general, they will be toxic because simply they have always been this way and probably will remain that way after you.

  • I sought out this topic because my wife is having a really rough time at her work. She comes home in tears more and more frequently and I feel frustrated that I can’t help her. She is a dental hygienist with a bit of authority. She isn’t a supervisor but she is allowed to direct dental assistants to do tasks related to their jobs. The continually refuse. She has gone to the department head (a dentist with no experience or training as a supervisor) and he has done nothing to correct the situation. She went over his head to report insubordination yesterday and today he reprimanded her for doing so. He also told the dental assistants in question that it was her who turned them in. Today at work, after the reprimand, they sat in a back room and spoke openly and defiantly about my wife so she could hear them, gloating for their supposed victory. She has told me that they spend much of their days on their phones and she has even caught some of them laying on a table or counter completely asleep. If they choose not to assist a dentist they will do so and my wife has taken up the slack on occasion to assist if they refuse. None of them get any reprimand or due process. The supervisor allows it to happen. My wife works in a reservation clinic. She isn’t Native American but the assistants are. In the past, they have played the race card when someone tries to get them to do their jobs. I wish there was something I could do to help but I don’t work there and I’m afraid if I did do something, it would only make things worse for my wife.

  • Good video. Toxic people produce toxicity regardless. Whatever is within someone’s heart will come out through their actions and speech. You cannot control the actions of other people. But you can in return not take it personal or internalize their bad behavior. We are all responsible for our OWN conduct.

  • I really humbly thank you for your video. You made me feel better by really making me really dig deep into the issues and problems with me. So the root of the problem.

  • I just stay focused 110 percent on my job now. If they hate me, I still help them get their job done. Eventually some of them stopped hating me once they realized that I am not a one upper or a kiss ass. They ended up realizing that I am just a hard worker who likes to work because it makes the time go by faster and because I want my company to succeed. I think of us as a team and I try to find ways to make everybody else’s work ethic the same or better than mine.

  • Management usually supports the narcissists and toxic people. Never tell management about what is happening, just smile, sharpen your resume and look for another job.

  • Omg wow! Thank you so much! I had a Manager that felt like this but I didn’t know this until now! She was so jealous of me and felt threatened by me! She hired me to help her!

  • Thanks Linda!! That’s the reason why I left my previous jobs.. these toxic, jealous individuals! I will be more understanding next time.

  • Okie how about answer to it wise versa.. people who work for long in one company a person comes along and starts doing them same then??

  • The issue for me is outside of work I’ve done quite well at building a network and the mistake was allowing people from my workplace to see my social media.
    They watch everything and ever since then they report back to the manager everytime I do or say something they don’t like. (two in particular) It’s like walking on eggshells.
    I feel positive about myself and my capabilities but this actually seems to pee them off more!

  • Hi Linda. How about case no.1, where you started to understand them but they keep coming on you, gang bully and sort off.
    In my case, the managers and other co-workers really like me but my 2 out of 5 immediate team members who always bad mouthing about me.

  • KEYS FOR OFFICE WARFARE: get the secretaries and other front-office staff on YOUR side!!! Relate, be kind, and brind donuts at random times!!!

    that way when you’re plotting something on an asshole co-worker, they’ll be more apt to help with office tricks and random acts of revenge. ��

  • Interviewer ask me..what kind of co -worker can’t work with?? my answer directly word, if effecting is not concern with work and my life, I can ignore their action….Do you have any suggestions else??

  • WoW. This video could not have come at a better time. This has really opened my eyes in light of a situation I’m in at work that I’ve been dealing with just today. Thank you for this! ��

  • My observation at work is that insecure or toxic workers who have things to say about others tend to group together. This doesn’t surprise me at all, as they would not have the confidence to do it alone.

  • I am having a hard time with a coworker at my workplace. Yes I did throw a pen, cause I was angry but partly cause she called me a five year old, said I was throwing a tantrum. I did call her a bad word, but I didn’t tell my boss that part because that word wasn’t meant to come out, it was supposed to have been in my head.

  • This speaker is 100% real man! Such a good, decent, honorable man! Chris Watts is a shell that is empty of anything human—100% LIZARD.(But even lizards do not murder their wives and children.)

  • Not only Startups, please share success and failure case studies of other companies as well so that everyons’ learning base can be expanded beyond just startups.

  • Making work friends was the worst thing I could have done because alot of the people you think you can confide in are the main ones that will stab you in the back and tell all of your business

  • Also favoritism plays by the manager too. When you think you only have to deal with toxic coworkers you have the managers who take their side secretly. What I do know though is that when that happens enough is enough. I don’t Care if I work less than a year or so somebody says to. If it’s breaking me mentally and physically. I’m leaving life is too short to worry about a bunch of nobodies who you’ll forget in 3 weeks.

  • Thanks Linda great video but being self aware will not change their attitudes, it helps us feeling better. I think ego and power games in the workplace are reasons of jealousy. Personaly I chose not to contribute negativity by accepting them as they are. Bad attitude of others are not responsibility of mine.

  • I hope someone really gives it too pos chris watts I will never understand how any human can hurt there wife and kids i look at my 2 girls and every time I think about what Chris did to bella and Cece and I hold them 100 times tighter u never know who someone is until they show who they really are this made me cry �� I hate Chris watts and your not suppose to hate anyone but Chris watts doesn’t get an exception he is dead to me and the rest of the world can’t believe they are even letting him live he has put the family friends and the world through emotional and physical hell since this all happened and I just wish shannan would have took the girls and ran far Far away from shitty Chris but she couldn’t have known what he was gonna do or what he was capable of I just wish she would have new who she was really married too I hope he gets put threw so much pain in prison

  • I’ve been working with some of the same people for five years. Almost everything I’ve told them about myself is a complete lie. I’ve made up girlfriends I never had so that I had an excuse to not go out for drinks. I also lie about doing freelance IT work on the weekends to have an excuse to not get to know/hangout with them. This is in a warehouse environment(major company). I’ve never had to hang out outside of work even though I’ve been invited. I go home after work and laugh to myself at how none of them know the real me, even though we’ve been working together five years. It’s fucking hilarious.

  • Linda brings up a lot of good points. However, I can’t help but feel that it’s not that simple. Not everyone is blessed with high octane energy and a go-getter attitude and while some people can become very good at faking that sort of personality, not everyone can. What about people with depression who are just struggling to get through the day? Other people with mental illness? It’s not this simple.

  • As an expert in many aspects of my field, I have a lot of impatience with lazy co-workers, who never bring anything to the table, but are always ready to criticize. I saw a great sticker on an SUV here in SE Asia. It said, ‘keep calm, drive on.’ I need to remember this…

  • I felt & understood every word of yours. Conpelling ans usual. U have an extra ordinary way to see & analyze things around. I was just thinking in the same way u gave me that confidence that yes! I do realize things correctly especially towards toxic & negative people in general.

  • Does anyone know WHEN this interview took place? He said he saw CW with Nikki FIVE months before the date of this interview. That would give a good clue as to when their relationship actualy started

  • I experienced toxicity at work, I love my job but not the people I worked with. Been hanging on however I made a decision to quit after I got accepted from another job. Best decision I made! I know a lot of people will say that you don’t have to be friends with your co-workers that you are there to work but if the place is not healthy, too much negativity then it’s not worth it.✨

  • assumption 1: The days of people working in one job for their entire life are gone.  assumption 2:  the key  motivation for a job is monetary  assumption 3:  there is always another job outside the current one you have now.

  • Thanks for your video and tips. Could you please, if you have time and interest of the matter, talk about dealing with lazy coworkers and “injustice” in the work environment related with those people
    By injustice I mean the lazy ones can do (or not do) whatever they want and still they receive promotions, raise, or even being bossing around without any punishment. Thank you very much and have a lovely week.

  • Tried all this crap and sometimes these jealous people are the problem. Its so annoying especially when you’ve exhausted all the options that’s been presented.

  • I started a new job last week. one former colleague also moved to this team a few wks earlier. Everything was ok on first 2 days. on day 3 one colleague followed by 2 others out of 5 started ignoring me for no reason whatsoever. they arranged a team lunch in front of me inviting everyone but me. particularly one guy looks very angry when i try to initiate conversation. Professionally they are all junior to me although we are doing the same job. the only thing i can think of is my other colleague told them that I am qualified and they are feeling insecure. This happened on day 2 when i was not in the room as suddenly atmosphere changed when i arrived. Now how do i deal with this? the colleague who until now believed he was senior cannot handle another in the team and is feeling threatened. i am trying to keep a low profile. when i realised that they are being unresponsive towards me, i started to do my own thing and interacting less. this is designed to isolate me. any advice? thanks

  • I experience this kind of surroundings. I just pray and pray and nothing bad happen to me at my work. Their negative thoughts will not success. Just pray and all things will be better.

  • Bhai can u plz explain step by step on how an Indian can go to Harvard or Stanford university for MBA in business by fully funded scholarship(90% of fees will b sponsored) as most of them can’t spend 2-3 crores

  • I’m actually really insecure about my smile and laugh so when I really smile or laugh I have a bad habit of putting my hand over my mouth. It’s kinda become second nature now and I feel self conscious if I don’t. This video made me feel a little bit better:).

  • They were a beautiful couple, he really screwed up. He knows this now. NK is an ugly person inside and out. She knew he was married and still chose to be a damn home wrecker. He stated that she “always wanted to do it”. I think that sums it up that he was blinded by sex, because she is not attractive. She was playing an evil game and he was a dumb ass that played along. Had he left Shanann instead of killing her, he would have gone to NK and she would have been a totally different person because she won the game and no longer had to rope him in. I don’t know, just my opinions. This haunts me, I’m sure you all feel the same.

  • Chris wouldn’t talk to people because of his superiority complex. One reason he killed his family, Shanaan shone like a star and took away his narcissistic supply, so did the children, and with another baby he felt he would drop to fourth place. He needed to be centre of attention, that’s why he did extra prison interviews and now he is losing some notoriety he starts filing appeals.

  • You are so damn sweet and sexy at the same time!! Just perfect with the interior monologue and real words coming out so honestly! Made my day!����������

  • I just heard this today, and the lines ‘if she can laugh at your jokes she can moan to your strokes’ & ‘if you can make her laugh and giggle you can make her cheeks clap and jiggle’ came in to my head ����

  • “I want to kiss you.”

    Me: Oh, haha, that’s a bit too soon for me-
    *hear kissing sounds
    Me: Wait, what? I said it’s actually too soon!!

    “Well, I wasn’t expecting that.”

    Me: Me too!

  • Suggestion: You should do one where the viewers are annoying you while you try to play video games. but the viewers want you to cuddle with them instead of play with the boys

  • I hope you dont mind me giving you an idea for your next video i mean i love your videos so anyway i came up with an idea i want to share so yeah… Well how about
    ‘boyfriend destract you from drawing’ or ‘boyfriend draws with you’?

  • I liked before the video loaded, also I think it would be funny if when he thinks things he mutters them under his breath and the listener hears it.

  • I’m watching this in the same room as my little brother and moms bf and I’m chocking on my glass of water I’m drinking and they just asked me if I’m okay ����

  • This is what I try to do at work, I’m not there for friends, I’m there to get my money. I personally dont talk to everyone at work. I keep to myself and do my work. If I get along with someone at work, great! But I’m not there for friends. I’ve worked with one guy for 4 years and we have actually become goof work friends…again, work friends. We dont hang out outside of work, we only see each other during work hours. If he was to leave or if I leave we MAY keep in touch for a short while but eventually we’d go our separate ways. So I definitely get the whole “your coworkers are not your friends!” Thing! Sometimes we just forget

  • Her: “You can’t deny that burning the place down would solve a lot of problems.”
    Me: “And I supported you at the meeting when you suggested it.”

  • 8. Arivale INC: 52.6M funding / product had no market
    7. Layer: Goal changed due to Investor pressure
    6. SIP: no differntiate factor
    5. CALL9: Customer didn’t accept
    4. Laurel & Wolf: Poor customer service/ no structure/ management problem
    3. WOW AIR: Rapidly expand
    2. Seven Dreamers: Very high price compare to product capability
    1. ANKI: 182M funding/ excellent product, failed due to cancelled of end funding round

  • I am currently in a job I have been in for 6 months, prior to being in this role I was in another for 5 years, I wanted the change and a new challenge to continue that self growth so I went on my search and I eventually left and now am in that role. It has been a challenging past six months essentially being thrown into the deep end without any guidance or support. I have definitely learnt from my five year role that no one is your friend and I learnt this the hard way. I guess apart of it was being naive and too trusting, being backstabbed and to blind to realise that there actually some not nice people out there, they may smile at you but truth is no one can be trusted. I think it’s better to have 3 real friends then 10 fake ones and looking back at how I used to be comparing to myself now, I see the difference in terms of my maturity now. I am currently on the hunt for another role, somewhere where it’s a better opportunity. A lot has gone on in this six months one major one being I am now the only one left in the team as my colleague left the week after having an outburst at me. I was definitely underestimated when I first started my role but proved to my boss that I can do it. I have learnt so much about myself and I know I have such a long way to go. I’m 25 turning 26 next month in July. My mother has worked in this organisation for 35 years and my aunt has been in the organisation for 32 years. My mums best piece of advice is to ignore it all.

  • This video provides some good advice, but the comment about “life being a mirror” is erroneous. I have always been a very confident person at work and never had any concerns about my co-workers prior to my current work situation. When you are “the complete package”, you will trigger the majority of the employees in one way or another.

  • Brother Funding krne wale investers pagal the Kya Jo hr kese hi idea Jo practical nhi unko b pese de diye? Ya unka performance dekhe bina ese kese possible hai.

  • He’s so CUTE when he’s being all awkward and thinking to himself! I would be thinking to myself if i see a cute guy. I just think too much,that’s probably my anxiety.

  • My last job I worked with a lot of divorced guys who had a lot of financial problems. I was freshly married and purchased a new car and would go on vacations to Hawaii etc. It caused a lot of problems in the workplace. Nothing but mean people. It got me eventually almost fired before I left. My current job I do not talk about anything I have or tell them what I do on vacation or where I went. Their is nothing you can do.

  • In a couple hours I’m going to finally stand up for myself and ask for a transfer to another department away from my current colleagues. The toxicity began when a rumor was spread about me two months ago and has escalated from being made fun of to being texted and harassed for calling off work. I’m so tired but I also haven’t sought any job opportunities just yet so this will be my temp solution. Wish me luck!

  • Hello my name sourabh and I have idea and I want to start a startup. But I have not any experiencs how to talk client and how to explain about my idea to client.
    And what do when meet first time client how to treat them.what should be do with.
    Which think should be follow when first time meet calint for crack deal. please reply me.
    Bcz many people have good idea but they don’t have any experience and they want to be start a startup. Can you make a video

  • You ever notice how it is always rhino who is always in the pervert parts of the videos, basically anything with girls, and in thumbnails, he is always looking at their cleavage or butt ������

  • One time I came into work super early on my first day to make a good impression and I got into a head on crash on my way there. Now if I’m late I’m late. Keeps the boss expectations low so higher performances stand out