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Success Stories. Podcast. Success Story: Jason R. from TN. Lifestyle. 2014-04-20 | By: Snap Fitness In December 2009, Jason R. turned 39 years old. At 305 pounds, he vowed to get in better shape before his 40th birthday.

His mother was diagnosed with diabetes at age 36 and had her first heart attack a few years after, so he knew he needed to. Success Story: Jason R. from TN In December 2009, Jason R. turned 39 years old. At 305 pounds, he vowed to get in better shape before his 40th. Success Story: Jason R. from TN.

In December 2009, Jason R. turned 39 years old. At 305 pounds, he vowed to get in better shape before his 40th. Success Story: Jason R. from TN. Watermelon, Orange and Feta Salad. Featured Recipe: Protein Pancakes.

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Losing a parent is incredibly tough, but Jason used it as motivation to lose weight. Apr 21, 2014 Losing a parent is incredibly tough, but Jason used it as motivation to lose weight. Apr 21, 2014 Losing a parent is incredibly tough, but Jason used it as motivation to lose weight. Life is complex, and Knoxville couple Jason and Tiara Evans have used its twists and turns to create the board game “Success,” the first JAZ-E. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Profile. Chris Young With Blake Shelton. Chris Young is known as “one of country music’s most reliable hit makers” (USA Today), and has accomplished more in a short span of time, than some artists do in a lifetime. Already a Grammy-nominated recording artist, he is a dynamic live performer, an international ambassador for his genre and a talented songwriter. We’re affiliated with a successful music publisher.

And if you’re writing songs or lyrics that satisfy that need, we can help you get to the people who count.” After 15 years, they still do not have one success story to tell or it would be displayed at lease somewhere on their website. The only googled success story I found is a joke. Jason now focuses his time developing new artists, and has made a name for himself writing and producing projects from country to pop to Rock.

Jason’s most recent success story is “Sweet Tea Trio” who was recently signed to Kid Rock and Ken Levitan (Vector Management) management. Jason produced their 6 song EP and wrote 2 of their songs.

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Appalachian Apostolate Inc., Vanceburg, Ky.

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He is a success story in Madras and has a road named after him in Teynampet―TTK Salai.

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  • I used to have HOCD. I wasn’t able to leave my house for months. It lasted for about 5 years, then I got better. I have never been in a relationship before but twos yeas ago I met by current boyfriend. A few months into the relationship I started to get thoughts about not loving him. I cried and had panic attacks for a few weeks, then the thoughts went away again. I never questioned my relationship before. But now I started getting these thoughts again, they got even stronger after we had a few discussions about another girl (I also have BPD and struggle with jealousy). But the thing is that I did question the relationship for a while because he hurt me with what he did. (He didn’t cheat, I just struggle to accept that he has female friends). He just went hiking with his friend and I told him I don’t want him to go. That made me question if I want to continue like this. But then I started questioning if I am still in love with him, do I find him attractive etc. But the thing is that I compare these thoughts with my HOCD thoughts and feel like because it’s not as bad as the HOCD and if I don’t have the exact same amount of anxiety thoughts or the same typ if compulsions, that it cannot be ROCD. What if I do have ROCD but also stopped loving him. Shouldn’t I have more than one kind of compulsion? Is it normal to not feel the same amount of anxiety every time or the same amount of anxiety that I had with HOCD. I can tell myself that these are just thoughts and I am choosing to be with my BF no mattet what but that makes me question if I am doing this on purpose and that if I have doubts what if these doubts not only come from ROCD? What if I truly stopped loving him? Because when I met him I was really mentally sick and now I am so so much better and happier and am scared that I don’t need him anymore. That if I can tell myself: Yea, that’s amazing, I am now more independent. And this doesn‘t scare me, it doesn’t make me feel like when I had HOCD and thought I was gay, it doesn’t really scare me and I feel like I shouldn’t be able to acceptance this just like that. Shouldn’t I also be scared that if I find other people attractive that I don’t live my Bf anymore? Because a lot of people with ROCD seem to have that thought but I don’t. What if it‘s ROCD but I stopped loving him? And what if I can tell myself: Well then that’s the case (and this doesn’t scare me) does that mean that my ROCD is right or maybe even gone again? I used to ramble down sentences in my head when I had HOCD but I am not doing this with ROCD and that makes me feel like it’s not ROCD. I feel like there isn’t enough anxiety and that this anxiety that I might be feeling is coming because I found the truth. I do see that this sounds like obsessive thoughts but I really sometimes feel that I stopped loving him because I got better from my depression and other problems. I never wanted to stop loving him but I know that if it happens it happens and I know when it’s right. But what if it’s right what if this is the it feels right? Maybe I am finding a healthy normal. Because I used to be so attached to him, I sometimes used him as an escape because I didn’t like being home with my parents. What if my feelings are finding a middle because with BPD I used to over feel so much. Love is a choice right? I have thoughts that make me think about: Ok, maybe I do stopped loving him and this thought feels kinda right sometimes. Sometimes I can imagine leaving him but mostly because I cannot stand this situation. This thought doesn’t trigger much anxiety it just feels like an actual thought that people sometimes have when they realise it’s time to move on. I feel like that if it truly was ROCD it would trigger way more anxiety, I wouldn’t be able to just accept this… I feel like that if I can accept it and don’t feel anxiety that it’s the truth. I know this can be an ROCS thought but shouldn’t I be sure that this isn’t right. I sometimes do feel that U stopped loving him but it doesn’t feel right but also not wrong because I do not feel the same as I used to. I don’t like cuddles and I don’t feel the butterflies when hugging him. What if we are better of as friends? Shouldn’t there me massive anxiety? I look at him at feel like that he isn‘t attractive anymore. I do take medication for anxiety and depression and that made me feel numb… Does anybody have experience with ROCD and having „real“ doubt about the relationship? Do you always have massive anxiety? What is love? Is it ok to just tell yourself: I will be with my SO not matter what. I will just ignore the thoughts… I mean I felt happy with him before. But what if I truly have move on because my mental health got better? The only time I know that I love him is when I get really jealous but I am scared that if I don’t feel jealous that I am moving on from him. What if I have ROCD but also stopped loving him?

  • This is encouraging. I started today and I’m surprised how good the foods and the turbo shakes are. They are very filling. Nice to know I don’t have to cook, measure, and guess. With a busy family of 6, I don’t have time for all that so I think this is just what I needed.

  • Don’t take the vaccine, it’s very probably NOT safe and certainly NOT necessary….be a hero by getting the virus and be ok, like 99,8% of people, and in this way protecting the vurnerable… And masks don’t work!

  • This man is my person. And i know it. But. I can’t take this anymore. This pain is nothing like i’ve ever felt. I just want to be 100% sure about something. I want to feel comfortable in my own body and i want to know who i truly am. But with HOCD and ROCD it’s almost impossible.

  • I die a happy man baby i love you so much your the best your amazing girlfriend and a mother to our baby will you married baby ������

  • Drew is a company man no doubt about that.
    tries to act all open and give you the ol kumbaya we are the world type vibe.
    but definitely a company man.

  • I was really feeling confident about all the info Drew has been sharing, but his pro mask position, despite many studies contradicting their efficacy and safety let me know he is part of the misinformation propaganda.

  • First time hearing this again in three and the first person I think of is my ex from 3 years ago. Haven’t thought of her since. Feelsbadman.jpeg

  • New York / New Jersey is the Covid grand central of the entire planet with the worst per capita death tolls BY FAR. If their “case numbers are down”, it is only because it has culled the most vulnerable and they have achieved herd immunity status. The mismanagement is a world disgrace.

    Now, they have the gaul to brag about a lowered case load. Yeah, they pretty much killed off those people who were most likely to demonstrate severe *symptoms (edit). They forced people underground & inside (epic Vitamin D deficiency / poor immunity) and allowed this stuff to blaze through nursing home. Heck, they probably discouraged HQC/Zinc as well.

    How on earth do you explain recording setting death tolls of 1700 to 1800 per million?

  • Dr Drew, you know exactly why the pharmaceutical industries are not pushing Hydroxychloroquine & Zinc. You know it would defeat the purpose of the multi billion dollar market they’re creating behind all the vaccines. You’re too smart to play dumb and it’s obvious when you’re playing it safe. You know for a fact your career and “reputation” depends on it. I appreciate your knowledge, but cannot respect your lack of truth behind the pharmaceutical industries blatant scams. Your hands are tied and pockets are filled with their agendas. We know the majority of doctors are businessmen for big pharma.

  • Don’t take HPV vaccine, it’s NOT safe and INCREASES cancer rates….! Fauci and Gates tell the truth and know how to analyse data??? ������������…you mean how to earn MONEY!

  • Guys I need help. I can’t stop thinking about that in reality I am in an unhealthy relationship. I am so afraid that in the end I will find out that my boyfriend is the main cause of my ROCD. Because when we first started being together after a little time we had some problems and I am afraid that we were toxic. And when I think about the “red flags” I can’t help but truly believing that I’ve experienced them in my relationship. What if my ROCD came because my boyfriend is the probelm and in our case it didn’t attack our relationship because is a loving and good one? What if in the end I’ll find out that we are unhealthy together and we have to leave each other? What if in really he manipulates, abuses or thoughts me? Does the fact that I’m thinking and feelings this makes it true? I remember when we first hot together he was often jealous of me being with my friends/family, because he was afraid of losing me. Now things are different and all he wants is for me to be happy and enjoying my days no matter if they’re with him or not. But does what I mentioned before about his jealously makes him toxic for me? When I think about this it just scares me to death… and I am also experiencing HOCD and I’ve come to a point where I costantly feel acctration and good sensations towards girls and I don’t know what I want or who I am. I don’t go to a therapist yet and I don’t know whom I can talk to… please I need help

  • the CDC claims a 99.73 survival rate for the average American. Considering nothing is 100% what’s the actual goal here with this vaccine? What are we shooting for it to go up 1% overall. Most healthy people are around 99.8% survival rate? Seems like way more risk than reward

  • It all started about 7 to 8 months ago when me and my boyfriend started dating. This is the happiest yet most depressed i have ever been. When i’m with him, the thoughts disappear and i’m so happy. When i’m alone, the thoughts take over everything and i become a different person because of how anxious and depressed it makes me. I hate seeing other women i get so anxious because i’m terrified of being attracted. I’m not against being gay at all, but i’ve already experienced with other women and decided it wasn’t my thing but now i’m questioning everything and i just want it to end. I love him so much. i would be crushed if i wasn’t with him. I want these thoughts to stop. I can’t stand to be thinking these things anymore. I need ROCD & HOCD out of my life. Someone please help.

  • Sean Ferres…the man, the myth, the the flesh.

    Congrats Mate!

    Keep droppin them HITS!!!

    I endorse this message, Sean is an outstanding dude!

    And Jason Capital is nothing short of a GENIUS

    Team Capital Wins AGAIN!

  • This song and “Clover Cage Secret Admirer” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together.

  • We share the same storyline. Thank you for sharing. I just started, it’s literally day one. This is precisely the type of relatable story I needed for the encouragement to follow through! Because by the end of day one, you can’t help but have that ‘what did I just sign up for’, moment, LOL! Again, thank you.

  • This song and “Clover Cage WarCry” are two song keeping me sane during these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and let you guys know that things will get better. We are in this together…

  • Some states are leaving it up to individual counties whether to open school but California has no schools open!! It’s the only state that has schools closed

  • You will know the truth �� and the truth will set you free. Free from the world the flesh and the devil ���� John 8:32 NKJV ��

    We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness, and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John 2:17 ��

  • “You don’t need a reason that a relationship doesn’t work”
    “Everything has its reasons” UGHHHH how often have I heard this from friends? too often! The reason why I only talk about it to one person.

  • I’m not a huge fan of county music. But I’m enough of one to know that along with Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey,” that this track will land among the greatest love songs across any musical genre for years to come.

  • I’m open minded read a ton of stuff about virus and comment and I’m telling you majority of people are NOT going to take a vaccine. This is going to get even more ugly before it’s over

  • I was struggling from rocd…. Didn’t feel like I loved her… Felt like I was a liar… Didn’t feel the connection…. Was very anxious I cried…… I love u seemed like a lie… I told her and I broke her…. She is still depressed….. Hahha… Everything matches with rocd but the fear of me lying to her was too uneasy so we broke up… Though she still loves me and i wanted to bring the feeling of love for 1.5 years but still I couldn’t… I saw he pic to feel the love.she was the best. OCD spoiled me… And it still does. I wanted to build love for her when I knew I didn’t feel anything, I was like if I don’t love her and lied to her then now I truly want to love her….. I never thought we would separate…. I’m 17 years old…. Still no bank account…so couldn’t appoint a therapist.

  • My mind is ruining everything. I’m so in love with him.. yet my mind keeps thinking things that just aren’t true. i’m so happy when i’m with him, then the second i leave all of these thoughts flood in and make me so depressed i can’t function right. My therapist doesn’t even understand. Someone please help. I need someone. Im sure have HOCD as well.. although i’m not diagnosed, i KNOW this is what’s wrong with me. My therapist said i don’t have ocd because i don’t turn a door knob a certain amount of times. But this.. this isn’t normal. I OBSESSIVELY think about if i’m lesbian, if i look lesbian, if i’m girly enough, if i love my boyfriend, or if i am attracted to girls. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. I’m going insane. I know i don’t like girls, but now i can’t even go near another girl without being triggered. I love my boyfriend so much.. i want this to stop.

  • Get a clue Dr Drew, practically every comment is in disagreement with you and the bullshit you’re spewing…Dr Fauchi & Gates, are Heroes? REALLY Dr Drew? REALLY?

  • Perhaps you should go back to medical school and study biology because you don’t seem to know much more than the average high school student, perhaps much less. Maybe consider sticking to psychiatry, if nothing else. When it comes to this “virus” all you do is parrot the bullshit of Fauchi & the WHO, and Bill Gates, who are clearly misleading us, and doing much more harm than good. Shame on you Dr. Drew!

  • I cant wait to meet the woman that lets me love her like this, and doesn’t feel the need to cheat or run the first chance she gets.

  • Breaking News!
    Tomorrow, Dr Drew releases the breakthrough Covid-19 cure, therapeutic Leronlimab by Cytodyn, a small Vancouver, Washington biotech. Don’t miss it. He will be interviewing Dr. Bruce Patterson, Stanford University, a globally respected virologist, who aside Cytodyn scientists, announced the breakthrough. Dr. Pattersoon explains Leronlimab’s “method of action” to calm the storm and bring recovery from this virus. Cytodyn is expecting FDA EUA approval this week, and approvals may come any day from Israel, the Phillipines, Mexico, the UK and the European Union, and other nations.

  • So I’m 13 and I have a boyfriend. He always sends me songs like this. Let’s just say we like to think about the future so rn we have 3 options for wedding songs ����
    Quick little story here
    Weve never met eachother. We usually call at around 2:00 a.m. He’s gonna come to Indiana once I turn 18 and propose on my birthday. He’s 15 rn btw just so you know ����

  • I am balling my eyes out right now, because in one way it is so relieving to hear and in the other way I am in a very hard low & I don’t know how to get out

  • i dont do thr course but i did go therapy and was taught to sit through the moments of anxiety and trying not to find clarity or an answerr and to also “mock back to the bully”. which i do and it does help abit but i only get maybe a day or two of no rocd den a few days of it when its strong and den a few days of “better days” but is that me getting better? i havnt experienced months or weeks of no ROCD.

  • Dr Drew,

    I happened to admire and respect you, or atleast I thought I did, that is, until today. You showed your true colors, and they were anything but pretty, in fact they were dark and ugly. Everything from standing up for Fauchi, to defending Bill Gates, I don’t think it ciuld get much worse. Just because you still harbor sentimentality for Fauchi because he may have steered your career path in the right direction, or made a good decision once upon a time…does not excuse him from the obvious bad advice he’s doling out today by the buckets. You said Fauchi is “oh so careful, in what he says and advice he gives” Really? that why he’s flip-flopped on everything from mask wearing,, to how the virus is spread, and every other relevant and important aspect related to this virus? He also made sure to tell us to keep the schools closed, avoid gathering in groups, no sports events, yet when asked point blank if the BLM riot events, were possibly hazardous, well then he simply said it was not his place to make those decisions, or offer his opinion..Why not, he’s already given his opinion, on everything else? Then you have the nerve to say that Robert Kennedy Jr has no business speaking about viruses and vaccines, and perhaps he should go to medical school, or get some training, because he doesn’t know what hes talking about? In the same breath you choose to defend Bill Gates, who’s neither a Dr or a scientist, because he knows mathmatics,? That’s absurd to suggest he’s suitable to be in charge of our Global/Public Health…based on his mathematical skills. I would imagine it goes without saying that you also stand behind Tedros, the General Director of WHO (who by the way is also not a Dr), infact he’s a war criminal and has steered us wrong throughout this entire ‘Plandemic”. Is he another one of your “can do no wrong, Heroes” Dr Drew? Why don’t you suggest that they get medical training before trying to dictate our Health issues?

    To add insult to injury you advice those wanting to learn more about Bill Gate’s to watch the Netflix series? Even though it was self produced, and included only any/all information that he wanted you to hear, I’m certain this is an unbiased, factual autobiographical account of Gate’s and his life and his history? Yeah sure Dr Drew, whatever. Maybe I can give you a better suggestion of what to actually watch that will give you a true glimpse into who Bill Gates really is? Why don’t you check out the series that James Corbett (of the Corbett Report) put out? Everything is fact checked and foot noted, with links to everything he discusses. I’m sure you would have no interest in doing so, as you might find out something you’d rather not know. Most puppets are they same in that regard…

    By the way (even though this has nothing to do with Covid-19..I was hoping to get your opinion on something. Do you realize that the WHO recommends that children (ages 0-4) be taught to masterbate, because “they have a right to know their sexual identities” So let me get this straight…before they even learn to say “Mama”…they should be taught to masterbate, (from newborns up til 4 tears of age) By the way, after this age bracket, it only gets worse, and I mean worse. Do you think this is sound, practical advice we should follow because after all it comes from the global health experts and authorities at the World Health Organization? No doubt in my mind, you wouldn’t dare say anything to the contrary. That advice alone seems like a good enough reason to de-fund these imbeciles.

    I’m extremely dissapointed in you Dr Drew, mainly because I know your not this ignorant. I should have known you’d go allong with the mainstream narrative, regardless of whatever nonsense they’re trying to sell us. It’s just very dissapointing to tealize that you’re no different than the rest of the talking heads, after all..Truly, a shame!

    Is it all really worth it in the end, to stick with these people, and be such a sell-out? Are you proud of yourself, when it’s all said and done…at the end of the day? What about your kids, and grandkids…are you on the right side of things? Are you really, Dr Drew?

  • Why do you go so far as deleting viewer’s comments, yet fail to respond to any of them Dr Drew? I mean I realize it would be impossible to provide any kind of logical answer to these questions, unless you totally lie your ass off…but why delete people’s comments and opinions? Is that something the CCP taught you to do…or?

  • My fiancé can’t sing a lick but insists on playing his guitar and singing this song to me. Makes me melt every time. Just changed our 1st dance song to this (not going to tell him) I think he will be VERY. Pleased with the surprise!

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  • Baby, I love you

    Til my last day and beyond

    I am so in love with you and we’ve known each other for such a short time but I dont care

    You are the first thought I think when I wake up and the last when I lay down at night

    I dont deserve your love, and that’s why I’m so blessed to have you. God gave me you, the mistakes I’ve made have led me into your arms.

    I’ve found a place to rest inside your angel eyes. You are the best thing to ever happen to me, I Love You baby

    So much

  • Just saw a old video of yours were you are recommending that if a kid sees a nude photo of a family member by accident you should get them therapy…Gd that was funny, bat sht crazy but funny…love what you do, keep up the fight.

  • I lost my wife july 2019 she was 38. i love her i can’t wait to be with her again. My heart my soulmate my everything. Love the one your with because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.. I know she’s going to be waiting for me when u die.

  • First time hearing this again in three years and the first person I think of is my ex from 3 years ago. Haven’t thought of her since. Feelsbadman.jpeg

  • I had a girlfriend back in sixth grade. This was her favorite song. The day she told me that, I started to lose interest for no real reason. We broke up at lunch that day. Now this has me wishing I could’ve kept holding her hand a little longer; not know that she was truly in luv with me.

  • Used to sing this to my ex-fiancee!! She still is the love of my life and the greatest mother to our son and if I ever had her hand in my hand again I could die a happy man

  • Why don’t you personally respond to any of the comments Dr Drew? Cat got your tongue, or is it that you’re unable to provide any logical answers, to some very valid questions?

    P.S..I just heard you say that events & concerts will be available and open up, once we get this awesome vaccine? So are you using the same crystal ball that Gates, Fauchi and the rest utilize, or have you just tuned into your physic abilities? You should know better than most that there’s a higher probability that they won’t produce a safe and effective vaccine. And you certainly can’t just snap your fingers, and “Whola” it is, right on time. If this were possible, then why didnt they come up with one for the original SARS, or MERS? Or how about your Hero Fauchi, who after close to 3 decades, and litterally hundreds of billions of dollarrs come up with an HIV/AIDS vaccine? It certainly not due to lack of trying, or funding. And as I’m listening now, as you’re speaking, you just continue to make excuses and lie for, and defend these people. They knew from the very start that this virus was transmissible from person to person, and everything else. Go back and review the WHO’s own books and literature, and papers, regarding the original SARS. They knew EVERYTHING. Please stop making excuses for these physco’s, before it’s too late because you’re not doing yourself, or your reputation any favors, that’s forsure!

    Personally, I can’t stand to watch and listen to you spewing your lies, and I hope you go down in flames after listening to you today. I don’t know how you do it with a straight face honestly…you know it’s bullshit, and so do many of us. Good luck Dr Drew, you’ll need it!

    By the way, I don’t expect a reply to this question either, anyways…lol

  • Just sent this to a beautiful woman who is everything to me.we will see if she gets the message.been waiting to find someone worthy..
    Hope I made the right decision…❤��❤?

  • Another concert I had to miss! This year will go down in history as the most disappointing year ever! Hope and pray it ends by next year! God be with us all!

  • You nailed it with Gates so I don’t know why you’re giving him a free pass because what he said about HCQ raises some major red flags. It’s been so obvious they have tried hard to keep HCQ down despite the tremendous upside with it. How about the CDC came out this week and stop Henry Ford hospital in Michigan from using it also. This looks very bad to anyone paying attention as it appears that they will compromise people’s health for financial gain. If that’s the case here then it’s likely going on elsewhere and credibility with those people are shot. In fact I could talk on and on about the ridiculous things FDA has done to demonize kratom a supplement that’s been around thousands of years and has millions of daily users instead they pushed opiates which we all know is way worse and they lied every step of the way it’s beyond infuriating. there’s tons of examples of this from testosterone replacement therapy to calling marijuana a schedule 1 drug. Hell they still try to push the food pyramid on us despite everyone knowing it’s a lie.

  • Jason Captial, what a guy. You always go above and beyond, constantly delivering extraordinary value every single day his team.

    Jason my name’s Ryan, I’m a grade 12ve student and although I’ve only been watching you for a very short time you have already made a huge impact in my life. Your vids on state control are the best and I’ve already implemented many of your tips into my life. But I am having some trouble.

    Recently you’ve been producing lot of content about copying, email trafficking and overall future success. All of which are great, but I feel as though, I my self, can’t take action upon because I am too young and have already made plans for the future (University and College).

    My question to you is, should I continue striving toward a job a future that I think I want but really was put there by someone else or completely switch my attention to the future you’ve been talking so much about.

  • I love the song! I think it could’ve done with another title. “Die a Happy Man” just sounds… fatalistic for a title. “If I Never”, or “Your Hand in my Hand”, maybe. (Spur of the moment thought on those titles, so they may still be less than ideal.) Unfortunately, whoever directed this video wasn’t paying any attention to what the song was saying at that moment. As an example, the part where he’s singing about the red and black dresses, she’s not wearing anything even resembling a dress.

  • We are creating a society esp with youth as one that now treats fear as to be avoided as opposed to acceping it and dealing with it

  • I think i have rocd been panicking from breaking up with her but now my fear of breaking up with her has just gone i feel very little anxiety and rhoughts these days does this mean my love is gone for my partner?? Im scared please help me

  • Baby last night was hands down
    One of the best nights
    That I’ve had no doubt
    Between the bottle of wine
    And the look in your eyes and the Marvin Gaye
    Then we danced in the dark under September stars in the pourin’ rain

    And I know that I can’t ever tell you enough
    That all I need in this life is your crazy love
    If I never get to see the Northern lights
    Or if I never get to see the Eiffel Tower at night
    Oh if all I got is your hand in my hand
    Baby I could die a happy man
    A happy man, baby, hmm

    Baby and that red dress brings me to my knees
    Oh but that black dress makes it hard to breathe
    You’re a saint, you’re a goddess, the cutest, the hottest, a masterpiece
    It’s too good to be true, nothing better than you
    In my wildest dreams

    And I know that I can’t ever tell you enough
    That all I need in this life is your crazy love
    If I never get to see the Northern lights
    Or if I never get to see the Eiffel Tower at night
    Oh if all I got is your hand in my hand
    Baby I could die a happy man yeah

    I don’t need no vacation, no fancy destination
    Baby you’re my great escape
    We could stay at home, listen to the radio
    Or dance around the fireplace

    And if I never get to build my mansion in Georgia
    Or drive a sports car up the coast of California
    Well if all I got is your hand in my hand
    Baby I could die a happy man

    Baby I could die a happy man
    Oh, I could die a happy man
    You know I could girl
    I could die, I could die a happy man, uh oh hmm

  • Perhaps an interview with Dr.Vladimer Zelenko would be enlightening. Since March he has used hydroxy chloroquine, Azithromyacin and zinc with great success. His success rate is 99.7 in high risk patients. (Over 60 years of age,or underlying medical condition) That is seven times better than the national average. In fact the combination of three drugs with a long history of minor side effects has been named after him,The Zelenko Protocol. A family physician in New York State has come up with a game changer. His protocol has gone to the international level and is being used in several countries with similar success. Thank you for your great reporting work!

  • I told my therapist when i first met him that i was sooo scared that he would tell me to break up or that my relationship is bad. And he said ”I dont decide if your relationship is good/real or not. It’s all up to what you like, if you like to have your relationship in your way, do it. I might not like it but you might not like how i have it in my relationship. Its all about definitions. I cant answer if you are in love or not, you cant answer it by comparing your actions to others, because we all prefer different things in our relationships.” That helped me a lot!

  • Lol Dr. Drew getting frustrated people won’t look up the numbers themselves about where they live. They don’t want the numbers, they want to hear you, someone knowledgeable, talk about where they live.

  • My son is on the Marine Base in Hawaii. Not only do the have the strict government rules they also have the Marine Base rules…. my son isn’t someone to have things get him down but it’s not good for him. ��

  • yah know what mah future wife deserves to hear this song its so full of compassion and love and everything that I do or gonna do I just really want her to be part of it or rather always be part f my life “If I never get to see the northern lights or the eiffel tower at night” at least I’ll have her to spend my eternity with, Dying a happy man is to know that in my entirety of life is that I loved a person so deeply and tru

  • There’s absolutely zero correlation between states and countries with mask mandates and good numbers. Some countries didn’t use themand have really good numbers and other countries use them and also had really good numbers and vice versa. Not saying what’s right or wrong just saying there is no correlation

  • I found it interesting how Dr. Drew claimed he had no idea about Fauci’s outbreak prediction during Trumps term. He knew about it but just brushed the question off IMO.

  • Definitely going to play this song for my future girlfriend baby your my great escape cause all I need in my life is your crazy love

  • Cant stop singing this song over and over again. “If I ever get to build my mansion in Georgia or drive a sports car up the coast of california… Oh If all Ive got is your hand in my hand, Baby I could die a happy man”… ❤️❤️❤️ #forevercountry #ThomasRhett #TRcountry

  • When Doc Drew references STEM: STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics. I urge people to check it out (or get their high school/ college age kids interested) because study in the related fields does create good paying (white & blue collar) jobs & the government is handing out grants (read FREE $$$) if you enroll in any of the career paths. The future is STEM.

  • I love this song so much! 2020 has proved to be a most difficult year! I can’t go to concerts! Love my Country Music! God be with you all!