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Your Future [Best Of Yo Elliott]

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1,000,000 STRONGER! (allow life to drive you crazy)

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1,000 Mile Bike Ride To Strength Camp

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THE STRENGTH CAMP STORY [How I Turned Trash Into Cash]

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MercyMe Almost Home (Official Music Video)

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“LEGACY” Official Music Video by BIGMOO ft Elliott Hulse

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Becoming Stronger [Best Of Yo Elliott]

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Competing in Strongman Again | Yoke, Log Press, and Strength Camp Challenge 2020 by YO ELLIOTT STRENGTH CAMP. 5:32. Circus Dumbbell, Farmers Marathon, and Fasting Beliefs. Come to No Limit Strength Camp. If you want a good hard workout.

Come and check us out. We deal with all levels. So don’t wait no more. Wilmington NC. Click here to to overcome your #1 Fitness Roadblock

Strength Camp Top YouTube Videos When Bodybuilding Meets Strongman ft. Elliott Hulse & Kali Muscle. STOP Using Heavy Dumbbells. 6 Pack Abs Can Ruin Your Life.

The ONLY 4 Exercises You Need to Grow Stronger. How to burn stubborn chest and belly fat. Shar. yo elliott strength camp 139,686 views 14:17 What If Everything You Learned About Cholesterol Was A Lie? | Dave Feldman and Dr.

Zubin Damania Duration: 56:23. Muscle man Elliott Hulse is the brains behind Strength Camp. His in depth, exhaustive instructional videos on his YouTube channel Strength Camp. Strength training workouts: HASfit. If getting strong and lean is on your to-do list, Most YouTube channels only have boxing videos for routines you can do at the gym. What I really like.

Strength is of body, mind, and soul. At Strength Camp, we help grow stronger bodies and we also aim to honor your wholeness. We want our members to be “The Strongest Version Of Themselves”; beginning with the body. Our three-step training process begins wit.

Amy Kiser Schemper, a Los Angeles–based trainer, proves on her BodyFit by Amy exercise video page that super-effective workouts don’t need to suck up hours of your day. Take this 30-minute Tabata video, for example.After a warm-up, you’ll work through high-energy circuits that will make you start sweating fast.Her best workout videos run the fitness gamut from 10 minutes to 45 and from. YouTube’s Official Channel helps you discover what’s new & trending globally.

Watch must-see videos, from music to culture to Internet phenomena.

List of related literature:

✓ Intensive/competition camp: This camp provides intense one-on-one training, technique from world-class clinicians, and participation in live duals.

“Wrestling For Dummies” by Henry Cejudo, Philip J. Willenbrock, Ed.D.
from Wrestling For Dummies
by Henry Cejudo, Philip J. Willenbrock, Ed.D.
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The essentials of a good camp site are these: 1.

“The Book of Camping and Woodcraft: A Guidebook For Those Who Travel In The Wilderness” by Horace Kephart
from The Book of Camping and Woodcraft: A Guidebook For Those Who Travel In The Wilderness
by Horace Kephart
Creative Media Partners, LLC, 2018

This video includes sections on warm-up, flexibility, aerobics, strength and balance, and cooldown.

“Adapted Physical Education and Sport, 6E” by Winnick, Joseph, Porretta, David
from Adapted Physical Education and Sport, 6E
by Winnick, Joseph, Porretta, David
Human Kinetics, 2016

Afrequent writer of strength-training articles, Fred Howell was in this camp.

“Strong Like Her: A Celebration of Rule Breakers, History Makers, and Unstoppable Athletes” by Haley Shapley, Sophy Holland
from Strong Like Her: A Celebration of Rule Breakers, History Makers, and Unstoppable Athletes
by Haley Shapley, Sophy Holland
Gallery Books, 2020

The fourth video-triggershows Tom undertakinghis strength training programme after reviewing the results of his physical tests.

“Online and Distance Learning: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications” by Tomei, Lawrence A.
from Online and Distance Learning: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
by Tomei, Lawrence A.
Information Science Reference, 2007

For example, a popular boot camp exercise is the burpee, which involves doing a toe touch while squatting, springing back into a plank, doing a push-up, springing forward into a squat, quickly standing up and performing a vertical jump, and rapidly repeating the whole movement from the beginning (see figure 3.5).

“Methods of Group Exercise Instruction” by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
from Methods of Group Exercise Instruction
by Mary M. Yoke, Carol Armbruster
Human Kinetics, 2019

The boxes that pop up in the video are also motivational with phrases like “I will train 1 hour a day” and “I will #MAKEITCOUNT one training at a time.”

“Social Media Security: Leveraging Social Networking While Mitigating Risk” by Michael Cross
from Social Media Security: Leveraging Social Networking While Mitigating Risk
by Michael Cross
Elsevier Science, 2013

Because of the skills required to perform these exercises, guidance should be obtained from a certified Olympic weightlifting coach or a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

“Swimming Anatomy” by Ian A. McLeod
from Swimming Anatomy
by Ian A. McLeod
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2009

Tomasoni et al. [185] recruited strength-trained athletes to test different forms of bench press exercise (barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, inclined dumbell bench press).

“Surface Electromyography: Physiology, Engineering, and Applications” by Roberto Merletti, Dario Farina
from Surface Electromyography: Physiology, Engineering, and Applications
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Some of these programs involve only mental skills and others involve weight training and other activities to help recruits pass the physical agility test.

“Introduction to Fire Protection and Emergency Services” by Robert Klinoff
from Introduction to Fire Protection and Emergency Services
by Robert Klinoff
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2013

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  • great video good insight, i  do kudalini meditation just about every day, amoung other things, its really helped my isolate what kind of thoughts and feeling,views that were isolating me from keeping my focus and diminishing my aspirations. i liked what you said about keeping out those negative influences out of your life, and picking a exercise you choose to do for the rest of your life.

  • Wow. When I was in deeply in pain. I came across this guy and he has impacted me to become a better version of myself. So beautiful to experience such things to grow stronger and become a better version of myself.

  • How many creative souls are alienated from their own outpouring of their energies because they can’t navigate the system like good boys and girls.
    Fuck this was incredible. That yell before the drop, fuuuuuuckkkkkk… that’s catharsis if there ever was any.
    Elliott Hulse is the best embodiment we have of a visceral fucking rage against a castrating system where you have to straitjacket yourself for 10 years before you can pour out your energy in the world in any heartfelt way.

  • Damn, the speech is powerful af, i fuckin love it, but those messin party images, da hell do they have to do with your words man.. It just feels wrong, u tell us not to give up and then some bitch ass party pics appear, it’s like u sayin to continue drinking, and wasting our lives, like wtf

  • For God so much loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten son,so that those who believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life forever and ever Amen.Thank you saviour times are bad we need you and love you Holy Father!��

  • Elliott, I’ve been watching your vids for 3 years no… Then I could do ten push-ups, but with your advice i just did 134 military
    Push-ups. Thanks man… For everything.

  • Oh my goodness, the memories of that loud truck noise in the background of your videos, usually at the end of them too. HUGE respect for people like you.

  • Fuck yeah he turned trash into cash.
    Hell, if I could make that much bread by making a bunch of people screaming and doing excercise, I’d do it in a heartbeat ��

  • This is one of the most savage intense intros to a video I have ever seen! Much respect! (Lol as soon as Elliot says shock me he gets zapped by lightning!)

  • ever since the first video i saw of u…i knew you had an authority about u..this story is awesome..showing from the bottom to the top..thats what makes u even more legit…thank u for sharing… i have so much to give ive just been so afraid to start cuz i feel like i dont know matter what i do or many degrees or classes.. there is this block..but FUCK IT im clearing that shit! Thanks Elliot ��

  • Many years after i see myself coming here back again for charging myself into the darkness of life. 6 years ago this exact video got me to places and today It will get me to places. Eliot not only did you teach me how to lift but you taught how to control what lies in between my two ears❤️. God bless you my mentor

  • Dude quit his job to see Elliot? Lol he fucked up haha. Elliot is the man and all but was losing your job worth it in todays economy?

  • “When you know in your heart that your going to be a successs, your willing to start from the bottom because you know you’ll be on top.”��������������������������������������������

  • If I had just one of these people in my life, I wonder where I’d be. Up until now, I’ve been wandering through life alone, with no one to inspire me, no one to learn from. Youtube is great, but it’s different having them there in person. I’m still looking for a purpose in life, and hopefully one day I will find it. I’m very happy for Elliott. He is truly a wise man, and everyone on Earth should be a part of this.

  • Fucking Tai Lopez with his fraudulent adverts. He’s a scam artist that has no original ideas, taking advantage of vulnerable people looking for someone to help them out of their situation.
    Tai Lopez………you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

  • YO ELLIOT!!MY HIP FLEXOR IS FUCKED!! its depressing af….��������☺����������������������������sorry juss had to get that out people

  • Yo Elliott I just wanted to tell you that your videos changed the way I thik, the way I act, the way I live! Literally you have changed my life. I just can’t imagine the world without a people like you. Peace

  • Its more to getting strong, than lifting heavy weights!
    I think about This every Minute, every single day when i think about the girl I loved, the way I lost her, and how happy she is with her new boyfriend.
    I thought I was strong, i felt strong every time i workedout, but i realize now that I was weak. I was not a huge strong tree, i was the little weak leaf that falls of the tree every fall.
    I now know that strength is not the size of you biceps, its not about how many push ups you can take or how fast you an run.
    I understand now what real strength is, and now i can say I never have been so strong or motivated before.
    I read, I learn new things, Expirience new things, I work much harder than i used to do. I’m smarter and strong both physically and mentally.
    Thank you, Elliot! For everything!

  • The hate is evident in the comments section. Some are even coming from people who “used to really like you”. All I can say is, they’re living proof of what you said regarding “don’t be attached to people liking/loving you because if you change, they will too”. Not verbatim but, you get the idea. It’s in the “How to not give a fuck” video. Anyway, keep it up, Elliott. Let me also take this opportunity to again show my gratitude because I found great keys to being disciplined, decisive, and most of all, stronger in following your advice. Not just mere motivation that concerns hype and eventually dies down. For I, being one of the many supporters you have, will continue supporting. But let me just bring out the fact that I am not attached to anything. I just know the idea that each and every step you (and the rest of us supporting you) make is a step towards the strongest version of yourself (ourselves, in our case):) Much support from the Philippines

  • Please help! Give me another youtube channels of other self-development gurus that are on Elliott’s level (or close to). Or simply youtube gurus of this type that you love from any field, be it spirituality to the physical dimension and anything in between. 

  • 95% healthier Lord. 2020. Better than last year. 2019. man I was dead on a boat last year. The year before 2018 I was drifting in the water. amnesia medicine came in for me christmas eve 2019, so 2020 has been clearer. I realized my life in washington d.c. was a life i lived there in the 90’s. the day before christmas eve 2019, I couldn’t even rememeber D.C. I still go to church by listening to american gospel/christian music.

    I’m ganna make it home to my island of Ierland and my family. God spead. Thank you for the music.

  • Yo Elliot! Following you for 5 years, thank you for sharing your amazing journey, all the advices and videos that I still binge watch, mad respect to you and to what you have accomplished with all the ups and downs, u are a very humble and brave men, wishing you the best and the strength to handle to worst, much love.

  • This man threw himself off a cliff. Others may laugh until he learns to fly then he will be limitless while they’re are still grounded, held back from their own fear.


  • Lmao is it bad that the more he talked, the more I laughed. I mean, I gave up a lot to chase after my dreams but I still made sure I had a foundation to fall back on. This kid has nothing. What happens if he fails? he can’t get back up because he has no foundation. That’s why if you’re a committed athlete, you still have to care about your education or atleast have a back up career plan. Failing with no foundation makes you start from 1st base and is just naive and stupid.

  • 4 years later I still watch this whenever I need to. I really love you eliot you been there at my lowest and I wish you all the best in your life❤. Your fan from 15 years of age and I’m 21 right now.

  • If this doesn’t motivate you to get up of you’re ass and get after your goal then I don’t know what will! Watching this is inspiring as f*ck, Elliot really did start from the bottom and rose to the top. Great job man keep up the good work

  • Although I still love watching strengthcamp videos and all the guys that are now a part of strengthcamp are awesome. I can’t help but feel like this era of videos is why I fell in love with this channel. Elliott is so raw in most of these videos, like when he speaks he is speaking into your soul…

    Also was this a strength camp original Or did someone else make this would love to know cheers ��

  • I don’t understand the video. Made no sense to me. Can someone please explain what it’s about astronaut, little girl, woman, old woman, old man, bus stop, school cafeteria?

  • To Cntrygal87005
    I walked thru your exact shoes a few years ago. My heart goes out to you; I just prayed for you. We used to listen to
    “I can only imagine” and I used to tell my husband, just think, you will get to see Jesus before I will.
    My loss of him still hurts so much. Our only consolation is being able to join them in heaven soon!! If you want please reach out to me thru this email.
    May God bless you and comfort you.

  • You were one of the first fitness youtubers that motivated me to get into shape, I went from a 250 pound guy that drank a lot and really just didn’t care down to 190 pounds and still training regularly and eating right. Thank you so much for the inspiration

  • He doesn’t want to live the same life that everyone else has with his $13/hr hospital job. He must be delusional as fuck to think that wage is normal, they offer $15.50/hr to drive a school bus where I live.

  • Why does drinking and partying show up in this video? Also what’s with the cars and shit? Elliott’s got a ton of good stuff but I’m not really diggin this. You can tell there are some people behind the scenes giving bad advice.

  • looking soooo foward to walking the streets of Gold and seeing the Awesome face of my Savior Love you Always and Forever God and Jesus Ty for all your Blessing on me and for Giving me another day:-)

  • I was driving and thinking about my troubles when this sing came on. I could see Jesus in the sky with his arms wide open and His spirit came m.j over me with such intensity I had to pull over! I can imagine what the other motorists must have thought of this guy on the side of the road with his arms outstretched, tears of joy streaming down my face shouting hallelujah!!

  • yo Elliot please look.down.below for my previous comment and please if you can make a video relayed to that. would help me out a lot

  • This video motivated me to start losing excess fat again, already lost 4kg again in the meantime (a little less than a month).

    Thanks for the reminder!

  • Elliott, you really are a star here on earth who tries to shine whenever you are. A big thanks to you from society is what all these comments are really all about. Keep going, never stop, the more you work you do, the more effort you gotta put to keep it, and sir you have..a lot!

  • This touched me deeply. Sometimes we get so caught up on our own problems and health issues we loose sight of the bigger picture. Thank u Jesus for giving me a chance.

  • 65 here….weary? Yup. No way out-but through. I will be shaped by the mighty Hand of a waiting God. Lord…tie my wandering heart to Your altar.

  • Nice motivation video Eliot! And as always keep on lifting no matter how tired you are after coming from work! No matter how many hours of sleep you had! No matter how many times you just feel like giving up! No matter how many excuses you have! AND NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU’VE WANKED BEFORE HITTING THE GYM!!! stay motivated my friends…

  • Elliot, you are just an awesome person. I started watching videos from you since last year and I learned a lot and I feel very connected with you. I like the way you follow(ed) your passion and your heart. Thanks that you share all your experience with us!! <3 Peace Alex

  • Wow. Props Elliott. I’ve never seen anyone in your industry bring conscious awareness to the mix like this… says a lot about who you are. No trainer, health/fitness/muscle coach ever talks about anything deeply real. You’ve earned a lot of respect in my eyes for doing this, better yet, embodying consciousness. Meditation is definitely for everyone. Love your message in the recent Ramadan video, you’re doing it all for the right reasons. So important to make space and focus your energy to go within. Thanks Elliott.

  • I want to learn more about Elliotts “2 year long Great Depression” Elliotts motivation has helped me through alot, finding out even HE got depressed makes it hard for me to follow his motivation if even he couldn’t follow it.

  • Eliot you have helped me amazingly in my life jason capital introduced me to you and tbh a lot has happen and rn I don’t feel like going in to detail I’m 16 and just wanna say u and Jason have changed me for the better and before Jason was my idle but now…. eliot… you are my idle now and keep fvcking going I’m building a team too and will succeed and change lives for the better:)))) just like u and Jason Capital Thx. Done

  • I’ve already worked out today. But the music in the background, his inspirational words, and the screaming all together are just making me want to go to the gym right now and pound out deadlifts until my hands and legs can’t take it anymore!

  • I love this song, but I do not get the video or why he’s in a rocket suit.
    Can someone explain.?
    I’m usually pretty good about reading into the video but not this one.

  • How am I embarassing myself I wrote down something Elliot said previously which I felt fitted in well with the meaning of this video, you dickheads blew it out of proportion and thought I was trying to be philosophical and tell you what to do when I couldn’t give a fuck what you do, if you and everyone else had known it was a quote of Elliot’s from the start I doubt you would have anything to say..

  • U all NEED to be in a movie omg THAT made me want to CRY oh i forgot to mention THAT I am a kid but that made me so scared THAT my dad told me THAT he was young so i was to scared he was going to DIE but i love the part that he qas wearing that astronaut for his own life but my favourite part of the song is that he took that off btw LOVE Y’ALL ������

  • Living in a highly populated Fitness minded Community makes a huge difference. I’m from rinky-dink Huron South Dakota where people are not Fitness minded in the population is only about 12,000. I have offered several times to train people for free and the biggest problem is people are scared to try anything that requires effort.

  • Love this song! It reminds me that this world is not my home. There is something greater to look foreword to, being with Jesus!

  • I’ve said before Elliott is the only church I need. This video gets me off the couch. It helps get the weight moving and the bag swinging.

  • There is reason God save my life… I almost die… and I am still eating and be alive..

    Sometime I just can’t wait to see him

    I know this world has nothing for me.

    Jesus… jesus.. almost I want is him.

  • putting aside the “intense” guru imagery he’s been criticized for lately, this is a very good entry to Elliott’s synthetic philosophy.

  • Your a champion, motivation, inspiration, strength, focus, and power for all humanbeings much love and respect and i just subscribed

  • This was so powerful! You have changed millions of Life Elliot, thank you for a Father like figure to every guy out there. You have done humanity a big service, you have followed your passion, you are one the most mature souls on this planet! Thank You!

  • nice video. Haven’t watched you in a long long time… Why is your right bicep so short in comparison to the left one? It’s so eyecatching

  • Sorry for the late comments, but when I hear Mercy me is like I am hearing GOD’S Angels singing to us. It really gets to my soul, GOD bless Mercy me and all the folks that sing for the Lord. May all the Lord army Angels be with y’all always ❣️��.

  • Im watching and rewatching this video over and over. Currently my business is doing 0$. IM GOING TO WORK HARDER! IM GOING TO KNOCK OFF THE CODE & OPEN THE INCOME DOOR ONLINE. 2019 26.02 21:36:24 comming from KILLER gym workout. THIS VIDEO IS PURE MOTIVATION. IM GOING TO WORK MY FUCKING ASS OFF. SLEEP IS GOING TO BE WASTED TIME FOR ME!!!!!!!!

  • Soon all your burdens will be gone
    And we are almost home so let’s not forget what lies ahead let’s have faith and seek the Kingdom of God

  • This video is crazy and I’m so glad that I just saw this now. He’s proud to have 1mil at the time of this video and now he has almost 2 mil

  • every time i watch this, and i have watched it many a times… I feel empowered. I feel important and I feel like i should keep pushing. Thank you so much Elliot Hulse and everyone else who helps him, help us.

  • While I worked graveyard shift full time and visited my dad in the hospital three times a day. This song played all the time. When I finally got to bring him home, just under two weeks later, he went “ home” to God. Little did I know I only had a few short days to be with him. I miss him terribly.

  • I’m from the uk and I swear I’m obsessed by this guy! Fuck I wish we had men with his mind set over here, not only is his stunningly gorgeous he’s so grounded! I’m following his videos for fitness and I can’t get enough of him ❤

  • You were an important father figure for me as a seeking and strength-training teenager, at a time when my own dad could not. I’m 23 now and believe my life would have been a lot worse if it wasn’t for your guidance. THANK YOU, ELLIOTT!

  • YO ELIOT! Haha….. I was wondering if you could do a video about how much energy drinks such as monsters and redbull,how much there really hurt my cut workouts.

  • I remember watching your videos in college. Spent a lot of time figuring out how to get stronger thanks to you. Keep it up bro. You legit helped shape my mentality.

  • No bro, there was no luck involved, you willed this, manifested it from a thought, nurtured it, through blood,sweat and tears. Luck is a word haters would use to describe your success.��

  • I am just a simple person my only hope is Jesus Christ
    If you are rich poor sick alone whatever… hope in Jesus Christ our home is in heaven not the world ��

  • I love you man. You’ve been an incredible inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you for putting yourself out to the world and inspiring myself and others to be the strongest man one can be. Nothing but love for you and your family.

    Extreme gratitude my friend.


  • Elliot motivation videos are the best pre-workout there is. I’m not even kidding i download and convert this video to mp3 and listen to it while i start my first rep and i will be able to do at least a quarter more reps than usual.

  • Hey Elliott, I included you in a list of the TOP 5 Personal Development channels on Youtube ( ) and used a few seconds of this video for that. I hope that is ok 😉

  • Yes almost home Lord
    What a journey it has been
    We would never have made it with you Lord
    Thank you Lord for loving us and not giving up on us when we sin
    Blessings from uk

  • Why so much hate on this guy? He’s full of passion and purpose to the point of dropping everything he has to chase his dream. He was originally going through the motion of living a safe and secure life (9-5 job,) but realized the whole thing was unfuffiling and it wasnt what he rly wanted to do. His grandpa had all these goals and aspirations to travel but never did. The grandpas death lead him to the realization that if he want to go do something, he has to do it right fucking there even if it means dropping everything. All i have is respect for this guy. He will endure starvation, homeless-ness, temporary hopelessness but he will live. He has that option to live with his parents, get a new job if things get too hectic

    When 99% of people doubt your idea your either gravely wrong or about to make history -Scott belsky

  • I have almost died twice because of seizures the second one I thought for sure that I was gonna go home but God wasn’t ready for me to go home yet.

  • Simply and aaamazing video,Elliot.
    Just a pointless comment,though.
    We do use 100% of our brains,just not all “parts” of it at the same time.What is mentioned in sci-fi movies as “only 30% of our brains being usable etc” is nothing but a myth.

  • “Take joy in the journey, even when it feels long.”
    Don’t wish your life away, wishing to be in a better place in a different time. Learn what God wants to teach you in the trials of life.

  • This is on SoundCloud if anyone was wondering. I listen to it everyfuckingday. Gotten to the point where I can state every single line

  • Elliot thank you for sharing, I thought I had learned as much as I wanted to from this earth, but them came flat earth and that has made me learn about myself big time, egos are necessary but they are a delivery system for your spirituality, and never let anyone tell you how to find your spirituality, it is just your choice to make. Peace.

  • One of the best videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Very heartfelt and inspiring proud of you Elliott and I don’t even personally know you. Thank you for sharing I look forward to working with you Strength Camp Cali baby!

  • Lord Jesus help me to always remember that heaven is my home. I will not distracted by the things and events of this earth. This is such a beautiful song. Poignant, but so true. Almost home. ����❤️����

  • This guy has obviously watched one too any of those movies where someone starts from the bottom and just magically becomes the best. Little does he know that rarely does that ever happen. He really needs a reality check IMO!

  • Love all of your videos, but this one is amazing. I love hearing the come up story. I live in Saint Petersburg like 10 minutes from your Strength Camp II and right now with that one bridge being closed I drive by a few times a week. Keep up the great work my friend, glad you and your family are doing well. You inspire all of us each and every day.:-)

  • The things you do to help others you will be rewarded for and we were made to be in fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ <3

  • Man this is crazy watching this. My wife has a outdoor bootcamp buisness which she has built from the ground up. I remember her bringing home all these truck tyres and I was like wtf… haha. I was watching this thinking damn, i already know this story.

  • Well my prediction was wrong but I checked out little dude’s facebook and holy shit!
    In the video that bike trip made him look a good 10 or even 15 years older than he is…which kinda resulted in a creepy stalker vibe lol
    Seeing him in a healthier, recovered state earned a lot more respect from me.
    Dude ran himself into the ground.

  • Found your channel years ago through a shoutout from the Hodgetwins, they referred to you as light-skinned brother like them (but educated lol) and were they ever right. The wisdom you’ve shared with me and millions has impacted our lives in a positive way. Keep up the amazing effort!

  • My mother was an atheist her whole life and she was dying of severe blisters and said she hated god and all he stands for forgiveness, love etc. (She is a bad person). I played her this song once as she was crying in pain and she looked up to the sky and SCREAMED. I believe this was her proclaiming her love for god. May she rest in peace

  • Hey Elliot, your videos have help me change for the better and I’ve become more me than ever, I am happy to be ther person i am day in and day out. You’ve made a great impact on my life with just your youtube videos. So I want thank you from the bottom on my heart for you being you.

  • Inspired! Failure means you went for it! It is a tough lesson many times….but a rich experience. Grab life by the tail & go for that Goal….You might achieve it..��������I enjoyed your words.✌

  • So awesome and encouraging. Made me cry to think we are so close to being with Jesus. My dad was a kid during the space race and said he wanted to be an astronaut, he’s not a believer, and we don’t have a relationship anymore.. but this reminded me of him. I hope he finds the Lord, please pray that he does.

  • I couldn’t do habit 3; reading. 
    I tried and tried and kept failing.
    The latest was I borrowed 2 fitness books from the library, and I didn’t even finish one or make it halfway. I would move after reading 1 paragraph. I simply can’t sit there and read.

  • Yo Elliot! I invite you to try some new age strength training protocols which come from certain such as MAT and RTS. I think you would benefit very much from the knowledge these certifications have to offer. I am in no way connecting to these but truly believe it’s the new age of training. Check out RTS 123 and muscle activation techniques! I’d love to talk about how you could incorporate it into your strength protocols. Please like this so he can see! Let the new era of training begin!


    Have you been attending church, but never heard about the threshing floor? Or did you just merely think of it as a parable of wheat and chaff? The threshing floor has directly to do with your soul and is being revealed NOW in this age! It is like CPR to wake you up when you are senseless to sin and it is God’s deep love to lead his children into eternal life instead of eternal punishment. Watch to understand the true meaning of the threshing floor. We must receive the eternal gospel, the new covenant proclaimed through the Spirit of Truth to be saved from death while being physically alive!

  • Why does it feel like he’s singing a harbinger of my physical death… Every time I hear this I cry for no reason. And think this is the Lord’s way of singing me into heaven. It hurts to hear it. It seems as if my life has all been for waste. And no comforting words help this hurting heart. What’s wrong with me???

  • GLORIOUS! The highlight is when he drops his glove, and the pause..and the look in his eyes just before he takes off running, unshackled by the burdens of his space [earth] suit!!!! Hallelujah! A dear friend is transitioning to his next life and I shared this video with he and his wife and we cried tears of both sorrow and joy! Thank you for this gift.

  • I’m seriously crying right now, I’m getting so depressed… 
    But because of you and your words Elliot, I’ll grow stronger and become someone people look up to! That’s a big fkn PROMISE! Gonna check this video every day until that has become truth! You’re the best Elliot! Peace! From Sweden.

  • Elliott, you pushed me through a really hard time. I want you to know I appreciate you my man. Because of you, I make videos now and put work into them. I will appreciate you for life.

  • Are you going to step it up and become a vegan for better health on the inside? Please see “What the Health” and” Forks over Knives”. God Bless

  • At one stage, I thought Elliot was too aggressive and crazy until I saw his other videos and I was mindblown. Elliot, since then, I started watching your videos every single day. The amount of energy you’re pouring out in each of your videos keeps my mind awake.

    I just wanna say that you’re one heck of a crazy good guy and seeing how you much you have changed since your first uploads many years ago, have brought inspiration and hope inside me.

    You’re an inspiration. You’re genuine and I have so much respect for you.

    Your path is the path of courage, strength, loyalty, love, and truth. I will look up to you as most of your subscribers do! Keep up the good work and stay crazy! Cheers!

  • Elliott really inspires me man! Hes part of the reason why I started this YouTube channel! Im trying hard to get it off the ground and I just hope that one day I could reach as many people as he does! I love interacted and talking to people about fitness! Not only do I make motivational videos, but I give tips and workout vids and I also try to show y’all my progress! Take a look and tell me what you think!

  • I needed this right now… SA Nationals 2019, they’re not going to know what hit them. This year I’m pulling 700lb, next year, 750lb, then at the Arnold, 777lb for the national record.

  • YO ELLIOTT! I really need help, when i train my chest i can’t stimulate it enough to grow because my shoulders fatigue too quickly. My shoulders are pushed back when i do dumbell press and barbell press and my elbows are tucked in etc… Please help me!

  • This is by far the best musical embodiement of the WARRIOR ENERGY I’ve come across
    Thank You for being a King and creating an order with your words out of the chaos an order, a structure which I can follow to connect myself with my inner Warrior!

  • I don’t see how a 9-5 job stops you from being a powerlifter / boxer, it’s not like you’re going to workout the entire day, leaving the job at 5 gives you plenty of time to run, lift, and box until the day’s over.

  • To everyone who thinks this guy is crazy:
    He’s not. He wanted to travel so that’s what he did. He probably wasn’t comfortable in his current situation. And going down “easy street” most likely wouldn’t have aided him in achieving his goals.
    Nothing is off limits when you’re reaching your goals.

  • I Love you Elliot, you have guided me to becoming the strongest version of myself! A commitment that I do every single day! You my friend mean the world to me. Thank you for showing me the light

  • I remember watching this video over and over in college and now 5 years later the video rings truer than ever. Human being are on this earth to progress, not just as individuals but as a broader community. In that progress and forward momentum (not the end state) we access the joy and meaning that sustains us. Thank you Elliott for your message and for being a stand for stretching ourselves to be the best we can be!

  • Unfortunately not everyone can have a nonjob. Somebody has to be a garbage man. Somebody has to be a cashier at Walmart. Somebody has to truck driver. See my point? Society would not work without theses lower type jobs. All jobs are equally important and the people that do theses lower paying Regular jobs is the only reason he can live the lifestyle he is living today.

  • With everything going on here in America and really the whole world my heart and soul has never longed so much to be home right now


  • People “become the strongest versions of themselves” in different ways. Venturing out and living off the land is definitely not my style, but respect for going your own way.

  • Yes i have so much gratitude towards you Elliott! Thank you so much for giving birth to a part of me i didn’t know back then. Thank you so much for helping have strength and faith. Thank you so much for bringing me back to LIFE.

  • Look I wasn’t going to spend my time writing the comment but Elliot the wisdom you share through some of your videos is amazing, thanks for that much love keep moving brother love you��

  • I m revisiting this video nearly after 3 years or maybe more. I still get chills from this.

    I really hope Elliott hulse lives a wonderful life ahead. He was the one who I listened when I felt lost and today also I kinda felt the same. So I revisited.

    God bless you Sir. Wishing great Health and Success to You and Your Family.

  • On January 1 20/20 Vision this song was played 3x misnah by my 3 children. This song has been selected by them for their mom to Listen in the struggle of HisStory in me. Servants of One Amazing Savior. Earth to Heaven and no stops inbetween. Embrace the Cross in everything pray.

  • Hey Elliot its Jonathon ( that’s my real name) can u please give me some tips or workouts to do that involve getting stronger and bigger I’m 5’11 143lbs and im 13 how can I become stronger and bigger to be able to play the position at my school tight end.

  • People like this are why Elliott makes more serious videos now, and he dropped all of his “dreamer logic”. There’s a fine line between growing into a stronger version of yourself and screwing yourself over, just sayin

  • This is my personal testimony.
    I used to believe that I was super strong, super smart, capable of taking care of myself, and even though I have always been a believer, my faith in God wasn’t as strong as it was in myself.  
    Two years ago I had a serious personal problem with my family, without going into details; at that point, my family was my God, they were the reason I live for, in other words, my “EVERYTHING”, but due to the issue with them one day they ALL, everybody abandoned me, over the night… I was left without anything and anyone to talk to. Months passed by, on which I couldn’t sleep, lost my appetite and also my will to live. I pretended for a while that I was fine cus I full of pride so I couldn’t admit that this time I wasn’t gonna be able to fix myself…until I couldn’t take it any longer. 
    One night when the pain was unbearable, and desperation took over me,  finally, I realized that I couldn’t keep living that way, so I started planning how to kill myself, I gave some thoughts to the idea because I wanted to be effective and final, I needed to stop the pain but before I did it I got on my knee, very angry with God, at 3 something am, I screamed to God “IF YOU CARE ABOUT ME, DO SOMETHING, BECAUSE I CAN’T DO THIS ANY LONGER!!!, I AM A GOOD PERSON AND YOU KNOW IT!!!
    After this, all I remember comes to me like a flashback, I swear, I don’t know how I got back to my bed( my last memory was been on my knee by my bed). Later on( I am not sure how long it passed), on this flashback I opened my eyes and my room was full of extraordinary light, so strong I couldn’t keep my eyes open, I was on a fetal position on my bed(I didn’t need to see Jesus’s face because the love and peace that overcame me, that fulfilled my inner being was screaming his presence). I woke up at 10:35am as A TOTAL NEW PERSON, I felt like I have lost a heavyweight I was carrying on, I was radiant, hunger, happy and full of hopes and plans for my life… Jesus saved me! he cleans my spirit from evil desires OVER THE NIGHT! just the way my family forsakes me. I have been wanting to give my testimony for almost 2 years, I guess the Lord decided that today was the day, he is REAL people, he is, and all we have to do is to redeem ourselves to him and ask for help, he is waiting for us to do so. 
    We don’t have to suffer along, Jesus died for us, so we can live an abundant and long life. 
    To the Lord be the glory!
    God bless you all.

  • I don’t understand some of the things I’m going through or my children and Justin are going through but God sent words and visions to me through dreams so I’m surrendering it to him because he said everything will work out in his time not to worry about things out of my control

  • big ups elliott stay strong from Alberta Canada! was 125 pounds when i started watching your vids now im a healthy 165 years later

  • if bioenergitics and meditation are so powerful and helpful, why don’t they have them in the army? wouldn’t it increase an armies power?

  • Predictability
    Elliott meets this nerd, vanishes and now?
    I’ll wager he took the time off to train the guy and we’re soon to see a big reveal.

  • This pandemic teach us the importance of a HOME not a home itself but a HOME in the HEART of the FATHER and the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT they are our FAMILY in the HEAVEN our TRUE HOME����������������������������

  • Elliott is a Sage, and people may see him as soft in many ways these days. But damn YALL MUST’VE FORGOT… He has that unstoppable Primordial Fire of the Spirit within on some other levels, 100.000.000 bovis. Fucking Volcano!

  • This. This is the purest form I have seen of bravery and confidence. I’m done sitting down and watching time go by. #strongestversion

  • So what of he quit his job? another job is easy to find. find a room for rent on Craigslist and your back on. He is young and this is his time to explore. you guys talking crap have no idea how easy it is in the US to get on your feet. He rode how many miles? good for you man.

  • Stumbled across your channel the other day. You’re fucking inspiring man!!! Subscribed! It’s people like you who make success in fitness and strength visible for people like me. Thank you

  • My adopted 38 yr old daughter, wife and mother passed away on father’s day last week! I know she is healed and in the arms of Jesus!! I give thanks for the gift of her life in mine! We listened to this song week before and we cried together! Bitter sweet!

  • I love this video. I love the initial song as well. Really adds to the power of Elliot’s words. Can anyone tell me what the first song is?

  • Hello

    Fighting is not my thing. I have never had a fight in my life. This is partly because I have brittle bones so someone could easily kill me and also the fact no one has ever really been mean to me… Until now. Some guy in my college comes over to me and my mates with his mates and today he insulted my mum but not like a joke, he was being aggressive and he told me to fight him but I genuinely can’t fight. I can tell one white lie and say he hurt me and they will have him expelled. I can fuck up his life with false accusations. But that’s a weak and pathetic. If I just take the beating and let him hit me, will I be respected?? I’m new to any of this so hope you can help

  • There is that one thing that a lot of successful people do that almost all other people try to never do, and that is figuring things when you get there. Most people swear that they have to have all the stars align first in their favor, they have to have the adequate amount of knowledge, money, circumstances, and skills before they will jump. Successful people have enough, or maybe nothing, but they jump anyway and have faith (in many things (higher powers, luck, their knowledge, their intelligence, the world backing them up, or just their own powers of perseverance)). They always have faith in their ability to work it all out as they go.

  • Off-topic of the video but still a question that i just can’t figure out myself, The pull-up, wide grip palms facing away from myself. I simply can’t do it, i’m 187cm tall 100kg dude who is getting big results in pretty much anything, deadlift weight going up, bench press, squat etc. Simply can’t develop strenght to do a pull-up still, any tips on how to get strenght to lats for them?

  • started watching you in 2014 after my first deployment. got me into strength training and taking care of my body (diet, stretching, mobility). Watching your videos kept me motivated during a bad break up. I appreciate it.

  • Elliot…

    Your soul is so amazing my man…

    You have moved so many hearts because of your words.

    I love you in every part of yourself.

    And i love you that way because i love myself that way.

    And is so clear to me that now on you move from a place of love…you have become more softer with yourself and i love that!

    One day we will meet elliot i can feel it.

  • The Bible says that our life is but a vapor in the wind. We are all here for just a short time so we need to make sure that we do everything we can to have a life meaningful in God’s eyes.

  • Idc what anybody says about this man, whether someone thinks this guy says some bs or not.. they are wrong, yoou can’t possibly be this passionate and not be going the right way

  • I am facing some medical challenge’s that after listening to this song, I will push forward to Pray for God to heal me. Thank you Mercy Me!

  • two years ago, April 19, 2018, I lost my grandmother to ovarian cancer. 10 months ago, October 9, 2019, I lost my great grandmother. and now, 8 days ago I lost my friend to a brain tumor on Saturday, July 11. 2020…she was 18…she was a counselor in training at Camp I am(church camp)and was awesome. all of these people were hurting. a lot. Grandmama had tubes and needles sticking out of her and couldn’t keep hardly any food down. it really sucked to see her like that. she fought cancer for 5 years and finally our Lord Jesus Christ told her it was time to go home. I visited her for the last time on Earth 2 days before she went home. I listened to this song on repeat the whole way there and when I hugged her I said you’re almost home. I’ll see you there one day. Ginny(great grandma)was 90 and couldnt walk very well and couldnt remember a lot of things, like the day and stuff. she is home now. Mallory was in a lot of pain. she couldnt walk. could barely hold food down. the last time I saw her was a year ago. a year ago today actually. I never got to see her when she was sick. I wish I had.

  • IMAGINARIUM by Secession Studios…If anyone else is like me and has been searching for this song for 3 years, well I accidentally found it!!!

  • If Elliott created a modified mp3 version of this for getting out of bed and getting shit done and put it up for sale, I’d definitely buy it for my alarm clock ringer

  • The world needs more people like you. You are inspiration to many and I love your message God bless you might thank us but we thank you

  • You’ve taught me so much that i needed to know and accept. I’m doing things now that 4/5 years ago i would never have dreamed of doing

  • You are an inspiration as every other man should be.As you’ve mentioned before to be the greatest version of yourself.I am one of the lucky ones that realised alone, but you’re doing a great job believing and inspiring people to understand.A ”have to do” checklist” won’t change anything than just the image of yourself.What changes you is your nature of thinking and perceiving and the only way to do it is to believe you ‘are it’, and not ‘be it’.You need a life without a ”have to do” and ”want to do” but actually do,because you are it. Congratulations on your achieved goal and I wish you more and more that will fullfill you. Thank you once again for a great video. All the best!

  • I can appreciate what this guy has done! But I couldn’t watch all the video coz it’s just so fucking cringe worthy, listen to the guy romanticising his struggles, “Well it was February not too long ago” he’s making it in to a story! Hats off to him for the feat, that’s all I’m giving him

  • I also love the rain. I can go out barefoot in the middle of the night, when the city is sleeping, and just stand in the rain and smile. It gives me peace, and it makes me feel closer to nature. If I am in need of finding some perspective, that is usually the time I find it.

  • with the evil in the world these days, I find my heart being so heavy but I remember that this world is not my home for my home is being prepared for me. There is so much greater in store than the pain and heartache we face in this world. Jesus is coming back soon and so therefor I am almost home but I will keep pressing as God grows my faith. I will trust him

  • Wisdom. As a new trainer, these are the exact things I want to incorporate into the lives of the people I work with. Definitely inspired.

  • Yo Elliot I love to work out but what would be the best work outs to get me big and cut quick, i gain muscle/strength very quickly i usually work out to 1 to 2 hours 4 to 5 days a week but never gained the real results that i want, if you could help that would be amazing thank you.
    Jacob White

  • Awesome and inspiring! These old gym clips took me way back… back to when I started watching these videos and my life began to change.

  • Great video. Btw the 90% of your brain thing… A brain operators consciously and subconsciously. Conscious operation uses around 10% of the brain’s capacity while subconscious operation uses the remaining 90% of the brain’s capacity. The saying, “we only use 10% of our brain” is misleading.


    Armageddon’s 4 Horses are the BOW, SWORD, SCALES & FIRE = Send it, Strike it, Split it & Sear it.

  • Yo Elliot,

    I’m a fan from Holland and I have a question for you! I’ve been watching a lot of your clips and I feel the information you’re sharing is genuine and in most cases from your own first experience.

    I am a muslim and as it is, Ramadan has been three days now. So, my question is: Going to the gym during Ramadan (Vasting month) is a good idea? I am reading a lot of mixed information. Some articles state yes, though watch out for blacking out or losing consciesness. Others state no, because it is an assault on your body.

    I’ve decided to go to the gym and try to stay at the level I am at. Thing is, we have 22 hours of not eating. What would be smart to eat during that small time window I have? In the middle of the night:P

    Hope you’ll answer my questions! 

    Good luck with everything.

  • Iv been coming back to this video for almost 6 years straight. This video helped me start my fitness journey and has continually helped me through it. I have gone through many jobs that I have hated and just been unhappy. I am now a qualified Personal Trainer helping people reach there goals and become their strongest self. Thank you Elliot ��

  • Abuela
    There is so much heartache that comes along in life and brings grief… not only death, but most certainly there, too. I saw a new website creating a community of folks to encourage one another who have endured grief from many situations… perhaps it would be of help to some…… BUT we must remember We Are Almost Home! There is much we can do in the meantime. Blessings to all who are hurting and may we all find ways to help and encourage one another even when we are hurting ourselves.

  • People are attacking this dude unfairly because they’re getting the wrong idea. He knows exactly what he is doing, especially for committing to bike 1,000 miles. Elliott is always saying the system is a choice (work, retire then die) but this guy didn’t want that. His PASSION is fitness which is what he wants to pursue in life. He was saying he has stuff to camp and that he isn’t letting the unknowns stop him from his passion. He is rebuilding his life. As Elliott said, he had respect for him and he wouldn’t have put this up if he thought this guy was an idiot as other comments suggest.

  • Nice video man. But why did you include those part with the party club? In my point of view completely unnecessary and out of topic. The rest great <3

  • All you who are the forgotten, the lowly, the outcast, the homeless, the poor, those that this world threw away, those who were nobody on the earth,” 
    Come you are invited to the weddingfeast of the Lamb!
    “This world may not have cared of your existence, of who you are, and may have forgotten you, but you will never be forgotten here. Well done My faithful ones, welcome home.”

    GOOD Shephard of the flock of God:

    ††† PDF: (the supper is strongnr. 1173 (Rev.19:9)
    But in Matthew 22 the dinner is strongnr 712 a meal of the feast BEFORE the supper.

    COME you are invited!!!

  • Truly an inspiration. Literally watch most of your videos multiple times a day to motivate me to continue on my strength journey. You’re the man! All love

  • Always loved your material Elliott, you were one of the most important inspirations to me when I first decided to take fitness seriously. So happy for all your financial, spiritual, physical, and mental success. Nothing but love for you dude.

  • Hey Elliot im a big guy fat bro. But I’ve been looking at all your deadlift videos trying to get that right form. Question is should I even do deadlift or fuck it and just do it

  • I watched this movie called, “I still believe”……..And I had god speak to me while watching it and crying……I now love this song!

  • I just turned 58 and thought that I knew alot about strength training and life. Turns out I don’t know shit…..Thanks Elliot, I’m feeling stronger every day

  • Hey Elliot. I am a fifteen year old football player. I was wondering if you could help me. In the beginning of the summer, I strained my lower back deadlifting. I took a couple weeks off, but I played through the season. Throughout the season it got worse to the point that moving around was an issue. The season has ended and I want to get in the weight room, but whenever I try to squat I get extreme hip pain. However, deadlifting extremely light weight (around 135 max) has been ok. I’ve seen some of your videos and have been stretching my hips a lot. I want to get back to lifting hard. Please help

  • Yeah, I’d like to know what this dude is up to now and how it worked out for him.
    I both respect him and think he’s batshit crazy at the same time.

  • SERIOUS QUESTION! Elliot, i recently broken my splint bone. It is my bigest injury in life. And my other leg is realy getting stronger while i put all my weight on it while i walk with crutches. Tomorrow i’m getting my cast off. I wonder how i could rehabilitate faster and even my injured leg catch up with other one?

  • This song made my soul sing and weep. The finish line is near. Indeed, we’re almost home now with Jesus Christ. Forward we go for God’s greater glory!

  • No one caught the last part….He said “Farewell to Yo Elliot…done”. I hope he isn’t done here. Strength training is awesome but this is helpful to me on levels outside of exercise.

  • Thank you so much for your songs. I really needed to hear this one today.
    I lost my husband a month ago suddenly, and just days before our 28th Anniversary. It’s been real hard,especially since I believe that the bible teaches we sleep til Jesus comes again vs being able to talk them. (No offense to those that believe differently) So, knowing we’re Almost Home…. helps. Keep sharing God’s love and God bless.

  • I just had to revisit this, one of the best videos on your channel. Thanks for all the motivation, and for sharing your experiences with us.

  • It sound crazy stuff but why you feel the need to throw all what you have and start from nothing? not a smart choice you did there but we understad that u want something to push you but BRUHH that thing you did can eat you also so

  • Yo Elliot, I have recently purchased your lean hybrid muscle program and I was wondering if you ever had any issues with stretch marks and how to get rid of them.