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HOW TO GET INTO FITNESS + STICK TO IT | Weight Loss, Fitness, Weight Gain and More!

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How To Create Your Perfect Workout Routine + Stick To It!

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Stick to the basics If you’re just getting started, don’t be tempted by the newest, flashiest fitness class on the block. It’s better to establish a routine with basic cardio and strength training movements that are both accessible and sustainable. 7 TIPS TO HELP YOU STICK TO YOUR FITNESS GOALS IN 2019 1. MAKE SURE YOUR FITNESS ROUTINE IS ONE YOU ENJOY.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but if it was, then it wouldn’t be 2. SET SMALLER GOALS.. Another reason some aren’t able to stick to their fitness goals is that their goals are too big 3. Get motivated to stick with your fitness routine by plugging into a podcast, playlist or audiobook. To stick to your regimen, you need to find inspiration from within.

Instead of looking at exercise as a way to impress others or gain the approval of your peers, use it as a means to become a better version of yourself. 3. Plan your workouts in advance. Something I found that work quite well when it comes to sticking to your fitness routine is to make it part of your work day.

Some people will exercise early in the morning, others during lunch. I go to the gym after work, before going home. Thus it feels like my free time has not started just yet if you know what I mean?Buy new workout clothes.

6 of 27. Nothing motivates you to stick to a healthy lifestyle quite like buying the wardrobe to match it. It may seem vain to spend money on even more tights, tanks, shorts and shoes, but try to see it as an investment in your health.

Stick to the basics. If you’re just getting started, don’t be tempted by the newest, flashiest fitness class on the block. It’s better to establish a routine with basic cardio and strength training movements that are both accessible and sustainable. Or maybe you’re skipping your workout altogether because you don’t have time for the full routine? Break up your physical activity into a.

Here are my 3 Best Tips for Sticking with Your Fitness Program 1. The KISS Method – Keep Things Simple When embarking on a new fitness journey, it is. Don’t dive into the hardest activities first—everyone’s gotta start somewhere. The best piece of advice when it comes to setting and executing your fitness goals is to focus on one goal at a time.

3 Studies have found that when people focus on one goal at a time, they’re more likely to complete it.

List of related literature:

Make sure that the goals you set are specific, measurable, realistic, and achievable, taking into account your overall health, your current level of fitness, your doctor’s advice, your age, the resources available to you, your time limitations, and your personal interests.

“The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook” by Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, Matthew McKay
from The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook
by Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, Matthew McKay
New Harbinger Publications, 2008

After completing the first step, make a list of your general fitness goals.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
from Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2005

The first step is to get a fitness journal to keep yourself motivated—it can be an oldfashioned notebook, an excel sheet, a notepad on your phone, or any other fancy app on your computer that you’re most comfortable with.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

The next thing to do is to figure out which fitness regime you like and what you enjoy doing.

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

Find out which activities suit you, your interests, your schedule, and your current level of fitness – and do them!

“Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies” by Rob Willson, Rhena Branch
from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies
by Rob Willson, Rhena Branch
Wiley, 2009

We do this by helping you determine your fitness goals and showing you how to achieve them.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
from Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform
by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
Human Kinetics, 2004

You can use a variety of repetition ranges to achieve your fitness goals.

“Sculpting Her Body Perfect” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Sculpting Her Body Perfect
by Brad Schoenfeld
Human Kinetics, 2008

Change your regimen regularly and don’t be afraid to attempt different ways to get fit.

“Rugby For Dummies” by Mathew Brown, Patrick Guthrie, Greg Growden
from Rugby For Dummies
by Mathew Brown, Patrick Guthrie, Greg Growden
John Wiley & Sons, 2007

Do this to get an overview of the requirements for your goal, and then begin working out on your own or with a partner.

“Kabbalah, Magic, and the Great Work of Self-transformation: A Complete Course” by Lyam Thomas Christopher
from Kabbalah, Magic, and the Great Work of Self-transformation: A Complete Course
by Lyam Thomas Christopher
Llewellyn Publications, 2006

As for your postworkout routine, remember that eating sugar and protein elevates the concentration of insulin in your blood and encourages fat storage rather than fat burning, so try to drink only water or green tea for as long as possible.

“Belly Fat Breakthrough: Understand What It Is and Lose It Fast” by Dr. Stephen Boutcher
from Belly Fat Breakthrough: Understand What It Is and Lose It Fast
by Dr. Stephen Boutcher
Gallery Books, 2014

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  • Consistency. We dont talk about that enough. We all want motivation, motivation and motivation doesn’t last or you can actually find it in 30 seconds by going to pinterest and typing motivation. We dont need motivation we need consistency and embrace and love and accept those dreadful 2 words that everyone knows and ignores. HARD WORK.

  • When considering eating healthy, you must never fall victim to modern fad diets. Extreme diet plans are a danger for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your every day nutritionary intake. While they might generate fast weight loss, these diets will never be a long-term solution for your weight problem. It is best to search Custokebon Secrets on google as it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Yea, I have to disagree. People should enjoy the food they eat as well as the workouts they do. The reason most people give up is because people push whole food diets on them. Let’s be real, whole foods can be extremely boring. Flexible dieting is the best way to go because it means you don’t have to cut out all the foods you like. Once you cut all of your favourite stuff out, you will fail. Cheat days are also a huge way for beginners to fail bc since they go so long without having a snack, once it touches their mouth it’s game over. It’s more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle and eating completely clean is not something majority of people can do. For example I have protein French toast every morning. I add a serving and a half of dark chocolate chips to it and have light syrup but I also use white bread. It fits my calorie intake and it also doesn’t make me crave chocolate bc my brain doesn’t forget what it tastes like. Also movement is not exercise. Some people would hear that and think oh so if I just walk around my house a few times a day I’ll lose weight. Those are the type of people who work out abs once and look in the mirror expecting to see them. Remember when you say things like that there are people who believe that. Those are the people who want to do the least amount possible with maximum results. If you want to lose weight go for long walks, go on runs if you can. Find something exciting like skipping and take it slow at first. Just my thoughts on your approach to things

  • I can confirm that this works ���� A few years ago when I was on my weight loss journey, I kept a calendar to record the workouts I completed and I followed free workout plans from the internet. The weight came off slowly [I was losing 1 lb a week] but eventually I reached my goal weight.

  • I love love love coming back on YouTube and watching your videos. Your wisdom shines so bright that I can feed off of it. You truly are amazing! God bless, and thank you ❤️

  • Just started training to run distance again so I can run with my husky when she grows up. This is going to help me keep up with it. I’m going to plan my running days and the distance I want to run Right Now! Thanks for the video!

  • Your videos have helped me so much! They’re not negative and they don’t promote unhealthy weight loss, they just encourage people to be happy and healthy and find fitness in their own way. Keep doing what you’re doing, Cambria! You’re amazing ��

  • I bought a guide thinking i would be motivated, turns out my commitment issues CREATES anxiety when wanting to try the guide. Wtf is even wrong with me

  • Is this the video where Bo hung your ring light from the ceiling fan? ��
    By the way, I absolutely love your intro and how you edited this video!

  • great video <3 love your smile:* you guy's lucky we don't have a Nice makeup or tea that good and ship in my contry only expensive bad things:(....

  • My will power gets stronger during the day because the day is almost gone and i gots to get going and moving and on right track asap time is ticking tick tock

  • Such a great motivation! I get so stuck sometimes trying to work out but, really not wanting to. Even though I know I need to! Awesome video thank you! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get your grey shirt from in the beginning? So cute!

  • I don’t have a car or a gym near walking distance, that’s what stopping me, I try to be consistent but there are days where I don’t wanna go and end up regretting not going:(

  • I’m really really loved this video! I suffer so much with anxiety about going to the gym! I went today for the first time in months! Felt so good after. It just trying to make sure I can keep it up!

  • This is exactly what I’ve been needing!
    I lost my motivation in May of this year, when I moved out from my parents and in with my boyfriend. My whole life has been so stressful ever since haha… Having to build myself a cozy, comfortable home in my apartment, doing adult stuff such as grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry etc… It took me months to get used to those habits. And all summer I’ve been working like crazy, actually almost hit the wall.
    2017 was the best workout year for me ever, and I’ve been dying to get back to it. You really give some great tips here in this video, so I’m definitely making a plan with these new great tips and mixing them with what I’ve already figured out what I need (changing gyms etc since I don’t like the one I’m going to atm). Thank you so much!

  • Id struggled most of my childhood being overweight but when I got to university I needed to feel better about myself so I did a few things I started eating a balanced diet and started 20 mins of exercise a day that’s it! If like me you struggle with motivation click this link they currently have a deal for 50% off!
    Ive attatched it below for you
    kind regards

  • Hey Joanna a question for you that might be a bit personal you can ignore it though.. Are you Korean? I heard a little bit Korean accent but your English is perfect! If you are now in N. America, at what age did you come?

  • This so helps. I always push myself way to hard with workouts I think which really discourages me a lot. Like one time I worked out to them point where I was in tears.

  • Another great video! �� I just started using doTERRA a couple months ago. Would love to see you do a video on how you use them, which ones are your fav, etc. Xo

  • I’ve been trying to cut Gluten out of my diet because I have really bad stomach pain all the time. and I workout everyday but it always seems like that little bit of extra fat stays on. I tried to stop eating Gluten cause i thought that may be the cause but it’s so difficult. I reach for bread and pasta and crackers and things. So i was wondering if you could talk about Gluten substitutes.

  • I fully agree that positive thinking is one of the most important success factors. It is valid for everything you want to achieve in your life. A lot of people are used to see the downside of everything instead of trying out first. Also most people expect quick results. They do not consider that if it took a couple of years to put on the weight that it can not be shredded within days or weeks. You have to stay focused an committed. And yes, it is hard work! But there is no reason to combine that with a lot of fun:-):-):-). I have one more tipp: Choose a piece of clothing that you really love but that no longer fits. Pin a picture of the last time you were wearing this piece on your fridge, on your closet and next to TV or Notebook. For me this is always a great motivation!!

  • I GOT SIX PACK IN ONE MONTH!!! I took diet plan from NextLevelDiet. With their diet plan and tips, transformation is guaranteed, trust me. They also provide you with training plan and healthy recipes.

  • I LOVE watching your videos! So motivational! Thank you for always inspiring me to be the best version of myself! <3
    P.S. Where do I get your planning materials from? SO Cute!

  • This video made me realize how mean I’ve been to myself about fitness and eating. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. This helped me a lot with my mentality towards myself❤️

  • I was reading through some of your news letters this morning and I decided to watch a couple of videos I had missed, this one included. I have to say my day has really been made so much new positive energy. I can feel God’s mercy washing over me as I listen to you Cam, you have such a gift and reassuring others is one of them. Thank You so much for the hard work you continue to pour into your videos. Love you to pieces!!!!

  • I’m not enjoying your videos anymore and it’s breaking my heart because I love you as a person and you’re super good at what you’re doing. You grow and it’s so nice to see, I wish I could actually be interested in fitness and all those things you talk about

  • For nearly 2 and a half months I had been doing a great job starting, learning and readjusting workouts and meals to fit what was best for me. I think I had went down a good amount and I started noticing muscles in my arms I had never seen before. I was happy and proud of my progress. But school and a new job made things harder and the longer I went without working out the harder it was to get myself to start again. It’s been nearly a month and I have regained all the weight I lost.. But I just finished a 30 min workout secession and I feel so much better, I’ve readjusted my workouts again to fit better into my new schedule. I’m starting off small but it’s a good start. Thank you Joanna! You inspire me to be a better me!

  • I must admit i was on roll until we got hit with all this bad weather.
    I already missed 4 days.
    I have been eating on a routine.7,10,1 2, 3, small portion, and then a very light meal.

  • This is my 38th day with you and trying out your meals YUMMY. looking forward to the 66th day with you (66 days to make a new habit)

  • hii I m following u from last year but from few months I am nt doing any exercises becoz I got job and no time for exercises. now I gain so much wait. I cant understand what to do? Plzz help me Joanna

  • i’ve been using your videos to exercise at least 4 times a week for about 2 weeks and I can already visually see myself slimming down! thank you so much

  • Great video with simple/powerful message! Do you have a link for the Done app? I’m using an Android device and can’t find it (also in the U.S., not sure if that makes a difference) thanks!!

  • I’m going back to the gym this weekend and I really hope I stick to it this time because I keep giving up when I see little progress ����‍♀️

  • This video makes me love grace even more. The fact that she knows that cutting out food groups isn’t necessary nor overly health is so great for every impressionable parson who follows her <3

  • I am as young as 15 years old and I weigh just over 100kg
    I am absolutely disgusted with myself, I really want to change.
    I don’t think anyone on this earth wants to change themselves as much as I do, everyday I tell myself this is the day I change my life. I could easily get through the WHOLE day with barely any food and I wouldn’t get hungry.

    It’s those segments late at night that ruin me, I always end up slapping or hurting myself in different ways to stop and just wake up from the binge.

    It’s something I’m so ashamed of and there’s no way I’ll talk to doctors or even my parents which I why I can’t find help.
    I’m at a point where I’m almost about to just give up on everything I can’t handle this, I’m such a shameful useless piece of crap. I feel so bad for my mom as she seriously deserves the best daughter this earth could have

  • Rachel, How do you figure out why you have a habit? I have a habit of staying up till 3AM usually watching television and then sleeping all day. Been trying to figure this out for years now any ideas?
    I read your book and enjoyed it. I just had a problem with it in the section on wardrobe the picture of the black item was so dark I could not tell what it actually was. In the section with the paint colors the main color in the room was very hard to tell the difference.

  • Your my hero. I soooooo needed this video today. I am such an extreme person. I feel like thats one of my big problems. Thank you so much for sharing. This video was amazing! The information and the editing!!!!

  • what’s your opinion on group fitness classes at the gym? Cause I don’t know how to put together gym workout routines in the weight room and stuff… are group classes equally, less, or more effective? ex: bodypump, zumba, barre

  • Rachel, your eyes really pop when you’re tanned! Your editing is amazing as always! It really synchronizes with the tips and makes the video dynamic!

  • can you make a video on how to work or study after workout as it feel too sleepy after workout…and your videos are really helpful… thank you for making videos….

  • My cooworker laughed when I told them I was going to reduce weight with just using Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed them amazing results right after I used it they’re begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won’t let them know the detail about this diet plan, haha

  • Well yesterday I just found out that I have too much fat around my kidneys. And I really need to change my eating habits, be fit, and live a healthy life. So thank you so much for posting this. It really gave me a better understanding of life.������

  • Can you give us an idea what habits to use to replace the bad habit?? I stress eat a lotttt and stuck in finding a good way to replace it

  • Grace, how did you cope with breaks on your journey motivation wise? I was doing really well and now I’ve ended up in a break that’s almost 3 months �� I know that I’m gaining weight but would you know how breaks affect the body? Great vid as always xx

  • You when I saw this video my first reaction was. Who the fuck is this. She is gorgeous. I literally almost choked on my food. I have a very short attention span but do to the beauty in front of me I learned something tonight. So thanx and stay fine with your bad self.

  • Happy new year sweetheart hope ya had a fun night and ye are safe and well etc, dropped my like as always ���� everyone drop ya likes and shares for this gorgeous woman she deserves soo much more support and followers, much love jade

  • I think the best part of your channel is the fact that not only do we get good sound advice, but there’s practical wisdom in everything you teach. It’s so refreshing and right on point. Always a subscriber

  • so i haven’t been watching you’re videos lately but i started too bc it’s motivating. DUDE you’re editing got so much better i’m amazed love love youre work all of it

  • Love your videos! I can really relate to them. It’s my first week of doing your kickboxing workout and it the first in years that I really enjoy and look forward to! Pls continue to do what u do!

  • oooh, love the gym bag. I always get myself cute little workout things, like a hair tie or water bottle, and that tends to motivate me to want to work out so I can wear it….IDK why

  • My biggest goal: stop putting so much importance on my body appearance and instead accept myself and live a healthy, balanced life. It’s all about self love!

  • I love how honest you are in this video!! It is hard and sometimes I feel some youtubers make it sound like it’s so easy and it’s not! I lost 25lbs fell off and then gained it back and now I’m trying to get back into it.

  • Omg Grace, I’m gonna cry!! thank you so so much!!This came at the perfect time, I build a really good fitness routine earlier this year and I stuck to it for several months.. until uni work and exams started! I felt terrible because of getting out of it… definitely gonna start getting into it again now
    You’re the only person out there who gets me motivated

  • My guy I just recently discovered your channel thank you for providing some fire content must I make 1 reccomedation GET WELL AND GET WEALTHY

  • I’m trying to lose about 50 pounds and I just couldn’t find the motivation, but I think that changing my perception will help a lot! Thank you so much!

  • I downloaded the 8weeks challenge last year I think I lost around 5kg. I wasn’t able to do it the whole thing but it did push me to run at least twice a week with 5k min per run. I learned I dislike weight training especially when I’m alone. I also learned that I can take it slow without feeling guilty. My take away from the 8 weeks is that I was able to form a healthy habit and having a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be stressful. Maybe next time I could give weight training another go.

  • I make up all these false rules in my head constantly! I don’t know Why! I feel pressure from myself to workout in the morning. thank you so much for this video❤

  • I have one simple trick I try to use, jealousy. I have a friend 1.5 years younger than me (female) and she already has abs thanks to her gymnastics

  • Yes true I always share to my Facebook friends my progress for doing my fitness routine and also the foods I eat I encourage many of my friends every day I’m doing my work out live in my Facebook many of my friends challenge for the result of what I’m doing����

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (just google it) help me lost tons of fat? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about this popular fat burn method.

  • What do you think of lost lots of weight using Custokebon Secrets? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets.

  • Love how the notification came as soon as i finished journaling and can you guess what i wrote? How i wanted to change my habits, this was so handy and you are such an inspiration ❤ love from Brazil

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine)? I have noticed numerous amazing things about this popular weight loss secrets.

  • Hi Jade, I’m due to have implants under the muscle in March, as I have to have a double mastectomy in October (I have the BRCA2 gene, so it is risk reducing surgery). I forgot if you said your were over or under the muscle, but I wondered what the pain is like, and how long it was before you felt you could train your upper body xx

  • I just had some carbs for dinner, when this morning i decided to start keto again with heaps of leafy greens. I’ll try again tomorrow but its hard to kick of carbs.

  • My cousin laughed when I told them I was gonna lose fat with just implementing Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed these people extraordinary results right after I used it they are begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won’t let them know the detail about this diet plan, haha

  • I love your mentality, structure and advice, I’ve learnt so much from you Rachel throughout the years and I’ve seen you grow from strictly losing weight, to body building, to keto and to who you are now love your balanced mentality to health and fitness!!! Xxxxx

  • Hello there, I want to know if Fenoboci Diet Plan, will work for me? I see a lot of people keep on talking about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • My family members are not allowing me to have a balanced diet. They think that I will become weak by eating less what can I do please tell me……

  • I started on March 7 and signed upon LifeSum as you have also suggested…I have already came down to 61kg from 63kg and is more energetic and people are noticing that my body have toned up. My motivation is to be healthier for my family and to hopefully enjoy more in life. Thanks for being all over the socmed Joanna! xoxo

  • My friend laughed when I told them I was going to lose weight with just implementing Fenoboci Diet Plan, but after I showed these people awesome effects right after I used it they’re begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won’t let them know the details about this diet plan, lol

  • I loved this video joanna its perfect for me as ive had multiple attempts at exercising and completely failed. So this video reassured me that i can succeed

  • It would be a waste for you not to shed body fat while other typical people are capable to slim down very easily using Custokebon Secrets (google search it).

  • OH MY GOODNESS! THIS IS THE 4th of JULY and my comment 3 hours ago (below) was cut short when I quickly turned OFF the computer after feeling the sudden burst of an earthquake in the Mojave Desert of 6.6 which is quite high and it rocked us longer than usual (not just a short burst of “energy”). So, my 38th day of watching your videos certainly was a special occasion! BYE!

  • sometimes it becomes quite hard to pursue the fitness goals that we set. At times you just feel demotivated and other times you’re tired. But we have to keep reminding ourselves to fight all that and focus on the plan to be fit. Some effective ways are given in the link below, must visit.

  • Just now seeing this video for the first time. I don’t comment ever! But I’ve been struggling with this exact topic. This was very well needed to hear thank you.

  • I have reached my goal w weight/ fitness. But I am having a problem w maintaining. I have a problem w my lunches…..we get free food at work it is unhealthy and it is set up right next to my office. I meal prep for breakfast but I don’t have enough time for lunch prep. I spend 4 hrs in commuting to work. Does anyone know any suggestions?
    Workouts deceased to only weekends. I am so tired after work. This week I will make it in to the gym at least 2x and keep my weekend gym activity. The struggle is real even after obtaining the goals.

  • hello I recently start following you.. love your techniques.. please I see only lose weight I am trying to gain weight… what can I eat and do…

  • I think an important thing for beginners is educating themselveslearning about foods and their macros!!
    I used to make my portions of rice and potato so much smaller and then I’d finish dinner feeling unsatisfied and eat unhealthy snacks after. When in reality, rice and potato are perfectly fine to be eating on a daily basis! Potato is a carb but it’s low in calories so you can eat a lot of it, which is great for weight loss. I eat rice or potato 1-2 times a day and I still make gains ��

  • wait did you get hotter or did i get gayer?? or is the world exactly the same as it always is and its actually just me projecting my debilitating mental state onto it…

  • Hi Joanna, I’m just now starting my fitness journey and I’m 15. I want to thank you because you’ve helped me motivate my self and help me throughout this process. Tank you Joanna!:)

  • I rarely leave comments on yt but I just needed to say that this video was sooo good and there was so much good energy that it just made me subscribe to you instantly!

  • So I’m being healthy Around 4 or 5 month lost over 40 pounds now and yesturday I had huge party I drank smoothie ate veggie wrap ate yogurt, ate banana homemade ice cream which is 2 bananas and some strawberries and I didn’t like it so I added ice cream and later at 8 I drank small Starbucks drink and I didn’t gane any pounds

  • Thank for sharing and making this video! I love how you summarised everything into short simple points ��❤ definitely rewatching and making notes and putting into action ��

  • Cambria I just love watching your videos. At first I was like well I can’t do much working out right now bc of my health, but your videos are so fun and inspiring. I just want to schedule in stretches and minor things I can do. Ah thanks for following your passion. Your videos bless me every time!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • i am having a really bad week… but i know that i will pick my self up again cause im travelling to my hometown to see my family and i want to be fit in front of them,, thank you so much Joanna you are truly amazing

  • I’m doing 5 days a week, not excited honestly. But I know I need this. For myself, for my future kids, and wife. Even for my immediate family. I wanna be the best me I could be. Thanks for this video! Helped me a lot.

  • I had such a weird relationship with food the year before I got into fitness. My first year of uni I was so restrictive without even realising it because I was worried about not having a great student loan, so I would be so tight with spending money on food that I became so underweight. As soon as I started training and learning about nutrition I couldn’t believe I’d spent a year starving myself to the point I would just go in shops and stare at food then not buy it, like what the fuck?! Now I cook myself huge hearty balanced meals like you and I’ve put weight and muscle on as I’m into lifting the same way you are, never felt so strong!

  • This video let me know I’m doing a good job. I’ve been dieting for about 3 weeks now (this is the longest I’ve ever stuck to my diet) and I told myself I wouldn’t step foot in a gym until I got my nutrition right. 90% of the time, I eat 1 ingredient foods but sure there are times I’ll “cheat” but after those cheat meals, I always flush it with a gallon of water & green tea — I started at 175 and I’m 166 now. Ima give myself probably another 2 weeks before I start working out.

    Hopefully by my birthday in February, I’ll be 115 �� wish my luck

  • Thank you! At first I lost my motivation, but because of pumpup, I got motivated again! I already burned 142 calories in the last 30 minutes according to pumpup.

  • What do you recommend to keep me motivated in the very beginning of my weight loss journey? I’ve been keeping at a healthy diet and exercising 5 days/week and have lost no weight. I’ve only been at it for 2 weeks, but I was expecting to lose 1 pound a week. I feel like I’m doing something wrong

  • I was trying to count my sit ups while watching this video and at the end when she was like “24..26..27…” she was messing me up I was like “shhhh!”

  • You’re glowing Rachel! Also thank you for this video. I agree with everything you say! Once you’ve managed to get those habits into your every day life, it becomes a second nature as well. Take care. xx

  • “The best workout you can do, is the one you CAN do.” >> wow I needed that so much!!! I’ve been sick lately and I’m sloooowly getting back into working out-it feels too slow, but I’m trying to listen to my body. And also this video was so beautiful, I love all the flower shots and everything!

  • Any one tested out the Custokebon Secrets (google search it)? I have heard several awesome things about this popular diet plan program.

  • This was so helpful, I am definitely hard on myself, but lately I’ve been trying to do better. The tip about getting a diary and writing out your week is so true, once school started up I just stop working out because I was so “busy” with work and school. Last month I started scheduling my time and I found myself able to workout again about 4/5 times a week and still having free time. It’s all about planning ahead.

  • “Don’t try to fix this in a few months because you didn’t create this in a few months.”

    Yes, so true!! I needed this because I am VERY hard on myself. ✨����

  • I’m on my way to losing 30 pounds, I’m a bit overweight. I wanted to know how I could stay constant with my exercise and my life style change. Thank you for the info!

  • Joanna, your videos are so inspiring. I finally found someone Who give advices full of good sense. You gave me a goal, you gave me à little bit of self confidence (I signed up to pumpup but I am Still afraid of all critics which could come and destroy all m’y motivation)
    Thank you for everything! (sorry for the fault I’m french):-)

  • before and after fat loss is a great tumblr to check out!! just google it. I love seeing people’s body transformations everyday and it keeps me going

  • I originally starting watching your videos because of the aesthetic everything is so beautifully filmed and edited. But this is why I STAY and keep watching every video you put out. Unlike so many others who just rehash the same myths and bad advice, you share actual research-backed strategies. I recognize the habit formation advice from Charles Duhigg’s book “The Power of Habit.” Solid stuff!!

  • Great video Joanna thank you and thank you for sharing that app with us, as soon as I get my phone back I am going to sign up… love to all here who are doing great things for themselves for a change:) we are so worth it <3 love to all

  • Wats up Brix I’m over weight rightnow 7-18-2020 ok all the things u talk about in your Chanel will see if they really work and I will get back to you and let you know and YouTube know if you are a true person a true friend I’m not trying to bring u down because what u said I just Wana know if your really trying to help people or try to make money or popular I know what your thinking right now why is this guy talking crappy about me.Im not Brix jus Wana see if your working session really works my problem my chest area and lose weight I’m 5-10 235lbs I should be at least 195lb will see

  • So helpful. It may be common sense but I actually haven’t heard of replacing the bad habit with a different one….I think I just found my problem. Thank you!

  • You are an inspiration Joanna. I appreciate all of your videos and have been doing your thigh and stomach exercises daily for the past two weeks. I do wonder how long it should take for me to really see results though? I am not overweight, just not necessarily fit (I am about 4′ 11″ and weigh around 100-110 pounds). However, I am studying abroad in Mexico in about 24 days and I would very much like to tone up and feel comfortable in a bathing suit for once in my life! I would love to know how long it should take for me to see results with these workouts when I don’t have more than a half hour, maybe an hour a day. I’m beginning to feel discouraged because, though I feel better mentally and physically after starting these workouts I don’t look any better. If you could let me know and have any other advice for me I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much!

  • Thanks for the tips Brix. I just found you and you are a real inspiration for me. Thank you.
    I am dealing with my weight also and I would appreciate if you or anyone reading would go follow my instagram to follow my weight loss go to: @holyfatboi
    Thanks and have a good day.

  • I really need to start my fitness journey as I don’t have enough strength to better my beginning dance career, but I have so many bad habits like skipping meals and not drinking enough liquids and I’m also super afraid of the gym like a lot of people. I’m not sure which would be better to start first; start eating and drinking healthily or start trying to build muscle (which I know requires the right diet but I’d be hoping it would be a catalyst)???

  • My goal: I want to lose weight during the six weeks holidays. Only 5 pounds. But enough to prove to myself that I can control my life

  • Literally was going to search for a video like this and ended up in my home page. Always seem to get burnt out with the gym after 4-8 weeks. My biggest issue is constantly craving fast food and drinking. I’m not huge by any means but I’ve definitely put on 25lbs of fat in the last year. This video helped a lot. Any quick tips for me to help with my food and drinking issue?

  • my passion is going to the gym and im obsessed, like its my love not sure why but it is and I want to do it the rest of my life and make it a job so can u make a video of how u started your instagram fitness journey and gaining followers and stuff

  • I have natural curvy genes but I wouldn’t call myself fat but I want to loose a bit of weight but in the changing room at school my friends say to me omg your waist is tiny! You have such a nice figure! And everyone stairs and ik that should make more confident but it makes me less because everyone looks and Im not happy. Please do a video on confidence xx

  • Happy New Year gorgeous girl! ������ your videos honestly make me SUPER motivated (especially this time of the year) for not only health and fitness but Youtube too! I’ve just made the decision to up my upload schedule from 2x a week to every second day, it’s going to be tough but it’s my absolute PASSION so I’m so bloody excited! Love the video as always xxx

  • i LOVEEE this!!! i have recently been coming to the conclusion that i am far too harsh on myself. it started with me realising that i am simply NOT a morning person, and i shouldn’t beat myself up for it just because i’m a nocturnal fuck who can’t sleep like a normal person. i’m further realising that i beat myself up for absolutely everything so i’ve been gentler on myself. i love that you talk about this because i would beat myself up for years for not wanting salad every day, or wanting coffee, or hating smoothies or whatever. (i don’t HATE them, just currently SO sick of them.)
    thank you! love you! xoxoxo

  • Went from 180 to 160 in half a year but started eating more protein and doing consistent beginner calisthenics for a month and now I’m 168. Hope I’m gaining good weight and not bad weight
    Edit: I’m 5’10

  • I’ve decided to go along with the gymshark 66 at the beginning of this year, I’m scared but it’s a good motivation I guess, I love your videos:) xx

  • Just a reminder to everyone not to feel bad over the Christmas holidays! It’s perfectly fine to treat yourself with yummy foods, it won’t derail your progress! The only thing that will set you back is if you eat large amount of treats/”bad” foods for a long period of time. Balance is key ❤️ the gym and healthy food will be waiting for you after Christmas/New Years ��

  • I’ve watched so many fitness videos these last few weeks and this video was the most helpful for me. I can’t wait to take these tips and apply them to my own journey. Thank you!

  • This came at the best time possible. I kid you not I have this horrible routine where I go to the gym two months and quit for the year. Same thing with eating healthy. It’s so so so hard to start a new habit but you actually make it sound easy! Thank you so much ♥️

  • Video idea: what type and size weight do you use for most of your exercises? I just bought your guide and resistance bands and JUST got the email for processing and am so stoked! My apartment has a small gym but I want to make sure they have what I need or else I can buy a kettlebell or weight plates or whatever. Thanks Grace you rock!!!

  • I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets. But I’m uncertain if it’s good. Have you ever tried this popular lose weight diet plan?

  • Basically attack small goals sometimes what makes the whole weight loss or gain muscle goal so hard is that we got school or a job or something in our lives that is of the same importance. You gotta go after one small goal at a time and not muscle it through cause like he said will power runs out but instead slowly make it a lifestyle you dont want to suffer for 2 weeks to lose 10 pounds and then gain it back cause you dont got the right habits Change your lifestyle and your habits before your life can change Good luck to you all and god bless remember its fine to have results but dont let that hapiness take over and make you celebrate and ruin it, the results youll see are just there for you to remind you of how far youve come and if you ever are about to give up come back to this comment and remember this I BELIEVE YOU CAN

  • Is Custokebon Secrets effective to lost crazy amounts of weight? I’ve learn numerous good things about Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine).

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! I can’t wait to share this year with you and work towards our fitness and life goals whatever they might be:) Let me know your goals in the comments below and also if you want to download the app I was talking about here is the link >

    Love you all!!!

  • awww jojo u look freaking cute, yeah by the way I’m one of those who don’t find support from the loved ones. so I found amazing community, they always keep me focus and motivated.. I would like to share this amazing web with u.. you can find them also in phones application.. lots of love..

  • THIS CAME ON MY FEED AT THE PERFECT TIME!!! I recently started roller derby and “derby doesn’t make you fit, you get fit for derby”. I have practice tonight and I decided to be lazy today, but I knew I needed to get up and workout and keep my improved eating habits. Then this video popped up on my feed. Now I’m about to start my workout. Thank you so much for this.

  • You’re so right about all the starting and stopping. It took me about a year and a half to begin going consistently and stop skipping.

  • Just a tip for women who are scared to go to the gym because of creeps that stare at you and things like that, there may be women only gyms in your area! i know they have some in Belgium but i’m not sure of any other places!

  • This helped me so so much! I have been off track for the past few days and just feel so down because I feel like I messed up. I know even you have those days and it just makes me feel a lot better. This week I will attempt to gain back my enthusiasm I had a few months ago. Thank you so much for always inspiring us. I really did need this tonight:)

  • I’ve been following you for years now when you only had a few thousands followers and it’s been amazing to watch you grow in so many ways! I know it’s the worst to compare yourself to others but I always loved following you because I felt that we had a similar body shape/size and you lifted loads and shared the same sort of diet/fitness struggles as me so I could relate to you so much. I bought your original 8-week GFG and loved it too even though I wasn’t new to lifting. But then you seemed to become so lean out of nowhere and I was like OMG how has she done this? Do you think this is down to becoming Vegan because I think it was at a similar time or is there anything else that has changed? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS PLEASE:D ly xxx

  • I am so glad I found your channel. I do have a question. Would you recommend meditation for someone who may not be as likely to loose weight due to stress? I have to loose 20 lbs dr orders due to blood pressure. I have 4 boys and a SAHM and Daycare provider. I am so stressed out and think I may have a cortisol problem Thanks:)

  • My thing is that after school I go IMMEDIATELY to bed to nap like 1-2 hrs
    I‘m just SO tired and I can’t help it, it doesn’t matter if I go to sleep early the evening before
    And my dad always says I should do some fitness instead of sleeping but just SO hard, because I’m SO tired
    Any tips? ��

  • I had to add another comment I have looked down the comments here how lovely it is that everybody here is absolutely lovely such great comments and everyone here on such a great level with each other it makes me smile thank you to all of you I am so glad I subscribed to this channel <3 xxx:)

  • You inspired me to start Keto and give it a try. I’m just going for it, going to get labs done in a few months and see if it’s healthier for me.

  • If I’m really serious about losing weight I will get back to you by December of this year wish me luck Brix can u do a SHOUT TO ME SO I KNOW YOU READ MY COMMENT TO YOU. PLEASE TNX AGAIN BRIX AND OUT OF EVERYONE U CAME OUT THE BEST THAT WOULD WORK OUT FOR ME TNX AGAIN BRIX SEE U IN DECEMBER 2020

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (search on google) I’ve heard numerous awesome things about this popular lose weight methods.

  • Hi Joanna,
    I love your videos and have found them very useful over the last year and they inspire me a lot:) I remeber watching your squat challenge video and that was the video that helped me seriously start this losing weight thing.
     um, I have a question though and if you could help me I’d be really grateful:)
    Over the past year I’ve been losing weight on and off and I sucessfully managed to control my eating habits and was doing a bit of exercise. However, recently I’ve been struggling and keep eating bad food even though I’ve managed to resist earlier and it’s really irritating me as I’m undoing all my work! I think it’s to do with my exams, but I was wondering if you had any ideas of how to kick start my routine again? I tried earlier this week but it didn’t go very well. Sorry for the bother, but I feel like I’m losing hope and I didn’t know who to ask, and you seem to know a lot about these things:) Thank you!

  • I love how simplified this video is. I related to this message so deeply. It just takes the “pressure” off and allows you to ease into the lifestyle!

  • I really appreciate you educating me on your fitness goals I lost 200lbs in 2010 had a kidney transplant 2014 steroids put 80 lbs on me I had weight loss surgery 2016 however 20/20 I have gained 35 pounds im trying to get these pounds off your education is so helpful. I’ve already started my weight-loss Journey so thank you for the encouragement. I have watch your journey you’re the best����
    Congratulations on your weight loss

  • This video was right on time! I’m restarting my healthy lifestyle for the umpteenth time and I’m so sick of falling off! I truly want this to be my life

  • Cambria!!!! I love love your videos! I’m a writer and director and my small production co. And I need a quite beautiful beach to film our feature film, where did you get all this beautiful footage? I love the cliffs and the water

  • Graaaace this is so helpful! I’ve been active since 2015 and have been through all the leaps and bounds as well. You’re spitting out exactly what I preach. Love it!

  • Good shit bro, plain straight and simple for those that start out to hard then crash then say it’s too hard, take it one step at a time, ������

  • This is interesting.. but I can’t find a link to episode 1.. even searched on YouTube but I can’t find it.. maybe add the link in the description box? Thanks.. new subscriber here ❤️

  • Thank you for this! #4 was SO helpfulwhat you said about it not being the end of the world because you missed  a day or two but getting back on track as soon as you can, THAT is exactly what I needed to hear. I’m about to go workout now. lol Thanks again!:)

  • Hey There! Thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (just google search it), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you tried Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard several great things about it and my cousin lost a lot of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • I’m pretty sure this is the second time I have watched this video, but it is so motivating and inspiring. Everything you do is such a blessing!:) Basically, you rock!

  • Woah.

    The last video you made and I watched had you looking mad posh and “millennial pink

    Now you’re looking trendy eco hippy. Like the one that talks about healthy sustainability

  • First, love your videos. I’ve learned a lot from following your journey. I saw a shirt on one of your other videos that said something like “exercise is a privilege.” Not sure if that’s the exact words, but it was something close to that. I tried finding it on the product link under this video, but apparently the site no longer assist. Not sure how to find your product, and specifically that t-shirt, but if you could let me know I would appreciate it. Thanks so much!!

  • I can create a personalized workout and supplementation plan for only 5 dollars. Click on the link below to go to my fiverr gig and get more info. Thank you.

  • I’ve been working out for about 2-3 years now and no results. Only because I haven’t been consistent during any time. When I say 2-3 years I mean in between times.. I get so motivated to do better to work out but sometimes I get so lazy.. so therefore I’ve not made a difference. But this video has made me think otherwise. Start off small n work ur way up don’t try doing it all at once, is the best thing I’ve heard. And as of today I’m going to try my hardest and be consistent and not give up. THANKS TO YOU! Thank you I love this I’m so glad I came across your videos! I appreciate you ❤️ ��️‍♀️

  • Thanks for making this video it helped a lot because I lost 30 pounds and last week I ate lots of sweets and now I don’t know how to come back to healthy life

  • I love your content and amazing editing skills, but I do have to say that I find that you look totally unrecognisable in your newer videos compared to your very old videos and that I was a little shocked how much you’ve changed

  • Yes consistency is key! At the end 2014, started slowly losing weight…kicked up the gear this
    March….2014…265…down to 205 by 2017…went up to 226…now 174 (lost 52 since March 2018).
    I workout everyday (mix of cardio/core/strength) from home and use the fact that I have a dog to walk…and kick that up. Its about an hour a day. I also work on flexibility too.

    The main thing is diet. Start small with swap outs, take a short walk after dinner. Moderation is key. Easiest is to cut out/down is sugary beverages…they add up quick. Pick workouts that you like, pick a time that works, days that work…pick good foods that you like. Watch your portion sizes.It won’t take overnight…does not have to be perfect…but do not quit.
    I am aiming for another 24 pounds! ����
    If anyone is reading this that does not think they can’t…stop! You can. Just be consistent and start small and not overdo. Its all about the build up.

    He is so right with all his points.
    TY for the upload

  • Thanks for being so real about how hard is to stay in the fitness loop. I love working out but it is hard and keeping the other life responsibilities in line is a lot.

  • This was just the video (and the motivation) i was looking for. Thank you so much this was so helpful. I loved this vid! And u seem very nice definitely subscribing to ur channel! X

  • Hi Joanna!! I LOVE your videos!!!! <3 I want to ask you a question. Which exercise is the best to get a six pack? And how long it takes to really see the change? Please i hope you answer me! Thank you so much!:*

  • I recently started my weight loss journey. I’ve been going to the gym and I completely cut off soda and started drinking water. I still feel bad sometimes because I don’t eat healthy but I try to make myself feel better and say to myself that at least I’m starting off somewhere.

  • Rachael your grey tights are exactly what im looking for! Seam free and high waisted! DO you remember where you got them from? Thank you so much and i LOVE the new direction of these videos!!! xx

  • As specialist, I do think Custokebon Secrets can be good way to lost tons of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it’s going to work for you too.

  • Wow you are shining of the screen! You realy look so good! The hair, the skin-tone, the shirt. Just perfect �� and of course loved the video. Thanks for sharing! Greetings from Belgium!

  • <3! I feel like you read my mind and made this just for me! I've been so caught up in trying to fix or change so many things that I'm overwhelming myself. I need to slow down and focus on my wins. Thank you for making videos like these. One of my top go to people to inspire me to keep on growing.:D

  • Hey. You’re really great. Personable, positive, & also blunt. Just subscribed & going to start watching more. Willpower has limited energy. So dang true!!! Thank you!!

  • I’m weird I guess �� I love burpees, spin class, the elliptical and lately the stair master �� Mind you I used to despise the stair master ��������������‍♀️

  • Hi Rachel, i love your videos and content and fitness progress. But i do notice that your face looks a bit swollen. I’m not sure if it’s your lips. But, does it has anything to do with the PCOS?

  • NEEDED THIS. Took a pause my fitness journey for the last 7 months because I was sick of it. Ready to get my shit back together. Love u xx

  • Wow I haven’t been consistent in the gym and this was just a great refresher and reminder of me trying to get back into the gym! Thank you this helped ����

  • Is Custokebon Secrets effective to lost tons of weight? We have read numerous good things about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • Hi Joanna, thanks for all these tips! I have tried several times trying to keep up with my goal but I kept failing.
    Then I discovered your videos which have helped keep going!! I cant thank you enough for helping me see the benefits, this time I most definitely will achieve my goal. Thank you very, very much!! 

  • Happy new year Jade! I am in a bit of a pickle because I am booked in for a breast augmentation at the end of Jan but I am scared to loose too much weight as I don’t want my boobs to look weird. I know you have had a breast augmentation so I was just wondering if you found it effected you when you loose fat? Xxx

  • It’s exactly like you’ve saidthe best thing is to motivate yourself with small rewards a new beautiful sports bra, a protein shake, a nice smoothie… So you kind of “earn it” with workout.

    After a short while working out itself becomes the best motivation though, because the body gets used to it and you feel so good! It’s just the beginning that is hard, really. We need about 20 days to get used to a new routine, so my advice would be just get through those 3 weeks anyway you can it’s so worthed afterwards.