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Obese to Beast: Steve Shaw’s Complete Body Transformation Plan

Video taken from the channel: Massive Iron Steve Shaw

Steve Shaw Obese to Beast Since that week in 2013 I’ve managed to lose 100 pounds. My body weight went from 346 pounds down to 236. I believe I’ve also added 10 pounds of muscle during that time. I’m often asked how I did it.

This article contains the basics of my body transformation plan. Remember that it took me 3.5 years to make this change. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue.

Related: Steve Shaw’s Body Transformation Plan; Obese to Beast My 6 week strength program is not a powerlifting peaking program. Let’s not pretend that it is. The point of this workout is to help beginners and intermediates build a muscle base and pack on strength in an optimal manner.

Related Steve Shaw’s Body Transformation Plan Obese to Beast. Men If you are obese by the age of 20, you’ll lose an average of 20 years off your life. The average life expectancy for men is currently 69.8 years. [2] Drop 20 from this tally, and if you’re obese by the age of 20, you’re statistically likely to live only to the age of 49.8. This channel was created to help everyone that is on their journey to losing fat and becoming fit!John David Glaude runs the YouTube channel “Obese to Beast” to help people move from sickness to fitness.

Glaude, who once weighed 360 lb., reclaimed his hea. Do you want to transform your body from obese fat to muscle fit but don’t know how to start and what is the best diet and workout r. August 20, 2019 Steve Shaw Yoga and Running The Best Weapon Against Obesity? If you’re looking to both improve your health and lose weight, then it’s time to take the combination of running and yoga seriously. These can be broken down into any type of workout plan, from full body to body part split.

Minor areas of focus include biceps, triceps, hamstrings. Perform 6 to 9 sets per week. Optional body parts such as calves, traps, abs, forearms, and rear delts can be hit with 3 to 6 sets, if you feeld this amount of work is warranted.

Now it’s time the get shredded with the Beast Phase of the program, where the goal is to reduce body-fat percentage while maintaining muscle mass. This is achieved by drastically reducing the amount of carbs and increasing the percentage of your calories coming from protein sources. Why Do I Have to Cut Carbs?

List of related literature:

Seriously concerned about his condition and his performance, he reported that he had been desperately trying to lose weight, particularly because his contract required him to maintain a certain weight and body fat; his ultimate goal was 257 pounds (166.5 kg) or 13 percent body fat.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
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In other words, his program is about transformation—not just losing weight.

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His current goal is to maintain this weight and body composition throughout the competitive season.

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This fat adaptation occurs in the first weeks of our plan and will be described in Part 2.

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Brad tries faithfully to follow his new diet and exercise program.

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He was of medium build, with a little soft fat—not pudgy, not skinny, and not muscular.119 Of course, we can’t change our basic bodily structure, but to become fat is especially bad for devotees.120 Yet also, to become thin and starved like the yogis is not our process.

“Brahmacarya in Kṛ̣ṣṇa Consciousness” by Bhakti Vikasa Swami
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[102] He changed his physique by eating small meals of egg whites and apples instead of regular food intakes,

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He also added running to his training regimen to burn off extra fat, and he increased his commitment to weight lifting to maintain his lean muscle mass.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
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And the strategies he uses when designing workouts for his high-profile clientele are the same ones he employs to help you burn fat, build muscle, and improve your overall fitness.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
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One year later he was still following my program, and had dropped his body fat from 42.5 down to 18 percent.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • When I started the video I thought it was a transformation video. You should totally make one with a metal soundtrack. Very motivational. Either way good video as always.

  • Hey Steve. I’ve followed you from the bigger times and always enjoyed the info you out out. I think it would be good if you could show the before and after so new people can see how much of a transformation happened. I think it’s quite awesome and have a lot of respect for what you’ve done!

  • Your a great example to show for those (myself included) who feel down or hopeless that change is possible or probable. I admire your straight shooter demeanor. Thank you for sharing.

  • Steve, great job!  You inspire so many people.I absolutely cannot stand vegetables.  Raw carrots I can eat all day, and broccoli I can stand but eventually get sick of.  Do you know of any sustainable ways to eat things while enjoying them consistently?

  • Awesome video! We’re all guinea pigs of Ancel Keys and the standard American Diet for the last 50 years. It’s obviously completely failed and the plug needs to be pulled on it. This experiment has killed more humans than all the wars combined. The guinea pigs die a slow death… diabesity, cvd, amputations…

  • Are you sure that your wrists measure 6.5 inches? It’s rare to find anyone with small bone structure packing on that weight. Yes muscle memory is real,but so is fat memory, diet is very important after loosing that kind of weight.

  • My partners 60 pounds over weight but doesn’t seem very motivated to loose it. We have young children and i know she needs to get in better shape but how can i get it across to her without hurting her feelings?

  • Steve the other day…I moved 25,000 pounds of stone and dirt for my in-laws to fix a drive way. We worked about 8 hours a day for three days. My lifting with functional movements…with dead lifting and farmer walks carried over and I was able to last. I had no help and I got it done. It was an amazing feeling to get a job done and to know my training prepared me. That is what it’s about! I lift to help me in life….not to just look good. Keep up the good work!!!

  • On a real note this was an amazing message. I’ve caught myself arguing with legit doctors in the comment section.

    Ohhhh. I learned from YouTube how to increase my 1 pump max! Lol jk. My 1PM.

  • Steve you know that wearing woman’s pink thong underwear increases all lifts by 6.29% any day of the week so get the fuck out of here with this red underwear on Thursdays bull shit!

  • Get out of my head, man! It seems like every time I’m struggling with something, you post a video about it… it would probably creep me out if it wasn’t so damned helpful. So… keep it up? lol

  • Thank you for being living proof that one can make it out of a phase like that. I am in the phase of just having been broken down, if you know what I mean. Thinking about starting to vlog myself and journaling my journey to emotional and mental health.

  • Hi Steve, like many others are posting here we share a lot in common. I went through a period in my life where several major and negative life events happened. This is where I became a recluse from society and friends and turned to food for comfort. I’m glad to say I found my way back and now enjoy a happy healthy life. One of my turning points was discovering weightlifting and the mental health benefits it provides for me. Professionally I turned my negative experiences into a positive and now work within mental health support here in the UK. My work involves everything from helping people with low confidence and self esteem to public speaking and appearing on TV and radio. Thanks for sharing your journey Steve I’m sure plenty of your viewers can identify and relate to your experiences.

  • Seems like you are real man. Everyone has struggled with shit in life, that’s just the way life is. Great content man keep the videos coming

  • Steve,I have a few questions, do you wish you began your weight loss journey as a younger man?
    Where you stronger back then or now?
    Also should a younger man sacrifice his health by being over weight to hit life time PR’s,then mid 40’s just cut back?
    I ask these questions because I’m chasing life time PR’s and have personally found I’m a lot stronger when over weight, I’m approaching 38, are the risks far greater than the reward? Keep up the good work I enjoy your vids

  • I lift best with my blue underwear, ��nothing but gains. This is why I follow this channel, Athlean-X, and Alan Thrall for fitness advice, they tell it how it is.

  • It took a lot of courage to share this, and I hope you take pride in being able to face your traumatic past. Here’s a book that you may want to read. In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, by Gabor Mate. You will no doubt feel its resonance.

  • Now you just released a lot of internal pressure. That’s good for health. People should have blow outs more often. Blow outs for health!!! YEAH!!!

  • Wow, thanks for sharing. I also suffer from anxiety. I started weight lifting 2 years ago. I was bullied a lot when i was younger and abused mentally and verbally by my parents. I’ve had a low self esteem for as long as i can remember. I find that my body transformation is helping my confidence. I have always been the skinny kid, which has then as i got older the skinny fat bloke. Now i am more muscular and lost my body fat. I just wish i started traing years ago now. I have a disadvantage now as i started weight lifting at the age of your channel, your honesty is greatly appreciated. Alos could you do a video for us older guys. I want to get the most out of my training at this late stage. ��❤️

  • Love the no bullshit style of these videos. I’m just starting out trying to get in shape. I don’t have any plans other than cutting out the shit in my diet and exercising, just pull-ups, push ups, sit ups and squats and running for now. My goal is 100 of each per day and 5k run, 5 days per week. I’m not trying to be Arnold.

  • Fuck Steve…i myself have my demons with my father…can understand it quiet good. I think i would try to fight for the family as well because i couldn´t leave my family because of my father too. Glad that you found a way to survive mentally. Thanks for sharing!!! That´´s what humanity needs. Showing feeling honestly. That´s true strength in my point of view

  • Much respect for opening up, no judgment on this end Steve. I am glad you are here, alive, healthy and helping others. You’ve helped me change my life around, hope to be able to pay it forward as you’ve done in my life personally.

  • Diet is more important than cardio for weight loss. Was 240 and got to 200 in 3 months by cutting all carbs. Salad and chicken every single day. Had no energy so cardio was sporadic at best. But if your meal plan is spot on you will lose weight regardless. Now around 190 and reintroduced some carbs back in the diet. Cardio is good but diet is where it’s at.

  • Really glad to see you sharing so many personal details, for some of us it really makes the journey a lot easier. Also as a side note I really respect how you continue to be respectful of your ex-wife even now. It really shows how strong of a man you’ve become after going through all of that, still being honest to the fact that you’re not going to go around bashing someone for your own issues.

  • You’re correct on the subject matter, but YT is an entertainment platform where you can get paid. At the end of the day, people want to be entertained, and creators will do whatever is necessary to get paid. Worrying about what is on someone elses channel and making videos about it is a losing battle.

  • Did I just watch Steve Shaw or Alan Roberts? lol You two, Jeff from Athlean-X, and James “Tiny” Vest are the only “Fitness” YouTubers I watch. And the SECRET to Deadlifting is going commando.

  • Need help with tendinitis of the elbow where the triceps connects to the outer forearm…..sadly enough I’ve been concentrating on biceps and I believe the suppination of dumbell curls are the culprit…..

  • Fair play mate. Really impressive and really pleased for you that you have made the journey you have. I am 41 and have been through some real rough shit with anxiety and depression divorce, loss of job, etc. but am now focussing on physical and mental fitness and health and starting to make real strides. Lifting, eating right and meditation. 280lb down to 235lb in the last four months, and still going. Getting stronger and fitter. Onward to the next phase in life!

  • Yep, didn’t know jack$hit until my late 30’s. Younger guys aren’t the only ones who judge, though. Fell into a deep depression after my dad passed away in 2016. Ballooned up to 375lbs. Friends and family offered dime store advice as to how to tackle my depression. Struggles can sometimes build character and provide a better look at ourselves and others. I can relate to your story. Thank you for sharing it.

  • I really wanted to do the keto diet but I just couldn’t manage to eat no carbs. I instead cut calories to 1500 and try to ride 7.5-15 miles a day on my bike, I’m down a good 40 pounds and still have a long way to go, and I know I will eventually need to lower calories even more as my body tries to hold on to the weight.

  • Couldn’t agree more, and the worst part is this online community favours these drama filled shitshows of isolation movements as if THAT’s how you get big rofl.

    Worst thing is the marketing of BCAAs Whey Proteins powders, like bro chicken has creatine in it… it’s all bullshit real food ALWAYS wins.

  • This is so true! People are amazed when they see the transformation I’ve done.
    Your content has been inspiring bhud! Using your book to now to build strength! Keep up the great work!

  • You don’t look at Rich Piana for fitness? I don’t know if I can take you seriously now. This relationship went well. We lasted a while. But no one disses the He-man.

  • I agree with you Tiny. When I do cardio, I lose weight much faster. I lost the most weight in a period doing cardio over weightlifting. I agree with everyone that diet is the number one for losing weight. You can’t outwork a horrible diet, especially as you get older. My experience with cardio is that it is much easier to manage your diet doing cardio. When you weight lift managing your diet is much more difficult because you have to eat for recovery and injury prevention. You hit the gym trying to move weight too depleted and you feel strange aches and pains during and after. That doesn’t happen with LISS cardio, maybe HIIT. Your hunger doesn’t spike as much as it does weightlifting. I’m starving after a heavy workout. I’m starving for a few days afterwards. Not at all the case with LISS cardio. After a LISS cardio wokout, I’m not that hungry and don’t feel any changes in appetite days after. No real soreness. Just less body stress driving eating. LISS cardio with a good diet is very good for weight loss. Main problem is I don’t like it and you don’t get muscular doing LISS cardio. For myself, being lean without muscle is a waste of time. I do cardio and it does help me lose weight, especially weight from bloat, but I choose to lose weight slower focusing on weightlifting. I want to have muscle when the fat is gone, not some lean jogger look.

  • Thanks for sharing Steve. We all have demons we try to face. Some fights we win. Some we lose. Some we never stop fighting. Depression is a nasty beast that many of us fight.

    At 39 I was on the same road as you. I remember stepping on the scale at 287 after my “event” and having that the “change is now” moment.

    A year later I dropped down to 217 and now bulked back up to 235 while enjoying the benefits of a new hobby of lifting and setting goals and making steady progress. Not for PR’s. But instead for mental and physical well being.

    Your channel has been a major factor in helping me through these last 12 months. I appreciate it even more today when you share your personal stories like this. Thanks for all you do Steve. Believe it or not you have probably helped my family and friends to save my life.

  • I think this is why everyone has to calm down on the “hating” as we all suffer to what life throws at us and body shaming or name calling needs to be at a minimum if at all

  • Nice video. Seriously though, there’s nothing wrong with being introverted, between 40-50% of people fall into the category. It’s not a flaw, it’s a natural state of being in a world dominated by extroverts. I get your point though, don’t get me wrong, I just think it’s wrong to put basic introversion in the same breath as being cynical, a jackass etc those are flaws.

  • Damn steve great accomplishment. I looked just like your fat pic thumbnail. After losing 80 pounds over a year and some change im a fraction of my old self and flabby from the skin. Hopefully over time i can tighten up. You look good man.

  • To anyone struggling with weight and have been weight training and are wanting maybe a better idea than focusing solely on a specific number on a scale maybe also go with a tap also if you are under a 40 inch waist I would say you are doing well and don’t worry if you happen to weigh lots for your height and structure

  • Well said, i have seen some proper yuppie lifters giving out piss poor, over complicated, self gratifying advice on a lot of fitness channels. Nice to see someone tell em so.

  • Most people that are into fitness don’t know what they want they wander around like lost sheep…. moving past that, guy’s want to boost their ego and walk around, puffed up with a arrogant attitude!

  • There is a remarkable new discovery that surprised even myself, cardio actually doesn’t burn calories, watch the video from 31:00 till the end

  • The YouTube fitness community has poisoned fitness. It’s nothing but a bunch of drama queens bitching about each other. And the other thing that pisses me off the most, it’s becoming soft porn.

  • I still can’t believe you’re 50. Seriously. You look incredible for your age.

    I really enjoyed this video by the way. It takes a lot for someone to wrestle out their personal demons. Here’s to more positivity in your life!:)

  • I was an overweight kid and was always fat. I tried everything. I did cardio, I tried to starve myself and nothing would work much. I was 6’3, 275, 295 at my heaviest. I eventually started intermittent fasting combined with fasted cardio in the morning and I dropped to 192 lbs. I’ve incorporated more weight’s into my routine, slightly more calories and protein, but I’m still doing the fasting. My window is anywhere from 4 hours to 8 hours depending on the day. Typically around 6. I’m up 10lbs and I look more fit. I ran my fastest 5k last week and all my compound lifts are going up in weight, and I see the results. Im afraid to start eating more often because I’m terrified that I’ll get fat again, but I want to get bigger while staying lean. This channel has been an inspiration to me for a long time

  • Funny how in this “pandemic” I go to the grocery store and meat purchases are limited, or not available, but the vege fruit produce is fully stocked and no limitations

  • Dropped 150 pounds with a combo of diet, weights, cardio and prescriptions (over the last three years). Shifting focus to try and gain muscle for a few months. May not be possible for this old man

  • good info and i agree totally on the cardioi see people do cardio daily and they do not change as a matter of fact i would say they eat worse since they are in a reward zone since they think the cardio keeps them leveli do 20-30 mins 2-3 times per week but i vary it so much that it would appear to be a non routine like 1 week 1 timenext week 3 times week after 2 times etc….great stuff Jameskeep it going

  • I have a question for you: I’ve heard that as we get older that you lose muscle size in your legs more so than in the upper body. Is this true? Like you I’ve been power building for about 30 years (all natural) and I’m 53 years old and at this point I have not seen this happen. I’m just curious if this is fact or fiction.

  • WOW A sexual. I’ve been married for 30 years with an A sexual woman. It’s a REAL thing. I’ve have the same problem you had. I’m embarrassed, lonely, frustrated,sad etc. EATING MY SORROWS AWAY. but, I keep pushing on. I’m a real good looking guy, have a VERY good heart, and wonderful personality.Even at 215lbs.I get looks and smiles but, I respect my relationship despite the lack of. She is a GREAT woman otherwise I said to myself when my son turns 18 I’m outta there but, then my grandson was born, he is 5 now and has autism. He lives with us. He’s VERY ATTACHED to me. I’m 53 years old. 5’6 215 lbs heaviest was 250. I have health problems. There IS A REASON I found your channel today. God bless you. God is good! YOUR AWESOME BROTHER. You’ve JUST INSPIRED ME TO BE BETTER and DO BETTER. THANK YOU. I will support and subscribe brother. Your friend,Da’Sandman.

  • Takes a lot to make such a video. IMO, iron and running make you mentally stronger, and able to stand up and rise up when you’re down

  • I want you to send some advices
    I’m from Saudi Arabia I feel depressed and I can’t lose weight how matter i tried

    Please send me something that helpful
    Thank You ��

  • Hi Steve. I did a search and your video came up first. Hits closer to home that I can say. I can’t tell you how good it is to know I am not alone and the reasons I having problems you understand. Thank you for sharing the details. Otherwise I probably would have just gone on to the next video.   I am where you were for the same reasons. I need help. I’ll fire you off an email. Thanks again.

  • Steve 2 times! You just told my story! My Dad, I loved him and respected him like no other but he was ww2 tried and true! Hard core colt 1911 in his belt a real no bs type of old school guy. It was a tough “be on your toes at all times” childhood. Unfortunately I moved away from my friends at west side barbell. I was at westside when Louie was in the store front on Demorest road. And I discovered drugs. It worked for a long time, but I’ve been sober years now. Looking back my childhood really damaged my perception of the family dynamic. Hearing your story just rang so true. I’ve been training again for a couple years and getting to a great place in my life to be 53. Benching 360 3×1 do 525 with decent form and squat 515 3×1 I weigh 177. Some joint pain for sure! I don’t try for prs anymore just trying to maintain. But life is great! We don’t have to be victims of our fathers, I don’t even think it was his fault. He taught by what he learned. Steve 2 times I love your channel and I watch everything you post. Thanks bro good talk. [email protected]
    I’m like 5 minutes from westside barbell fyi happy holidays

  • Red makes things faster, so you should wear the red underwear during light/volume days and HIIT. Wear the yellow underwear for heavy singles.

  • This is some of the rarest real shit I’ve ever seen. Committed to not leave the kids. Work out all the issues in a long term marriage. We can be prepared but no one knows what will happen to us and what we will face. This is the stuff that happens every day to many people and no one talks about it.

  • G’day Steve. Great video. Thanks. Takes plenty of guts and real strength to be open and share your story. I’m sure it will help others to talk about their pain too. Keep talking.

  • that is an amamzing transformation. i respect the hard work thatp must have taken. u must feel like up can accomplish anything now. gd shit man.

  • Thanks I needed to hear that. Back surgery for me at 39 I’m 42 and working out to stay in shape. So I can keep my job an support the family

  • wow Steve had no idea.It sure takes alot of guts to share that with the world.Im glad your in a much better place now.Longtime subscriber

  • Thanks for the share, I’m 60 and had similar issues and turned to eating as comfort. Getting rid of the toxic people in ones life is the first step in recovery, learning from what one did wrong and why is the second, moving on and investing in oneself is the third. It may be a cliched example, but there’s a reason why airline safety demonstrations instruct the parent to put their oxygen mask on firstone cannot save the people around oneself if one is incapacitated, or dead.

  • True! And the thing that cringe me the most is personalities who claims to be “Alpha” just because they lift and pump gear in their bodies, the fuck how can you be “Alpha” just by lifting things up and down.

  • Good stuff, I just recently stumbled across a video on asexual people. Up until then I never knew of this condition, but it’s definitely real and very frustrating being married to. Yeah the young bucks just don’t know, yet! Your testimony gave out strength!

  • I had a major mental breakdown aged 43..half the reason I began to recover was I got and old weights set out my shed I’d not used in years,at time I was totally not feeling it but thought I simply had to try something as I felt suicidal daily couldn’t see the point in waking up but I willed myself to do two sets of deadlifts..that was it..just with weights I had managed ten day I tried again..then couple days later..sounds ridiculous but it at least felt like I was doing something proactive and almost like a switch turned and after couple weeks realised I was really looking forward to doing my simple deadlifts “program”..I think it wakes up your body your hormones and gets you in an active all you guys struggling with depression etc as I have since childhood please never give up on yourself I went through my own long hell like so many unfortunately but there is help even if it takes time to find and the darkest clouds eventually clear be patient and never write yourself off

  • big dog your story is heartfelt and to overcome is a blessing and outstanding. i myself have finally overcome drug demons from a devastating back injury at 35ys of age. i surrendered to god and he showed me something i myself couldnt refind training brother. I know now why he created me. this is what we do brother. man im touched by your story. Wow. god has blessed u. T. Crawford aka sarge

  • Yes, thanks for sharing, Steve. I’ve battled anxiety, OCD and depression myself. It’s no picnic. It’s awesome that you turned things around in such a positive way!

  • how about a video on how to deal with the increase of testosterone that comes from working out… 😉 does it increase ego? do you get used to it and calm down on being right, etc?

  • Almost all women turn asexual after a marriage because they marry men they are not attracted to. They do turn very sexual once they meet a hunk on the back and cheat.

  • I went from 215-286. Drugs and alcohol. Got clean and sober and started lifting again recently. I’m 7 weeks into training and have cut 26 pounds so far.

  • Very brave, very honest. I didn’t know your back story, I just saw these cool training vids with a strong, articulate American guy and never would have realised you had overcome such adversity. Anxiety and depression are the major illnesses these days for a lot of people and this kind of sharing really helps.

  • Holy Cow! Many similarities here! Both my parents were alcoholics and were physically and verbally abusive. We were poor and I was always hungry. When I could I binge ate anything I can get my hands on. I have always been depressed. I am older than you and still struggle with binge eating and depresion. i am on several meds and am going to counseling. i am working out again and trying Stan Efferding’s Vertival Diet.

  • I have personal experience with anxiety and it can really mess with your head. Takes guts to say what you said at all, let alone on Youtube!

  • Sooooo…..what are the proper percentages/ratios to balance ones lifestyle? and how many days a week should I try to balance my lifestyle? 😉

  • I’ve got a friend who dumps hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on mass gainers, preworkouts, BCAAs, whey proteins. This guy doesn’t want to eat REAL food, you know, that thing that WILL get you massively strong. So he throws all this money at all these marketed products instead of ACTUALLY altering his diet to allow his body to get what it needs with all these workouts. The guy’s burnt out AF.

  • Thanks Gary for opening our eyes and sparking the fire. The” Church” will never admit it’s mistake, but thanks to social media the world will learn. The “Church” is going to look mighty stupid as time goes on.

  • HAPPY 4TH BRO!! My opinion on cardio… however you get it.. rather it’s at work or actually running or walking.. you have to do some kind of cardio to burn the fat off. no if ands or buts about it

  • For too many people, fitness is, in their minds, all they have, hence they will argue that their way of doing things is the best and everything else is bullshit. It’s unfortunate that people’s, especially young men’s, egos are so fragile and poorly developed that they basically aren’t able to view other people’s ideas with an open mind, that they equate their own value purely to being right rather than to what they bring to the lives of others. I’ve been in the fitness industry a relatively long time and this attitude is definitely a large part of what makes it a “toxic” environment for so many people, mainly the people who need fitness the most. It’s good to hear you talk about this reality in an honest way. It’s not that lots of ideas and techniques are bad; they can all be useful tools, modalities, options, open doors to perhaps someday walk through. What is bad, though, is trying to pressure someone to conform to YOUR idea when it may very well not relate to their lives at all and ultimately not help them. Keep it up.

  • Dude I love your page and IG and always have and I’m still listening to your story but you couldn’t have possibly gotten married in 1978, you would have been 11 years old. You just turned 50 right? I’m 45 myself and when you said married in 1978 I’m like how? Did you mean 1988?

  • This video Is great, if someone can watch this and not want to start improving their life’s then they are a lost cause, for 50 years old your I’m mad shape bro, my mate days cos he is 30 he thinks he is too old to make substantial gains, I’ma show him a few of your videos to shut him up and get him in the gym,
    Keep up the good work buddy I’ll be waiting for your next video.

  • I’ve lost 25-30 pounds in one month but I had to change my diet, combined with daily exercise that ranged from weight lifting to yoga. After the initial month it was about 10 pounds lost per month, losing 50 pounds in 3-4 months.

  • I’ve done what I did, at 45 I have to wake up a 1/2 hour early because it takes me 15 minutes to get up from all the showing off I used to do at work and the gym…

  • Steve i could feel the emotion in the way you spoke on these topics and how they affected you not just physically but mentally and even though I’m relatively young compared to the majority of your audience. I agree every one has “battles” in their life they need to fight and i’m thankful that you decided to put this video out as someone who is battling some of the same issues as you this video inspires me to take control over my life and not allow others to influence the way i deal with my issues.

  • Thanks Steve.
    I cut down from 286 to 212 starting last November.
    I hadn’t lifted in 15 years (and never really seriously).

    I started lifting in February. I feel I have probably added back a good 7-8 pounds of muscle as my weight is up to 230 now (I’m 6 ft tall).

    Last night I pulled 400 on deadlift after never having performed this movement prior to June of this year. Yeah I had to use straps but IDGAF. My bench is weak but I’m progressing. My squat is meh, but I’m chipping away at that too.

    One thing is for sure…im way better off than I was at 286. A year ago I couldn’t zip line with a group of colleagues because there was a weight limit. I was embarrassed. I didn’t show it at the time…but I was truly mortified. When I got home from that trip I walked into a gym, joined, and haven’t looked back.

  • So one question for you. Sometimes I don’t think what I am doing is making a difference to my body.. I go to the gym 5days a week, and I don’t think my strength is improving.. My job is very physical and I still make it to the gym.. I deliver beer and its considered the keg route.. So I’m wondering if I’m just tired after working all day is the reason.. I have changed my diet to incorporate mote calories.. I’m lost.. A little advice would be great… Thanks and keep making these great videos����

  • I obviously don’t know your ex-wife, but I doubt that she was asexual. If that were the case, she probably would have never dated you, let alone married you or had sex with you at all. The female sexual response cycle is a great deal more complicated than a man’s. It’s possible that she wasn’t attracted enough to you to have a robust sex life with you. Perhaps there was something that was done or said to her during the relationship or before the relationship that affected her profoundly enough to cause her to avoid sex. She might have had some hormonal issues, body image issues or depression that she never discussed with you. Like I said, female sexual response is an extremely complicated and delicate process. It’s nothing at all like a man’s. Saying that she is asexual because she didn’t have sex with you as often as you wanted might be an oversimplification of the issue. That being said, I can completely understand and sympathize with how that situation might have driven you to overeat. Seems like both of you were having a pretty tough time.

  • you’ve done good Steve. achieved a lot in your life despite what you have mentioned in this video.respect to ya,from an Englishman

  • There are some medications on the market now prescribed for binge eating that where not originally prescribed for that. They help people control their apatite while they lose weight and adjusted their body to the lower calorie intake. The people then work on what the root of their issues is and gradually taper off the meds while eating to the new BMR. Any thoughts?

  • Great story. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you’ve suffered through some dark times but I’m glad that the darkness did not last and you’re happy now.

  • Big hi from England,,I trained where Bertil Fox trained in London,,, in my 50’s, divorce screwed me,,,,,luv your honesty,,,,I’m mixed race and can relate my ancestor’s on mum’s side were all English and Scott’s military going back to WW1,,,,,,LUV your honesty,,,,,

  • In my opinion this is the best video I’ve seen you make. I can relate to some of the things you shared. Thank you for sharing this.

  • I know exactly how you feel being married to an Asexual. Having kid, keep thinking it will work. 55 years old and been married to her 35 years. Wish I would have known back then what I know now but now feel to old to start over.
    The only thing I could tell young people is that if you’re with a partner that don’t want you ever to have sex. LEAVE THEM NOW AND DON’T HAVE KIDS WITH THEM

  • Hey, great video. Giving your story away like this is a telltale sign that this is now behind you. You somehow managed to grow from it, congrats on the victory!

  • Hey, BTB… this is why I loved MaB… you told “Shhhh… the adults are talking!”
    Now we’re just in a new generation. The tech is better; but people haven’t changed. If anyone will find a better way, it’s you, Steve.


    PS are we supposed to wear underwear when deadlifting?? Oh…my bad.

  • When you’re dead your 3 lift total is 0. Man its obvious as that may be, it actually packs a punch, not personally, but I could feel the shockwave.

  • Man you have no idea how much this video means to me I’m 21 years old married with a son and without going into details a lot of things have happened so far in me and my wife’s first year of marriage. We’re still married but because of all the things that have happened I have fallen into a depression and I’m now the heaviest I’ve ever been at 315 because of late night eating watching this video has put a spark in me and as of today I’m making a change thank you

  • Great video! Like several others on here and you. I can relate. I have been through 2 bad divorces that brought me down and I wrestled professionally for 16 years. I hurt my back wrestling and when I got out, I let myself go. I went from 215 lbs and in the best shape of my life to 340 lbs and completely miserable.Back in February, my doctor told me I was pre diabetic and that is when the fire was lit under my butt. since then I have dropped over 55 lbs and feeling a whole lot better. I am taking back control of my life. I have a 5 year special needs daughter who is my whole world and she needs her daddy around and I need to be around for her.Thanks for your openness and all the content you put up here. Keep up the great work.

  • Same thing happened to me. Went through some stuff a few years ago that just crushed me, destroyed everything I thought I knew. I was always in good shape, 6’2″ right around 200 lbs. Now I am up to 245, and fat. In my life I have stood on the summit of 80+ mountains. A couple of days ago I went on what would have been a fairly easy climb back in the day, but I pretty much had to crawl to the summit.

    I remember as a kid making fun of my dad for being overweight. Swore that would never happen to me, but now I know life has a way of breaking you down sometimes. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • If you’re happy with where you are, don’t have any regrets for what got you there. Besides, sticking around in a marriage that is a good family unit and giving your kids a two parent household is not exactly a bad thing. You did what you had to when it was important for your kids, and then you did what you had to for yourself. Any man should be proud to say as much.

  • Thank you for bringing some balance to things. So much pressure to get to a 500 deadlift 400 squat 300 bench and 200 overhead press that I’ve eaten myself into a thorough state of fatness. I woke up one day and thought holy smokes I need to lose this and get lean or risk being a corpse sooner.

  • Hay Big Steve,,good job,,keep it real and true,nobody’s wants to listen to lies,all for dollar,,my dollar goes to truth,,thanks,feed us with realistic truth

  • 100% FACTS.

    Death by confusion. I used to be so obsessed with the minor details and complicated shit. Like Intermittent Fasting, carb cycling and all that. I was obsessed with trying to play a Beethoven Piece on piano before I even learned what notes were what and correct fingering and posture.

  • Form gurus… Exercise or any activity is usually not hard unless you have physical disabilities or other issues. For example, doing a deadlift is easy, you lift a bar. On YouTube/Instagram or whatever that mentality is wrong apparently. Every content creator has a “proper” form they believe is right and everyone else is wrong to them when in reality, no one is right or wrong. Just my opinion not trying to agree or disagree.

  • Hey man I noticed that when I’m hungry and want something sweet or like a desert I have Honeydew or Watermelon. Can eat lots and very satisfying still lose weight. Works for me but I’m skinny

  • Anyone who uses roids is a loser period. My arms may only measure 15.75 inches at 5 8″. But they are REAL. I take a two week break they dont shrink.

  • You got married in 1977?? You do not look to be of that age. Sorry that this is not substantive but I had to comment on it before I watch the rest of the video and forget. Ok. Onward.

  • You are so right big hairy ugly dude… the average person doesn’t give a fuck about all those hundreds of fitness videos explaining the scientific evidence and research papers on muscle building..if you have a decent diet do strength training and some form of cardio consistently you will look very nice I not taking about having so fucking abs and being ripped.. the dudes today act like little bitches always looking in the fucking mirror staring st themselves..

  • Cardio is not equal and it helps my fatloss. Stairmaster in my opinion is the most effective low impact cardio there is. Sweating is all based on your genetic makeup however I’ve never sweated like I do on the stairmaster. I see so many people wasting their time on the treadmill. But we are all different when it comes to what cardio works, but for me it’s the stairmaster.

  • Jimit seems that the average weight loss is 2-3 pounds per week unless they need to lose a lot I mean maybe 40 pounds or above, then with PROPER and consistent diet they might drop a bit more but including cardio with diet i feel will increase weight loss as doing 30 mins of serious treadmill work will burn 500 calories. I am talking about grade 15 [max] and speed at 4.2, that is actually good for almost 1200 an hour so taking into account a warm-up 500 is average. Naturally grade 15 and 4.2 someone needs to be in great shape to perform that for a full 30 and that isn’t for an obese beginner, doing grade 15 and 4.2 in a fasted state will certainly increase weight loss vs just a diet and depending on what you believe keep your metabolism revved up for quite a while.

    I understand a BB at say 250 isn’t going to be running 30 mins at 5.5 and expect to maintain their size but cardio isn’t just about dropping weight its about heart health and being in condition without bending over and gasping for air while walking at 2.5 mph.  Two different goals require 2 different training strategies, BB compared to say endurance training like even running a 5K would be difficult for many BB, I just feel that a BB should do some cardio to stay in shape and not just look amazing then collapse while walking around the block-

  • Love your channel! Im big hairy ugly dude too LOL I don’t need or want drama, just give me the facts and some encouragement to stay in the gym when the other guys my age are setting on their asses drinking beer. Keep it up!!!!!

  • Steve your dealing with allot of super immature people who have severe self esteem issues. Most of these people are the kind of turds in the gym who fuck around and don’t say much and look the same year after year.. Commenting on You Tube gives them a temporary sensation of feeling worthy. I feel as long as a person believes in what he or she is doing and makes some kind of positive gain, that is what counts. I think its best to not take You Tube serious. I completely agree with your comments om You Tube Fitness I watch videos just to be entertained and once in awhile see something interesting.

  • I bow to you for sharing this. It takes true greatness to do so. Respect! And congratulations for making the change. That is equally impressive and inspiring! Have a great day!

  • Thanks for a great update on cardio! For best results with fasted cardio, how long would you wait to eat afterwards? Or eat immediately to preserve muscle?

  • I dont how much I can say thank you for solidifying this very evident problem. I hope for infinite viewers for you sir. Clear, cut, raw and to the core.

  • I think Steve was saying that you don’t need cardio to get to 20% bodyfat. It’s more important to fix your diet. Fat people need to focus on diet first for weight loss, and when they get there, focus on cardio for the health benefits (and not for the weight loss). Bodybuilders wanting to go below 10% are a different story. I don’t think he was talking about guys prepping for shows.

  • If I want to be able to run the length of myself without wanting to collapse, if I want to carry shopping ( groceries ) to and from my car without being stupidly outta breath and so on and so forth I will do cardio to keep my cardiovascular system healthy. If the cardio burns fat then great that’s a bonus for me.