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GMO’s Revealed: Episode 1

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ARE YOU HUNGRY FOR PRANKS? || DIY Food Pranks On Friends And Family

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FUNNY FOOD FAILS – The Talking Tom and Friends Minis Cartoon Compilation (21 Minutes)

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zero waste what I eat in a day & PANTRY ESSENTIALS… bc you asked

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Stephanie Relied on Friends, Family and a Sustainable Eating Approach to Change Her Life. chevron_left PREV: 7 Quick-Packing Picnic Tips chevron_right NEXT Family and a Sustainable Eating Approach to Change Her Life. by Mackenzie L. Havey. August 31, 2017. The relevance of studying family feeding for public health stems from the recognition of family as a key social environment and material setting for child development of eating patterns and food preferences (Campbell and Crawford 2001, Covenay 2002, Crockett and Sims 1995, Nicklas et al. 2001, Taylor et al. 2005). Most of the food found in the grocery store is the product of an unsustainable food system.

This food is dependent on foreign oil, is destroying soil, contaminates water, has caused disease outbreaks, and may be robbing our grandchildren of the ability to grow food at all. It is often said that consumers hold a lot of power, but I believe that to stop being a consumer is even more. The 2-step way to make intuitive eating work for you Step 1 Sign up for our 21-Day Challenge to Take Control of Your Eating & Never Diet Again ($9.99) starting Jan. 1, and get actionable daily.

1. Introduction. In this review, the term eating behaviour has been used to encompass a range of variables (i.e., food intake, choice, preference, hedonic response [liking], acceptance [intake], willingness to taste, and neophobia). Besides food intake, other measures provide insight into children’s eating behaviour: Preference describes how a food is ranked in. Stephanie meets with her therapist once a week in order to talk about her marriage as well as the relationship she has with her parents. In addition to helping Stephanie seek insight about these relationships, Stephanie’s therapist prescribes Stephanie medication.

This is an example o. All You Need To Know About The 7 Habits. This page provides you with an excellent overview of the seven habits. However, it’s best to read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People as there’s a wealth of information in the book that you are not going to find on any web pages. I really recommend Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Emilia was a careless, pampered adult. Her life took a complete turn after she became a mother. Responsibility came naturally to her, and she began to enjoy taking care of her baby round the clock. The dramatic change in Emilia’s behavior is an example of _

In 2018, together with her family, Bea adopted the Zero Waste lifestyle and since then her life changed. Bea Johnson has managed to inspire thousands of people to live a life with minimum waste. Being the Grand Prize winner of the Green Awards, speaker to many social events, and a special guest to Family annual waste for 2016, Bea proved her.

well when she got better she took all her money of her mothers house and fled with the help of a friend over the 17 years i have had to travel to south east to see my kids its been okay originally i was to blame for the illness but she had another breakdown recently i wasnt around as she put it on her self by over working and genrally her goals.

List of related literature:

Through dieting, Jessica was also developing an unhealthy relationship with food, setting herself up for issues in the years to come.

“Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School” by Jill Castle, Maryann Jacobsen
from Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School
by Jill Castle, Maryann Jacobsen
Wiley, 2013

She was able to stay with her increasingly healthier way of eating, while occasionally enjoying what used to be binge foods but in small quantities.

“Resources for Teaching Mindfulness: An International Handbook” by Donald McCown, Diane Reibel, Marc S. Micozzi
from Resources for Teaching Mindfulness: An International Handbook
by Donald McCown, Diane Reibel, Marc S. Micozzi
Springer International Publishing, 2017

By the time Stephanie was in graduate school, she was back to bingeing and purgingalmost every day.She admitted it toa group offriends, butassured them shewas managing wellotherwise.

“Food Junkies: The Truth About Food Addiction” by Vera Tarman, Philip Werdell
from Food Junkies: The Truth About Food Addiction
by Vera Tarman, Philip Werdell
Dundurn, 2014

She also encouraged Braden’s parents to praise positive eating behaviors (see chapter 5 for more information on positive reinforcement during mealtimes) and model good eating behaviors.

“Food Chaining: The Proven 6-Step Plan to Stop Picky Eating, Solve Feeding Problems, and Expand Your Child's Diet” by Cheri Fraker, Dr. Mark Fishbein, Sibyl Cox, Laura Walbert
from Food Chaining: The Proven 6-Step Plan to Stop Picky Eating, Solve Feeding Problems, and Expand Your Child’s Diet
by Cheri Fraker, Dr. Mark Fishbein, et. al.
Hachette Books, 2009

Her family is very supportive but moving back into the childhood home has impacted on Melissa’s independence, in particular food choices.

“Dietetic and Nutrition: Case Studies” by Judy Lawrence, Pauline Douglas, Joan Gandy
from Dietetic and Nutrition: Case Studies
by Judy Lawrence, Pauline Douglas, Joan Gandy
Wiley, 2016

She began helping her mother find healthy recipes and learned to make lower-calorie choices when she ate out or snacked with friends.

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
from Nutrition: Science and Applications
by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
Wiley, 2019

I can’t say Beth became an ardent home cook, but she held on to the concept of healthy portion size no matter where she was eating, and she ordered meals she never would have dreamed of ordering before—fish rather than steak; a side salad and vegetable instead of fries; fruit for dessert.

“The Swift Diet: 4 Weeks to Mend the Belly, Lose the Weight, and Get Rid of the Bloat” by Kathie Madonna Swift, MS, RDN, LDN, Joseph Hooper, Mark Hyman
from The Swift Diet: 4 Weeks to Mend the Belly, Lose the Weight, and Get Rid of the Bloat
by Kathie Madonna Swift, MS, RDN, LDN, Joseph Hooper, Mark Hyman
Penguin Publishing Group, 2014

Her motivation to develop a program came from a lifetime of being in tune with her body, from a fervent drive to explore the relationship between food and the body, and a personal quest for optimal health.

“The Conscious Cleanse: Lose Weight, Heal Your Body, and Transform Your Life in 14 Days” by Jo Schaalman, Julie Pelaez
from The Conscious Cleanse: Lose Weight, Heal Your Body, and Transform Your Life in 14 Days
by Jo Schaalman, Julie Pelaez
DK Publishing, 2012

She then hires a nutritionist to educate the family about dining in a healthful way.

“Keeping Up the Kardashian Brand: Celebrity, Materialism, and Sexuality” by Amanda Scheiner McClain
from Keeping Up the Kardashian Brand: Celebrity, Materialism, and Sexuality
by Amanda Scheiner McClain
Lexington Books, 2013

Although she lost weight and stayed involved with the group for several years, Karen eventually left and gradually began eating sugar and other foods that had led to her original weight gain.

“The Prism Weight Loss Program” by Karen Kingsbury, Toni Vogt
from The Prism Weight Loss Program
by Karen Kingsbury, Toni Vogt
Crown Publishing Group, 2011

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • for garlic what i do is to buy fresh, peel and then put on the food processor or blender with olive oil until it turns into a paste, then i store it in glass jars on the fridge. the best part is that i only have to deal with it once a month because it lasts so long and it doesn’t go bad ☺️

  • I think it’s obvious that if I want 100% healthy recipes, I should watch videos of a nutritionist but sometimes I just want a meal that creates minimum waste so I am asking a zero waste expert �� At least for me that’s the reason I was asking for this video (you executed it perfectly by the way), I don’t expect to get perfectly nutritional balanced meals ��

  • This video is so lovely and I love the honest chat about eating habits. I have the opposite problem I never forget to eat and in fact, whenever something feels difficult at work, I have a tendency to stop working and go eat. It’s not a good coping mechanism but hey, nobody’s perfect! I had to pause the video to comment when you got to the green bean cutting though. Did you know that you don’t need to trim the tail end at all? That’s a lot of perfectly good green bean that’s becoming scraps! Trim the tiny little stem end off and the rest is gold. Plus, the tail end is kinda beautiful don’t you think? I hope you don’t mind my unsolicited input on that �� I’ve been loving your channel lately. I even signed up for Thredup when I learned about it here. Keep up the great work! Paula

  • Great episode except for the repeated mention of not eating “complex carbs”. We should eat simple foods (few ingredients), yes, but if eating carbs, complex are the ones to choose (sweet potato over white, brown rice over white, real fruit over fruit snacks, etc). Complex carbs break down more slowly and avoid sudden spikes in glucose.

  • Been watching your videos for what feels like forever and I love you and them so much �� this doesn’t entirely have to do with this video, but just a tip I thought I’d share. If anyone is looking to get rid of old plastic containers/baggies or the like a lot of homeless shelters and food banks LOVE having those items to give to the homeless as a way to store their items, keep their belongings dry, and send them home with left over food. For example, a lot of pre-packaged deli meat comes in cheap Tupperware, which you can use yourself but can quickly accumulate, or if you are cleaning out your cabinets and find you just have accumulated too much Tupperware over the years, or are trying to make the swaps and no one in your family wants you extras you can take these containers and donate them to a shelter. I prefer to do this as opposed to give them to goodwill or places like that because you know they will get used and go to a good home and you get to feel an extra good bonus of knowing you helped the homeless community too!

  • i have to admit im skeptical and while listening to Skeptics Guide to Galaxy (podcast) i was even more skeptical as they constantly make fun of Food Babe and keep re-iterating how GMO’s are safe and how much we need them to sustain. I really don’t think they’re doing it purposely or with bad intent, i just think they maybe jumping the gun when some evidence doesn’t show immediate negative effects? or maybe some organic industry is also a sham. the area is a bit gray no doubt, but there is no way you could blankly say that all GMO’s are fine, and now this program is blowing my mind about the sustainability aspect of that argument

  • Okay this may be such a dumb question but I’m gonna ask it cause one of you will know the answer:D How do people use their own containers when shopping in the bulk section of a store? So like for example, at the Kroger I go to, there’s bulk nuts and snacks and rice and stuff, and you pay for it by weight, so they provide little plastic bags you fill, and then it gets weighed at the checkout, and the bag barely weighs anything so it doesn’t matter. However, if you were to bring your own container and fill it, you’re then having to pay for the weight of the container since there’s not really a way to subtract it out? I go to a refillery to get hair products and it’s a small little store so they weigh your container first and then fill it for you to subtract the weight, but that’s obviously not how it works in a big grocery store. That was way longer of a question than I intended so thanks for reading if you’ve gotten this far!:)

  • Shelby this outfit is absolutely GORGEOUS ���� also try snipping the tops off the green beans with scissors I find it easier and you can do a whole bunch at once

  • Really like your videos and Instagram post. But honestly I find you are turning into selling products in each of them which is getting annoying as you lose authenticity and trust from long time followers like me.

  • Aww you guys are adorable��. Also, just thought it’d be fun to mention: I share a lot of your stuff on my Instagram for all of my friends at school to see:D

  • Everything looked amazing! Just curious I know you live in San Antonio.. do you prefer it to Austin? We live in Austin and are considering moving:)

  • YouTube drives me crazy.. the ads in this video are supporting “ethical” dairy farming… give me a break and let me watch Shelbizleee in peace

  • Please make a video on how you do zero waste during Covid! I can’t make a lot of my zero waste goals right now because so many things are being packaged in plastic.

  • I love this! I watch Immy (sustainably vegan) and though I love her cooking videos they are a bit too healthy for my taste and it’s nice to see some vegan food that’s closer to what I would eat

  • the thing that i struggle with food-wise is trying to find zero waste snacks that are SATISFYING… like, yes i could eat nuts or veggies and hummus or all the other healthy things, but sometimes i just crave some pop tarts or potato chips, you know?? i eat very healthy otherwise, but i can’t get rid of those super processed snacks!!

  • As another plus sized girl I understand why you dont discuss food. It is sad though that we are still judged so often by people. Especially as a woman. Big boys are cute teddy bears we are fat hogs…. ❤

  • If you add Spanish subtitles to this video, I will share it with the man who mows my lawn sometimes whom I had to ask to stop spraying Round Up all over my driveway. If this message got to that particular group, things would start to change. They too care about their health and the health of their families. If the ones that work around these chemicals on a daily basis don’t know they’re being harmed, the revolution will not occur.

  • Great video as always! But honestly idk how anyone can forget to eat! I literally LIVE to eat!! I’m always thinking about what my next meal will be lol

  • Dude I’m sorry but but a good vid most of evryone is just eating wth and it’s ASMR everything was so god damn load especially the chains

  • I can completely relate to forgetting to eat until 3pm. If I don’t have breakfast before I sit down at my desk, I can reach the afternoon without thinking about the fact that I should eat. It’s definitely a workaholic thing!
    Also, you and Madison cooking together was so fun! ❤️

    P.S. I saw on Instagram that you were getting rude comments on this video and I hate that you have to see those. I’m underweight because of chronic illness and I get so much judgement on that. It’s hard to ignore it and it hurts, but it says everything about the person making the comment, not you.

  • What bulk store are you using during COVID when you mentioned “the bulk store”? I live in SA as well and know CM has shut things down for awhile but would love to hear about other options!

  • Watching you share your pantry essentials just makes me happy.:) It’s nice to get ideas of package free things to look out for at the store….plus food! Food is just an all around happy kind of thing in life:)

  • I don’t get it. This is not about GMOs, this is about pesticides…? Dr. Bush is talking about the science he is doing, but he has not published a single peer-reviewed paper in a scientific journal. The “food babe” has shown before that she doesn’t understand chemistry. I don’t think she is a qualified person to pose as an expert for GMO research:D

  • The minute I saw your insta I knew what the comment would be! I hadn’t watched your vid yet so here I am! People have no idea and can be so naive! I am chronically ill so I struggle to excercise. You never know what’s going on with someone’s body, their body so none of your business! I also don’t eat til 3pm! The food all looked yummy! You have inspired me to make more of an effort with my meals! Thanks! ��

  • I also forget to eat sometimes, and then I realised that I have food aversions in the morning basically I won’t eat before noon because I’m just not interested in food. I don’t know why. So now I do intermittent fasting officially, and only eat from noon to 8pm, and it works so well for my body. I find it so much easier having a smaller timeframe in which to eat, and I don’t feel bad and force myself to eat breakfast just because I ‘should’.

  • Omg I’m the same, I always forget to eat! My partner will often come home after work and ask “what did you eat today?” And silence ��

  • I have just completed my Nutrition and Chemistry for Nursing.This Dr is speaking the truth!

    Thanks to Dr. Joel Wallach for first introducing the TOXIC topic of GMO’s 5 years ago!

    Why are food-stores selling Glyphosate?

    Thanks to series like this and TTAC; “The Truth About Cancer” many are beginning to see the light.

    Yes! Dandelions are super foods!

  • This is from 2017? What the fuck. People still believe this Bull Shit. Do people understand that GMOs don’t require pesticides. I thought people hated the use of pesticides. Every fucking thing u have consumed in your life can be considered Genetically modified. Cattle are breed to for milk and meat, and fruits and vegetables are selected over many year to create a crop with better qualities. And don’t give me that Bull shit about montsano liking GMOs. They are a competitor of GMOs.

  • aaaaahhhh i am so stoked to see how your herb garden goes! dont feel like you’ve failed if things don’t thrive straight away, it’s a learning process!

  • Another ridiculous bundle. It’s not worth over $18,000.00. It’s not even worth $100.00. The best way to save money is not to buy it. Since it’s a seven day offer, I imagine Caroline will be posting a lot more for the next week.

  • Have you tried looking for Miyoko’s butter at Trader Joe’s? It’s $4.99 at my local one. A small, local shop has it for $7.99 ����‍♀️ (but the same little shop still allows to bring my own containers so I feel very very lucky)

  • These recipes look super delicious and healthy.
    Just a tip, the little pointy ends of the green beans are edible, no need to chop them off. Less work and less waste. I was so happy when I learned that a while back ��

  • love this!!!! it was so cute when you got excited about your herb garden lol ❤❤❤ made me want to be more zero waste with my food intake too!

  • I love you BECAUSE you aren’t a “stereotypical” youtuber! Thanks for being you. Can you share your thoughts about nuts? I admit I was a teeny tiny surprised to see the cashews only because I have read that they are often harvested with basically slave labor, so I have taken to not buying them. Also read that almonds are not environmentally friendly because they take so much water to grow, however I do buy those because my family loves them. I’m not sure what to make of it all! Your expertise and thoughts would be welcome!

  • “Healthcare provider” LOL bullshit, you’re a chiropractor. Did some digging and not only are you anti-GMO you’re a religious nutjob and anti-vaxx? When crazy happens it comes as a package deal doesn’t it? That happened when you uncritically accept things instead of looking at the scientific studies. Just another sheister trying to make a buck off gullible people by fear mongering new sciences. What a hack.

  • I’ve been loving all the extra content with Madison lately I feel like she’s very relatable even tho she might not always like being on camera �� loved the food video and it’s really just a good way for others to get meal ideas! I learned a lot thank you!

  • I absolutely LOVE your videos. They are SO motivating. Your e-books are absolutely AMAZING!! Like AMAAAAAZING!! Best purchase I made. Of course you will get a lot of negative comments but I don’t blame them. We all have been fed a lot of crap for centuries. The truth is out there you just have to be willing to research and experiment for yourself. Deep down MANY know there’s something not right about the general food intake that’s been advertised as “healthy”. But it’s easier to follow what we know than to go out of your way and search the truth. This means you might need to make drastic changes in your life and that can seem very scary to a lot of people. Keep doing what you do Caroline. So inspirational. Love your work. ❤️

  • Chris Riley. Duke Steele. 1. Vani mat not be an academically trained health expert but has relied on ‘the experts’ and used their academic research to lobby for change in some major food institutions.
    2. She has a right to be heard.
    3. What’s your credibility or contribution to public health? And even if you have this niche education and credibility, it does not negate a voice like Vani’s.
    By the way, I was introduced to the Food Babe by this documentary, and I for one am satisfied she has earned a place to be heard by her positive pro activism.

  • The country now with nearly 330 million people and quickly climbing has made Big Farma and Big Pharma a cash cow of future victims I mean customers. And the entire land and its people are just one big social experiment to see how far can you push both of those entities until they break. That breaking point is getting closer by the minute. When it comes to where to buy your Produce. Wal-Mart would be the first place to flee from like a burning building or an impending tornado. Next would be buying groceries from really any big-box store. Then you have to go to the ALDI-type stores, farmer’s markets of people you know locally their practices and priorities. And buy seed for your own Victory Garden from truly organic and non-infiltrated sources. Like for example, the Amish bakery and mineral/supplement store is full of products from people who already don’t trust the “English world” as they call it. That one which we know is just a giant technologically, corporate construct of business by convenience for huge profit regardless of long-term effects to its end users. If you buy from a nationally-known and even most regional chain agricultural, home-improvement stores you are just buying Monsanto seed. Don’t waste your time. Do your own experiments with cooking and storage and see which produce acts like it should and breaks down like it should and which ones act like a McDonald’s Hamburger and if what you see looks like the latter, chunk it in File 13. In the most corrupt society in the history of mankind, the Western for-profit and population control corporate model, you have to be not only your own doctor but your own Colombo-style private investigator. Nobody else is looking out for you. It’s all about taking the initiative and doing the research. With GMO’s you can’t trust nor verify. Buy local, like real, real local if you can. The rise of GMO’s is one of the major reasons for a new swath of Americans renouncing their citizenship and leaving for anywhere but here, preferably Central or South America or distant Pacific Islands or the Caribbean. Those people aren’t coming back. And the way things are going I’m going to be joining them much sooner than I ever imagined. It’s becoming unsafe to be an American. And GMO’s is a major reason for this.

  • For minced garlic, I recently started throwing my cloves into my mini food processor and it’s so fast and amazing. I have one of those tools I got on amazon that has a whisk, immersion blender, and mini food processor and I find myself using it to make or chop all kinds of stuff. Also, for the scraps of food that you have in the kitchen do you compost? J/w

  • Yikes, another concerning video. She alluded to many stomach problems (with all the digestion supplements and then the stomachache later), and her diet is not balanced. If she keeps this up, she is not going to be vegan for much longer without serious issues.

  • This is not a sustainable diet. So sad…it seems so healthy but when you look at it closely it is so unbalanced! I suggest you talk to a registered dietitian!

  • This is why most vegan bloggers don’t promote a healthy lifestyle. Everything’s about being skinny so it creates mental illness to people and makes them develop bad eating habits and bad relationship with food.

  • That round up commercial… makes one think of the old Italians that used to pull out those dandelion greens, take ’em home, wash ’em and cook them with garlic and eggs…

  • Ahhhh i love it when you upload!!!! love your “what i eat in a day” videos! ps: blue is DEFINITELY your color!! u look bomb!������

  • I have been starting to eat raw vegan recently because my stomach has been extra sensitive to cooked vegan foods. Any tips? Love you☀️��

  • Our bulk bins seem to be open here but it worries me as I’m immunocompromised. Im also really low budget right now ($25 a week for all the meals for 2 people per week)

    Also eff the people with all the advice. It’s one thing when someone asks but like… someone eating food does not mean free reign on advising people.

  • Hey Caroline I’ve done intermittent fasting since January but now summer is starting and I usually spend my whole days at the beach but I don’t know how to keep the intermittent fasting timetables, have you got any advice?

  • This has changed my and my son’s life I literally explain things exactly the way you told me to and he instantly was upset that they were trying to play a trick on him and put poison in his food you are so right in every way thank you so much for this critical information my son is almost 5 years old and his life will be greatly impacted by this one piece of information!!!

  • You are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are 36 you are

  • This is just fantastic. Thank for sharing this. We are on a quest to share the potential of what organic has to offer in africa. Make sure to watch our organic adventures episodes to have a better grasp of organic development in africa!


  • The foods you mention throughout this video sound really good! I’m not a huge fan of the very complex recipes so simple everyday stuff is the best!

  • Saturday, June 27. I have just deleted my MeetUp account. I can longer, in good conscience, support an organization that-even tacitly-supports bigotry and hatred. The national events we have witnessed over the last few weeks are not “cries over injustice” in minority communities. They are attempts to further divide the country and increase tribalism. I find MeetUp’s support of this reprehensible.

  • The girl which gave marshmallows and oreo to Kevin I thing I have seemed her in our Story turki drama is I’m right tell me the girl name is samra

  • If you read these words and you are facing bad times in your life, I want to tell you that you are not alone.

    No one knows the day and time of the return of the Lord Jesus. Only God knows. At the same time there are many indications that we are near the end of this humanity as we know it.

    The main signal is not pandemics or hurricanes or earthquakes. The main sign of the end times is apostasy, which means the abandonment of FAITH.

    That means that Jesus will soon come to rescue those who have believed in Him by Faith.

    We are in a spiritual war for our souls and the final battles are being fought.


    You don’t have to go to church or follow a pastor or keep the sabbath or pay tithing or being water baptized or speaking in tonges or do anything else.
    JUST  confess yourself a sinner and accept Jesus by Faith as your only Saviour and express your Faith.

    We are saved by GRACE not because we worked for it. It is a gift of God to those that accept.

    It’s just that easy.

    We christians are not better than anyone else but we simply chose to live for Him in our daily lives trusting in His words.

    Start talking to God and studying the Bible.

    Romans 3: 23-26

    23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

    24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:

    25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;

    26 To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.

    Ephesians 6:12

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Romans 10: 9-11

    9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

    10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

    11 For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

    Ephesians   2:8-9

    8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

    9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.


  • Insulin is a real medication… it is literally necessary for life for diabetics. Please understand the conditions before making ridiculous and potentially lethal claims about them. Just because you went to medical school doesn’t mean that you are incapable of ignoring your education and falling prey to manipulations of real science. Of course we should compost, of course we should reduce pesticide use, but that doesn’t mean that all science and genetic modification is evil and therefore insulin is a pharma scam. You try taking a diabetic off of insulin and see what happens.

  • Does anyone have a link or lead to where Gunnar Lovelace found the info that there are only 17 more crops due to herbicide usage?

  • Please have Dr Bush review this lecture by Dr Kevin Galalae at this link:
    Dr Galalae shows that the poison food and water is actually a well coordinated effort with intention to reduce the population.

  • WHY does Gunnar (Thrive Market) say to Patrick that we need to NOT eat complex carbs coz they turn into sugar and poison us and our children?! Does he know what complex carbs are?! �� errrr Hellloooooo.

    Some examples of complex carbohydrates that you should always add to your diet include:

    Oats, Beans
    , Whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, bulgur, buckwheat, and couscous
    ; Fruits including bananas, blueberries, plantains, oranges, and apples; Vegetables including broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, celery, beets, spinach, cucumbers, bell peppers, and tomatoes.

  • Awful information, they are conflating GMO with excessive use of herbicides, it is not the same thing. Yes Monsanto has made glyphosate resistant crops which has resulted in excessive use of herbicide, but that in this, it is not GMO that makes it potentially unhealthy, it is the unethical overuse of herbicides and insecticides.

  • Well presented…. Keep up the message GMOs, chemicals and poisoned animal products are killing people…. However I thought glyphosate was originally used as a mineral chelater in boiler systems which was how Monsanto discovered it back in the 60s…No?

  • Excellent! This is the first step in getting people to accept consciousness as a lifestyle. Thanks so much for offering this free to people on YouTube! It is invaluable information.
    I’m in Mexico putting in a 397 m2 organic garden here! Hoping to attract kids who want to learn to grow & teach the local moms how to liberate themselves from corporate chemicals!
    Please keep this video permanently on YouTube! Just IMAGINE the dharma you are creating!

  • Guys i wanna show u tha food emogis ����������☕��������������������������������������������������������������������thes r the foods that i like hehehehahaha

  • The more we learn the more we know. The more we know the more we realize that corporations/FDA/government is NOT really there “for the people”.

  • This is a really good documentary series. This first one is brilliant. check it out. I have articles on GMOs in my book Unhealthy Betrayal, and on my site Have fun.

  • If you struggle with chopping garlic I’d really recommend getting a garlic press! I’ve got one from a brand called Joseph Joseph, I don’t think they’re particularly eco-conscious but theirs is so much easier to clean than others which really helps when you’re using it daily.

  • You order anything from Thrive Market.and you will also see a membership added on in your bank statement. It won’t show up when you’re making your purchase, nothing lets you know you will get a future charge, but it will be there at a future time. They won’t let you get it back easily either. Just sayin’, my experience with Thrive and the upper management their was not a good one and I advise caution if you plan to shop there. Use a pre-paid card and avoid the hassle.

  • Gm food begs the question, is it safe to eat, what harm and hazard does it cause the organs, has it been clinically proven not to cause harm, I have the answer, not at all the people the animals and plants and insects are the real Guinea pigs

  • So if this shikimite pathway is destroyed in plants does say gmo corn not have that pathway as well or are you arguing that the bacteria and other things in the soil are having their shikimite pathways blocked therefore overal tainting and slowly fading out of some of the essential amino acids that should be found in the soil thus effecting the amount we ultimately get from what the plants have available in the soil? And the “round up ready” gmos, dont they produce their own glyphosate?

  • Dr. Zach ßush IS the absolute, Undisputed World Champion with respect to not only his extensive knowledge, but his infinite compassion, fantastic living soil of genuine Love and good humor.
    Humanity as a whole, is forever indebted to your collective experiences and dynamic work!

  • You can make your own minced garlic! Peel heaps of garlic and mince it through a food processor or blender, then add oil and put it in a jar! I tentatively tried it, thinking it may end up all mouldy, but it’s been like 3 months and it’s still totally fine to use!

  • this is the most important reason to get that glyphosat will be forbidden

    See the map of the main transgenics at the world this means that in these areas are fumigated with glyphosate, the quantities of glyphosate that are fumigated are immense (around 300 millios Kg per year at all the world) and glyphosate percolates in the ground reaching the layers of groundwater and when it rains the glyphosate is dragged towards the rivers and lagoons and this ends in the seas Our oceans are the largest producers of the oxygen we breath. Glyphosate blocks an important metabolic pathway for the development of plants, photosynthetic bacteria, algae and microscopic organisms dependent on photosynthesis.This metabolic pathway is called the shikimic acid pathway that allows these living organisms to make their own sulfur amino acids without which they die.

    If the phytoplankton dies and the algae also,

    Who will produce the oxygen with which life on earth is sustained?

    If somebody says the forests i will say they are being destroyed to plant transgenics with glyphosat. and another agrotoxical substances.

  • So is the process of GMO instantly bad for you or the way it’s being modified. It’s no secret that the healthcare system and agricultural industry are best buds. I’m not talking about modified animals fyi just plants if GMO plants are just plants with selected traits could it be possible to create plants without a trait(s) meant to make you sick or is the process as a whole regardless of intention bad for you right off the bat like food modified not for profit but with honest love? Cause I see the goal of this documentary is meant to demonize GMOs but is there no other side of the coin?

  • He touched a Very valid point in when he mentioned the Amino Acid point. Tryptophan is the amino acid that is missing in the human brain that the drug companies try to put back in the brain with Anti depressants

  • #7 has a spokesman for GMO, and it is very helpful and informative. Refreshing and heartening to see the civility. My neighbor grew up on a family farm in Manitoba, Canada; it was not easy! Her father, as do many farmers up there, died of cancer. My neighbor’s brother, I think in his 60s now, sometime ago flipped the farm to organic He said doing chickens organic is very hard, because usually they’ve been fed GMO feed before he gets them. Again, that is refreshing that he is having success; I agree with the guy on #7 that it must be very hard; but maybe there should be more protection for family farms rather than allowing the predatory behavior of bankers, etc. My extended family inherited a farm run by another family for about two maybe three generations now; I just have to keep my trap shut. I knew that, but when I realized that we had signed on to a boondoggle endorsed by the federal gov’t with subsidy, and made some noise, I became anathema. Oops! It was the “wind farm” thing in a place where there isn’t even much wind; but it gives the “green” companies a great tax rebate that offsets other businesses; not about being “green.” Property value is diminished by the monstrosities that do not produce much energy relative to what goes into them in energy and tax dollars. Dr. Thomas Sowell is right when he talks about economics. First 11 chapters of his BASIC ECONOMICS is available on YOUTUBE; the other half I got from the library to read.

  • I also forget to eat. And drink. I get it from my father who used to have the same problem! It worth trying to break the habit though, because he was told by his doctor that this fluctuation of sugar was what likely caused his Diabetes more than anything else. A lot of people aren’t aware of this and go on fasts and skip meals thinking it’s ok but you gotta give your body fuel! ❤️❤️

  • Brilliant, compassionate. One exception. ‘The Green Revolution’ masks a political control system, rather than happenstance. Rosa here documents the UN’s objectives. Dr. Levy’s work

  • Americans are largely naive. This is an aggressive plan to lower world population. National populations are now being relocated to ‘human habitation zones’. Here is the TRUTH about the goals of Big ‘Ag’:
    Unless we face this democide for what it is, they are able to steamroll their objectives.

  • I really enjoyed this video! To me, you are so relatable, I struggle with forgetting to eat as well and it was really cool to see, how you deal with food in general.
    Also, love your little herb garden!

  • At 1:45:50 I think Gunnar meant to say refined-carbs NOT complex…..Complex carbs are starch resistant…Can someone please clarify…?

  • 1963, I remember as a kid, at 9 years old, my grandma told me about the poisons on the shelf and not to touch they would kill you. I asked her why she had them and she told me they were to kill pests. She had all kinds of plants and apple and peach trees. She said you can’t eat the fruit off the trees unless it has been washed. I vowed to never to put poisons on my plants and payed attention to alternative methods when I was older. You are not thinking that sometimes you don’t have all the vegetables you need, not thinking how bad it is until people get sick from the store bought foods are killing you. They did not have organic foods and it was horrible. I could not tolerate the food and barely eating.l

  • Those people that are dying of starvation over in Africa are starving because somebody is not permitting them access to food. And food is not permitted to reach them. It is a genocide.

  • Brilliant work ���� As a type 1 diabetic I know how important food is to my daily living, I have been eating organic for a while now and your documentary has made me change to growing my own organic food………keep up the great work

  • Very Informative. I don’t know if the guy from the Thrive Market was telling the full perspective of they have No GMO? His body language was either singing his belief system or they’re not GMO free all the way? He was saying yes, but his body language was saying No. Hmmmm

  • You know what would be great on that salad? Marinated tofu! I get high protein tofu from TJ, cut it into cubes and put it for about 2 hours in a fridge in a mixture of olive oil, apple cider vinegar (or rice vinegar or something sour), salt, lots of chopped garlic, and any herbs you like (dill, basil etc). And bam, delicious tofu. Plus the marinade will work great as a dressing for the salad.

  • This is all True! I am a average guy tradesman that didn’t think much of it until looking for a now chronic inflammation problem. Don’t make any judgments on just a few videos, or worse yet, a few thumbnail titles!… LOOK INTO IT DEEPER and it will reveal itself ��������������

  • About the Vani Hari, Food Babe blogger, what in hells bathroom is her far leftist political affiliations got to do with this health topic? After seeing that, I see that her diet might have caused an acute form of mental illness as well. Following the Perpetual War/Pro-Drug/Pedophilia Left Party tends to do that. She looks like an America Ferrera, kind of pretty and brown and fairly stupid. What she didn’t say is what Dane Wiginton has been saying for years. BECAUSE OF CHEMTRAILING THEIR IS NO SUCH THING AS ORGANIC ANYMORE. Everything in this God-forsaken nation is covered in a toxic soup. We are much sicker than we’ve ever been (spiritually as well).

  • Weird/off topic question….but would you happen to need help/ online ambassador, or an affiliate to help with your business?
    I’ve just been trying to find a job that aligns with my motives, admirations, and goals. ���� much love ��

  • I can tell you my husband and I are on the front lined. We farm. I have a lot to say….some of what you say is wishful thinking.

  • The Non GMO project certification is GotMeals goodwill to pivot new f(g)ood products to guarantee better health. GotMeals improving the way we eat prepared good food.

  • Talking heads are an absolute necessity for those that aren’t readers. (‘_’) I bid good bye, because i can read faster than talking heads can deliver.

  • Was really interested until the 2nd interview, a shining example of our education system here in the USA. Debate in high school…I wouldn’t of guessed that…seriously

  • I don’t understand the dis on complex carbs. Dr. Greger says 3 servings of beans per day beans area source of complex carbs. To be honest, adding beans to my daily feels like the best single nutritional step of my life. Otherwise, I feel like this was an awesome interview and I will be a supporter of Thrive.

  • The stupidity of you people is mind boggling!
    Literally everything in this video is WRONG! But because you saw it on the internet, it must be fact, huh? LOL!

  • Why? We just like to watch what other people eat while we eat that’s what I do every single day ;P
    Also, please remember you don’t have to rearrange your life so as to make it seem more “normal” (what the heck normal even is?!?)
    Sending you lots of love!
    Stay safe and have a great weekend!

  • I thought I had a pretty good, ever-evolving understanding. WOW, this was mind-blowing. A LOT more pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Thank you for this…can’t wait to see the next 8.

  • This is fascinating. And horrifying. I hope people are educating themselves. Monsanto should not be calling the shots with regard to our health.

  • Hey! Just so you know, you can get a garlic press instead of purchasing pre-minced garlic. I have a great metal press that saves so much time when cooking.

  • ‘If I want advice I’ll ask my doctor’. PLEASE ask a registered dietitian if you need advice, Shelbi. It’s literally their job. Medicine/surgery is the doctor’s job. Or ask your doctor to refer you to a dietitian. (That’s IF you ever decide you want advice.)

  • “Gluten Sensitivity”: ‘Is indeed directly due to the glyphosate -roundup, used and applied to the whole wheat. Thus to kill it off fast for seed harvest. Customarily contaminating the culinary cultivated crops. Hybridization and crossbreeding with unnatural chemical concoctions; causes the concurring clinical conditions. Basically beginning to show up back in the early 1990’s. Fast forwards up until today 2018, humans are becoming sickened by mastermind money making madmen and monstrous “Monsanto”; multimillionaires = $$$’

  • AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1: Advises and Admonishes all American citizens of the USA. As a mandatory must, go through a terrifying-terrorizing; “Truth & Reconciliation Period of Time”. Thus, truly these things are happening right now and shall surely come to pass!!!