Spotify Playlist 80s Sledgehammer


Fifth Harmony Sledgehammer (Official Video)

Video taken from the channel: Fifth Harmony


Top 500 Classic Rock 70s 80s 90s Songs Playlist Classic Rock Songs Of All Time

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Nonstop 80s Greatest Hits Best Oldies Songs Of 1980s Greatest 80s Music Hits

Video taken from the channel: Disco Dance.


80s Remix: Somebody That I Used To Know Back In The 80s…

Video taken from the channel: TRONICBOX


Harry Styles Covers Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” Live on the Howard Stern Show

Video taken from the channel: The Howard Stern Show


80s Remix: Sledgehammer Fifth Harmony

Video taken from the channel: TRONICBOX


Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer (HD version)

Video taken from the channel: Peter Gabriel

The 80s Sledgehammer By snapfitness247. Throwback classics to generate those great vibes! Playlist created by DJ Eagle One email: [email protected] or follow on IG:@djeagleone. 139 songs.

Play on Spotify. Spotify Playlist: 80s Sledgehammer. Lifestyle. 2020-02-03 | By: DJ Eagle One Bust out your leg warmers and throw it back to the 80’s during your workout with our 80’s Sledgehammer Playlist. Music curated by DJ Eagle One. More on this topic.

Jodi The Trainer’s August 7th Facebook Live-Chat!Spotify Playlist: 80s Sledgehammer. Lifestyle. 2020-02-03 | By: DJ Eagle One Bust out your leg warmers and throw it back to the 80’s during your workout with our 80’s Sledgehammer Playlist. Music curated by DJ Eagle One.

More on this topic. Grain Free Lemon Bars; Your Number One Job Is You. Spotify Playlist: 80s Sledgehammer Leg warmers not required. Lifestyle. 2020-02-10 | By: Snap Fitness Bust out your leg warmers and throw it back to the 80’s during your workout with our 80’s Sledgehammer Playlist. This mix will take you on a Journey, in fact you’ll go Footloose and.

Spotify Playlist: 80s Sledgehammer Leg warmers not required. Lifestyle. 2020-02-24 | By: Snap Fitness Bust out your leg warmers and throw it back to the 80’s during your workout with our 80’s Sledgehammer Playlist. This mix will take you on a Journey, in fact, you’ll go Footloose.

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Spotify is all the music you’ll ever need. Listening is everything Spotify. The ULTIMATE 80s collection enjoy!

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  • Fun fact: ”this is the new stuff” is a metaphorical middle finger to Gabriels label as a post genesis Gabriel wasn’t a sure option to back against the new generation of artist.

    That theory prompted Sledgehammer, and to prove what he could do when challenged, Gabriel made sure to say what his song was coming to be.

  • He’s so close to death its whisper gives me chills. I’m going to fall a part when he leaves us. Every day, when I hear that a celebrity dies, I immediately search for Peter Gabriel, because when he is gone, my world is going to shatter into a million pieces…

  • With al of the controversy over Michael Jackson during his lifetime, I find it really challenging to accept him and his music but listening to this, I have to admit, he was one heck of a singer with some amazing tunes.

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  • I really miss the days when you’d turn on MTV and you’d see videos like this, and hear music like this all the time. It was so great. I think about those times a lot. I remember all the joy and fun of watching music videos Men at Work’s ‘Who Can It Be Now’ and ‘Down Under’. Twisted Sister’s ‘We’re not gonna take it’ with Neidermeyer from Animal House, just silly videos and songs we just enjoyed for what they were, nothing that self important—Just a laugh. Nobody was jaded and cynical and self important about all of it (except for Prince lol ;), we just loved the music, the videos and had fun with it all. Most people liked most music they heard and saw on MTV.

    Now it seems we argue about everything. Two people can’t watch the same thing and enjoy it together without an argument, without someone ridiculing it, deriding it, saying it’s not serious enough, or doesn’t address social issues. Good grief. We’ve forgotten how to have fun. Pretty sad if you ask me. We really need to lighten up. Sometimes I think we’re headed off a cliff. And I’m an optimist! I can’t imagine what the pessimists think! Lol.

  • I remember younger days id listen to this video over and over and over until my 45 record wouldn’t play anymore anyone else out there list over and over in those days. But harry styles video is great also��

  • not a big fan of so many “live” versions.. rarely sound anywhere near as good as recording session versions.. a few do the originals justice, but, we didnt fall in love with the live version, then “tolerate” the session version.
    to many times these guys try to inflect/inject new sh*t into the live version, that really just mucks it up..

  • No one is commenting on the genius of the guy behind those amazing remixes, that’s really unfair. To be honest, I listened to all songs in this channel and I loved them all while all the original songs are pure shit. All my respect for the amazing work, the guy created remixes for shit songs that bring us to a whole new and peculiar dimension ��

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  • My mum and dad used to say when I was only a toddler I’d always scurry into the room and be fixed to the TV/Radio when this came on. Years later, I still love everything about this track, a timeless classic!

  • what the F**K is that crap at 53:00 in?? sounds like a bahsmitzvah band.. who snuck this sh*t in there??and it aint listed. its right after #13..
    W T F??


  • Why is this stuck on “Scorpions, Wind Of Change”? -SUCKS. YOU SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO PLAY WITH COMPUTERS OR THE INTERNET.

  • You could have a steam train
    If you’d just lay down your tracks

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    I’ve been feedin’ the rhythm

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    It’s what we’re doin’, doin’

    All day and night

  • The best sounds were Belgian music 1985 1990

  • Talented guy, but i hate musicians that have to use pre recorded vocals in their “live” performances. i think Harry is singing live, but the backups are stems. That’s such a cop-out.

  • love. zzz top. Mexican. blackbird.. They all called her python
    if you like rock: Go listen to Yellow Town on spotify.
    YAY! The Doors!

  • I love the music but hate Susan Wojcicki pausing my music playlist to upsell us on YouTube premium apps.

    Susan Wojcicki is going to slaughter YouTube.

    She is going for a corporate cash grab.

    Let all comment like this publicly.

    Send negative feedback attention Susan Wojcicki.

    Complain in the YouTube help community.

    Boycott YouTube premium apps.

    Boycott YouTube advertisers.

    Send negative feedback to the YouTube advertisers.

  • 20 reasons why Fifth Harmony is the best GG of these generation:

    1. Fifth Harmony has the most streamed song in Spotify (#4 by a female artist and #25 overall) with “Work From Home”.

    2. “That’s my girl” was certified Silver (200K sales) in the UK with NO PROMO.

    3. “Worth it” has sold and estimate 1-5.8M worldwide. This makes it the second best selling song bye a GG of the last decade.

    4. 5H is the only GG who has gotten a platinum certification in Germany last decade.

    5. Five of the seven official Fifth Harmony singles have gone PLATINUM in the USA.

    6. 5H has the most successful girl group song in the UK last decade and #5 overall with “Work From Home”.

    7. Dinah Jane is the youngest female to win a VMA in history at the age of 17.

    8. Fifth harmony has 3 VMAs. This makes them the most awarded GG at the VMAs history.

    9. Fifth Harmony is the first girl group to enter the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and 200 last decade.

    10. Fifth Harmony is the most tweeted about GG in history and “Down” is the most tweeted song in 2017.

    11. 5H is the only GG EVER to top the worldwide iTunes Albums Charts twice with “7/27” and “Fifth Harmony”.

    12. Fifth Harmony is the first and only GG last decade to 5x platinum in Australia, DIAMOND in France, and diamond in Brazil.

    13. Fifth Harmony is the first group EVER to sell more than s billion units in ASIA and middle East alone.

    14. Fifth Harmony is the most awarded GG last decade with over 50 awards and a total of 101 nominations.

    15. Fifth Harmony owns the most viewed music videos (“Work From Home”) and (“worth it”)by a girl group of all time surpassing the 1 and 3 billions on YT.

    16. 5H owns the 2 most successful girl group singles to see the billboard hot 100 of all time.

    17. “7/27” is the most streamed album by a GG of all time with over a billion streams in total.

    18. Fifth Harmony is the 7th best-selling group in history, coming right behind the Pussycat Dolls. As of today, they sold more than 49.9M records worldwide.

    19. Fifth Harmony has sold 1 Billion units in Asia alone. (More than one direction and Little Mix)

    20. “Work From Home” is the best selling GG song in the UK this century, just the 3th girl group to ever reach 1M sales there.


  • Wow, even THIS song has a sexually related theme to it and its even about orgasm, man, in the 80s, those singers were also indeed aware that we don’t just use those organs as such “to pee”, haha.:)

  • Joe Biden
    Over 30 years of failed policies for African American
    Three times strike out running for president
    Largest tax increase in history

    Joe Biden if you think he’s going to help you or save you.. you’re wrong fact check it

  • This may sound weird to say this but maybe these women were born in the wrong decade to make 2010s music. Who knows they could of been if they continue they could of got along better than the 2010s.

  • My mom still has the vhs tape of their show when Paula Abdul opened for them. Man, the look in Paula’s eyes when they had her come out and close with this song… Legendary performance.

  • Wow this when they had all 5 members

    even back in 80s, girl band can NEVER stay at 5 smh
    I bet Camilla became a hit in the late 80s early 90s with her solo Career after she left

  • I absolutely love everything about this. It’s always amazing to see a band having so much fun creating amazing music. I love how into it they were❤️

  • This is my 3 Year of being a Harmonizer and I don’t regret it. I admit, I used to despise Camila because she left the group and I still get salty/angry at her randomly but I’m trying my best to apprecriate her. I love my 5 Angels. I wish I had got into them earlier.
    Their music stopped me from killing myself. They saved me. And I love them for that.

  • First it was the amazing cover of Fleetwood Mac, now this.
    I don’t know much about his solo work, but I starting to have a lot of respect for this guy. What a great taste in music. And what a gifted artist.

  • Add
    1979: Say so by dojo cat
    1983: panini by lil nas x
    1970s disco: taki taki
    1960s: rescue me by one republic
    1980: the bones by maren Morris

  • Whoever owns this channel deserves a damn award in music engineering. I mean, that bassline damn. And when that baritone came in ohh lawwd.

  • a guy has done an 80s cover remix (by adding synth pop beats of the 80s) of this song. It’s sounds way more better than the original

  • I found my album’s a few weeks ago and found out that oldest son nick played Michael Jackson record sow much literally played it and played it he said i really liked that album.

  • The BEST lyrics, anecdote, vocal, tempo, instrumentation UNQUESTIONABLY goes to Eric Clapton!!
    17. 1:09:42 Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton

  • Merci à vous, cette vidéo est vraiment très intéressante. En lien direct avec le domaine des guitares héros. Si vous pouviez me dire ce que vous en pensez: Dans l’attente de votre retour, à bientôt…

  • no wonder this play’s so long, about half of it is that fucking cover of Wind of Change ending!!!
    thumbs down for the lack of professionalism. come back when you learn to edit.

  • I saw the title and started wondering how you could do an 80s remix of a song not only released in the 80s, but pretty much was the 80s. Then when it started I realized it wasn’t Peter Gabriel. Never heard of these girls.

  • Harry’s solo stuff is some of the best music that has been put out in the last few years. Sign of the Times should have won a Grammy and his newest album Fine Line is mixed perfectly with every song being a potential hit. His appreciation for music history, classic rock really shows in his solo stuff. I hope he keeps it up!.. still not sure about the granny outfit though. haha

  • Aguaaaante Peter Gsbriel es un amooooor�� lo pone a Peter Gabriel presidente d la argentinafrikan jjje�� ���� y vamos hacer una superpotencia jjjje d Dineylandia

  • Quarantine be like
    Girl chatting: Hey after this quarantine lets meet up
    After quarantine
    Saw the boy
    “Now you’re just somebody that I used to know”

  • Not bad, sort of sounds like they took the original and smoothed out the vocals to about 3 or 4 notes. But the giveaway that this is pointless: it’s on Howard Stern, who is fine, but if this cover was original and great, it’d be a single.

  • I wish I grew up in the 80s. *sigh*
    The only problems they had back then were not accepting the LQBTQ+ community.
    That’s only my opinion though. No hate.
    Correct me if I’m wrong though.

  • This was right before the pandemic started shutting everything down. Missing things like this. We need more of this and less of Covid-19.

  • Pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp00ppppppp0p0pppppp00p000ppp00ppppp0p0pppppppppp0ppppppppp0p0pp0pp0p0ppp0ppp0p0000p0000000p00000p00000ppp00p0pp

  • 80s was the era of greatest music and instrumentation of all time. Most music coming after this era mere rantings often discordant….a shadow of the great music era…

  • No one is commenting on the genius of the guy behind those amazing remixes, that’s really unfair. To be honest, I listened to all songs in this channel and I loved them all while all the original songs are pure shit. All my respect for the amazing work, the guy created remixes for shit songs that bring us to a whole new and peculiar dimension ��

  • OMG!-A Kick-Ass song, & the kid CAN sing. Knock me over with a feather. I saw Gabriel in concert in the 1980s, & he was incredible. Hats off to this kid.

  • Oh the 80s, when this single hit charts 1986…

    Then the band broke up in 93 after a lots things happens, from Lauren and Camila secretly dated each others.

    Then their management, Simon Cowell found out and tears apart. By making Camila leave the group and goes solo, then force her to dated and married Shawn Mendes.

    Camila: Her and Shawn only last together for 8 years, married in 1994 and then file for divorced in 2002. They had two sons together (Shawn Jr.: 1996 and Mac: 1999)

    Lauren: She dsappeared from eyed after the band broked up and no one know where she is, not even the members know either.

    Normani: She into acting and became incredible actresses since her first movie role called “Wishful Thinking” in 1995.

    Allyson: She also became success singer and actresses, happily married to her One Directioner members Liam Payne. Married in 1988 with four beautiful children. (Zeke: 1989, Jayden: 1993, Faith: 1997 & Damon: 2002 ), with her daughter Faith is in music business as she wanted to follow into her parents footstep.

    Dinah: She become music producer, managed and creation a mixed gender groups called “Wonder Guard” [Est. 2010]. The 6 members ranges from 7 to 15, with one members is Faith and her son Brady: 1998.

  • Who is singing for the Scorpions’ Wind of Change? It sounds kind of like Klaus Meine, but is flat a lot, and the accent is different than you usually hear him sing.


    මම කෙන්මාර්ගය වන විටමම කුඩා කැබ් රථය පදවන පුද්ගලයාට කීවෙමි ඔහු රතු පැහැති කෙස් කළඹක් සහිත සුදු පැහැති පිරිමි ළමයෙකි මම පිටිපස්සේ නොව ඔහු අසල වාඩි වී සිටියෙමි අපි අතට අත දුන්නා

  • My feelings are so mixed when I heard that masterpiece after all that years! I cry literally now! Probably most popular song ever. You kids would never what’s meaning when everybody know that song. UK won Eurovision Song Contest in Luxemburg ‘84. with that. I am with no comment, just need to listen. All greetings to all good people! ❤️

  • jjjajjajja he Peter Gabrie l cn la cara tne pode se argentino cordobes.Aguante Peter Gabriel ������������������������������������

  • [Intro: Camila]
    If you could take my pulse right now
    It would feel just like a sledgehammer
    If you could feel my heart beat now
    It would hit you like a sledgehammer

    [Verse 1: Camila]
    I don’t admit it, I play it cool
    But every minute that I’m with you
    I feel the fever and I won’t lie, I break a sweat
    My body’s telling all the secrets I ain’t told you yet

    [Pre-Chorus: Ally]
    Oh oh, I struggle to contain
    Woah oh, the love that’s in my veins
    Oh oh, and how it circulates
    Oh oh

    [Chorus: Camila]
    If you could take my pulse right now
    It would feel just like a sledgehammer
    If you could feel my heart beat now
    It would hit you like a sledgehammer
    You’re taken over the beat of my body, you just don’t let up, don’t let up
    You’re taken over the beat of my body but you lift me up, lift me up
    If you take my pulse right now
    It would feel just like a sledgehammer
    [Verse 2: Lauren]
    So close together, so far apart
    You’re turning me on and my fire’s waiting for your spark

    [Pre-Chorus: Ally]
    Oh oh, I struggle to contain
    Woah oh, the love that’s in my veins
    Oh oh, and how it circulates
    Oh oh

    [Chorus: Camila]
    If you could take my pulse right now
    It would feel just like a sledgehammer
    If you could feel my heart beat now
    It would hit you like a sledgehammer
    You’re taken over the beat of my body, you just don’t let up, don’t let up
    You’re taken over the beat of my body but you lift me up, lift me up
    If you take my pulse right now
    It would feel just like a sledgehammer

    [Bridge: Normani & Ally & Camila]
    The truth is out, no stopping now, I’m getting closer
    I’ve had enough, undress my love, I’m coming over
    If you could take my pulse right now
    It would feel just like a sledgehammer, oh
    And if you could take my pulse right now
    It would feel just like a sledgehammer, hammer, oh
    If you take my pulse

    [Chorus: Camila + Ally]
    If you could take my pulse right now
    It would feel just like a sledgehammer (Oh!)
    If you could feel my heart beat now
    It would hit you like a sledgehammer
    You’re taken over the beat of my body, you just don’t let up, don’t let up
    You’re taken over the beat of my body but you lift me up, lift me up
    If you take my pulse right now
    It would feel just like a sledgehammer

  • Bonsoir Peter Gabriel, je veux vous dire… j’aime beacoup vos clips videos, ils sont tres sympatiques et vous aussi, j’aime votre travaill����

  • Such a big change hearing this and compare it to the first songs of genesis which sounded like a some sort of imitation of Syd Barret.

  • Saw this group opening for Duran Duran just after Rick Astley in 1988, blew the roof off the stadium with this song everyone in the crowd singing along. Took my vinyl for them to sign and get a selfie with my disposable camera.

  • This video is not a playlist. It doesn’t have 500 songs. I know every single song on this, know all of the lyrics, and can play each song on my guitar. Try better.

  • Damn, I remember when Peter Gabriel overshadowed this true 80’s banger with his song of the same name. I’ve honestly perfered this one over his tackier song ��

  • Harry Styles is milking it. He is as good as any decent level araoke performer, yet the hype of fame and marketing has influenced gullible people to recognise him as talented. The backing singer woman has a much better voice, and she’s no Beyonce.

  • Recently I feel a little uncomfortable listening to mj songs, because they make me feel sad and I feel like if I listen to them now, I’ll ruin the nostalgia for the old days I listened to them.
    It’s such an odd feeling…

  • These songs sound much better with the 80’s background music. Keyboards, elecric guitars, and drums, Tronicbox Love the tru 80s! ”Don’t you forget about the 80’s”

  • Love this remix! If you’re looking for something more upbeat, I did a remix as well:

  • Replying to the person who thinks that the English people don’t sound like they’re from England, well Dude, you must not ever heard the Stones, like, I saw them 7 times and they sound very “AMERICAN ” whatever THAT means! I mean, who really gives a crud. It’s great rock and you think that they’re cover bands, but that would be a copyright issue. Get over it, and if ya don’t like it then just shine on.

  • I still remember how they thought Lauren and Camila were dating to then find out that lauren was pregnant with weeknd kid… rip lauren (1960-2003)

  • If you like “Chris Norman” then you’ll find his ‘Songbook’ on my channel. 56 Classic tracks with playlist and ‘No Ads’. Just select the first track from the playlist, as I was trying something out and left most of the intro in place. Enjoy ��

  • There are some songs of his that I cannot get enough of, and this is one of them. Plus I LOVE his sense of fashion, oh and we dance about the same.��

  • Not sure how I feel about all these covers by guys who clearly are not native English speakers. I thought I was listening to originals and then the pronunciation of things started kind of grating on my ears. The Creedence is clearly original, but a lot of the others are not.

  • Can we get all the songs from our childhood memories for the first time only for us please and thank you so much for anything you do in the future of 2020 or 2021

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  • So how do you put 500 songs in 1 hour 9 minutes…Aso who made this list…the Scorpions 5 out of the first 16 songs on the list…Really????

  • Props to my friend, Ny Oh whom is on keyboard/backing vocals.
    My old man thinks Harry is trying too hard to sound like Peter Gabriel here…
    This is giving me goosebumps nevertheless…
    Nice to hear some real fucking music!!!!

  • “My name is Britannia, this is my song”… then we got this lol. I feel a huge distance between the first genesis and the solo career of their former members

  • My favorite band since I was that young back then. Discovered this video a few years ago. I fall in love with it every time I watch it. which is pretty often. Thank you Genesis for everything you guys did. Love all of you in everything you guys have ever done.

  • why isnt “paranomia” feat Max headroom not on this list?? such an awesome song.. lololol.. ok ok, not rock, but way cool back then, when Max was on Telly..( real telly, no lcd, no led, none of that, just 200 lb 35″ toshiba” ).


  • Good times…I remember that my classroom was only talking about them! Remember when Normani decided to publicly say that she’s in love with Michael Jackson

  • I still remember when they performed in London at the Wembley Stadium in 1987. They opened for Whitney Houston on her world tour. 40,000 of us demanded an encore. That’s a concert I’ll never forget as long as I live. I wish we fans would’ve gotten that final album and farewell tour we were promised in ‘95. ��

  • Ah yes, the days of dancing to this in my room before Mom called me to dinner then afterwards we’d all gather in the living room to watch Family Ties and The Facts of Life.

  • Wow all their lives are so different in 2020

    Camila retired from music in 1993 now lives with her husband and 3 kids
    Ally sadly passed away in a car accident in 2005
    Lauren in prison for carrying 3 kilograms of weed
    Normani released 2 albums but none of them really did well
    Dinah sold over 300 million records won over 500 awards and has one of the biggest earning tours of the 21st century

  • yeah Camila, you really slapped me with your sledgehammer and it really hurts. But it’s ok, I am already healed by your cute voice and face.

  • Camila’s voice, I don’t know but it really annoys me. I think that her voice is way worse than Britney Spears. But no hate from me, that’s just what I feel ever since they become famous.

  • They look like a duo from a classic mystery show of that Time, with the classy Guy chatting easily, and the (a bit) weird girl, with intuition and instinct, with a second special view on cases and people.

  • Foi muito bom este grupo,poderia volta o que era antes,mas não sabemos o que fez desfazer este grupo tão bom que era essas meninas!!!!

  • La, almádana, maza, marra, almágana, marro, mazo, maceta, mandarria, comba, mona, combo, marreta o porra, es una herramienta similar a un martillo que consiste en una gran cabeza metálica introducida en el extremo de un palo de madera que se usa como mango. Suele usarse para romper piedras.