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November 11, 2014 Team Tiger Fitness. Talking Muscle & Strength With Nick Wright. Drug free bodybuilder (and now powerlifter) Nick Wright began his journey as a 110 pound teen with 11 inch arms. Now, 7 years later, he runs one of the most popular lifting channels on Youtube. With over 155,000 subscribers, Nick Wright’s videos have nearly reached 30,000,000 total views.

Nick Wright NWB Power Training Workout Split With nearly 150,000 Youtube subscribers and 650,000 Facebook followers, Nick Wright is an Internet sensation. In this feature we present his plan for building maximum strength. With nearly 150,000 Youtube subscribers and 650,000 Facebook followers, Nick Wright is an Internet sensation.

In this feature we present his plan for building maximum strength. Nick likes to use all pause-reps when bench pressing. MUSCLEANDSTRENGTH.COM THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO BUILD THE BODY YOU WANT® Store Workouts Diet Plans Expert Guides Videos Tools NICK WRIGHT NWB POWER TRAINING WORKOUT SPLIT With nearly 150,000 Youtube subscribers and 650,000 Facebook followers, Nick Wright is an Internet sensation.

Nick Wright and Chris Broussard talk about the Los Angeles Lakers and discuss if the team with LeBron James and Anthony Davis will be a historically great. RX Muscle Forums > Rx Muscle Headquarters > MUSCLE CENTRAL > Nick Wright. PDA. View Full Version: Nick Wright. Waylon.

At least he’s got a strong jaw from all that talking I don’t think the strong jaw is from talking Timbo89. 01-08-2013, 07:24 PM. He probably got paid a ton for that pic. Big freaking deal.

HerBicepsPlus is the most popular female muscle site in the world. With your legs intercrossed with your partner’s, there’s limited movement for both people, so a lot of inner-thigh strength and core stabilization will be at work. “When you squeeze your inner thighs, the core will naturally contract as well,” explains Berman. (Outside the bedroom, build inner-thigh muscle with these exercises.). Check out my latest Fitness Articles, Recipes, Workouts & Exclusive Videos on MuscularStrength.com!

Is Nick Wright a Natural Bodybuilder Or a Steroid User? Is Omar Isuf Natural Or Another Steroid Junky? Should a Fat Person Do StrongLifts 5×5? Is Lex Griffin a Natural Bodybuilder Or a Steroid User? Is Scott Herman Natural Or On Steroids?

Do Rack Pulls For a Thicker Back; Will.

List of related literature:

Clarkson et al., “Variability in muscle size and strength gain after unilateral resistance training,” Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 37:6, 964–72 (2005).

“Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream: A Day in the Life of Your Body” by Jennifer Ackerman
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Afrequent writer of strength-training articles, Fred Howell was in this camp.

“Strong Like Her: A Celebration of Rule Breakers, History Makers, and Unstoppable Athletes” by Haley Shapley, Sophy Holland
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Since he stopped logging high mileage, Hall has put on forty pounds of lean muscle while embracing the strength training that he worried would make him too bulky during his competitive career.

“Unplugged: evolve from technology to upgrade your fitness, performance & consciousness” by Brian MacKenzie, Dr. Andy Galpin, Phil White
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Standing 6’11”, Booth had a wingspan for days, and I laughed a bit watching him struggle to bench press 135 lbs.

“Walk-On Warrior: Drive, Discipline, and the Will to Win” by John Willkom
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His EMG demonstrated many CRDs, particularly in the quadriceps muscle.

“Neuromuscular Case Studies E-Book” by Tulio E. Bertorini
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he attributes the strength gains to the program’s emphasis on the dead lift and different bench press exercises.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
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“How much is he lifting—Steve Francis said Howard was always lifting.”

“The Art of a Beautiful Game: The Thinking Fan's Tour of the NBA” by Chris Ballard
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He had read enough to know that people can build strength and muscle without carbohydrates, and he had been able to put on about 5 pounds of lean mass over eight weeks, even though he was visibly leaner.

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Coach Wilson contributed information on core training to chapter 4, Strength.

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He needs to be stronger in the abs, for example, because he has to clear players out from in front of the net all the time, and that uses those muscles a lot.

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  • hes right mostly about the sets n stf but not bout everything. u usually just figure out how to work out to make progress when u start working out and the thing that keeps u goin is progress

  • Would like to see a vid of you explaining how you prepare before lifting heavy..
    I think a really helpful vid would be one explaining the proper way to warmup before lifting heavy. How much weight and how many sets and reps to do to warmup. When and proper stretching.

  • Would you say you bringing the best package because of your knowledge and experience or the help of Dan? Or a combination of those things?

  • Has he not seen the Russians little fucking midget science project konstantin Pavlov? lol it’s basics physics. Limb length a proportion plays a large roll but so does height.

  • Im a newbie when it comes to body building and I have a question about “failure”. Would it be ideal to fail on the very last rep of the very last set? What would you considerd a perfect set?

  • Did you say ALL IN because your girlfriend follows AEW in the professional wrestling world? How is she since the WWE “shocked fan” moment? All seriousness good luck with the show from an NWB OG and I hope her pro wrestling dreams are still within arms reach.

  • Thank you so much for explaining how to do lat pulldowns properly, I have been doing them all the ways that I read and they never seemed to hit the lats, now that you have told me this I am going to destroy my back tomorrow and again in the weeks to come. Thanks again.

  • excellent instructions Nick. your delivery is great, demonstrations fantastic and explanations of how the exercise works the muscle and the results one should look for are awesome. its nice people can get this kind of help by coming here and listening and watching from a true winner.

  • @yangy951 maybe……diff kids dev at diff levels….when i was in high school i wasnt able to put on mass until alte junior year and senior year….i worked out everyday but my body just wasnt mature enough to build the muscle i wanted.

  • I hope you’ve kept yourself natural and haven’t taken shortcuts like PHs. You seem to know your stuff for the most part. You look great, keep up the hard work bud.

  • Yep I agree. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.

    Listen to this one of my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly.

    get to know here bit.ly/1bVn7Ri?=tznlu

  • @megadragonslayer21 i used creatine for a week just to see what it was all about it was great for stamina but not so much for overall strength my maxs went up faster without it but then again like i said i only used it for a week

  • Hey, Nick? Is 70 kilos good for benchpress when i’m 13 years old? I’ve maxed 60 for 3 months now. You think i can max it to 70 kilos?

  • @romanknight6 If you think this a young fella is a douchebag, please go ahead and show us what you’ve got…I bet your a fatty jealous boy, you and the people who thumbed up your stupid comment. he ain’t showing off, he’s just sharing what he knows. I think at his late 20s he’ll get the craziest body ever, coz his genetics symmetry is just great…..

  • @scondore Pull ups and chin ups?:) They’re by far the most effective back movements ( the next ones being probably t-bar row, stiff legged deadlift, rows in general etc). In fact there has been professional bodybuilders that have been gifted with their back who did only pull ups for their back.

  • Ooooh, you speak tooo much… Show your strength and lift someone or make an armwrestling video. That would be great. Or compare your biceps with another person. How old are you?

  • kids got no neck shoulders or chest…looks really stupid… you need to lay off training arms and get bigger in your chest and shoulders

  • hey what can I do if my left tricep is the one that is really weak and small and my right tricep is bigger and stronger please answer.
    And also what I can do if I don’t feel my tricep in CGBP or any presses.

  • @KimBlaztX

    at 13 years old you probably havent even hit puberty yet. lol

    but yes, 70 kg or 155 lbs is a good bench for a 13 year old.

  • I know what the words mean, but what’s the point of the comment you made? No-one can do anything about their genetics, except work with them, and Nick has worked extremely well with his.

  • @NRG900cc hahaha NO… you not funny at all and i really doubt in two months you got bigger than him so stop making claims without proving it with pictures or videos.. you fucking oxygen thief.

  • @southoreast yeah i know its the only thing i ever used and only for a week i dont do it anymore i got to benching 355 at 15 years old without any help

  • @ssjcell I actually describe it pretty much the same way.. He just fine tuned it mostly by emphasizing the elbows being even more narrow stanced. We learn as we go of course!

  • I train at home with dumbells and machines on dumbells i raise weight every month for 2 pounds is that good? now i came i n 1year from 20pounds to 45pounds dumbell

  • You look really good, but your forearms looks a bit small compared to the rest of you. at 3.30 the y look like toothpicks compared to your big biceps.

  • @Duhello88 Following this video will do the job for you bro:) As long as you follow the specific TECHNIQUES I used in part 1 + 2, and not JUST the excercises, you will target your wing span quite efficiently.

  • I won 2 OCB shows this past spring, and am dieting for a huge INBF show… Look those organizations up and YOU tell me if I use steroids……

  • lots of weightlifters squat more than they deadlift its not being short its body proportions a long torso and short limbs is better foe weightlifting and longer limbs and a short torso is better for deadlifting

  • @ianhudon Yes, back, legs, and arms are the main body groups I always get commented on, and are generally the main focus at photo shoots and shows.. My shoulders are decent enough to hold their own, and my abs can get pretty shredded… My chest and calves are my genetic weak points I am working on.

  • @timgee9999 Everyone has different types of genetics. Some may be bad or some good. The way you born decides how far and how good your body will turn out based on Genetics. Its something you are just born with lol. Basically if you work out with your friend and do the same exercises then your friend will have a better body than you if he has better genetics.

  • Wow. Amazing clip.

    My brother used to be an obese guy. He went from 290lbs of fat to 212 lbs of natural lean muscle. I couldn’t believe it! I just joined personally as I’m attempting to get heftier muscles. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

  • Damn dude. Making me want to light up my tobacco pipe and do some #PipeTalk videos! Used to smoke pipes and cigars a few years back. Can’t wait to see the show day video!

  • OK so Nick always looks the same he never looks any different it doesn’t look like he’s put on any more muscle and his woman tan the shit out of her face she looks like an Oompa Loompa lol

  • Short guys definitely have a huge advantage.. If I was under 6 feet I’m sure I could bench close to 550. I’m at 475 right now and I’m 6’2. I hate when short guys act like short arms and shit don’t help them tremendously on they’re lifts.

  • Would there be a way to create a class that adjusts for these undeniable advantages? Maybe a sort of class that’s a height to weight ratio, not just a weight class?

  • @scondore hey nick, i have a question about leg lunges. its kinda off topic but yeah, is it good or bad if your thighs and knees are sore the next day?

  • i’m a have to go with

    if your buff or in shape you deserve to take your shirt off,
    if your not, quit being a fat ass and learn how to work out,
    so you can join the club

  • Nice pressing my man ��

    Do you feel comfortable with your elbows that flared out? ( 10:15) Just asking for shoulder health reasons.

  • Okay Ace, I thought you might be mature enough to come out of time-out again, but your still showing major signs of ignorance, so it’s back to being blocked..

  • Hey, Nick. After finding out how you’re helping your sister, I was wondering if you had any advice for a 21 year old new mom who hasn’t been able to lose an ounce of her baby weight. Before the baby I weighed 123, but now I’m at 165. Do you have any tips for me? Nothing I’ve tried has been working.

    BTW, congratulations on your success. You look AMAZING.

  • long long time watcher but havent rlly been following bodybuilding for a while.. but this video was really good man! thanks for the effort and motivation nick

  • @KimBlaztX I was a little confused as to what you were asking? but in my experiance i started working out at 16 and im 22 now. I have never stopped always learning and gaining. i Have done 2 bodybuilding comps. But the first thing i regret is starting at 16 it was too young and my body had not fully matured enough yet and i could prob have another 10+ pounds on me now if it werent for starting young. Be careful cause you can stunt and slow growth of plates, bones and muscles lifting too young!!

  • :O
    you are the ONLY person on youtube that says that about the lat pulldowns! How the width between the hands should NOT be wide and not to just pull it straight up and down. You know a lot!:D *****

  • Nick strength and power was right in the video when he said you got robbed. Plz dont ever stop competing �� that #2 didnt do justice

  • You’re right in the sence of weightclasses but in absolute strength taller guys can hold more muscle, and that’s also what nick wrote

  • Wow. Good clip.

    My uncle was formerly a fatty. He enhanced himself from 284lbs of fat to 201 lbs of massive lean muscle mass. Everyone was surprised. I just registered personally because I want to enhance my body. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

  • Holy shit, I’ve never liked Nick Wright or been impressed with anything he’s done.
    But now it’s evident to me that the guy is a fucking moron on top of all of that.

  • @scondore Hahahahaha wooooooooow yo! I think you look mad good, I don’t know who appointed this chump a Mr. Olympia judge. Keep it up yo!

  • Nick’s the shit. Went from the OG youtuber, to an inactive Youtuber, to now an underrated Youtuber making an aggressive comeback. Good stuff, excited for the journey.

  • plus five hat of weapon smithing and lets do a bit of crafting…haaaaaa..cracks me up everytime i hear it…brilliant and original catchphrase

  • wow I have been doing this wrong… i thought super wide was the best way to go, great explanation nick, omw to the gym right now actually ill totally be trying this new lat pulldown technique.:)

  • have you ever done a top favorite cigars video? I feel like you have, but I’ve been looking for something good, pretty new to them… have only tried the Romeo Y Julieta + QuoRum

  • Are all Americans this boring? Oh and if he’s a top Jr bodybuilder with that physique (I’ve seen other vids too) then I must be a Mr Olympia contender…

  • Tell Ariana that she’s looking the best I’ve ever seen her. I guess she dieted along with you. Btw, you completely got robbed at the show.

  • It’s been 6 years since I watched one of your videos.. and I’m very happy to see that you’re still with your lovely spouse.. she loves you man and she’s very beautiful:).. God bless both of you.. stay together..

  • Ive only been watching this dudes vids for a few weeks now but does anyone else have a hard time liking this guy?. Something about him man just ��

  • Hey Nick,

    do you know how can I use this song without getting copyrighted? And please keep up the good content! Helping me get through my cardio sessions during prep right now ����

  • yep i agree. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. Listen In a best female model 2012 exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. you can see it here bit.ly/124BSd3?=bxsjs

  • “your genetics suck”? What on earth is that all about? You look great, Nick, and you obviously care about what you do keep it up!

  • Hey, have you heard about “MuscLeader” (search on Google)? There you can watch a good free video explaining the best way to develop noticeable lean muscle really fast while losing fat simultaneously. Chris and many other guys experienced amazing success applying this system. Hopefully it helps you too…

  • Hey there, have you discovered “MegaMAX Muscle Maker”? (look it up on google) You will realize the serious crimes we commit against our bodies. With “MegaMAX Muscle Maker”, you will discover how to get ripped fast.

  • Just as a small example, looking at the Male Olympic Gold Medalists from 2016, you can clearly see that, like Jason said, up until the heavyweight classes, the heights of the gold medalists hover around the same height. When we get to the open ended weight class, we see Lasha win the gold, because it isnt pound for pound strength, its absolute strength. The man is 157kg, which is 52kg heavier than the last pound for pound weight class.

    1.97m 105+
    1.86m 105
    1.71m 94
    1.75m 85
    1.76m 77
    1.68m 69
    1.65m 62
    1.56m 56

  • CONGRATULATION MAN, u realy deseve it, and thank u for such a good video and such a good tip

    i trained back and delts today… took me like 2 hours, what too much?? coz i did a lot of different exercices

  • Hey man let the haters hate, looking good bro, obviously people don’t know the hard work something like what you are doing takes, I do know and I can appreciate it.

  • @ShaxAMV scoobys a dumb fuck?? r u being serious?? His results and info seem pretty legit to me..cuz they ARE legit, scooby is no idiot, and nicks doing a great job.

  • Well, its been a few months now and
    Ive tried out this site
    Well so far so good. Though this program
    is aimed mainly at thin men, but also for
    fat guys like me. I actually lost lbs of fats,
    I can see an improvement already in my
    shape and see some muscles w/c hid
    over time by flab..:))

  • u’re right. before I started eating right it didn’t matter how much I exercised my abs were still jello. But I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. if you are serious go for it now bit.ly/11KNZQY?=dglpq

  • After looking this Picture I Must Advise You the Best Solution known as xFatReductor. Just Believe Me XFatReductor is the Great Technique To Get Rid Of Your Extra Fat with in no time. Just Google xFatReductor and get smart shaped body in no time.

  • Love your videos man. You look absolutely great physique I’m telling you. I wish I was more stronger like you bro ������. Hope you are all safe and well dude!!

  • Depends on the sport. Where absolute strength is all that matters such as strongman I would say they have a huge disadvantage. In sports with weight classes, sure, they have an advantage. Strength to bodyweight, like gymnastics, sure, they have an advantage.

  • you are correct. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. Listen to this My senior in gym daily having this secret food items to kill his belly with less excercise. if you are serious go for it now bit.ly/16ugYbA?=bmyho

  • @beastblood980 Dude, just out of opinion, you don’t need that. You could get the same results without creatine. It might take a little longer but you can still get it. Just some food for thought.

  • You have to work with them lol. There is no other choice. The point of my comment was just to tell you wth it means cause it looks like you didn’t know wth it was.

  • @inkdrzo yes i mean it. actually in the last 3 weeks i’ve put on 12 pounds! Listen to this I saw a video which helped me fix 2 simple mistakes nearly everyone makes. The video describing the method is here => bit.ly/Pun7hw?=egivou

  • Not hating on you, I’m confident you’ll look amazing. But after seeing George Osborne’s prep, nothing compares.
    Too lean.
    Get your nut in the game. (I guess Nick should really get his nut in the game even more)

  • When you have a 5ft guy with 18″ arms he might weigh 170lbs but the 6ft guy will weigh about 210lbs thats most of the time between 30-40lbs difference for a tall guy to have the same power output for leverage. So when i see short guys competing against a tall guy it should be done from measurements of limbs for a true fair comparison. Im 6.1ft and doing squats and deadlifts are a curse because anything narrow will cause you to have to bend forward and stick you butt out. Eventually this will rotate your pelvis alignment and cause sciatica in the back which i learnt the hard way now im slowly having to get my hip flexors to pull my pelvis the correct way. i actually have seen guys like layne norton and silent mike have excessive pelvic rotation and both have back problems from standing to narrow. Its not always the fact of being too tall but having a very short torso and super long limbs or being ridiculously narrow. Layne norton was actually teaching people that its okay for your butt to stick out and back almost fold during squats. lol he was basically doing a good morning squat which is dangerous for the lower back and cervical region as hundreds of pounds on the neck is stupid. People always wonderbwhy stan efferding stands so wide on squats its to make the distance shorter and keep the torso upright. could you imagine stan squatting narrow with his pb weight his kness would fold and that would be troubling under 800+ pounds.

  • @hellasking69 Yeah, I use RTN Whey… What on earth does that have to do with this video, or trying Xtend for the first time….!?

  • im 15 and i just started weight lifiting. you have helped me alot in how to do the reps and on how many reps i should do in a set. cheerz.

  • jason, make a channel that just shows you lifting and giving advice without talking about other people, it would be more successful, just look at other successful channels, just looking out

  • You must have like at least 10,000 dollars of equipment stacked in your basement there, damn it *envy envy >:( * And it sure looks like it pays off alot, much respect for your hard work and dedication, keep up the good work.

  • I almost lost my relationship to bodybuilding competition believe me Nick. Dieting is a bitch and you get moody. I used to get in a bunch of fights with dudes, arguments with the wife, forgetting a bunch of shit from being too low on carbs and especially when my body fat was down to 6 to 7 % and trying to hold my job and training was quite a task. Good luck on your show bro

  • Theres a kid I know from my gym who’s pretty young, doesn’t actually have a lot of muscle and he’s under 180 yet hits 500+ squats and 315×2-3 bench press.

    He looks kind of skinny and he’s still natty.

    I assume he has amazing tendon genetics and leverages. He’s about 5’9″

    what do you think?
    He is 100% a genetic outlier, but I was wondering if you could possibly hone in on what exactly it is about his body that allows him to lift so well even with not a whole lot of muscle or size

  • I am confused about your sister (who is a lovely young lady, I must add) and her dieting regime.

    Is she lifting weights as well or just dieting to look slimmer?

  • Why are you so hung up on bodybuilding? You obviously don’t have the genetics for it, you aren’t going to make money off of it and getting THAT lean can affect health negatively.

  • The negative is where the stress occurs that will result in muscle growth that can’t be said enough! Thanks for the video. My first trainer taught me to switch everything up all the time, shooting for failure in every set, but sometimes 6 reps to a set, sometimes 25, but always to failure.

  • @EdgarRue; No, weight training will not stunt growth, so long as you do not damage any growth plates, or cause serious injury. Be sure to keep you protien/caloric intake high enough as well.

  • lol thanks thats got a “load” off my mind lol cause i always assumed it would have a negative effect on bodybuilding and by the drinking i mean like on the occasion like when i go clubbing i might have a vodka and orange juice or something apart from that i tend to keep my nutrition in check