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Lifestyle You Never Feel Like You’re Doing Enough. You may know this mind-set. That nagging feeling that even when you’re not at You Want To Match Your Friend’s Time. It’s human nature to be aware of the goals your friends are reaching.

But Your Last Workout Was Ridiculous. Some days you just. 6 Signs That You May Be Overdoing It. It is always a good thing for one to set up his/ her ambitious goals. There is the good satisfaction that comes with great exercises or workout.

For example, the happiness for working hard, the joy in making progress, and the feeling you get when you have achieved your set goals. In spite of all this. Below are 8 signs that you may be overdoing it. If you continue going at the pace you’re going, there may be serious complications down the road.

It’s best to detect these signs as early as. In addition to endless worries, those with an anxiety disorder may experience muscle tension, disrupted sleep, recurrent headaches and symptoms of panic (short of breath, chest tightness, sweaty and tingling in fingers and toes). 6 Signs Of Overtraining To Watch For If You Work Out Frequently 1. You’re exhausted during the day (and coffee won’t cut it). That 3 P.M. crash is a real struggle for many people, but 2. You’re not sleeping well. “Due to central nervous system stimulation from exercise, people who are. “And if you’re afraid to ask people if you drink too much, that’s probably a sign that you’re overdoing it, too” says Humphreys.

The article 6 Sneaky Signs You. Nagging Aches Training in overdrive, especially when you’re not stretching or giving muscles enough rest, puts a lot of strain on muscles, tendons, and other soft tissue. That can lead to recurring aches like plantar fasciitis (pain under your heel), shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, lower-back pain, and knee pain, says Green.

Chest pain, dizziness, and shortness of breath mean you should back off and call your doctor. To continue reading this article, you must log in. Subscribe to Harvard Health Online for immediate access to health news and information from Harvard Medical School.

Research health conditions. Check your symptoms. Joel Schlessinger, a dermatologic surgeon, also adds that “over-exfoliating” may result in some redness and inflammation: “If you use a product with glycolic acid and follow with a retinoid, you may be damaging your skin’s healthy cells, leading to dryness, redness, and other signs of irritation.” If you’re not sure about the order. 9 Signs You’re Unintentionally Overeating. Here’s how to tell if you may be overdoing it at mealtime and what you can do to get back on track.

Written by Jenn Sinrich. It happens to most of us now and then, or at least once a year on Thanksgiving. We eat way too much in one sitting and wind up feeling overly stuffed, bloated, lethargic, and.

List of related literature:

• Include all of your ordinary, everyday Exits, such as “overeating,” “staying late at work,” “spending too much time with the children,” “keeping separate bank accounts,” “jogging ten miles a day,” “watching TV,” “not wanting to be touched,” “avoiding eye contact.”

“Getting the Love You Want Workbook: The New Couples' Study Guide” by Harville Hendrix, Helen LaKelly Hunt
from Getting the Love You Want Workbook: The New Couples’ Study Guide
by Harville Hendrix, Helen LaKelly Hunt
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I know that my charts are always my first warning sign when I’m pushing myself too hard.”

“Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It” by Jennifer Fulwiler
from Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidentally Found It
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4 You try to keep on the right side of someone by doing whatever pleases them, and avoiding annoying them; you get on the wrong side of someone when you do something that makes them displeased with you.

“Harrap's essential English Dictionary”
from Harrap’s essential English Dictionary
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(no control (1) to complete control (7)), and “I feel in complete control of whether I exercise for at least 20 minutes three times per week for the next fortnight” (completely false (1) to completely true (7)).

“Predicting and Changing Behavior: The Reasoned Action Approach” by Martin Fishbein, Icek Ajzen
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7 Some of the changes may seem difficult as you try to develop new habits and fit new activities into your busy schedule, but the payoffs can be extraordinary.

“Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
from Goddesses Never Age: The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being
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However, a big conjunction leaves one about four signs ahead of one’s starting point (assumed here to be the beginning of Aries).

“The Cosmology of the Bhāgavata Purāṇa: Mysteries of the Sacred Universe” by Richard L. Thompson
from The Cosmology of the Bhāgavata Purāṇa: Mysteries of the Sacred Universe
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• At the end of that first week, create categories such as career, relationship, parenting, extended family, self­nurturing, physical fitness, personal growth, recreation, spirituality, friendship.

“Fearless Living” by Rhonda Britten
from Fearless Living
by Rhonda Britten
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Three subscales with three items each assessed vigour (e.g., “At my work, I feel bursting with energy”), dedication (e.g., “I am enthusiastic about my job”) and absorption (e.g., “I feel happy when I am working intensely”) were assessed on a seven-point scale from “never” (1) to “every day” (7).

“Psychosocial Safety Climate: A New Work Stress Theory” by Maureen F. Dollard, Christian Dormann, Mohd Awang Idris
from Psychosocial Safety Climate: A New Work Stress Theory
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For example, if your partner repeats a vague criticism when you sit for dinner, look for messages the rerun may carry that you have not been willing to hear: you are drinking too much, you’re not giving me enough attention, you’re not taking care of yourself, you’ve been ridiculing me in public, and so on.

“The MindBody Code: How to Change the Beliefs that Limit Your Health, Longevity, and Success” by Mario Martinez, Christiane Northrup
from The MindBody Code: How to Change the Beliefs that Limit Your Health, Longevity, and Success
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in 6 causes ‘Labhbhang Yoga’.

“Be Your Own Astrologer: Ascendant Pisces: A Comprehensive Introduction” by Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi
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  • I have benign essential tremor. is there a way to lessen my hand tremors and the eventual voice tremors without surgery or meds? i’m really upset that it’s going to effect my singing voice at some point and would really appreciate the advice, B&B <3

  • My hands shake alot because of my medication (I am very young too) is this exercise still gonna help me or whole I need to do something else.

    Talked to my doctor about it, I CAN technically get a new medication but what I’m getting now is the best of the best so I don’t really wanna switch

  • I don’t think the romantic type of love is special. And I am started to think that the romantic type of love isn’t real. I mean about more than half of romantic couples either break up with each other or divorce each other, while most platonic best friends remain friends until death.

    And also, most people are pretty much comfortable enough to be naked around someone and have sex with someone that they have no romantic feelings towards.

    I think that having a platonic best friend is a lot better than having a romantic partner or spouse is. Having someone who’s like a sibling to you is a lot better than having a romantic partner is. Also, you would more likely be much closer to a person who’s like a brother or sister to you than you would be with a partner or spouse.

    People tend to fight with their partner or spouse a lot more than they do with a platonic best friend, and you never fight with your best friend the way you fight with your partner or spouse. Partners and spouses are just temporary. If you break up or divorce them, it’s hard to go back to them. With your platonic best friend, you’re going to make things work, because they are your best friend, they are your go to partner. It’s always easier to make amends with them than it is with a romantic partner or spouse.

    Also, there are a lot of toxic romantic relationships, while there isn’t that many toxic platonic relationships. Like an example is that abuse happens a lot in romantic relationships, while abuse is rare in platonic relationships. So there is a lot of abusive romantic relationships, while there is isn’t that many abusive platonic relationships.

    Why do you think abusive romantic relationships have a term for them called “domestic violence”, while abusive platonic relationships don’t have a term for them? It’s because abuse in platonic relationships are very rare, while abuse in romantic relationships happens a lot.

    And also, a lot of people cheat on their romantic partners with someone else, while most people won’t do stuff like that with their platonic best friends.

    And also, it seems that fathers usually hate it whenever their daughter gets a boyfriend (even if the boyfriend is a good guy), and it seems that they often hate the idea of their daughter dating, and many fathers seem against the idea of their daughters dating. There are even shirts made for daughters that say “I’M NOT ALLOWED TO EVER DATE” and shirts made for fathers that say “DADS AGAINST DAUGHTERS DATING”.

    Brothers also tend to act the same way that fathers do whenever their sister gets a boyfriend (even if the boyfriend is a good guy). It seems brothers (like fathers) hate the idea of their sisters dating.

    So it seems that most fathers don’t ever want their daughters to find love and be in a romantic relationship with someone, and it also seems that most brothers don’t ever want their sisters to find love and be in a romantic relationship with someone.

    So those could also be other reasons why the concept of romantic relationships isn’t a good thing because of how protective fathers and brothers tend to be whenever their daughter or sister dates someone.

    Also, I heard that most people can live a life without romance and can still be happy. But most of the time, if someone doesn’t have any platonic friends in their life, it can effect them really bad mentally; much worse than living a life without a romantic partner. In today’s world, less people are dating and getting married now, and they seem to be more happy being single rather than being in romantic relationship with someone.

    So those are other reasons why romantic love isn’t real or special, while platonic love is.

  • I’ve been super stressed for a while and I didn’t even know it. It started with having nightmares for almost an entire week, crying a lot, digestive issues, dizziness, and sleep issues. My body would randomly jerk whenever I tried to relax it was the scariest thing cause it’s never happened before. I went to a doctor and she told me it was anxiety/stress. Please take of yourselves and mental health everyone. It’s so important and I feel like a lot of ppl don’t pay as much attention to it as they should.

  • Ummmm. Wait a minute.
    @ 2:05 you say “The thumb is NOT participating in this one” as you immediately start flexing your thumb like the other guy keeps doing in this one, when previously you didn’t. You seem confused

  • Seems to me she is describing every marriage in the US today…

    If you are happy, fufiled and completely satisfied in the relationship you are NOT married in the US or you are delusional… ��

    You essentially get married to be disappointed. That’s why it’s called ‘settle down’.. Double negative in the phrase is the hint…
    It’s learning to manage that dissapointment that enables long relationships.. ��

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  • For a stroke person after surgery 3years overed, still the hand is full stiff, movement is there. Fingers can be closed but couldn’t open up. When he sleep hand is normal but when walks hand pulled up with stiffness.

  • Its not that i trust my partner..
    Its more about, idk what going on.
    Bc my gf sleeps sometimes by her best friends (men).
    And thats a thing i am TOTALLY NOT confortable with..

  • I finally understood the cold feet and hands thing. I suffer from generalized and social anxiety, and even in summer my hads are always cold, specially the fingers, and in winter, my feet, legs and hands are so cold that I can’t even feel them.
    It’s very uncomfortable, because if I want to touch someone or anything, they always say my hands are too cold, and in winter I’m always freezing, even if I wear a lot of layers.

  • I think I have social anxiety but I’m too scared to tell my parents can someone pls tell me what to do
    also btw I’ve took a lot of online tests to see if I have anxiety and all of them says I do

  • The thing is I get stressed when I try and de-stress. I think I can do more work and that I’m wasting time. I’ve always been overworking myself but I can never do as well as other people in school.:(

  • I have a cerebral palsy and I’ve been watching you over 6 months now do you have any videos that can help me with my CP? My first video I watched with you guys words about my Pain in my butt that was making me hurt a lot. I still can’t sit for a long time but I can’t stand either and it made the side that has the CP on it very tight and very painful it’s hard for me to do anything because I’ve been out of physical therapy for like 4 years and I’m trying to get back to a decent place in my life where I can do things I find myself getting weaker and weaker.

  • My work is stressing me…ive started loosing all of my hair starting april and now im depressed…cant leave this job.

    Feeling so lost��

  • I can relate to a few of these signs but it isnt really possible to take much of a break since school started again. I’m nervous for every zoom call but I dont want to miss a day

  • Jesus, when I started with my partner, we did nothing but ARGUE. No honeymoon period. Just a constant flux between fighting or fucking.

    We kept having explosive arguments over the most ridiculous minutiae and either he or I would snap and breaking up with the other…. Then days later hooking up and getting back together. Its like he knew if we slept together, I had forgiven him and vise versa.. Rinse wash repeat. We were like this for 2 years! We were a joke to our friends who found us to be comically dramatic( and to be fair thought we needed to break up properly…) Till one day he broke up and I friggen had it. I didnt take him back for a essentially a full month. I went LC on him, gave him space, said we could be friends and we could move on. Normally we’d have caved in a week… but I just said no.

    We ended up having a long chat one night, he asked to try again, I told him I wasn’t interested in breaking up again and if he did, that’s it.

    Six years later we bought a house and have a son. We still fight, but nothing like before. We make an effort to be made up before bedtime and honestly the sex is still stellar.

    I dunno. The drama kinda works for us. Slightly keeps us on our toes. I love him very much and I know he loves me and wouldn’t leave me.

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  • 7. When you very strongly relate to every last one of them and have been wondering what is wrong with you for the past few months.

  • That time my body start shaking headache tummy hurts and lost my appetite and I am very tired and my heart start beating very fast

  • My husband was smart enough in securing his device but I was fast enough to hire an expert hacker via [email protected] or on WhatsApp +14347678160 who gave me unrestricted access to his device.

  • Don’t ignore the signs I know we mostly all do..but trust me..your mental health and peace is more important.In my case I would get soo anxious…and I had a gut feeling something was off..

  • I’ve blasted through all of these and moved on to heart palpitations and grinding teeth. Still looking for a good way to destress.

  • Are you facing problems? solution is hear…read carefully Visit my channel Mindful Journey Dr Gunjan Vishwakarma for free career, Relationship and Love Rashi Wise advice through Tarot card. What’s app me at 7424830300 to book a tarot reading.
    Thanks in advanced.

  • I’m not sure. About point 3… I don’t know…. I am felling sad, easy to get angry and alone quite often, and I kinda start feeling… unusefull… unproductive… Can you help me with an advice? Mabe is also because of the hole school thing, and how, because of the Covid restriction, I can’t do that much things, and I always feel bored and unusefull. I tried a lot of things: painting, videos on you tube about things to do when you are bored, singing, dancing, watching Netflix, talking on the phone with my friends, but nothing helped (I am in middle school, but I am intrested in psichology, in any case). Mabe you can help me with a little advice?

  • one time I was so scared of asking the teacher I needed to go to the restroom when the period finished I almost peed my self.

    Then another time I was so scared to cough while a test was going on I felt like I was going to die.

  • I honestly think parents are sometimes the main reason why we are stressed. During school they constantly complain about us not studying enough. After getting into university they complain about us not having a job as young adults. It’s the worst after university. They complain about us being lazy, not taking responsibility, not being able to find a job when it’s the hardest thing ever. Ok that’s all right? Nope xD. They continue to complain that we don’t pay the bills and so on. If you’re a parent and you’re reading this, please chill! I understand you want your kids to succeed, but doing what I just mentioned is actually holding them back. Please chill! Don’t get me wrong though I love my parents. But I honestly believe they need to help you physically, instead of “trying” to help you verbally. Just sit down with them and help them, not just say things and then think they’ll sort everything out. Trust me they WONT! The pest parents are the ones that are the most patient. If you’re not a patient person, then don’t make kids ;).

  • U have to provide the environment where by the body heals it’s self, to do that you have to remove out all the blockages that hinder the Job of the fresh blood, Parkinson’s is caused by smocking all types of smocking cigarettes weed Shishah and from medicines all chemical medicines have it’s share in causing Parkinson’s even the medicines that are subscribed for treating it have serious side effects, other by inhaling chemicals for a long time all types of chemicals cleaning chemicals industrial chemicals extra…. The human body is not designed to digest or even detox this chemicals from the body that’s why it stays in the body and ends up in all areas and points that is not active physically in the human body…To remove this Toxins we use Hijjama treatment. U have to find a professional Hijjama Doctor and get it done from the first treatment the person will feel better,,,it depends on the Doctor how many sessions a person need according to the condition… Hijjama mostly used for prevention and maintaining a healthy toxic free body…. Hijama treats many disease anything concerning the head from headache/ Alzahimar /Parkinson’s, pains generally and more.

  • I feel like there are rocks on my shoulders and I feel so overwhelmed because I have a lot of online work to do but I don’t know what to do because there are so many things I have to finish and I can’t even force myself to take a break.
    Please help me

  • I’m starting to think I’m just too messed up to feel happy. Instead of feeling happy and excited i feel sad and always worried and stressed. I’m sure it has to do with my childhood abuse i went through and it’s sad to think that i will never feel happy. Relationships and love in general just triggers my anxiety:(

  • I recently broke up with my boyfriend and now, while watching this, I found that to some extent I felt each of these 7 signs. But, on the other hand, I’m so heartbroken because I really love this man and he is such a good person who loved me and respected me to the moon and back… Is it really possible to love someone so much and that the person is still the wrong one for you?

  • i relate to almost all of these, but i can’t really do anything to de-stress because at school i’m that “all a’s” girl who everyone expects to be perfect and if i’m not then everyone acts like there’s something wrong with me, and this one kid who borderline bullies me makes fun of me every time i get anything lower than 100, and my teachers just let him sit behind me. my teachers give me so much homework that by the time i finish my mom makes me go to bed and i barely have time to watch tv or do anything i want to do. one time, my teacher made me do a big competition because i was “the smartest in the class” and it caused me so much stress that i got sick and messed up the presentation because i was coughing so much. and now whenever anyone mentions anything about that project, i get stressed and want to cry. now that school’s online because of the virus, it’s a little bit better because i get to do work at home, but i still get really stressed and cry a lot while doing assignments if it’s a bad day.

  • Is it possible to crave something without ever having it? I’ve recently been feeling drawn towards drinking but I’ve never had alchohol before. I guess it’s because of what I hear about it

  • Well haven’t experienced any of this only the sleeping one and getting angry and depressed but now I never experience any them anymore

  • I’m one of the advanced students, but you do NOT want to be one of those. It literally gives you an abundance of headaches and stress.

  • These are all the symptoms I have. I’m waiting for my period, in so stressed. However I don’t ever drink or any of that cause I’m still under 18.

  • hey, i have PCS (precordial catch syndrome) and there’s no pin pointed cause of it but i get it when i’m stressed. i can’t find exactly why i’m stressed but i feel like it’s bc of my online school bc i don’t like it and my boyfriend. he’s wonderful but sometimes i just worry about him when he’s out late exercising. help?

  • I had headaches. The doctors say my symptoms are migraines. My mother knows something’s bugging me but I can’t tell her. ��
    My sister helps me feel better so that helps.

  • Another thing to note is that the problem could also be yourself. If you find yourself consistently unsatisfied in relationships, there may be something wrong.

  • Me eating my first meal of the day at 11:58 pm because I have no appetite due to stress but I am still forcing myself to eat: “Interesting”

  • I didn’t think my stress level was high but after watching this video I feel like I really do need to take a break and relax my mind. The only problem is, I like to walk around outside with a book and pensil and just write or draw but I can’t do it during these times.

  • Good for anyone, really. I am on Advisory bd for an adult home. Would be good for them. Even for me, as to not end up with any problems with stiffness etc. TY

  • I’ve been eating more than usual, i’ve been angrier than I’ve been in a couple of years (although not that intense), i’ve had cramps almost every morning since school ended for quarantine, and although im not experiencing insomnia, I find myself a little more tired than normal.

    This doesnt mean im stressed, they’re just possible signs, right?

  • I’d like to not think tht I’m stressed cause honestly I appreciate the time being in quarantine. Although I might’ve said that, I notice tht I somehow undereat despite having enough food, and more than often I’d eat sweet stuff where as before I’d I’d touch little to none but I’d still like to think tht they’re somewhat cravings or some sort. Also I’ve noticed like a couple of days back I have muscle strains after waking up even though I hv not done any intense physical activities. So I’m rather confused

  • 1. Your constantly unhappy
    2. Highly stressed out
    3. Your expectations aren’t being met
    4. You new there were problems since the very beginning
    5. Your gut tells you something is up
    6. Your partner doesnt seem conscientious
    7. Your too similar

  • Her: Everything she’s says that isn’t my stress
    Me: I mean I do have negative feelings and depression… So… Headaches, handling fights all the time, people shouting in the class (Which makes my headaches worse), people asking for help and people using you cause they know your nice and doesn’t have the heart to say no but they just don’t know my other side matter? Okie dokie

  • Joe is a very thoughtful, reflective, and self-aware man. Comes from decades of devoting himself to something he truly loves. He’s a great teacher and you can learn in multiple dimensions listening to him. When you listen to somebody who is a master of their craft it’s always enlightening.

  • When i meet a family member for the first time.
    Anxiety:feel like crying, hand get cold, sweaty,start shaking, heart start pounding
    Me:no, no, no put your self together

  • but when your gas are being uncontrollable in class and you’re holding it to death bc the thought of farting in class terrorize you and then Anxiety shows up and you feel overwhelmed by this amount of stress and then boom you feel dizzy and everything around you feels unreal, you feel unreal (and deaf and blind and you’re gon die-)… anyone?

  • I’ve had all these physical symptoms way before I realized I have anxiety
    I remember going like every week to the doctor trying to solve my gas problems and stomach aches… Now that I realise that I have anxiety (even if i doubt it sometimes) I dont tell my mom anymore when I feel sick…

  • The out of body experience is the worst, it’s like feeling you’re on your own world, u can’t process things, think or feel like a normal human all the time, I just feel like my mind is lazier than it’s used to be and I can’t focus and carry on a normal conversation without stressing myself so much. I’m just so tired of it and I don’t know how to return back yk..

  • I have anxiety. And I just heard a loud ring noise and got scared-Then I thought maybe my anxiety made me hear that. Curiously,I decided to search “Things anxiety makes u do.” And here’s what I found-OwO.

  • definitely that dreamlike state i think it’s derealization / (depresonalization) i get the two mixed up sometimes feels strangely pleasant anyway, if unsettling

  • so..what do i do to destress? i’ve been told many times that i might be stressed as to why i don’t wanna eat, can’t sleep, etc. i mean, i see it. i just don’t know how to help myself. i do try to take care of myself but it never works.

  • The out of body experience is so wierd.For me its like 3rd person pov in minecraft. Its a split second for me but still a little creppy.

  • I’ll be honest here: Sometimes I don’t even feel like a human being. I feel constantly overlooked by my peers in everything I do, and like everyone uses me for my good grades. It gets stressful. I had severe anxiety when I was in kindergarten, and it’s definitely gotten better through the years, but it still lingers all the time. It’s always in the back of my mind, just waiting for that perfect time when there’s complete silence so it can expand my insecurities. Anyone else feel this way or only me?

  • My anxiety will often cause me to fiddle. Which is totally normal. I often play with my hair and sleeves and I used to chew my sleeves. Nowadays I’ll zone out and all my senses will shut down. I’ll feel like I’m fading out if existence. I’ll slowly feel like I’m going blind and my hearing and sense of touch will fade out. Smell and taste usually remain. I often subconsciously rub the palm of my hand with my thumb.

  • I am not stressed but my mom is. She tries to be best to be a good mom even if she stresses a lot. I will always love her and thank her for all the things she does for me and my sister.

  • Where ever I sit I always shake my leg like at 1:54 and if the leg isn’t touching the ground I shake my foot. But I always need to shake it I can’t stop.

  • I’m a young person and I (think) I have SA so I thought “hey I do this stuff to!” I never told my family because..well I don’t think they want to hear a kid tell them about something I looked up on the internet because I was bored one morning

  • I’ve been peeing an awful lot recently, and I don’t drink much or eat much, so I think it could be from anxiety. And I also space out a lot, though that’s something I’ve been doing my whole life. I think that’s associated with my autism more than my anxiety.

  • I literally thought
    that the whole feeling out of your body thing was like something in my head. Now that I know that it’s real I feel kind of freaked out..

  • I usually journal or meditate to help me destress. If I’m shorter for time I’ll take 3 deep breaths or think of something I’m grateful for

  • How many people fell outter body experience during anxiety because it’s to scary and i also suffer for 3 years plz help to share your problems ��������

  • I watch these lessons by Joe every so often, not because I’m a musician, I’m not, but because Joe is such a great teacher that even a non-musician who loves music like me can just soak up all these tips and musical wisdom. What a gift to mankind Joe Satriani is. Wow.

  • I started my first relationship at first it was great but now like I just feel like he doesn’t spend enough time with me, but I am worried that I am asking for to much time with him I haven’t been able to see him because do this whole outbreak thing but it’s cause before we used to talk a lot in FaceTime but not anymore

  • is it just me or whenever im at lunch, bus, or class, i crouch down huddled and covering my phone because i dont want anyone to know my business on my phone..

    please god tell me im not the only one������

  • I was diagnosed with anxiety a year ago. And Anxiety makes me have like, tic moments. Like I move my head really fast or shake badly. But I’ve been to doctors about it and I don’t have Tourette’s or anything like that.

  • i was really wondering why did my hands and feet felt so cold, i have most of this i guess I have anxiety for a long time, is that bad? am new to this stuff

  • Whenever there is a public meeting that I have to attend, I put on headphones and pretend to be busy on my phone so no-one will talk to me

  • I dont have to go to the bathroom right before class but then i go in there and i have to go really bad and the teacher is just like: “you should have gone before class” now i get bullies for peeing my pants.

  • Sometimes when my friend hugs me they get scared because my hands are so cold, it feels like a dead person is touching them. I can’t help it though. I get nervous so easily.

  • What the hell i have all of these i literally have them all deep inhales, itches, me thinking everything is unreal, not gas problems but urine and the others

  • my teacher keeps throwing work on me and I can’t keep up and am feeling anxious and restless am I stressed? Btw I’m 11 and almost 12 and I’m worried for my health.

  • Yea I always have the out of body stuff like when I’m walking across the street I just feel like it’s not real, lol I didn’t know that that was anxiety causing it thank you Psych2go!And I didn’t know I can Get rashes from it as well I always get them. I love the chill beats in the background to! You guys are the best!

  • Talking about the first one, I feel this a lot, even for no reason, my mom takes me to the doctor but they never have a solid explanation, I’m now talking to her about this “anxiety” (because I’ve a lot of other videos and I can relate to many other things and want to stop it), the problem is that I don’t think she’ll take it seriously, I hope something good turns out

  • I could relate to most of the things. Especially the cold feet and hands and the yawning one. I have that all the time. I think I might have Anxiety but I’m not sure. I know that I have something. I have never really told someone about it, becouse I’m kinda afraid what they are going to say

  • Hello everyone. If you’re dealing with stress from the covid-19, we have a video on that here: Script and story board by Winnie Chen:

  • can anyone help me for a sec? i get triggered when i feel that my underwear is showing from the back of anything i sit on, yes i wore a belt and it still happened, if anyone can tell me if this is bad back posture but its been happening almost all the time i wear any type of jeans. last time this happened my teacher told out on me and told me to wake up and pull my pants up, it was very embarrassing and ever since then to this day and so on, im terrified and anxious of people looking at my bottom even when they shouldnt be. i check in and pull my pants up from the back every second of class.

  • Youtube Navigation/Abstract
    Like, Subscribe and Follow on Facebook
    0:21 Introduction Treatment / Exercises
    15 repitions each
    1:15 *1.*Exercise Tabletop / Claw
    1:52 *2.*Straight Fist Thumb stationary. Fingers Open and close to the palm.
    2:29 *3.*Curl Fist incl. the Thumb
    3:04 *4.*Tab Thumb to each finger reverse it. Fatigue? -> Short break:)
    4:08 *5.*Wrist Flexion and Extension
    4:47 *6.*Pro/Suppination Thumb ( 5:20 Strech possiblilty )
    5:25 *7*Radial/Ulnar Deviation
    5:50 Shacke it out:)

    Another Try with Resistence:
    5:59 Handii Healthy Hands [Link] Usage with the Whole Programm again
    6:38 Tabletop
    7:05 Straight Fist
    7:29 Full Fist
    7:50 Thumb tab to the Fingers
    8:12 Shacke it 8:30 Wrift Flex / Extension with a Hammer / Dumbell (Any resistant)
    9:00 Supination / Pronation with Hammer
    9:35 Hammering (Ulna/Radial)

    10:50 Thanks for Watching ^.^

  • Stress is part f life it only becomes a monster when you don’t plan correctly or have high expectations of everything. live life knowing that stress is coming than remind your self yes this is part of life and choose how you going to react to it. The key is to know God who is wisdom.

  • I was in an abusive relationship for 2.5 years (I’ve been out of it for over a year now and with someone else that makes me extremely happy) I connected to almost all of these points looking back, and honestly really wish I had seen this back them. Definitely would have saved me years of depression!

  • Thanks so much Hand Doctors… I have multiple sclerosis.. and hands just started shivering I was unable to play my game as all the keys Tu used to accelerate my car I was unable to do that
    I am very lucky that I found you video today
    I am going to practice these
    exercises till everything
    comes back to normal

    I am an artist and I want my hands indefinitely I am going to do that

    Thank you so much
    Post more exercises of hands also if you can
    Foot exercises of walking without support

  • I wouldn’t like to be with somebody that is too similar to me. Or somebody that likes everything that I like.

    I like somebody that can teach me different things and I can teach him too. We learn from each other by not talking about the same stuff every day

  • They are always on the phone

    Secretive about their past

    Don’t talk about their feelings

    Never talk about anything serious.

    Gets annoyed when you tell them what’s wrong even if they asked.


  • i do not have confirmed anxiety but ive watched so many videos, and everything is the same as me. i just had an anxiety attack while talking to my friends about my anxiety. i dont want ✨t h e r a p y✨ though

  • )): me and my bf broke up a few days ago and watching this makes me see maybe he wasn’t for me but it makes me miss him. we had so many differences that it couldn’t work, i’ll always remember him, the one who made me feel so many things. <3 we'll still stay together as friends.

  • Sometimes we see our significant others not as they are but as we want them to be. It is very important to not make any significant decisions based on that infatuation.
    Also before entering any relationship ask the person your with how aware of they of their past traumas and how actively are they working to heal so they don’t project that shit on you.

  • Hey if someone can help
    Is it ok to date someone that u can barely see Bc of strict parents and goes to the point that I have to beg she/her to talk to me at least 5 minutes at night but she says she can’t because she’s in vacation with her dad so she says no but our relationship or how we communicate is literally to phone Bc I can’t see her as much especially Bc of the corona. It’s ok that she wants to spend time with her dad but not always say when I try and talk to her that she wants to spend time with her dad all I wanna talk to u is 5 minutes tell me is that too much to ask

  • @Psych2Go The one about both being similar levels of extroversion surprised me. Usually you hear the opposite. That too far apart on the introextroversion spectrum is bad. Why do you think to similar extroverts have it harder?

  • I don’t k ow what to think all the players I grew up idolizing were not great technical players like page and Perry so on it the songs were most important it’s all about what your I to I guess

  • Well how do i destress if nothing works? Anything that normally worked stopped working and i lose the lust and fun in doing anything

  • What are you guys doing, when you feel bad so you look at these videos… and it comfirms you that you may have a depression or anxiety. Do you go to see a psychologist or you treat it by yourself? I used to go to therapy but I did not suit me and it is soo expensive I can’t afford it right now

  • Am I right for wanting to break up? She told me about how she always fantisices about kissing other people. She also hid the truth from me, I always told her that I loved her a few months in and she said it back. But she told me recently that she like likes me, but not loves me. When she said it back, it was lies. I’m confused

  • I watch these because my girlfriend likes to communicate about the relationship at least twice a week to catch up with any ideas we feel might have been misinterpreted or totally missed, she considers me a very insightful person and I consider her a very emotionally expressive person, we are similar in what we like but totally opposite in expression and hobbies, i like this however, simply because she can teach me more about her newly found skills and interest and i can express myself and my logic to her without feeling contradicting. I feel like the video only apply if you DONT WANT TO MAKE IT WORK. If you’re watch this video but not communicating after then tbh you’re the problem along side you’re S/O, lol im young 20 y/o actually and it seems more like millennials are experiencing troubles with the simplicity of compatibility. One simple question to ask “can i, or will i, make this work.”

  • I have all 7 I’m constantly on edge with my wife I get anxious stress even knowing she’s going to be home soon from work.I love it when she goes out or away for the weekend,I can be myself again,every suggestion I make or comment she has the opposite she often ignores my questions where I have to ask 2-3 times don’t know if she ‘s hard of hearing or just a bitch.Everything I like or hobbies she craps all over it with her typical sarcastic comment and her facial expression of disgust witch it infuriates me to where I will never do it…but I feel like punching her in the face,we don’t share the same values,and last but not least,and confirms I am with the wrong person is…the sex I’ve never had such dull boring sex in my life she just lays there I give her all the pleasure she just lays there gets off and when done rolls over and sleeps,I sometimes think she’s a Lesbian if so it would explain the reason and I would totaly understand instead of thinking she’s just a boring dull selfish bitch.

  • Have always believed in love to cure many things but it only fed my narc’s enormous ego. it is important to be wise when dealing with a narcissist and I’m glad that darkwebprohack helped cloned my wife’s phone. i got access to her dealings both on phone and social media without touching her phone,I’m here in Miami Florida USA and able to access my wife’s phone with a cloned app even while she was away in the UK cheating on me.All I did was share my wife’s phone number with darkwebprohack and I was able to read both her new and deleted messages from my phone through a remote link to a programmed app containing cloned cell information without having to touch her phone…my wife was a cheating Narcissist and I’m glad to find out all her secrets and infidelity with the help of darkwebprohack. My wife also tried to use this coronavirus outbreak as a means to get back to me but I’m not stupid ebony to allow someone so toxic back into my life, I’m finally going through divorce with a lot of evidence against her.i read all deleted and chat on Whatsapp,Facebook,Instagram and GPS location of her phone at all times, you can contact the great hacker via Gmail (darkwebprohack) or text and speak to him directly on the phone and WhatsApp +17076225057 and I hope you will fund the peace with your heart after finding the truth just like myself

  • I’ve been with my boyfriend for just over a year, we’re doing long distance because of different uni choices. (I’m his first girlfriend)I’ve realised that at the start of our relationship we moved very quickly. I had some doubts (like him getting me expensive gifts, a trip after a couple months and wanting to see me despite my family being hesitant because we started long distance) but ignored that because we got on so well, I felt like this was my person. We just got each other and we were very comfortable with each other. My family is a bit hesitant because he’s very shy, and we’ve been long distance since the start but when he’s been with me and my family he hasn’t really spoken so they don’t really know him. Nowadays I’ve noticed how much effort I’ve made for our relationship, how much I’ve compromised a lot for us. I love the time I’ve spent with him and I feel at peace with him, but my gut just tells me that something is wrong. Where I’ve had my boundaries pushed because of him. Sometimes it feels like I’m choosing between him and my family. (Sounds very much like a reddit post) but any advice is welcomed with open arms. Again I love him, but I can’t ignore the fact that I’ve had my boundaries pushed and I’ve constantly put my neck out for us but I feel like he isn’t doing the same.

  • This whole time I thought me getting super stressed out and having a bad feeling was me having an issue. The last one idk how to feel about that, because a huge issue I have been having with relationships is that I can’t relate to the other person. I don’t think anyone is super like me though. Cause i’m so different that people call me an alien.


  • Psych2Go: 1. your appetite changes, making unhealthier eating choices
    Me: looks down at the cheezits im currently eating for breakfast

  • I’m worried that this is my case and I’m feeling very anxious at the moment, please does somebody have some advices? I need some help. I’m worried that maybe I’m a dependent person and I can’t leave because I need someone. This is my first relationship and I’m used to have somebody now after some months. Why it can’t simply work without me worrying so much… I don’t know what to do

  • How I de stress:

    -Nore gaming
    -Take a shower
    -drink some warm milk
    -eat some pie
    -draw something
    -make videos
    -uh idk

  • swap person in the title for Job
    points 1 through 5 are exactly how i feel about my job right now… on the 6th you can change partner for boss and/or clients and it sums everything
    Granted i’m working for the customer support area of an airline and i should’ve jumped ship in february during the first notions of covid19, but no one could have guessed this(except putin frigging putin closed rusia’s borders as soon as news about covid19 arose).


  • Oh okay so I have been very high in neuroticism low in conscientiousness and low in agreeableness in my last relationship that’s why it failed.

  • I’m almost sure that my stress is on the ceiling rn BUT it helps me keep going and studying harder, so I don’t know if I should try to lower it cause I’m scared that if I relax even for a day everything I’ve worked on will pop a couple legs and run away from me, does that have sense?

  • Number 4 is me like no joke I’m serious everyone wakes me up and it says it NoT My FaUlT when I fall asleep at 7:am I’m not kidding

  • I met someone that didn’t want a relationship I stayed by her because I also avoid relationships that have feelings in it bc of the fear of lost now she’s gone and I’m stuck sitting here wanting everything to restart just to have that feeling I hate so much bc of the fear.. when knowing she live right down the street it hurts a bit more

  • Wow Iv played guitar for wat 20 yrs on and off always cheap guitars usually right handed when I’m a lefty broken rods u name it lol and as for having Internet well only past few yrs I’m 37. Any way get to the point wat a privilege it is to be able to turn it on and listen to people like Joe giv u gems like that l! It blows my mind! Growing up learning I didn’t have this am sure Joe didn’t and so many amazing rockers we love today either so thanks Joe and the crazy scientists and tech dudes that have made the Internet and you tube possible yes I come from the dark ages.

  • When I watched it I got so stressed XD, ty for the vid a lot of this is true and happening to me, I can’t sleep, I’m becoming depressed and I wanna eat everything!! So ty

  • Damn right about The Beatles, “when the rain comes” is very out of tune but sounds strangely beautiful.. Joe Satriani will never have a ball to try to play like that though ��

  • Learning vibrato while playing Metallica… just don’t imitate Kirk’s parkinson’s disease style. Joe should have really hammered the point with Kirk.