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Each individual has their preferences on shower temperature, and women generally like theirs to be hotter. But the average hot water heater can heat up to 140 degrees. That is hot enough to burn your skin within 5 seconds! Most dermatologists recommend showering in no more than 99 degrees. Benefits of Cold Showers: Instant temp change can awaken body Relieves fatigue Increase mental alertness Hydrate hair and skin, whereas hot showers dry them out Studies have found that a cooler shower (68 degrees F) for 2-3 minutes a day can help with depression Stimulates immune system Reduces.

Well, there is no set number, but most doctors advise keeping the temperature under 105 degrees (41 degrees Celsius). The best way to judge is to simply pay attention to your skin. If it becomes red or flushed, the temperature is probably too high. The optimal temperature to wash away environmental dirt and bacteria, she says, is 112 degrees or lower, “though you’d have to put a thermometer under the spigot to get an exact reading.” A shower. In my opinion, the temperature range varies as per the mood of the human being for shower water.

Some find relief in cold while other in hot.Season also affects our choice for shower water. But as a safe side, normally water temperature in the range of 25–27°C is the all time best temperature for shower water. 5.9K views.

Install temperature sensitive glass tiles in your shower and they’ll change color according to the temperature of the water. It’s all about planning the design and investing in the right accessories in order to get the best shower experience you can afford. View in gallery. A popular option for shower-only bathrooms is a freestanding shower.

If your bathroom is small or awkwardly spaced, a standalone shower is a simple kit that will provide several options for placement and installation. Standable kits come in many different shapes and styles, but one of the best is the Durastall Shower Stall. Cold Showers vs. Hot Showers: Which One Is Better?

Medically reviewed by Alana Biggers, M.D., MPH — Written by Sara Lindberg on March 23, 2020 If a hot shower is what your body craves in the. 10 Best Shower Valve Reviews: 2020 Delta Faucet R10000-UNBX Universal Tub and Shower Valve. This product from Delta is the best shower faucet valve. It is Delta R10000-UNBXHF Multichoice Thermostatic Shower Valve. The Delta R10000-UNBXHF multi-choice valve also features a Kohler K-2973-KS-NA.

Digital showers are enhanced version of your regular mixer showers, which are known for employing advanced and latest shower techs to deliver the best shower experience. In a regular shower mixer, the temperature of the water is set manually by making use of manual controls.

List of related literature:

Water temperature for tub baths and showers is usually 105°F. Remember to measure water temperature.

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Because of the dryness of the air in a sauna (25 percent humidity, average), the body can accept the higher temperatures a sauna produces (180˚F, average).

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A water temperature of 98°F or higher generally is perceived as hot; a temperature over 104°F is considered very hot.

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Benefits of sauna bathing can be achieved at a temperature of 160°F; sauna temperature should never exceed 195° F.

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Testing shows considerable variation in the temperature of hot tap water (most between 55°C and 60°C, but some lower) and in maximum tolerated temperature-to-touch (below 55°C for some people).

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Instead of smoothing the aura, you can take a shower—the first thirty seconds at body temperature, then warm water up to 43° C (109° F) warm or cold water is suitable.

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Many people can tolerate hot air, such as in a sauna, for fairly long periods, even though temperatures in a sauna may reach as high as 200°F, well above an individual’s tolerance for heat in water.

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With regard to how it is used, a sauna session is often repeated three times and followed by immersion in cold water (5—15 0C) with the head above water, a cold shower, or simply by exposure to room temperature (23—24 0C).

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Lower-temperature infrared saunas are typically heated to 120°F and are a good option for those who cannot tolerate the higher temperatures of a traditional sauna or steam room.

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On a day when your hotwater heater is set at 140°F and your cold tap water is 60°F, if you choose the “warm” setting on your washing machine you will probably get wash temperatures of about 100°F (which feels comfortably warm to the hand).

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  • I must live a life of luxury because my shower is not only capable of having a stable temperature, it can also be fine-tuned properly and anyone can use any source of water, both hot & cold, anywhere in the house and the temperature doesn’t change a bit. I only get a minor drop in water pressure at worst, at best I don’t even notice.

    I think the reason is because we’re using an on-demand heater, the heater is very close to the shower and the heater is close to the primary “source” of water in my home, and we’re using not-cheap proper mixing taps

  • turn on hot @90 degrees, cold tap @ 25 degrees (this is specific for my shower ofc), and its perfect. for some reason the cold tap has higher pressure then my hot tap, prolly regulated by the combi heater.

  • I’m rewatching this video every day and taking a cold shower every time he says “you could just pause this video and go take a cold shower” 4:36 FEELS GREAT EVERY TIME

  • I think my body went into shock or something…i swear i was only in for ten minutes tops, i came out and my parents were like “where have you been youve been in there for like two hours” they were serious too, i looked at the clock. I went in around 2 and when i came out it was almost 3:30

  • I went to the pet store and bought a $2 floating aquarium thermometer. I just take it and a cup into the shower with me, fill the cup, drop the thermometer into it and check it when I’m done showering. I’m too cheap to get anything fancy.

  • I have a fine hair but i was using hot water & showering it almost daily.. Now I lost it completely even I used a tons of shampoo to get my old healthy hair back but nothing happened, only the top of my head area is dry/irritated also i used a (Vichy)dry shampoo cuz of misleading infos.. Well, I had to shave it now

  • This guy is a nerd who knows nothing.dont listen.all the evidence points to the opposite of what he is saying. You develop a resistance to cold which means you can swim even in winter. It also means you can be the coolest one on the block in hot summer. Ive started this week doing them and ive never felt better. So don’t listen to this idiot.

  • your hair! what did you do to your hair? or am I mistaking you for someone else? anyway, at college in our dorm we used to wait for a hated person to go into the communal bathroom to shower. there were 2 showers and six toilets. we would wait until said person was soaped up and flush all toilets at once. then we’d run.

  • I am just one person but.. before cold shovers I was ill regularly for years. After Ive started taking them I was not ill in three years even if everybody around me was. I didnt knew that cold showers will improve my immunity so much. Ive stared from totally different reasons, but this is probably best on it. Its like superpower.

  • The problem is that the people in these studies are taking the showers for 30-60 seconds, for true benefits you need to take them for 5-10 minutes

  • The shock of the cold only lasts a very short time then you’re used to it. I’ve started having cold showers for a week, not sure if I can do it in the winter though

  • Been taking cold showers and taken bike rides in temperatures between 4-15 degrees Celsius for almost two years now. Have indeed taken less sick days. In fact, everyone has told me I’m gonna get a cold from all of that, but I’m still waiting for it.
    Not saying that this proves anything, but until my “not sick” streak is over, I’m gonna continue doing it.

  • I’ve just started taking cold showers and liking it 3 days in so far, although, I’m a bit itchy afterwardsc, does this go away after a while?

  • I would just say try it. I have used cold showers and switched from hot to cold at end of shower and it’s unbelievable how you feel afterwards.

  • I had a cold shower for a month and I loved it I’ve had a cold shower every day for about 3 months now and haven’t had a warm shower since then! The main thing that I saw was my skin! Omg my face is pimple and spot free for 3 months, best thing I’ve ever done, if you suffer from bad skin definitely give this a go

  • I thought it was mostly due to the fact that my relative body temp makes my desirable temp vary. This often happens within the same shower session after already getting the perfect temp.

  • Can I do this process everyday first rinsing with warm water and then cold water without shampooing and conditioning during those days as because I cannot shampoo everyday….. I shampoo twice a week… So, Can I follow the same process without shampooing and conditioning the other days….. Or doing this everyday can damage my hair…. pls reply….

  • metrosexual gay shouldn’T be born but this is 21st century… Oh my god i dont want my hair to be dry, What am I gonna do if my hair are dry? Should I stay home or pls help me

  • Dude! I commend you for doing this! I’ve had to take cold showers for a week one time because my water heater was out…worst time of my life! ��

  • wait i have bathing in cold water from i’m a boy, what are the health benefits again?

    I actually love it when the water gets really cold in the winter, i am immune to regular cold water so i try to bath very late at nights when the water is extremely cold. i just love it when it’s really cold the water am talking.

    So why is room temp water good again if cold showers are this amazing?

  • Starting mid May:
    Stopped drinking soda, only drink water and coffee
    Brush my teeth everyday
    Do a 7 min workout everyday 5-6 days a week

    Lately I’ve also been doing a minimum of 20 push-ups a day

    And starting last week I began my journey with cold showers

    It’s the small things that can really improve you as a person

  • Charging in directly into the cold water can change your body temperature suddenly and you might have fever. Starting with the head first then the body is the better way imo

  • cold showers in the morning are the best time for a cold shower! for example: when you wanna go for a run you just take a cold shower BEFORE(yes, it sounds a bit unlogical taking a shower before a workout), especially when its high temperatures outside, so you will have more awareness and focus and your body temperature is also more stable, making the run easier and more enjoyable.

    i was thinking about taking cold showers in the evening, especially after a workout to reduce muscle soreness and increase recovery, but i quickly found that taking a cold shower right when you wake up is the best way to tackle the day(and you can always take a second shower if you’re really sweaty and stuff, it doesn’t have to be a cold one)

  • Had this problem for a while. The key here is a constant water pressure. I have an electric water heater, I used a multimeter with thermocouple to measure temperature of the showerhead itself(made out of chrome). I turned those shower valves wide open and my water heater temperature knob to the max. Wait till the temperature settles; from there adjust water heater temperature knob. I settled on 45°C average using min/max function of the multimeter and constantly testing the water coming out from it. From there I have a constant max value without burning myself and could pull back a little to normal body temp easily. ü

  • Well all the “kinda easy” stuff like taking a cold shower is not that hard cuz i just tell my mind “it’s just a cold shower, nothing’s gonna happen, it’s not gonna kill you, remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and it does makes you stronger cuz you stop feeling cold easily and its feels so good after the shower and thats my motivation for for easy stuff in life.

  • swimming in cool water definitely makes a massive difference. i have been an athlete my entire life. I never got runners high, but I always slept well after a day on the practice, though often I was sore. after multiple knee and lower back problems i have not been active since 2010. the only way to get a decent work out is going into cold pools, rivers, and lakes. everytime i spend only 15 minutes in cool water, i say below 75ish degrees F, I get an intense body high. I describe my body as glowing. every ache is less. i definitely feel the endorphins. its beyond placebo. getting in cold water makes your body work. its exercise. i mean that is just the simplest way to look at it. a cold shower does not do as much, but it can probably get your system kicked into gear. then i would think it would have some placebo benefit. its super easy to take warm shower and slowly change the water to cool. it does not have to be gasping cool. then just try air drying for a bit, it your house is not too cold. definitely worth a try if you are feeling depressed, lethargic, cranky, in pain, etc

  • It’s a tradeoff. You want a rocket-hot (not literally in the Mythbusters sense though) water heater because it makes your dishwasher better at killing bacteria on your dishes so you don’t die of food poisoning.

    But a cooler water heater makes better showers.

    Science is hard.

  • Cold water is best for me but its so hard since its freezing cold, i do it in a sink

    am i doing it right should i use Freezing cold Straight from the tap or add a bit of hot water so its cold but not freezing

  • Watched this this morning for the first time. Then proceeded to have a cold shower, wasn’t bad, quite enjoyed it! Here’s to the next 29 days!

  • I used to wake up between 5A-6AM AND take a cold bucket bath (We did’nt have showers) AND read books almost every day (No TV or internet) AND practiced some form of exercise Karate, Yoga, Running, Volleyball (to keep crazy energetic kids engaged and to get us tired before bedtime) on a 100% vegetarian diet (Meat was banned in our ‘religion’) for almost 15 years.
    Then I got a job.
    Money changed everything. We bought whatever we wanted to buy, Got extremely comfortable, Put on lots of fat, suffered various chronic illnesses, Worked days and nights to earn more money, got loans to buy more stuff, worked more to pay off those loans. Became overly reliant on technology. The vicious cycle.
    Then I quit my IT/Management job. Now I’m a farmer, I grow my own food, I teach my children the importance of self sufficiency & self reliance. This was all before corona hit, and since then there are many people who no longer think I was an idiot for quitting my job.
    Fads are just Fads if you only do them for 30 days. If you do them willingly & regularly, you’ll become unstoppable. (Or you’re an addict:)

  • In my opinion cold showers are more of a mental exercise. You push yourself to do something that makes you uncomfortable and you grow because of that. You realize that it’s just water and if you’re consistent with cold showers then you accept that in order to be clean you must overcome the cold water every morning or night after work. You have to go out of your comfort zone in order to do something necessary (clean yourself). For me the effects have been amazing. It’s an instant mood booster and the energy I get is undeniable. For me this is all the evidence I need to prove they are beneficial. I was just hoping to get some more concrete stuff from this video but this guy basically said nothing and then ran an ad for skill share.

  • I think you need to do more research because It looks like you didn’t. One benefit of cold shower that I know that it helps muscles to recovery. Athletes do it all the times

  • If i take a cold shower before working out, should i just wash my face after or take a warm shower? I heard it isn’t ideal to shower 2x a day for hair and skin.

  • You definitely over look the fact that it makes ya feel alive. Morning or evening. You get a confidence boost, and come out of there feeling recharged. So what if there’s a small reduction in muscle growth? There’s always tomorrow!

  • This was a problem I had for the longest time until my family got a water heater that was actually decent. For some reason since then I haven’t really had this issue.

  • This guy works for big pharma hot water will open your pores and leave you skin conditions it will raise blood pressure and debilitize your bodys ability to regulate cooler temperatures for your body core

  • Hi. What is a decect cold temperature to actually get The benefits Wim are talking about? Is 55F ok or do I have to go lower? At the moment the lakes around here are about 55F so is the tap water. Is there a recommended temperature?

  • Damn i once remembered when i took warm showers for a month and when i took cold showers for one day..

    Man i never shivered so much in my entire life

  • I am a frizzy dry hair..cold water does not help me it reduce my hair growth and it removes all of the moister warm water works for me

  • hi Robin I watch your video mostly because I have a thin natural hair like yours but I wanna ask that it is normal to shed hair like 1 or 2 every time I scratch it or I’m balding at a young age I’m 14 so yeah whats a happening to me?

  • I take a cold shower every night. But on Fridays I take a hot bath with salt and herbs. I have something to look forward to even if my life gets a bit crappier from exams and stuff ��. It disciplines your mind and reputation becomes habit over time. For me it makes me feel good and I don’t start sweatin once I’m in bed. I can just get cozy and warm and then sleep quickly. Idk if it would be good for everyone though and it takes a lot of getting used to.

  • I wash my hair with cold water now it is easier to control and lots less fly aways when styling. Also it feels nicer and looks a little better i think

  • I guess it works differently for each person (shocking, right?). Maybe it’s like dogs. Most dogs I owned didn’t like bath time very much, but there was a crazy one that had the best time of his life when he was in the water. Didn’t matter if it was cold or warm. He’d just jump right into it.
    All I can say is that I feel great after taking a cold shower in the morning. I feel energized, alert; ‘ready for the day’ type of deal.

  • should i use cold water to rinse the shampoo then change it to hot water to open it again then use conditioner then I rinse out with cold water or I need to use it only for conditioner??

  • Lil’ story here: I have been taking cold showers for the past 2 years and I enjoy it a LOT. It is the moment of the day I don’t wait but when it comes, I’m happy about it. Some days ago my grandma passed out, and I was sad and I wasn’t feeling like taking cold showers, I would say to myself things like: “I will retake the habit in some days when I’m feeling better” but two long weeks passed and today I decided to retake it. But I wasn’t feeling it ��, so i ran into this video and now I know I’ve been crossing the flinch very easy, I feel motivated to do it again! Hope this motivate you too! AV

  • I was using hot hot hot water (my temp preference) in my showers so of course my skin was dry and would peel on my head, face, and body so yeah definitely stick with lukewarm/slightly warmer water and not boiling hot

  • Cold water feels better, I think it’s healthier personally, just wanna make sure It’s ok with products and chemicals cause I don’t want my hair and scalp to retain the wrong stuff, but is seems pretty safe.

  • so if i had one of them fancy vales for my shower and some one flushed the toilet, my shower would just dribble for a moment instead of burning me? i could live with that i guess

  • So, I took a cold shower and it made me jump like I was having a heart attack �� it can also ease up anxiety or panic attack. It’s good remedy.

  • The reason its uncomfortable is because your hearts beats faster and it does that because cold is different and the heart needs to produce more oxgyn because you a re breathing faster

  • And here I thought it’s just the rusty plumbing in my old apartment building, which I thought was normal for living in a project that was built in the 1950s.

  • Dont listen to this video. Look up cryotherapy for cold water thermotherapy for warm and hot and cold water therapy together look up contrast water therapy and see the benefits for different kinds of water therapy they all have really good benefits

  • i don’t about the health benefits but cold showers scare me. I’ve take 3 90 second showers each day for 3 days and feel like i conquered something and i have i’m going to do this for a few months and see what happens.

    Then feeling if my body rapidly warming up is awesome. I walk taller afterwards.

  • The problem with this approach is that any shred of credibility is given only to those claims that have been funded and scientifically investigated and found to be so. The fact that many people have found cold showers to be beneficial and have passed on this information is not given any weight..rather than saying there’s no evidence we should say it’s not been scientifically investigated.

  • TL;DW;
    cold showers less depressive mood, better for fat burning, makes your immune system better, less sore muscles
    hot showers better for hypertrophy, better for relax, better for muscle regeneration
    Hope it’ll help!

  • hahaha heating water, what a bunch of plebs, just move to Iceland, we get hot water from the ground. Hot springs for the win!!! We even make energy with it, geothermal power is one of the greenest ways of making energy. Meanwhile Trump is encouraging oil use…. wow

  • There’s also the the issue of different parts of your body are more or less sensitive to heat. For example I like hotter water on my back than I can stand on my face. I had to replace one of my shower valves and we put in one of those safe valves so you can’t get scalded. You can turn it to full hot and not be too hot.

  • I know nobody asked for my take on the subject, but I like to have warm/hot showers and to end them with ice cold bursts to the spine and head for ten seconds. Seems like a balanced enough solution to me.

  • I sorta have cold showers, I’ll shower using hot water then I switch to really cold water, this isn’t for morning since I take the longest showers at night and I never have time-No, it’s not because I believe in some health benefit, It’s because I like feeling a bit chilly when I get out of the shower because a slight cold feeling is nice to me and helps me not feel like I’m slowly but surely boiling in my thicc towel and bed.My reasons are dumb.

  • Well what about taking a nice cold shower in the morning, and after workout just taking a shower with normal temp water, not hot but not cold either!

  • I try to always stay just over the edge of comfort when having a shower. Once my body begins adapting to the temperature, I crank it down again. I don’t just in maximum cold right away. But at the end I’ll be with the thing nearly all the way down so I’m only getting pure cold water.

    But I want to give going straight to super cold a go, I think I’ll do it my next shower to give it a shot, but if that fails what I’ll do is slowly start lowering my entry temperature so my body adjusts to the cold shock.

    Also another thing I do is randomize when I have the shower so my body is never prepared for it. Some days I have it on the morning cause I’m meeting a client, other days I have it at 10pm, & sometimes just randomly in the middle if I feel like it then. This way my body doesn’t know to ready itself at a certain time every day the same way drug users get more immune to the response at the same time.

  • Ours is actually just scalding all the time if you want hot water. The knob just adjusts water pressure. Between hot and cold is off.

  • From being ill about every three months to not being ill at all in years after I started cold showers. Its like some stupid commercial bit this one is real. Btw I didnt do it because of immunity system. It was just side effect.

  • Sounded bias from the beginning. Saying not many studies, but yet you still have enough to debunk it. My main reason for taking cold showers is,overcoming mental mind sets. No matter how cold the shower, it’s not physically to cold to take one. Your mind sets limits,lower and lower if you don’t reach them. There’s an actual fear that your being pushed past the limit, when you keep lowering the bar. Cold showers helps me see that inall

  • I work out in the morning and took a cold shower after to stop the red face and sweating so I could put my make up on. After a week of cold showers it feels INCREDIBLE! Body tingles all over, blood is pumping! I definitely recommend ��

  • I actually love it tbh
    I didn’t do it for anything medically related, i just do it to feel comfortable before i get to bed. Being colder when going to sleep is better and that is proved. But thing is now. I am taking longer cold showers which kind of makes my body get use to it and so i get hotter quicker. I guess it just has to be quick and cold.

  • Anyone who wants to do this dont just jump into ice cold water your muscles can go into shock u wanna start off with lukewarm then transgress into really cold

  • Hi Jesse. I’m into WHM for 20 days now and still wondering how cold is cold!!! My shower is 8° (46F) and it’s too hard for me. While I can take a bath for 3-5 mins at the same temperature. Advice for the shower? Ideal enough temperature to start to benefit of cold exposure? Thanks and great videos full of contents.

  • I love the cold shower at night! I have it cool to wash, then all the way cold to rinse.
    I love it in the summer especially, getting ready for bed, you feel so comfy in your PJ’s… and CLEAN!

  • Your first cold shower was just like mine (which was this morning). Literally couldn’t take a full breath and washed my hair with body wash haha.
    It took me so long to be able to start washing I was in there for 9 minutes.

    It felt horrendous at the time, but afterwards I felt way better than after a normal shower. Maybe just a sense of achievement…whatever, I felt good.

  • Use your building skills to build a thing to deliver REALLY cold water to your shower:

  • I have a pool. so for a week, and every now and then I take a dip. and it’s like 17 or less degrees in there, Celsius you know. but it’s uncomfortable which kind of expands your comfort zone if you do it enough. I hate it, and I think people who’ve done it for months, hate it. I think cold showers are way easier than taking a cold bath. but I always do it around 8 pm, I’m always tired or kind of getting ready to go to bed. but it wakes my body up, I get excess energy and I feel so good afterwards. tho due to low blood pressure, it takes a few hours for me to completely recover. but it feels so nice having warm, dry clothes against my skin. try it. It’ll teach you things

  • I’ve got short hair, so will this work if I first wash my hair in warm water before shampooing and then rinse it in cold water? I look forward to your reply:)

  • Well cold showers are actually good because in this video it sais cold shower CAN but its not 100% and its scientifically proven that cold showers burn calories because our body needs to heat it self.

  • Robin James, can I wash my hair with hot water at the beginning of the shower and with cold water at the end?or cold first and hot at the end?

  • Okay, so I’m a little new to this long hair stuff and been growing it out for almost a year. But I have very very curtly thick hair and with it being so thick and curly it looks like a fro. My question is that if I was to start taking cold showers would my hair start to fall or am I just out of luck? When being pulled down its just at my upper lip.

  • Hi Matt! I think the main problem is that is not the correct and beneficial way to take advantage from cold water. The correct way is to start with the feet and legs, then hands and arms, face and head, then belly but the last part of your body you need to wet is the back. You have to wet your back only after a moment, when the rest of your body is recovered from the cold shock. And just before leaving the shower you give your body the last shock which is wetting the back. Try that, that is the Yogui way to do it.

  • The only time I ever turn on any hot water in the shower is for post workout contrast showers. I use hot water for washing my face, but I do that at the sink.

  • I just took a ice cold shower. It was awful at first but you get used to the cold water fast and my body felt really good afterwards

  • Cold water is uncomfertable? Hot water is harder to shower with for me. And whenever I shower with cold water, it makes my hair softer after it dries.

  • Living cold showers since I was 8 years. Now, finally, after 26 years I’m ready to share myself. Matt thank you, you were a major inspiration to making it happen. as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery and while I’m not anywhere near your caliber i want to say you made it happen.

  • I love your channel. Depending on conditioner the temperature of water you require to rinse it away is variable. That probably speaks more to the conditioner. I used to have a conditioner that I loved…but you really had to blast it with hot water to wash it out. I’d run a wet ice cube through my hair after, cause I just can’t take cold water in my shower. That’s not going to happen.

    I dunno if this was effective in anyway, just a weird thing I tried, and kinda goofy. Thought I’d share.

  • Cold showers are great you become more cold resistant. Build up slowly your tolerance by lowering temperature and extending time over a month until you can take a ice cold shower for 1-2 min, after that it will be easy to take them.

  • I’ve always taken a shower with cold water even when it’s winter… But now I shower with warm water then cold after. Because I feel light headed and the heat is just trapped in my head. I’m a very warm human.

  • by the way, in the captions at 9:12 when you plug your patreon, the patreon says Is that also you? Because in the description it says it’s

  • I’ve been taking ice cold showers for about a week now in order to help speed up my metabolism and to burn fat in order to lose weight, I’m starting to see results now. It’s great!

  • The detriment with medical studies is that they require time, accurate data collection, placebos and control groups and qualified researchers. This all adds up and costs a lot money.

    So it wouldn’t be surprising that their is really only anecdotal evidence to portray the benefits of cold water therapy since there is no money in it for the scientists or pharmaceutical companies.

    Personally, I have experienced benefits like reduced anxiety, increased alertness, increase in positive mood and more energy. I take two very cold showers every day for 5 minutes each time. Because I need to breathe more to regulate body temperature and not freeze, I feel that it relates to the mindfulness study that shows breathes of five seconds in and five seconds out activates the Vagus nerve. But showering for 30 seconds wouldn’t really be enough to experience any benefits.

  • I need to shower with cold water cause ive been showering with too much hot water it also cause body odor now ima try to shower with cold water. when I do showered with cold water I didn’t smelled oily.

  • I did it every morning for a while and loved the effects of it. However, one day after a cold shower, I collapsed on the floor screaming out the pain I had in my ribs. I could barely breath that day. Turned out I tore a muscle in between my ribs.

    It’s been 3 weeks since it happened, and some movements still hurt my ribs. Don’t know if I should take cold showers anytime soon.

    It really bummed me out, because I finally got used to the goddamned cold water..

  • I been looking for a video about how much should i RINSE my hair but I couldn’t find any, so if i dont use shampoo should i rinse my hair!?!¿¡¡?

  • I took one today and it was actually kinda good now that i think of it it was completely weird but at the time it felt really good you should try

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  • my best hypothesis is that “cold” temperatures makes it easy for energy to flow based on superconductivity, but the human body associates cold with death and thus reacts negatively to it. i think the reason we have monks in the mountain is breaking that fear of cold does open the body to a relative level of comfort in a discomforting way, so instead of tensing up in temperature shifts(knowingly or unknowingly) we get pre acclimated and act more efficiently, saving energy and feeling as if we altered something, when its more akin to lessening some background app or something maybe lol

  • Ohh, I saw many youtuber doing 30 days cold showers, and i said What?.

    What’s intersting from it, We’ve been showering cold water for our entire life in Java

  • Yeah, I always start with warm water, clean up, then I turn the cold water on and give my body a good rinse. Not just good for the scalp, but for the rest of your skin too. It was great when I lived out in a desert mesa in Colorado. We had outdoor showers that had solar hot water, but it was always so hot out that cold showers were great.

  • it’s just a mental thing. science only tells so much and doesn’t understand the power of the mind. the productivity benefits come from the good feeling you get from being disciplined.

  • I work out bench almost everyday day at the gym. N I mean at least 60-70 reps heavy 31510 reps. 225 40 reps 135 10 reps sometimes 30 reps n I do deadlifts. Walk 3 miles a day on the treadmill. After all that I hit the shower �� n it starts off really cold n I keep it that way until the water is even not warm but okay n it’s cold most people say. But it helps out with recovery on my muscles not really sore and can do bench the next day.

  • I have horrible frizzy wavy hair but have noticed that sometimes when it’s a bit oily (mostly when I wake up or the very rare occasion when I don’t shower for an entire day) it looks great actually. So I figured I would try showering with nothing but cold water from now on and see if that works. I’ll post an update in about a week with my results.

  • I took cooks showers for around 6 months. I didn’t really feel any different but I’ve thing I definitely noticed was that I took less sickies off work. I was pretty notorious for phoning in sick

  • Lol could be a good idea to not be a scardy cat and just start doing it. Instead of waiting until it IS proven (which could take years) you science cult worshipers are hilarious… just trust the placebo affect ❤️

  • so do you wash your hair after putting products on or you wait one week cause you said in one of your vids that you only wash your hair once

  • Cold Shower = Shorter and Fewer Showers (still have shampoo on the head?… got to go back and finish the rinse… not fun)
    I know… I went a year without a hot water heater, cold showers suck!

  • As someone who lives in a tropical country, cold showers are the best thing in the world.

    Having a vacation in the high cold mountains too. ��

  • When he said you can’t placebo cold showers because you know you’re getting them. ���� I took one yesterday and it gets real real quick.

  • Cold shower and getting in cold water are different. Cold shower hits the head first and then the downwards basically cooling the head first. Statistically a huge percentage of stroke patients have their strokes in our country when having a shower (most houses don’t have water heaters). When cold water hits the head, blood vessels constrict and the pressure becomes higher. This higher pressure can break a blood vessel resulting in a stroke. Ofcourse this isn’t dangerous for young people normally but old people should avoid cold showers.

  • Buddy you need some more research. Regarding cold showers, they help to get you in a relaxed state of mind after a workout, it’s great for your skin, especially my people who have sensative skin( mine is quite sensative). After taking a cold shower you will actually feel warmer( well for a bit anyway). These are all effects that I have personally experienced myself, plus taking a cold showers helps you get on with your day. Also for my dudes cold shower is better for our hair as well, I’m 32 years old and have a head full of hair. The only one of my friends who has this, you might say o it’s genitics, but my dad is bald.

  • For the longest time I’ve always scalded myself with hot water in the shower, because it feels good of course �� I’ve always had a major problem with hair frizziness, drying, Etc.. about a week ago my husband used all the hot water and I had to get in the shower right after which is a whole other story, but anyway my hair did fantastic that day.. I have continued especially after conditioning the cold water process and I have found I’ve not had to use the straightener near as much.. My hair is not as frizzy,dry, and unmanageable.. I’m shocked that not a 1 hairdresser has ever told me this tip! I’m sold that I will not be going back to anything else for my hair process..

  • i took cold showers and it was fun, i wasnt scared at all i was just like: ‘here we go again’ i even made it colder and colder and colder. I liked it.

  • I have dry and often smelly hair (I use to shampoo every day and I love hot water) what should I do? I shampoo almost every 2-3 days and try to keep the temperature of the water low. But my hair starts stinking after the first day or so:( plus I work out every day so sweat build up doesn’t help

  • If u take a cold bath it’s much easier to get used to it I tried a shower and I think I almost die xd can’t say the same for my hair I always use warm water to burn dandruff yeah I’m an idiot

  • I use really hot water, im gona stop using it now. I can tell that i lost some hair, if i start washing my hair with warm or cold water for few months would i get back the hair i lost?

  • I think there is a reason why pro atheles take ice baths.I don’t think that cold showers will slow muscle growth or decrease testosterone level.

  • I hit the gym, and take a cold shower after because it feels so good and I love that “shock” feeling it gets me pumped for work. Also I saw that Thor aka the Mountain takes ice cold baths in ice cold water so its gotta be good!

  • At least this dude has a mounted shower. Try this shit with a handheld one. YOU have to hold it over your freezing ass, you have to resist not to throw it away. Not just stand under it.

  • I’ve done this for something between 140 and 152 days, here are some tips:
    SING this is going to take your attention from the disconfort and help you breath better during your cold shower
    CHARGE ON THE WATER is better trust me
    DO SOME PHYSICAL ACTIVITY before its gonna warm up your body and help it get less tense under the water

  • Oh the shirt oh….. kurzgesagt easter egg!!
    Edit: Wait somebody already commented this and is at the top comment! I feel stupid now!!

  • 3:08 your welcome
    In conclusion, take cold showers before your workout ( like in the morning ) so you don’t kill your gains. And then take a regular shower after your workout.

  • •The story of pink fish•
     The weather was lightly windy. As if the sky had-been-painted gray. I always believe that such atmosphere creates a special calm and gloom. At midnight it may rain but not yet. The wind made high green trees wave.
    Pink fish felt cold in his body. İt opened his eyes in  slowly manner and looked at gray sky. He looked at sky for several minutes without feeling anything and his whole soul filled with nothingness. His eyes filled with tears unwilingly. He turned his head  right and left. After that he looked at sky again. The different   thoughts were attacking  his mind. Most of them were questions. The questions without answer… He didn’t have any opinion about why he was here. I wondered how many years  I have been here. How old am I? He didn’t remember… He wondered How old I am. I can suppose it. After some minutes he decided that he is twenty-five. As if he had lived three hundred sixty five days in twenty-five times. Yes yes I am twenty-five. He felt exhausted. Exhausted and alone.  He turned his head to right in tired manner again and he was looking at the same place again. Suddenly the dance of waves had become clear in his eyes. He started looking at the sea. As if the waves with pearls was dancing. He paid attention to the waves. The waves hurried themselves to shore in rapidly manner and when they feel calm then turned back again step by step. He didn’t know what wave to look at. He was confused. He couldn’t see any mistake in the sea. He fixed his eyes on a point again. As if the waves wanna take him with themselves. He stoped watching sea and decided to die himself. I wonder how I can do it without pain in the easiest  way. He was afraid of dying even he will die himself. And the sea become clear anymore. Yes yes the sea is beautiful. It won’t resent from him. After thinking a few minutes.  He liked this way of dying among other ways for himself. I wonder the sea will resent me because of polluting it? No, no the sea will forgive me. It walked to the sea with slowly steps. He couldn’t think anything. the thoughts that a few moments ago didn’t leave its neackband  and now had hid in the corner. He was already the shore of sea. He thought  Maybe I should turn back. Now it was already very late. Now or never. He wanted to think that if he reject how to be. Perhaps the god will kill him tomorrow. Infact The God is also murder. No, no the god had forgotten him. Think once is equal to die yourself. They are same think. He should hurry up. Otherwise he can change his desicion. That’s why he started to walk to the sea. In actually he won’t change his choice. But thinking about such things can cause decreasing respect forward himself. Yes this is choise not chance or command. This can be last day, last minute, last second.  But he won’t betray to himself. Because who there was near to him? Imidiatelly he threw to the sea without thinking and planing. The knock of his heart increased. He felt heavy on his body. as if his skin caused extra heavy for his body. He felt coldness with his all body. He closed his eyes slowly. He opened his eyes slowly. He was still alive. what happened. He had heartache. He guessed maybe I had dyed. No I am still  suffering it means I am still alive. Why? Why didn’t die. Is the purpose main. His purpose was to die himself. Who dared to stop him. He wanted to cry loudly. He couldn’t cry. What happen. He just wanna cry. But he can’t. Who did it. Who controls this world. Who prevents to cry to him. Who takes this opportunity from him? And why? He wanna cry as all the people. He looked at all sides. Finally he looked up at and bent his head to down. There were many dyed fish with different ways. Anymore he felt that coldness on his body. He closed his eyes and slept… Umarova Nurlana

  • I was expecting this video to be about some quirk of the way your skin senses the temperature of water. Turned out to be a video on engineering. Just as fascinating

  • I take cold showers I don’t start warm n then move to cold I just go straight into cold and honestly it’s helped me out a lot from reliving stress to making me less sore after working out and so on

  • Taking a cold shower and then starting to run increases the benefits you gain from running, and you also perform better. But it feels a bit controversial to take a shower “before” a run, because you usually take shower after a workout and then shower off all the sweat.

    cold showers are great, especially if you’re a busy person and you can only work out in the evening(and taking a hot shower after that wont realy matter as much)
    But now there’s a pandemic going on and i want to get a workout in as fast as possible. I dont know if its good for your body to go in this order in the morning:
    Cold shower -> Going for a run -> Hot shower
    because you simply cannot go without a shower after sweating your ass off, its disgusting

  • this feels massively incomplete, like they did there homework 5 mins before class and thought they could hand it in and get a pass mark

  • Dude I’ve got straight silky long hair and I take shower with cold water is that the reason I’m not getting volume to my hair tho??

  • Another effect is that the pipes between the heater and the showerhead may not be insulated. The water in them is probably still warm, but not as hot as in the heater. So the temperature of the water coming out of the showerhead will be colder until water makes it all the way from the heater to the showerhead, then the water from the showerhead will get hotter.

  • me when i was a kid: never make out with doctors or ppl close to biology you gonna be annoyed 24/7
    me now: i need someone good at biology nutrition and fitness cause i have so many questions and topics to learn i want someone to explain and teach

  • When he said, “you could just pause this video and go take a cold shower”. I got off my bed and striped, went under the shower, put my hand on the faucet. I laughed like a min and cursed for like another min, finally turned on the shower. IT SUCKED!!!

    BUT I’m gonna do this for a month. THIS better change me.

    EDIT: and yeah i am now watching the rest of the video (I went for the second one)

    Day 2: it sucked
    Day 3: it sucked..!!
    Day 4: yeah, you guessed it.

  • Route the pipes so the shower is the first fixture to get cold and hot water in the house.  Also, have the water heater get its cold water supply after all the fixtures get theirs.

  • As a boiler tech, and professional HVAC tech… having a mixing valve set on the tank, so the hot temp is only slightly above perfect bathing temp as it exits the tank, but the tank itself is set very. High, causes you to use the hot on full, with little or no cold mixing… so any cold water or hot water usage elsewhere in the house has zero effect on your shower temp bliss…

  • I once owned a house with a tankless hot-water heater. It was heaven! I would set the exact temperature I wanted the water to be, and then just open the hot valve in the shower. Used no cold water at all didn’t need to mix it with cold because it was being heated to exactly the right temperature that I’d selected on the tankless hot-water heater’s control panel. And it would never change the temperature. The pressure might change a bit when someone flushed the toilet, but the temperature never changed.

  • I love cold showers not for any benefits besides the issues with my body… Thing is, I get heat rashes so I can’t take hot showers without breaking out in rashes all over my body that are very warm, uncomfortable tingling feeling on my skin. I also have joint inflammation due to heat so my joints get stiff, swollen and hurt depending on how long in in the heat. Cold showers are a blessing to my joints and my skin, but I don’t think it can make your day better or help with productivity if you’re an average person.

  • meanwhile here in asia us bodybuilders dont even take one after workouts since it’d cause our body to weaken than strengthen overtime. PictureFit can u make a video on it

  • What if we use lukewarm water to clean out build up and cleanse the scalp, then use cold water right after for shine, healthy hair and improvement of blood circulation to the scalp?

  • About the shower temps, got a? I’ve been getting my water to about the same temp everytime I’ve done a cold shower so far. I know you said to eventually work up to 10 minutes, but what I’m wondering is, what if I want to continue the progression to colder water (with the aim of an ice bath eventually); do I have to restart the 10 minutes all over every time I choose to lower the temp? Hope that makes sense.