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How To: Plan Your iRacing Career

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Monster Energy NASCAR Cup SeriesFull Race -AAA 400 Drive for Autism

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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Full Race Pure Michigan 400

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Kyle Busch, Being a NASCAR Driver, & Competition Driving Success | #AskGaryVee 288

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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #11

Video taken from the channel: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Don’t miss a beat. Get fit tips and more in. 11 cars given back-of-field penalties at Michigan. Aric Almirola is one of 11 drivers sent to the back of the field for the start of Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Michigan. #SnapNation Success Story: Jeff B. Illinois. Lifestyle.

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Just fill out the sweepstakes entry forms for chances to win auto-racing prizes like trips to races, racing memorabilia and more. If you’re new to sweepstakes, check out How to Enter Online Sweepstakes for tips on getting started. View 2020 NASCAR race ticket information and pricing. Kids get in free at NASCAR Xfinity Series and NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series races.

NASCAR live race coverage, latest news, race results, standings, schedules, and driver stats for Cup, XFINITY, Gander Outdoors.

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  • Who doesn’t like Jenn Aniston she is doll and the sweetest person ever! Or so they say! I know she is definitely easy on the eyes! ��

  • I think you guys should create a playlist with all of the music you use in the background. Songs like “I just know” Bugus and “Too Fast” Sonder. While I’m working and creating artwork I enjoy listening to the pump up music that you guys use in all your videos. Maybe throw in some of Gary’s top sayings. I’d have that shit on repeat daily! -TM

  • Get Kimi Raikkonen on! Your views will explode.:D He knows about as much about F1 history as Gary and still won the damn championship! Awesome dude. Kyle was great on this. Really good show.

  • Why does it always say “Streamed” Every time i look on youtube for a stream of the race NASCAR is Never streaming… Like WTF LMAO

  • This was actually one of the best Ask GaryVee’s!! I loved the advice about not putting pressure on the launch ���� But, I’m not sure what I loved most…Kyle low-key hustling Gary to invest in something, the competition stories between the two, Gary’s Dollar Store shall I call it strategy ��, or all of the �� callers!! I also liked that Kyle pushed back and questioned Gary on a lot of things that other guests don’t normally get into. Great work ����

  • Honestly I have a lot of respect for anyone who will do this. They’re confident in what they do and don’t care about the hate that just comes with the territory. Respect!

  • Honestly, I love when anyone wins except the lottery. They steal enough money off of us scratchers….example: printing 100 million $20 scratch tickets and only giving 5 top prizes of a million dollars. It should be illegal for them to do that.

  • The fact that you even had the courage to reach out to these reptilian minds is beyond me man.
    They’re SO SMART that the slightest mistake in your greeting could offset your entire future.
    Mad props to you for your courage. But I know you would’ve handled that Cuban call dude, he would’ve liked you! You’re a great guy. Fun to watch.
    Thanks for the content. Time to start the day.

  • True, I hope GT6 will be more like Iracing with the same licance system, cups, cars and more
    Just the typical Gran Turismo with its improvements with a Iracing touch:D

  • Good timing gary.
    Nascar CEO just got popped. This should feed the SEO’s baby!!!

    Side notemy step father who passed away during hurricane irma almost one year ago loved nascar and kyle was his favorite driver. This was a surprise to see and made my day.
    Much love��❤

  • Thank you for mentioning Reggie Miller. I’m from Indianapolis, and I’ve searched #askgaryvee for Reggie mentions, and I never imagined it would be on a NASCAR interview. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Reggie Spike Lee and Hicks v Knicks. You’ve got to weave that soap opera sports drama in at some point. Indianapolis can’t wait.

  • QOTD: 3D Nascar Arcade Games, really awesome!!! [especially when you can plug out the plug for free credits now and then:P]

    haha the dude
    tiny suncream had wild markup variations #cough countrywide in the 90s

    ..that’s why handicaps were invented right?! My awld fella was painfully competitive, billions of trophies but there’s still a fine line towards resentment unless there is overall fair play [..and the game ends anyway?????-actual clinical trial results-]! The wide display of talent/unknowns/variations makes the game interesting, nobody is watching robots.. just yet!..saying that, everything is a basketball hoop after a few beers/nut shells!

    It’s the overall game of continually been invited to all the games that really opens up alltime chances! 1=D

  • seeing Gary hyped over the jets made something click for me, i realllllly love BTS and i want to be able to go to all their concerts, so yeah gonna work hard for that money and to build that kind of freedom:D hmm i donno how to articulate it but this ep made something click for me lol

  • I know everybody’s commenting on Kumail’s sick burn, but can we give props to Jim Parson’s honest reaction to the ‘sex offender’ hideousness of the tweet about him?

  • People shouldnt compare arcade vs simulator, they are totally different. World outside doesnt look bright rainbow colored blur vision nighttime candy, iRacing is more realistic in this. No little ponies at every corner for your eyes, but raw hard racing and psychics calculation.

  • Also for some of us we can’t afford iracing and what’s needed with it, so Forza or GT5 is great experience for people who can’t afford it. Well great experience most of the time lol.

  • I don’t know about on the oval side of things but on the road side I feel it is unfair to not have cash prizes available around the GT classes (corvette C6r/Ford GT).  In the real world most people head down the GT route considering the much lower costs than in single seater racing so why is it seen as stepping stone to the Riley DP since they are both very different cars?  

  • I want to scream…. I’ve been watching these type of videos since 2 am… they all say “how to win”. …. BUT! either its a couple of dollars or the main one NO WIN!!!!!
    As far as I can see another way to waste money…..

  • SO A BILLIONAIRE ACTUALLY JUST RESPONDED!!! Drew Houston(worth 1.5 Billion) who is the founder of Dropbox replied to my DM! Check my Twitter @JrichOfficial to see his response! I’ll update this comment if more billionaires respond! Persistence ALWAYS wins! ⚡️

  • This is the best sim for people who are serious about online racing, nothing else comes close. And yes it’s not the cheapest but it’s the best, so if that’s what you want then it’s worth every cent.
    If you don’t want to spend the money then don’t, but then you will never know what a real racing sim is like, your loss.

  • NASCAR 2016 trailer is released on June 19, 2015 before Inside Out the trailer features a heartbeat and shows a blue sky and a cloud at Auto Club Speedway of the racers, the faces of the racecars does not show, before is dulled, is showed Kyle Busch in Skittles paint job #18 before his tire blows out and he suffers a crash.

  • Also when you talk about Athletes and longevity, take a look at Spartan Racing, the World Champs are mid too upper 40’s and the average racer is in their 30’s. If you want to look at Endurance Athletes its great and Spartan is all about NOT USING DRUGS.

  • Recently got a new lenovo tower so decided to upgrade to iracing after years on rFactor. I was a beast in touring cars, never being more than 0.5 second from the leader’s pace. I expected it to be more of the same on iracing, but man I was wrong. I thought I was a gifted driver lol but I was going round in the Mazda 2.5 seconds slower on a friggin’ 56 second lap!! Anyone else had such issues? Is rFactor completely unrealistic? Or do I just need to adapt my driving style?


  • I don’t know why, but I always thought I’d be a good NASCAR driver. No reason why I would be, but I just think I’d kick ass, haha.

  • holy, this is the most boring shoot ever, you americans are really strange people. cars driving hours in a round, what the… i have never seen something so much boring like this.

  • no its ok i know it was not bad intention behind your comment. To say the true, i thought the same thing when i saw the circuit and the date.


  • I spent 100 on 5.00 tickets and won back 60.00 that was 20 tickets with 6 wins. But the biggest ticket was only 45.00. So I won about every 4th ticket but it was small prizes….

  • i will try it soon but im curious how to define the real sim, example i like RF and Gran Turismo and few other online PC sims as well as NFS Shift 2, like NFS Shift not even close to a sim but its challenging and fun, even more online had some good full grid races, also i mean this in a way that most people never drove a real race car but everyone claims this or that is real plus developers claim same with every new edition, so is this worth my hard cash:)

  • ahhh haaa so I was right that some of the last numbers match sometimes to the first 2 sets….okeedokes…and even when you get 15 & you look at back and it shows 85 left…OK I gotta rewatch video again

  • Love it Gary and Kyle. In Australia we don’t get a lot of NASCAR coverage but I had definitely heard of Kyle and his brother and I especially loved the reference toward the end yet again of teaching our kids that there are no 8th place ribbons, you gotta work harder if you want the winning feeling.

  • I started iRacing a week ago. And you start in Street stock (oval) and Mazda cup (Road) as a rookie, not legends and the Potiac Solstice. I did the 3 month deal, so maybe that changed how mine was started. But, just saying for new people

  • hey some help please…..i want to start iracing… but will it work on my samsung laptop.. its got good memory and lots of ram….but the graphics card is a HD graphics card family… could i update the drive for free or would the card be ok?? im not ” mr tech ” so any help would be helpfull and i will be very thankfull.. and if i do get it to work any tips on how to run it smoothly and decent frames would help to.. thanks people!

  • I love this!!!.. I remember that race with Chase… I always cheered Chase on since I saw an interview he did at the age of 20… He has a alot of quality values for such a young man… This brought back alot of fond memories of watching NASCAR with my father before his passing…:-[)… Everytime a race would go into overtime, I would have to get my father to explain the concept of overtime in racing… lol… ;-p… Great video!!!.. Make a great day, hun!!!..:-[)

  • That phone number Mark Cuban has up isn’t his direct phone line. It’s similar to SuperPhone but, the company he uses is at

  • bruh who tf they bringing onto to these shows, does everyone pass for a celebrity like damn, the only one i recognized was jim parsons, like they really get people of the streets

  • I was slow to click on this one because I’m not really that much into NASCAR right now, but so glad I did! The vibe and energy between you two and especially the 7-year old caller was freaking palpable my brotha!!! Keep it pushin’ man!

  • It is the only sporting event where you can bring your own cooler of beer into the race! I love being loud and getting rowdy. Great episode. Thanks Gary and Kyle!

  • What made me become a NASCAR fan was my Uncle (who was a big time NASCAR fan), would show me NASCAR stuff growing up and I slowly became a fan from then on. My favorite driver of all time is Dale Sr. and DW, and my current favorite driver is Kyle Busch (because he drives like Sr. and can cut a soundbite like DW).

  • Wish I could play Iracing but i well just stay real racing because we can’t afford the things that is did to play I am real fan of racing and my dream is to become a nascar monster energy cup driver I am not even close in having any racing experience so iracing thank you because of this SIM people like me as chance to make there dream come true but for I well stick with real racing 3 just wish that dream could come true��

  • As an Alabama-born white male, I’ve learned more about Nascar in the first 11 minutes of this video than in 32 years of my life. Here I thought it was just homies with sponsors trying to win race by race… Thanks Kyle & Gary. lol

  • Gary you should invite somebody from F1 like Alonso you would love that guy he blocked his team mate in PIts i n 2007 he s just the best driver there try looking something up about him

  • A very interesting video channel! I enjoyed your show, and I love the lottery. I subscribed to your channel. I am near Wilmington, NC. Best of Luck to you guys!

  • How do you know if you won on second chance drawing do you get and email or do you have to go to the website to check? I’m in California.

  • Right in middle of crank it up and utterly stupid loud TD ad comes on…….thx NASCAR for aggravating your very few fans left to make a few pennies

  • It’s hard to say that too. Ultimately, I think the best is to go about it in a different way. Like people who are GT vs Forza vs iracing I would love have all three and I would enjoy them so much and appreciate them I don’t really understand why so many people go for one and hate the other. I don’t feel like it’s about that.

  • gary v is the man.. my channel is all over the place very new channel.. PLEASE give me some feed back if u dont like it i understand but i just want to get my message out there.. gary v is amazing i could never sit in front of a camera i just finished crushing it and now im on youtube where anybody can judge.. feel free to judge would love feedback-my channel is RTDTV1 acronym for Roll The Dice.. take a chance it was time for me to stop being a bitch and hiding in the shadows.. thanks to the man @garyvee

  • Sorry Kyle.. My mom loves you..but she made choose a different driver than her 10 years ago.. So I had to pick Jimmy Johnson.. Loved the talk tho ������ I will be sending this to mother

  • The fact that Gary is showing the interest in Nascar is quite fascinating. Good on both parties for making this happen! Good stuff!

  • Gary! Please have more kids that age phone in. That was made my day! Amazing! Perhaps it would be cool to have a whole episode dedicated to kids calling in. What do you think?

  • I like how they blank out the advertisements when they are talking, yet literally every inch of the car’s and driver’s uniform is govern in adds!

  • Ct has a ticket just like that hit 50s one. Same design and color and everything but it’s called fast 50s. Just thought that was funny lol

  • Ill be blessed for you to be my mentor i watch all your vids and i try grind but just found out my bank card aint on the system so i cant get a new one but one quote you said been stuck in my head think like a millionaire grind like your broke

  • There’s no penalty for tail of the longest line if everyone does it…which is why I don’t get NASCAR opening the pits early. Force them to take the penalty.

  • your prize for winning the series in 2011 was a trip to see the 2011 Vegas race?

    that was a bummer to say the least (RIP Dan Wheldon)

  • if I had someone in the background asking what I did with the ticket do you take it back to the store, I would say no you put it in the bag of water and you stick it in the freezer and in the morning it turns into Cash

  • @garyvee, why did you not dive deep into the sponsorships of NASCAR? How can a brand spend 30 Million a year on one team, to get onto the hood of the car and justify that kind of spend… I was hoping you were going there.. #bummed.

  • I have never understood two things: (1) the logic behind sending mean messages to celebrities the first place, (2) why so much celebrity worship by so many people who do not know them, and quite honestly have nothing to gain through constantly stalking them like a flock of hungry seagulls. It’s always amazing to see how many people send offensive tweets to famous people for no rational reason there is no clear logic behind it. These people have done nothing to them, they don’t even know them, and in the case of many celebrities (not all, but many) they wouldn’t want to associate with them in the least. It’s a bit of an ugly truth, still truth nonetheless. Here we have (on the one hand) an entire group of people tweeting out public insults to people that they don’t even know; on the other hand we have a group of famous people who could just as easily turn their noses up at them and insult them back. That’s one thing that makes absolutely no sense about insulting a wealthy Hollywood celebrity they needn’t care at all what anyone has to say about them in a mean tweet. In the case of many (but not all) celebrities, all they would have to do is read the nasty tweet from an average citizen, turn up their nose by responding with a vulgar comment of their own (in many but not all cases) and then walk away with heads heisted high, not looking back (but certainly looking down). There’s actually a very good chance that many of these people (judging by most of their reactions) do not consider the opinions of nasty tweeters or even their own fans at all in most cases. The other end of this problem with intense celebrity worship is the fact that there are many celebrities who today (AS IN RIGHT NOW TIME) actually demand respect and constant adoration from fans no matter how badly they treat them, no matter how often they socially abuse their restaurant or hotel staff, no matter how often they insult people simply for not being famous or wealthy. True that there are many famous Hollywood legends who do not behave this way towards their fans or ordinary people in general, and are good and upstanding human beings of decent moral constitution. I’m not saying that every major film star or celebrity is a bad person by all means. Despite this there have been many ugly and nasty stories about Hollywood’s “most decorated citizens” over the years. Stories about celebrities (despite being paid, housed, clothed and fed better than most Americans have ever been throughout the history of the Republic no joke here) spitting on fans, insulting their staff, acting as if they belong to a sort of “Super Class of Ellie Human Beings with Unmatchable Talents and Phenomenal Powers”, some even going so far as to abuse people who like them insulting and abusing their fans of all people! I’m sorry to sound Marxist or preachy (trust me when I say that I do not intend to be either one of those things at all by saying this), but what I cannot understand is why so many people fee the need to bow and scrape before (not to mention take abuse from) these arrogant people who have money, connections and resources things which their fans do not have. I realize that this sounds a bit Marxist, I assure you that’s not where I am coming from at the core. I never understood why people would chose to celebrate these people who would never ever chose to celebrate them, or even show them some basic kindness or appreciation for their applause. This is sometimes the case with Hollywood, but sadly not often the case in Tinseltown. The very term celebrity itself is derived from the term celebrate I hate to say it but when you look around Hollywood today, unfortunately there is very little to celebrate. I don’t mean to be preachy, but let’s face it for what it’s really worth Hollywood isn’t a neighborhood at all, it’s just a business that has been running itself into the ground over the past few decades with a steady decline in moral values, lack of empathy overtime (for others, especially fans and hired staff), and lastly a total disregard for social institutions that promote generosity and kindness. Hollywood in WW2 and Vietnam was engaged heavily in USO tours, troop fundraisers and had a long legacy of helping the less fortunate and those in America who needed help the most. Over the course of some 80 years we have gone from a young Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland promoting the first ever March of Dimes on behalf of President FDR, to modern millennial couples spitting on groups of cheering fans why?! What every happened to values, and so many celebrities demand respect from people who they would openly shun, reject and refuse to know better? Mean tweets are (of course) wrong and hurtful that coin has a very heavy flip side to it. There are a lot of celebrities that after reading the tweets respond in a much nastier way, and they often kick a few extra people on their way out the stage door.

  • For all the years I’ve been watching, this is the first in like forever that’s made me want to say: F’in A! Great show GV and Kyle. I am so watching Nascar now.

  • E-Commerce Shopify Dropshipping I look up to you the way you look up to mark cuban and i wanna be just like you i even dm on instagram but you didnt see it

  • Accountants, financial services is like NASCAR… don’t crash your reputation at 200 mph:

  • mark didn’t reply to you… that was an auto-message for signing up. also that’s not his real phone number… just his community number for his followers on social media

  • Ooh, iracing is good but I wouldn’t go criticizing GT5 too much, because that’s a pretty good game too. GT5 got lots of problems though but to criticize it’s graphics?. umm no dude sorry lol.
    It’s like criticizing Dalai Lama for being not peaceful enough.

  • Bro lol you are so funny. Your acting is noooot good lol just stick to teaching what you know You acting like you was about to really freestyle and talk to Mark Cuban. lol. Good super click baity thumbnail do your thing youngin

  • Yow, nice video… Am currently on a journey to 1m$..And i have created my(this) channel about the journey and i have started the move.. Feel nice checkin it.

  • Hey Gary love how woke you are. George, a fellow immigrant here quick question. Let’s say I started a fidget spinner company before fidget spinners became hot, then they became this huge trend and got saturated; so my company did well for 3 months but after that no one cared about fidget spinners. How would I pivot to take my innovative-at-the-time-idea, and continue running my company whose unique product and selling proposition was suddenly swept away by a trend boom and bust? What separates a fad product from a lasting brand? Is it content?

  • Just now watching this video but I think it’s hilarious how you try to come up with something to say to these billionaires like your about to talk to a girl for the first time��

  • I mean, Im a big fan of Mtn Sports, Ultra Running, Snowboarding etc.. My attention Span at 34 Years old is way to short to be a fan of NASCAR but.. This was a cool story. Very Informative.

  • Why can’t people just list the damned tips and be done with it instead they got to drone on and on like they’re on television good God talk about boring.

  • You can make a living just off scartch offs just invest a lot of money on scratch offs like 200 and then there will be a good chance you made profit

  • Zzz camera showing sideways is annoying! Special effects are super enjoyed them! Sweet voice enjoyed listening to you. Good luck scratch in!����

  • Hi Gary, I’m one of your big fans from Indonesia.
    I just want to say thank you for your great contents! I’ve been following you in the last 2 years.
    It changed my life, it keeps me motivated. I look forward to meet you.
    I believe that it will happen someday. Have a great day!

  • you mean on ps3 or ps4?!? man are you jocking? A ps3 or ps4 would explode immediately, even if you just think to race in iRacing^^

  • That was very informative if you’ve never scratched a ticket before but hard to watch if you even scratched one….wayyyy to long. I also think the title is misleading. You can’t show someone how to win in scratch tickets. All you can do is buy them and pray to win just like everyone else.

    Congrats on your win

  • Love your energy man. It would be great if you did a video of how to create a good website for dropshipping. It would really help all of us trying to get started.

  • QOD Answer My first autobigraphy report I ever had to give for school was on AJ Foyt. Because my mom grew up 90 minutes from Indianapolis. My dad’s brothers got me into NASCAR. And I went to the first race here in Fort Worth. I was on turn 3 I never saw a complete green lap with cars because that first year, everyone wrecked on the first lap. I remember Dale Sr. damn near winning the race even though he was missing the hood of his car. I was a Smoke fan. And when Smoke retired I became a Kyle Bush because everyone else hated Kyle for how he raced. Even though he’s the closest to racing like Dale Sr. Also cool to hear you will being doing Skittles for the throwback race. I worked in the Skittles plant in Waco, TX as a temp job.

  • Kyle’s a Yung GOAT.

    I’m a Super-Driven Dope-Fiend.. (Driving pun, whuttt)
    Have been for almost 10 years now.. Truly. It’s really the only thing standing in between my mindset and the mindset needed to become the Gary Vee of Music. But I only started this brand about 6+ months ago… So Yall will see in time.. If I don’t succeed its cuz I OD’d and died at some point in the next few years (and thats not gonna happen, spoiler-alert) –
    Until that time, Ima be cranking out Lit-ass beatss for Trap artists while I continue to Create my own genre: Trap-Soul ��������
    It’s still early in the game, But I’m a helluva lot stronger than a Make-out session with God… And it’s a hard thing to be stronger than that and not romanticize it and go back.

    Maybe Down-The-Line Gary might see some value in meeting with someone with such a completely different perspective (But my perspective does notttt matter until I make something of myself, so give it a year or so)

    One Love, Gary ����

  • The best mentors are persons just doing it and are achieving success. Often times we forget how difficult things really were when we just started out once we’ve been doing it long enough.

  • Thank God TV is dead and the Net rules the world. That right there is mother fuc*&ing entertainment. I’ve been waiting until I had enough time to watch this Ep in full and it was well worth it! I’m a big Busch and GaryVee fan so this was my ultimate. Thanks guys!

  • So tired of herring that old ass dude DW..soulds so dum when the green starts im glad he dosent do it after the other checkered also stupid.. NASCAR is dieing

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