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Keemala Phuket Resort & Spa: a fabulous jungle hotel (full tour)

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Scam free vacation in exchange for 90 minute presentation Resort Legal Team

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Golden Door Wellness Retreat & Spa | Getaway 2019

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Generali’s Rome Travel Sweepstakes Winners Share Their Vacation Photos

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5 Best Yoga & Wellness Retreats Around the World | Love Is Vacation

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Cambridge University Press, 2019

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  • Amazing place, breathtaking views! In Phuket, such place is really unexpected!
    It’s definitely added to my bucket list..If we can get over this pandemic, this will be a first destination of mine to travel.. ��

  • I literally just got back from Myrtle beach and went to a presentation for holiday inn vacation club. They told a bunch of lies. Namely you can refinance and it’s an investment and they would buy it back. AND the bora bora hut. We were offered the 199.00 reimbursement as well plus a 100 dollar voucher for holiday inn regular not any express. We were out of there in 3 hours but 2 hours was what they quoted. I kinda was messing with them like I was interested but in the end I said no. I know they want to appear legit by lightening up the pressure sales. But it’s still a subtle hard sell.

    They ended up saying we missed out. Blah blah. I left with the promised gifts plus I got some snacks out of it.

    I think it works for some people but too many horror stories with the increasing maintenance fee.

  • If there is one word that timeshares sales people don’t like to hear is Airbnb. They would be so happy if Airbnb would go out of business. But Airbnb is here to stay. They should go out of business instead.

  • I lost huge amount to Wyndham.. i later contact one of timeshare agent Email ; claimstimeshare AT G-mail DOT COMM.. its never to late. He ended my contract with them and got all my money back to me.. Big thanks, I so much appreciate

  • Which hotel did you stay at in Vegas?
    What room did you guys get? Was it a suite as promised and do you have to pay anything for the room upon check in?

  • So the only way it’s a scam/loss is if you buy what they’re selling? Because I’m thinking about doing a presentation with Wyndham (they only want $200 for 3 days/4 nights.

  • G R A T I S…

    GRATIS no hay nada…

    La cámara digital; Las cortesías para el jetpack; Los pases a Xcaret…

    ¿Cuántos miles de dólares termino pagando a su Club de Viajes a cambio de su “cortesía”?

    ¿Ahora al menos disfruta de su membresía ó sigue pensando que debió decir NO cuando lo invitaron a desayunar “Sin Compromiso”?

    Si ya está listo ¡ Llámenos!

    Somos especialistas en desvincular Socios Inconformes de sus respectivos clubes

    Línea 24/7: CDMX: 5536-6997 * México: (55) 5536-6997 * World Wide: +52 555 536-6997 * WhatsApp / LINE: (55) 1358-1688

  • The maintenance fees alone aren’t worth it in comparison with just booking a hotel room a year in advance every year and canceling on the years you can’t go.

  • They scattered like the roaches they are when the media came in�� Thorne: You’ll get 2 tickets for anywhere in the “context” United States. What an uneducated slimey bum that guy is

  • Absolutely beautiful…
    Absolutely peaceful… and
    Absolutely calming….
    You made me feel like I was there, by capturing all the essence and energy flowing through. Well done.

  • Bluegreen HUGE scam, DONT DO IT! You cant get out of the deal, you will pay WAY more than what you would pay to just go on vacation or rent an RV. They will tell you one thing, get you all confused on details and then sell you what you said no to 100 times. The cruise is for bunk beds or 200.00 mark up per person to get a real bed. You’re not saving anything. You cant use points for many of the year without paying extra to use them, you have to pre-book 60 days early, no holidays, valet parking only at 50.00/day, etc etc. This is a HUGE ripoff, dont fall for it.

  • Duh If you think you’re going to get a free trip think again, if it’s too good to be true it probably is. 100% a scam. These pitches are pure fraud.

  • I heard adzan (islamic prayers calling) in this video at 7.43-7.57…..he says:” Hayya ‘alal Falah “….wow, its amazing… Because there are mosque in Phuket, Thailand.

  • The reason I looked this up is because of Westgate.

    They do almost the exact same thing and are horrible. We wish we never would have seen them. It’s been nothing but frustration.

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  • For $38,000, you can do a luxury trip to Indonesia and South East Asia with business class and Ultra-Luxury hotels and resorts!! Much better bang for you buck than timeshare and no commitment either!

  • Timeshare? What a joke! More like a Scamshare. Too bad all the major hotels in Las Vegas are involve in it. It’s better to avoid these people who are hawking timeshares as if it was the bubonic plague. They are pushy and arrogant as can be. Don’t be gullible and get suckered in this scam.

  • LOVE timeshare presentations. I have received the following by sitting through their presentations:
    3 nights in a cabin in The Smokey Mountains and $100 cash
    3 nights at a very nice resort in Orlando 3 different times (twice at the same one; once at a separate one)
    Indoor water park tickets for my family of 5 and free lunch
    1 day Disney World ticket

    My wife and I find the presentations to be a blast. I would never buy and love them trying to find a way to talk me into it. The best is when they try and guilt you into it like ‘you have wasted my time’. I reply, ‘yep, now give me my free thing’. Sometimes my wife and I will play different roles. I act like the guy who thinks it is a great idea and she belittles me and yells at me for being so stupid. I am always polite to the person but also very frank about the fact that they got me for 90 minutes and then I want my gift and I am gone. The one time, the salesman picked me up at my hotel room in a golf cart to give me my tour and presentation, the minute he picked me up I told him in no uncertain terms that I am not buying, I am just here for the free gift and I would suggest, for the benefit of his commission check he do this as quick as possible. He got my presentation done in 30 minutes, gave me my gift (that one was the Disney ticket) and told me to have a nice day.

  • Timeshares can be a terrific purchase for some families, as they also can be a giant rip off for others. 50 years ago, also known as Holiday Home Sharing or timeshare travel timeshares were created with the idea of offering fully furnished accommodations for a lower price than a full-time ownership, check this article, good luck

  • This is amazing, I’m truly amazed that this is a real thing. Incredible. These people earn a living actually doing this in real life.

  • Your wife has the greatest advice; don’t buy! Save some money and you decide when to go, what place to go, and the amount of money you are willing to pay.

  • Great video. We are serial timeshare presentation goers. Been to over 30 in a little over 15 years. Just have to give up some of your time for the incentives. To date, we have never bought. If you do have the opportunity, check out some of the higher end timeshare chains like Marriott or Westin. They have some fantastic properties. I have never been to Weston or the timeshare you went to. Marriott has a few right on the beach in that same area of Florida; Ft Lauderdale, Singer Island. Lots of sand and beach.

    The worst thing about many of the timeshares and the one you went to is one of them, that timeshare week is worth $0 once you buy it. Worse depreciation than buying a new car. Many people can’t resell them and give them away. In fact, if you ever want to get in to timeshare, even high end ones, look at resale. You will save tens of thousands over what the developers are trying to sell them for. Timeshares are great, you just need to do a lot of research before jumping in to the game. Thanks for sharing!

  • We were here a year or so ago. Our tree top lodge and pool were secluded paradise! However, the main pool area (which is stunning) was paradise until around 2pm each day when a large group mainland Chinese tourists came to join us, all of them shouting (so loud and for no reason!), smoking everywhere (dropping their cigarette butts on the floor by the pool), their terribly behaved children screaming, shouting etc and throwing large revolting inflatable animals into the pool. They ruined what was paradise for a while. Sadly most tourist spots are now ruined by this situation…..

  • Thanks guys for so much information. I got stuck with it for the pass 10 years (2010), but never use it once. I gets so frustrated with the maintenance fees every year. I am also a member of RCI. AGAIN I have never use it because it doesn’t have flexibility for my package. I bought mine in Cancun. I strongly agree with your wife. It is not worth it. How do you book your timeshares in Cancun? With or without meal package? Thanks guys.

  • Been there twice. Fantastic place. Kamala beach is a 8 minute drive away by taxi. Some great rooftop bars there for sundowners ����

  • I’ve also traveled to Phuket. I haven’t lived in this hotel. It’s so beautiful. I’d like to see it when I have a chance.������������

  • wow i love these place very peaceful i think i have to ask my future husband to have our honeymoon amazing beside i really love nature..maybe after our honey definitely we will have twin baby..�� ❤❤❤

  • I noticed they were against animal cruelty but what about human trafficing? This is something I’m personally very concerned about.

  • Orange Lake is a horrible company. Don’t fall in to a trap with these people. they will cheat you on your property then tell you they are making a deal for you and cheat you again. The entire structure of this company should be investigated by the attorney general for fraudulent misrepresentation. Everyone of you that has made a decision to lie the way you do when you sell your lousy product should be in jail. Do not by any means buy anything from orange lake or any of it’s affiliates they are all the same.

  • We went in with an open mind and left
    with a headache. After feeling like a hostage for 5 hours, glad we stood our ground. Not sure if my gifts (voucher for tickets and trip) are legit but just the fact that I can relate to this video makes me feel like it wasn’t totally a waste of time.

  • The resort has sustainability in it’s DNA? As a carpenter I see all of that wood and all I can think about is how many forests were cut down to build it.

  • My favorite part are the “closers”, Sitting down in those cheap ass suits with those over sized mall watches like they’re about to get a deal, then that dumb ass look on their face like “man I chose the wrong career” When they don’t get it.

  • Can you post the link to the video of the vouchers you got and explain what you received for free from attending that time share presentation?
    I want to know what you received for free and how your trip was Ext. Thank you

  • Best travel video I’ve seen on YT. Great videography. Lovely music and the details about the resort so carefully worded at the bottom of the screen. No incessant talking was the best part!!!
    I would definitely seek out this resort for a vacation. Thank you for your careful review. Loved every minute of this!!

  • Please use a sound over (if your voice is horrendous) we want to know info rather than your texts at the bottom and a dodgy music.

  • I have been invited over and over. I never showed up. I come from a country where 500 dollars is a decent wage.. I’ll be pissed is my whole hard earned salary ends up on a Vacation Club or Timeshare. That’s the amount they charge.

  • Spellbound!!! Splendid!!! Is it true??? Can’t bliv it… oh our universe you are so beautiful,,, beautiful by nature,, by chirping birds,, what a atmosphere,, I am enjoying a lot,,, if I will rich then definitely I shall visit this heaven before my death. ❤❤❤����������������������

  • I went to a number of presentations over past years, and got some nice vacations stays in Branson and east Tennesee. But lately, they got smart and last couple I attended they gave practically nothing while wasting a few hours on trying to get my soul. Timeshares must have been invented by Satan himself to ensure that suckers and their money will not bother each other. Ha ha ha

  • Are you guys so cheap you gave her how many hours of your time for 200$ visa? You could have work a few hours overtime at work with way less stress

  • I do timeshare presentations all the time for free shit just say no… next time take kids to leave early yall just soak it in and say no.. play their game

  • Good vlogging! Just got back from Timeshare experience and searched for videos, yours showed up! Same here too, but no lunch, got coupons for treetops

  • I am going to this same place tomorrow( vacation village resort). I’ve done the Wyndham timeshare tour last year to get a great deal on a hotel stay for my sons birthday. I figured it would help me cover the Disney cost and couldn’t hurt.. not was I wrong. They ripped me to shreds and made me cry at the desk. I told the guy my special needs child was with a sitter who is wanting to get out to the parks. Luckily I was only stuck there 3 hours (promised only 2 TOPS). These jerks were very ABUSIVE. I left shaking just like you. EVEN IF I WANTED TO SIGN MY SOUL AWAY TO THESE ASSHOLES, THERE IS NO WAY I COUKD AFFORD IT!
    After the 4th closer I was crying and staring at the floor repeating “I’m ready to leave, I am not buying a time share, you’ve made me feel bad about not having an extra 80k lying around to hand off to them for an annual stay at a very nice hotel that would probably only cost me 1k if that if I just booked it instead of buying in. I was really upset! I felt bad about saying no but I COULDNT say yes! And all I wanted to do was run out the door. But I couldn’t… because, as you know, they drive you miles away from your car to do all the attacking (I am being dead serious, I am not a soft person… they had me in literal tears). The final guy looked at me with disgust, signed my paper to get me deposit back stood up and mumbled “go around that bed to get your shit and leave” I then waited on a line for a while to get “my shit” and then had to wait a long time for a little bus to come get me and drive me back to my car. Because you know, if ya don’t sell your soul to the devil as they ask, you don’t get a ride back to your car the way you came in on the golf cart. I told myself I would never do this again. LOL

    So two years later, I’m in Orlando visiting a friend who is here to go to Disney. The hotel I stayed at is really great! Clean, beautiful and lots of great extras offered including 3 pool, a tiki bar by one of those pools and a restaurant. They also offer shuttle to the parks, I was very pleased with this place “champions world resort” I got a sweet deal on and only payed about $40 a night. Go to this place, you won’t regret it!!!

    Anyway, back to the timeshare bs… so there is a slimy sales guy in the lobby who wouldn’t take no for an answer on a time share presentation. I told him the whole reason for my stay at this hotel revolves around meeting my out of state friend at magic kingdom the following day (Friday) he offered me $100 visa, then quickly after? $200 visa, then offered to add in a bunch of park tickets and another vacation 4 days and 3 nights at no cost. I’m sure there will be high resort fees, taxes and a hefty deposit, but that’s another story. He kept on going and going and insisting that I do this on the day I had plans. He then said, if I want to do it on Saturday, I won’t get close to as much as he is offering as it is a “ busy tour day” what ever that means. Finally I just told him that I would think it over after I get settled in my room and let him know if I decide to put myself through the terrible mental anguish that I’ve already experienced with the Wyndham resort. He shook his head and kept saying that he is being very generous and I should take advantage of this great deal.

    So I never called him back. I did however call down to the front desk to add an additional night to my existing reservation as I was very pleased with the accommodations and very clean room. The lady at the desk said she would price match with the online offer if she had the open room available then she explained that to you the discount sites book out a good amount of the rooms all the time leaving her with no openings. I told her that I was looking at the site right then and they were offering the same deal I was already currently staying under. So finally she told me to just book it through the third-party and I did just that. Fun fact as I write this it is the extra day in question. So I had to go back to the lobby to sign for the additional day. The slimy sales guy was not there, and his place was a very nice lady who was not pushy at all. I actually approached her and told her that the man was offering me everything but the kitchen sink. I told her that I would consider taking the tour tomorrow (Sunday) and asked what would be on the table for compensation. I told her what he had offered for the Friday tour. She said she cannot offer $200 visa and she doesn’t know why he said that but she did offer a $100 visa card. She asked me if I needed Park tickets which I didn’t as I already had today’s ticket purchase. Then she threw in a free four day three night stay which I think will take place in one of the condos I am touring tomorrow. Honestly I had already been thinking about coming back to champions resort again very soon with a local friend as I had such a great experience with my stay. I Think I must have had a moment of weakness where I forgot how absolutely mortified I was when I toured Wyndham. So I am sitting here in my hotel room Thinking about how I need to just be very blunt and just say no over and over until they release me to collect my prizes and wait however long I have to for the short bus to come and bring me back to my car. I am planning on telling them that my child is with a babysitter and I need to go get him at the 2 1/2 hour mark. I do not have my phone with me for this trip and probably won’t bring him on the next either lol this single mom needs some time away once in a while to relax and regroup, but they don’t need to know that �� It seem to work last time for the most part and I don’t have five hours to sit there and receive mental abuse from a bunch of overly aggressive assholes who do not know me nor matter to me or my life.

    Wish me luck! I just couldn’t pass up the Visa card and next vacation paid in full (in sure there will be loads of extra fees but still worth it financially). I really hope that I can get through this easily and as quickly as possible without getting too upset but I already know it will be painful.

  • My question is this. How clean is that place? Is the bed sheets washed? I saw footage of hotels (luxury) that didn’t wash their bed sheets nor sanitizing the electronics: remotes, phones. I was disgusted! I have bleached, used Lysol spray to clean everything down!

  • I would NEVER buy a timeshare ever been to some beautiful and upscale resorts and NOPE! I’m 37 and my husband is 42 and we travel with our 2 kids quite a bit F that! It’s a scam!

  • Waaaack ass presentation…..

    Mexico and the Caribbean is the best place for vacation clubs period oh and Hawaii…..BUT NOT ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE US SPECIALLY FLORIDA WAY DIFFERENT

  • O ya… I went to one of the “FREE VACATION DEALS” I. stayed for EXACTLY 90 min. (I kept looking at my watch..jist to piss the salesman off) I NEVER LIED…I WAS TOTALLY UP FRONT TELLING THEM FROM THE BEGINNING..I WAS NOT GOING TO BUY. As soon as tbe 90 min. was up…I immediately got up and said…WELL WHERE IS MY PRIZE?? The salesman said that he wasn’t finished…I told him..Hey….I fullfilled my obligation..its NOT my problem the salesman didn’t finish in time..I want my prize..I was told some BULLSHIT that I had to complete the ENTIRE PRESENTATION… was only after..I threaten to call the police for being held against my will…is when they gave me my vouchers… I threatened to stand outside and warn others.

  • Act your AGE BUZANA,,,
    You Act like 12yo Bimbo while the Fat Buzano just watches,,,
    If you looking for Cuban Food,, GO BACK HOME BUZANOS��

  • I made it through the time share with Diamond Resort. I have two free vacation trips because I survived the presentation. So should I be able to use these vacations trips with out being scammed into more presentations?

  • Mannnnn I wanted to see the hot seat sales pitch, you cut it off damn. That tour was like five hours they tried to wear y’all down to buy at the end food, tour etc. timeshares are one of the biggest scams in real estate outside of condos. I shouldn’t say scam I should say the practice of timeshares and how they work.

  • I’ve done 10 timeshare presentations, mostly in Las Vegas or Sedona AZ, but also Orlando and Daytona Beach. It’s fun at first, but gets old. These companies are scammers, especially Wyndham, Dimond Resorts, Blue Green, Inpterpool and RCI. They’ll charge you the upfront cost, the maintenance dues, and then rent the properties out online, leaving you with the scraps. Typically you will have to pay a timeshare exit team just to take it off your hands, because they’re not worth 1 penny on Ebay. I stay at timeshares as a renter, and pay way less per day than the owners, just off their maintenance dues alone. Starwood, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and Disney are much more reputable, if you ever want to own.

  • Notice how the black scammer said “welcome aboard” like in reference to an airplane?�� I’ve heard better sales tactics from local girl scouts. These r just crummy lazy scam artist bums. Thorn and the rest of them need to swallow a pistol

  • I got roped into to one of these at the Vacation Villages in Parkway (Orlando).
    Same thing, I thought breakfast was at the resort but nope, they tried to get us into one of their cars. I refused and followed the guy.
    Not much sales talk at breakfast but when we got back it was instant hard sell, rude, pushy.
    But they didn’t keep me quite as long as you, maybe two or three offers and they gave up.
    I will never never never get duped into attending one of these ever again.