Second #SnapMadness Challenge an hour around the StepMill



Video taken from the channel: MontanaDanna



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Step aerobics routines with Jenni 60 Minutes

Video taken from the channel: thegymbox


Kickbox workout with music with Kaycee 60 minutes

Video taken from the channel: thegymbox


Step aerobics great choreography with Ashli 60 Minutes

Video taken from the channel: thegymbox


Results of doing the Stairmaster Everyday for 7 days! Before and After

Video taken from the channel: Saffron Ellis


I Did The StairMaster Everyday For TWO Weeks!! | Before and After Results

Video taken from the channel: Angela Shannel

Complete 60 minutes on the StepMill. Take a photo of yourself next to the time on your machine’s display screen. We have to see this so we know you completed the challenge!

Post your photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and use the #SnapMadness hashtag. Your photo must be posted by 8 a.m. Thursday, March 20. #SNAPNATION 2nd #SnapMadness Challenge: 60 Minutes on the StepMill. Who’s ready for Round Two?

For all those who completed the Interval Treadmill Workout. Get your over your mid-week hump and hit the treadmill. Interval training is a great cardio Sweet Potato and Quinoa Burger Recipe. These.

2nd #SnapMadness Challenge: 60 Minutes on the StepMill Don’t want to miss anything? Get the latest recipes, workouts, success stories, tips and more right in your inbox. 2nd #SnapMadness Challenge: 60 Minutes on the StepMill. How to Perfect the Plank.

What Not to Eat Pre-Workout. Five Healthy Condiment Swaps. Don’t want to miss anything?

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You don’t need to be on an actual football field to train like an NFL player. In honor of the NFL season being well underway, here’s a workout you. Check out our fitness and exercise blog for tips, healthy recipes, workout tricks, and much more.

Let’s face it, everyone wants nice abs. In order to score a solid core, you need to put the work in the gym and the kitchen. This workout will cover the gym part!The vision behind our ‘What’s Your Fit?’ campaign is fueled by our passion to help people to reach their goals and figure out what fitness means to them. Looking for something to do over your lunch break?

Take on this core crushing workout in under 30 minutes. 60 seconds each exercise | Repeat Entire Series 3x. Avoid feeling bored on the treadmill with this 25 minute treadmill workout that alternates between a brisk walk and a run every couple minutes. Not only will this keep boredom at bay, but it will give your body a good workout.

Start with a slight incline around 3.

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  • This is definitely for the advanced stepper. As an experienced stepper who has stepped for over 10 years, I suggest you follow the same direction as Ashli before trying to mirror her.

  • Thank you very much Maam. I subed and liked your videos. I tried it last night and it was great. This is what I have been looking for, for fitness and kickboxing. Give us more videos.

  • GIRL. Your progress is amazingggg! I’m sitting here watching these videos before going to the gym and your video pumped me up to get up and go. AWESOME JOB!

  • I get that feeling about being shy but your beautiful! It’s so nice to push yourself and get rewarded in the end!! Great job!!�� new sub ��

  • I really love your steps and combinations –
    lots of fun. If I had one tiny thing, I would like the beat to be a tiny bit slower. (Like the Step Reebok video). Anyway, yours is a great workout and I enjoyed it very much!

  • i do an hour of stairmaster i start with level 7 then level itup to level 8 an 13. each level i go hrough for 15 minutes. at the last 5 minutes i use the level 3 to calm down

  • loved the vlog babe!! just subd you hope you can do the same!! also, i just joined orange theory too so relating to this video af!!:D

  • I love your YouTube video. Thank you very much. It’s the best step exercise class Easy to follow!! Help a lot during lockdown time.
    Thank you!!��������

  • Do you have any workout videos I need to go back to exercising and I got the gymshark stuff you recommended and do you recommended doing this 7 days a week?

  • Hey girl this was such an inspirational video! I have subscribed to you channel I would love if you could sub back and check out my latest video and I hope you have a great day x

  • good workout. not boring. good to know I’m not the only one who’s brain doesn’t want to work with body. love the verbal reminders. ��

  • i love ashli’s other workouts, and i finally figured them out, but this one is crazy b/c i tried to follow her, and i tried to mirror her and for some reason i still find myself in the wrong place. so i try to only listen. but she’ll say “come on! you’re on the right foot now”, but then she’ll say “step down left” when it should have still been right, so i feel like she gets her feet messed up when she’s talking, so just listening doesn’t help either. i have to find a way to figure it out myself and know the routine well enough that i will ignore which foot she says and also not try to follow what she looks like, but just to do the routine. yikes! that’s going to take me about 10 times!

  • Omg I have a love and hate relationship with the stair climber �� Check my YT out and insta for fitness journey @ToraisaJ on insta Keep up the good work girl. You’re almost at 1000. New subscriber ��

  • I was looking for a little more complex step footwork but this was just way too confusing.I stuck it out til about 23 minutes & then went to look for another workout that I could complete without falling over my own feet

  • I’m going to try this for an hour today? Hence me looking for a good video with info. Do you know anything about the info/features on it ( hills etc)? I’m looking to build my legs and add a bit of fitness alongside weights.

  • This is a great workout. I love the fact that the intervals sessions are mixed in with the combos. Takes the strain off the brain for a few minutes, and really gets the heart pumping! Thanks Jenni

  • I’ve been doing this for a month and I’m So happy I used to die after 10 minutes but I’m able to last 45 minutes now and feel stronger everyday. So happy for you!!!

  • 10 mins shit my legs are killing me 20 mins I’m done feels like my legs gonna come off this machine literally kills you unless you are use to it will I do it again �� hmmm maybe 1 day or once in a while

    Great video btw ������

  • What if i work out 3 times a week for two hours each day including using the stairmaster. Will this help me get rid of the saggy thighs and make them firmer?

  • I love the routines of thegymbox step aerobics, but the beat of your music that I’ve come across so far is rather fast and there is no change in tempo.

  • You look amazing��������������
    Very nice. You did a good job. Keep sharing your amazing work��������
    I subscribed to your channel. Would you like to do the same?��

  • I watched the gym box step videos during the coronavirus and it was a game changer for making sure I stay on top of my gym step classes. These ladies do an amazing job. Jenni you are so full of energy and I love that. Thanks so much!!!

  • What fun! So hard to find good step classes anymore. I really loved the choreography. Will thegymbox be posting more workouts? I’ve done many of the workouts and they are really good.

  • Hello Angela!
    Your results are awesome! That is so neat that you stuck to the challenge! we just subscribed and would love it if you could support us:)

  • Love this! Took me right back to the 1990s when I lived for step aerobics class the more complex the choreo, the better! Thanks for the great workout.

  • You make great videos. I have subscribed. Please visit my channel and also SUBSCRIBE it. I make delicious Korean, Chinese, Indian and Pakistani dishes on daily basis that would make your mouth water

  • I absolutely love this step workout! Took me about 3x to get it perfect but I finally did today and it felt awesome! Thanks Jenni!

  • really nice and dynamic, made me sweat good. The first coreography is a bit difficult to follow because of the turns over the other side, but maybe next time I will place a screen both behind and in front of me >D

  • thank you for posting step videos. these classes keep disappearing from my gym and now there are only two per week. the new instructors only want to do Zumba or kickbox classes.

  • loved this! i wore my weighted gloves my turbo fire discs are MIA.. lol hot mess!! i had to think for a second too like wait its go left no no go right.
    thank you!

  • Great video very motivational thank you for sharing ❤️❤️❤️ I’m starting with 15 minutes a day until I can increase my stamina!! I’ve already completed day 1!!!

  • Step Count: 6,850 / 4.1KM. This was bloody amazing! Well done, Jenni. I’m going to include this in my weekly routine so you can be sure I’ll come back to it over and over. Fantastic choreography without the unnecessary complexity that has turned modern step into complicated dance routines that are impossible to follow. There is enough repetition to master any complex steps in this one very easily. Great cueing. Everything about this workout was perfectly done. One of the best that I’ve seen here on YouTube. Thank you. Please, give us more 60-minute advanced step workouts like this.

  • I just bump into this workout and I find it easy for me to try especially the options you give since I have a bad left knee, but can walk but not jump to much, plus you explain everything which helps alot thanks let you know how I do cause I was looking for a boxing workout which I like and want to cut down a bit in weight, thanks for sharing

  • I just did this workout and oh my gosh at the 28 min mark I started dying. And after that I had to take a breather and tried to follow up. Kaycee you’re hardcore! I love the encouragements and yes it’s no competition. My personal goal is to finish it all in time.

  • I started to have sports again 5 days ago. I didn t practice at all for 3 or 4 years. I lasted 30 minutes. Do you think it is a good start? I m really crappy at cardio.

  • thank you for posting!! this was excellent, but I definitely messed up quite a bit, especially last 40% of the workout and combos. Hopefully I’ll do better next time!

  • AWESOME workout!!!  I was dripping with sweat.  I wore my weighted gloves just because I always have them on when I do kickboxing so it just felt weird to not wear them.  Love the standing ab work!  Thanks for a great sweat!

  • The routine is perfect.. I have been going to World Gym because I am lucky to have free membership there. You are right in pace with their workouts and sometimes they can be faster and more advanced. I love this if I can’t make it to the Gym I can get it done here, thank you.. Post more please….

  • I was doing the stairmaster on level 4 for ten minutes for the last two weeks. Today i did 20 minutes on the stairmaster. Im really proud of myself.

  • Wonder if the people in the back realize that by putting your whole body weight on the machine bar you’re basically wasting your time

  • shes really pretty keep up the good work your gonna be so fine when your done working out give it like 4 more months you’d look crazy good dont take this as an insult i still think your cute!! have a great day

  • I like to do the stair climber without touching the bars,that is better,doing intervals of one minute on level 13 and then 6 or 7,and double steps.

  • I think there were some improvements. I see some lifting in the butt area. Also the abs look a little more defined, around your belly button.

  • I can’t stop staring at the woman in the orange shorts in the back basically running up the stairs. HOW IS SHE DOING THAT???!?!?!?