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Our 3 Favorite Running Apps

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iSmoothRun App 10 Features I Love

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How Important Is Race Pacing? | Paced Vs Non-Paced Running

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Sync iSmoothRun to Strava (or just about anywhere else)

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iSmoothRun review for apple watch and iphone

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iSmoothRun on Apple Watch Series 4

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Run Smoothly With Our New Partner: iSmoothRun. New iPhone app automatically syncs your workout info to your MyFitnessPal profile. Run like you never have before with iSmoothRun, a new iPhone app that will help all of you runners, cyclists, and triathletes stick to your training plans. In addition to showing you information about your run—basics such as distance and time, but also steps, weather, and the name of the street you started on—the iSmoothRun app supports run. If you’re gonna run with the Apple Watch, definitely consider using an app that already lets you move your data around such as iSmoothrun.

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  • This video was perfect. Purchased AW 4 yesterday and was legit considering to return it due to not being able to upload everything and getting data.

  • Is it possible to program the following: Warm up (no distance, until i press lap or something), then 3×8 min in 102 % of Race pace with a 2 min break in between, and the cool down until i stop some where.

  • Thanks for taking the time to review the watch from the perspective of a runner. I think that the h/w is more capable than Apple exposes.

    I purchased both ISR and WorkOutDoors because of 2 limitations in ISR:
    * you can’t review the workout post run on the watch itself; only on the phone. When I train with a coached group I have to report the results to the coach and I don’t carry the phone.
    * you can’t select on the watch itself which one of the screens is the 1st one. If I lock the watch, which I do to prevent accidental presses, or when it rains, only the 1st screen is displayed, but depending on the workout, I may want different metrics. I have to remember to customize the app on the phone before I head out.

    WOD addresses these issues and it even displays a nice map, but it doesn’t interface with Stryd(yet)

  • Thx for your reviews! Been trying to decide between the Garmin and Apple Watch. My conclusion is that there is no perfect watch. While I want the Forerunner 735XT, it has no music. Perhaps the solution is buying a flip belt so that I can take my phone along without using an arm band I’m sick of arm bands! Anyway. Spent way too much time researching these watches. I’ll most likely do a coin toss to make a decision.

  • Really loved this video guys, thank you for this:). Would be really interested to see how this strategy is affected when you’re racing other competitors too, not just in a time trial situation.

  • Thanks for the video. I have always wanted to get the Apple Watch instead of the Garmin. Finally I think the AW 4 has the accuracy I want to make the switch.

    I would be interested in your comments regarding iSmoothRunning compared to the Runkeeper app used with the Apple Watch.

  • thank you for your great review! this reivew helps me a lot. anyway im going to buy apple watch 3, is this customized lap counting only available in the ismoothrun? or is it also can be done in the NRC app or the apple original app? your reply will be very helpful for me buying!

  • Does this app have a halfway point feature, i.e. does it tell you when to turn around? So far I’ve only found this on Jog Log, which has become a horrible app in the last few years.

  • Glad you found your app to go forward with. Quick Go pro tip: keep one battery in camera and another fully charged. That way all you have to do is remember to turn the camera on b4 you leave, which is a mistake I have made more times than I can count ��. Also wanted to let you know I featured you on my must watch YouTube running channels. Thanks for your consistency and help make Running entertaining. ����

  • IMO best app to train you is Nike+ Run Club. Nike has really good optimalization, it can make training program just for you.
    On the other side is Strava. Strava is totally terrible on AW, there is no training program. Even if you pay premium, all training program is just like sending you emails. There is no way to control your progress. And with AW you cant see segments.
    NRC has much better experience, you have “audio trainers”. I just miss that social feeling (that you will get with Strava).

    Both are missing custom workouts, costumization.

    iSmoothrun is great. There are so many choices, you can custom every single minute (second) and meter whatever you want (fartlek, interval training). And the best is You can export results. And thats way ismoothrun is really worth it.

    What really make me disappointed I have to use three Apps:O
    Nike for preparing run.
    iSmooth for run.
    Strava for post after run.

  • Hi, just wanna tell u, i LoVE this app!! I’ m currently using my apple watch Nike+ S2 for my run after coming from Garmin. Been on the apple watch for nearly 2 yrs and its hard to transition to another watch away from the ecosystem. I luv the nike run app, and i love the color level��, i’ m on the purple level. Now with this app i can keep my money and just get another cheaper android watch and i can keep my nike run app running, yeayyyy!!! Its smooth and no laggy. Thank you. ����

  • Hi, just a thought on trying to push icons on the face of the Apple watch. I found that is much easier to hold my hand on the watch warning (left) wrist with the thumb and 3 fingers of the right hand. Then, using the index finger, tap the icon or image on the screen. It only takes a second, once you get used to it. But, you won’t be able to hold your camera and do this obviously.

    Also, how easy is it to see all the information when your vision is not 20/20? Are the numbers and letters large enough?

  • Big Thank You.
    I have to look at iSmooth.
    IMO best app to train you is Nike+ Run Club. Nike has really good optimalization, it can make training program just for you.
    On the other side is Strava. If Nike can tell you how to run, Strava can tell you where to run (segments, checking friends). But app Strava is totally terrible on AW, there is no training program. Even if you pay premium, all training program is just like sending you emails. There is no way to control your progress.
    NRC has much better experience, you have “audio trainers”. I just miss that social feeling (that you will get with Strava).

    Both are missing custom workouts, costumization.

    What really make me disappointed I have to use three Apps:O
    Nike for preparing run, doing best experience training.
    iSmooth for run.
    Strava for post after run.

  • From:05:18 it looks like it takes forever to get to the start run button. Does the app not offer manual starting? Any way to make it easier and more automatic?

  • Great video. I always had this doubt and personally always suffered with the “positive” split. Thanks for sharing awesome content.

  • Good morning this videos was so helpful because now I can make the best of my run using the apple watch series 4 thanking you in advance with this info.

  • Are you able to lap with the garmin vivoactive3. Thats what i have and it would be nice to know how to do it or if you can even do it

  • I can also recommend the app WorkOutDoors. It has custom screens with up to 16 data fields, maps, custom workouts and it does not do the smoothing of the track. It also shows gps strength and provides direct strava transfer. Unfortunately, the look is quite retro.

  • Why doesn’t Ismoothrun show up more in web searches of “best running apps”???!!! In what ways do you prefer the Stride app? Can the Stride app be used without the foot pod?

  • Question: What if one wears the watch on the other side of the wrist? On the underside? Does the watch turn on as easily? I know lots of runners, including me, that prefer this position since it requires less arm motion to look at the watch. Thanks.

  • That was a fantastic discussion. I just bought the AW 4 and a Stryd and I totally believe that this combo pulls ahead of my Garmin Fenix 3 in terms of accuracy especially in woody areas or downtown. I’m going to have to get the iSmoothRun too as it seems to be the glue to unite it all. Thanks again.

  • gopro sometimes has the wifi still enabled, and drains the battery when you think it’s off. i usually just remove the battery just to be sure it’s really off.

  • I was looking at the heart rate zone data at 6:00 and showed no heart rate in zone 2 and 4, is that right? Won’t your heart do some time in those zones while getting to zone 3 and 5?

  • Hi, have you ever tried workoutdoors? The latest version is much much better since it has added the intervals for your workouts and inside them you can control by time and distance plus a window of control on HR or other variables. Hope you can comment on it later on

  • Good video, mates! We need a GTN team in Brazil too:D!!! How to train running and cycling in streets full of cars, for example. You have all perfect places over there!

  • Think its cool that you are looking for app alternatives until its time to get a new watch. Any early favorites on which watch you might get?

  • Is iSmoothRun better than RunGap in your opinion? I’ve found that RunGap doesn’t always recognize whether a run has already been uploaded to Strava, which results in multiple instances of the same run on Strava. I might switch to iSmoothRun if it performs well.

  • I am trying to find the metronome feature but I think they have reworked it. I used it about four months ago and now can’t find it again.

  • Strava ��
    The Run Experience ��
    Charity Miles Every mile you run raises money for you’re nominated charity you select on the app. No brainer
    Running Heroes You run earning points for freebies/ discounts on running gear/ clothes, events, competitions.

  • I put a thumbs down on this video because it was about “our three favorite apps” though it just became a commercial for your own app. If you want to promote Ron app that’s fine though for me the video title is a misrepresentation for the advertising it became.

  • Have you tried switching the AW to the inside of your wrist? I know most runners prefer to wear their watch on the inside of the wrist since it eliminates wasted motion. It will also be easier to press the 2 buttons.

  • IMO Nike Run Club is great app too. I like design, especially I like coaches, like audio coach. And the best part is training program with goals, it is interactive, every single day you know what to do, and also you are able to see your progress.
    Strava has nothing from that. AW app can’t notify you about segments, training plan is just sending you emails. And there is no checking your progress, no checking how did you run… Every run seems like free run / with no goals.

    iSmoothRun is amazing. You can costum every single workout, you can set every parameter of fartlek or interval running…
    And you can export that data.
    note: I have tried different app for transfer data from Strava to Nike. But there was also error.
    note2: iSmoothRun is able to auto upload your workouts.

  • Does the iSmoothRun still screw up split times when you port them over the strava? You mentioned in one of your first apple watch videos that split times get screwed up when transferring them over using another app. Does that problem still exist for you?

    Have you tried “Intervals Pro HIIT Workouts”? I heard it’s another good app for doing intervals on the apple watch

  • Hi. I have just installed Ismoothrun and find it a little hard to setup the interval on the phone and find them on the AW4?
    I have set up my zones eg zone 5 ; 5.35 5,00 pace in 25 min. then zone 4 ; 6.00 5,34 in 20 min.
    I can´t figure out how to set that up and find it on the watch??
    Cab you help?

  • Hello! Love your channel! Wondering if you can answer a question for me. I want to use irunsmooth on iPhone, and use STRYD and a Bluetooth HR chest strap. Can it do it? Thanks

  • you re so hardcore when it comes to running and yet you faff with an apple watch.ditch it and get a garmin 935. its like running in basketball shoes

  • Thanks for an awesome review Nick, based on this and a few recommendations from other runners, I bought it and have been mightily impressed.  I’ve ditched all the other (free) apps I had been using and I love the custom workouts with all the different variables.  Well worth the equivalent of two cafe lattes I paid for this app!

  • Thanks for the review. Currently using Healthfit but iSmoothRun seems interesting to me. Like how you can configure the fields. Nice work ����

  • I used this app for my 12km run. Strange was on the app on my iPhone all the settings set to Metric yet on my iWatch it was not and was running in miles and not kilometres

  • Hi Michael, thanks for the excellent video, I might download that ismooth app to my iPhone & see how it goes, I still am using my vivoactive3 but is not that accurate when I run through bush pines & switchbacks tracks, so Thanks will somestage give it a go, just don’t really like running with a phone, watch is better ��

  • Something to note about the differences between iSmoothRun and WorkOutDoors is that in iSmoothRun you can build interval workouts where the watch alerts you when to push/recover. Not sure if that’s something you use, but workoutdoors doesn’t seem to support it.

  • Thanks for testing the Apple Watch 4 so much! I recently got one and am hoping to be able to use only it and plan to sell my Fenix. My biggest concern so far is if it will really last 6 hours outside.

  • Haven’t had the chance to do an interval workout (warm up/run/go/run/… /cooldown) with ismoothrun yet. If I understand you right I will have a problem to “correctly” capture the intervals since the splits are fixed to 1 KM (I am in a metric region)? Therefore I can manually start the next interval section after I reach my distance/time but at some point it will automatically split and the Apple Watch shows other figures than the actual interval I am in?
    I was already a little bit confused with the “lap/interval time”, “lap/interval distance”, etc. options during a normal run. I was used to my Garmin Forerunner when every new KM was a split except when I manually started a new one before (e.g. interval training). Therefore I was able to see total time, total distance, avg pace on page one and distance of current interval, time of current interval and avg pace of current interval on page 2. I would have hoped that this is possible with ismoothrun as well since Apple’s Workout app isn’t able to do that.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Great video! My Polar v800 just died and I’m debating between the Apple Watch and the Garmin 945. My primary training is triathlon, but really like the idea of everything else the Apple Watch is capable of outside of JUST training like the 945. I have a great swim app, and can use several for biking, but mostly train on the trainer and the data syncs with Training Peaks anyway, so I really just need the run to do what I want. Do you know if any of these apps work with the Polar stride sensor? Polar HRM? Both Bluetooth variations. Having found the magic running app yet..

  • I went to go see if I could get this on my android nope, bummer made a case but I should have known, anything starting with the letter “i” wouldn’t be on the android market

  • Another charity runner for you:)

  • Great info on the Apple Watch 4. Given you owned both the 3 and 4 series. What’s your though on the 3 vs 4 series? Is it worth the upgrade from the 3 to 4 series? I understand the screen is larger and it has the EKG function but do you gain anything going from 3 to 4 from a running watch perspective?

  • I’m using Garmin connect. The run experience app is legit but in my opinion it needs a audio only option for the run along work out.

  • Great review! Can you set total elevation climbed as a field on the watch in the ismoothrun app? I’m primarily a trail runner so that would be huge for me!

  • Ciao!
    it’s already the second video I follow, and I’ve seen you have many. 
    I am looking for an app (apple watch only) where heartbeat zones can be set, and with a valid voice assistant to alert you when you move from one area to another. Do you know the answer to my demanding question? 
    Runtastic Pro performed this function perfectly, but I always had to carry the iPhone with me. Now I would like to run only with the clock…
    Thank you very much

  • Couldn’t have come at a better time. Got an 8km XC tomorrow and was wondering what pacing strategy to take.
    Thanks for the great video, and suffering for us to do the test.

  • Does this work on an Apple watch Series 3? i can’t find any information on how to upload it to my watch. I have installed it on my phone, but when I press ‘install’ in settings, it just spins for a few seconds and then reverts to the icon. I paid for the app but now I can’t use it! Can anyone help?

  • It is a subjective video. I see many people, including me, use Nike run club. It offers all this plus cool coaching. No reason to switch to Strava. I am surprised you don’t mention it

  • I think I’ll still stick with the Garmin. Like you said, there is alot to juggle will running especially on an interval workout. At least with a Garmin and the physical buttons it is all muscle memory. I don’t even have to look down to lap. Using a touch screen while running requires alot of coordination

  • Thank you for the review from Spain! I thinking about to change my Garmin 235 with almost 3 years for an AW4 LTE. I’m quite happy with the 235 in terms of accuracy in both gps and HR and battery life but I miss more advanced smart watch features and at the end I only use it as a running gadget 5/6 hours per week..It’s absolutely necessary to add the Stryde or could be enough with the AW4 + ISR for road running till Half Marathon (1.45).? Thanks you for your feedback and keep going!

  • Have you looked into RunKeeper? Has a few “kinks” since it was bought by Asics. What I like is that I run with music and earphones, and it chims in with a voice every so often (you decide how often and with what information), so no need to look at a watch. I believe it also works with “Smart” watches, but I believe I read there are things still to be worked out. Quite customizable with heart rate, pace, etc. Not sure about track workouts……

  • I wonder why you/all compare the AW to Fenix only. Why not 935, its lighter brother?
    I too have a problem with choosing between AW and a garmin watch…
    A smartwatch with longer battery life and AW screen would be a dream ��

  • This is an excellent review, Nick.

    You know, there’s an unfortunate tendency with a lot of these apps to try to get lock-in by making it hard to get the data out. Endomondo is big about that. It seems RK and the ecosystem of apps around it are more user-focused than business-focused. Good stuff.

    Thanks for posting this. I was curious to see how it works. Also, were you brewing tea in the background?

  • Nice overview. You’ll get used to simultaneously pressing the crown+side buttons. It was weird for me at first but now it’s nearly flawless…except when I’m wearing gloves. If you ever try the Stryd foot pod, the Stryd AppleWatch app is good. No pre-programmed workouts yet, but they say that it’s in the works.

  • Hello, thank you for the review. Do you think that Watch is good to improve his running skills? In my case I’m running 3 times a week around 10km for each run with an interval session once a week my goal is to reach the 20k and step by step long distance race. At the moment, I use a Fitbit ionic but the feature for the interval trainings is not that good for my point of view. Does the Apple Watch Better? For example, Can we create a training session with a 20 min endurance jog, interval session in time or meters (200, 400, 1200) and finish with another 20 min endurance? I was considering to buy a polar vantage v but I’m also looking for the aw5, I really love it more than the vantage but is it the watch to help improve yourself I’m not sure. Also, does it feel more fragile than an other running watch? Thank you ��

  • Hello. I know the default workout app is widely known as not the greatest and iSmoothRun is supposed to be great! Does it help with the accuracy and GPS points? Yes I know using foot pods are the best, but if someone just used iSR would it make the Apple Watch more accurate?

  • Hi, The Run Experience running app sounds cool and I would love to try it now!
    I am wondering when will it be intergrated into Garmin? Thanks!

  • Because of the disaster that is Apple Maps, among other reasons, I thought about abandoning Apple and getting an Android phone. But the prospect of losing iSmoothRun and TweetList made me keep the iPhone.

  • Hi again, Ian. I have another question: So, I have an Apple Watch 5 running iSmoothRun and a Stryd foot pod. Is there a way to press only 1 button or make 1 press to start a workout/race and make 1 press to record splits? In other words, how do I start/control both apps at the same time? I can’t imagine running a 5k race or doing a 3×1 mile workout and having to press twice for both apps. Thanks.

  • wow how do you run with a backpack?! I can barely even run from my house to the bus stop with my backpack on but that might just be because it’s like 30 pounds.

  • I use the Forerunner 235 because it is a better running-centered experience. It doesn’t really ave many smart features other than notifications though.

    I was looking at the Vivoactive 3 music, but I want the physical buttons for running that the Forerunner has.

  • Yes, this app was developed by real runners. All those features were not even thinkable in other apps. The level of instant feedback meanwhile running as well as the possibility of planning pace-workout time-splitting warmup/down from main activity-heart rate zone alarm… etc… etc… is making any specific training simple and organised. Awesome!!!!!

  • I was also using RunKeeper for my walks, then found the Zombies, Run! app, but I ran out of missions (alas). This app will help continue to motivate me. I just can’t figure out how to turn the damn music off after a stop! Anyway, thank you for your review. It was the thing that prompted me to try it.

  • Thanks for the ℹ️! Can you add awesome running music to your app based on run pace? I run at sub 7min mile pace and am always looking for good music to add to my runs. I haven’t found any playlist that doesn’t throw in slow music to throw off the good stuff.

  • So, I have an Apple Watch 5 running iSmoothRun and a Stryd foot pod. Is there a way to press only 1 button or make 1 press to start a workout/race and 1 make press to record splits? In other words, how do I start/control both apps at the same time? Thanks.

  • iSmoothRun is really good. it even includes a metronome and lots of audio cues while running. setting up an interval training could be i proved, it is powerful but a bit complicated.

  • I use MapMyRun, with SecondsPro audio timer (which has cadence timing features ) running also. Usually, I catch a podcast in the background, and find that bone conduction headphones work great and allow me to be aware of my surroundings. The new app has many good features, but as others have said, I don’t usually want to watch a video for every session. Audio should be available, maybe for repeats of workouts or drills?

  • Great review, this helped tremendously. I was trying to decide between Garmin 645 music or the Apple Watch 4. The biggest issue I have heard about the 645 music was Bluetooth headphone connectivity. And listing to music without my my is one of my primary reasons for upgrading, and now that I know how to get the running metrics out of the Apple Watch, the choice is easy.

  • I agree with you. Last 2 days when I run I go to the app and start activity. Nothing moves so low and behold the apple native app sees I’m running and starts up. You are correct that the app doesn’t connect with the iPhone app in real time. I have to delete it twice and reinstall it just to work properly. I ran 21.3km this am. Tried to use the iSmoothRun iwatch app and start activity won’t work. It just shows my monthly totals. Do you have to press “RUN” and then it’s starts?

  • Are there any plans to make the app more accessible for those with limited vision? It’s proving too difficult to read the tiny grey text for me. The ability to improve contrast and increase font size is needed!

  • All the runners i know have 1 thing in common, Strava. They also have some other apps aside from it like garmin connect, samsung running app, fitbit app… But we all compare and share our stats on Strava. You can link many ofbur other apps to it too

  • Do you find that iSR makes the gps tracking more accurate? I know there are a lot of complaints that the default workout app isn’t the greatest, does this fix that problem? I have an AW3 and am considering upgrading to a proper runners watch.

  • I recently downloaded iSmoothRun and I like it. I exported data to Strava and everything worked with the exception of the map of my run. Is this something that will not transfer over? Thanks!

  • You are the best man!! Just smashed like and subscribe button, since you made definetly the best video about running with AW4 out there!! Keep up the great work!!!

  • Glad ISR is a step in the right direction. I don’t use a manual lap counter, I set up a custom workout beforehand which will include a warm up, intervals + recovery, and cool down. All can be configured by distance and/or time.
    Once I start running I never touch my watch….ever…I just listen to the lovely lady who lives in my watch telling me to go Faster, Steady or Slower ��
    I’m sure you’ll have hours of fun setting everything up just the way you like it!

  • If you have a pick on which app to use with your Apple Watch 4, which one you will stick with. I have so many app and not sure which one to stick with to track my daily run.

  • Will the new app run where there is no data or wifi signal? I’ve never been able to get Strava to work for my favorite run. So far out of all the apps I’ve tried only MotionX-GPS works when away from urban signals.

  • I have tried Strava, but I always go back to Nike Run Club. Been using it for 10 years and all my runs are there. Plus the coaching and guided runs are top notch and free.

  • What would you recommend to somebody who started tracking their runs in NRC and has logged many miles in that app but wants to branch out? As you said there are certain things I really enjoy about the Nike app but I think it’s time to move on to a more optimized running experience for my watch. I just don’t want to lose my data:/ any suggestions?

  • I remember stumbling across your YouTube channel a while back and thought your advice and tips were pretty practical. The catchy Coach Nate and his dog. Loved the videos.

    Since those days the videos have gotten better. The variety of coaches has increased. And, the breath of training tips has really really advanced. You cover so many areas of running!!!

    Thanks for all you service and effort in providing what I think is the best running YouTube channel out there. And I am sure the App will do great!!

    One question, do you know a really good mapping app for tracking courses, and that syncs to a Garmin Vivoactive 3 watch? If you see this and have read this far, hoping for some good recommendations!!


  • Thank you for this video. I’ve had ismoothrun for a couple months now after I got Apple Watch Series 4, and I’ve not been able to figure out the Garmin integration, with the intent of transferring to RunningAhead. This helped me solve that!! Thanks!

  • Is the GoPro battery issue linked to leaving the wifi switched on? If you haven’t already, try switching wifi off on the GoPro when you’re not using it.

  • Strava is garbage servers are always down /corrupt or being hacked…
    You try getting hold of tech support they email you back with some try this… And it never solves the issue… They can never resolve their issues..Surely there are more supportive alternatives out there

  • Thanks for the superb info.
    I have two questions:
    1. Can you set the vibration instead of audio in intervals?
    2. Does LTE modul changes anything in tracking accuracy?

  • Uauuu, super accurate and professional video. Congratulations. I saw this from Spain, looking info about differences between Garmin (which I used to have) and AW. Now, I have decided to go with AW5 and Ismoothrun. anyway, I’m missing just one thing. The training plans. For me, as an amateur runner, to have this Virtual trainer, is critical to feel that I’m training well:-). Nike + and Garmin, both offers you a training plan for a race, to set up, according to the distance of the race and the date of it, how many training days, long distances, intervals, days to rest, etc. etc. Do you think that, is there a way to import any of these plans from Garmin or Nike+. that for me would be 9,5 over 10. (I just miss a bit of improved and more modern design of the app at iPhone… 😉 Thanks a lot for your help.

  • Try this device Has lots of stats, even more than apple watch 4 can give. I use it with apple watch, and after I finish my run it uploads it to my strava.

  • I’ve been using iSR since my first iPhone, which was a 4S. I’ve tried many others, but always return to this, it’s just superior to everything else. Great review of the Watch thanks!

  • $5 is not a lot of money for developing and maintaining a quality app. Unless we support quality apps, we will be left with nothing but free apps that aren’t good, or are loaded with ads.

  • Thanks a lot! I started running two years ago. I bought the Nike version of Apple Watch 2 and using the Nike Run Club app ever since. I managed to finished my second marathon very slowly recently, but I learned that I’m lack of real training. Now I’m planning to read and watch more about running forms and pacing, and more. I’m considering to upgrade to Garmin watch for better running features. I actually didn’t know what I was looking for. Thank you for introducing those apps, I will give them a good try! Happy running!

  • I’m thinking about buying the nike pegasus 34 and wondering where is the best place to buy them from. I don’t want the 35s because I’m worried about heel slippage.

  • You really should have pointed out that MetroTimer is only available on Apple’s iOS, and given an option for everyone who uses Android. Not everyone has an iPhone!!!

  • Thank you for this video! Are using your Apple Watch without having your iphone on your person while you’re running? I may have read elsewhere that the GPS is not as accurate when you don’t have your phone with you. Is that true? Also, do you have cellular? Thanks again!

  • Great video thanks! I am always surprised doing a bike/run brick how fast my first mile is running off the bike! Cause already warmed up? Or used to high cadence of cycling?

  • Are you still currently using this app and if so do you still recommend it? I read some recent reviews and there were lots of complaints, inaccurate tracking and that the app is just going to crap. It would be really helpful thanks in advance!

  • I have only been using the Fitbit app for the last couple of years
    I think it’s time to try something new that might help me “step” my running game up