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Ronnie Coleman Road to 8x Mr. Olympia

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Joe Rogan Experience #1489 Ronnie Coleman

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2020 Mr Olympia Predictions Flex Lewis vs Brandon Curry

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2020 Mr Olympia Qualified Bodybuilders / Early Predictions

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TOP 6 Mr. Olympia 2020 Predictions | THE COMEBACK

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Flex Wheeler 2020 Mr Olympia Predictions

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Bodybuilders get stronger, but some of the biggest are not as strong as you might think. But that was never the case with Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie, an eight-time champ, was the third Mr.

O to come along in the modern era of “the big man.” There was Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, and then Ronnie. EXCLUSIVE RONNIE COLEMAN COLUMN! With Big Ronnie Coleman, Eight-Time Mr. Olympia.

Muscular Development | August 2020. The Mindset of a CHAMPION PART 4: PRIORITIZING. A couple of months back, we talked about the factors that go into the mindset of a champion, which include dedication, passion and sacrifice.

Another one that warrants discussion. 11 Jun 2020 218 3:31 “You can’t defund the police,” said eight-time Mr. Olympia and retired police officer Ronnie Coleman on Wednesday during an interview with Joe Rogan on the latter’s eponymous podcast. Coleman and Rogan discussed left-wing and partisan Democrat calls to “defund the police.”. Ronnie Coleman is a former American professional bodybuilder with a record 8 consecutive Mr.

Olympia titles, and is arguably one of the best bodybuilders ever. When it comes to bodybuilding, he has set the standard in enhancing the size and definition of muscle. Within this article, we’ll take a look at the workout program that [ ]. Ronnie Coleman is arguably the greatest bodybuilder of all time, winning 8 Mr Olympia’s in a row from 1998-2005 – bringing him level with Lee Haney as the most successful Mr Olympia of all time.

At one time Ronnie Coleman held the record for the most wins as an IFBB pro – with 26 titles (although now this has been surpassed by Dexter Jackson). Mr.Olympia 2015 Exclusive Predictions from Ronnie Coleman Top 10: 1. Phil Heath I got Phil Heath in first again because of his superior genetics and incredible shape over all the guys. Last year Phil might have been a little off and because of that he’ll be sure to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind this year. 2 years ago at the ’13 Olympia Phil’s shape, size, symmetry and. The man, the myth, the legend of bodybuilding himself, Mr.

Ronnie Coleman. | HD Re-upload Get Ronnie Coleman’s Full Training Program: Joe Weider’s Fitness and Performance Weekend, the most prestigious fitness industry showcase event in the world. Held annually in Las Vegas, tickets and sponsorships for the Olympia Expo and the Mr.

Olympia contest are now available. In this Road to the Olympia video, 8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman talks about who will fill the vacant throne at the 2019 Mr. Olympia. #RonnieColeman #2019MrO.

Mr.Olympia Ronnie Coleman Interview -2013 Olympia Predictions.. NPCNewsOnline. Ronnie Coleman, Exclusive Interview Duration: 8X Mr.

Olympia Ronnie Coleman’s Memories at Metroflex Gym.

List of related literature:

Within two years, he had won the unprecedented triple crown of bodybuilding—Mr. World, Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia—eventually winning more bodybuilding contests than any competitor in the world.

“Finding the Champion Within: A Step-by-Step Plan for Reaching Your Full Potential” by Bruce Jenner, Mark Seal
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The 1981 and 1982 Olympia winners were experienced competitors— Franco Columbu and Chris Dickerson, respectively—but within a few years these champions had retired and we entered an era in which massive physiques would dominate the Mr. Olympia.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
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Think about this: Ronnie Coleman won the biggest contest, the Mr. Olympia, eight times in a row.

“Death, Drugs, and Muscle: Surviving the Steriod Underworld” by Gregg Valentino, Nathan Jendrick
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As 8­time Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman says, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you always got.”

“Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness” by Robert Cheeke
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Early pictures of Mr. Olympia Franco Columbu reveals a physique that did not look like a future bodybuilding champion.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
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Once he hits year 2, he’s an intermediate lifter weighing in at 170

“Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Advanced Guide to Shattering Plateaus, Hitting PRs, and Getting Shredded” by Michael Matthews
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In the introduction, our discussion of bodybuilding history left off around the turn of the century, when Mr. Olympia competitors were becoming larger and heavier.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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His legacy still lives on—the winner of the most prestigious bodybuilding competition in the world, ‘Mr Olympia’, is awarded a statuette known as the ‘Sandow’.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
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His bodybuilding victories included five Mr. Universe (4 – NABBA [USA]) wins, and seven Mr. Olympia wins, a record which would stand until Lee Haney won his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in 1991.

“Focus On: 100 Most Popular WWE Hall of Fame” by Wikipedia contributors
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Franco achieved bodybuilding success that puts him at the very top of that field, including multiple Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia titles, and the same with powerlifting; he broke all strength records for bodybuilders.

“Winning Bodybuilding: A complete do-it-yourself program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders by Mr. Olympia” by Franco Columbu
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  • While I hear Flex. I think it’s not only about money. Sometime your dream is jus to win the Olympia. That was the motivation to be a professional bodybuilder in the first place. Its a dream wanting your name on a sandal.

  • I think 2020 should be something new and awesome I want to see someone young gun taking 1st place max 25years old
    Look back in last 20years they are all old

  • Well said. The only one who might show in 2020 is Phil if he still has that drive to go for the record. Kai is long done and Rhoden will still be screwed over by the legal allegations, and given his age that means effectively his career is probably over.


  • It’s a realistic perspective and respectful. However his point only stands if the top guys only compete for money, which I don’t think is the case

  • So, what exactly were the guys from the 90s doing, or not doing that allowed them to have such better conditioning on stage? Its all good and well to compare but what is the actual reason as to why conditioning has gone gotten worse?

  • Flex: „When i competed with Dexter i was first and he was 10th“
    That is true but Dexter was nowhere near his peak back when the stood on the same stage. This is quite unfair to Jackson. But it wouldn’t change much on the other hand, even 2008 Olympia Dexter Jackson wouldn’t make the top 6 in 98,99

  • i’m in love with this podcast but i hate that youtube’s algorithm keeps showing me this crazy guy that thinks he lived in Antlantis and ‘Aliens Exist’ publicities just because i started watching Joe Rogan’s podcast

  • 1:19:42 Saw the Netflix documentary about Coleman..They never said anything about the significant turning point of him starting steroids cause he realized he couldn’t win natural….that’s why podcasts are so about reality…thank you joe Rogan..fuck u Netflix

  • He’s talking like it’s for the money only��‍♂️
    You think every Olympia athlete is up there, just for the money?�� That’s just stupid.

  • In all fairness Dexter was just coming up through the ranks. Out of all the guys I believe he could go toe to toe with them in his prime.

  • Any one else think Ronnie Coleman is being conned by his doctors. How could you have something so incredibly major wrong with you and not get second opinions from doctors worldwide…

  • Flex for life!!woooooo!!my favorite body style of all-time without a doubt.unfortunately he never had the killer mentality for the stage to win as much as he should have,had that phenomenal body but once the posing started,got bullied like a freshman from a senior

  • Not sure if anyone else mentioned, but did you try HBOT? hiperbaric oxygen therapy. It stimulates stem cell growth.

  • 90’s bodybuilders were superior but to be fair to Dexter, he was a novice pro when he competed against Flex and co. He was far from his 2008 shape back then.

  • 13 years of training I’ve done and always followed ronnie. Always wanted to train with ronnie and branch warren. Hard core you know the score training ����

  • Coleman’s mental fortitude surpasses his physical strength by a million times… imagine going through everything he went through and still smile and laugh and be cheerful like everything is normal… legend,role model and GOAT of bodybuilding…❤️

  • Of course the old guys are biased. This new gen. Is bigger and bigger won in their era. I think some of the new era guys would place top 6 in the 90s easy

  • I have the same come up as Ronnie. On and off training since I was a kid. Now I’m 25 and taking it seriously. 6 days a week. I have genetics too

  • I respect flex for his response but decade has been better than the last. This last Olympia group could not compete with the 90’s guys; especially with the technology in the pharmaceuticals they have now, they should be years ahead.

  • That must have been hard to say, these two guys have the Mr olympia title and I don’t! When flex knows he was better than the two of them.

  • When it became about the money the sport died. And what’s sad is when a person gets rich all they want is to be normal and have fun doing what they once loved. Money kills everything

  • Damn every other person looks tiny now lol Coleman is a beast. Literally saw an ad for baseball and batter looks rail thin even compared to this Coleman I can’t imagine him in his prime arresting ppl.

  • As a guy with minor but growing back problems who likes to squat and deadlift heavy, listening to Ronnie talk about his back snapping like a gunshot during a squat makes me squirm uncomfortably.

  • There is dedication and then there is just pure stupidity. This guy definitely has heart but he also did some very stupid things to himself that he didn’t need to do. If you are squatting 600lbs and feel and hear a pop in your back…you should not be finishing your set and the rest of your workout. That doesn’t make you a hero…just an idiot who will pay for it later.

  • This man is ridiculously unique…regardless of what anyone says about crippled destroyed his body mentally handicapped…whatever!..he still sees his reality as a gift and loves life…objectively think about that for a minute…pretty fucking cool…personally I’m more impressed w that than 8 time Olympia

  • Well, frankly, between the roids and the brutal workouts Ronnie did this all this to himself. There is a threshold of “reasonableness”; this guy missed that one altogether. Ronnie should be a cautionary tale. Sure he has some trophies….but in my opinion not one of those is worth the pain…this guy is an invalid. 100% self-inflicted wounds.

  • I really think either Hadi, Ramy, or Roelly will win this year and Flex Lewis could also do very well but I haven’t seen him compared to some of the mass monsters but I have high hope’s for him but honestly I think Brandon curry will be in the top 5 either 3rd or 4th but I don’t think he’ll win again

  • I like how all the 90s guy like to compare Dexter, even todays Dexter is way better than 1999 2000 Dexter, the 90s legends love to act like they are talking fairly of todays guys, but they are deliberately try to make tadays guys look bad
    thats not to say a prime Flex Wheeler cant beat Dexter, because he can if you can overlook the shitty conditioning even a prime Flex Wheeler got but other than Flex, Dorian, Nasser, Ronnie who can beat Dexter
    thats coming from a guy who think in terms of physique and talent, 90s bodybuilder are way way better, but 90s legends like to act like todays guys dont work hard or something, other than Dorian and Ronnie, none of the 90s legends are a harder worker than anyother todays guys, they are the same

  • I hear what he’s saying about Dexter, but in all fairness, Dexter has gotten better since he competed in the 90s. I don’t think he had reached his peak back then yet.

  • Life worth living Ronnie! “You rather die doing what you meant to do in life, than safely tip-toe into the grave and bury together with potential that suppose to unleash in lifetime!

  • What will Phil gain by coming back! He has nothing to prove! Just let it be a what if situation and enjoy life! Let the new era have the go at it!

  • Joe, please wear a mask for the safety of others, not yourself.

    -A long time listener who is quite heart-broken over your comments. We are not “Bitches”.

  • Wow! I have been a bodybuilding fan since ’94! Having Ronnie on this podcast is amazing. Even more amazing is his story of his journey. I’m laughing, I’m inspired, Ronnie is just a freakishly incredible human being. This was one of my favorites to watch on the Tube. Thanks Joe!

  • I think more people wanted to be bodybuilders back then so the talent pool was much much bigger. There are still genetic freaks out there right now, they are just doing something else. Probably something else that actually pays the bills too.

  • Ronnie Coleman is a real human being. class, relatable, genuine human being, we all make mistakes in our youth, but Ronnie doesn’t lie about his past. Ultimately will forever look up to him.

  • My childhood goal was to go Army special forces. Got close and made it to Army infantry (even got to train with SF) but was eventually discharged for medical reasons and spent the next couple years beating myself up over it despite doing very will in other aspects of my life. Really helps confirm the realization I came to hearing Ronnie talk about how bodybuilding was never his dream and his actual goals didn’t work out. That’s life. No point in crying over it

  • .33% means its a lie. Thats physically impossible. All these bodybuilders constantly throw around these numbers knowing its not possible. 3% isn’t even possible. You would die, dexascans and shit are all useless they aren’t reliable. Even the calipers aren’t super reliable.

  • I don’t know what you are doing but please stop it’s affecting your looks and brain cells. Brandon at his best could not win against a 75% Dorian stop with the bs it’s obvious you never stood next to Dorian stop with the pic or video bs you have no clue

  • Isn’t it fucked up that dexedrine is band from baseball, but not the Olympics? Literally Americans are cheating with amphetamines in the Olympics. If the Russians are going to be banned from the Olympics for steroids, America should be banned too. Both sides cheat, but only one is banned!

  • I feel like Joe missed an opportunity here. Ronnie must have been using PED’s while working as a police officer. So was there a period where Ronnie was taking illegal PED’s while on the force?

  • Defund doesn’t mean get rid of the police all together. They always complain about how hard of a job being a cop is. Well defunding the police would clear some their responsibilities off their plate. For instance don’t send the police for homelessness or mental illness complaints they shouldn’t be expected to be social workers. Do your research before you talk about something joe come on.

  • Ronnie won his 8th in 2005 mate. I love Ronnie, but he was legitimately beaten by Jay in 2001, and by 2-3 people on 2002. Gunter Shlierkamp beats Ron in 2002 and got 5th. The politics of the IFBB gave Ronnie 8 Olympia’s. They may be an unpopular opinion. Like is said, much love and respect for RC but go back and look at the tape.

  • i am really interested, but they dont tell nothing. i dont get it. whats wrong with those modern guys compared to 90’s and 2000’s guys?

  • I’m sure that Shawn Ray wants to jump out of a window! Shawn Ray chased it for years! Shawn was amazing too. Crazy how the universe works.

  • Stop this shit with “the different era”. They don’t diet or train as hard as they did back in the 90s. They don’t look as good as they used to. Brandon has no legs. Zeeeeeèroooo symmetry. He must be like the worst mr.Olympia after Dickerso. Conditioning?? His skin looks as thivk as a rhino’s. End of story. Brandon was classy in the interview but talked shit about Doria on social media. About Dorian!!! Is he even serious? Yes, the era has changed but for the worse and that’s the point. Bodybuilders should be improving year after year…but no! They just become more thin-skinned and get butthurt when hearing the truth. I loved Ronnie’s reaction and Dorian’s words. Not even top five. Yes…Dex won in 2008 but in a competition against just Jay who was off that year for a second year in a raw. Outlasting every other bodybuilder doesn’t make you a better bodybuilder it makes you just a longer lasting one. So this is also not an argument. Fuck new era. Music got worse, bodybuilding got worse, people got worse, quality of life got worse and no legless mr.O. can change that.

  • I really can’t understand how our era turns into that shit! Look at those champions from another time, they were real champions not only by their physics! I can’t understand how current bodybuilders learned everything from the older generation except ethics!

  • Dorian gave a brutally honest oppinion.
    Ronnie was sedated out of his mind and couldn’t even answer.
    Flex gave the most diplomatic answer.
    He really changed for the better over the years.

  • this is the first time i watch a full podcast and also the first time I did not press the fast-forward button till my keyboard is on fire. Great Pod and I really hope RC will walk unassisted in the near future.

  • Very good assessment. We all know kai and Heath are both talented enough but what’s different for them is their situations at this stage in their life and their career and their earnings level they may not want to go through would a 25 year old would find acceptable. Kind of like when you were younger and you drank Olde English 800 or Boone’s Farm strawberry and now you couldn’t take one sip of bad beer. We change and we gravitate towards a new Comfort level as we progress

  • It’s simple if Phil is at even somewhere around 85% he will win!!
    not even 100% Brandon, rhoden could do anything only 100% kai could rival above average Phil! Fact

  • 90s more aesthetics. now more mass/growth hormone abuse..both eras worked/works hard personal opinion i like the more aesthetics look

  • Flex wheeler is absolutely right… because Old Builder is such huge bodybuilders in the word so that’s why some people like…some people don’t like… Guys respect old builders ♥️��

  • I cant stand people that speak as if their are another type of species! We are all humans and no one is superior or inferior… Anyone can do what they want to do. The mountain is not the strongest guy in the world because he cant carry three times his own body weight. And people on top of that on steroids that got the nerve to think their better than everyone else when there are actually natural people that can lift heavy ass weights. I think people that take steroids and glorify it are horrible role models for young kids, they dont understand their responsibility as a public figure for the next generation. all the self image problems and bigorexia due to this public figures that are role models are causing a lot of problem for kids.

  • 1:03:30 This had me belly laughing. I have no idea why, but RC defending Steven Seagal’s accent is hilarious to me

    RC: Well, you know, he’s a professional trained actor

  • I’ve heard a lot about Shawn Rhoden returning and I didn’t hear you mention once, he is a Mr Olympia so has an automatic placement, do you reckon he’ll come in? Or does he still have an IFBB ban because of the accusations against him

  • The 80’s and 90’s were the pinnacle of bodybuilding because of the fact that they had no form of social media and ran off bodybuilding magazines. People who wanted to start weight training found out about it through the bodybuilding magazines. Nowadays everyone takes gear and thinks they can become a bodybuilder. the 80’s and 90’s were the cream of the crop, bodybuilding was such an isolated sport back then thats why amazing physiques were produced

  • Much respect to Ronnie. Truly is the GOAT and is a testament of discipline and hard work.

    But goodness….the body fat claims are just not true ��

  • Oh yeah, not police brutality at all.. 1:06:25 So long as you can write a letter for your cop friends to sweep it all under the carpet and get you out of trouble.

  • Mike mentzer said to flex….flex,yes,neither you or ronnie Coleman has no idea how to Training…if you were training with me you would be dorian yates

  • I don’t knw.. with all respect 2 Ronnie but somehow I’ve never found Ronnie that amazing… I think Kevin and Flex were far more deserving candidates….

  • As with any sport you are the product of your environment…the late eighties and early nineties saw the likes of Haney…flex…Kevin….the shadow…Cormier…lee priest….Samir…Dickerson…labrada…nasser….dilliet….Gunter the list goes on greatness begets greatness….today’s BB’s will never look like these guys it’s that simple…

  • If the doc turns up with an okay midsection he’s won. Your list has no one approaching his quality/completeness. Even if Rhoden is given permission to compete there’s his flaccid arms and poor back. Curry’s weak legs. McMillan is the only one with the genetics, and he’s never conditioned. I guess Choopan and Lewis are dark horse options, but given their short statures (not to mention Choopan’s somewhat weak arms) they would need to compensate with insane conditioning.

  • Great interviews by the way! Nice to see our BB Legends having the opportunity to share their stories and be honored for what they have brought to the industry!

  • Ronnie will always be the greatest ever, but good god man stop squatting already, your back is literally going to explode one of these days.

  • That’s what sucks about Olympia level. If u want this, check ur genetics carefully…if u don’t have em… don’t bother. Go into another sport.

  • God of Bodybuilding Ronnie Coleman even the ppl who got nothing to do fitness never even went to gym in their entire life not even knew the names of bodybuilders they only know one bodybuilderbuilder name Ronnie Coleman who motivated many ppl to lift heavy weights, love for bodybuilding and even for some ppl his videos r like preworkout dose the legend and God of Bodybuilding like Ronnie won’t b replaced ever in history of bodybuilding.