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Yes. Ronnie Coleman tells us he would have trained harder. 8 time Mr. Olympia discusses life after 6 major surgeries.

Would he go back and change a thing?Without hesitation Ronnie replied, “It was worth it without a doubt but yes, I would have done it differently if I could go back. I would have trained HARDER!

I know for a fact that I could have. Chris Lund When eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman gets asked if would he do anything different, he responds in perfect Ronnie fashion, “I would have trained harder!” In many ways, Coleman’s workouts were a throwback to an earlier era. He stressed body parts twice weekly and often trained twice daily, and he emphasized free-weight basics. Ronnie Coleman is the near-perfection of the mass monster era.

Lee Haney holds more of what we would now call a classic physique. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Lee Haney shares his thoughts on whether or not Ronnie Coleman trained too hard to. Ronnie Coleman in the hospital still reported that the operation was successful, but after a couple of weeks he will have another prosthesis at 2 hip. Doctors claimed that surgery was required due to poor heredity, but Ronnie understands that the operations were a logical consequence of his Light Way, which hid years of pain, hard work and. Ronnie Coleman now For most hardcore fans of bodybuilding including Joe Rogan, Ronnie Coleman’s out-and-out strength and his superhuman diet are well-known facts.

However, one detail that amazed even Rogan was Coleman’s body fat percentage during Mr Olympia shows. Iconic bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman is back in training three months after being warned that his obsession could leave him paralysed. The eight-time Mr. Olympia posted a video of him in the gym on.

Ronnie still makes it to the gym, what a blessing. Recovery from such horrible sickness is by the grace of the almighty. In fact, in the film, titled Ronnie Coleman, The King documents Coleman’s journey from a simple family background, who spent fishing and playing various sports to his domination of the bodybuilding industry passed through the hard way the only way.

ronnie coleman training hard at the gym This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. JAY CUTLER & RONNIE COLEMAN: INSIDE THE GREATEST RIVALRY!Ronnie’s answers to these questions are almost as epic and legendary as his career.

Without hesitation Ronnie replied,” It was worth it without a doubt but yes, I would have done it differently if I could go back. I would have trained HARDER!

List of related literature:

Ronnie Coleman had done some kind of weight training ever since he was a teenager and had also done some serious powerlifting.

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“James and I were into heavyweight training,” Allen Joe says, “but Bruce went with lighter weights with higher repetitions.”

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Patterson could stay in shape with road work and shadow boxing, but any bag work or sparring was out of the question.

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A new generation of heavyweights had come along, too skilled on the ground for Coleman to utilize his patented ground and pound without falling victim to a submission.

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With very little training, Coleman was thrown into a tag team with Angelo Mosca.

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James also started Bruce on weight training.

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Working with Ronnie, somehow the faster ones came easier than before.

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Although hed trained with weights for over a decade, Mauro didn’t begin powerlifting for the purpose of competing until the beginning of 1973.

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Ronnie Coleman, the eight-time Mr. Olympia champion himself, couldn’t believe it when he saw me.

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In the same situation, Rapp would twist a little farther and drop onto his back, pulling Coleman down on top of him.

“Order to Kill: A Novel” by Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills
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  • Dorian always got it. Most of these pros and former pros have a level of body dysmorphia. They can’t be small. And so even when they are done, they can’t stop being huge and geared up. Dorian stopped being huge as soon as he retired. It was always about being a competitor and business with him. That’s why he looks good and healthy today.

  • Ronnie is arguably the greatest bodybuilder in history, he worked so hard that now that he’s old he’s struggling. But he has nothing left to prove, he’s not lifting because he thinks he’s gonna win mr olympia he’s doing it because he loves it. If anything u should show more respect to ronnie

  • Ronnie is doing what he loves you moron. He LIKES working out. He’ll keep doing it until he just can’t anymore regardless of his size, age, etc. To him, it’s part of enjoying life. You have a lot to learn.

  • Your explanation of the mindset of a champion reminds me of the first Mike Rashid video I saw…the Overtraining Chest video with Big Rob and CT. At one point in the video, CT said something along the lines of “you guys always trying to make it easier, take the easy way out, while these guys (Rob and Mike) are trying to find ways to make it HARDER!”

  • All you idiots that don’t know crap and that are encouraging him so when all them pins and were talking about alot of pins in his body finally give way and break and he ends up cripple and can’t walk anymore lets see if you dumbasse are going help his wife and kids take care of him and pay his medical bills!???

  • Don’t want to see the legend cry in pain. He has already proved enough to the world and an inspiration. Probably high time to go easy on the workouts

  • Ronnie evidently was not as genetically gifted as many thought. He was basically all Juice, GH, and Insulin. He also didn’t train smart. He has messed up his skeletal structure with overloading it with way too much weight. It’s not how much you lift, its lifting properly controlling concentric and eccentric part of reps. Lightweight Baby my ass. I like Ronnie but he did it all wrong now he pays the price. He looks horrible and 15 20 years older than he really is. Sad story

  • And hence why you do not have 8 Sandows and why you are not even in the discussion of the strongest BB to ever live. He is the GOAT. Ronnie sacrificed everything to be the best he could be. The level of discipline and dedication you would know little about.

  • I really dont think, that Phil has better genetics than Phil. But it may be just my opinion, because they are really different and I really liked Ronnies shapes of muscles and everything about him (except his gut:/):).

  • As long as he does not squat; i’ll say, he not crazy. You hv to respect a legend that does what he loves to do. He motivates me to get back in my best shape. Thxu, Ronnie for being who you are. Shalom.

  • He is a legend, his name will be remember as one of the best if not the best bodybuilder in the world, he pushed his body past human limits and that’s why had to have so many surgeries but it’s the life he wanted, it’s what made him happy and its because if how much he pushed himself that he is the best, nobody trained like king ronnie��

  • Fucking insane �� this guys sonfunny his joe rogan interview on all.his surgery’s is hilarious i bet his doctor thought he was a right prick fixes him then every Time 2 weeks later back in the gym squating a quiet 600lb lol

  • I can’t see how anybody would say this was all worth it for him the man can’t even walk and his on death’s door and looks like absolute shit bodybuilding is so stupid. Only the golden era guys are the ones surviving into their later years and remaining healthy all these new age guys are dying left and right 1/2 of them can’t even walk

  • Why is this man so irresponsible with his body? Doesn’t he think about his future? Poor soul. This form of self-harm needs to be forbidden. This is not normal.

  • Ronnie Coleman is stronger today them 20 years ago if you know what I mean….my role complain…no scuses.. Ronnie Coleman is not a human..his a legend and his legacy will never be forgotten….the closest a genetic could get to perfection…Don’t give up..light weight baby!!!!

  • Ronnie is a beast! These youtuber fitness guys talking about “grinding” don’t know wtf they’re talking about. Buying new shoes everyday and rolling around in money isn’t grinding.

  • A question I ask my friends is this: Would you prefer to have the strength of Hercules, but the physique of Mr. Bean ; or the strength of Mr. Bean but the physique of Hercules? Which one would you prefer, and why?

  • Dumnezeu spune așa nu te juca cu viața ta Oricât ai fi de super talentat să știi să îți controlezi puterile de a fi un om record mondial și să practici foarte ușor puterile reîncarnare a sufletul tău pentru că cu cât mai repede reîncarnat puterea dăunează sănătatea Răului oficial

  • Ronnie had the most incredible body gained through incredible dedication & hard work! But it’s his mind that I have always admired the most!

  • The fortitude and NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE this man has is second to none. RC is an inspirational, larger than life man, and HUMBLE about it all at the same time. Very impressive!

  • For those who’d rather look like Shawn, remember, he’s a midget. Are you happy give up considerable height, (compared to the average American male), for a short, pretty body?

  • The man destroyed his body. Is this a goal you want to aim for? Certainly not, but the man tortured himself, took it just to perform. And he fucking performed.
    So respect for that.

    On the other hand it tells you a lot about how vicious masculine will to perform can be.

  • If he had it to do all over again, living with the pain and restrictions he lives with today…..he would likely do it all again. You have to know that when you are young and you tear all of your joints. tendons and ligaments up, that old age is going to be MORE than uncomfortable. Now he battles addiction, he has atrophied, but his spirit is still just as strong. It’s just that Father Time has come knocking. There will NEVER be another pioneer like Ronnie, not to mention that personality.

  • Godbless him by why does he have to train with crap form even with light weights knowing all his injures I say go lighter with super strict form

  • Naw this isn’t a perfect example to follow sorry 9 surgerys and he’s still going at it sorry NOONE else would do this plus he’s encouraging others who have had surgery to keep going at the weights also no not good plus he overdid it and lifted weight that was to much on his body.

  • Ronnie Colman The greatest bodybuilder ever. A great role model never give up yeah buddy nothing but a peanut. ��️‍♀️��️‍♀️��️‍♀️

  • ES un hecho que nunca va a recuperar su salud al 100% pero si es un hecho que quiere seguir dando el 100% como en sus mejores tiempos, es todo un campeón real, Ronnie Coleman el más grande Mr Olimpia

  • I’m not actually sure that training your way to a wheel chair is ever good advice. I for one am glad that I had the brains to put 2 and 2 together and realize that training with heavy weights for an extended period caused my joints to ache especially my shoulders. I’m 51 now and no longer have the constant shoulder pain that I used to have when I lifted heavy. It’s fine when you’re young but hell you will live to regret it when you get older.

  • He’s off the juice and training naturally of course he lost some of his gains! Regardless he’s still larger than 3/4 fourths of the population

  • Ronnie’s greatest asset was his mental strength. I’m very fortunate to be have spent so much time around him.

    Any questions about Ronnie, RCSS or general bro inquiries let me know!

  • All the greats train to the max.You can’t say that Ronnie train harder than Arnold,Dorian,Franco or other legends.Each trained their asses off,that’s why we look up to them.And if you ask any of them they will tell you exactly what Ronnie did.I’ve seen seminars with Dorian where he says if he knew more about recovery he wouldn’t have had those injuries and would have been able to train even harder.Arnold says the same in his blueprint tu cut video.That’s why they’re up their on Mt Olympus of sporting legends,they all have that mental aproach.

    All the respect in the world for Ronnie and the other greats.We all should learn from them if we want to make a difference.

  • Marc is such an effective communicator and marketing genius… I wonder what would happen if he and Grant Cardone were in the same room?!? #MindBlown @TheTigerFitness

  • I thought working out was to improve health. I just recently had a couple of minor injuries, and I think, I could have trained “smarter” rather than “harder”. If I had trained harder I would have lost more time than I did. And I could have trained “harder”, but where would that leave me next year? And the year after? Broken, and unable to train, and losing all my gains? I think the best lifters out there know when to force and when to ease back. And that is something that I am trying to learn right now. I mean, I can push through some ridiculous shit, but at the end of the day, if Im in the hospital, I’m not making any gains. If I’m tearing tendons to get that extra 1/4 inch on my arms, Ill lose inches off my arms once that tendon is fucked forever. I think this whole idea of wrecking yourself in the gym is way too romanticized. You gotta know when to slow down, and when to push though, cause strength isn’t linear. And I really dont think thats being a bitch about it. Thats thinking long term.

  • You have to think Ronnie was power lifting his whole life… 2… Ronnie admittedly had injuries he kept ploughing through. As Dorian said he got rid of the squats and really only did the Hack and press. Dorian also did massive stretch training too. Still does

  • I feel really sorry for Ronny. He fought so long to reach this level and now after the health setback he is just a shadow of his former self. But I hope that he will live for a long time and that he will not let himself down. Unfortunately he will never reach his old form again. The train has left the station. Greetings

  • Wow, The video should be titled “Now and Then”. Once it flipped, we can say keep going Ronnie. Otherwise, “Ronnie, you really overdone it”. For warrior, never say never. For TRUE Legend like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he knew his limit, he knew his time, he knew his motivation to himself and others, he loves his Health, his family, his fans, and everyone who love bodybuilding. That’s the True Warrior, True Legend. I hope Ronnie can see Arnold spirit.

  • he was not the greatest of all time! in my opinion Arnold, lee haney and  dorian where better by far. Ronnie just trained hard and sloppy like jay that is why he had 8 major surgery’s.

  • It he wants to train not you or anyone should have a say about for god sake let the legend train if he wants to spend the rest of his time training and he’s happy happy this way let him train in peice

  • I’m not into body building but how cool would it be to go to your gym, see Ronnie, and HEAR �� him screaming “light weight” or “Nothing but a peanut”

  • I’m not a body builder but I love lifting weights and Ronnie Coleman gives me renewed inspiration!

    I want to meet him and get his autograph because he is a great American success story and national treasure!

  • There was a SMARTER way for Ronnie I believe, but I’m happy he’s OK and TRAINING. Dorian, on the other hand, I’m happy he’s OK too but most impressed that he doesn’t seem to have BIGAREXIA thing people talk about. He couldn’t care less about huge muscles now…did all he wanted to do.

  • Listening to you I can tell you havent listened to any interviews with Ronnie….do your research, you’re totally missing Ronnie’s motivation and love of the gym. You sound kind of stupid to be honest.��

  • Ronnie is misunderstood. He always has been. What you should say is that’ YOU WERE GIVEN THE LIBERTY to make your statements. Why TAKE the liberty? Do you fucking deserve to do that?

  • Ronnie never trained to win Mr. Olympias, he trained for the love of the game. Most professional athletes stop training right after retirement and become shells of their former selves. What’s really inspiring to me is how he continues to workout so frequently despite his constant battles with pain, nerve damage, and surgeries. Everyone should take a page out of his book!

  • This video i stupid. You have no idea how long Ronnie didnt train before making these videos. He is still pretty big. And those veins…

  • I love Steve he is smart and well centered guy, i wish i could say the same about many bottom boys here on the youtube fitness bitch.

  • He had multiple surgeries to save his body from crumbling. His doctors certaibly told him to slow down. He doesn’t. He will end up in a wheel chair and with even more constant pain.

  • Well if he like training i guess he could train because that what he want, we cant tell him what to do in his life, but he need to think that he training now for keeping health NOT gain back all what he achieved ( that will destroy his body instead of keep it healthy )

  • Ronnie Coleman could of come in way more cut and he didn’t work Bicep that much because he was happy with them but they would have looked better with more training and when people talk about mass monsters look no further because Dorian didn’t start that shit.

  • Ivan Bodybuilding YOUR ARE A JACKASS
    He lost all his gains? Where’s the sympathy for a human being who’s struggling with health because of what he put his body through?

  • Shut the fuck up nigga how are u gonna tell him to stop training u can’t tell him what he can’t do I hate guys like u who say oh he can do that anymore man shut up in watch

  • Both Dorian and Ronnie did used anabolic steroids which did result to fatal injuries. This is what happens by lift too heavy poundage! What you have to get, you pay the prices. If you fool you pay.

  • Ronnie was trying to lift the entire world.. nobody will do wat Ronnie did cuz nobody is that stupid!! Ronnie was jus a moron lifting extra stupid heavy weights!!

  • After seeing Yates and Coleman on the Rogan podcast would be cool to have them on a year from now together. Both seem like solid guys and even though I have little to no interest in body building it’s interesting to listen to these unique lifestyles and what they put themselves through to be the best at their sport.

  • The story of Ronnie Coleman is just sad. Watched the documentary about him. He sits outside the gym in the morning, just sits there in his car. Looking all depressed. As Ivan mentioned in the video, Ronnie just can’t let go. While Dorian Yates went to do other things that made him happy, Ronnie Coleman continues having surgery after surgery, pops pain pills every day and cant barely walk. It’s just sad. If he just quit doing this shit at the beginning of his surgery he probably would have been able to walk today. I mean, he can’t be that happy if he is in pain all day and taking pain pills. You guys in the comments are being so naive. And if he loves working out he could swim or ride the bike. His form is shit

  • As someone with bulged disc from few months i have INCREDIBLE RESPECT FOR RONEY.He lives for training until he dies and he l die happy that way!!!

  • This is what happens if u use too much steroids. And u people also know very well that Ronnie gains most of his artificial muscle by using steroids before work out. People like me only trains in the gym with out using steroids and be healthy and have a great shape

  • In fairness there are men in their late teens and early 20s. Fat and too tired to wipe their own ass. Respect to ronnie for his work ethic. I think training smart and not risking injury to keep in shape is good for him. However a comeback is probably not a good idea. Hes done enough for the sport. However ronnie’s work ethic is his best friend and his worst enemy at the same time. I wish him well.

  • The reason he dont stop bec his not fulfilled his dream to be late ke Arnold Schwarzenegger.bec if you know it will be risky to push your self to the list mit that will jeopardize your health if you feel not happy then you will not stop bec you feell not complete.if like fe and death id rather choose to have life but if your not happy you will risk life.

  • He’s programmed no different than being Institutionalize from being Locked up your whole life.
    It’s a reflex he will die doing this not sitting around waiting for death ������

  • You a piece of shit for this video. He had major surgery and he is probably still bigger than you… I can tell by your voice. Sounds weak.

  • People are appreciating his efforts and training passion at this age but I say passion and efforts should be stopped when water gets over your nose..It’s Insanity he’s just hurting himself to keep himself fit he could choose other ways.

  • Make more vids on Ronnie and his present workouts, his food, his sleeping habits, his lifestyle.

    He had been like that even before winning his first Mr Universe and coming last for many years. He just loved training and dont quit. Its like dope to him.
    But most such addictions are because they feel nothing else in world is worth their attention during their workout time.

    After the surgery, it is still possible to enjoy his workout and get back his gains, if some holistic healing approach to workout is followed.
    He would need to keep away from weight rooms for atleast 6 months to 1 year.
    Go for ayurvedic healing like panchakarma or get help of a proper chiropractor. get ayurvedic massage and meditation every day.
    do yogasana or some form of flexibility training, slowly moving into it since he has 6 months.
    sleep good 7-8 hours at the right time
    eat easily digestible vegetables and fruits and limit animal protein for 6 months.
    if he gives this break, he can slowly ease into light workouts again without further surgery.

  • I had to stop lifting due to injuries, I’ve learned to accept it and I’m now so happy to be free from body dysmorphic disorder. I train boxing and Muay Thai instead, never felt more healthier in my life.

  • Dude i doubt no 1 will come close 2 ronnie 8x mr O. Other titles 2. He loves it. Not a tragedy 2 die doing what u love. Yeah training as hard as he did lifting all thoses massive weights when he was younger. Will affected anyones joints & bones. But he made his mark what he was passionate about. Good on him. King coleman,silverback gorillia. Light weight baby. Thats why we live in this world. YEAH BUDDY

  • He is a legend but the cost….he is in his 50’s now and can barely walk. Sure the mentality is “fuck it I only have limited time here on earth Ill be the biggest bodybuilder ever” but eventually the body cannot taken it anymore…if we were designed to be 150kg of pure muscle and lift 800kg deadlift we would have a titanium alloy spine….Ronnie did what noone did before but the injuries man….

  • What do you mean he lost his gains?!
    He has problems with back and he is almost 60 years old…. still bigger than most people….dont disrespect him like that!!

  • He knew that what he is doing lead him to this but the thing he achieved no one can, it can be seen in his smiling face as he is saying that yehhhh buddy I lv this game….

  • Bruh good luck with telling him that. Being in the gym gives him joy. It has brought him fame all these years. It’s his profession. I don’t think you want to take that away from him. He just needs to be smart with it. But to him that’s his life.

  • He lost his fake muscles produced by all the toxic supplementsnts and steroids. Also they might die young while they are train or on he disable. Very sad

  • As of my knowledge, he is doing it wrong @ 00:04
    In correct way there must be only elbow joint movement but there should not be shoulder joint movement. And for those who gets offended, I am not a legend like him and do not have his level of knowledge about bodybuilding and steroids

  • 0:39 really hits home how much the surgeries etc have affected how much Ron can do. Guy is still a machine. The true hero of bodybuilding.

  • Interviewer: What is the heaviest weight you ever lifted?
    Ronnie Coleman: Heavy weight? Never heard that word before, what does it mean?

  • This man is still training!!! He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone but he does that for himself!! That is amazing work motivation i wish have that one day

  • He is and will be the greatest / for his humility, love of bodybuilding; his dedication; even though weider ruined him and his body was damaged; he keeps going; a great warrior of spirit and exemplary mind, admirable super human hero

  • I don’t think he’s “trying to prove” anything. Retired athletes still work out to stay active; look at those retired linemen who lose weight, but look fit. Shit, even Schwarzenegger still lifts, and he’s 70.
    If Ronnie is promoting a book, good for him. Any way to get another stream of income is a good thing. You might be making some advertising coin peddling these terrible videos.
    If this video was about Ronnie continuously injuring himself as he trains now, and you were concerned, that would be one thing. But it just sounds like you’re being shitty, telling him to “let it go.”
    Dude is the best, he did the work, and conquered the body building world. If he still wants to lift, I say good for him.

  • I cannot imagine any ligament injury, this guy is working out with literally no spline health. Is this really human, if yes then he is beyound what was known to man. Greatest specimen to bodybuilding world.

  • Yeah Ofcourse he would lose it all if he Was getting surgery back to back especially for years and bigger muscle is harder to maintain.

  • Ronnie Coleman is a living superhero. How do you suffer all those injuries and continue to press on through the pain and opposition. Marvel comics, here is your next superhero, “Determined Man”

  • Marc you go 120 what would 300 days a week be? lol. Great vid. I like you n Steve together in these vids. Keep it up when you are there. Later.

  • If you want to lift heavy
    ,….. Think about Ronnie Cole man.ton of weight becomes…light weight. Baby,…….����
    Respect &love..

  • and lets keep it real. no longer on steroids and growth hormones has some effect. but i love ronnie coleman. he at least lives his life on his own terms. i appreciate that.

  • When your back goes almost everything goes with it.If it were a knee or shoulder even a hip then maybe you could get some things back but life and father time just won’t let us be who we use to be.Ronnie you were the best it’s time to pass the torch,let it go and enjoy life as you are.

  • RONNIE,you are the Best,THE KING,you don’t need to proof anithyng,you need Jesus in your life,his everything you need,God LOVE You.and everybody love you and remember you.You are very Special,God heals you if you believe in Him.GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Eu tenho 30 anos e não tenho o físico q o Coleman no fim de carreira têm. Parabéns Coleman, vc é o melhor e o mais forte de todos os tempos ����

  • To much heavy weight isn’t good I’m 53 and workout regularly no injuries. And I started at 13 years of age I took on the Lee Haney approach stimulate not annihilate ��������✊��

  • Talk like he knows so much about safe training, mate youre lucky you didnt have a serious back injury, look how many injuries he had from he’s HIT method wtf is he talking about, its ignorant because he doesnt even know how ronnie got his back injury truly he got it before he started bodbuilding he got the herniated disc from powerlifting and it led to more herniated discs

  • Ronnie Coleman sculpted his name in bodybuilding as the Best bodybuilder in history… there is no doubt about that… he was simply unbeatable during his Optimum… others are just bodybuilders with multiple Mr. O titles… except for Dorian who did bring Size to the game and Arnold who promoted and still promote bodybuilding… and finally, Phill the gifted heath with his miraculously Well sculpted, balanced, near perfection body ( except for his chest but he did bypass it by his muscular deepness )

  • This is all a fake show!!!
    The size of these body builders depends strictly on who has better chemistry of steroids, drugs, and science!

  • thats what ima gona start saying out loud, when i see something “competitive”, LIGHT WEIGHT BABY, and just mess up everyones psyche LOL, thats lightweight. ez. boyyyyyyyyy

  • I Love Ronnie and Dorian too, but CUT THE BULLSHIT PEOPLE! Dorian’s body is FUCKED UP! It’s just not as damaged as Ronnie’s. LEE HANEY 8X MR OLYMPIA! The last of the old school Mass with Class Giants. Big Round Muscle Bellies with a V-TAPER and VACCUM STOMACH! Never suffered a serious injury in his ENTIRE CARRER! Because he said himself ” I train to stimulate not ANNIHILATE the muscle”. His Brains over Brawn mentality kept him healthy and winning right to his record breaking 8th Straight Olympia title. He looks better and is healthier than the younger Dorian and Ronnie who came after HIM! Lee is truly what Bodybuilding use be about. Look good feel good and WIN! It’s a CRIME that he does not get the respect that he deserves. Lee Haney is truly G.O.A.T!……sorry Arnold.

  • Let’s face it, he’s the original youtube guy. Got caught up in early social media, knew that he’d be fucked later on. Realized that using moderate weight with clean form did nothing for views. Went all out and paid for it in the end. I’ll give him an A for entertainment value��

  • Il faut pas oublier qu il c est fracturer la colonne vertébrale et hanche,il vient de loin.S il tien la forme,c est qu il a retrouver la sa c est l essentielle.

  • Got dam Dorian looked like shit back then I think he would not eavin placed in the top 15 today he got this grandpa body ugly as fuck!

  • Ronnie claims to have no regrets but that is bullshit. No one loves to have 8 big back surgeries, other surgeries and basically living off pain meds for the rest of their life. And he is young..not like he 80 years old. I can’t imagine living the second half of my life in total pain.

  • Nothing will hold Him back from training He is insane. But is it well with His soul.Does He have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus saith im thee way the life the Truth no man comth to the Father but through me.

  • Why is he doing it?

    Replace bench press with meth pipe
    Replace squats with heroin needless
    Replace preacher curls with alcohol

    It’s that addictive personality. Can’t let it go. Just like a junkie.

    For me, it was the bottle
    For my dad, it was blackjack
    For some, it’s heroin
    For others, it’s crystalmeth

    For Ronnie Coleman, it’s light weight.

    Why does that have to be a bad thing?

  • Hey to see him still getting after it, I last saw Ronnie on The Joe Rogan podcast I wonder if he was able to get the stem cell treatment done on his back.

  • I’m 17 been training 6 days a week for the last two years. Never miss meals. Diet is on point. That’s 312 training days per year. Got my first contest in October

  • I respect Dorian’s vision of his life. He turned 57 in April, and talks about how he still wants to feel healthy later in life. You see this attitude in athletes like Yates and Rich Gaspari, who didn’t cripple themselves when they were training for contests, like Ronnie did. Both Dorian and Rich are most likely the biggest guys in any gym that they train at, but are are constantly compared by everyone to what they looked like when they were pro bodybuilding.

  • Ronnie is just being Ronnie, he broke his back like I did and we came back made it out of the darkness back into the light and live to fight another day, you go big Daddy “yeah Buddy”

  • ───────╔╗────╔═══╦═══╗

  • Don’t think there’s a soul on earth that ever committed themselves like big Ron.
    He may be paying the price but I bet he wouldn’t have changed a thing.
    Life is for living and he sure as hell done that.

  • Video wasn’t even worth making. We all know why. You can’t rep out on power lifting weights your whole career in a bodybuilding style and expect to not fuck yourself��I don’t even think Ronnie cares anyway. He does what he wants and he’s a champion so…����‍♂️

  • Sad that Dorain Yates can’t even bench 60kg and he’s not even 60 yet;
    It’s all well for Dorain to say he doesn’t need to look muscular anymore but if he had the choice he wouldguaranteed!
    He said Ronnie wasn’t smart, which is a bit hypocritical because neither was he!!��
    In the words of TotaLee Awesome Lee Haney…
    “Stimulate, don’t annihilate.”
    Lee Haney

  • Bodybuilders get fucked up cuz they add excess amounts of muscle mass to a predisposed skeletal frame that cannot grow to compensate for the distribution of mass. It’s like a steel roof on a wooden house. Doesn’t make sense!