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Robert’s 600-Pound Life Wasn’t Sustainable, So He Changed Everything. chevron_left PREV: 10 Ways to Eat Healthier on Ga 8 Ways to Change Your Set Point Weight. Robert’s 600-Pound Life Wasn’t Sustainable, So He Changed Everything. by Elizabeth Millard. October 11, 2018.

Robert Buchel, who appeared on TLC’s My 600-lb Life, passed away on November 15, 2017, after suffering a heart attack at a hospital in Houston.. In a. Robert Buchel, an 842-lb. man who had hoped to undergo life-saving weight loss surgery with the help of TLC’s My 600-Lb. Life, has died of a heart attack at the age of 41.

For Robert, the subject of Wednesday’s My 600-Lb.Life, getting out of bed is a difficult task.At nearly 850-pounds, he needs the help of his partner, Kathryn, for daily functions like going to the. Robert Buchel, the Forked River star of TLC’s “My 600-Lb Life,” died Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017 from a heart attack while filming the series at a hospital in Houston.

Robert Buchel’s lifelong battle with obesity was chronicled for season six of the hit series, and viewers watched in heartbreaking detail how Buchel steadily improved by shedding more than 200. My 600-lb Life My 600-lb Life My 600-lb Life He’s Scared of You All the Children Are Finger Pointing and Blah, Blah, Blah! Jo tries to convince a dysfunctional family that change truly is possible. Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost. Season 1 · Episode 4. i. You’re NOT My Mother!

Jo instills much needed discipline in a family with three. GRAPHIC CONTENT: Robert Buchel, 41, from New Jersey, passed away from a heart attack after undergoing surgery and embarking on a diet in which he. But fans will just have to wait and see if Robert will be successful in Dr. Now’s program like James “L.B.” Bonner, or if he’ll fail like Lisa Fleming. My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on.

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, M.D., F.A.C.S., known as “Dr.Now” on My 600-lb Life, is the no-nonsense surgeon in Houston, TX who performs the weight loss surgeries that change people’s lives on the program.Famous for his compassionate-yet-straight-up bedside manner, Dr. Now has performed over 2,000 weight loss surgeries, some of which were on the most challenging patients in the world.

List of related literature:

But he also notes that in 1968 American farmers spread “nearly forty million tons” of chemical fertilizers, or “260 pounds for each acre under cultivation.”

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Neither he nor my grandfathers could have imagined that exactly a century later, in 1966, the year Henry A. Wallace died, the national average per acre was more than 73 bushels, producing a total of 5 billion bushels a year valued at over $6 billion.

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The same farmer in 1890 could devote 135 acres to wheat, knowing his efficient binder could care for that amount without danger of spoilage.

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The existence of the plot already in cultivation explains the projected crops of 2,000 lb in the first year and 5,000 lb in the second.

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  • That doctor is a charlatan. 100lbs in a month. scientifically impossible. What absolute nonsense. The body is not capable of diminishing size by this much unless they are dead.

  • You eat!You’re destroying yourself You bother people who love you! So why are you crying now?it’s YOU’s fault!I’m sorry but it’s true!!You just have to want to lose weight!

  • You cannot tell me that everyone who is 600 pounds or more was molested or abused I don’t believe it some people just have no self-control

  • I should jot down all names of patients who are tattooed because like all of them are. It is the same in two other shows I watch It’s Me or the Dog, and My Cat from Hell. I do not have any tattoos on me and don’t intend to get any. Dr. Now has the perfect disposition for his specialty. He is firm and sometimes blunt when it is called for but also patiently kind and genuinely happy with those who are successful.

  • I hate when people say they disagree����‍♀️HES A DOCTOR, HE KNOWS WHAT HES TALKING ABOUT, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO KNOW BETTER?!?!?!?!

  • I’m 5 ft tall. I weighed 276 lbs. When I had my lap band surgery in 2013. I’ve lost 100 lbs. I still have 40 to go! It’s been hard as I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and had 2 unsuccessful treatments until finally defeating it this past Winter with a new medicine. I know losing the 100lbs. Helped me alot. I’m not giving up on reaching my goal!

  • Beautiful daughter, blessings to you all, food is great I know I cook and bake but so is your health, so I wish you well on your weight loss journey ❤️��

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  • My tummy hurts just to see her eat all this food ��‍♀️I’m pretty sure she left her pain medicine on purpose.excuses after excuses to keep eating,if you’re going to keep eating why do you want help ��‍♀️��‍♀️

  • The tuna and vegetables she ate when she started to loose weight looked so delicious that I think I finally got an inspiration to start to loose weight myself and eat lots of vegetables and tuna and chicken. I’m tired of finding myself eating potatoes and carbs and having big belly.

  • Once I went to my doctors appointment and she said that I needed to be more active and that made me quit drinking soda and juice and I started exercising more

  • The human body just wasn’t meant to be in this condition. The human soul wasn’t meant to be trapped in such a body. Dr. Now continues to be these people’s only hope for a better life.

  • I was 210 before the summer looking like a whole marshmallow. Going into the second semester I’m 180 and have some muscle definition!

  • It never fails to make me laugh how much these people who barely graduated high school (if at all even) have the nerve to tell A DOCTOR how shit works ��.I’d tell them to take a seat,but clearly their asses are already glued to it.

  • These people think they are losing the weight as a favour to him and they should be praised for it ����‍♀️This doctor is so kind and patient with these rude people. He shows them tough love and they attack him yet he still wants to help them. I would have kicked them out the moment they became verbally aggressive.

  • People being ungrateful for the care they receive as a result of their own greed in life and yet meanwhile in the world there are people who can’t receive care for diseases that aren’t even their fault… some of the people on this show are just horrible.

  • The end really hit me…I just watched that persons death sentence when they rolled her out of that ambulance. She went back to her comfy little hole to die. That’s really sad….

  • Feel bad for the dog. The dog is obese and will probably die at a young age and they probably never walk it. Don’t know why the got one in the first place

  • This poor woman my heart aches for her. She’s been through so much and still fighting. I hope she can really turn her life around and feel happy

  • Whaaat her dad drove her to a pedophile to punish her. That is one of the most awful things I have ever heard. What an incredibly strong woman. All the best xx

  • in all seriousness non of these people are trying, they got A SURGERY WENT on a very cushy as diet lost some wieght and gave up…. i mean thats why they got huge mindset you allowed yourself to become that monster and you will do it again….

  • Last thing I want is for someone to remind of my past trauma much less talking about it. Cause it sends me straight to food. Yes, I’m an emotional eater. I’m happy I never got to this stage. But it breaks my heart to c her suffering this trauma. I’m a victim of rape n abuse. From who? My uncle.
    After having my two kids, depression took a toll on me. Long story short. I took a look at myself in the mirror one day and said my kids need me. I have to be strong and healthy for them and myself. So workout is now my therapy. I workout with my kids and do all sorts of cardio workout cause of course they love to c mummy happy��. Hope she doing okay now. May god bless her heart and her family ❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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  • You don’t want to be under 200? I get it called 600 pound life but if you don’t want to be under a heavy amount why are you on the show???

  • It really upsets me seeing how grown ass people get on here and make fun of people that are in a fight for there life where’s the compassion and maybe a little encouragement for these people for the struggle they’re going through jesus i’ll never understand how people can be so hateful it’s sad really!!!!!

  • She seems like such a sweet lady. It’s a shame. Life did not treat her well and i think in her case Dr. Now could be more compassionate because she really did want to change her lifestyle

  • The woman is on oxygen and that doesn’t tell her she needs to get out of the bed and get healthy. After any operations I’ve had they
    always say to get moving as soon as possible. It’s painful but you have to do it for the recovery process.

  • All thanks to Dr. Umoru who cure me from Herpes with the help of his effective herbal medications which I took just for few weeks. You can get more information on Dr. Umoru YouTube channel or get in touch with him via email { [email protected] com } or WhatsApp/call him on +2348165436638

  • I wouldn’t let Teretha die in my hospital. I would tell that lady to stand up right now and if she refused, then kick her out. Helping her die is for a different show Dr. Kevorkian.

  • I have a family friend who got gastric bypass everyone was so excited for her and she really thought it was gonna change her life but after the surgery she found ways to overeat without throwing up, she blended meals and ate tons of little meals she now weighs more than before the surgery she makes me mad because of how selfish she is takes no responsibility for anything in her life people really need to get to the mental roots of their problems or they won’t succeed

  • She doesn’t want to be under 200lbs. Girl, fuck off… Sorry, but I don’t see that she deserved that weight loss surgery. It makes me so mad to see this because I paid for mine out of my own god damn pocket.

  • Dr. Now, so kind but man he sugar coats nothing. Imagine looking that young kid in the face and saying hes currently destined for the record books. Damn that’s gotta cut

  • I know how thy feel I been over weight since a young age lost weight at 22 now I have back on again after a disappointing time in my life I have two kid 15 and 17 I am 40 year of age damn I’m so sore…..

  • It takes an evil and weak minded person to make fun of others, and it takes a weak minded coward to post rude comments online with hopes of getting likes. It’s hard to find good people with integrity and who are guided by the Most High, nowadays. When did it become cool to laugh at people?? To join together for the sake of tearing people down. Y’all are the first ones to claim to be good people and provide justifications for how you’re not in the wrong for being nasty and lacking compassion. Everyone has a mountain to climb. These people struggle with food and y’all struggle with the basic concepts of humanity. FOOLS.

  • Food is the easiest addiction. It’s legal, and makes people feel good. People with food addiction have enablers just like drug addicts. Crazy how the mind works.

  • Maybe Dr Now should be looking at the pain killers she is on, my cousin had to stop many of his because the side effects were weight gain.
    Once he did the weight dropped off faster.

  • This plp dont get the memo in body posivity, i fell so bad for them obv they were happy before losing all that weigh but never knew for the depression and the suicidal thoughts.

  • I love Dr. Now. He is very caring and concerned with every patient. I hope he keeps practicing a long time. GOD bless you Dr. Now.

  • Still struggle to understand why the careers cook unhealthy meals,if they can’t physically get up and cook then give them something healthy

  • Congratulations Nico, Your doing a great job. You’re an inspiring role model for. people out here. Keep up the good work. Looking good.

  • Why at the beginning of most of their stories they all look kinda trashy but then they all just glow, like their clothes and home and all. But proud of them all.

  • I started over 286 lbs and went down to under 170 lbs… without any surgery. So anyone is able to start eating right, no magic just right food.

  • But people in America are full excuses and too much explaining, it’s exhausting! I wish you knew what people here in Africa go through and just how thankful and ‘happy’ they are and they don’t blame anyone. They have this mindset that they are solely responsible for their lives and that’s the mindset we should all have.

  • Life can be so cruel and devastating. I ken wht it’s like to use food as comfort and control, at my biggest I was 11st and my smallest I was 6st. At my smallest I was using it as control and at my biggest i was using it as comfort. I know that my weight was at the oposite end of the scale but I was killing my self jst like your self, I had no confidence, low self esteem, constantly anxious, depressed and self harmed. There is always light at the end of the tunnel u jst need to fight hard for it. Talking to others help more than u think hen. I hate people that judge others for being big because they fight a lot of the same battles of those struggling with anorixa and bulemia they jst cope with it different. U are a stronge and beautiful woman and worth more than u think. Hope u get the help u need beautiful xx

  • The sad fact of the matter is that you cannot help people who simply are not willing to help themselves. I believe they wanted to at first, which is why they’re on the show to begin with, but once they see it takes actual hard work and effort they quit because they are used to being pampered and people bringing them food and having everything handed to them.

  • Everyone’s transformations look great and astonishing keep up the good work losing weight & keeping it off is hard work congratulations on all the hard work!

  • Cool content! We enjoyed watching. Please check out our content and let us know what you think! We look forward to watching your next video!

  • Well watching these success stories it proves most of these fat fucks just want to keep eating while not taking responsibility for their actions

  • My only question is, how can they afford their lifestyle??
    I guess, i should be lucky that i can’t afford that lifestyle of overeating.

  • He was very rude with one of his patient because,she did not loose the right weight.
    I think he have to be more polite with all this people,who give him a life and financial support.
    Need to be more sweet with those people who,need support in their chances and process.

  • I was thinking about what the doctor told her, he’s a nice guy, but i was thinking, would a doctor give a manic bipolar a list on paper and expect the patient to stop being manic?? That may help 1% but what about the 99% that’s left??

  • My husband and I watched Brandon Scott’s story, totally blew our minds kudos to you and your wife Brandon you guys did it together ����

  • i think first of all theyve lost hope and also self respect for themselves. i dont feel sorry for them. why ae they feeling sorry for themsleves. if youre a single mother forced to go out to work to send your children to school and feed them, YOU HAVE NO TIME TO FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF. your one goal is to see to the welfare of your chldren. Maybe i dont understand. but I cant feel sorry for them. THEY hve time to eat thats all?

  • All thanks to Dr. Umoru who cure me from Herpes with the help of his effective herbal medications which I took just for few weeks. You can get more information on Dr. Umoru YouTube channel or get in touch with him via email { [email protected] com } or WhatsApp/call him on +2348165436638

  • I think God brought me to this channel to give you some advice. This is the message
    The first step is to love yourself,accept who you are.I really think this will help..go get something that’s called resolution drops.I’ve heard they work magic if you have a weight loss problem.They are approved medically..and their work is to suppress appetite and enable you eat little amounts of food.This will really help out in weight loss.Then go get therapy it will help you deal with past trauma.And above all pray and live for Jesus.

  • Dr. Now be keeping it real. I also find it funny that Gaia office sits right next to Buffett. How hard that must be for some of his patients.

  • That surgery is just a tool. If your not fully committed it’s not gonna work. Thank you for posting success stories, I wanna quit smoking but iv never tried in 25 yrs lol so these give me hope. Most of these stories just disgust me when they don’t even try.

  • as far as i was aware heart issues cause extreme water retention which prevents you losing weight. she also didnt seem aware of which carbs are good and bad, as its a battle between what digests well but what is still healthy to eat, if that makes sense. brocolli is one of the things she said she ate to try to push it through, but brocolli can cause MANY people to get bunged up, even though its a vegetable and thus a ‘healthy’ option, so it wouldnt help so much.

    im currently on a weightloss journey using mostly keto and i really feel for her. i still cant process how people even at her size are expected to use… well essentially 2 x 3year olds worth of weight in 4 weeks without literally starving themselves or going on a liquid diet.

    i love that dr now has the shut up and put up attitude its what i need to se when i lose my motivation but given her mental health from her history i have to say i feel for her and i get how hard it is for her. its so much more complex than people realise unless you have been through it yourself.

    She lost an entire person worth in 6 months I would be so proud of that!

  • Can’t believe the way she speaks to her family after all they are doing for her. She’s all about herself, doesn’t see the way she’s hurting others.

  • I’m just going to give up order me a few pizza, a few big bottles of coke, a extra lg chocolate milkshake, a pizza sized chocolate chip cookie and a couple if boxes of Twinkies.
    I’m going to do it My way.

  • She was extremely entitled and demanding, if she had spoken to me like that, she would have been thrown out of the car! Her daughters seems to be following in mums footsteps with their weight.

  • question why cant we just put people one severe obesity on medical induced coma and supply them with dextrose for months until they get thin?

  • Honestly as someone who suffers with an eating disorder i totally get this people, i think our diseases have the same nature, i know im completely capable of becoming morbidly obese, i also feel that strange joy whenever I eat that nothing else gives me, the only difference is that im so scared of becoming this that i restrict too much to the point it isn’t healthy meanwhile this people just left themselves go.

  • No amount of food will fill the gaping hole inside from not knowing who you are and properly processing trauma. Developing emotional literacy is key

  • The family should not be giving her food that will make her gain they should prepare healthy food for her that’s how they can help

  • Just goes to show you can reach your dreams and goals Major Respect for these people ��������������������������������������������✨����������������

  • There is one simple solution to all of this.:
    People eat like these people ’cause they like food. There has to be away that they can for a limited time take away the smell and taste from these people so they can taste or smell food With this gone, they most likely will not eat as there is no pleasure on this thus loose pounds.

  • This doesn’t have anything to do with this video but how the fuck can’t people live without soda. Like people who drink one or two a day I’m like???? I have a couple sips and I have a sugar headache and I don’t have another one for months. I’d rather eat my calories than drink them (I do like smoothies and occasionally a milkshake tho) tea is the only thing I drink like I drink water and I’m not talking Snapple I’m talking a teabag water and a slice of lemon bro.

  • I hate listening to these know it all women! That’s your opinion, that’s your theory! The absolute neck of them. He saved their lives and they act like he is an eejit that knows nothing. The narcissistic behaviour is disgusting. That last lady didn’t want help, she wanted to stay a ‘victim’, lay in bed stuffing her fat face. Wasting the doctor and medical teams time and taking up space is a hospital bed. They are all absolute jokes.

  • another question: where does she get the money? I mean normally you have to work to have money for food if she was working should wouldnt have much time to eat and waste away

  • the doctor is really discouraging. if i ever had a doctor like that i’d give up on weightloss as a whole and start binge eating again.

  • I’m halfway watching this and I feel so upset. WTH is wrong with this doctor? She is trying her best and he kept reprimanding her. Everyone is just being so condescending to her. They have no idea what obesity feels like and it’s not just about the food she eats. Obviously there are emotional issues that need to be addressed. She needs encouragement and understanding, not criticism

  • Eating is an addiction and I feel so many og these 600 lb shows got both enablers and true helpers. None is alone. So eating is high up in the hiearchy of addictions. Not this much family supporting some one addicted to drugs. Well, this lady seemed a bit too upset about her opiates been forgotten home…She’s gotta lot of addictions. Then again, she might feel all alone. Whomever is around her.

  • Why doesn’t he start with asking with their family background and why they got to her postion. Here in the U.K. psychotherapy starts right from the start in every situation. I don’t know why he keeps psychotherapy as w last resort? Apart from that he is a really good doctor! I hope he lives and works for another 10 years at least.

  • I mean no dissrescpect,and best of luck to you. But how i can`t understand how someone even comes to that point? It`s a bit rhetorical question,i can understand just can`t imagine myself for example to eat so much.

  • I’ve noticed that all of these people have “a support system”. What would they have done if they found themselves dependent upon no one but themselves? I just wonder if that would have made a difference?

  • Why is that woman being so ignorant and rude to him? “That’s what you want”. No, idiot, he wants you to lose weight so you don’t die at 50. Why do they act like they’re doing him a favour?

  • I cant believe how you can let this happen,. when i get a little belly fat im like OH HELL NO and i instantly take action to get back in shape

  • hey I was 77kg and now I am 61 kg,I’m so happy for my weightloss and my height is 168 cm and I’m gonna be 50 kg and show people what real weightloss is,(for those who don’t understand about kg,I lost 35 pounds,wish me luck❤I’m gonna update u guys one month later

  • Theres no help for Teretha because she doesn’t want to try so stop the pity party. Period. Bothers me that they run to him for help and then completely wastes his time. Smh.

  • In so many of these cases, the enablers are the actual problem. You simply cannot get to 600 lbs without someone constantly bringing you tons of crappy food every day. I think many of these enablers which are “boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses” are only there for the disability gravy train. They don’t or won’t work. These people are almost always very poor and on the government teet.

  • 10yrs ago I was 18yrs old and weight 130kgs or 286lbs size 20
    After my nephew was born I dropped 60kgs because I wanted to be around to see my nephew grow up, get married and have a family of his own
    I dropped 60kgs in 6months of determination, yes I used fat burners but my diet was on point till I met my abusive ex… i left him when i met another man who is now my husband and the father of my 2yr daughter during my pregnancy I gained 30kgs putting me back up to 100kgs and the past 2yrs I’ve been struggling to drop the extra weight 10kgs down 15-20kgs to go

  • WHY am I just now getting this in my recommendations? I LOVE My 600 Pound Life! ��
    The saddest thing about this is that Christina watching every piece of food that she ate (almost?) became an obsession. I’m glad they’re all living a healthier life now, especially Christina and Brittni. They’re both just so sweet! I mean, all of them were great to watch succeed though. But, Diane was from Washington (Go Hawks! ����) Amber is a firecracker and Laura is a force to be reckoned with!
    Damn…can I have 5 favorites? lol

  • I don’t know if bringing up children should be regarded as an automatic right. Some people are clearly not suitable as parents. Maybe we should all be required to take a course in child care before taking on a parental role!

  • This lady does not want to stand up & even try!. You have to try.. The only failure is not trying whats there to lose at this point no pun����

  • I’m just sayin at this point use the cattle bolt gun and put them down. They had their chance, they’re worth nothing and they’re just a drain on everybody. Reset the balance of things and start over. A few families could prosper on the same budget

  • This only happens in the USA. What is wrong with these people? America does not have a public health system, so who pays for the medical treatment? Clearly these people can’t work, and the snotty attitude of these great big fat pigs, spare me the food addiction, water retention excused. They are lazy, slovenly disgusting people

  • Most of them are just greedy and lazy,u rather die than attempt to get ur big oversized mammoth self out the bed to help yourself, just making excuses instead of effort,disgusting.

  • I absolutely love this family because there is so much love between them. And her husband is just amazing. I wish the best for these people.


  • My reason to keep going. Still have about 130-150 pounds to lose about 40 pounds down now weekly updates on my channel UPDATE. Down 70 pounds now & counting.

  • to everyone talking about how james is normal size he just looks small next to them, im sorry to say youre wrong, I’ve seen him irl and he really is just a tiny little man. hes like 5’5 max.

  • I am so happy for them. They stopped making execuses so they can continue their unhealty life habits and did what they had to stay healty and continued living ��

  • الطبيب سن كبير مع خبرة وماااازال يحب عملو ويتقنو حنا الطبيب يتخرج يعجز باش حتى يفكر كفاش راح يبدا خدمتو وكي يشوف المريض يكره حياتو

  • The three of them sitting there look like they’re trying to form the shape of a bow tie. And it’s working because I cannot unsee it.

  • It doesn’t matter about the number on the scale, u might end up having a bigger number on the scale cuz whatever fat u have lost u gain in muscle so u might be heavier from the muscles

  • If you turned out to be a NASA scientist it would be All your doing,your credit.
    Ergo all that lard!
    Choices you make as an adult have consequences…..u can’t escape the blame.