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Staying Healthy While Traveling // NO Vacation BLOAT

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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling


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How to Stay HEALTHY While Traveling!

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Staying Healthy During COVID-19: Body Weight Exercises

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Stay FIT While Traveling! My Top Tips

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10 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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• Sometimes it can be quite hard to eat healthy, balanced food while traveling, so bring the essential VITAMINS with you to supplement your meals. Here’s how to stay active while traveling: Start the trip off right at the airport get in extra steps by avoiding the conveyor belt people-movers. It might seem small, but not letting healthy habits slip away from the get-go is key.

Almost all hotels, and especially fancy resorts, have gym facilities. Keep your body healthy by following these simple steps on your trip. Traveling can take a toll on the body and it can lead to weight gain. Keep your body healthy by following these simple steps on your trip.

7 Tips To Stay Healthy While You Travel. December 12, 2018. How to stay healthy while traveling and avoid getting sick When you’ve spent possibly the best part of a year planning your traveling adventures the last thing you want is to spend the entire time holed up in your hotel room, battling a terrible sickness bug and wishing you’d never left home. Traveling may get in the way of you maintaining a fitness routine if you let it. Here are travel workout tips on how to stay in shape while traveling: from how to workout in a hotel room, to keeping your motivation alive, to using your transportation to workout, to using workouts as an opportunity to meet new people while traveling and have fun!

This is a good article from the Independent Traveler blog with some great tips for staying healthy while traveling Enjoy! Eating Well and Staying Active While Traveling Without access to your local supermarket or your favorite Pilates DVD, on your next trip you may find yourself subsisting on fattening restaurant meals and abandoning your. Staying Active While Traveling. Social; by Sarah Baker Feb 24, 2020. Our travel expert has some ideas for staying healthy and active while traveling and maybe even try something new.

Photo: Haven Lane Photo: Kareem Mazhar. Traveling can throw us out of our normal fitness and eating routines. It is nice to have a plan to help us stay on track. Staying Healthy While Traveling. Home — Blog — Health — Staying Healthy While Traveling.

I am super honored to be a guest on Morning Dose TV to talk about staying well on the road! Several key questions that we discuss in this segment includ. Trying to stay safe and healthy during an international solo adventure? Passport Health can help!

Call us at or book an appointment online. Did we miss any keys to staying safe while traveling alone? Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or in the comments. Filed Under: General Posts.

Get In A Workout. Whether your hotel has a fitness studio, or you’re taking your workout outdoors (often a concierge can advise on direction or trail), making time for a workout when traveling can be incredibly beneficial for the mind and body.

List of related literature:

Tips for staying healthy whilst away include advice on avoiding Deep Vein Thrombosis during flights.

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Here are some of the things you can do to maintain your exercise while traveling: Find accommodations that have a fitness facility.

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The exercise and social activities will reduce the stress of travel and will help you get on the local schedule more easily.

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General healthy travel info is available at

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Travelers should be sure to drink plenty of hydrating fluids throughout the day.

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Regimen for travel: medical advice on how to preserve health while mobile or how to restore it through self-help while away from one’s usual healer.

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Don’t use travel as an excuse to miss your regimen.

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Just pay a little more attention to your health while travelling.

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Any travel that causes fatigue should be avoided.

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Just look at the number of different travel apps on your iPhone or the number of diet and exercise sites on the Web for an example of this.

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  • So many awesome tips!! I feel after time I built up a bit of a stronger immune system to the travel things. I was extremely ill in English Guyana, and in Tanzania. But other then those, I have been good to go. Nature is my happy healing place!! I actually hug trees. Haha. Thanks for another awesome video!

  • I’m so glad that you got through that Ghana episode & the lesson that it taught you about not eating meat was very valuable. Speaking of which, the natural kefir is made with animal lactation. Am I right in saying that? Or are their other kinds, that you know of?

  • Sleep…NO KIDDING! When I went to Europe solo for five weeks, I found that I needed an afternoon off for every two days of being on the go. Something not found in any book! Extra vitamin C, water and meds just in case work for me too. Great video!

  • Every time I travel with Jet Blue my flights are delayed or re routed! They used to be my favorite but it’s such an inconvenience!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos ���� I want to take my travel sickness medication in my carry on bag. Would I need to declare this or is it ok? It’s not on prescription, it’s just over the counter meds… x

  • I found you through the suggested videos. First your videos are very informative. I just made a youtube channel so I’m definitely doing my research. Thanks for all your help. please keep it up! just subscribed to your channel.

  • Love this tay! I’m going to Cabo in mid February and besides the fact that I’m SO excited… my boyfriends family is getting a huge rental house (therefore, no gymnot very healthy meals will be made, etc) I have plenty of at home, body weight exercises in mind BUT what do you suggest I do when they buy nothing but burgers and hot dogs from the store for meals? I’m DEFINITELY bringing my greens but don’t think that’s enough nutrients for each day and I don’t want to be rude and not eat it/bring my own food lol helppppp me ��♥️

  • I absolutely love your content!! Something I’d be interested in seeing is just more of your day in the life’s and about your balance business. Also maybe one about potential future businesses or directions you’re headed.:)

  • I can’t stay healthy when traveling
    I eat unhealthy
    I don’t sleep well.
    Specially because my travels are with my dad’s van, so we eat anything we find, and have bad sleep.

  • I need to have lemon with water to see if it helps me in the morning! I feel like jetlag and sluggishness hits me the day after especially when I travel internationally

  • I agree with you, but I eat meat and I don’t have any issue. When we were in the Gambia, one of the members of groups got sick because of eating salad. the water they used to wash the leaves was not clean.

  • Thank you so much for your awesome advice. Meredith and I love to work out but unfortunately we’re not always able to have a gym at our dispose when we are traveling so we usually either do some hiking or some running or just some body exercises. This helps us say active and healthy along with trying to eat as healthy as we can.

  • You are just the best to watch, words cannot explain. I could watch whatever you post and it always makes my day. Thank you for taking the time out of your day and filming and editing these beautiful videos for us. You are awesome ☺️

  • Do you count macros when traveling? I’m going to Dubai for a week and I will most likely have to eat out the WHOLE week. Got a gym though but nutrition is a problem since I meal prep all year round.

  • Come visit the North Fork of Long Island, New York!! It’s know as the Wine Country so many beautiful wineries and beaches. I think you and Jared would love it! Also look at the Tone & Sculpt app from youtuber Krissy Cela, it’s a great easy and fun workout app�� love you Sam and this vlog!

  • Ok those pink shorts are so cute ❤️❤️❤️ I LOVE LOVE LOVE your content and you’re super inspiring. I do wish you would stop talking about food being “bad” or referring to treats as being naughty because that’s some diet culture BS that you definitely don’t need and your subscribers don’t need. But thank you for being real about keeping on track while on vacation!! ❤️

  • Hey Sam! I love your videos so much. I noticed when you were doing lunges around minute 10 of the video I am a personal trainer and my advice is to keep your knee in line with your ankle to prevent knee pain/inflamed joints later on! In the video, your knee is going more in line with your toes. Knee in line with ankle is the safest way to lunge. Thanks for being you!

  • Hey Becca and the Becca-ites, how are we all? Completely concur with the probiotics suggestion when I travelled for a month through countries that are well known for having an above average frequency of tummy bugs, some of us made a point of seeking out locally made yogurt, yes even in countries not well known for their dairy. Also we discretely took to the mouth piece of soda cans with hand sanitizer gel before opening the can. I think the combination of these two points and we were the only ones within our tour group who didn’t go down with a tummy bug, even the local tour guide fell ill. In the open air markets, with the evening food stalls, we made a point of going to the busiest ones, with locals and tourists alike, even if we had to wait for a table. Wouldn’t stop me from going to that part of the world again, it was fabulous! Oh my travel first aid kit over the years has become smaller, realising that most places have a pharmacy where I can get fresh pharmaceutical products all that said I pack A LOT of BandAids, half a dozen waterproof BandAids, a small tube of disinfectant, headache tablets that don’t need water to dissolve, a small bottle of lavender oil to help me sleep and for insect bites, and a cold/flu/breathe easy aromatherapy blend for those symptoms and to help me wake up when I need to change planes at 3am. A 10pack of tissues lives in my day bag (for sniffles and emergency toilet paper), and a couple spare ones live in my suitcase. Also I count insect repellent as a medical product, due to the number of mosquito related diseases in some parts of the world, and I select a heavy duty one purchased from home and that usually lives in my daypack. Hope it helps! Keep on daydreaming of your next trip….

  • I don’t eat meat, and only eat seafood if I feel 100% comfortable (picky girl here lol).. But I do avoid street food even if its sliced fruits because i don’t how dirty the environment could have been! I also avoid salad sometimes and opted for cooked food that locals would eat.

  • Hey Girl! You are my new favorite Youtuber, I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to discover you but I’m so glad I have!! Not sure if you’ve mentioned it before but how tall are you? I’m only 5’ & I feel like we have similar body types so I was just curious. Also I’ve been working out & eating really well & for some reason I keep gaining weight…I’m now at 115lbs & hoping it’s just muscle �� If you do weigh yourself I hope you don’t mind me asking how much you weigh too?

  • I’d love to learn more about the changes you personally notice while you were going through your lean bulk! Such as water retention, bloating, gas, etc. and how long it lasted before your body could adjust! Absolutely love your content and radiance, I’m going to incorporate these tips into my vacation this weekend to visit family. It’s amazing and so refreshing to have these reminders and set the tone for the vacation, to reduce stress, and set yourself for success so, thank you very much!!