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The world is falling apart. Regain your alpha male status by learning to respect women, your elders, others and your body. Regain your alpha male status by learning to respect women, your elders, others and your body. READ THE ARTICLE HERE!It’s about learning how to be an alpha male in your life.

Taking full responsibility for your life, and living every day fully alive, present, and excited for the future that you are creating. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a step-by-step guide to becoming the man you always knew you could be. There are traits in a man that every woman is attracted to. We call them his alpha traits.

Men who consistently display these alpha traits are seen as high status males. To help her discern between “high status male” (alpha) and “low status male” (beta), a. It is not just confidence that you need around women if you want to be an alpha male – you also need to treat them with respect. This means being chivalrous not. Many a dude dreaming of how to get out of the friend zone is really dreaming of something else: how to be an alpha male.

Often, the reason a guy is sinking in friend zone quicksand is because they have the key alpha male characteristics to pull themselves out, specifically: straight-forwardness, self-reliance, and above all, self-assured confidence. The core thing to understand is that becoming an alpha male comes down to self respect, learning to live your life, and becoming a leader who is confident in his purpose in life. Everything else is just minor details, but still, I want this article to be as comprehensive as possible, so here are the answers you want. Inexperienced at dominating a man, this 19 year old who shall remain anonymous, is for all intents and purposes interested in women, and therefore mostly straight. However a sure-fire sign of his Alpha status is the fact that he tries stuff just to see what he likes and doesn’t care even one iota what anyone really thinks of what he does.

In nature, dogs run in packs, led by a leader, called an “alpha.” In your home, you want your dog to consider you the alpha. This article, based on a posting by Heidi Dahlin, describes how to establish and maintain your alpha status. Getting started. If your dog is aggressive or dominant, start slowly. Choose another type of relationship that is true to you.

1) Respecting a man means to not wear the pants. 2) To give him the gift of your joy and not withholding your joy out of fear. 3) To respect the fact that he has an ego, and this ego needs to feel good.

List of related literature:

Upon entering a new group, however, the most successful males were the ones that responded with bold overconfidence during the intense initial competition, and then became more measured and conservative in their behavior as alpha males.

“Handbook of Personality, Third Edition: Theory and Research” by Oliver P. John, Richard W. Robins, Lawrence A. Pervin
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Anyway, as I see it, this lecture on aggression will deal mainly with the male hierarchy, especially the alpha status.

“Beyond Innocence: An Autobiography in Letters: the Later Years” by Jane Goodall, Dale Peterson
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One study explored the links between T and the two components of status described earlier—dominance (e.g., “I demand respect from members of my group”) and prestige (e.g., “Others recognize me from my contributions to my social group”) (Johnson, Burk, & Kirkpatrick, 2007).

“Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind” by David Buss
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Although the attributes associated with being an alpha male are still important for leadership, they can appear in less obvious ways.

“King of the Mountain: The Nature of Political Leadership” by Arnold M. Ludwig
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The myth of the alpha male: A new look at dominance-related beliefs and behaviors among adolescent males and females.

“Handbook of Peer Interactions, Relationships, and Groups, Second Edition” by William M. Bukowski, Brett Laursen, Kenneth H. Rubin
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The key to becoming the alpha male is to form an alliance with one or two other males and then challenge the current leader.

“The Story of Us Humans, from Atoms to Today's Civilization” by Robert Dalling
from The Story of Us Humans, from Atoms to Today’s Civilization
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When we talk about alpha males in general people associate this with a position of dominance and prestige, and imagine that this has been obtained, at least in part, through fighting and the use of aggression.

“Race, Monogamy, and Other Lies They Told You: Busting Myths about Human Nature” by Agustín Fuentes
from Race, Monogamy, and Other Lies They Told You: Busting Myths about Human Nature
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A beta male can sometimes be distinguished, and an individual with this rank will often be the most aggressive male in the pack, but will reserve aggression towards the alpha male for direct challenges to his leadership.

“The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behaviour and Interactions with People” by James Serpell, Professor of Humane Ethics & Animal Welfare James Serpell, Priscilla Barrett
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challenge the authority and social order being maintained by fully-adult alpha males.

“Handbook of Crime Correlates” by Lee Ellis, Kevin M. Beaver, John Wright
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Even when alpha males see the impact of their behaviour and acknowledge the need to change, they often remain ambivalent about actually doing it.

“Diversity in Coaching: Working with Gender, Culture, Race and Age” by Jonathan Passmore
from Diversity in Coaching: Working with Gender, Culture, Race and Age
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  • I understand. However. I respect myself n my own efforts and merits. Simps need respect from a female for validation imo. I require transparency and obedience

  • Hi I am from Los Angles I like your vids try out my channel

  • Yo I literally just did this after I watched the video. This bitch whole mood changed I tried too soften up to the bitch, that’s where I fucked up ams you a real nigga and I appreciate you.

  • From the bottom of my heart,Thank You. I finally have the outline for a world I’d want to put the work into that gives me purpose and drive.

  • Is this guy married or at minimum in a serious relationship? It seems like all the relationship experts are single or scared from women who played the games on with them. All I know is I expect my cardiologist to be in good physical health, my chef to be fat, and my hair dresser to have a bomb hairstyle.

  • Being “liked” is such a surface level thing that women do. Men earn respect by the depths of our character. Not everyone will like u and that’s fine!

  • 38 onto 39 here, bro!
    I’m feeling the motivation; real informative!
    As for my own Alpha journey, I’m taking the Bad Boy Biker/Welder (Independent Contractor) route!
    Much Respect and Safe Travels!

  • What happens if you fuck up (act needy and beta as fuck) and she wants to have less communication? Literally said to me “don’t press me so much, let me message you. I don’t feel like messaging you or talking to you right now.” Along with oh maybe we should break-up if you don’t trust me etc.

    What I ended up saying was “This is what we’re doing, we’re not breaking up. Obviously right now talking texting doesn’t work for us, we’re basically wearing each other out. So lets minimize our contact if you want you can message me and vice versa”

    How do I go from here?

  • I don’t want you to like me, I want you to respect me. Emotions are fleeting. Women bombarding these male spaces seeking attention and validation, basically confirming what AMS is saying. Keep proving us all right, ladies. We ain’t mad.

  • Idk, isn’t this same guy that says he gets boared easily & likes to have a rotation. Idk how one can be interested in someone who’s genuine but their intentions are not positive.

  • How are you not collaborating with educational institutions? Young men need to learn this!
    Not only is it necessary in the professional industry but in the psychological realm

  • I very disagree with the technology point. While yes, it is important to take care of your phone or your computer, to not have it dirty or broken etc, it’s also important to know how to use technology, but only extremely shallow people would think less of you just because you don’t have the newest Iphone and only fools care about what shallow people think of them.

    + You said you drive a 22yo car, doesn’t that apply there too???

  • I was just in that situation where the girl was a feminist. She never said she was but you know how a feminist acts and talks. I was seeing her for a couple months. I fell in love with her and at one point she told me she loves me. (First). I lost alll her respect. I became needy asfuck. Insecure asfuck. I became her bitch. I didn’t know better. I started coming to my senses and decided to fucking walk. I’ve been reading books such as how to be a 3%man. And I just started the way of the superior man. I’ve learned so much. About everything I did wrong aswell as right. And I wont EVER let a woman fucking walk on me EVER again.

  • I hate to say this (because I find these type of youtubers annoying) but I’ve tried his Tiege Hanley skin care system (the first level only) and it does sorta work BUT you gotta be super duper consistent with it and after about 4 months of using it, I’ve barley started noticing some results.

  • Truth is women seek stability now, in order for us to trust and be submissive we have to know that you have our best interest at heart and you are going to be able to take care of home. Each sex has an actual role that’s why we have man and woman. Everyone needs to play their part. There is way to much bullshit we throw into relationships instead of doing what is real and honest. Games never work

  • B.S. as long as they know they can manipulate the legal system they will look at all men, he of any status isn’t sh’it. This, I have heard out of the horse’s mouth. It’s just what they are comfortable with is what they will have around. Opportunities will present and derail many situations.

  • Help Others UNDERSTAND Their Own VALUE To Themselves.power of those who teaches confidence we will literally carry their

    names around with us for the rest of our lives wouldn’t you want to be that person wouldn’t you want to be the person that 20 years from now 30 years from now 40 years from now. You are here to make men and women feel confident not to distrust but to create a great future. If you really cared you will be creating a air of confidence. Shows how insecure you are at early age that creates a wedge within you. Trust is the foundation of every relationship, including the one with ourselves.”Together is Better”. Imagine a brighter future rather than fighting and thinking you are better than them, him, her etc. There needs to be trust and cooperation in our life to get to the next level. Find why, Find your Why? Be a Leader not a divider

  • “It starts when they’re little girls” Man you got that right. Come to the Northeast US. To credit CGA, the 49ers are on open display here. Until I left for the military and met girls from Nebraska, rural Colorado, I didn’t know girls could be decent human beings. Granted that was 20-25 years ago.

  • What if you have one that acts up because she feels you do not need her and would possibly leave? Side note she also has a child by you.

  • Honestly Marc, the people who comment with negativity and BS are the people who are emotionally unintelligent. Ultimately the standards that people should adhere to are portrayed in the media in such a way that men think it’s a good idea to treat other people like shit and put them down. Keep doing you man, MACHINE ����

  • What happens if you fuck up (act needy and beta as fuck) and she wants to have less communication? Literally said to me “don’t press me so much, let me message you. I don’t feel like messaging you or talking to you right now.” Along with oh maybe we should break-up if you don’t trust me etc.

    What I ended up saying was “This is what we’re doing, we’re not breaking up. Obviously right now talking texting doesn’t work for us, we’re basically wearing each other out. So lets minimize our contact if you want you can message me and vice versa”

    How do I go from here?

  • I don’t need a high tech phone. I still use a Tracfone. No contracts. No tracking. Simply, I just don’t need to be that connected.

  • But..why god why would you project “Power”? Something to proove to random people?
    Does a CEO worth more than his employes?

    Not a good job on this Antonio:(

  • Online Doctors are a pretty dumb idea. Where I live in Europe it’s even illegal to diagnose a patient over the internet. If you have any type of health issues go to a real life doctor. Don’t be stupid.

  • Hahaha keep making these vids Marc what should I do my friend beats his moms ass everytime she doesnt make him fried chicken i can stop being his friend because the chicken is on point

  • The most entitlement comes from men it all starts when a man see a Beautiful woman minding her business just because he is attracted to her he feels she has to like and feel the same about him, not once ever thinking im I her type does she find him attractive would she like to date him would he be someone she would find intriguing so he never questions himself he feels she has too like him all because he finds her to be attractive. Now tell me that isnt a man feeling entitled from the very start I have seen this example played out far too many times. Men feel so entitled especially nowadays. Now I have noticed alot of women feel entitled to take care of a underachieving man all to say they have a man even if he hasn’t had a job in 5 years and live in his mom’s basement.

  • The Bible said to keep women at home and to teach them to be a man’s helper for a reason. Now we’re suffering the consequences from going away from that.

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  • I will take all dating advice with a grain of salt (dating & life advice actually). I have a friend who are lazy, unproductive, no way near having a purpose-driven men, but because they have a fuck-boy, free spirit personality, who cares, mindset? have f*cked SOO many chicks almost effortlessly, & they come back, & having rotation. I thought being purposeful was the secret, but I’ve learned the importance in unlocking their emotions. & not that I didn’t before, but once I’ve meet dudes are are broke, lazy, but still fuck very attractive, quality women because they just got it like that, it threw almost everything I’ve learned from any pick up, dating, self development, etc, thing out the window, & that’s just a glimpse of what women who I’m cool with tell me from all their sex stories they have had. In the end of the day, find what works for you, & to each their own, nothing else.

  • I’m not quite at the level of “power” yet, but I do try to tell my own story without saying a word. Everything you see on me is a clue to what I’m about. Every detail counts!

  • Respect is GIVEN, to everyone. People are supposed to GIVE respect to all people as part of human dignity, no matter the circumstances. TRUST is earned.

  • Forgot to mention: women always try to say that men and women can be “friends”; this video disproves that notion, because friendship implies a two way street of respect, but if a woman sees you as a low status male (thus a creature in her eyes worthy of every sort of disrespect simply because you are “low status” and/or not Alpha) then friendship according to an objective barometer is biologically impossible, as the respect is not reciprocated both ways equally: thus the sex instinct and the female obsession with the sexual hierarchy render it absolutely impossible for the sexes to friends.

  • This explains my high school experience. Had skill that gained the respect of the upper class. Then when I was the upper class I was revered especially from middle schoolers.

  • Yes Respect is important.
    Respect myself Frist.
    Stand up for myself.
    Stand up for what I believe in.
    Be polite
    Keith Martin doesn’t respect himself lol

  • I respect everyone, I speak respectfully, I stand up to what I believe is right, and I respect myself, but every single person in my school believes that the only way to be “popular” or “respected” is to put everyone else down. I regularly get tormented and picked on, and whenever I try to have a respectful and serious conversation with someone, they find a way to take advantage of me and use me or belittle me. This has made me depressed, and at some point, suicidal. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  • Idk if it’s superficial or not, but I always wanna look and feel high status, even tho I come from normal means. Maybe I wanna show those around me that u can make it nonetheless. ��‍♂️

  • Seen it with a group of “friends”; the alpha female ordered around all the guys but one, who was the dominant male: the funny thing though is this, she said she treats them all equally, yet she would not order around the “dominant” male.
    My first Red Pill.

  • What you do when someone humiliates your work?
    and Then he come to you again for another work
    Without apologizing

    This person humiliates me all the time
    I always forgive but I feel that this time has gone too far

  • I agree with a lot of what y’all both said but I just don’t see it happening I see a lot of women that say they want respect and to be treated like a woman but always ge with the asshole

  • The part about giving it your all no matter how small or insignificant task it may be reminds me of what my university lector once told us: “Let everything you do reflect your excellence”… True words and I follow it till this day!

  • Ive watched a few of his videos but I really don’t like them. Usually he spends half the video trying to sell a product and this one says psychological steps to not be disrespected but there’s nothing psychological about it. ��

  • I’m happy you guys said women need to stand up. Marc and Kara if you read this. You know how ridiculous dating is for a guy in their early 20’s now? I’m 24, and respectful, I do alright with women. But I’ve had situations where I lose women to guys calling them bitches and not giving them any attention. Thing is the girls don’t even mind these days, they find it funny and go along with them anyways.

  • These are dominant codes of power, already inching towards lapsed codes. This video could use a few emerging codes too. Also, the video also propagates stereotypes, so a disclaimer would be appreciated (even if you’re just trying to help). Cheers!

  • It’s more complicated than this. Being so cold hearted constantly will make her run eventually. There’s a very thin balance that keeps her falling for you. Always pushing her away is gonna push her to find a different dude. You can be a leader and a man without being an asshole. I promise.

  • after my 10th im reacting after thinking only now it is third year of racting after thinking iam controlling myself a lot by not letting my real feelings out of my house like frozen girl iam living i became an introvert.i dont get respect if iam being myself i think people who r more humble will not get respect i hate my situation literlly being an innocent girl is difficult to live

  • Idk i just have this personality where my friends and classmates call me whatever and i just laugh it off so they think its ok and ive done it for so long everyone i meet prettt much does it. It just sucks sometimes bc all my friends are so chill and everyone talks to them and i have to act like a clown for anyone to even acknowledge me. I tried to fix this part of me but the change only lasts for a few days and then i go back to my usual self. Anyway im just hoping this is just a hs phase and ill grow out of it when i graduate lol

  • If you fellows have watched “A boy and his dog” 1975 is a MGTOW movie! You can find it and stream it, it is very alagorgic about modern times…very interesting!

  • When I see a young well dressed, entitled, millennial, soy boi with a man bun walking head down lost in his smartphone this old man, who knows how to use every type of phone, is walking and enjoying the world around thinking that poor guy doesn’t even know how to write a letter in cursive, and pronounces the word Plymouth as ply-mouth. Don’t get old Antonio.

  • Rather see a man treat his wife right, and raise his children properly than try to be an alpha Male with status symbols any day…but still enjoyed the video!

  • I don’t care what status princess ‘thinks’ I am. She comes at me with a disrespectful attitude she gets the same in return and much worse

  • I’ m a 165 lb natural kickboxer and judo player and my neck it’s twice his size. Maybe we put much emphasis in neck training but that look is weird to me.

  • There are foods you can eat that will build testosterone.
    1. Ginger
    2. Pomegranates

    3.Almond milk, coconut milk, hemp milk.
    Leafy greens. (Spinach, Swiss Chard, Kale.
    4. Olive oil

  • Damn this hits home for me so much. So many men in the business world aligns being “alpha” with toxic masculinity, but being alpha is a man who takes responsibility, takes ownership, is kind, is fair, is honest. You nailed this one.

  • Unpopular opinion: having beards at any length DO NOT automatically make you alpha. It’s become the equivalent of women stuffing their bra. Nobody cares you want to run around pretending to be a Viking or that you have a glass jaw, it’s supremely annoying when it’s literally your identity.

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  • Hey can u plz solve my prob sir, i am 16, girl,.. I always like my frnds but they not respect me as i wan’t, N one of my frnd always makes fun of others suggest mr what to do sir plz?? N other thing their is also one of my frnd who shows so much frndship in front of me n when a other frnd comes in between she always ignore me i am soo upset plz help?

  • ladies. Your beaf-flaps will only get you so far. Time to step it up and learn how to cook, empty balls regularly, and be a source of light in your man’s life. Build kingdoms together with all the highs and lows

  • This is tricky to me because why would you want to be in a relationship that feels non existent. I’m a guy so I can’t fully grasp the logic and so fathers that leave mothers alone to raise the child are very attractive or an ideal masculine/alpha man An extreme statement but the logic does lead me to think thats the good thing to do.

  • I thought this was going to be a “alpha male traits” video, but it turned out to be a money=alpha_status disclaimer. Duh, as if we never knew.

  • “You can loose respect chasing love but you can’t loose love chasing respect” it’s impossible for people to love you if they don’t RESPECT you first.

  • This helped me alot
    Thanks much
    I got a request, I’m gonna be straight up with u so that u understand where I’m coming from,,, I end up giving too much information to people I just don’t know when to shut up. I end regretting n cursing the day, I’m too emotional
    Help me on how to restore my dignity n how to shut n be self preserved

  • I’m a female and I’m gonna play the video for my brother. Scared to walk away from a woman treating him like shit. He doesn’t understand his fear of walking away is the root of his problems


  • Stop encouraging the idea that you need to be rich to be in shape! It takes 0 extra time or money to eat less. Portion sizes are out of control in the US.

  • I usually don’t invest much on shoes. Except! My Allen Edmonds, it is common to get compliments on those shoes. I rarely get compliments on my Omega watch, but plenty when I wear a cheep, thin, and simple watch with an alligator strap.

  • bla bla bla bla You earn respect by your actions. Simple as that, who gives a shit about your style? Apperance and Hygiene? Ok thats actually for healthy reasons and following social protocols and you know not smelling LIKE SHIT is kinda of important but seriusly style? Judging a book for his cover? fock off man. Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words so there thats how you earn respect by acting not talking…..only few people actually do this. Also Brute Force and overpowering people is also another way to earn respect but is really cheap specially if use guns, now doing it with your Fists now thats different.

  • How I fucked my ex who dumped me for a complete piece of shit:

    Ignored her for a year, talked to her every 3-5 months very briefly for 3 more years, got a new amazing career with security. I let her know that I surpassed her professionally and that my life was better than hers. She came back in a heartbeat and I fucked her quickly. I rarely speak to her. She always make contact first.

    Be a man and just live a better life. Bitches will come crawling.

  • I’m laughing at the phone comments. I’m 60 and most of my peers have newish smart phones and have no clue how to use most of the features. I’m a retired assembly language programmer (if you don’t know what that means, you know less than squat about technology) and I carry a flip phone. Why? It works. I have no need or desire to check my email while I’m dining with friends.

  • if other person didn’t give you respect with start what we can do…..wait wait I know you’re answer…but I do already 3.. 4 time make him cool down so….then….you have to show you’re own attitude….

  • Hey man love the videos. Just wanted you to know that your words ARE reaching the younger generation. I’m 16 and have learned SO much from your videos. Just wanted to let you know that the coming up generation isn’t going to be pure dicks. Maybe your faith in humanity is a little restored.

  • Half of what he said is just fucking wrong. The biggest alphas i ever met never had to prove anything with material goods. There are true alphas and there are situational alphas. Harvey weinsein an example of situational alpha. Mad dog mattis a true alpha. Don’t conflate the 2

  • Antonio get a real Car (Mercedes). Elegant, high quality, functional and the best on the road. And it always suits a Real Gentleman:-)

    Greets from Germany

  • I took a tip from Einstein.

    Quote: “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president.” Unquote. Nobody is better or greater than anyone else. It works.

  • Liked video right when I got to step 3, made my day. It’s really unnecessary when people curse a lot in conversations, they think they are cool doing that in their own way, but it’s not even necessary like Alpha said it himself. Thank you @alpha m. for bringing that up.

  • Men with higher status don’t want a woman even close to the amount of money and power that he has. He expects total submission from his woman. That’s why high earning or poweful females can’t get or keep men around them the same way a high value man can keep women. A woman’s value is her looks and femininity and fertility. She can scrub floors for a living and it wouldn’t matter.

  • Love the video Marc, Learned a few things from this. Respect is a indicator on a person’s character and how they were raised too. Especially people who make comments about children. Even when someone offends me or says hurtful words, I still have respect not to fight the person but simply tell them they should reconsider their behavior.

  • All the people who I do business with don’t need know my title. They come to me for answers and to get what they want. I never put my title or my degrees in my signature block for emails. They all know who I am.

    I am one of very few who wears a suit in the office. Even my boss and his boss do not. When I wear one I get noticed by my clients and they listen to what I have to say.

    To be honest it feels real good when you are in a position to make things happen for people because they come to you for answers.

  • About tech; in the same time Apple, Samsung and other top brands are taking us for pigeon and I do not see a tech gap between iphone 6/6s & SE with iphone 11. I am a blackberry fan and for business q10, classic and keyone & 2 are the best.

  • That is not respect, that’s opportunistic exploitation ��
    The ONLY reason any female interacts with any male is if she can get or thinks she can get something from him.

  • Shame about your examples of ‘good shoes’. Maybe have a look at some of the Northampton manufacturers shoes in black or dark calf leather. Well looked after but nothing flashy is best. They often look better with age.

  • I did this experiment on seeking arrangement. On that site I make $250K and some pictures I took at a high end mens fashion store. I get 10 messages per day from 8s and 9s willing to meet me anywhere anytime, At the bar in jeans and a shirt those same women, some of them the exact same girl, won’t talk to me.

  • Love the video man. Love you make it more than just fitness. The truth is women don’t want respect or you to be nice though. At least 0 college women do. Hopefully it changes when I graduate.

  • When I was a teen (years ago), a wise man told me women only want something from you. And over the years, I came to realize how right he was. Your video is additional proof. This is why I’m MGTOW.

  • Great video, will definitely get a share on this from me. I have actually enjoyed you seeing some of these other videos on these topics. It’s amazing the hate and dislike I see towards you and a lot of the other guys on YouTube and guys are just trying to help people. Good shit man, keep it up!!

  • Sorry Alpha but your last point is probably the worst thing you can do especially in a world when monopolies and conglomerates own the game.

  • 8. The 8th should be “owning up to your mistakes”.

    Recently I broke a railing at my local Aquarama (swimming pool area) because I liked to practice parkour. There were even witnesses. But I wasn’t embarrased that people saw me, the real embarrasement came from the fact that I had been warned before about that specific railing multiple times as I had been caught before.
    I knew doing nothing would be cowardly even if it meant I’d be late for class. I went ahead and found a staffer doing some construction or something at this place and I asked if he worked here. I needed to see someone I could tell this incident about and meet my fate. He quickly led me to someone I could talk to, and guess what? It was the guy who had told me twice before that I couldn’t jump on the railing. The moment he saw me he said “You. I have talked to you before.” and I said “Yes. You’re right. Karma finally caught up with me huh?” I told him about the incident and even had to tell him it was worse than he thought because I had sorta fixed the railing but in reality it had actually fallen off. (I had time to make it look better as the worker was fetching him for me.) After explaining it was worse than he thought I asked what I could do to make this better. I told him I could pay and fully opened myself for whatever was coming.
    However I was lucky in that he said that only if I do it again will I get a fine. But right then and there he said he’ll fix it. The only condition was that I had to stop running on the railing which I of course agreed to.
    I shook his hand and thanked him for being so kind to me. He did deserve it, this was the guy who had TWICE warned me specifically about that same specific railing. Still he put all of this on his own resources. The guy is probably way more alpha than me.
    I shaked myself together, channeled the feeling of embarrasement so I can learn and remember exactly how it felt for later in life and I ran to the next class.
    I got there in time.

    That’s were the Aq story ends. Now comes why it should’ve been in the video.

    After a short while, the same day actually, friends and a few who had seen the railing and knew I used to jump there came asked questions. I know telling the truth is a good quality to have even though it might be an embarrasing truth, so I told the story. Even the part where I was warned twice. I was hoping that people would laugh at my own stupidity with me, but instead they didn’t something else nice. Especially one guy in particular said how brave I was for taking on my own fault so quickly and honestly. It was a bit surprising, but we do have a very supportive community so I don’t know.
    Not a single frown or furrowed eyebrow.
    Just to be clear, I’m not saying to go out there and break railings, but when you inevitably do mistakes, like a stupid 16 yr old like me, (even though you should do whatever is in your power NOT to do them) own up to them. Admit it. If something’s your fault, just say it. It’s a temporary pain for you to do the right thing. I made one promise to myself at 13 years of age. It was right after I was forced into having a bad time because someone didn’t want to interfere being scared of what it would bring later. “No matter how I feel. No matter what others might think, If I truly believe something is the right thing to do. I will do it.”

  • I agree with the tech thing you mentioned. When an older individual has an old phone, I do think they’re behind the times. However, it is equally bad to be an older individual with the newest and flashiest iPhone, but no clue how to use it. Both send signals that you are beyond the times, even if you are using top-tier technology.

  • its not in the bible it was Confucius (chinese thinker) that said that:
    “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.”

    love the content (first time writing on your channel btw)
    take care

  • Why should a man put forth the effort and invest in women these days? huMAN did a great video ‘She Can’t Love Like That’ which explains all you need to know about her ‘love’ for you. Invest in yourself, pursue your goals that better YOU. If you find a woman who wants to be your copilot, so be it. But never once think she’s yours…it’s just your turn.

  • Dom from fast and furious is Alpha.

    In all seriousness though. Alpha isn’t about lopks, the way you talk, or body language

    It’s defined by actions and what you do and how you think!

  • Confidence goes a hella long way. Think your TI would be half as effective if he wasn’t confident? Absolutely not. Think you can lead not just manage if you can’t be confident in your actions? Not by a long shot. Stand/sit up straight, keep eye contact, and stand by your decisions; and of course, be willing to accept criticism and adapt your plan accordingly.

  • This AMS is a very relatable dude. You won’t think he is this way from watching his channel. This guy right here seems actually very kind, professional, and approachable.

  • Hi I’m Jose I need a suggestion when parents shelter children grown up children not appreciating what parents do is it because shelter create desrepect hope you reply! Because of it when children get out off hand you have to be somewhat stern huh

  • AMS, what do you do if you break up with her tell her that your won’t tolerate her shit nomore & right after you break up with her she start blowing your phone & crying saying don’t leave me, & just blowing your phone bout it

  • Being on your purpose can also be taking care of your pet reptiles, or getting those achievements in your fovorite videogame.
    Do something more funner than thinking bout some tricky girl. Let them chase you and dont feel sorry for NO DAMN GIRL!

    wow I wish I knew this in my early 20s, but then again, i probably would have a bunch of kids. So it’s all good timing for me.

  • You ate really helping me with my outlook on myself. U went from me not knowing who TF you were, to now.. Respecting and looking at you for advice and all THINGS ALPHA M

  • stay single men
    we are in the end times of the bible

    PROVERBS 5:5
    Her feet go down to death, Her steps lay hold of hell

  • I’m surprised the most obvious one isn’t on the list. That’s the gorgeous woman. You wouldn’t see Harvey Specter buying male enhancement drugs. You know why? He only dates gorgeous women. Ones that build him up, not nag him or work against him. Ones that take care of themselves…physically and emotionally.

  • So your video on bro-split and your apology and man, that takes guts and got responded with respect from the people who ‘called you out’. Self-knowledge, willingness to learn.
    You are alpha.

  • I think most men do not know how to put women in their place. I feel like being around women is like going to a “movie”. Sometimes a movie is so predictable and bad that I’ll walk out early. For instance The Last Star Wars Movie… ����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️����‍♂️

  • My god is that right. Millennial men have lost interest. The old saying “why buy a book when you can borrow from the library.” Women in their 30s are old editions.

  • This video should be titled “Everything wrong with society”. Nothing wrong with having nice things, but judging people on what they have/wear is just ridiculous.

  • Trying to talk sense into trolls is a losing battle. Instead you should have a thick skin for the internet and all of its comments or you’re not suitable in this line of work.

    you defined the alpha male and what that term should stand for, you couldn’t have said it better! I hope to achieve and be given that status very soon:)
    much respect and cheers to you both! (flex’s bicep)

  • Sorry, but this guy’s energy is way off to me. My head is spinning from listening to him because his energy is stressful. I pick up pain, hurt, and confusion, when he should be calm, centered, and clear on who to give his time to. It seems that he would smother a woman. When you meet the woman God has for you, it will be relatively EASY to be with her. If she calls you 3 times a day, pulls away when you pull slowly closer, makes you beg for her time, or doesn’t know what she wants, she is not the one. Point blank, Period. Move on. I don’t get why we are spending time talking about this? It’s elementary and you should be way past giving this type of woman any thought. Become celibate and wait for the right girl. Yes, men should be celibate, too. While you are waiting, work on yourself.

  • I want a man with a healthy balance. Have something going for himself, such as his career or furthering his education. Yet not be so consumed that spending quality time is null and void.

    I think a lot of what was brought up, in the video, came from situations where the women were still finding themselves. So no, she wouldn’t be able to tell you what she wanted because she had not completely figured it out for herself yet.

    It also sounded like some of the women were not use to a man being affectionate and showing genuine interest. This can happen for many different reasons, over the course of these women’s lives. At the end of the day, the best idea would be to have a heart to heart conversation, to understand the reasons behind the actions. Remember the reasons behind people’s actions are not a “one size fits all”.

  • Always remember that every interaction with a female will always be transactional. They are looking to take your time talent or money. There are no exceptions to this rule

  • You nailed it bro. It’s in their nature. Like bears are attracted to picnics and honey, women are attracted to status and money! Keep up the good work my man.

  • Status, Money, Looks. In that order. Status is ultimately connected with money nowadays since there is no poor “landless aristocracy” with their “status” anymore so it’s all about money, folks.

  • Bro I got to cash app you. You’ve been doing your thang and been giving real advice that works. I’ve been through the stuff you talk and I’ve been working on stuff that you said before I ran across you and it’s official. You’ve giving real knowledge to males so they can win. This info can save lives and do many other things. Thanks bro

  • Thanks Antonio! I appreciated the point about shoes. I always look at peoples shoes, especially when they are “dressed up”. It shows a lot about the person’s attention to detail or their lack thereof.

  • Never seek validation from the hypergamous squirrel brain of a female. She will never be happy, even if you are the Prince of England.

  • this is why reationship is wasting time and effort for men. men are created to be free. relationship is just full of risk and stressful for men. the best life for men is to stay single.

  • Manliness: so rare its an art, sincerely the last twenty year old guy alive who knows how to hold a door.

  • Shit…in truth of the show the Wonder Years he didn’t even get Winnie in the end….

    When he came back into town he met up with Winnie…her husband and her kids with his family as well.


  • I dont know if I’m unique in saying this, but I disagree with most of what he said. Women do want affection. We want our man to be emotionally available and he’s promoting the opposite. There’s so much to unpack here. I would recommend that men should not listen to this. It discredits women’s needs and he even says women don’t know what they want. C’mon. Some of us are intelligent and can use logic and reasoning to make decisions. I hate knowing that someone is believing this. If a man shows he’s not willing to spend time with me or not willing to show affection, I lose interest. I do agree a man has to find happiness alone, but don’t treat a woman like she’s not valuable. The love of my life used to text me several times a day from the day we met and I loved it because I was into him. I fell for him from the first date. I liked alot about him immediately. So, I looked forward to hearing from him. In my eyes, it showed his interest. He’s just that kind of guy. He liked to lead the texting communication and I was ok with that. If a woman really likes you genuinely, you won’t need these games to make her like you. This also applies if she’s doesn’t like you. If you don’t text a woman that doesn’t like you she will be happy to get rid of you. Every woman has different needs as men do. Our jobs as dating adults is to figure out who we are as individuals, what would work in a relationship with the person and treat the person accordingly. There is no blanket dating strategy, just use logic and follow your heart.

  • Totally agree about the technology thing. I’m 50, but keep up on it and actually use it so I don’t feel lost. One of my favorite quotes: “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

  • English: His tips are very good and I agree with the effect they have socially, especially on jewelry, shoes and cars. However, I believe that it encourages everyone who watches this channel to adopt an extremely consumerist lifestyle, don’t you think? On smartphones, new technologies and increasingly powerful smartphones are launched every month (AND EXPENSIVE!). Watching channels like yours is valid to try to boost some people’s self-esteem, but that will lead them to an extremely consumerist life and that is dangerous. Guys, his tips are very good and what he says about what society thinks about you according to what you use on your body IS TOTALLY TRUE but adopt the tips in moderation please.


    Suas dicas são muito boas e concordo com o efeito que elas causam socialmente, principalmente sobre as joias, calçados e carros. Porém, acredito que isso estimula a todos que assistem este canal a adotar uma vida extremamente consumista, você não acha? Sobre os smartphones, todos os meses são lançados novas tecnologias e smartphones cada vez mais poderosos (E CAROS!). Assistir canais como o seu é válido para tentar aumentar a autoestima de algumas pessoas, mas isso às levará à uma vida extremamente consumista e isso é perigoso. Gente as dicas dele são boas e o que ele fala sobre o que a sociedade pensa sobre você de acordo com o que usas em seu corpo É VERDADE mas adotem as dicas com moderação por favor.

  • Where I fuck up at is that when I Broke up with my ex after that I was chasing behind her and begging her to come back. And now she don’t want no part of me. But now I’m focusing on myself. But I need to get out of this blue pill Mind.

  • When society collapses, we’ll see just how strong and independent women truly are. Western women are in for the shock of their lives, never knowing hunger or poverty ( as the government usually has their back with our taxes ) they’ll suffer much more than men and will soon be selling their bodies for bars of chocolate or soap ( they’d have to clean my house for bars of chocolate ). Thankfully more and more men are MGTOW and will not become Simps.

  • Go to for a free online visit and free two-day shipping.

    WATCH NEXT: (15 WORST!) Body Language MISTAKES Men Make.
    What status symbol would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!


    0:02 High-quality shoes

    1:13 Body type

    2:01 Custom clothing

    2:45 Confidence

    4:05 Your vehicle

    5:58 Jewelry

    7:12 Technology

    8:04 Social circle

    8:53 Body language

  • My view of an old person with an old smartphone is “Hey this guy actually knows how to use the internet. They must have put forth some serious effort how to learn to use it.”

  • This is why women should not be equal to men; because as William Blake said “Theoretical equality produces practical superiority”.

  • There’s not much science behind this. The image you have on yourself, that image the world will receive. If you respect yourself, the world will do it.

  • I’m almost 40 yrs old I’m single with no kids. And I ain’t shit I’m a temp worker getting low balled by negative ppl and bullshit. I was homeless and no one didn’t want to befriend me I don’t have girls to kick it wit because I vent on social media about my life. I don’t have a real job. And I’m stuck on stupid. I’m outta shape and I’m gullible for everything right now. I’m fucked up beyond all recognition idk what to do I’m about in a man’s body I don’t even beat my dick no more. And I get horny a lot plus the women in my life curving the shit outta me. I don’t have respect from no one.. cause I’m not on my feet I’m not confident I’m weak and feeling sorry for myself imma bitch out here I need help

  • I don’t know about this one. Iam kinda on the fence with this one. I guess it matters where you are on the food chain. I love our town and country mini van.

  • Just a quick off topic question to ask the community that shares my mentors. 

    When someone sees you with a new tool, gadget, garment, shoes accessory etc and the first thing they ask is “how much did that cost?” Does that suggest low value? I feel like it does and inside I make a negative judgement but I can’t articulate why…

  • Just like “Fit Gent”, this page is one of my favorites. Get your point across (somewhat quick) and the points you try to cover are all so clever

  • Respect goes both ways if you respect me i respect you if you don’t than that’s the same treatment your going to get, plain and simple.

  • I really needed to hear this cause mine is long distance yea its couple days after her period she still acting bitchy.. and acting weird.. she wont responds to my messages she sees them no phone calls but im playing the silence game.. it worked in the past w my x lol

  • I was on the same track where I was very slow at learning women’s nature. I joined the military and I didn’t care about rank and moving up higher. I was glad to be out of my parents house and on my own and able to do what I wanted. It took a while…into my 30’s when I started to want to gain rank and I did and then I noticed how the younger female troops started to act around me and give me attention for no real reason.

    Women cannot help their nature at being attracted to those men with higher status and younger men do not understand why. Why would a young woman want to be with an old guy…I still don’t get it sometimes. I’m trying to explain to my son about women and status and developing himself but I can’t compete with Xbox Live and his phone. I suppose I was like that when I was younger as well and so the cycle continues.

  • My mom’s boyfriend has no respect for me, yes he is older, but it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have respect, if I’m talking to my mother he should have respect to let me speak, if I ask her a question, he gets upset and calls me fat, stupid, dumb and a lot more stuff, sometimes I wish that I could die, bc even in school I feel like trash, no friends, nobody there to help me, I just feel like hope is lost, I wish that I would be young again, or extremely old so I could die sooner

  • how do you guys not understand that people making those kind of comments are the lowlife of society.  Just let them be and they will naturally waste away and darwinism will take care of them.

  • Nothing guarantee females.. Moses died with no family. Why do you care about a parasite if it wasn’t for sex? Adam never needed Eve she was forced upon him. Are females even worth it? Adam wasn’t even ASKED if he was lonely the POS took it upon himself to make another dirt suit called female. If POS didn’t even ask me if I wanted a companion how the FUQ do I have free will?


  • For discipline take cold showers honestly life changing shit could showers at 5 am when it’s already cold is discipline but feels so great

  • Men because of pride Choose to do it the hard way
    Go for a date and talk
    Learn to dance
    Start touching her before you speak
    Then you will not develope feelings

  • New to your channel. You are amazing great advice. I am a woman. And I always say this. My word is my honor. I am paraphrasing. Great information.

  • But what if she does call you the next day… what if she text you almost everyday do I not talk to her. Since we’ve broken up I finally got the job I wanted, and Ive been on my purpose workin out, and tryna eat right, thank you AMS but is there a way to get her back because I want her back but she will respect me for it

  • and also people dont do anything when they see others being mistreated or whatever bad happening is because everybody believes that the other will do something. It is a psychological phenomenon that paralyses…..distributes the responsibility to everyone but everyone thinks someone else will do it

  • well, basically only one real thing is a confidence. Vehicle, technologies etc its just an accesories which can help you feel more confident, things by itselfs gives yours nothing… weak video this time…

  • What do I do when she broke up with me but still want to see me, text me and call me everyday?

    I know she got another dude in her life but she keeps reaching out.

  • I am not rich enough for any girl wanting to Gold dig on me I am very fortunate that I don’t have to deal with that mess….I have stalkers….lol

  • Take pride in me
    Independent thinker
    Say please and thanks
    Think b4 u react
    Respect others
    Don’t bad mouth
    Be a man of ur word
    Try ur best at all time

  • This issue of financial security transcends the desire to get laid or be revered by some random piece of ass.

    Men need to start getting extremely selfish about their lives and energy. We all know that the vast majority of homeless in the U.S. are men but we never think it can happen to us.

    Don’t be fooled.

    Start taking calculated steps toward securing money for those inevitable rainy days WELL before they turn into a flood.

    Women will come and go. Spare yourself the suffering and humiliation of starving in the gutter in your golden years. Plan. Save. Invest.

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  • Yes I agree with him because people of this society needs to learn to respect others because it’s shows honor and trust towards others that you are honest of word being a good example to others that you are very creative and intelligent in your everyday life of respecting your Family and Friends all the time and it’s the right thing to do and be a great role model towards others. ����������������

  • 2:30 exactly. That’s what what i have been telling these retards. “Respect is a two way street”

    I have been preaching this shit on and off for two years and people only want to perceive what I said the way they want to. Lots of folks believe the world revolves around them and they act like they can disrespect the next person while still being respected in return. Shit doesn’t work like that.

  • Great point about technology! When I visit a doctor, who has an ancient PC or Mac, running a 10 year old OS, on a tiny VGA monitor, I get a VERY uneasy feeling.


  • Nothing new nothing hard. Things only go south when you’ve tied the knot. It’s a complete ball game with marriage. Worst when you’ve kids. Afterall what’s so hard leaving a disrespecting girlfriend? Talk about some real worst sh*t than these baby advices��