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When You Have All the Gear but No Idea

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Give the Gift of Fitness: Gear for the Most Active People on Your List. by Under Armour Official Outfitters. November 30, 2016. 1 Comment.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving — and keeps them going. Help the people on your list stay motivated to achieve their 2017 fitness goals with high-performance gear they’ll wear beyond the holiday season. Give the mature man in your life the gift of a better fitness plan, designed specifically for him.

Trainer David Jack guides you through an 8-week program to take guys over 40 to their fullest. This curated list gives you the 30 best fitness gifts for the women in your life who like to work out. Your girlfriend, wife, mom, or sister will love it all.

The 37 Best Fitness Gifts For Active Women. Below is a list of the best fitness gifts for 2019, in case you need some health and wellness gift ideas for your holiday shopping this season. Buying fitness gifts for health junkies and outdoor enthusiasts can be tricky because they often know the exactly what they like — and in most cases, they already own it.

With so many competing brands all boasting the latest and greatest workout gear, it’s tough to choose a gift that won’t collect dust. Find the perfect present for your impossible-to-shop-for and athleisure-obsessed friend (or treat yo’ self) with this boutique fitness gift guide. We’ve got the trendiest workout gear of the season, the buzziest new tech, “it” beauty products, and plenty of just-for-fun gifts for every studio-hopping lady on your list.

Fitness Gear Give a Gift Subscription this link opens in a new tab; The golfer on your list is sure to appreciate this set of golf balls, often considered the best out there, since they’re. 15 Affordable Gifts For the Most Active People in Your Life, Because Workouts Are Expensive. Gifts For Women Fitness Gear Gift Guide Gifts Under $75 Gifts Under $50 Gifts Under $100 Gifts. The LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker can help you reach your diet, weight loss and fitness goals by tracking your daily calories and exercise.

Lose weight easily by setting your weight goals and track your calories and progress with our comprehensive online food journal containing more than 1 million food and fitness items. From workout headphones to the latest fitness gadgets, there’s a gift for every personal trainer on this list. We’ve made your shopping experience easier by narrowing down the best options.

List of related literature:

This setting is ideal for promoting good-natured competitions and lotteries for targeted behaviors (e.g., all participants who record the type and amount of physical activity engaged in over a period of weeks may receive a chance to win a gift certificate toward exercise clothing or equipment).

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Last year someone gave me a fitness tracker as a gift.

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and selecting exercise equipment to buy, and 5.

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A better marketing tactic based on the science of exercise might read: “Sign up now for indoor cycling so you will feel better and enjoy your holiday!”

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A new treadmill that saves them trips to the fitness gym may also be appreciated.

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  • just because the adult is holding the kids hand don’t mean it’s a kidnapper the kid could be scared and want to hold the adult’s hand!?!?!?!!?!??!??!?!??!!!?!???!???!?!??!

  • Nice review and straight, you said something that i has been waiting reviewer to say. The heart rate sensor on on the active2. Is not realy accurate. Is shame for sumsung. To give a useless heart rate sensor and they are planining AN ECG FOR A WATCH THAT THE HR IS NOT ACCURATE, I JUST WONDER HOW FDA WILL APPROVE SUCH THING. IF THEY DO APROVE IT THEN FDA IS A JOKE

  • Dude I saw u vids wher u showed yourself.. Without talking.. But u a too funny guy not to talk.. It’s way better.. Maybe u could do more then just gym stuff.

  • not a fan of this workout too much talking in the beginning (3 mins) and then just demonstrating the moves rather than doing the entire routine

  • LOVED this video! I am so happy I found you on the net:) I don’t know why you do your channel but my feeling is that it’s for fun and so I just want to tell you that it’s fantastic:)
    I was thinking of doing the same for my community (French Canadian) and do it only for fun (not monetising youtube) One thing I have learned from watching another great lady (Sunny Lenarduzzi) is to look at your analytics and see what people watch and I was thinking, if you were to do this video again but in real time, people would watch it over and over as they would workout with you! I have done the work out with you this morning but kept on pressing pause. Anyway, just a thought:) Thanks and continue to be fab

  • I do Cathe Friedrich workouts and I have toned arms but they are also covered with cellulite! I can’t believe I have cellulite now! And on my arms?! Ugh

  • would be nice, if possible, to do another video, we can just follow each day? without listening to the whole explanation each time. Thank you:)

  • I love you so much and watching your videos in quarantine is great because it gives me something to do ��My insta is serenity_frazier

  • I love this watch active 2, it works great, everything about is is great,,,,except the EUG ( ekg ) still isn’t ready yet even though the hardware is in the watch,,that’s the only dowen fall so far

  • Leo’s reaction to wearing the doggy hoodie ������ I CAN’T BREATHE
    Just like:
    Hope: Leo? You hate it??
    Leo: Leo.exe has stopped working

  • I chatted this evening with a rep from Samsung because I was considering
    buying the Active 2. I brought up the negative reviews about the
    tracking and the HR monitor. I asked if there was an update in the
    pipeline. He acknowledged that there was one. I asked if there was a
    timeline and he said no. I then asked about the promised ECG not being
    activated. He said they were still tweaking it. I asked if there was a
    timeline for this considering that we are close to month six and it was
    promised in early 2020. The reply was once again, no there none. When I
    told him that because of this, I would be purchasing a Garmin device, he
    replied, I am sorry about this”. End of conversation.

  • Hello, thank you for your video. I will start doing the exercises today. May I ask when do I breathe in and out? Do I exhale when i lift? Thank you so much.

  • What the hell were those 4 skinny ass spotters gonna do?? Literally didn’t help at all. Felt bad for the powerlifter but then again..

  • I choose Father to save first! He is strong, so i and he will quickly save my Mother. Money is not important, family are No. 1 important.

  • He chooses her as the queen because he burned all the seeds to see who would buy new won but she said I’m sorry I tried my best to grow it

  • Great review. I love how comprehensive you are. Have you had a chance to test out the GPS again? I hear there was a recent update that improved it.

  • So happy I found you Schellea. A bright spot in the situation we find ourselves in now. I look forward to exercising with you every day and will continue to do so when life returns to “normal”. Thanks for all you do. You are so bright and wonderful. You bring so much of your energy and passion to every video and it shows.

  • I love Australians….just saying! I have been using 20lb weights and still my right arm tricep is flabby! But I will try that behind the head tricep move. Also I do tricep lifts with a chair and can do 80 male pushups with breaks after every 20 but quit those because I wasn’t seeing any results after years of doing these. Dr. Berg recommend HIIT exs. But I cant do alot of jogging or jumping because of my knees. I do treadmill workouts at 4.o mph intermittent speeds from 3.0 to 3.5 and 4.0 for 90 minutes. I still have cellulite…help!

  • Best review that I’ve ever witnessed on YouTube. Nobody goes in this much details using maps and different gadgets. I can imagine the hard work putin in making such an elaborate video.Hats off to you. Keep up the good work. I am subscribing to your channel.

  • You’re a good guy. Going and doing a review in that weather. Thanks for this. The Active 2 was on my possible list but that HR monitor issue and all of the permissions. I think I will stick with my Garmin family!

  • Hello again! I just finished doing the flabby arm workout and 10 minute arm workout. I haven’t done it in a while because I’ve been doing other workouts with my senior center instructor, walking, biking, and yardwork. But, I really needed to get back on the stick with these exercises too! I can feel the burn this morning and that’s a good thing. Thanks Schellea and have a great day. Cathy

  • Oh my goodness I need this one so bad!! If I was to wave at somebody my arm fat with slap my own face lol thank you so much sis most definitely will be doing this one everyday too �� ❤️ you are fabulous ���������������� by the way my husband went to pinch me on the hiney and he said wow honey, firm lol ����������

  • It seems people are not wearing the watch for best HR monitoring. Heart rate straps will always be more accurate though. Finally get to know all the features well to really enjoy the watch.

  • I just bought the Galaxy active 2 as my first smartwatch and I’ve got to say I am disappointed in Samsung. I also have a Galaxy s10 and thought it was weird that on the watch there is no Google maps or Google play store. Most of the decent apps on The Galaxy store have to be purchased. I like the fact that you can connect to Spotify or add your own music to the internal memory of the watch, but unfortunately not able to make playlists. It does have internet and YouTube but that doesn’t justify the price point for a watch that can’t or won’t run any Google apps even though the Samsung phones can. Also no word on the ECG sensor. Imagine if the next galaxy phone that came out had no Google app store or Google maps support? I am going to be returning both watches that I bought and waiting for one that has Google features as well. I am not hating on Samsung at all I’m just disappointed because the watch had so much potential.

  • Ive started today and I will follow the routine x 3 per week. I will report progress in 3 months. I need to e exercise because I am losing weight with Noom.

  • If you are a fangirl of someone in these videos, and get triggered and throw a bitch fit, then please show yourselves out the door. I’m laughing at your heroes’ pain and there’s nothing any of you can do except sulk and whine like 12 year old girls suffering their period for the first time. I hope this guy continues to feature these high profile lifters failing for my amusement and for all you oversensitive triggered fools who take everything so seriously to continue crying. FoH this guy doesn’t need your views or subscription. No effeminate beta males allowed here. Go to the kitchen, drink your soy lattes and make sandwiches for real men like your dads or brothers.

  • Did you get the “yoga mat” for Leo though?!?! ��
    I LOVE five below, I have a shoe problem so I like to get my shoes from there so I don’t feel as bad for spending $30 dollars on shoes because I ended up getting 6 for the price of 1 at another store. ��‍♀️��‍♀️���� IG: @aly55ia_

  • Hi Schellea I just wanted to let you know this video changed my workout routine for the better! I was exercising everyday and could never tone my arms which drove me crazy… but since finding your videos and following your suggestions I have been seeing and feeling results so now I feel more confident wearing sleeveless tops! Thank you again for your great website I really am enjoying the information and love your genuine personality which is very refreshing!!!

  • One of the most pure YouTubers and always yourself ❤️ thank you for not being psycho and just staying true to who you are and not giving in to everything and everyone else’s craziness in the world Insta: shantle07

  • Hi Schellea! I have just discovered your You Tube videos and what to say a very big THANK YOU!!! In all the topics I have watched so far, you are very informative, the exercises are achievable, the tutorials on make up for example are very clear….but, by far, the thing I take most from you is your positivity! Thank you so very much for making my day!

  • Instagram:Haley_elizabeth
    I hope you aren’t going to stir crazy during this whole quarantine deal. I am swamped with school work as now the rest of my semester is online (I’m a junior in college). I am dying to get some gym equipment for my home workouts ��

  • Did you have any problems playing Spotify offline on the watch. I can’t get mint to work, get a message that says its not the active playback device??

  • While watching this video, if you’re thinking the whole time “I need to know where the unseen woman who’s doing the voiceover is located”… don’t worry, she tells you at 1:43. So now you know.

  • First mother then dad. money isn’t a great thing if we work hard they can be get easily. mother has no strong to hold there father was strong so he can hold it

  • So the thumbnail isn’t just clickbait its also says its hard but its really easy because everybody wold choose iPhone because the people who wold choose kitten are dumb stupid and rude. I now its expensive but you will get areested so iPhone better. also the quiz at 8:49 iz the same but dog because who wold choose let to puppes die. the fact that you call this hard means your a rude stupid animal abuse!!!!!!�������� I’m ten year old witch rely old but your like 20-50 year old beecus that grown up age NOW GIVE ME ALL YOUR ROBUX!!!!!!!!!

  • Finally i found someone who makes comparison and details. I’m tired of switching watches. I used to use Fitbit but then realized it’s way off sometimes so I choose active2 and now thinking to get the new garmin venu. I’m a gym guy so i found the samsung to have more workout. What do u think? And your right, first couple minutes in running heart rate in samsung very missy.

  • I bought a pair of printed leggings from 5 below and I had them for like two years of constant wear �� so definitely a win lol and they were good quality, sad to see them finally get a hole ��

  • I wonder if there’s a way he can do kind of an update. Since there have been updates and improvements to the battery and tracking as well as GPS

  • Galaxy active2…. Concerning to battery life during a bike trainings, let’s say 3-4 hours… how long does the battery life take to drain?? In my experience, the watch gets in the end of the training on 15% of the battery life… it sucks.. please tell me your experience… tks, John

  • Hi I come across your video I love listening to you when I watch people’s videos it giving me motivation to carry on what I’m doing and I love it,and at the same time I admire at how still beautiful you are ��

  • The mom can help the dad if I choose her the dad can help the mom if I choose the dad care about your loved ones and your parent(s) your loved ones and your parent(s) and you are more important then money

  • Thank you for the indepth review. I’m glad I bought my Garmin 245 and didn’t wait for this. Samsung isn’t quite there yet. Between you and DesFit, I’m well informed on products prior to purchase. Thank you again.

  • Looooove yoga!!! I had no idea that they sold so much home work out equipment! That’s super exciting! @southern_robin on Instagram �� love you Hope and Leo!

  • I really like the in-dept testing of these watches. Really informative and good review.

    I guess for general gym goer and casual runner Samsung/Apple/Fitbit watches are good enough? But if you really want more accurate metrics have to go with Polar/Garmin etc. I found weight/HIIT training to throw off these watches completely. I have the OH1 and tested with the Fitbit Ionic for a Strength training class. The OH1 came back with 300cal while the Fitbit was a whooping 600cal burned. I think if you are keeping track of calories/eating this can be really bad thinking you burned 600 when in reality it was around 300.

  • I love this video, so glad I found it and will do it daily. Thank you for your help and reminder, I am 60 and I will look smokin hot again!!

  • Hi Schellea, Following you from the UK. So love your videos! At 73 I have just started toning…and it’s working! It’s never too late is it?

  • Wow, I work out, but my arms are the hardest… I’m 44, but I’m still adding this to my routine, as I feel it’s beneficial. Thanks!

  • This video was honestly a good reminder that you can get products that are basically no different than products that cost much more. IG: Julianna_cordi

  • I do not mean to be critical and I do not know how long you have been doing these exercises, but your arms do not seem to be very toned, you still have flabby arms. I want exercises that I know will give me results.

  • For the second riddles i would save the mother cause father is strong and the million is save with the branches
    I’m getting em all

  • I so enjoyed this laid back 5 Below shopping and haul. And who doesn’t adore watching Leo!
    I’d love 2 take a shopping tour of America!! I don’t have that many exciting stores in my area.
    If only we weren’t all on lock down it’d be so affordable 2 travel right now….of well. Another addition 2 my Bucket List.
    Insta: amber_537

  • OE Fitness your videos used to be really good. Then you starting commentating them and now they’re phenomenal! Great work dude. ��

  • Hallo thanks for your work outs I am getting addicted to your work outs I like the way you clearly explain clearly and slowly how to do the excercises��

  • That fannypack for Leo was literally the best part of this video! IG: Abigail_nicole2021. I would really love a gift card so I could get some stuff for college!! Room decor is so expensive ����

  • I could totally spend like $100 at five below in like 30 mins lol. Love you videos during all my new down time!! Instagram: alyssa3_

  • Thank you so much! Finally a workout that “we” can do! I usually give up because they are too tough!
    You are genius! Always on point with our abilities and appearance.!

  • Was this test done before Samsungs first big update? Apparently, that was supposed to correct the GPS issues. How do you find the Samsung Active 2 for its calorie burn accuracy? I just picked one up and have found it to be fairly off.

  • Leo looked so darn cute in his little hoodie. Im now surfing five below website purely because of this video ��


  • OMIGOD I freaking LOVEEEEEE FiveBelow!!! We don’t have one where I live but everytime I go on vacation or out of town I spend so much money on random stuff ���� it’s fine I’m fine ������

    Instagram: sunshine_zombi

  • Hi Schellea.! You are so beautiful outside, and in. You are quite a bit younger than I am, (72) but may know the answer to this question. What can I do for crepey, sagging skin on the arms? From my understanding, I should first hydrate and then moisturize. Hydration meaning products containing hyaluronic acid, and moisturize after on top with a heavy cream. Your thoughts, please. Most appreciated.��

  • literally the look my dog gives me when i put clothes on her hahahahah but i love five below! shook that they are not everywhere! IG: becgetsfit2

  • You are my favorite YouTube and I’ve used so many of your reviews to buy leggings:)) thank you for being amazing LOVE YOU �� instakatherinezaino

  • These exercises are great and this video is really helpful! You have such an encouraging way of explaining how to do this I can do these after my cardio and chair exercises in anticipation of knee replacement surgery and after too! Thank you!!!

  • What watch would you recommend to sync with the polar h10? I want to look at the watch when I’m working out so that I can do HIIT’s.

  • If it was me I’d take the money. Jkjk I’d help my mom first cuz my dad is really heavy so my mom can help me get him up. And if I really wanted the money I would break the branch somehow then go to the bottom of the cliff and pick it up-

  • I LOVE those 3/4 zipper tops! I need to find dog shirts for Roxy. I swear there is nothing that fits her chest. She’s a 65lb pittie but LOVES clothes. Just so dang hard to find for her:(

  • Started today, using water 2l bottles & canned food tins until I can get some weights.Can feel my muscles working, tried arm exercises at gym but none felt as though I was using my muscles as these do.Thank you.

  • That dog is faaaaahbuleeeeeesssss! Omgosh too funny! I’ve never been to that store I should check it out ya know when the world starts again. @momo3gs

  • There is literally nothing that doesn’t have flour or sugar in it. I have been trying to cut out bread and such no sugar. Sugar is in everything! Even ketchup!

  • This is the best review I’ve seen. I’m soooo pissed though. I’ve had the garmin 645 and I love it, I only use it for bike swim and run. And thought that this would be able to do just as good of a job but this was depressing. Now I live in Norman Oklahoma USA and it’s nowhere near as big or cluttered with buildings. Do you think that location can be an factor? Plus I usually turn the watch under hand so it’s directly on my pulse. Wonder if that could be a factor?

  • Iam 55 years old and mg ever in my life were eye shadow while looking for a video on it I stumbled upon your videos and I love them.Thank ypu I will be doing the exercises and make up and watching all your other videos and learning.God bless ��

  • I did not answer a few of them and the reason I did not answer the last one is because you did my favorite food and animal ������

  • I find with the tricep kick back if you bend slightly forward at the waist it works better because you are working against gravity.
    Push ups are also good for the triceps. If you are not able to do them standard (on toes), they can be done on the knees or pushing off from a wall while standing at an angle.

  • I have a few things from.five below especially a yoga ball which now I use as a chair for my at home office haha. And I love their foam rollers @breathingrunner

  • It was fun to see you working out with your kids! Show us before and after photos of your arms:D. I have noticed your arms continue to get more fit! Very inspiring!

  • Nice sound effect @ 2:34s:)

    And then another one, though not so good, here @ 14:00s:)

    And then finally, a muted one here @ 14:11s 😉


  • Steroid use I understand. Synthol use, I do not. It giggled for like 10 seconds after that guy barely touched it. There is zero muscle there.

  • I love your workouts, but I would love this one even more if you actually did the class with us. I find it so hard to motivate myself during this awful pandemic lockdown, and need a kick up the bum to motivate me. Please could you do this workout with us, as you are very inspiring and will definitely get others like myself motivated. Thank you Shellea for all your wonderful videos.

  • What yoga channels do you like to watch? I’ve been watching yoga with Adrienne but I’m looking for some new ones during this pandemic!

  • I think it’s “good enough” as a casual fitness tracker.
    Ignoring the “Active” in its name it’s a companion device for your smartphone first and a fitness tracker second, at least that is what I’m experiencing with mine. And I think if you look at it like that it’s a pretty nice watch.
    I’m a casual runner, I run my 5k in slightly over 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a week. I don’t really care if it doesn’t grab my heart rate perfectly. I don’t care if it tracks my run as 0.1km longer or shorter than it really was. I just want a general indication about my health.
    And as a tech enthusiast I also wanted a good smartwatch. Before this one I had a Huawei Watch 2, I bought the Samsung Active 2 because Wear OS started to piss me off.
    From that standpoint alone I am very happy with my purchase. It is a good smartwatch that works way better than the one I used to have with more features that I can’t wait to try.

    Battery life is pretty impressive as well. Mine is set to the most accurate GPS tracking and continuous HR tracking. I charged it this morning, left the house at 7 am, it is now 5 pm and I’m at 81%. That is pretty cool.
    So yeah, I like mine.

  • Hi, thanks for the video, which app on my android should I use to view my workout/run/walk on a map? strava? or there is something else?

  • trackers are junk.. and its just that. a tracker that will one day soon track you. so get condition into accepting it kiddies.. Sooner then you think everyone will have to be tracked.. you know you have nothing to hide. you get it or you are with the enemy. you could be a terrorist if you don’t CHIP in and its the Law. Don’t be anti American… well that be what the fake news from CNN MSNBC ABC NBC and foxnews will tell you.

  • Its hard to judge base on the way u dit it. Best way is wear two watches at a time one on each wrist so the watch can track accurately.

  • Is there any way to upload the endomondo workout from the active 2 watch to actually sync to the watch? It syncs to my app, but i would like it to sync to my active calories and exercise on my watch!!

  • Hi i love your legging videos. it helps a lot when buying leggings. i have a five below by me and i would like to try some stuff when quarantine gets out! ��

  • Hi. I love, how positive you are about getting older, it happens, but its the way you deal with it and you are beautiful and motivated and you give me such hope that I can achieve my own ideals, thank you so much, just keep on doing what you’re doing, xxx

  • I have been using Samsung series watches since 2014. Trust me, they are not good at sports tracking. Gear Sport is the worst of all their portfolio. The HRM of Samsung Watches just stops working during a workout and would never appear till the end of workout. GPS tracking goes terrible time to time too. Bugs, Bugs, Bugs everywhere. I dont know how they managed to sell crappy products in the market and people remain silent about their issues. Samsung is the dumbest company in terms of fitness tracking that releases products without testing properly, cheat customers. They deceive people by making visually attractive products but functionally incompetent. Do not buy a Samsung if fitness tracking is your top priority.

    GARMIN watches are way more reliable, productive and accurate for sports tracking. Next comes APPLE, though not as good as GARMIN still much closer in sports tracking.

  • Come on! I read that one book i cannot recall the name of! Obviously the seeds were boiled! All of the kids had different kinds of plants, yet were all given the same seed.

  • 35 year old here LOVING your content! Had many months of being bedridden over the last few years….needing gentle but helpful/restorative exercises! ��✨��

  • Ooh! Always been looking for some affordable gym stuff! Posted on my birthday too! �� sadly this shelter at home ruined my birthday plans ): IG: aimeehazel

  • Hi. If I have a Samsung watch paired with the iPhone, can I view the route on the iPhone on the map after the run? For example in endomondo app? Which app is working with both samsung and iphone?

  • What would it be better the Garmin forerunner 245 music or this Samsung watch active 2. I love running outdoors and working out as well as biking. What I like most of the Samsung is being able to see the workouts but I believe the 245 gives you better running charts and analysis and a more accurate HR and GPS. What would you recommend?

  • Just found your workout this morning and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been doing other exercises during the pandemic, but I really need to amp up my strengthening. I’m almost 61 and I don’t want the flappy wings! I’ll keep you posted. Thank you!

  • Uhm…muscle is not ‘replaced ‘ with fat. Muscle fibers become smaller and if not exercising and not reducing calories, one gains fat cells.

  • Exactly what I needed, thanks for the video!
    I’m looking for a smartwatch that can both track my sport (eMTB and hiking mostly, skiing and openwater swimming would be a great plus), be a cool smart device (useful enough to not get my phone out every time and nice enough to wear it every day) without breaking the bank (I’n looking at you, Apple Watch!) but everything seems to be lacking *something*: this one and the Garmin Vivoactive 3 are the ones I like the most, but this one clearly has loads of limitations in the fitness tracking while the other has only very basic notification integration… so close, yet so far!

  • I will be using a Stryd for my pace and distance but having trouble deciding on a watch. Does the Active 2 play well with the Stryd? Are the buttons on the watch interval friendly? Thanks.

  • First dude clearly not only injects oil in his muscles but also has a messed up plastic surgery done on his ugly face, looks like implants and nose job etc. Horrendous…

  • Gear 3 is a phone and a watch. Finally I can replace the Awe but Ugly as hell Gear. Does it have navigation? I don’t care about gps only. Walking, hiking, jogging or cycling..That’s all I want. That’s the point. (why they aren’t marketed well as a standalone) They don’t want you using it instead of your phone.

  • Hi Ray, has Samsung sorted the heart rate software out yet on the Samsung A2? To improve accuracy and drop outs? Also any news on the ECG?

  • Might be part of another review but can it record a half or full ironman? I’m comparing it to the 735xt which will record a 1/2 ironman and of course doesn’t have the bright screen. Obviously there are lots of parameters and different models, but if you kept the screen off and weren’t running music or other apps, would it last a while for the Sunday bike ride or any longer events?

  • Over the past few years, I’ve had several GPS watches Apple, Garmin, Polar.. and HRM’s (chest and arm). None are as accurate as advertised.

    Personally I think we expect too much of GPS in small devices just think of all the various radio waves and stuff floating about today.

    My most accurate combo is my trusty, but old, Garmin XT735 paired with a OH1.

  • 1. Dog bc the mum or dad would save the kid, money doesn’t matter.
    2. I can’t decide:(
    3. I can’t tell ya
    4. My guess is B.
    5. C I think
    6. fire cause there could be a fire extinguisher
    and I’m wrong.
    7. injured man
    8. He felt bad for her as her plan’t didn’t grow.
    9. I don’t have a daughter but if I did, I can’t decide
    10. Deaf
    11. ummmmmm
    12. Never eat pizza again.

  • I am going to do this. However I have problems with mobility to do cardio as I need oxygen. What can I do. I used to walk miles a day but that has changed and flapping fat body has creeped

  • everyone 50 and older is going to have some sagging there, but yes, i do believe it can get tighter. However, all of us 50 and older need to accept this also even though it sucks. I know i never will have my no fat, super tight body i had in my 20’s and 30’s. But yes, i do know i can age gracefully also with the right exercise, eating right, and a good attitude.

  • Great breakdown but as a Gear S3 Frontier owner, I think you may have not had the Active 2 in “high accuracy” mode. Once I switched the location to high accuracy mode, the tracking was WAY better. It does take a huge hit on the battery life but if you are a serious runner who values accuracy, it’s worth it.

  • Loved this, gonna head to 5 below after this all. Got a new kitty named Leo, see if they have some kitty toys, and so getting a mini cacti omg ��

  • Does endomondo app give audio feedback in this smartwatch like it does in the phone? Can this watch be connected to bluetooth sports earphones?

  • maybe you explained but, do you have to have your phone with you, while running with samsung active 2, can it record data without being connected (such as distance,hr,calories.. )

  • Anyone who goes to this extent must see a psychologist
    We as human beings weren’t built to exercise and read every vital signs about our health
    People who exercise excessive and who doesn’t still lives to 80s
    There is no proof exercising hard makes you live longer
    But it does improve your life style that’s for sure

  • Samsung released an update that fixed the GPS & heart rate monitor issues. You may want to install the update and then test out the accuracy again.