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Powerlifter Steve Shaw Loses 104 Pounds — Tiger Fitness A top powerlifter, Steve was also extremely unhealthy. He made the change to a low carb lifestyle and reclaimed his health. A top powerlifter, Steve was also extremely unhealthy.

Steve Shaw left the U.S. Army in the best shape of his life, but he quickly packed on the pounds. Here’s how he pulled off a 100-pound weight loss transformation and built muscle. Related Powerlifter Steve Shaw Loses 104 Pounds.

Even when you have the right variables in place, building a quality amount of muscle and strength takes years. Your program, or the little nuances within that specific program, won’t matter as much as a consistent effort applied over time. Bottom line, there are no shortcuts. My Diet Plan: How I Lost 104 Pounds Without Counting Calories Duration: 6:38.

Massive Iron Steve Shaw 41,754 views. 6:38. Even At 605 Pound. Back in August, Oklahoma’s favorite TV news uncle-by-marriage – News 9 reporter Steve Shaw – mysteriously went missing from the Oklahoma City airwaves. His absence was quickly noted by News 9 fans.

They pinged The Lost Ogle tipline desperate for information about their favorite meat-eating, Scotch-drinking, DVD-collecting reporter. With hard-hitting interviews like the ones below, [ ]. After reaching a body weight of 346 pounds as a powerlifter, Steve Shaw underwent a dramatic body transformation.

He lost over 100 pounds. During his 10 years in the health and fitness industry as a writer and editor, he has written three books and hundreds on articles. Steve Shaw also runs the popular Massive Iron YouTube channel. Powerlifter Steve Shaw presents a 6 week strength building cycle that will help you get strong as a bear, and build mass to back it up. I suggest that when calculating weight for your first cycle you drop 10 pounds from your bench max and 20 pounds from your squat and deadlift max before applying percentages.

Start a hair low. Steve Shaw. Updated June 11, 2020. If you need to lose a few pounds of blubber, try eating 300-500 calories less on non-weightliting days.

If your goal is to compete in powerlifting, I still recommend using the Old Man Routine for a year to bring up your lifting numbers. In the past 11 months, I have raised my bench press from 175 to. Brian Shaw (born February 26, 1982) is an American professional strongman competitor and winner of the 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016 World’s Strongest Man competitions. He is the first man to have won the Arnold Strongman Classic and the World’s Strongest Man contest in the same calendar year, a feat he accomplished in 2011 and then replicated in 2015.

Steve Shaw is the founder of Muscle and Brawn, an experienced powerlifter with over 31 years experience pumping iron. During competition he’s recorded a 602.5lb squat, 672.5lb deadlift and a 382.5lb bench press.

List of related literature:

Seriously concerned about his condition and his performance, he reported that he had been desperately trying to lose weight, particularly because his contract required him to maintain a certain weight and body fat; his ultimate goal was 257 pounds (166.5 kg) or 13 percent body fat.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
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But after the initial bump in his fitness that came with the weight loss, his output plateaued.

“Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert Fueling Strategies for Training, Recovery, and Performance” by D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Matt Ruscigno
from Plant-Based Sports Nutrition: Expert Fueling Strategies for Training, Recovery, and Performance
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He kept up with the diet for about a month, losing roughly 3 pounds of lean muscle mass (not good), along with body fat, and decreasing his metabolic rate in response to the lower calorie level (even worse!).

“Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Reffetto
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Before he left his former facility, his personal trainer told him that he was “gaining about 8 pounds a month of muscle with his program,” and “because some of his fat was being turned into muscle, he was probably losing more fat than the scale indicated.”

“Introduction to Kinesiology: Studying Physical Activity” by Shirl J. Hoffman, Duane V. Knudson
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In six weeks, he lost over 7 kilograms in fluid retention alone, and started to look like an athlete again.

“Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard” by Keith Livingstone
from Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard
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He was losing far more than fat: he lost significant lean weight, muscle and bone.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
from The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting
by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
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He stated, “I don’t care what I weigh, as long as I keep getting bigger, get welldefined, and have ‘cut’ muscles with no body fat.”

“Eating Disorders: A Guide to Medical Care and Complications” by Philip S. Mehler, Arnold E. Andersen
from Eating Disorders: A Guide to Medical Care and Complications
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At 363 pounds he may not have looked significantly slimmer than he did at 380, but in his update, he said that he was continuing to eat “lighter” and exercising to meet his weight-loss goals.

“Discriminating Taste: How Class Anxiety Created the American Food Revolution” by S. Margot Finn
from Discriminating Taste: How Class Anxiety Created the American Food Revolution
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Another result of his dietary changes and hard efforts in the pool was a 28pound weight loss in 6 months, dropping to a mere 140 pounds for his 5’11” frame.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
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In other words, his program is about transformation—not just losing weight.

“Soul-full Eating: A (delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness” by Maureen Whitehouse
from Soul-full Eating: A (delicious!) Path to Higher Consciousness
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  • I’d be way more concerned about joint health long term when you’re a heavy guy. Any supposed strength loss is no big deal compared to that.

  • This might be a weird question, and I don’t know if you believe in “metaphysical” theories etc. but my question is “how do you deal with or go through experiencing heart break and continue to keep training unobstructed without losing focus?”

  • Based on the title, I was sure this video was going to be completely sarcastic about some of the nonsense out there. I like the tone of this video, though. I love that you made it really relevant and applicable to people who may be struggling. I also love that both of you brought your stories forward here to increase the validity of your point. Great work to both of you!

  • On the money. Our vacations used to revolve around eating and relaxing. Now it’s hiking and gym time if we have access to one in addition to relaxation. If we go out to eat we find something like a steakhouse where we can get some good meat and vegetables. Desserts or drinks are only on rare special occasions and we plan ahead of time, knowing we’re going to have one unhealthy thing and that’s it. In the past that one unhealthy thing would lead to binging for weeks. You also have to look at reward in a more accurate way. It makes far more sense to reward yourself with respect and good self care rather than crap that kills your energy and damages your health.

  • Cutting carbs for the overwhelming majority of the people works really well if one’s goal is to lose weight. The opposite strategy (along with caloric surplus) works extremely well for gaining weight!

  • So what about the accessory machines? I am doing pull ups till failure (AMAP) with good form, should I go over the gravitron the next moment to continue the load with machine help? (The same would apply for the dips). Thanks.

  • You’ve seen my Instagram, BHUD. I eat in a calorie deficit of 1,500-1,700(700-900 under), but I use Freeletics to build the deficit even further. I noticed you kept talking about steady state cardio and not hit interval training though. Any words for those pursuing HIIT as a means for resistance training?

  • Wait a minute. I’ve lost weight twice now. My first time diet, walking. Lost 100 in 9 months. Then I lifted for 8 months only. It took for forever to tighten up my loose skin. Never finished what I started. Back on it again cause I gained my weight back 384bls. From jump street powerlifting / boxing a full year so far. Went from a size 60 to 48 and dropping down. Now I’m not at a size 38 yet like before. But no loose shin. My point is if you have the will this can be done. It takes longer this way. But when its said and done. You have a body you can be proud of verses sad about. Lossing weight fast makes your body look old. For big people recomp is the way to go. I trained 2 to 3 days a week. On a healthy diet. The more muscle you put on burns fat. Combined that with hit cardio like boxing, ect. You will get smaller and not look messed up. Boxing and powerlifting depend on my mood done in the same day.

  • So I have a question. What advice do you have for beginners looking to get into doing strongman? I know the question is off topic, but I figured you could give your two cents on it.

  • Use rye, instead of wheat. Much lower glycogemic index and more vitamins and fibers too, but i guess anglo-americans cant live without wheat or they go into paleo or vegan-nonsense.

  • When I’m on a cut I do 30 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training)cardio once a week and watch my diet. Weigh drops right off.Cardio is the icing on the cake… and we all like icing on cake!!

  • hey, man
    your video is really very helpful. I want to know one thing, one of my best friends is morbidly obese (241 pounds) at the age of 23. he is very much passionate about gymming but most of the time local trainers instruct him only to do low-intensity cardio like running on Treadmill or cycling etc. but he wants to do more than just doing cardio workouts, he wanna lift weights and other stuffs at the gym. so is lifting weights along with doing low-intensity cardio get him into shape?

  • Great advice! I’m kind of in the same spot…kind of. When I started losing weight in 2007 I weighed 472. I dropped to 250. I was lifting like a beast and doing well. Then in 2010 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I fought that for a year and a half with Chemo, 2 bone marrow transplants, and surgery and kicked its ass (been cancer free ever since). However, I developed some side effects from the chemo that prevented me from doing things I enjoyed, and was mentally fucked from the whole ordeal ( it wasn’t pretty) and I fell into a deep depression and ballooned back up to 364. April 2017 I decided enough was enough and went on nutrisystem and once I hit 320 I felt confident enough to step back in the gym and start lifting again (this was in January ‘18. Im lifting like a beast again (at least it feels that way) and I’m down to 270 with a 40” waist. I feel good but I want back to 250 and I appear to be stuck at 270. I keep my calories at 2000-2200 daily, I’ve cut out sugar and eat little fats. I’m getting pissed because I feel if I cut more calories I’ll be a zombie in the gym (I also deliver HVAC equipment by day.). What can I do to drop that last 20 pounds but still lift, I’m addicted to weight training!!!
    Love you channel man, thank you for your time to make these videos, I’m binge watching! Lol

  • Aerobics and weight training really are complementary. There is something to consider with this: who are the first guys to drop out in BUDS training? The lifters who lack strong aerobic capacity. Most all of us will never achieve that level of conditioning; however, the cardio benefits are very worth the effort for those of us who enjoy resistance training.
    I’m 62. My doctor can’t believe how good my blood test numbers are especially compared to others my age.

  • We’re humans. We’re built to throw stones and spears, to lift heavy shit, climb trees, chase pray for long distances and travel hundreds of miles.

  • I myself am going thru the exact same circumstances as the guy who messaged you. I was at 423 beginning of February. I just cleaned up my diet and got down to 370 then started exercising. my weight plateaued. Then slowly lost some more. Now I’m really trying to gain muscle and do cardio. I was down to 350 but now I’ve crept back up to 358. my clothes are looser but that number creeping up bothers me. is this normal that u know of? the other thing at the near end of the video I saw a mist go by you. where u at haunted?

  • I weigh 320 currently on the keto diet fast twice a week and have a 5 day split. I do 20 mins of cardio (Use to do an hour but I stopped doing that to keep some energy) I do an hour of lifting weights and 25 minutes of sauna. I like my routine.

  • thank you! I mean it’s kinda obvious, but it explains why I’ve not seen much progress myself. I’ve not necessarily focused on building muscle, but I’ve not consciously trained solely with wieghtloss in mind. this makes so much sense!

  • I lost 50lbs in a very similar method but I did count calories for fun and I didn’t have any experience in dieting. I didn’t avoided carbs though, just simple carbs.

  • You should count calories for a cutting. Thing is you don’t want a “dramatic” weight loss. A slow gradual weight loss at about 10% under maintenance is what a lot do. This ensures no muscle loss that a dramatic cut will do. Agree with most of the above. Btw, peas are considered a Vegetable Group because they are excellent sources of dietary fiber and nutrients such as folate and potassium.

  • Wish I knew this before going back to the gym. It’s been a year now going back to the gym. I’m a lot stronger. I’m also a lot fatter. I fall into the over 40 category and approached bulking the wrong way.

  • I’m 420 lbs. 38 years old. ready to make some damn changes. I want to be fit by my 40th birthday. I’ve spent my teens, 20’s, and 30’s obese. I plan to make my 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s rock!

  • load of crap……….pavarotti was obese and he lived till he was 71….LOL……..all this david needs is a change of lifestyle……….get more active everyday to drop your weight

  • The only reason I do cardio is to improve my cardiovascular conditioning for more endurance…so I can lift more (more weight and more reps). Well, in theory at least.

  • Thanks bud. I weigh 360 and I’m 45. The hell with muscle building I’m concentrating on the fat loss and diet. Thanks for the strait talk. Simper Fi

  • So all things aside, why would you use such a title as “Stop using….”?  If there are two identical people with identical diets but only one does cardio, who do you think will have the greater weight loss?  Cardio works, regardless of if you think it’s efficient or not.  So I wouldn’t go so far as to say “stop” using it as you say in your title.  It’s misleading.  You could have chosen a better set of words.

  • Hi there, have you thought about this diet plan called the Fenoboci Diet Plan? My mate says it helps people lost lots of weight. Is that possible? I also noticed a lot of excellent review about this diet plan. Thoughts?

  • Really appreciating these videos with you two. My wife and I do the same thing: we will do great for about a week, then the father in law invites us for a football party or it’s late, the kid is hungry, and we get fast food. And we just yo yo back and forth

  • he is absolutely correct. too much is no good. I learned this the hard way many many years. a little added in 5 min at a time with diet and heavy train will help and make you preserve muscle instead of become skinny and even weak. great info!

  • You want him to lift like a beast, but focus on fat loss instead of gaining muscle. Why didn’t you tell him HOW? It appears his trainer doesn’t know.

  • Nice video guys, and it is so true. The best progress I had during my cut was when I had a long stretch of not going out on weekends (I think it was for around 6 weeks), and it really does make a big difference overall to the fat loss and motivation.

  • Hey Steve, I was wondering if you could please make a video on balancing athletics (in particular boxing/combat sports) and powerbuilding-style training. Thank you

  • What’s the big deal if you want a cheat meal, as long as you stay in control and do it in moderation.. Make up for it the next day by eating less or do an extra hour of cardio..

  • Spot on. I get so tired of people that act as if fruit is the devil. Great video. Clean foods can carry most people to where they want to be

  • Agree, although many people who aren’t your size and dont have all the muscle mass keeping your resting metabolism so high would still have to be more restrictive with what they eat, discipline will always be a necessity.

  • This is exactly what my girlfriend and I need. No nonsense advice, JDI-just do it. And it’s not a 22 year old single digit body fat high school athlete from a Zeus gene pool. It’s just a big hairy ugly dude that cut the crap and bs excuses and did the work. Keep up the good work.

  • What is the best product or brand to lost tons of fat? I read loads of good reviews on the internet about how Custokebon Secrets can help you lost crazy amounts of fat. Has anybody tested out this popular weight loss method?

  • Idk. I think this one sort of confused me more. I’ve dropped the weight and gained it back a couple times in my life. I know how to build routines for the most part, so this time around I’m gonna do more research on the nutrition part. I’ve established eating habits in the past that worked well, and they included protein shakes, but even with the protein shake, my overall calorie intake each day was lower, because I was eating cleaner…. Do you have any suggestions on chest exercises that don’t require the bench press? Somewhere along the way, I established a vertigo thing, so every time I lay flat on a bench I get dizzy. I can do the cables and flyes and push ups. I just can’t lay on that bench…

  • If you want to be in a 300 calorie a day deficit that would only be about a 2 mile run. Truth is a good cardio session is a great tool to cut calories without removing food from your diet. And running a mile burns far more calories than walking a mile. So if given the choice to go out for a 3 mile run to burn 450 calories ( a 200lb man burns about 150 cal per mile) or skip a meal… most days I choose going for a run.

  • For me it’s not about losing weight it’s about being more muscular,I do full body training every other day (leeroy colbert)I was out the gym for 3 months and been back on my full body routine for three months,lost about 6 pounds currently at 255 and even though I haven’t lost much weight I certainly look and feel better.u can still eat what u want,but in small portions.just make sure u get at least 200 grams of protein and stay positive, do that u will not only burn fat,but look like a fitness model in 6-8 months.You don’t have to torture yourself completely, just eat less bread and less carbs and the fat will shed slowly,but u will look better than someone who dropped 20 lbs in a week. P.s. when taking high protein I make sure I take plenty of digestive enzymes with bromelein, this helps break down proteins and carbs.also take your b complex.

  • For a diabetic, I absolutely agree. When I had been diagnosed with type 2, I made many of the same changes. It has taken time, but A1c levels are all good now and at this point I can eat things like rice and potatoes, in moderation. I still try to take no more than 40 carbs per meal, but it really depends honestly, on how hard I’ve worked, what I’ve done, all that good stuff.

  • lol i burn over 300 cals from 1 30 min session of HIIT with a 10 min warmup/cooldown, losing weight like crazy, still lifting strong, and eating relatively clean fuck bro dieting that shit aint sustainable, HIIT is the way to go easy to implement by a simple circuit of calisthenics and light weight exercises or sports or running on a treadmill

  • I was in Artillery we did cardio running around alll day like bunny rabbits with 4 90lbs rounds on my shoulder when i left just by stopping training i lost half a stone

  • I am always good with my deficit and keeping my calories right but lately I have been screwing up macros. I can feel the big difference.

  • I lost 53 lbs over six months. I would stay between 1500-1800cals Monday-Saturday. Sunday was free day and lost about 1.5-2lbs per week. I would always be sick to my stomach Monday. Now that I’m at my goal weight 150lbs I still eat the same basic diet I did when loosing weight. I just eat more of it. I don’t do Sunday fun day anymore it became pointless after a while. I now eat 2500-3000cal per day and am trying to gain muscle which is proving more challenging then loosing fat.

  • I think this notion that you shouldn’t go below 2000 as a male is unfounded, Steve, especially if one isn’t doing cardio. If you eat 2000 and then just add cardio, you’re in the same place you would be if you just dropped calories more.

    And try telling a short, 130 pound female who wants to cut, that she shouldn’t go below 1500. heck, 1500 may be their maintenance!

    And every person is different as far as their metabolic rate. One guy who is 200 pounds at 10% bodyfat may need 2500 to maintain, and another may need 3500. Even doing similar physical activity. So those same people are going to need drastically different calorie intakes to cut bodyfat as well.

    I started cutting in July at 237 pounds. Started my diet at around 2800 calories per day. I adjusted calories down by about 200/day every month.

    I’m currently at 194 pounds, have lost no strength, and now cutting at around 2100 calories per day. Weight loss has NEVER stalled. I’ve done no cardio, other than what I get with my weight workouts which have a pretty high training density.

    I am not scared at all to go below 2000 if I have to, OR add cardio. Either way will be the same a bigger deficit.

  • Thanks you I needed to hear this every day I’m play this video as motivation especially when I feel like quitting thank you just lit a fire under my ass again thank you

  • Hey good video, what do you think about saturated fats? Is eating 30g everyday healthy to live a long life? Theres people that say its bad and will raise cholesterol, blood pressure and narrowing of the arteries and others that say thats bad research and its healthy in moderation. I read a study that said sugar is what makes the body significantly more subsceptible to high colesterol with saturated fats bit if sugar is eliminated or really low it doesnt cause it. Whats your take? Where do you get your fats from?(i find it hard to find fats i like, the oils are disgusting to me now since i used to drink olive oil shots, most nuts have high omega 6s and phytic acid, milk inflames te shit out of me, but ive been eating 50g of ghee a day and that adds up to 30g of saturated fats. It doenst inflame me, i can digest it good and i can finally enjoy eating fats, seems too good to be true.) What would you reccomend others to do?

  • Did you cut out oatmeal as well. I have been doing Keto loose some weight then gain back I am 46 in good shape 23 years in marine corps might have in e more deployment want to be in optimal shape any advice would be appreciated.

  • Great video. If the goal is overall health, longevity and keeping strength, it is perfectly doable. Key as you said, is to adjust diet. However if you run not only LSD runs but also higher pace sessions, it will be much more difficult. Nervous system fatigue will occur and recovery will start to be an issue. Also many people at that time may start feel temptation to improve results by cutting weight and this is when things become dangerous. But as you said if you are OK with losing 10% of strength doing LSD runs and eat more, it is perfectly fine.

  • avoid potatoes? lol, potatoes is probably one of the best if not THE best food to eat if dieting. 300-400 calories of boiled potatoes will make you feel very full, its dirty cheap and healthy. Probably worst advice you have given

  • potatoes are not calory dense… they have 70 kcal at 100g… thats nothing…
    and they only have about 14kh at 100g…
    you have to eat over 500g to get the amount noodles have or rice… and thats a lot…
    if you want to get your carbs in but dont want colorie dense food like rice…
    potatoes are perfect

  • I see so many of these guys pushing PR’s and not giving a fuck about their health. It’ll all catch up to them one day though as all things generally do.

  • More like this on this please I want to try and do an ironman but still want to get stronger and put size on ect it’s so much better to be a hybrid athlete then someone that is narrow minded and only does one discipline there’s so many different areas of health and fitness and here all as important as each other even flexibility and mobility most people neglect for example I’d really like to see more of these endurance mixed muscle/strength building no one else seems to do it your either listen to a fat power lifter/bodybuilder that can’t say sentence without running out of breath all your listening to a runner that’s skinny and looks like shit that can’t lift its awsome when someone is the best of both worlds can’t beat it good work

  • Cardio isn’t just for losing weight…the clue is in its name….it’s to improve cardiac function…heart fitness, people get hung up on the secondary issue of weight loss.

  • I’m Active I track what I eat and stay in my cal needs. Is White rice ok? I’ve been eating to much Fiber and that is making me bloated. Though switching to white rice and eating less fiber would help

  • I think so many people get confused with losing weight vs having a toned physique. I’m in fairly decent shape and I hear girls say I need to do more cardio to lose weight and look like you. Stop it right there. I didn’t get my toned body doing cardio I got it lifting weights and sculpting my body. They think if they lose weight their body will look like these Instagram booty models noooo those girls lift. You will lose weight but your body will not be toned. Sorry. Cardio won’t get you that look but lifting weights will. So you have to ask yourself am I trying to lose weight or am I trying to go for a certain “ look”. You can lose weight by just eating less but that won’t give you “ the look” your going for. That takes hard work and focus.

  • Steve, there will be a point where you can’t recover. When I was training for Boston putting in heavy mileage and intensity (track intervals), the weight I could lift absolutely went down. Even an easy pace 20 to 23 miles on Sunday meant no squatting for the next three days and no weight anywhere near even 60% 1rm the rest of the time.

  • This is how I lost around 90-100(not sure, we use metric here) pounds back when I got started with the gym lifestyle. I will probbly do this now when I need to controll my weight. I gain to fast and that never good. My chin up progress is gone, Im tired all the time, I get winded from brisk walking and my knees bother me some days. I never wanted to pass above 225 again but stupidity happened. Time to go old school and cut out the crap!

  • I’ve read that running will eat your gains if you were running a marathon every day or something like that. Also, I’m pretty sure every military ever did at least a bit of running and there are some monstrously strong soldiers out there.

  • This sounds a lot like me… I have the gym part down and love working out. I lift 3x/week and do cardio with my wife 4-5x/week. Just can’t seem to get the diet on track. I don’t eat junk food, I just overeat.

  • How do you get enough fiber in your diet with this protocol of eating..you’d surely need about 5 plates of broccoli to get anywhere near minimum requirements

  • Cardio 2hours+ ab machines is the go to for people wanting to lose weight, specifically belly fat…
    i see it every day, same people every day year round not a pound lost, they still cant solve the mystery somehow…
    Friend of mine age 52 says he only wants to lose belly fat does only above mentioned, tried telling him brother u do not have to come down here for that if all u do is cardio clean diet stay home go about your daily bussiness… says ok thinks for a second next day back on cardio+abs machine…
    Some people are just beyond…:)

  • Word. That was my trainer’s concern for me since I was over 330 lbs. To build muscle but lose fat in a consistent manner for a better way of living.

  • The problem with talking calories when talking about weight loss is that it is variable. The height, build, heck even the job the individual does can make a substantial difference to the maintenance calories he or she needs.

    Good video but hard to boil it down to five minutes!

  • 15 months ago I weighed 50 pounds more than I do now. so that’s 250 to 200. at the age of 52 it was time for a urgent change. And the primary goal for my trainer was for me to drop the fat and increase my cardio and muscular strength.
    I took a decade off from training so it was like starting from day 1. but patience and work have given great results. like you said, one thing at a time.

  • The title of the video should be “Stop doing the wrong types of cardio” and you can combine cardio, resistance training, and good nutrition which will bring the best result.

  • You’ve made a great transformation. I was subscribed to you back then. I liked your channel always because of your information and as well your delivery. Congratulations on such a movement form one extreme to the other. Kudos Brother Steve

  • Have to disagree with the figures. 20 mins cardio is about 500 calories. So a pound of fat is now 3 weeks. Still too slow.
    You can’t outrun a crappy diet. So easy just to eat less.

  • Thank you steve, I’m 350lbs 5’7 and 40, I am eating healthy and excercising (for weight loss). Your no bullsh #t truth is what I needed…

  • As long as we’re being picky, mushrooms aren’t vegetables either. They’re fungi, which are in a totally different kingdom of the biosphere.

  • Did not make sense since you are not doing both things. Just running but saying u still have the strenght to lift but dont actual do it because of time restraints.pointless video im afraid

  • The reason why so many people think cardiovascular training is for “weight loss” is because these machines keep taking about you “fat burning zone”, so people see that and think cardio will burn “fat” so if I want to lose “weight” I’ll do that (not realising fat loss and weight loss are two different things).

    But these “fat burning zones” are just keeping you in your aerobic threshold (oxidising macros to create ATP). Meaning you are burning carbs, protein and FAT to produce energy with appropriately 32-36 ATP per glucose, very efficient.
    BUT this mean that’s if you absolutely busted a nut and managed to burn 600 calories in an hour of lsd (long slow duration) aerobic cardio, even if HALF the calories burnt were from cat storages (which they won’t be if your glycogen storages are high) you’d still only burn 300 calories from fat, as fat is 9g per calories thats only 33.3g of fat burnt…. In an hour of cardio assuming you bust a nut and are low on carbs and protein…. FUCK THAT.

    As you said, the best fat loss method is maintaining a deficit and the easiest way to help maintain a deficit is to do HIGH CALORIE WORKOUTS, such as; intense resistance training, circuits, High intensity interval training, Fartlek etc.

    These will help to maintain that calorie deficit PLUS due to the increasing intensity you’ll have more micro muscle damage, mean you’ll have a longer recovery, therefore you’ll you EVEN MORE CALORIES over the next 72 hours recovering those micro tears….

    If your vo2 levels are low, or you have heart problems, do cardio.
    If neither of those two apply DO A REAL FUCKING WORKOUT ��

  • Yes, I too am guilty of jumping through weight loss plan to others as well, I do believe that I must have tested every fat reduction program that was available, however in the end not one of them made it easier for me to reduce and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time with the Custokebon Secrets mainly because my friend who told me great things about it and so far to date I’ve effectively dropped 19 pounds within 3 weeks!

  • Hey steve i totally agree i lift 5 days a week squat 3 days a week currently and run 2 chairty 5k races a year no issues whatsoever as long as i dont overdo the running i perfer to alternate my cardio between walking,hiit,and running

  • as info for others:

    Potatoes are extremely low on calories. You can eat way more potatoes than you can beef or chicken for the same calories.

    Of course, you can lose weight in many ways, and kudos to the BHUD for his big change!

  • I’ve done the same thing for years, but in running season I decrease lifting frequency to twice weeklybig lifts-squat, bench, deadlift, press, clean, chins, dips (not all in the same day). Incidentally, I tend to set lifting PRs on that Monday/Thursday routine, but then I can go run 15+ miles on a trail afterwards too.

  • I look at calorie targets on a weekly scale. The way i get around cravings is by alternating high and low days. If my target is approximately 14,000 calories for the week to lose fat, I have a 1500 calorie day, followed by a 2500 calorie day. Sometimes it may be 1000 then 3000. The point is, there can be some enjoyment with the feeling of having extra food on the high days, then I can tough out a low day. Going through a long series of eating 2000 calories a day becomes boring and difficult to stick with. I’ve found that what I do in one day has no bearing on the long-term goal. It’s about calories over a period of time.

  • I’m with you on this BHUD. I don’t run, but I’ve been a mailman for 13 years, doing what I call “urban hiking” at a brisk pace for no less than 30 miles a week. Often, I do 50+ miles per week. I had only been lifting for a year or two before I started the job, so I don’t know if how much it directly affects my strength. I do know that it has a big influence on my body weight, which in turn affects strength. I dropped from him 190 lbs to 165 in my first 3 months. Once I figured out the nutrition side, I have been able to make considerable size and strength gains ever since.

  • You can out-train a bad diet, according to Rich Piana, as long as you’re on the juice. You can eat whatever the fuck you want, even pints of ice cream every day. God damn it.

  • Good stuff man. Yea it is just a matter of time. I had a nice cut in 2017 where I got pretty lean and I was gaining strength while riding my bike 50 miles a week. I feel better in the gym when I’m doing more cardio too.

  • Is this bad science?
    Lots of assumptions with the calories argument.
    I seen people loose fat eating a crap diet in my bjj gym.
    I would have to think it’s a hormonal response.
    Many were eating pizza, donoughts, ice cream and drinking beer.

    I now think you and you and your channel strong totally Bullshit!!

  • Agreed. I cant understand why people dont do cardio. IT does not matter how big your arms are, if the most important muscle in the body are weak ( the heart).

  • 6 weeks isn’t enough, you will lose muscle mass in the long run. Excuse the pun. Sorry big man but you need to do it for more than 6 weeks before you have a proper opinion.

  • Hey Steve, should I lose more weight and build muscle? I’m 17st 5”11 broad build. Can you let me know what I should eat etc. Thank you very much mate.

  • Running a mile burns the same amount of calories that sprinting a mile does? I could be wrong but I seriously doubt that, especially if you are above average body weight. That’s like saying lifting 100kg 10 times is the same or will get you the same results as lifting 10kg 100 times.

    Everyone should do cardio, at least if your aim is to have a complete physique and not one specifically geared to a certain type of functionality. And, with all due respect it sounds like Steve knows all about the science & numbers but hasn’t actually done any HIIT type cardio as part of a cut, at least not for any significant time period.

  • Good info, but I think you forgot the most important things that you absolutely NEED for fat loss. $100 Bentley of Pre Workouts, “Romanian” Deadlifts, kettle bells cleans will be sure to cut the fat and pounds of dry muscle. But, seriously this is great for those people that are just starting out and have almost no clue how manage their calories.

  • If you run 50 or 60 km per week during 2 years, as I did myself, you will have recovery problems and knee injuries. I am not heavy (between 80 and 90 kg) and I feel like I have to stop running so much. Now I run 15 or 20 km a week and I can focus on other fitness topics like weight lifting and diet. I feel far better now. It was just my experience. Be very careful with your knees!

  • Intermittent fasting will help you big time to loose fat. It works with all diets. Keep insulin low and the fat will come off. Check out Dr Jason Fung. The obesity code book. Diet works short term. Your body adapts. Have a good night people.

  • There are several ways to lose weight, keto being one of them. If it worked for him, that’s great! Calorie-counting also works, no matter if you’re eating carbs or not.

  • BHUD what is you thoughts on working your way into a deficit? Can you be in a surplus, lift your way into maintenance, then lift your way into a deficit?

  • yeah this is stupid.
    1 hour of high intensity cardio a day is EXTREMELY beneficial for weight loss in combination w diet. Youre assuming people try to eat to maintenance and do like 100-200 calories of cardio which is extremely useless

  • This is the realist video that I have ever seen on weight loss. Totally agree with your perspective on this issue. And as a former fatty who lost 60 lbs to get down to a healthy weight you can never in my opinion do anything for yourself that will improve the quality of your life more than lose the weight. It’s like a night and day difference having that weight off you. As a 5″1′ guy (manlet) that 60lbs was a third of my body weight and I feel better at the age of 38 than I have since I was in my mid twenties.

  • What was your training like during this diet? Were you training HARD AND HEAVY? Did performance/strength decline at all? Did you notice a difference in performance when you finished this diet?

  • Sorry but nothing new here that’s not gleaned from 100’s of other vids. Btw weight loss should be governed by your current weight not 1.5 -2 lbs/week. This is wrong
    Target % of weight, ideally.7% of body weight/week

  • I actually tried this diet plan myself after seeing how my good friend benefited from that. Previously, I`ve dropped 12 and a half lbs. Google “sowo hope site”. Personally i think much better after trying this specific life-altering diet.

  • This is why people don’t stick to a diet, it’s too strict. My way gets around this. If you’re 220 lbs and you want to get down to 185 lbs it’s simple. Your first weigh in you’re at 220 lbs. If you want a cheat meal you need to get down to 219 lbs at a weigh in. If you want another cheat meal, you need to get down to 218 lbs at a weigh in. If you want another cheat meal, you need to get down to 217 lbs at your weigh in. I lost 50 lbs in a little over a year doing this. I ate 50 cheat meals and dropped a lot of weight. People can stick to a diet when they know they get a reward for being consistent.

  • Great video! It’s always nice to hear about eating methods that work for others! Just proves that there is no one right or wrong way!

  • That’s amazing. Your running has increased your cardio fitness which in turn is helping your body to recover from your gym workouts.

  • Great video Steve�� very informative-did something similar and dropped 45 lbs. glad you are on that healthy path-keep up the awesome work-you motivate many����

  • No and no. cardio also has an after burn effect. cardio benefit is its metabolism BOOST through out the day. its not JUST the calories you lost DURING. Not everyone can get ripped just from eating less food, we not all on drugs steve. Us natties need cardio to loose fat. GUy steve is a fake natty.

  • Hey man. 52yrs old, 280lbs and sedentary after football career, hip replacement and stenosis. Pivoted and started resistant exercise, high protien-low carb(cut sugar, starch, bread etc) and 10-20,000 steps at work per day. Lots clean eating with whey protein shakes. Muscle is back, energy off the hook, sleep better and most of all happy. Research, plan and implement. Simple.

  • I absolutely love the intro. The beat with the bits of videos put together. One of them that I like is when he finishes a high bar lift his legs felt wobbly and gave out. And then I love the deadlift with an aggressive “LIFT IT ” cry/yell. I just love it too much

  • What is more optimal in your opinion, keep the calories intake high and increase activity, like cardio or workout intensity, or only reduce calories?

  • Most frustrating conversation ever is when you’re trying to help a girl lose weight they pretty much REFUSE to do actual weight training and just insist on endless cardio maybe with a few machine sets bc “that’s what worked for them before”

    You just wanna tell them I know but I’m saying if you start doing some real resistance training you’ll get BETTER results even FASTER

  • How im doing it seems to work..i watch the snake diet videos..im doing 48 hr fast with a lowcarb refeed then back to 48 hr fast with sometimes only a 24hr fast. But i went from 325lbs to 285lbs in only two months…its about keeping your insulin low because as a fat dude your insulin has been taken over and you have no control over it…so you need to fast to whip it back to shape..now as my workout im doing a full body dumbell one day then a kettlebell swing focus for my cardio..kettlebellss are so insanely awesome for adding muscle and getting an older out of shape body moving again..

  • If you eat right and get your rest, you can train in any fashion you wish. Like he said, it is about the time you have available. Most of us are lucky if we can carve out an hour a day for workouts be that running or lifting. If you have time, you can do both and even add in riding a bike, swimming, shooting hoops, etc. You may not win the power lifting contest, but who of us are entering those?

  • I’m in the aggressive weight loss phase right now. Focus on the fat loss. Currently doing keto. 425 was my heaviest. Down to 390 with just diet. Found your videos by trying to figure out my next move. Great video. Gained a sub.

  • Have to disagree on some points

    1) roughly you have to burn 3500 calories to burn 1 lb of fat, so you do cardio with a heart rate of 70% to 90% burning 500 calories do that 3 times a week give you 1500, then you take away 250 calories every day for 7 days gives you 1750 so that give you 3250 calories burnt in a week then you add your weight training on top you already on target of burning 1 lb of fat a week

    2) 20 years ago I was with p
    Semi professional bodybuilders who competed all around England and Europe they did cardio

    Bodybuilders from the 50′ to the modern day do cardio

    3) when I did my bit cut 20 years ago dropping to 9% I did cardio

  • You can absolutely build beginner gains and lose weight if you are eating a slight caloric deficit and keep your protein adequate. That’s the way to do it.

  • Great vid. I blew up to 300 lbs over the past few years. Far cry from being a competitive boxer at 185 lbs 6ft 10% bf. Down to 255lbs now from the 300 I was with diet and full body lifting with progressionbut haven’t lost weight the past few weeks. My strength is still increasing on my lifts though. I guess I need to start hitting the cardio

  • damn, i cant believe i just found you in youtube. your video is very helpful to me as i am now doing all i can to loose weight and gain muscle just like you, and be healthy for my self, and live longer to be around my wife and my 3 kids, i have some dumbells at home i just bought 4 days ago and also joined the Gym. im reducing my eating as well. i dont want to say how much i weight here because youtubers can be real brutal in the comment section. but thank you man. im following you as of today and look forward to seeing everything you have on your channel plus new videos. thanks again man for taking the time to make helpful videos for newbies like my self.

  • Steve I gotta give it to ya bud, you put in mad work and your strong as fuck but how did you let yourself get so outta shape originally?

  • Nice man. My biggest question is….working out when injured. 1 year of injury has kept me from exercising and I gained back all the weight I lost in 2015 (I was at 200 and now back at 280). The past few weeks I’ve tried to stick to walking 2 miles for 3 days 1 day off and 3 more days. What else can I do (I again broke another bone, my left pinkie past Saturday)

  • Hey Steve! I’m overweight at 312lbs. I’m weightlifting and dieting at a 10% caloric deficit from my 2820 maintenance calories ( consuming around 2540 calories per day) does this sound reasonable to you, or should I lower my calories? Thanks for your feed back!

  • A good diet is still only going to take you so far before you plateau. This is especially true for those who have a lot of weight to lose. If you cut your calories by 500 and do no cardio, your BMR will adjust after a few months (if you are lucky -your body will probably adjust sooner) and then what? Cut more calories? Before you know it you are eating nothing but protein and shitting bricks because your lazy ass doesn’t want to do cardio for an hour a day so you can eat some extra carbs/fats instead. You cant out train a bad diet but you also won’t get in great shape without some cardio here and there.

  • Low carb intake is the hardest thing for me. But I did make the mistake of not lifting and did two weeks of just hard cardio I lost my gains from that but did lose weight.

  • Too much cardio will cause you to lose muscular bodyweight if you over do it. If you want to hold on to muscle mass and strength do not jog!

  • Ok I do a 22 mile Ruck each year. (For the 22 veterans that comit suicide a day.) Its a 22 mile walk with at last 22lbs in a pack. Ok my question is they say older men (ill be 59.) Shouldn’t do long cardio and try to lose weight and gain mussel. I still work legs twice a week. And short walk through the week. Only 3 or 4 miles on not lifting days. But spend my Sundays for a few months before this walk working my way up to the 22miles. am I hurting my lifting gains or hurting my testosterone.

  • Found your channel awhile ago via your response to the AlphaDestiny/Jason Blaha drama. I like your vids and approach to training. Some very impressive lifts too.

  • I just started following your next level bench program.i’m wondering if it is fine if i replace guillotine press with dips? Thank you in advance

  • i have 2 questions:) Thanks for answering questions:)
    1)how to reach a good level of conditioning for average joe gym guy and who don’t want to be out of breath running of the subway.
    2) thought on how to use the prowler for conditioning and mass building?
    thanks for reading the questions:)

  • Your right about the resistance training. When I started I didn’t have the knowledge I now have. 130lb down and my arms are man muscular, with skin that kills me to look at. My insurance won’t pay to remove it either. Well I life and train with weights, bands, bells, etc to prevent anymore of that. Learned the importance of protein also.

  • I normally use 2x a week HIIT to help lose weight. Towards the end of a diet when I’m nearing 8-10% I like to do 10 mins a night of jump rope. I think it really helps when you don’t want to cut any more food out. HIIT really helps to shift stubborn fat. But diet is the main factor.

  • I assume this video is either going to explain common sense on cardio or just a typical bioscience perspective on cardio

    Any healthy, well functioning human being should have some cardiovascular base. Trying to lose weight by sheer diet is stupid & will man you reach plateaus or force to sacrifice.

  • This is a lot like what I started about a month ago for the same reason, and it does work. Started working out again too. Now I’ve made mistakes, but nevertheless my kids don’t talk about “Jiggly Daddy” anymore. Just cutting out sodas and sugars was a huge help.

  • LMAO, I just lost fat doing the exact opposite: tons of grains with brown rice, lots of starches, just vegetables (and some mushrooms and nuts, here and there). My strength and energy went sky-high as well and my quality of life improved dramatically.

    Science and my personal experience show legumes like peanuts don’t make you fat. There’s this popular misconception that peanuts make you fat, but fatty bacon above it won’t…. Go figure out!

  • 7:07 very important! Most thin people i know are very active but they barely eat and these people always claim that they eat “so much”(when it comes to building muscle).

    Well 40g cornflakes with milk in the morning, a small pizza(6inch) and maybe a cookie isnt much if you walk around all day with your buddies.

    Consuming 2000 calories and burning 500 wont let your muscles( or jellybelly:p) grow my boiis:D

  • What did you do about pre workout food? I find it hard to train without carbs in my system and i cant really make it to the gym after 5 o clock

  • i was morbidly obese 2 years ago…i lose weight and started the gym seriously 4 month ago…still have 8 or 6 pounds of overweight but the point is that you got to embrace the mentality of long term things in order of true progress

  • I totally support this did the same, still counted calories mainly to watch my sodium intake.

    I lost over 100# and as a result, I eat a LOT of pussy.

  • 15 min of high intensity interval training 6 days a week after a 45 minute weight lifting session. is what i do. Along with nutrition.