Paige s Sweaty Method to Escape Existence and Return to Herself


Dance Moms: Paige is On Top of the Pyramid (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime

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Dance Moms: Chloe Cries Over Her Hair (Season 1 Flashback) | Lifetime

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“I Think You Underestimate Paige!” Dance Moms (Flashback Compilation) | Lifetime

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Zedd, Liam Payne Get Low (Street Video)

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Paige gives an emotional retirement speech: Raw, April 9, 2018

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Dance Moms-“MOM CALLS PAIGE’S TURNS HORRENDOUS”(Season 4 Flashback)

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Paige’s Sweaty Way to Escape Life and Come Back to Herself. In 2017, Samsung and Under Armour teamed up to help athletes better understand the importance of tracking their activity, nutrition and sleep. This partnership culminated in Under Armour health and fitness apps being integrated with the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, allowing users to log exercise, meals and. Paige has made a triumphant return to the WWE Credit: WWE During her time away she was one of a handful of WWE stars who had intimate pictures or videos leaked after what was believed to be a.

Paige’s life is the focus of a new movie, Fighting With My Family. Text us for exclusive photos and videos, royal news, and way more. Text: 212-479-1704. Yes, Paige really came from a wrestling family.

Paige’s journey began in Norwich, a historic city in Norfolk county, settled along England’s. Paige discovers more evidence of her marriage with Leo while she is alone at home. These come in the form of a video recording of her wedding.

She spots the Cafe Mnemonic menu in her hand while she is watching the video. Paige ventures out to Cafe Mnemonic but does not remember being there and loses her way back. Paige and I walked around for awhile until her dad told her she needed to come back.

Eventually I needed to get home and Paige had to go back into bed. When I left, she was in great spirits excited from her other visitors to come later in the day. Though she is a little more pale than usual, she is acting like her normal self. After Sam cheers her up, they have sex in the dorm rooms. Later she drives Sam, Casey and Abby to find Zahid after he is revealed to be eloping.

After Zahid and Sam reconcile, Paige gets a request stating that someone wants to buy her canoe, which calms her. Saraya-Jade Bevis (born 17 August 1992), better known by the ring name Paige, is an English professional wrestling personality and retired professional wrestler. She is signed to WWE, where she is a two-time (and the youngest) Divas Champion and was the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion in the developmental branch NXT, at one time holding both championships. Unfortunately people don’t see it that way when they are behind a keyboard. “ She later continued, “I had days where I wanted to physically harm myself.” The emotional outcry from Paige’s family on her behalf, and Alberto Del Rio’s statements about needing to be with her seem to support the idea that Paige at least had thoughts of.

In the past, before the whole sex tape saga, there’ve been plenty of backstage rumors about Paige and Brad Maddox getting together. He came to WWE around the same time as Paige, although he didn’t really set the world alight and bounced around quite a bit playing a number of different roles, from referee, to manager and authority figure, and was eventually let go in 2015 after calling the.

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But her body moved to the side like it was some normal thing, and Paige walked in.

“The Sleepwalker's Guide to Dancing” by Mira Jacob
from The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing
by Mira Jacob
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Paige shifted her gaze from me to Tyler, and then back.

“Beautiful Burn” by Jamie McGuire
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Paige asks, turning her attention back to her own reflection.

“This Is Falling” by Ginger Scott
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She stopped in Gino and Paige’s bedroom and grabbed a sweater for Paige.

“Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge” by Jackie Collins
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Nia tirelessly rubbed Corinne’s arms, shoulders, back, and legs to help warm her.

“Chasing the Prophecy” by Brandon Mull
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With her body in shock and her mind in confusion, Vickie froze, struggling as she spoke.

“Through the Eyes of a Champion: The Brandon Burlsworth Story” by Jeff Kinley
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Paige had just returned from the shower.

“The Day He Came Back” by Penelope Ward
from The Day He Came Back
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“The one who intrudes in our home uninvited should be the first to introduce herself,” she said, eyeing Paige’s tight jeans with distaste.

“The Warren Witches” by Constance M. Burge, Various
from The Warren Witches
by Constance M. Burge, Various
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She turns to Paige as if seeking validation, but Paige just looks confused.

“The Accident: A chilling psychological thriller” by Natalie Barelli
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Natalya looked ready to faint with stress; she physically launched herself at Brooke.

“Last Night at Chateau Marmont: A Novel” by Lauren Weisberger
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  • It’s so weird that abby tries to make paige look weak by saying she needs to learn how to take criticism but she did she said she didnt care.

  • My boyfriend just asked me to marry him while this song was playing… i said YES!!!!! This is our special song now. My boyfriend made a song about when we first met and you can find it by searching “Clover Cage Secret Admirer”, he’s so talented! I’m in the music video too. I’m sending love to everyone during these tough times..

  • Liam needs to do a colab with harry styles, niall horan, zayn malik, and louis Tomlinson. Ugh this made me cry just thinking about One Direction. ❤����

  • This song is so fricken amazing! It’s such a bop! It’s so underrated! In my opinion it’s better then so many overrated songs like despacito!

  • Mackenzie,Nia, Kendall, Maddie is on the bottom of the pyramid
    Chole, Brooke on the middle of the pyramid
    Pagie is on the top of the pyramid

  • Kelly: if Abby is going to be mean to my daughter I am pulling her solo. Abby: nothing but nice and giving her good advice. LIKE BROSKI ������

  • ok Maddie might have been a little bratty sometimes but can we appreciate how she is always smiling at her friends when they perform what a sweetheart

  • No offense, but I think that 626 has done better a la seconde than Paige. But I think that the reason why Paige doesn’t do awesome a la seconde is because she didn’t really practice them a lot so….

  • I’m so surprised that Abby didn’t do that thing she normally does, when she says, “u were 4th in the competition, ur 4th on the pyramid.” for maddie �� ��

  • The lady who thinks her daughter was better then Paige: No offense or anything she can do twice as better aleseconds than Paige!

    Me: Paige’s arms where steady the other girls arm where floppy like a mop

  • I lost it when they started chanting “This is your house!”. It would have been nice if all the Divas would have come out onto the ramp for her at the end.

  • Talk about someone who made an impact in a short time she did just that she accomplished alot yet little in her short career she was always booked strong before Charlotte came. Her second run promised something but sadly it didn’t last. 3 womens titles not bad at all definetly could have seen her as a 5 time champ.

  • Abby: I blame the parent, not the child
    Funny. It seems like she’s denying kicking the girls off the team COUNTLESS times just because of something their mom’s did. Sure, Abby.

  • Anyone noticed she gave Sonja and Mandy the signal to leave and they still wouldn’t give her the ring? They should’ve left after the match to give her this moment

  • Jill: Abby not to fond of Chloe or Paige and I don’t want my little Kendall to SHINE. All of us: be quite Jill it not all about your little Kendall.

  • If Edge can come back at 46 years old after having triple fusion neck surgery, and compete at this year’s Royal Rumble, ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE!

  • Let’s be honest:
    There was NO way on Earth Abby had the guts to replace the girls. Because she said a thousand times “I’m going to replace them”, “now, they might be replaced” but she never did. The team was TOO good to be replaced, fr…

  • This song and “Clover Cage Mirror Mirror” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better:

  • This song and “Clover Cage Mirror Mirror” are two songs keeping me sane during these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and let you guys know that things will get better. We are in this together……..

  • I remember her and AJ carrying the women’s division on their backs. Back when WWE was at least watchable with th shield and Daniel Bryan. It’s sad to see how the quality has dropped but i had hope after seeing CM punk walk out. With that shield storyline ending and Daniel Bryan retiring my hopes died ;_;

  • This is the moment when all the Dance Moms should feel that all Abby’s extreme yelling and demanding were worthy. All those tears and sweat and heartbreaks all comes down to moments like this, when only the toughest dancers can deliver. I like that Paige was not the top dancer of the elite team, yet she could beat 626 without a breaking a sweat, that goes to show what demanding atmosphere ALDC is.

  • My favorite part of this is that no matter how many terrible things Abby says to Paige, Abby still knows that she can dance exquisitely, and 20 times better than the grand majority of dancers her age. As soon as someone started to talk bad about Paige, she, with no hesitation, told Paige to out-dance another girl. She knew with all the confidence in her that Paige would win, even though she probably thought that Paige was the weakest dancer on the team.

    Also, I just have to say that Paige might have been my favorite person on the show. Not necessarily the best dancer, but I just thought she seemed like such a nice person and like she cared so much about other people.

  • Let’s all stream strip that down for 40-50 secs to get it to 500 million views before Liam’s birthday. Plz spread the news. #liamdeservesbetter. Plz help everyone!

  • Did anyone noticed that Liam was wearing a jacket named FEAR OF GOD and zayn was wearing a tshirt saying FEAR OF GOD in his song STILL GOT TIME?!

  • My boyfriend just asked me to marry him while this song was playing… i said YES!!!!! Our song now. My boyfriend made a song about when we first met and you can find it by searching “Clover Cage Secret Admirer”, he’s so talented! I’m in the music video too. I’m sending love to everyone during these tough times.

  • I mean Maddie should’ve been at the really bottom of the pyramid i mean what did she want,to be higher than the people who placed??That’s so selfish

  • The only reason shehad to pick on a amazing, beautiful dance like paige ❤❤
    Is because her stupid daughter \ excuse my laguig \ couldent dance so she ran to her mommy and say all those lies about paige
    And I’m like excuse me is that all u can say, like bi+**, u can’t say that to a amazing girl
    LOVE U PAIGE ❤❤❤

  • Jill: Oh, ThIs cOuLd bE ThE pErFeCt oPpUrTuNiTy fOr mY LiTtLe KeNdALl

    Everyone that watches dance moms:
    literally nobody asked, Jill.

  • even though brooke was great i thought chloe should of been aheadof brooke. Go paige. Maddie was 4th on the pyramid placed 4th and fell and is expected to be at the top

  • I just watched the movie. I didn’t know much bout her before and after reading about her actual drug-related reasons to retire, I can say, she deserves a second chance. I actually like her attitude and she deserves to come back and wrestle again.

  • Jill always think Kendall is the biggest star on the ENTIRE team.
    Abby: BrOoKe BeTtEr NoT Be FaKiNg iT
    Brooke: shows that shes really hurt-
    Paige: dances through the pain-
    Abby: crickets-
    Maddie: Dances through pain
    Abby: OmL MaDdIe Is a ChAmPiOn
    me: What! Abby is even worse than Jill!

  • unknown person:i think paige turns are horrendous.
    Me: its onlt because ur child is dancing like a cat being dagged up the motor way

  • I feel like Abby used to really believe in Paige. She saw so much in her. But I think when she just stopped improving and wanting it and her mother stopped wanting it, Abby became frustrated.

  • “This isn’t fair you never give her solo’s etc………. “oh my kid has got a solo, it’s not fair she is setting us up” honestly moms get over it. Abby can’t win with these flippin Solos

  • i’m very confused. kelly wants her kids to have solos, be in duets, and have special parts in group dances. yet when they receive these, there’s always a problem. with the solo before the recital, kelly didn’t want paige to learn a whole different number. here, she thinks paige is being set up to fail. with tounge twister, she though paige wasn’t ready. i mean, come on! your kids finally get something you’ve been begging for, but it’s not good enough.

  • As someone who didn’t do competitive dance, my heart goes out to Paige and Brooke, they didn’t sign up for the intensity of competitions and didn’t want to be professional dancers

  • Kelly always pulls her kids dances but why? At every competition when they are not dancing they aren’t being challenged. I like Kelly but sometimes she makes it about her when it’s really not it’s about kids dancing.

  • I think these people think that Maddie and Chloe are the best dancers in the world but they’re not the only reason why they’re getting opportunities is because they’re on a t.v show

  • I like Kelly but she was constantly pulling her kids from dancing and it slowed down their progress I think that her kids were capable of more than what Kelly thought she robbed them tbh

  • My boyfriend just asked me to marry him while this song was playing… i said YES!!!!! Our song now. My boyfriend made a song about when we first met and you can find it by searching “Clover Cage Secret Admirer”, he’s so talented! I’m in the music video too. I’m sending love to everyone during these tough times.

  • Abby: kids should cry if their arm is broken and its hanging off or somebody died. That’s it.
    Also Abby: cries when the girls and moms want more technique.
    Edit: also before you say this isnt copied I had the same idea and then found the comment so I went on to edit it.

  • you could tell that Paige had developed anxiety at a very young age due to this show and Abby screaming at her all the time, same with all the girls.

  • My pyramid opinion last to first
    1. Maddie
    2. Brooke
    3. Kendall
    4. Chloe
    5. Nia
    6. Paige
    (Didn’t add Kenzie because I didn’t really have an opinion on her dancing from the previous week)

  • this brings me back to when times were different. This song and “Clover Cage Mirror Mirror” are the two songs keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better……..

  • Kelly was the biggest complainer of the show. Give her kid a duet/solo and she complains. Not give her kid a duet/solo and she complains.

  • Abby: whispers with Gianna for 3 secs

    Cathy: touches her shoulder and tells her to stop talking

    Also Cathy: Talks loud about a kid behind Abby

  • 1:00 seriously melissa, even though we’re glad Maddie didn’t get hurt u still want her to be at the top pyramid after she fell and got 4th place

  • I really don’t know why Kelly was crying over Paige coming down and standing up to the man. She didn’t cry about it and even Abby stood up to them saying that their wrong.

  • why doesnt kelly want paige to dance with chloe?! they’re best friends and it’s a great opportunity for paige to learn new things and be challenged by chloe’s technique.

  • Unpopular opinion: Paige was my favourite on the show because she was unproblematic, extremely pretty( not that the other girls weren’t) and she was an amazing dancer she was just overlooked. I think that if she was given better choreography she would have won just like Maddie and Chloe did

  • Mellisa is saying that it’s stupid maddies on the bottom for falling but if anyone else had done what mad die did they would have been right on the bottom

  • I a little hate the teacher she is tough on the kids like why you so tough on them like whyyyyyy if she was my dance teacher I would leave her for another dance teacher I’m not hateing if I am sorry but dance teacher you tough on the kids.

  • Abby: Chloe broke the rules by not tying her hair! 25 pushups!

    Me: lol Abby look at yourself ur hair is not tied at all! 35 pushups!

  • Abby does have a point at the end: “we’re turning them into athletes not pageant queens” however she should’ve said “dancers” not “athletes”

  • Mentions Daniel Bryan’s return which is still going strong.

    Mentions Edge, who has now returned from injury to compete again.

    I’m just saying….

  • This was such a sweet moment kelly was right Abby should have talked to Paige like that more often because she really had it this week I don’t think it was a horrible dance

  • I miss her so much my mom before she quit my mom promised me she would take me to see her then she quit and I cried myself to sleep when I herd her story

  • 11:09 seriously? You are going to call Paige out in front of all those people? What a jerk. And all the people laughed at her!? Sick.

  • I was honestly disgusted when Melissa and Maddie pulled those faces. She fell! If it were any other girl (like Kenzie) Melissa would probably be nodding!

  • To be honest Chloe should have just tied her hair up. Pretty much every dance school across the globe has a rule about long hair being tied back, it’s just safety.

  • Fun fact: when Abby said ” you should only cry when ur arm is broken or someone died that’s it”(when she cries when maddie forgot her solo)

  • You really are a fat old sow. How do you teach girls how to dance? You look like you’re one ice cream cone away from a heart attack.

  • Miss Abby you are mean and rude and Chloe don’t cry because you will make me cry and miss Abby you are not going to tell her what to do

  • Maddie is on the bottom cuz she fell understandably Abby was looking at dance not falling and Melisa over here like “idk why she’s at the bottom” like why would she be on the top for that week?

  • the bit where paige changed the dance the editing was so bad because one minute she was sat on her mums lap in her costume and then it cut to her in her aldc uniform and then she’s back on her mums lap in her costume. bits of the argument were mixed to change it

  • From a professional point of view Abby did nothing wrong, just because it was her birthday doesn’t mean she shouldn’t follow safety rules. Abby didn’t even yell at her or anything.

  • She should not be so pushy to children. It can make them work harder, or it could give them mental damage and depression like jeez


  • I hate Melissa because she is always protective about Maddie being on the bottom, or not winning and she always worries about Maddie, but when Mackenzie is on the bottom, she doesn’t do anything at all. Also, when Mackenzie won over Maddie, Melissa said that “Mackenzie looked like a seven year old, and Maddie was fabulous.” If there was a pyramid of moms Melissa would definitely be on the bottom.

  • Jesus is and will be there for you.
    God speed to you and your family!
    Thumbs up to the WWE brass “high ups” because thru all the stresses running the top wrestling business in the world for so many years….they have a heart and caring.
    They have given you other jobs outside the ring.
    Keep fit spiritually mentally physically and keep making the WWE proud!
    If you make a mistake get up next day and get on the right road again.
    We all make mistakes but do not stay down for the count of 3.
    If God is for you who can be against you? No one. God is your tag team partner. It does not get better than that.

  • to be fair. i have to agree with abby on this one. everything she said here is true. i would have loved to see paige get more training. she would have been amazing.

  • MelissaI don’t think Maddie should be at the bottom of the pyramid because she fell.
    ( Mackenzie falls and gets hurt.)
    MelissaMackenzie is at the bottom of the pyramid because she fell and got hurt, and I don’t blame Abby for that.

  • Well ik that the rules is that u cant go in dances mom without ur hair up and whrn abby says to them like rude things and i thing that abby is begin a bit rude to the kids and she said she dosen have time to be swert or nice it brokes my heard of she cries

  • Mellisa thinks that Maddie should be on the top of the pyramid even if she fell. Falling is a huge mistake and you should not be on the top of the pyramid

  • Abbey “kids should cry if there arm breaks and is hanging off or somebody died that’s it”���� what if there depressed or there dad/mom ran away or if if a kid’s parents are divorcing??? There’s many reasons that give kids the right to cry. Chloe might have been sad because she forgot and abbey didn’t say to put her hair up very nicely. And I know Chloe was already asked 4 times but maybe she didn’t think much of it. Or she thought gia meant next lesson. We don’t know what gia said exactly or if she actually said anything at all

  • This song and “Clover Cage Mirror Mirror” are two songs keeping me sane during these tough times. I’m here sending love to everyone and just letting you know things will get better…..

  • Wait, so Mellisa got mad when Maddie was on the bottom of the pyramid because she fell, yet that is how it goes with every other girl. Did Mellisa think Maddie would be on top of the pyramid after Maddie fell? Idk ����‍♀️

  • I feel bad for Chloe he doesn’t deserve to cry she’s a beautiful dancer it’s not her fault she didn’t listen you shouldn’t rush her

  • I think she just pushes them hard there is no harm in it it just makes them a better dancer than they are every day Abby believes in all her students not only one like the moms say and think

  • maddie should of been at the bottom. ik she fell but if someone else fell they would of been at the bottom. + nia did nothing wrong I thought??

  • Honestly that scene where Abby was just hoping Paige would stick up for her was fine to me.. I don’t think she “set up” Paige at all-

  • She can not even do push up abby why u making her do push up look st her arm -_abby u are to strict u will never be my dance teacher I rather faint when my mom say I will go to ur dance thing I would fake eit

  • How is Kendall ahead of Nia on the pyramid. And Jill threw a fit because Abby didnt like Kendall’s costumes. And Plus Jill could have made Kendall’s costume Nia Should be higher not on the bottom row

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