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iOS 14 Hands-On: Everything New!

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[NEWEST UPDATE] GACHA CLUB IS FINALLY HERE for iOS / Apple Version!!! || How To Get Gacha Club?

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My iPad Won’t Update! Here’s The Fix.

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10 Fortnite SEASON 4 Updates Coming Soon

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What’s The Best Move Here?

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Video taken from the channel: All In The Foley Family


iOS 14 Beta 5 is Out! What’s New?

Video taken from the channel: zollotech

The latest version of iOS and iPadOS is 13.6.1. Learn how to update the software on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The latest version of macOS is 10.15.6. Learn how to update the software on your Mac and how to allow important background updates. The latest version of tvOS is 13.4.8.

Learn how to update the software on your Apple TV. iOS 12 brings performance improvements and exciting new features to iPhone and iPad. Photos introduces new features to help you rediscover and share the photos in your library, Memoji—a new, more customizable Animoji—make Messages more expressive and fun, Screen Time helps you and your family understand and make the most of the time spent on devices, Siri Shortcuts deliver a faster.

The Latest Major Version is iOS 13. The latest major version of Apple’s iOS operating system is iOS 13, which Apple first released on September 19, 2019. iPads got iPadOS 13.1—based on iOS 13.1—on September 24, 2019. Apple releases new major versions of iOS and iPadOS roughly once every twelve months.

Apple today released iOS and iPadOS 13.6.1, minor updates that come a month after the release of the iOS 13.6 update with Car Keys and Audio Apple News+ stories. To update to iOS 10.3 through iTunes, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC or Mac. Now connect your device to your computer and iTunes should open automatically.

With iTunes open, select your device then click ‘Summary’ then ‘Check for Update. A new iOS 12 update is here and iPhone users will want to get it right away Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. Update: The methods we listed in this article are also worked for getting rid of “a new iOS update is now available” in iOS 14.

Solution 1: Disable Automatic Updates. The very first way so as to disable the frustrating “please update from iOS 12” message is to simply disable the automatic updates. Our Latest iOS Update Is Here! by MyFitnessPal.

August 4, 2014. 64 Comments. Share it: Based on your feedback, we’ve been working on a number of improvements and are excited to announce our latest release for iOS. This release is full of new features.

Our New iOS App is Here! Upgrade to our latest iOS app and get more done than ever, wherever you are. The latest app has a brand new look that makes it even easier to use.

And, we’ve made technical improvements to help it work harder for you and your families. On your device, go to Settings > General > Software Update and the update for iOS 10 (or iOS 10.0.1) should appear. In iTunes, simply connect your device to your computer, choose your device, then select Summary > Check for Update.

Is there a problem with the latest iPhone update? Apple fixed this.

List of related literature:

How quickly are users updating to iOS10.

“The Lean Product Lifecycle: How to Make Products People Want” by Craig Strong, Sonja Kresojevic, Tendayi Viki
from The Lean Product Lifecycle: How to Make Products People Want
by Craig Strong, Sonja Kresojevic, Tendayi Viki
Pearson, 2018

I show you some of the important changes that iOS 7 has brought forth and how to support them in your app.

“iOS 7 Programming Pushing the Limits: Develop Advance Applications for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch” by Rob Napier, Mugunth Kumar
from iOS 7 Programming Pushing the Limits: Develop Advance Applications for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
by Rob Napier, Mugunth Kumar
Wiley, 2014

To be sure that you have the latest and greatest features, update your iPhone to the latest iOS now (and do so periodically to receive minor upgrades to iOS 9 or future versions of the iOS).

“iPhone for Seniors for Dummies” by Nancy C. Muir
from iPhone for Seniors for Dummies
by Nancy C. Muir
Wiley, 2015

The biggest change in iOS 7 and

“Practical Mobile Forensics” by Satish Bommisetty, Rohit Tamma, Heather Mahalik
from Practical Mobile Forensics
by Satish Bommisetty, Rohit Tamma, Heather Mahalik
Packt Pub., 2014

Compared to earlier versions of iOS, iOS 7 has a host of improvements for users and simplifications for developers.

“iOS App Development For Dummies” by Jesse Feiler
from iOS App Development For Dummies
by Jesse Feiler
Wiley, 2014

What is the IOS current version?

“Securing and Controlling Cisco Routers” by Peter T. Davis
from Securing and Controlling Cisco Routers
by Peter T. Davis
CRC Press, 2002

Shortly after updating, though, I found that my app was constantly crashing whenever I tried to access a folder and songs were ending a second early.

“Spotify For Dummies” by Kim Gilmour
from Spotify For Dummies
by Kim Gilmour
Wiley, 2011

iOS 7 improvements.

“iPhone: The Missing Manual” by David Pogue
from iPhone: The Missing Manual
by David Pogue
O’Reilly Media, 2013

When an app you downloaded is updated, iTunes informs you — the message Update Available appears at the bottom of the Apps section with an arrow link that takes you to the My Apps Update page in the iTunes Store, with icons of the apps to update.

“iPod & iTunes For Dummies” by Tony Bove
from iPod & iTunes For Dummies
by Tony Bove
Wiley, 2010

this update fixed a few “issues”—most notably 1.1.1’s aforementioned.tiff vulnerability. this fix built yet another brick wall in the development community’s path. in addition, unlocked iPhones experienced the same difficulties as they did with the previous update.

“iPhone Hacks: Pushing the iPhone and iPod touch Beyond Their Limits” by David Jurick, Adam Stolarz, Damien Stolarz
from iPhone Hacks: Pushing the iPhone and iPod touch Beyond Their Limits
by David Jurick, Adam Stolarz, Damien Stolarz
O’Reilly Media, 2009

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  • Me on the tablet texting my bro:

    It’s here





  • Hey. If you never looked at this also with iOS 14 Beta, iPhone 11 has 4K Support now with YouTube, so you can watch All the 4K premium content that you want.

  • Thanks for the video,my current version of IOS is 9.2 and the available version to update is 13,so when I connect my ipad to the itunes to do the update,although the file is downloaded and backup is done,it stills giving me errors which your ipad can not be update! is there anything I can do about it to fix it?

  • hello i use the iphone 11 i am verry happy white IOS 14 beta 5 batty live is verry good battery health 100 procent telefone is 4 maands old use also the apple watch 5 nike beta 5 work good also mvg rob.

  • Having issues with messenger keeps on crashing. I can’t upload photos on instragram story and you’ll only get a blank screen. Tsk tsk.

  • Hi zollo tech, I’ve been using beta 5 for about 2 days now and I’ve some bugs with Instagram.. not sure is that due to Instagram itself or the beta 5 that’s causing it.. cause beta 4 I didn’t had this issue

  • Have iPhone SE 2016 and wife’s iPhone XR, we have the Apple HDMI lightning adapter and there is no video output. Tested on iPhone 6s on 13.5, and verified the adapter works.

  • i hate how apple force you to adapt to their changes whether you like it or not. It should be an option for users to change the theme of the IOS update while everything running as it should be. It should not be mandatory.

  • Great video Aaron as always. I have issues in beta 5 and I had the same thing in 4, face ID does not unlock notes for me so I have to punch in my passcode every time if I want to access the locked notes

  • Now iPhone 11 but i was using pixel 2xl since it was launched when ever i get an update, i always remember u. Always i think if the companies can link ur videos link instead of telling what’s being changed. I really appreciate the work and message you share.

  • @zollotech and everyone, have you guys realized that it takes quite some trials before you can swipe right to return to previous screen in an app… specifically whatsapp and safari… I’m using iPhone 7…

  • My iPad says that it is at 12.4.8 and that it’s up to date and I’m trying to get procreate but it says I need 13.2 so how do I do it

  • Mine is glitched it shows an old Apple ID I forgot where I signed off of and when I want to update it makes me put the password for it

  • Hi zollotech, can you assist me please. I have a Iphone 8+ and since the last software update before 13.6.1, my phone was dropping data and network connection now since 13.6.1 its just saying no service. I don’t see a modem firmware on my 8+. Do you have any idea what can be wrong?


  • Love you and your chan do but masks are not proven to be effective and all this is a plandemic by the cabal. Don’t be fooled, bulshiited and tricked all you intelligent chess players! Go to plandemic.com for real info, and don’t beleive a word you hear in the psychological weapon mainstream media. It’s TOTAL BS. Believe me. Love to u all. Don’t beleive me, just spend an hour or two listening to something new, thanks ��☺

  • Switched to beta 5, battery seems to be improved a bit for me and I’m having less freeze ups and device overheating.
    Device iPhone 7plus great video Aaron!

  • I can confirm the clock widget time still doesn’t work 100%. I’m writing this at 14:24 (my phone time) but widget says it’s 13:37. Anyone else got probs with the clock?

  • Not sure if you mentioned it. But i had keyboard issues on Beta 4 and it will disappear for some time while am typing. Has that been fixed,

  • Literally,,,, 1%.Who reading this comment May there parents live
    More than, 100years with good health������…..������������������……

  • Well that was excruciatingly painful to watch ads 4 different times that I couldn’t skip ruining my experience with zollotech videos if this trend continues time to unsubscribe and go elsewhere for this type of information just horrible that’s why google is the worst thing to ever happen to YouTube

  • Am I the only one playing Agad videos not even seeing them, like while cooking for example? It’s like my favourite radio, and I enjoy just listening and paying attention to key moves or the moment when I have to find the right move. Antonio, you are the only youtuber I really enjoy watching and listening. Thank you for such a great daily work!

  • Hello I have an iPad Air 2 and recently bought it for fortnite I looked it up and said a iPad Air 2 works for it but I can’t download it since I have the iOS 12.4.7 and says it’s up to update someone please help me I would really appreciate it:)!!!!!

  • Perhaps not the greatest but surely the most exciting especially if antonio’s commentary is making it sound like a football match.
    Keep up the good work.

  • I kinda found that positional sacrifice with rook to e1 but I was thinking the f rook cuz I guess I didn’t see far enough into the future to realize that the rook would be perfect on the f file, I was kinda thinking that if u put the a rook there the f rook feels a bit stupid there.

  • So if Leela defeated Stockfish with Evan’s Gambit, it must be a good Gambit no?
    If so, i’m even more confused with your “Evan’s Gambit” joke of your Magnus-Nakamura coverage 5 videos ago.

  • People with bad internet
    deletes an app just for gacha club
    *then I can’t download an app again and it keeps loading forever and ever

  • Nice “Showing Off” by Lela… now go and Show Off your mask at the store that Matthew’s wife made she’s pretty talented… it’s a very well made mask!!!

  • I would LOVE to see what would happen if the programmers made those 2 engines want to…. LOSE, not win. What would the game be like?!?

  • Why would I be jealous of someone decorating the Chains Of Our Opression? They’re still shackles that cage our Freedom. The virus of the mind. Thanks sheeple for ensuring our demise.

  • Random fact but there’s an actual paper that used agadmator’s youtube channel and videos for training an algorithm and it’s amazing!!!!!

  • This was Lc0 vs stockfish 8 as they wanted to see if Lc0 was stronger than Alpha Zero when Alpha Zero had those games against stockfish in 2017.

    Just pointing out that this was not the new stockfish but the old one.

  • For someone with a iphone 2020 SE or whatever the way you get to the app library sucks. Widgets are going to kill the battery lol.

  • Great video. I did notice before though, if you manually change the size of the screen with your fingers when you’re using the screen in screen feature, you can change it to the middle size. I don’t know why you can’t just put it to that size using the tap feature though, little annoying. Just FYI:)

  • Bro are you serious when you launch the space rocket off of the island it goes behind misty Meadows with the league places if you walk up to it you get 14,000 XP0 my God you’re not dumb I’ve done it

  • I think thor will drop from the sky like the Marauders (on the craitor)and will drop maybe the Axe (idk let me know what you think)

  • now i feel like fortnite is turning to like a avengers marvel game cause theres alot of marvel and avengers skins plus the ones that are gonna come out next season

  • we all know that what ever theme season 4 will be midas will be there he has to be there

    [Edit: Also who else wants to know what the season 3 ending will be? i hope its an event! since apparently The people from save the world are the muaradores i think they will be a big deal at the ending if its an event]

    [Edit 2: The robot midas means the loop hasn’t been fixed fully it means after midas got eaten by the shark he actually got hurt and ocean found his body on shore then gave it to either Jules or kit]

  • The cars are far too slow. You can drive the whiplash flat out everywhere with just a touch of the handbrake at Salty Springs and Pleasant park. The vehicles are death traps, just a good way to get yourself eliminated at the start. The whole game is just too ‘pedestrian’ and ‘one dimensional’. Its an endless cycle of ‘build’ fights’ and ‘launch pads’.

  • Remember the rocket launch in chapter1, I think that rocket brought Deo and Siona to the fortnite world������. Like he said I am allowed to dream… I think that’s connecting.. As you all know epic games is a mystery.

    Like if you agreee��������

  • if its going to be marvel themed i might not play. its nice seeing the cool, new battle pass skins instead of seeing popular characters portrayed in a fortnite style

  • Working fine on public beta only thing I’ve noticed for me is posting a story on Instagram in this case a picture being taken from camera roll or real time it gets blacked out and won’t show what I took

  • Hey did you notice the green dot on top on the signal bar when camera is open in all apps that can use front or rear camera? IOS14 B5

  • Congrats apple. It only took you 13 years or so to add something new to your device to make it look fresh…Yet it still doesn’t compare to android user interface.

    Good try though

  • Thank you! I haven’t been able to update my iPad for like 6 months and I’m in a country that doesn’t have an apple store and you saved the day!

  • Wait guys! if you wanted to download the software update just so you could download the latest apps, you don’t have to do that. All you need to do is go to the AppStore and click on the “purchased” section then you’re able to see all of your purchased apps if you have your Apple ID on there. Make sure you actually have the app you want downloaded by using another apple device that’s up-to date like an iPhone and download it on THAT iPhone first. Then click on the little cloud icon on the app you want to download. It should say “do you want to download the old version of this app” then click yes. And there you have the app that you want, you don’t have to software update if you wanted to download an app

  • Hey my iPad is not updating iOS 9.3.5. I tried DFU but it installed back iOS 9.3.5 only. Please let me know if there is any other way.

  • i have my ipad for good 5 years and it is from 2013 and it is ipad 2 and when i update it to IOS 10 it shows that your software is up to date. do you have any solution to that

  • My iPad is currently IOS 8.0 and I am trying to connect to my computer to update. (That’s what my iPad says to do) The problem here is that whenever I connect my charger to my computer, it will charge my iPad for 1 second and then it will not. Then that keeps happening. Do you think maybe the charger is too old or maybe I shouldn’t be using a charger. Thanks just in case.

  • 2:34 in the old days masters would usually accept all of these pawns and then lose terribly. ���������������������������������������� It makes me laugh����

  • My ipad is showing that
    “iOS 9.3.5” and “your software is up to date”
    Pls help I have to download an app which requires iOS 10 or above?
    What I have to do? Pls help

  • I am TRIGGERED so I downloaded good notes on my phone bc on iPad it says not available with this device and yeah I watched how to installl and it said install on another device so it’s my ph now I can’t do anything and I also installed Procreate and I’m very triggered!

  • I’m using the iPhone 6s plus and I’m wondering when should I update? Currently I’m using iOS 12.4.1. What are your thoughts about waiting for a particular version to update to? And if so which one? Thanks.

  • Even though when I try all of these on my old iPad MD528LL/A model, it does not update at all, it’s just stuck at iOS 9.3.5 and it says “Your software is up to date”. How do I fix this? Is it because the iPad is too old?

  • I watched all that because I thought with your bravardo and cocky presenting you were gonna cover all issues. Mine won’t let me update ebay and I no longer have access to apple store! Come on guys when you cover a subject go the whole 900 yards.

  • I whant to get rid of the update opps wrong vid i will sub and like tho i was looking for the roblox how to get rid of the update in roblox tho:((

  • Help plz
    I cannot update my I pad from ios 11 to iOS 12
    Because I don’t have much storage to update
    Then I deleted some items and get storage to update it installed then stopped what should I do now? I cannot install any new apps ��

  • My iPad says I have an app but when I press the open app on the App Store, nothing happens and I cannot find the app on my home screen. If I restart my iPad, the app suddenly pops up on my home screen but I’m not able to access it.

  • Hey marques, I just happened to use the tap feature in the beta on a friend’s 11pro, and immediately understood that it’s all just a gimmick. I mean even if you don’t tap the back, just jerk the phone twice, and it triggers the same commands. So what happens is, basically if you tap very gently, it won’t register and you’ll not get a screenshot. But if you happen to accidentally jerk your phone, it locks in the middle of whatever you are doing �� I’m curious why you didn’t point it out in the video..

  • Avenges Tower don’t you think it looks like a llama the very top of it it looks like a llamas head just think about it look at it for a wile and u will see

  • I have an ipad first generation and I want to update ipad iOS 10 but there is issue my ipad whenever I update the update then ipad is shown that iOS 5.1.1 Your software is up to date. please give me suggestions…

  • Btw guys, please SUBSCRIBE to my sister CASEY’s channel:

    Get To Know LUNI More In This Video: https://youtu.be/tt58JDsvBY8

  • It’s funny because if I just watched Agad videos on Leela versus Stockfish I would think it was always Leela that crushes stockfish, but whenever I go onto TCEC it’s Consistently the other way round. Clearly I’m missing out.

  • I love you,your are the reason why I have found Gacha club I have been trying to get it for about 2 or 3 months yourawsome! Keep up the work!

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  • I got Gacha club and it’s really cool!
    But i keep losing my data, like I customize my oc, but my avatar loses all stuff I put on it, and there’s a gift thing where it gives you the g coins and gems, but that Data also goes away:(
    Please help!:<, or make a video talking more about that:ccc
    Ty and have a good day! <3

  • But theres a weird glitch when you leave for a moment then rego back you lose all your money diamonds characters and level! I was sad when that happened..

  • I’m not saying that I don’t like your voice your voice is actually cute but is that your real voice I just feel like it’s super Duper high-pitched

  • Oof I cant get it I need a password my mom only knows it but I don’t want my mom to know about it she hates gacha life so much.so i have to find the password:,>

  • me:tries to get gacha club
    my apple ipad:yeah..that aint gonnna happen
    me:now wheres my phone
    my apple ipad:you betrayed me TwT
    (it isnt compatible to my ipad ;w;)

  • I updated it instantly because beta 4 was good but 3 days later kept giving birth to bugs upon bugs hopefully this is okay and already feeling smooth ��

  • A couple things: You can change the colour of the eyes and pupils on Gacha life, and there are also noses in Gacha life, just not under ‘noses’.
    Thanks for making this video tho, it really helped!:D

  • I know this late comment
    Me * saws luni post and click the link on his post
    Me * gets happy
    Alsssoooo meh * takes 24 to make the main ocs

  • I was just scrolling though Instagram and I saw Luni post and then I saw it it said “Gacha club is out for iOS” and I was screaming

  • Me: (*screams*) AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
    My red side: why the hell are you shouting-
    Me: (*hugs her tightly*) GACHA CLUB IS FINALLY OUT!!!!!!!!!

    In reality:
    Me: (*goes to YouTube to see what’s going on at the Gacha community*) well, imma watch videos first while resting on my wattpad

    Me: (*sees this*) waitGACHA CLUB IS OUT?! YES YES!!!!!!

    (*goes to Appstore*)

  • Is it just me or when I log into the game and then I do the password and My characters and stuff but when I log off for a while it refreshes and then I loss my characters


    ok im done

  • I wish that picture-to-picture feature would work for YouTube. But it prob never will cuz it’ll defeat the whole purpose of having YouTube premium pretty much

  • Just checking to see if anyone else is having an issue with the power button on iOS 14 beta 5. When I triple press it to reveal my accessibility shortcuts, it refreshes the phone.

  • Please ask apple that when it will remove the limit of 100 call history. Such a excellent phone, but the basic thing is missing which is also the most useful. What do you think of it?

  • Imagine mythic small shields that are infinite and they they give you 25 shields every time you drink it. And could get you to 100 100 health and shields when you take all four minis they recharge for 45 seconds

  • I’ve had an S6 plus, S7 edge, S9 plus and currently an S10 plus, but with Google getting rid of Google Play Music, and Apple finally freeing up their software, it’s time to come back home. ���� Now I’ve just got to transfer EVERYTHING over. ������

  • 1 of my biggest issue is being able to get into Bluetooth n connecting to whatever I need without having to go into settings. For instance on android I just have to hit the Bluetooth badge at the top of the screen n there’s a pop up with my devices to choose from it’s very 1,2 without the 3. On iPhone I find it has too many steps. I’m wondering if they will have a widget to include Bluetooth so it’s from the home screen. Also do u know if u will be able to reply to msgs from the Notification Center?

  • I’m an android user recently just switched to iPhone, the thing I miss the most is the widget customization. I can’t believe what I just saw in this video, this iOS 14 literally just made my day!

  • Can we have a video on if a previous iphone say i phone 7 plus installs ios 14 what differences we will see from the i phone 7 plus having a base ios version. Does it degrades the performance? Does it affect the battery life.

  • The biggest change Apple ever makes is just a copy of a routine android feature. Come on, you guys new and innovation when apple makes some changes.

  • Hiding home screens now? & apps? Lol all the cheaters in the world must be grateful to Apple, this is their early Christmas present!��

  • Very good and useful video. I’m just waiting for it to be released. Love that you can hide unused apps as a whole.
    Thank you for the knowledge.

  • You can change the Picture in Picture to ANY size you want all you to is pinch to zoom in or out and it will stay where you leave it

  • My iPad is 10.3.4 ios version and it doesn’t get any newer updates, it says its up to date, so its too old to get an update?������

  • As a Samsung user, I am dissapointed it’s taken Apple so long to get their foot in the door with these things BUT I am excited, because an update like this makes me willing to consider them for my next phone only thing missing imo is a passive notification like the LED that lights up to app specific notifications

  • Just installed beta 4 on my 11promax. Love the backtap in combination with the Siri shortcut for specific apps. Tx for the editorial tip!

  • I’m just gonna come out and say it; I wasn’t feeling iOS 14 at first but now it’s been a couple weeks and now my dude can finally get “GAS”, and I’m getting a IRON MAN feel from the OS and i am digging it like a GOOD BOI!!��

  • FYI, If you highlight the ���� emoji and have Siri speak the selected text, it says “hands pressed together”. So neither prayer or high five.