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Should Hafthor Bjornsson’s 501KG Deadlift COUNT? Powerlifters React

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The BEST Split For Size & Strength (3 Full Routines)

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The Future of Powerlifting (ft. Jonnie Candito, Alan Thrall, Calgary Barbell & Silent Mike)

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The BEST Home Workout To Prevent Muscle Loss (And Even Build Some!) ft. Eric Helms

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This Is The BIGGEST I’ve Ever Been (My Mass Routine)

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My Top 10 Most Popular Youtube Videos From 2013

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The BEST Youtube Fitness Channels (Science Edition)

Video taken from the channel: Shredded Sports Science

I took Omar Isuf through a challenging arm and bench workout and did some exploring around Toronto! Watch Omar’s video: Top 100 Sports Bloopers of the Decade | 2010 Bradley Martyn, Omar Isuf, Silent Mike, Barbell Crew DEADLIFT PARTY Duration: 10:21. Bradley Martyn 757,750 views.

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Omar Isuf Duration: 7:25. Eric Bugenhagen 7:57. Top 10 things to AVOID When Trying to Build Muscle!!! Duration: 20:47. Greg Doucette 665,727 views.

20:47. How to Safely Bench Press HEAVY Alone (Without a Spotter. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue.

Watch Queue Queue Queue. If you’re looking for a funny and witty YouTube fitness influencer, Omar Isuf delivers. He posts new videos 1-2 times a week that can help anyone, regardless of experience level, clean up their diet and workout with the right form. Omar Isuf offers regular education with form improvements, how to maintain strength, and even brings other fitness.

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Top 500 YouTube Channels. Top 500 YouTubers (30 Days) Top 500 YouTubers (1 Day) Worst 500 YouTubers (30 Days) Video Views for the last 30 days. $4K $64.5K Estimated Yearly Earnings YouTube Stats Summary / User Statistics for OmarIsuf (2020-08-02 2020-08-15). omar isulf video about mike chang omar isulf video about mike chang omar isulf video about mike chang omar isulf video about mike chang omar isulf video about mike chang omar isulf video about mike chang omar isulf video about mike chang mike chang pull up king world record 5 min belly fat destroyer six pack shortcuts omar isulf video about. Top 20 YouTube Fitness Influencers & Coaches. #19 Omar Isuf. Omar Isuf always delivers fitness videos that aren’t only informative but funny and witty!

Regardless of your experience level, Omar’s videos can help tighten your form, clean up your diet, and introduce you to a training style you’ve never dreamed of. 254.2k Followers, 285 Following, 3,017 Posts See Instagram photos and videos from Omar Isuf (@omarisuf). Omar Isuf has undoubtedly created one of the most popular YouTube fitness channels.

Not only is his content supported by good research but Omar’s humor makes the channel quite entertaining as well. Back in his college days, Omar decided to begin lifting at the gym given that he wanted to change his somewhat pudgy appearance.

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kacho lópez has directed videos for Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderón, Don Omar, Voltio, Ednita Nazario, and many others.

“Reggaeton” by Raquel Z. Rivera, Wayne Marshall, Deborah Pacini Hernandez, Ronald Radano, Josh Kun, Juan Flores
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He searches Google, YouTube, and MySpace for skate videos.

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He has conceptualized a popular personal finance YouTube channel ‘Yadnya Investment Academy’ which has more than 200 videos on various personal finance topics.

“108 Questions & Answers on Mutual Funds & SIP” by Yadnya Investments
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His Egyptian tutor, Ahmad, is growing on Omar too.

“Islam Is a Foreign Country: American Muslims and the Global Crisis of Authority” by Zareena Grewal
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For Ahmed, his channel is a form of da’wah, and an effective one to boot.

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Lucky continued to collect reggae music awards as seen with the 2006 channel o Spirit of africa Music Video awards, where he won the Best reggae Video for Respect.

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Omar is a good young man and very smart.

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  • Man,thats too much on a paper,not in reality. Deadlifts all over,squats 5×3,3×5 or whatever. If you manage to to follow all neccesary parts of rest,food and (for all of you,that foolows this one obviously) bunch of supplements maybe. And,that would be if you dont do anything besides that,especially something that demands your energy and additional effort. Too much of that “neccesary basic” exercises and not structured toward individual possibilities and needs. Not to mention that those are “just exercises” (sort of speak)where are all the potentialy needed isolations,correctional exercises,weak links,mobility,possible flexibility (with all those basics,it should be avoided),etc…

  • I did Monday for the 5 day split, not sure I will be able to front squat 3×5 tomorrow, only did 225 for squats on Monday. is it better for me to do a 4 day split?

  • I don’t love these programs. It’s a lot of volume. In the three day split: Why are you deadlifting twice in a week without any variation? Why are you deadlifting two training days in a row? You say nothing about intensity for these either. If you’re training training 80-90% 1rm on the compounds, I think you’ve underestimated the time it would take to complete these workouts.

  • I definitely want to take a second to thank you for your content. I’ve been following many Fitness YouTube channels, including the ones that you made fun of, and always wondered why there is so much conflicting information. Turns out, a lot of these Fitness channels are complete BS. Thank you for clearing out the nonsense.

  • Musclemonsters is a graet sience based fitness cahnel constantly giving advice based on sience and personal expiriance while being very honest about everything.
    Greg duccete also has a realy good chanel and he is by far the most honest fitness cahnel that just tells you the hard truth in the face he is also an ifbb pro with world records at power lifting and been training for 35 years so he knows every thing there is to know about bodybuilding and power lifting

  • Everyone’s favourite StrongBois gather together for another roundtable and this time we add another member, Russel Orhii! This wide ranging discussion begins discussing the legitimacy of Hafthor’s record, RPE for the average lifter, how to establish momentum with lifting and the role of aesthetics in strength training. If you enjoy these discussions, make sure to give the video a like and subscribe to all these gents! Time stamps are down below:

    0:00 Intro
    0:47 Guest Introduction
    6:48 Thoughts on the Halfthor Deadlift
    23:20 Discussing Variables Between Gym Lifts vs. Competition Lifts
    33:55 Role of Hype in Lifting
    40:00 Role of RPE in the Context of the Average Lifter
    55:00 Discussing the Role of Momentum in Lifting
    1:18:20 Role of Aesthetics in Strength Training
    1:34:54 Discussing the Future: Life After YouTube

  • For advanced bw exercises, you can do planche pushups, one hand assisted pullups or one-handed, chin-ups while focusing on biceps, one-handed tricep pushup or something along the lines of a modified planche pushup, handstand pushups, front lever for core, explosive pistol squats, front lever pull-ups, there are so many more advanced exercises you can do with just bw…

  • I really like unnatural vegan she is not a fitness person but she does have a lot of videos calling out other vegens that promote unhealthy diets and uses information from RDs in the UK and science journals

  • My Titan x3 power rack,Ohio bar,axle bar,trap bar,rolling thunder,chain kit,bands and extra plates all delivered to my driveway literally one month before the virus hit give or take…momma always said I had good timing! ��

  • for 2014, please retire that uber-alpha, meister machismo & well-worn clip in the green jump suit slamming the George Jetson helmet. please, dude.

  • These days, when I start to watch someone fitness content, first thing that I focus to, is the opinion on caloric deficit. If that person denies it and going for hack -> pass, next one. Thats the main filter for me to not waste time (also other ones but this is main parametre for me)… but as more as I watch your videos about these scammy fitness idols, I feel really blessed that first channel that I started seriously subscribe and watch was Athleanx… Jeff has prevented me from so many problems, money lost to crap and to throw away all useless supplements (except protein and creatine)… btw also Alan Thrall ‘s and last but not least your channel, is supper good to! keep upon the good job! thx!

  • Not gonna lie Omar I’m loving this routine, I’m currently doing the 4 day Split and feel amazing. Also with your Raskol launch on Friday, I think some of those are gonna increase my gains considerably, cannie wait

  • Hey James.
    Can you do a peer review of The Bioneer?
    His training methods (though I have only seen a few videos) seems interesting, with all the research and combination of training from different disciplines.
    But I’m not sure.
    Great content as always.

  • Dont forget my favorite doctor, movie critic, powerlifter, financial advisor, kinesiologist, human tomato, olympic bike rider, mom and dad parent, and math teacher…..

    Greg Doucette

  • Tq omar. I will be trying out the 3x a week split but I might not finish the routine bcs of the pandemic I can only gym for 90mins. Been following your channel for 4-5years. By far one of the best informative channel for gym beginners n intermediates

  • Moment I read the title I knew pie chart would be number 1. That and Brothers in Iron are the only reason I found Omar’s channel. The great info tips and perform form vids made me a subscriber though.

  • Guys I know this isn’t a politics channel but please consider why this is happening and the fact that it will happen again if changes are not made in how we deal with China. I myself am living through being wrenched from 5/3/1 and suddenly having to invest in home gym equipment but’s imperative we don’t buy Chinese goods. Politics is in everything even in the fact that you can’t go to your gym now. Thanks for the anti-nihilism!

  • I didn’t even realise this was omars video. Didn’t click it because I tho get it was Lavados and I thought ‘I’m sure I unsubscribed to that guy’ lol

  • This is nuts to squat, bench, and deadlift on the same day. The big lifts should anchor your routines and be done first because they tax your body. They shouldn’t be done back to back on the same day. These routines aren’t realistic and are just going to discourage people.

  • I wonder, if you stop working out, then you come back for just a week and then you just dont work out for 2-3 weeks would you lose muscle in that casse, or that one week of workout did enough to reset the process?

  • how about more researched based thangs… and links to the journal articles? I’m a nerd and would appreciate to see some of the ones you look at:)

  • youtube fitness pie charts were by far the best. i know it’s a little bit sad but comedy videos generally get more attention. keep it up omar

  • I appreciate this video. I was a person ready to compete 4-6 years ago when I was a teen and 20 or so, got two abdominal hernias and had to stop, depressed and got overweight, lost it all and got skinny. Got my strength back, and boom out of the gym again. This video encourages me thanks. Sorry to rant

  • 4:48 I don’t know why it sounded like…
    “I’m gonna take your Mom, on this 4 to 8 week journey”
    Please do Omar, she could use a vacay. You’d be a cool dad. Even though I’m pretty sure we’re the same age bahaha.

  • Today i used max stack on the standing calf raise in our gym for 12 reps ( 200kg), its crazy how fast your calfs get stronger and bigger.

  • Omar just has bad genetics which dont allow him to get really Big. Most of the dudes out there with Omar strenght would be twice his size.

  • He was able to deadlift the weight it counts end of story. It looked like a legit lift. And tbh I am disappointed that youtube drama infiltrated the sport of strongman. Plus with the cicumstances int he world what was he supposed to do? Like omar said he planned to do it on this date so why waste his training.

  • Time to hit the sauce. You are incredibly strong,,,but you dont even look like you lift in street clothes,,,un pumped. Not cutting you down,,,just stating fact. You need to break your “mold’ and that only happens on the shit.

  • I’ve mostly used a program that has you increasing the weight the next workout by a certain amount, how you go about increasing the weights after week 4?

  • Getting resistance bands, weighted vests, and cobbling together what weights you have, and can find, isn’t that hard. There are so many ways to add resistance. There are so many good vids now….no one has an excuse…except zee nihilists

  • Im training with calisthenics since December, cause I had left the gym. I currently train each muscle 2-3x per week. Chest Im training 3 times and 2 of those days I´m doing push ups with 30 pound sand bag on my back and the other day I focus on higher volume and getting better at different type of push ups. For back Im training 3x per week and doing 4×5 of pull ups with 30pound sandbag and 2 sets of chin ups with the sandbag as well. Legs I train them 2x per week and I do 4-5 sets of pistol squats,then 3-4 sets of squats in which I raise my heel a lot and lean forwards to try to resemble a leg press and I use a 50 pound sandbag and finish off with single leg calf raises. Core 2-3x per week

  • Great Job!!!
    adapting your training towards your goals, periodization and emphasizing recovery like shown in this channel in detail for nattys are rare on yt and very helpfull other than blaha like recommendations with poor diversity.

  • Eddie did it in a competition made just for him, everything was catered to him, all the competitors had to agree and give him his time. The whole competition was marketed around him to pull 500. He used his own bar got to lift when he was ready and in my opinion the crowd helps a lot. Then he almost died after the lift, while Thor was just fine after. Everyone needs to quit crying. If you want to lift 502 or more then do the same fucking thing and show it doesn’t count. If you can’t then sit TF down. Nobody can pull anything in competition right now. If I trained my ass off for something, it’s going to go down one way or another

  • 2nd day doing 5 day split… Ohhh fuck.. My legs feel like the muscle is coming off the bone. Ive never had to slide down stairs… BUT thank you so much for the skeleton for training and all the content you provide.

  • Try:
    wall handstand push ups, if you elevate your hands on 2 chairs say, you can increase the ROM to basically “overhead press” your bodyweight.
    back bridges good for spine health and strength in a flexed position, probably good to do even once back in the gym
    pistol squats/ split squats great for unilateral training, balance and hip stability. does not need all that much load to get decent strength
    single arm inverted rows on a table
    one arm push ups

  • My nehiboorhood is extremely up hill down hill and I frequently need to get off my bike and walk because I can’t go all the way uphill do you think this is building my squats up? I feel it in the quads and hams and even have doms

  • Surely if you did 10,000 chin ups (supinated grip) instead instead 10,000 pull ups you would grow your biceps if that was a goal?

  • It’s all bs. Real world record in deadlift is 460 kg by Bennie Magnusson. Neither Eddie or Thor can touch that -> Raw (no straps and suit) and with regular bar

  • An endurance athlete, a powerlifter and a bodybuilder can all use the barbell as a tool to achieve their desired goal. How they structure their exercises, frequency, volume and intensity will dictate what goal they pursue.

    In this video I break down a few tweaks a make between a more “strength” oriented phase and a more “mass” oriented phase.

  • When you say don’t do door pull ups do you mean not to do with with the door equipment pull up bar or using the door itself because it can swing?

  • Please don’t do the handstand push ups like Alan Thrall, elbows flaring out is bad technique. Try chest to wall handstand push ups.

  • You need to look at fitnessaddict make his protein shake. Every damn day fitness made a video on it.

    Olithx is a small channel but they post calisthenics related content and it’s quality content. The couple videos I’ve seen of theirs so far I’d have to say it’s somewhere between fitnessfaqs and calisthenicmovement.

  • What about tempo work? I have experimented with it myself and really like it. It gives a massive pump and restrict fx. push up to be around 12-20 reps with a 4-0-4-0 tempo

  • I’m confused that I just found Omar Isuf’s channel just recently when in fact he is an OG youtuber since Mike Chang’s age…. and I followed Mike Chang lol

  • Its hilarious how much content there is on YouTube about gaining muscle when its literally the easiest thing on earth. Just do more than you did last workout. But there uis so much information overload that noobs get confused.

  • Omar you are beacon of integrity and and good practical lifting advice in a time when so many people are exploiting people’s lack of knowledge on the subject of fitness much respect keep up the hard work my brother

  • It definitely shouldn’t count. I don’t care if he lifted 501, in a competition nerves would have gotten to him and he wouldn’t have been able to lift that weight guaranteed. So it shouldn’t count.

  • I would love it if Omar got a gymnastic/calisthenics type athlete on the channel and discussed the diffrence between getting a better/heavier deadlift and getting a solid isometric hold (like the front lever) and maybe what they can learn from eachother and what the smiliarites are. And even discussing straight arm strenght aswell and if it has any translation to other areas.

  • As some who’s been trying to sift though all the fitness “influencers” on here providing At Home Workouts and just looking for a practical, evidence based way to stay in shape and maybe continue to progress in muscle size, I can’t thank you enough for uploading this and providing all this information. Finally found what I needed, thank you.

  • I did a 3 day split with 31-60 sets per session for 4 weeks �� Very taxing which is why I got curious for different three day setups ��

  • I am 5 minutes in and I am already dead from Omar being fucking hilarious. “You guys wanted the best, well they couldn’t make it so here these guys are.” “Thank you Bryce I see now why you’re pizza huts best employee” like wtf ������

  • I’ve been working out in my home gym since 2001.
    Haven’t been to a gym in 19 years and never will go to a public gym.
    The Gains continue.

  • Thor lifted it smoothly, quickly and easily. Eddie just about died and hitched it up. Thor’s lift was better and he’s got more in the tank, soon he’ll be lifting 520kg and it won’t matter if it’s in a home gym or not.
    A lift is a fucking lift regardless of the environment. It counted.

  • The individualism is nice, however I feel completely overwhelmed by the information. Maybe you’re just too fast for my brain, but I found it quite hard to follow

  • I agree that this is better than nothing…however nothing infuriates me more these days than personal trainers selling home workouts claiming they build muscle and strength just as efficiently as your regular gym routine..

  • Come ON, Omar. Hype definitely improves your ability to lift. Any excitement that triggers adrenaline is going to improve your muscles’ maximum potential at a given time.

  • No matter what split you choose “recovery” is the key to “natural” gains, so you have to be careful with the “volume”. Just saying.

  • I have always had a pair of 35lb dumbells and now they are proving to be very convenient.. I can do lateral raises, curls, extensions, RDLs, and in addition to bodyweight movements it’s more than enough to maintain muscle mass and strength!

  • I’m usually really busy so I went with the 3 day split. But the thing is, it’s been a while since I’ve lifted seriously so I’m not really as strong as I used to be so I’m only able to squeeze in half of the workouts he put on for the 3 day split but I don’t hold back everytime I work out. Is that alright? Can anyone give me their thoughts.

  • Also, everyone is so concerned about losing gains…to me, gym was the sanctuary-a much needed form of mental therapy. Without it, life is not the same. Sad to say, but just being real.

  • Used to train like this then stopped making gains..made more gains goin high volume on everything including compounds strength went up to

  • Just do back hyperextensions for your back extensors… make it isometric and alter the difficulty through your arm positioning/adding weight

  • This guy just did everything althenex said not to do in one video, chair dips, sissy squats, next he’s going to say he doesn’t like face pulls

  • 501 elephant bar deadlift should have its own world record next to regular deadlift. damn elephant bar bends up about 10 to 15cm before all the weight is off the ground. if he does the 501 with the normal bar he got that deadlift world record to me. now he got the elephant deadlift.

  • This can’t be serious. Nobody needs that much volume. Not enough intensity. Even the 3 day plan is too much for anyone who has a life outside the gym. Imagine having a manual labor job and doing cardio/gpp on top of all this…

  • TBH…my whole body will be aching very sore legs n back etc after squatting and deadlifting 3×5 lol. How TF will I be able to sqauf n DL again in 2 days?

  • Something I miss from 10 years ago: was considered more yolo reasonable as a beginner to mix in olympic lifts with powerlifting training, just because they were hard. The logic was like “if it’s hard and involves a barbell, then lift that shit.” I’m not saying I want to go back to it, but it was cool.

  • This video just brings me back to early fitness YouTube, Zyzz, Greg Plitt, Candito squatting BW perfect form. Back when I’d ask people on Bodyspace how they got such big biceps lol

  • I’d like to see something like an antithesis to powerlifting begin, perhaps a Dark Powerlifting, where adherents work WITH gravity to push down as much weight as possible.

  • Hey Omar I wanted to ask what weight should I start with because I’m a pretty skinny guy and I weigh about 110lbs. Also, I can only go to the gym on Tuesday & Thursday. (5’5 in height fyi) I don’t have weights at home so I could do the bodyweight exercises during Saturdays. Thank bro, hope you can reply whenever you’re available!

  • I completely dissagree with Russ on the Thor’s deadlift. Not sure why he’s talking about the strongman like it’s powerlifting, plus he couldn’t be more uninformed, same as Mike & Candito. (TL;DR at the end)

    Strongman started with great lifts of odd objects, some group of random people being there, watching it and being there as a witness basically, where it later escalated into a full blown sport. Every lift that is a stand-alone thing, an event that is, has zero correlations with a competition or having someone compete against you. Every single legendary lift, doesn’t matter if it’s stones, logs, whatever, was done like that and we talk about those legends still.
    So when it comes to the deadlift EVENT, it has no need to be in a competition, since you’re there to break the record, not beat someone, that’s how strongman works and it doesn’t apply do any other sport, especially powerlifting, since every other sport is only a competition. That’s why if someone “was to break Russ’s squat record”, he would have to do a meet. Ignorance at its best.

    As for the lift itself:
    it was in his gym, near his home Eddie’s was also relatively near the place he lives too
    the date was set long before Eddie set the date too
    it was a deadlift only event same as it was for Eddie, he didn’t do any other events nor it had anything to do with the overall competition
    it was timed 15min between attempts Eddie’s was also kinda timed, but 40 something min passed since the other 2 people could attempt it, because the focus was on Eddie
    the weight was measured, on camera
    had an official, legitimate judge
    people from all over the world were watching and if he missed it, it would’ve been way worse than if Eddie was to miss his
    Eddie broke the record by 1kg, then 2kg and then went on to break it by 36kg (from 464 (I think) to 500) and only because he needed the money (his words), otherwise he would’ve probably took a smarter approach

    In conclusion, Thor’s deadlift record is legit, same as Tom Stoltman’s 286kg stone record yesterday, same as the log press for Luke Stoltman would’ve been legit, if he made the lift. The history of strongman sport agrees on it and people being petty about it or ignorant, can’t change that.

  • The scooby pie still to this dy is the best video man I was dying at it every time the camera cuts away and back to you you would have a new hat on I was dying from laughing so much

  • There is a portion of this conversation that touches on something I think about a lot with top tier athletes. Its not JUST that they are physically gifted. Its not JUST because they were exposed to that particular sport. Its not JUST because they also worked really hard and its not just because they happen to actually enjoy the sport. When you think of how Michael Phelps was born with the body to be a swimmer (seriously, he looks like a fucking torpedo), has the talent, worked extremely hard and had enough of an enjoyment for the sport to become the best swimmer ever. What are the odds of something like that happening? The Williams sisters and tennis are another example.

  • I think with certain athletes the coaching is 100% overstated. Daniela Mello just said in one of her insta stories that she pulled 405 within a month of training. With athletes like her, Amanda Lawrence, Russ, just keeping them in the gym and healthy and confident is going to be enough for them to smash records. I’ve been training for a lot longer than some of those freaky younger ipf lifters, my best gym total is around 1400 at 235, and I would say I know more about training having struggled to make progress and experimented with lots of things that didn’t work.
    I will total 2k naturally, it might take me till I’m 45 to do it and I’d like to do it at a decent body weight but it will happen. I doubt a lot of these young genetic freaks will be in if for long enough to learn what I have learned, and still have to learn, to get there. I think that’s the biggest thing that the sport has lost since the old days, the cognitive lone wolf lifter who is a coach, nutritionist, lifter, scientist and one some cases chemist all in their own right.

  • Jonnie, you mention singles all year round, how often are the singles done and how is the workout plan before the single attempt, after a deload or similiar?

  • I’ve taken 6 months off before and got all my gains back in literally 4 weeks. I don’t understand what the fuss is about. And that’s 6 months of ZERO training. Id imagine 2-3 months of bodyweight exercises and carrying rocks/sandbags you’ll lose next to no muscle. Ooooo your 365lbs squat went down to 315, who cares. It’ll be back to 365 in weeks.

  • Hey man. I know I’m late to the party on this, but could you do a review of Ryan Humiston’s channel? I like his stuff and his videos are short and direct which is great. Your opinion and review of his knowledge would be amazing.

  • I feel bad for everybody who didnt see this coming and did not buy any gym equipment at home. Barely managed to get my hands on a power cage, a bench and a deadlift bar with some 45lbs plates. Good 1000$ well spent. Probably will expand on it and just have my own gym.

  • I was hoping to hear more from Alan the man is an expert on DIY and strongman equipment. Is it bad that I was hoping to hear about paper mache Atlas stone molds.

  • Regarding lower back work with at home training, you can modify the nordic hamstring curls Eric does by bending at the waist as well as at the knee joint when you go down, and then bringing it back in line as you come up. Hits the glutes harder too.

  • Obesetobeast, if you are obese or morbidly obese and looking to lose weight he is definitely someone to follow because he’s been there done that. His advice is practical, down to earth, simple, and most importantly sustainable.

  • Candito is the man, im currently doing his advanced bench 6 week plan. Im on course to benching 140kg at 81kg body weight. This stuff works.

  • What is the thoughts on switching over to intense cardio/GPP and decrease in hypertrophy or strength? I have decided tho switch over more cycling and still flopping some body weight exercises, mainly pushups and pullups.

  • Not a record until he does it in public. Who weighed those plates? He has been bragging he would do it for 4 years, why not wait another 4 months and do it in competition. It was an amazing feat, but not an official record. Sorry.
    If you kick a 70 yard field goal in practice, do you now have the NFL record?

  • PictureFit is great because I’m quite stoopid (like I payed half my rent money for a vShred program stoopid) so the pictures really do help a lot, but no seriously it’s a great channel I feel it really does cover as much as it can, & still stays unbiased towards the information they have. Another channel I use quite frequently is Gravity transformation they don’t really go into science too much, just enough to make you understand what your doing & why, but again I have been fooled before, so maybe you could have a look at them? If not already. So far they are great channels that I love using.

  • great video. i had a questions for you guys omarlsuf and the public, how can i maximize gains on a 3 day splt if im a competitive mma fighter? with the corona virus i have around 6-7 months to get my body looking like paolo costa lol im 5 9 165 pounds 16% bodyfat. cutting down to 10% body fat to be lean and mean then looking to add a 10 pound lean muscle gain. i compete at 145 but will walkaround 155

  • Also, there’s bunch of idiots in the comment section, that know nothing about the history of sports and compare football with strongman, like bruh… just don’t give any opinion, if you’re gonna be that stupid.

  • It doesn’t count because it’s not Raw and by the way he doesn’t lift 3x his Bodyweight which is fucking weak compared to other Athletes. The World Record in the Clean & Jerk alone is 190kg at 60kg Bodyweight.

  • Those programs are strength based,not many people want to squat bench and deadlift(i do) The volume is also very low on all every muscle,it only has enough volume-intensity for the big three.Pretty good-basic for a free program tho.

  • hey omar, (or anybody else)
    how do you get along with drinking alcohol? like i’m sober for more than 3 months now. but thinking about drinking tomorrow with new years. basically i allow myself 4-5 nights of drinking per year. would this effect my physique on the longterm? please tell your opinion on drinking:) i’m 16 so its fucked up to see all the guys getting smashed every week

  • I only workout at home. A good cable machine with an adjustable bench, several sets of dumbbells, a few thick good quality bands, bodyweight exercises, and a treadmill. I’m good to go!

  • china takes a shit load of kids, put them through intense training and pick the best of the bunch. so its not really a matter of training from a young age but more about picking the one in a million (literally) genetic freak

  • For me I felt like there was to much lower back volume in these programs. I will probably do a different squat variations on the deadlift days and less bent over rows.

  • Look at a picture of 1920’s loggers, specifically the axemen, from Northern Ontario they look like natural bodybuilders from swinging a 2.5-pound axe 10,000 times a day and eating bacon fat.

  • Ok, what about lifters with 7 months off the gym? Should I go straight to 5 days program or start with 3 days split and then after for example 4 weeks move to 5 days split?

  • Its mentioned multiple times that you aren’t sure if there is a governing body for Worlds strongest man and I don’t think there is (I’m not extremely knowledgeable) but I think one of the things Brian Shaw was getting at is they are trying to develop towards that. Have a stronger more competitive scene governed properly and fairly, if its allowed as a world record would that set back the sport to a point where they couldn’t ever get it there because people can just do these feats of strength at home and not need this extra tick of approval. I personally side with Brian Shaw because he is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and I firmly believe he has the best intentions for the future of the sport that for so long has been relegated to carnival side show things.

  • Yo, just wanted throw a quick thank you on here. I’ve been hitting the gym (what I thought was) hard for the past year or so and felt like I was plateauing a lot quicker than I should’ve been. I foolishly wasn’t doing any programming and getting everything else right. At this point 225 x 3 was about all I could do for squats and my bench was horribly low. I’m on week three of the 3 days a week plan (I’ve modified it slightly to fit me but I’ve kept all the compound rep ranges the exact same and otherwise have followed the correct RPE each week) and my numbers are skyrocketing faster than I thought possible. Today is my medium day and hit an EASY 265 x 5 on squats and 150 x 8 on bench. Previously I couldn’t even hit a plate for reps on bench. My deadlift has gone up a bit too but since I’m working out from home I’m using a standard bar and not an Olympic one so it’s waaaay more difficult and I had 5 x 3 260. Anyways I never thought my numbers could go up this quickly and my CNS has adapted so well to the heavier weights and higher volume. I plan on running one more cycle of this after my deload next week. Thanks again man!!

  • I’f I’ve been training for about 7-8 months (half full body and half PPL split) do I belong to the “late beginner” category? Considering the 4 week split as I want to try something refreshing but I wonder if I will recover fast enough from so much squats and bench.

  • Lol doing a commentary and didn’t even know if it was a deadlift bar or not… at least spend 5 minutes to watch the video if you want to pretend..

  • Jeff Athleanx is/was a physical therapist which is all based on evidence and so when he brought it to YouTube he only uses evidence and a lot of biomechanics. (I am biased being in DPT school right now)