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Nspire Physique Championships, NPC Global, Announced by Lee Thompson — Tiger Fitness 16 year IFBB and NPC official Lee Thompson announces the formation of a new bodybuilding organisation: Nspire Physique Championships Global, NPC Global. Lee Thompson, along with the help of several others, has announced a new organization to the world of bodybuilding and physique competition, Nspire Physique Championships Global. NPC and its president James Manion said that Timothy Lee Thompson abruptly ditched the organization in September, when he announced he was forming a new company called Nspire Physique Championship. Timothy Lee Thompson and his new company, Nspire Physique Championship League LLC, filed a complaint claiming the National Physique Committee of the USA Inc. and its president, James B. Manio. The disputes and legal proceedings between Jim Manion, NPC, Lee Thompson and Nspire have been resolved and settled to the satisfaction of all involved parties.

As part of the settlement, Mr. Manion and Mr. Thompson have confirmed that NPC and Nspire (formerly known as NPC Global) are separate business entities with no affiliation between the. NPC Global (NSpire Physique Championships) launches with the intention of taking down the NPC and IFBB bankrolled (potentially) by Bodybuilding.com and working on obtaining athletes like Kai. The NPC Global – Ntire Physique Championships – is not associated in any way nor is it part of the NPC USA – National Physique CommitteeUSA.

The NPC USA is a very loyal IFBB member. The NPC Global is an imitation group, using the same abbreviation of words, to mislead athletes and make them think, that they are entering an IFBB/NPC. By Thompson procuring the monster superstore website as the title sponsor for the inaugural NPC Global contest in March, much can be read into that move. “They made that statement by not being at the Olympia,” Thompson says, referring to the longtime partner with AMI showing the live web cast and having one of the larger booths at the expo.

I, my wife Jennifer Thompson, our entire Thompson Muscle Contest and Nspire Physique Championship Amateur/Pro League – wish the very best in their pursuit of EXCELLENCE to all the amazing athletes taking to the stage this weekend in Las Vegas, NV. And to those athletes around the GLOBE, we WELCOME you to our NPC Global League. IT’S HOW WE LIVE.

It was announced today by both parties that the NPC and Jim Manion and the Nspire Sports League and Lee Thompson have reached a settlement to drop their respective lawsuits against one another. There have been other rival organizations in the past where no such agreement was necessary, such as the WBF, PDI and WBBF.

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  • This will tank. Not one IFBB men’s open competitor is on-board aside from Kai, who can’t even compete in the 2016 Olympia without qualifying, anyway. Not only that, every major competitor has openly endorsed the IFBB and NPC in the last few weeks. Who exactly is supposed to compete? Is it amateurs only? He has some great ideas…I just don’t think it’ll float, especially with that stupid acronym.

  • So if Lee Thompson “fixed shows” then the IFBB fixed shows because Lee Thompson was IFBB.  As well if Lee Thompson has done sexual harrasment, why is it coming out now?  Did the IFBB know about this and sweep it under the carpet?  I like how all of this gets revealed once he leaves.  I’m not for or against Lee Thompson or the IFBB just on the side line calling what I see.

  • +The TigerFitness I think its great that Lee is launching a new venue for bodybuilders. At the end of the day, I really don’t like being ‘forced’ to watch or do something and I don’t know anyone that does. But when you have the IFBB and ONLY the IFBB, that sorta makes it a monopoly. It would be great to have an ‘option’. This is the normal evolution of things!

    BTW: NPC Global is not currently a registered trademark nor is the domain registered so no, they will not be facing any lawsuits.

    Finally Marc, if history was as opposed to change or disrupting services as you are, you would today have only one IFBB, one car manufacturer, one computer manufacturer, one aircraft manufacturer, you yourself WOULD NOT have a supplement line because Joe Wieder would be the only line allowed… you get my point. Business is business…. but without competition, what is business?

  • Just like the UFC, IFBB/NPC is too big to lose. They’re the first and are on a different level. Its the mecca of bodybuilding. You can’t just start a new federation and expect to take over.

  • I waited from 6:30pm till after 11p to meet Kai at CAC. I can attest that Lee Thompson and his entourage waited about the same time in line. He wasn’t afford any special privileges as far as I can see. But if this guy did what you say then I hope Kai doesn’t get caught up in this mess

  • First thing i thought was..Ummm they can’t use NPC as part of their name. Won’t hold up a morning in court if/when there’s a lawsuit.

  • Ive gone to the olympia now for 12+ years and there is no doubt the evolution of the sport has changed dramatically. We now how celebrity fitness athletes and with that comes the big corporations trying to bank on those individuals. Kai Greene was used and he wont be the last. Its sad to see a sport i use to enjoy watching has now turn into a giant corporate clongomerate filled with a bunch of greedy leeches.

  • Still doesn’t explain why Kai dropped out of the O. The only reason he would of dropped out is if he got paid handsomely to do so. He’s not just dropping out for no reason. Haven’t heard any rumors of injury and if he was I doubt he would of been guest posing at tthe Arnold Classic in Madrid 6 days later.

  • i would like to know why kai cried and made it look like he wasn’t allowed to compete when it was his decision to not sign the contract. was there something else going on with his management that caused it to happen or something else. its just strange how he went about it. kai is one of the best competitors if not the greatest in this generation!

  • Marc…..there is room for competition, in business there always is. I remember as a kid GM basically was the only game in town. We can say that for many industries, maybe these guys aren’t the ones to bring it on properly, but I do believe the IFBB needs to be challenged and open up the doors even wider than they are now.

  • Btw: check the dates the NPC global first show is March12, 2016 Houston…. That same weekend: is the Phil Heath Classic at the Bayou Music Center Houston. Lee is trying to go head to head with NPC/IFBB this weekend. So if they pull Kai green in for NPC Global. Its another Phil vs. Kai match up. Same city, same sport, same weekend. Smart but playing with fire. Footnote: also thompson muscle has been the promoter with phil heath for his classic the past few YEARS, now they trying to shut him down.

  • Mr tiger fitness..listen…dude u have the cash..and your little channel…dont cut down on people trying to change something about a sport…that needs a change…if u can’t support..atleast don’t criticize.you are with IFBB…and already successful…why do u really have time to deal with this? really?and u are a Businessman… yeah that is all u are..how about being a human first? where will you take all this money mr tiger…all your little materialistic things will be right here… left behind.

  • This is like the Tidal of Bodybuilding, lol. I really think they’re trying to sign people who are popular in social media as a springboard to launch their federation. People that come to mind are DLB, Kai Greene, Steve Cook, Kali Muscle etc.

  • So, why didn’t Kai sign his Olympia contract and turn it in as early as the pros normally do? And, for that matter, why didn’t he turn it in at the last minute and compete? I don’t buy that nonsense about a dispute with Olympia over a booth. If they wanted Kai in the comp, they could have come to some agreement with him. No, the IFBB and NPC believed, rightly or wrongly, that Kai was involved with NPC Global and moved to squash him as an example to others.

  • This drama is so perplexing to me. I always see Kai’s brand as being so much more than the IFBB. He’s not going to be in hollywood blockbusters like arnold, but the intros he’s doing for NFL countdown are just a glimmer of what he could do with the right management. Training for competitions is one thing, but the drama on social media is getting out of hand.

  • “Things just pop into my head man, they’re poppin, ya know like the Hamsters, the usually the hamsters spinning but the hamsters dead, right now the hamster just had a viagra, that mother fucker’s runnin’ right.’ Marc Lobliner 2015

  • I don’t understand the “blackballing” crap the ifbb does/has done. in any other sport you are the talent and can can shop that talent where you want. NHL players can go play in Europe for a couple years or whatever then come back to the NHL. football players can do.the same with the Canadian football league. hell some guys can play major league baseball and the NFL. it’s their body, their talent they need to get paid. ifbb pro’s get in trouble if they guest pose in different federations? guest posing? Wtf? in such a niche under paid sport where the players shelf life is limited they should be able to compete where ever and guest pose where ever they want to.

  • Fact of the matter is that Manion and Whineburger are crooks who run the place like mafia wannabes. Manon pulls in $800,000 a year for what? Whineburger never knew what a barbell looked like until he started riding on Bev’s coat tails

  • Kevin DeHaven is my Supplement Sponsor with Interval Nutrition and he is a Grade-A Guy! Love him and what he does for the overall sport of bodybuilding

  • If they would’ve broke in clean I would tell them good luck. Given the fact they’re doing it shady AF they should be pushed out before they start.

  • This stuff is interesting….however, to me Kai hasnt really looked like he was in shape to be doing the Olympia in any of his videos around that time.

  • The person most responsible for everyone thinking Kai is with them is LUIMARCO!!! Shame on him! Every news that I heard about Kai being with them was from LUI!!!!

  • He didnt have problem taking money from all for 16yrs….never produced any PROOF of anyone saying anthing to threating him…..or family……i think thier saving a job cleaning the SHIT HOUSE when you go down…

  • The IFBB posted an interview with Kai Greene yesterday on their YT page, and he basically did like all the rest of the competitors and praised the original NPC and IFBB and reaffirmed his loyalty. BBdotCom was kicked out of the Olympia so they aligned with the NPC Global. And yes Kai was used in the video without his permission.

  • Pretty sure that if he was as high up as he was in the IFBB (maybe in a controller position from the sounds of it), he was/is criminally negligent with how he went about creating the new federation. I have to agree with Marc Lobliner when he said that it takes time to get something like a new federation up and running; time and lots of resources (people, money, etc). Mr Thompson would have had to do this and build the connections while acting in the best interests of the IFBB making his actions criminally negligent. Just my opinion and 2 cents in a nut shell…

  • What a piece of crap all lies, this man is nothing but a snake oil salesman..ran the NPC in Texas like a dictator, gave nothing back to the sport and made millions off the athletes and had no problem posting on soicial media his lavish life……Look at the GBO mission statement same thing…….IRS needs ti investigate this man..all shows cash only if you went against him you where black balled…..KIa never had nothing to do with him…Hes a lier…..

  • And so this is confirmation that it wasn’t just a contract being sent in with Kai Greene. This isn’t the first time that IFBB has done suspect stuff. It sho’nuff won’t be the last.

  • I think Lee is so wrong in bringing up Kai, He didn’t sign the paperwork, either he needs to come out and clearly explain what is happening behind the scenes or it will continue to be entirely his fault. Kai along with many produced statements over the previous days to show loyalty to the IFBB and Manion.

    Just as with Branch Warren’s claims, Lee also needs to provide evidence for claims about the IFBB making moves against him directly. He mentions phone calls, these should be recorded. Until both sides bring evidence to the table it’s just trickery.

  • and if you use bodybuilding website to by anything I feel bad lol they’re pricey. tigerfitness and other sights offer way better deals and customer care

  • 8 time Olympia? Gotta be Lee or Ronnie.

    Much love to Lee Thompson for seeking a new vision. Pro bodybuilding is in shambles currently.

  • Ann Titone did not do porn she did an artistic nude body paint photo shot similar to Sports Illustrated does. It was less pornographic than bodybuilingdotcoms bodies of work photos.

  • I typed “npc marc lobliner” in the google search box above and the result I got was, “The NPC Should Sue / Ban MARC LOBLINER” lmao

  • The porn thing was a good point Lee made. Girls are doing porn and other “favors” in exchange for better placings. That’s why Lee called them out. Lee did ramble on a bit but most of what he said was (is) true. Disclaimer: what I just said was an opinion and not based on actual facts I myself know first hand. #coveryourass

  • I like bodybuilding, i respect the athletes that sacrifice for years for the perfect physique, but personally, bodybuilding is not a sport, it is a pageant with high class athletes.
    World strongest man, now thats a sport, football, boxing, soccer, etc.
    What do you guys think?

  • hmmn as much as a person dislikes the new bodybuilding federation, they have out flank ifbb,who desperately need to update themselves in social media, they really should have took your offer to help marc

  • Mark i honestly take my hat off to you lately. you dont like playing politics unless you are forced too.. and still you try your best to get everyone to improve bodybuilding whether you like the guy or not. you sir.. are a fkn iron knight.

  • Tigerfitness.com beats all other prices after shippping and goodies. I’ve ordered hundreds/thousands of dollars of supplements online. Only ordered once from tiger fitness and they have so many percs after shipping cost I’m using them from now.

  • +TheTigerFitness I think the whole idea and plan he has is going to back fire on him, like you said given his track record. However I think the IFBB/NPC should adopt some of the ideas he has and use them in their own organization, because whether you want to admit it or not, he has some really good ideas. That everyone would like.

  • Marc, if history was as opposed to change or disrupting services as you are, you would today have only one IFBB, one car manufacturer, one computer manufacturer, one aircraft manufacturer, you yourself WOULD NOT have a supplement line because Joe Wieder would be the only line allowed… you get my point. Business is business…. but without competition, what is business?

  • Marc, I don’t always agree with all of your views but you do speak your mind and I respect that!  This video was 100 pct on point.   cant disagree with anything.   Lee T. comes off as just SHADY. You don’t even need to listen to a word he says, he himself comes off like a shady character. and ive been saying the IFBB will black list any global competitors is the easiest way to crush this idea.  I don’t get how they have pro after pro already with not having 1 single show yet… there is 0 Credibility in that..

  • Good on him for branching out, all in all though all corporate people lie, cheat and bully their way to the top so he’s prob no better?

  • Lee totally used Kai to promote himself. Is Kai suing? He SHOULD!!! Lee even uses a Kai Greene sound bite in one of his videos!!!!

  • It’s not a money grab, it’s inevitable. Joe starting his company knowing the AAU had a strangle hold on the “athletes” and he knew it was overrun with politics (ironically, his organization would also be overrun with politics) He offered people who couldn’t compete for whatever reason, an opportunity. Joe and Ben built an empire. Now that Joe is gone, it makes complete sense that someone would try to build a directly competing federation. It’s just how life is. Keep in mind, Joe took some of the best guys from the AAU and did even better by recruiting those who racist Hoffman would never allow to win anything. A good businessman sees opportunity where others see failure and hopelessness.
    When we’re all dead someone will do it again and the story will repeat.

  • bahaha you’re funny. but he’s just as slimy as the rest that’s why he tried so hard to make them sound a little worse. but I don’t get his point in starting an organization I feel like it’s such a joke. he’s just butthurt

  • LMAO I live in an Indianapolis suburb… that Indiana line you said about the High School coach competing had me in tears man, great work. That was, borderline, INCREDIBLE. Maybe even borderline AMAZING. Keep bringing the knowledge and the strong will man, I feel like I learn a lot from you, just by simply listening to your vids at work bro. God Bless!

  • this is why I respect you Marc, and this I why I watch your videos. you advocate truth and tell it like it is, stay like that. -proud US army infantryman

  • Im in texas so we hearing and getting alot of info. All our last few shows of this year are in an uproar because they are promoted my thompson. Now Nspire came because that is the name of his wifes clothing line Nspire. Which was stolen from Inspire clothing. After the name was taken that brand was banded from selling at Thompson shows. The whole this is fishy and very confusing at times. #NPCStrong #RealNPCTexas. Thanks do much for this video.

  • Maybe they are asking to be sued? It would be great publicity and there is probably some loophole or a price they’re willing to pay in order to get their name out there…

  • You can’t copyright initials, but you can copyright a logo if it is registered.  Simply using initials isn’t “copyrightable”.   The fact the “biggest game in town” is built on a foundation of athletes who take illegal PEDs speaks for itself.  If you really want to do what’s “best for the sport” explore and back natural bodybuilders.  While this years Olympia was a spectacle, the competitors looked horrid except for Dexter and the guy from The Netherlands.  Even Arnold said so.  BTW, your title is misleading…this is not “The Complete Story”.  I’ve traded emails with Jim Manion, and I see him to be a great guy, but the sport as a whole needs to be cleaned up.

  • Kai can be mad at the IFBB but I knew theri was no chance he would leave or betray them. The NPC/IFBB 100% MADE Kai Greene who he is.

  • Good video, y’all hit it basically, as we all know, there’s not enough science on all these Ped’s to know and estimate what can and can’t happen, near or far future. In humble opinion there are too many variables that goes into this shit. This drug, that drug, stacked with this stacked with that, bottom line is if someone decides to run some shit, know that there’s always side affects with ANYTHING we put in our body, and it all boils down to moderation is the safest route and moderate use at the very most.

  • The AAU being revived as the upper division of Nabba would be the only thing to rival the IFBB, bring back Mr America and Universe.

  • And your connections are reading comments on Lee’s channel? Body building has just evolved? An extremely, extremely, extremely incredible source (My comment)? Here’s what at the end of the day happened with the IFBB: Dana Lynn Bailey Removed. Kai Greene Removed. Everyone’s pissed. Bring us a forum not so wrapped up in politics NOW!

  • Now that we’ve gotten to the bottom of that, we just need to hear the real reason Kai dropped out and why he made it seem as though he was banned from the show and expo.

  • I have to admit that half of the time I spend watching videos that you record in this room is spent watching to see how much movement it takes to set off the green light on the motion detector over your right shoulder.

  • It’l be a chance to highlight more athletes instead of these dudes already in the spotlight and that stay in the spotlight simply bc of IFBB politics, its a good thing imo.

  • your new intro though, sounds like some party boy lmao! go back to the previous intro marc, its dope. Great videos by the way marc, just wanted to let you know brotha, keep it up!

  • All u can hope to do is educate. Ur not the ruler of what other people do to there own bodies. There’s no chance. Test or don’t. Trying to lessen is a ridiculous concept. Even testing is pretty ridic

  • Do you have to take steroids in bodybuilding? NO!

    Do you have to take steroids to have a better chance of WINNING a competition? YES!

    It all depends on how badly you want the NUMBER 1 SPOT. THE FAME. THE MASSIVE PAYCHEQUE etc etc

    If you want to become the next mr Olympia and beat phil heath you would need to have the same level of genetics and you would either need to take the same amount of drugs as phil OR take more drugs than phil in the hopes that more means bigger! You cant take a 3rd of what mr olympia takes in drugs and expect to beat him.