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Fitness over 50 Advice for the Maturing Athlete

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Fitness Guru, Age 10: Is It Healthy?

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Can you Hack Your Biological Age? | Ben Greenfield

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The calculator shows a London-based 27-year-old female, who weighs 9.7st (62kg), is 5″7 tall (170cm) and exercises (getting out of breathe and sweaty) two to three times a week has the fitness age. The target heart rate zone is an increase in your heart rate — 50% to 85% of the maximum heart rate for your age — great enough to give your heart and lungs a good workout. Aim for 50% to 70% when you do moderately intense activities and 70% to 85% when you do vigorous activities. The lower your fitness age is from your actual age, the higher your chances of living a long life. Plus, if you’re not getting the number you want when you plug in your stats, up your exercise.

Rest in a chair for one minute. Then, take your pulse for six seconds and multiply that number by 10 to determine your heart rate for one minute. The results will vary depending on your age.

Guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine states that we need to exercise 150 minutes (2.5 hrs) per week at a moderate intensity. Moderate intensity is raising your metabolism 4 times your resting state (4 METs) which means we need a minimum of 10 METs per week. Tim’s health tips for your 60s: According to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), those over the age of 65 have a one-in-three chance of. Subtract that from 43——your true biological age is 39! If your final score is +15, divide that by 10 and you’ll get +1 1/2.

That means your true age is 44 1/2. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS ELIGIBILITY APPLICATION PROCESS OTHER SPECIAL AGENT OPPORTUNITIES DIVERSITY AGENT RECRUITMENT FAQS Why Fitness Matters Special Agents must be mentally and physically prepared for their work. The FBI requires every applicant to pass the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and meet vision and hearing requirements. Use the Health Age Calculator to find out your Biological Age which, affected by lifestyle factors, such as, fitness, habits and nutrition, is individual to everyone.

Taking all your personal information into account, the Health Age Calculator calculates your exact Biological Age.Find out which factors are affecting your health and fitness with the results of the free Biological Age Calculator. Peter Park, C.S.C.S., fitness expert for, developed this tempo-run test that measures your endurance in 45 minutes. Test It: Treadmill Tempo Set a 1 percent incline.

List of related literature:

10 How do fitness tests for older adults and younger adults differ?

“Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education and Exercise Science” by Alan C. Lacy, Skip M. Williams
from Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education and Exercise Science
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a group of health—related fitness tests 7.

“Fitness for Life: Middle School” by Charles B. Corbin, Guy C. Le Masurier, Dolly Lambdin
from Fitness for Life: Middle School
by Charles B. Corbin, Guy C. Le Masurier, Dolly Lambdin
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This test has been shown to be indicative of cardiovascular fitness in older persons.

“Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults” by Joseph F. Signorile
from Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults
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Youth fitness specialists can consider a number of key questions when interpreting a child’s results: Does this represent a healthy fitness score?

“Essentials of Youth Fitness” by Avery D. Faigenbaum, Rhodri S. Lloyd, Jon L. Oliver, American College of Sports Medicine
from Essentials of Youth Fitness
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What tests would you use to check the current level of fitness on the following people and why? a Sarah — a 15-year-old girl who is unfit but wants to be fitter.

“PE to 16” by Sally Fountain, Linda Goodwin
from PE to 16
by Sally Fountain, Linda Goodwin
Oxford University Press, 2002

In other words, does the test item accurately measure a fitness trait such as strength, 14 aerobic capacity, and flexibility?

“Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children” by Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle
from Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children
by Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle
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17-OHP, 17-hydroxyprogesterone; A4, androstenedione; F, cortisol; S, 11-deoxycortisol; T, testosterone.

“Stress Science: Neuroendocrinology” by George Fink
from Stress Science: Neuroendocrinology
by George Fink
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Does this mean that a client achieving a score higher than the 20th or 30th percentile on any fitness test is healthy?

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
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An appropriate questionnaire that asks about fitness and health history is also very useful to assess physiological age, and would better represent “age” in a new and more accurate formula.

“The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing” by Philip Maffetone, Mark Allen
from The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing
by Philip Maffetone, Mark Allen
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Table 13.1 shows the measurements of resting energy expenditure for samples of 13 patients with cystic fibrosis and 13 healthy individuals matched to the patients on age, sex, height, and weight [1].

“Principles of Biostatistics” by Marcello Pagano, Kimberlee Gauvreau
from Principles of Biostatistics
by Marcello Pagano, Kimberlee Gauvreau
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  • How old do you feel? And how many years would you like to shave off of your age? Learn how to biohack your age and live longer in Ben’s FREE MASTERCLASS ��

  • I’m 48 and lost 30 lbs since March of 2019 when I got on the D-N-A diet. I’m down to the lean mean paratrooper I was in the early 1990s. Real easy to do if you’re looking to get rid of some lbs.

    Start with a wife that decides she doesn’t want to be married anymore, because she’d rather live in her parents basement, and add copious amounts of alcohol (I recommend lite beer and a high end whiskey). When people comment on your amazing transformation you can say “Yeah, I’m on the DNA diet…Divorce N Alcohol”.

    They’ll be amazed at your dedication and transformation.

  • Yes in 5 years I went from working out every day and the best shape of my life to couch potato beer drinking. I do not eat fast good and try to eat organic when I can I dont smoke. But i do find its very easy to hurt myself.

  • 34:00 F**k Diets = comes down to genetics, and what diet works best for you
    34:45 NOT everyone should follow a certain diet (book The Dirty Gene)
    42:20 American Psycho clay mask

  • All reasonable recommendations and what any fit person over fifty with a low incidence of injury overtime would say if you ask them.

    My takeaway:
    Warmup up before muscle training.
    Never stretch cold muscles.
    Do weight training.
    Flip your weight training as much as possible to negatives (fast up, slow down).
    Don’t push through injury. Stop and move on to another exercise.
    Work up a fitness routine in the morning before eating.
    For higher intensity workout get in a good meal 90 minutes before.
    Get more sleep to help you recover and perform better.

    Focus on improving standing balance and your core muscles. That is, stand more than sitting or laying down and find a routine that works multiple muscle groups in a “functional” way.

  • At 50? God help me, I’m 62 and I just started weight training with my 13 year old son. I appreciate your good advice. I should sign this ‘Not Dead Yet’.

  • Hi Ben. As an health & fitness sports therapist, I found your talk extremely stressful. I singed up to mind valley, with the understanding that it is a holistic approach to health & well being. However I find you talks very stressful. My grandmother died at a 102. She ad never had ill health. My mother died at 92 also never had ill father was taken to hospital feeling un well. He got mrsa in the hospital. Died of MRSA in hospital age 84. Never had any medication in his life. He had been fit & healthy. They worked in the garden, Walked, took time to relax, were healthy active. They didn’t need an app or a personal trainer,or anyone to till the what they should be doing, what to eat track nutrition, how many steps, or any other shit that the industry wants to sell people today. My name is Lesley. I was brought up on organic food. I was a gymnast & a dancer. I have been a pilates teacher since I was 17. I am 60 now. I have been a personal trainer for 30. I’m sure by now you have a picture of a very old woman. I was elite fit & at the top of my game. Unfortunately 2018 I was diagnosed with breast Cancer. I had a mastectomy & radio therapy On going Chemo therapy & others medication. though recovering trying to get stronger. Such pain in my back. I have cancer in my back, ribs & Sternum. I eat healthy organic food, I push/ challenge myself every day, I am grateful everyday for everything around me. Sadly I feel mindvally isn’t about the people. It’s about the. Money.

  • I’m 58 and not in menopause and everyone thinks I’m 35 face and body. Here’s what I do. Bought a PEMF IMRS/ Bought Bob Beck product, Dr Wallach 90 Essential nutrients/ Cold Shower but start of hot, Luke warm and then cold/ Organic fruit and veg as much as possible/ Buteyko breathing, Exercise: Weights, bit of cardio and Stretching important. Detoxamin to remove heavy metals although PEMF IMRS does that as well/Landmark Education a must/ Meditation and protect myself from my cellphone and Wi Fi. Oh no Rye, no barley, no wheat and no oil in a bottle, press oil out of the olives

  • As someone who will be 50 next year, this has been on my mind the last few years. Decades of abusing my body at the gym caught up to me in my mid 40’s with injuries and likewise a decrease in things I am able to do. Instead of doing sets of 50 to 75 pull-ups at body weight, a shoulder injury made me change to less than body weight pull-ups as I will pop my shoulder if I don’t. Can’t do squats or run due to a bad hamstring injury, so I now use the bike instead. My body does recover less quickly, but more like 2x slower not 5x as was mentioned in the video, but I hurt like hell. Life moves on.

  • Everyone is different, I’m 49 and push weights 5-6 times a week and I’m stronger and fitter than I ever have been. 10-15 pullups and 40-50 pushups is part of my normal warm up routine.

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  • It’s about quality of life not length of life. How much of his extended life is being wasted sticking his head in a cold bucket and sticking coffee in his butt

  • I just took two cards of fish oil now,I didnt see this video before I started but I have had significant growth in my butts n my skin glows,I’ll sure make a video of it later

  • Be very careful if you use pull-ups as a warm up. Take good care of your bodylisten to your body. It will let you know if something is wrong or doesn’t feel right.

  • I’m 60 years old. All I do is everyday I do pull-ups,incline and decline push-ups, chin-ups, reverse pull-ups, bar dips, and get some training bands! That’s all you need. Quit wasting your time at the gym and save your gas and money!

  • I have minus power -2.5 right eye and -1.5 in left…can it be improve?? I feel some swollen in right eyes..because of lockdown i cannot go eye hospital…give some advice plz

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  • Sorry. How many oil is in one capsule? I want to tell that many year ago at school they give for us, for kids mandatory 1 big spoon oil every day by 1 year. I dont believe that such small capsules help.

  • All fit and strong young looking people you have meet they don’t do all this you mentioned…relax no need to extreme life style…life is so simple and clear

  • This white kid not being racist saying he nearly gets muscles BRUB HE NEARLY GOTS NOTHING LOL he looking fat boy I’m ten and I have a 8pack he gots fat

  • Negative reps are great in theory. But, too hard, especially if older. The rhythym should be natural and enjoyable. If one concentrates properly, the rhythym, weight, reps, all work together.

  • Couple of days ago while googling to find out, if guys around 50 could sucessfully complete a Commando course I chanced upon an Extremely Interesting and Invigorating medical fact, posted by a dude, which stated that… A person’s Musculoskeletal frame starts to naturally deteriorate only after the age of 62!
    And that… our Cardiovascular fitness starts to naturally show signs of regressing only after the age of 65!

    Of course… both these abovementioned down slides can be successfully arrested or controlled or prolonged, if the individual maintains a healthy and stress free lifestyle, coupled with a motivated mindset and regular exercise!

    So am I right in thinking, that those blokes who complain about getting ‘Old’, are either Ignorant, Demotivated… or plain Lazy?��

  • if everyone has lives like him who is going to do the work? Like plumbing, construction work etc. Everyone would be applying face masks and jogging around..

  • Incredible! I shall have to watch this several times over to gain all the nuggets of wisdom and information in this powerful, impactful and enlightening talk!

  • God this guy is a scam. Go vegan if you want the best chance of living a long life.

  • Great info, The only thing i would add is that as we age our requirement for protein goes up, so make sure you’re getting enough protein.

  • It’s really true because I am 13yrs old and I want my spec to be removed can u make next video related to the students of 13yrs old how they remove their spec……

  • Great, practical advice that covers a lot of great areas like hobbies and sleep. A lot of over 50 videos are unrealistic and say everything still applies when you’re older, go squat heavy, etc. Sorry, I’m 50 and I’m not taking steroids and have other priorities than spending 2 hours a day weight lifting (even if I could). Thanks GREAT video!

  • Dynamic stretching is so much more beneficial than static stretching. For any age group but especially for us over 40 and counting…

  • Guy talks bullshit no 1 we don’t need coffee we don’t need micro nicotine or micro lsd which is illegal also we don’t need organ meat I’ve ate liver but there nothing special about it it’s a dry meat when cooked

  • hey fittuber,abhrak bhrasm is a mediciene for cold and sinusitus. then why to use for eyesight purposes. hey fittuber, u need to reply plsss….

  • And to think the people at the Strong man contests are lifting Atlas stones, tossing logs and pulling lorries. They could have saved a fortune on equipment and just bought a few chairs.

    “Hey Big Mike, Im about to sit down and immediately stand back up again, I need a spotter!”

    Seriously though. This kind of test is perfect for an OAP, as routine tasks can become challenging as people age. As a test of strength for young people? Really? Talk about setting a low bar.

  • I think somebody should tell him..that everybody in this world has not studied biology..and many kids also watch this..his words are so complicated..and things are also too complicated..that whoever watch this..will go off after 10 mins.. since this level of talk is his..not for the normal people..

  • Nothing wrong with eating right and exercising, but I’m not sure about taking drugs and eating organ meat. Plus, if you want to live to 1000 years and beyond, only a therapeutic cure for ageing will provide it.

  • Mind: meditation, Body: exercise,balanced clean food, spirit: read a good book,enjoy time with family,practice kindness…that all u need in my opinion

  • Do some research into collagen peptides, they have some amazing benefits and is one of the reasons you run into injuries as you get older; because your body produces less collagen.

  • Hey guys, I am just starting out on YouTube. I am highly motivated and I enjoy helping people. What you will see is every day people, working hard, making mistakes, and growing stronger together. Please like, comment, and subscribe. It will cost you nothing for your support and it will be greatly appreciated ��

  • Man it seems like the whole country’s friggin nuts nobody can do just the middle of something it’s either got to do nothing or too much when it comes to our bodies when it comes to our opinions somebody just do something in moderation what did everyone drink too much fluoride man fortnite has really ruined all your minds

  • Hey, I’m 12 and I resonate strongly with CJ. I myself LOVE to workout, and after a lot of experience training alongside other children of my age, I can say that if the kid is willing to work out on their own accord, it’s perfectly fine for them to workout 1, 1 and a half hours a day. Geesh, eating junk food and gaming all day’s fine and now working out is a problem?

  • I’m 10 years old rn and man just kids/people like him are what keeps me going and have my chin up!!! I have an improving 6 pack and biceps and triceps like his and whoever is reading this I don’t know if you do this if you workout even people older than me I always put on some good ass songs, music, and rap I listen to the coffin dance or the best rapper I’d say Roddy ricch!!! ������

  • I’ve been taking 3000mg of fish oil every day for at least 2 years now and can’t say there’s a noticeable difference although I have this growing urge to go swimming ��

  • I want to know about Antarctic krill oil
    I heard that krill oil is better than fish can you make video on krill oil health benefits & side effects
    Please reply me soon ��

  • I read coment in fevor of capsule then I will give best sagetion my friend b.cos his memory was low he always forgot his wife when he was go for market

  • 31:00 Indians have been doing this since ages.. West ridiculed us.. now you know the secret? because of your western commodes. Indians have changed to it.. shame on us.

  • Where were the control groups? Where were the double-blinded testers? The whole series of tests was riddled with biased testers/assors. sometimes we were not told the results of the tests, only ” there was no difference ” stated by a tester running the tests not an independent results assessor. A nice little earner for you Michael?

  • Also I think many of the injuries suffered latter in life is because of what we did when we were younger. Wear and tear is a big problem over time.Great advice on your channel.

  • This is bullshit! Unless you scale the height of the chair according to the height of the person, the results don’t mean anything…

  • Nothing new here for me pretty much but good advice overall.
    I will try to follow your advice on putting in more sleep.
    Not as easy as it sounds.
    I work 11 hours a day 6 days a week.
    It’s not easy to get back home at night from a hard day at work, eat,sleep and go to work again.
    You need some entertainment to maintain sanity.
    So you end up sleeping late.
    To the best of your intentions, there is no getting around being overworked.

  • Walk a lot, run a bit, get everything you need by yourself and you should be alright. Those words are from my grandfather who lived 93 years old. He did not pass away because of his age. The train he was in had an accident and he received brain damage which caused him to lose blood. He was damn healthy.

  • The best exercise after 50 is yoga or tai chi chuan both exercise the internal organs preventing wet heat and arthritic pain including deep breathing and relaxation personally I dont think the body likes stress after 40

  • Fish oil is amazing.. I am 10 years older than my girlfriend but everyone around us tells me that they thought we’re of the same age, i look 10 years younger.. Thanks to fish oil.. ��������

  • Well request to every one, dont wear spectacles when you feeling eyesight decreasing, just avoid close works(reading, watchng) for 1 week, look long (above 2meters to 10 meters) distances, it is like fever it will automatically cured by our body, dont afraid, give rest to your eyes, keep your mind calm, please i am requesting dont wear spectacles, (if necessary use only work, read, not to watch any like tv with spectacles) have a good day

  • so how much of this is pseudoscience, quantified research or just outright bullshit?
    Honestly, I dont care about the fake. Im looking for research that suggests replicable results.

  • Thumbs up to this video! As a 40 year old trainer working with older adults, this video gives accurate advice. Couldn’t agree more.

  • Past 60…still doing 1/2 marathons and 50 km XC skis….it’s the Army in me

    Not like I used to….but I finish

    My two yen…and worth the value

    LOTS of low intensity….LSD stuff…brisk walks

    Just keep moving

    I’ve cut way back on the high intensity stuff….I still do my hills…get my huff and puff in

    But if I go full max more than once a week….it’s two weeks of down time

    I find Orienteering a great sport….run/dog trot for a Km or so then precision navigate at a walk

    I can beat faster, younger runner’s by being better with the map and compass


  • you guys haven’t seen Buya Syakur Yasin… a spiritual guru. he is in 70’s but wow look at his face skin no wrinkles amd glowing… no such device nor suplement he used… the key is meditation in dark place… the energy of darkness is real

  • Does longevity translates into happiness and happy life? First figure out true spiritual sense rest will fall in place with right attitude. I still feel this is new form of reductionism

  • I think this guy is amazing however he is 36? I literally at 36 could drink like a fish, eat nonsense and bounce back as fresh as a daisy and still look amazing. I’m 67 now so it takes a lot more (not work, that’s not the right word) but considered effort and consistency. I’m more interested to see people of my age who can do what I do, but there is no way on earth I could get by like I did at 36. But I almost feel in an odd way, that not being too precious with my body at that age toughened me up. I mean, if you still are going to age, where do you go from this regime? I’d be interested to see how he is in 30 years…I hopefully will still be around and not dribbling into a bib somewhere or fertilising a tree 😉

  • Definitely a bit of “technique” coming into play with those fast ones! Several people who are barely making contact with the chair, squatting rather than sitting & getting up again, one barely touching with the back of the thigh!

  • I took fish oil for everyday for years and none of this happened for real. My doctor actually said it can actually cause heart problems. It’s genetics and the sooner you accept that, the happier you will be.

  • This was great, I have been researching “if varifocal glasses work for people” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Rayemiron Uncommunicative Release (should be on google have a look )? It is an awesome one off guide for discovering how to improve your eyesight naturally without the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my brother in law got great results with it.

  • My friend was involved in a fraudulent business. I figured out about it because he was taking fish oil for a month and something was smelling fishy. BTW I also could figure out because after taking fish oil I became smart

  • This is complete BS. I’m over 50. I lift 3-5x a week. Bench 240-250lbs. Cycle 40+ miles a day. Ride a YZ450FX in the woods. Not a single ache or pain.
    My gym warm up is 15-20 minutes of spin at 150-200 watts, sprints to 350-500 watts.
    Bring it on.

  • as a 51 year old, i can testify all these points are pretty much correct BUT start training early on in life so that your body and quality of life is always good as possible ESPECIALLY don’t eat too much, particularly junk food and the poison called sugar, do some fasting too

  • Silly people need silly advice. I’m over 50. I am fast approaching 70. I am in a South East Asian country, just like in 1971 (except was 19 back then). I lift weights 3 times per week, I run 3 times per week. I am still adjusting to kilometers. My computer said I ran 5 klicks. The treadmill here does not tell me miles or per hour. Friday I ran 5 kilometers in 1 hr. I also practice TKD, Tai chi, and sticks (long staff, hanbo, pr-24, and Sai). Yes the people in this country do not eat like I normally do. But I have been able to find all that I need, up to and including fruits and vegetables. I had to make do with protein drinks. The only place I can get whey is at the gym, and the owner does not sell the whey container. The local stores do not sell powdered milk for my drinks, but they do sell powdered baby formula. Ok, if a baby can drink it, me too! I do not want my muscle mass to be replaced with belly over-hang. I have some mental exercise going too. When I enlisted in USAF I had to do the AFQT test. In 1973 USAF adapted ASVAB. Well hey, I never had to take it so I am now. I took the GRE 1990. Now is the time for a REDOUX!!! I don’t want BRAIN Over-Hang.

  • When you were a teenager or in your 20s you were probably thin and hecka lot more active than you are now.

    Most people strap in and get “comfortable” in their late 20s-early 30s into cushy routines of comfy jobs, comfy cars, comfy couch and comfy food….

    Then at 50 you think you can jump on a pull up bar (prob 50lbs overweight) and think you can move like you were 20???

    Come on….

    “Do something that sucks every day”
    David Goggins

  • These so called elite athletes get away with it via youth, suddenly the truth of correctness becomes known. Listen more to your body and less to your ego, still competing in my mid sixties, whilst some of my friends of more than forty years have gone through their operations ��

  • I always cringe when I see men in their 50s and 60s trying to jog to lose their weight. This is by far the worst thing you can do to your body. Your bones are not strong enough to handle the constant pressure on their joints, ligaments tendons and bones, some sort of walking everyday, core exercise and the right nutrition and bodyweight training is the answer

  • I am 64 and I train three times a week, you are so correct in training smart, I warm up for 15 or 20 minutes before every training session. I makes a big difference.

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  • Bhai tum hadh double standards wale insan ho, pehle bolte ho be natural,phr paisa kamane ke liye products ka add karte ho, aur itne bade jyotish ho toh corona ka illaz kar doh

  • C’mon, guys! When appears a kid with ABS, the people say:
    “Geez! Is not a life for a kid, it’s unhealthy!”
    But now, kids who eats junk foods ALL day and have a lazy day ALL day, the people say:
    “Ah, what a cute kid! He’s so healthy!”
    Please guys, let’s be honest!

  • What do you know about using a pinch of Borax in your coffee every morning, to get more boric acid. Suppose to be good for brain, and joints etc.

  • I’ve been talking it for about three years now, and I also endurance train. I don’t know if it helps with stamina or not, but I never get sick.

  • I had to laugh…” Consult a doctor before starting fish oil.” What does a doctor know about nutrition, since in 7 years of school they took 1 hour in nutrition.

  • Sir plz kindly read this
    Mera left eye no..5 kam hua 1 month use karne se par 2nd month use karne ke baad.5 again badh gaya plz reply asa kyu hua

  • I have anchors holding my left shoulder together. My left leg is rebuilt. I have had two ruptured discs in my back and a mesh holding my crotch together. I walk the dog for an hour most days. Sleep is critical and diet also. I do Goblet Squats, trx rows, and push ups/planks since they don’t irritate my joints like my old barbell routine. I spend a good amount on warm ups and cool down stretches so I’m not stiff. Solid video man! I have to get rid of the ego, stay out of the injury zone so I can take care of my boys and wife.

  • hot to cold shower, change every 10 sec, oh god…. I do believe in Cold showers (however not SUPER Freezing cold but fairly cold) for about 3-5min minutes, amazing! This guy makes everything so complicated

  • Super exciting stuff. People can hate, but this is a real movement. It’s not insane to think kids growing up today will live to be 150+ years old.

  • Of course, no references provided, because in reality, it’s not about scientifically-proven health habits, rather it’s about selling his brand, his books and his other “health”-related merchandise.

  • What is Erectodom Secrets and how does it work? I hear a lot of people can last longer in bed with this popular erectile dysfunction natural treatment.

  • Amen, I did the same. I was in such great shape getting up at 4 am and rowing with a team, weight-lifting circuit training 3-4 times a week, and mountain biking when the weather allowed. Then I decided I wanted to bulk up more and increased the weight I lifted by a substantial amount. Just because you can lift a heavier weight after your 50, doesn’t mean you should. On top of that, I skimped on the warm-up one day and heard a pop on my shoulder. Now instead of being in elite shape, I have been down for several months recovering. Your mind may think you are still 25, but your body will tell you otherwise. Always warm-up, know your new limitations and the new goal is to just be healthy.

  • Bro I think you are stupid the tonic you showed had ghee imghee is a animal material which contains cholesterol so bad for your eyes

  • LSD? Weird shit, I would say, that’s a NOT! Where the hell would you get LSD, and know what actual dose you’re getting? That is laughable! Weird dude!

  • The one thing you have not covered which addresses so many of the cautions you speak of, progressive strength-related calisthenics. Allows you to develop both muscles and joints, provides progressive overload as you develop, and few, if any of the injury pitfalls of weightlifting.

  • I learned the hard way. I’m 55 and tore my left elbow tendon thinking I could train like I was 21 again. Was really stupid. Still not healed yet. Now I have to carefully (and smartly) train around the injury.

  • Wow, loved every word he said! It resonated with me much! So inspiring and so much Self Love, ecstatic vibes, glow and vibrant health radiating from this guy! Watching Ben reminds me how heavenly it is to experience being a human,….indeed, life is about finding your Bliss, your passion, your purpose, Joy, your Dharma,….follow your Bliss! I love this! Thank you for sharing Ben! ����❤��

  • My great grand mother lived for 100 years and I don’t remember her doing any of this stuff.. all she said did was eat healthy, walk a lot, laugh as often as you could..

  • Good info, thanks here’s my routine 8-12 hours 2-3 days a week working in SanFrancisco as a pedicab operator, the randomness of the events happening increases brain plasticity, besides pedaling up to Union square or China town cardio surges. I’m doing this at age 73.

  • Thumbnail: remove spects in 5 steps
    Me: what the heck!!! It just requires one step
    17 Lakh people: interested

  • Thank you. 49 and tore my bicep in February. Warming up has never been a consistent part of my workouts. Now I ease into everything and if it hurts I stop.

  • How to feel young, look great, and be so scatter brained multitasking half baked nutrition and neuroscience advice, in addition to your regular hectic life of work and family, that you end up having a heart attack by age 50 anyway.

    Less is more….

    Just listen to the last 2 minutes of this video, where he addresses our true purpose, what life means to us and what is truly important, and why we are here, and you’ll realize that this shopping list of “biohacks”, is a waste of precious time, thought, and energy.

    Daily stress, anxiety, and constant life tweaking, juggling, and “hacking” is a sure fire way to end up looking like Willem Dafoe. Fill your heart with love, your mind serenity, and your body with presence, and you’ll look and feel 10 years younger just from that. All this other stuff is OCD AF.

  • Thanks for this helpful information….I m 14 yrs and I have 9 no.and my right eye is more weak…so pls give suggestion that what should I do…thank you

  • Raced Motox from time I was 9 to 25. Then joined the armed forces as a combat soldier for 10 years. Then raced mountain bikes for 4 years. Then got into lifting for a long time. Now, 55 and still at it after taking 4 years of walking and less gym. Then after trying to kickstart again and again I decided on a trainer. I am in the gym 6 days a week. 3 hard days and 3 softer days of more stretching. Working my body harder than ever. Testosterone levels through the roof. Over 1,000 two weeks ago as I am tested 2x a year. Tired, sleeping a lot more, but the motivation is maintained when you are paying for the help. The trainer listens to me and knows where my weak points are. It is very helpful. I walk about an hour or more each day as I live in a city and no need for a car. Recovery is slow no doubt. I have my on and off days, but it requires mental toughness.

  • Seriously!? MOST of the people watching this cannot afford all the garbage you are selling because we do not make millions by have a website selling crap to people who want to live longer!!!! One example folks CREATINE.. Found naturally in red meats and fish! Do your research before falling for these snake oil salesmen!!!!

  • At 60 I still single-handed 70lbs dumbell ‘bench-press on a stability ball. The secret is look at your battered-worn friend. I tell them, “You inspired me” ��I don’t want to be like you������

  • yeh, I would would rather drink a few beers and go to Vegas.
    I got a tip for good sleepbe tired from physical activity, you will sleep like a baby.

  • All True, I got back into road cycling after sometime off and after a few months of riding and getting my fitness back I majorly hurt my lower back / piriformis from riding too hard. Had to take a month off to heal.

  • I have no choice.
    I’m 59 and keep running every day
    3-4 miles.
    Then my kick boxing as well.
    5.8 and 177 lb..
    I don’t have relatives.only ex wifes.
    My 13 year daughter depend on me.
    In my age employers don’t take you to work..
    Well.I have to survive in a name of my daughter…
    I am American Ukrainian…and really don’t care what you think
    About it.

  • SO TRUE. At 50 my choice of workouts is now kettlebells and clubs. They force more of a mind muscle connection as every rep is a concentration rep for form. I walk and cut all alcohol from my diet outside of holidays and special gatherings, it works. Find your groove and grease it.

  • All valuable info to be sure, but being closer to 60 than 50 (a lot closer), while managing to stay in pretty decent shape, this clip didn’t inform me of anything I didn’t already know one way or the other.

  • You know the key to boost them by at minimum 2 cups you actually need your body do everything for you. By following a system such as the one by Mika Klopsworth’s guide, you can make it happen within just a few weeks.

  • This is the lazy, girly man way….. I workout 5-6 days a week with weights… you might start with this but work your way UP if you want to be strong and stay strong.

  • I feel this was meant for me…I will be 49 in three weeks and I am committed to getting back in shape after a long bout with depression and weight gain..I want to look and feel better by goes everything!# SecondAct!

  • Good points, I am over fifty, and understand now it is physical, and mental.
    These are my points on life, SPEARMAN.
    Sleep 8 hours.
    Positive people in your life that you can learn from.
    Exercise regularly.
    Act do not procrastinate.
    Remove toxic people from your life, where possible.
    Meaningful hobbies.
    Alert to your surroundings, where ever you go.
    Nutrition, cut out fast food, make fresh food, including your own bread.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hey hiii Mr fit tuber �� i m your new subscriber! maine aapka thyroid wala video bhi dekha hai awesome tha ��you r doing a great job very precise and on point ��

  • I’m 64 and still do the same general weight training I did when I was in my 30’s. I’m starting to question the wisdom of this though.

  • Listened until “organs meat”. Such a BS! How many animals should be killed and what resources of our degrading planet wasted to satisfy demand of those who will follow such stupid advice!

  • There is no reason why a person who lifted weights their entire adult life multiple times a week should reduce weight training days to just one per week. There is no reason to reduce the frequency at all.

  • Guysss!!!!
    U want to really improve your vision!?
    Search for “Mark Warren” in YouTube and you will for sure see an improvement in your vision,trust me,
    No one told to me about that method,I’m sharing with you guys,Trust me!

  • Sir please reply to this…
    They say rose water is not safe for the eyes as it may cause irritation and burning….and they alsosay don’t experiment anything to your eyes as it may lead to something harmful…. But I wanna regain my eyesight and please tell me can I use Rosewater for eyes??

  • His body frame is literally perfection…perfect symmetry…..I don’t if it’s by design or by genetics but his body proportions are similar to a male mannequin.

  • I don’t know if you all are open minded, but there are plant based source too for omega 3,6,7&9, which is Seabuckthorn oil. It has all the omegas and have all the Amino acid and have vitamin A 2X times than carrots��, have vitamin C 10X times than orange �� and have Natural vitamin E more than any known dry fruits or fruits, and are very rich source of omega 7 ( very rich in omega 7 than fish oil).
    Please don’t support animal cruelty.
    And for information to obtain fish oil, a fish undergo through soo many chemical processess and the first process is “bleaching” and so on. But Seabuckthorn Berry undergoes through one process which is CO2 extraction. Eating animals only making environment disbalance, We don’t live in a Barbaric Age,where to survive we have to eat animals, we live in modern age where there is sooo many alternates, like i said fish oil have alternate too which is Seabuckthorn oil with soo many nutrients than compare to fish.
    Be healthy stay healthy ��

  • just watched this and there is only one person doing it correctly. I used to test people using this. your bum has to be fully on the seat of the chair, not on the edge

  • The cold showers is supposed to give your immune and your metabolism a boost, good idea….. breathing techniques is great for stress related issues, may also be used to help lower your blood pressure but so does your diet, and a good exercise program. Sleep is also important. With all that I mentioned and possibly a good job, as in good paying job you’ll stay young forever. And if you happen to have a job that you physically work hard at, you could actually skip on the exercise program.

  • Can you do Special Operations Forces videos on the following five units?

    -Regimental Reconnaissance Company

    -Delta Force

    -SEAL Team Six

    -Force Reconnaissance

    -Scout Snipers

  • Your ayurvedic medicine is more costlier than English medicine sir �� thats the only problem I found in your channel rest you are doing Fabulous job….

  • I’m 60 something and regarding this video…er…um…I forgot what I was going to say. I’ll get back to you.
    Seems like it all starts in your mind. If you think that you are someone who exercises, you do it.
    Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art discusses the battle to keep creating (writing/art) each day is met with internal RESISTANCE.
    Creativity, loving our family, or exercise; every day, it’s a new battle.

  • Om Shri Dhanvantre Namaha


    As per the ancient Hindu wellness science of Ayurveda, Gooseberry (called Amla in India) is known as Amrut Phal

    Amrut means nectar and Phal means fruit, in Sanskrit.

    Thus Gooseberry is known as the fruit of immortality and is recommended for longetivity.

  • I’m 57. The Y I go to has a.1 mile track. I warm up by walking a lap and stretching/swinging my arms and doing sit ups and body squats after each of my 10 laps. That takes about 25 minutes. After that I am fully warm and ready to go. The other thing I do is listen to my body while working out. Some days I have it, some days I don’t. None of that “pushing through the pain” like when I was younger. When I feel strong, I go strong…and when I don’t, I back it off. After lifting, I either go back to the track, hit the bike or elliptical, or jump in the pool for another 20-30 minutes. Total time ranges from 1hr 2hr depending on time I have and how I feel.

    There are so many different lifts, machines, bands, etc. that I can get a good workout no matter how I feel on any particular day irrespective of the method I choose. I think the key is flexibility instead of a rigid routine. Even on my bad days, I get stuff done, and that makes my good day much better. Peace and good luck!

  • My mum got confused watching this episode and told me that someone my age should be able to do it 35 times in 10 seconds. I was so confused

  • Nearly 50 and exercising same as 30. I trail run, kick box and use the pull up bar daily. No injuries. Not really buying the ‘getting older can’t do it’ story, sorry.