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The calculator shows a London-based 27-year-old female, who weighs 9.7st (62kg), is 5″7 tall (170cm) and exercises (getting out of breathe and sweaty) two to three times a week has the fitness age. The target heart rate zone is an increase in your heart rate — 50% to 85% of the maximum heart rate for your age — great enough to give your heart and lungs a good workout. Aim for 50% to 70% when you do moderately intense activities and 70% to 85% when you do vigorous activities. The lower your fitness age is from your actual age, the higher your chances of living a long life. Plus, if you’re not getting the number you want when you plug in your stats, up your exercise.

Rest in a chair for one minute. Then, take your pulse for six seconds and multiply that number by 10 to determine your heart rate for one minute. The results will vary depending on your age.

Guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine states that we need to exercise 150 minutes (2.5 hrs) per week at a moderate intensity. Moderate intensity is raising your metabolism 4 times your resting state (4 METs) which means we need a minimum of 10 METs per week. Tim’s health tips for your 60s: According to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), those over the age of 65 have a one-in-three chance of. Subtract that from 43——your true biological age is 39! If your final score is +15, divide that by 10 and you’ll get +1 1/2.

That means your true age is 44 1/2. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS ELIGIBILITY APPLICATION PROCESS OTHER SPECIAL AGENT OPPORTUNITIES DIVERSITY AGENT RECRUITMENT FAQS Why Fitness Matters Special Agents must be mentally and physically prepared for their work. The FBI requires every applicant to pass the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) and meet vision and hearing requirements. Use the Health Age Calculator to find out your Biological Age which, affected by lifestyle factors, such as, fitness, habits and nutrition, is individual to everyone.

Taking all your personal information into account, the Health Age Calculator calculates your exact Biological Age.Find out which factors are affecting your health and fitness with the results of the free Biological Age Calculator. Peter Park, C.S.C.S., fitness expert for, developed this tempo-run test that measures your endurance in 45 minutes. Test It: Treadmill Tempo Set a 1 percent incline.

List of related literature:

10 How do fitness tests for older adults and younger adults differ?

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a group of health—related fitness tests 7.

“Fitness for Life: Middle School” by Charles B. Corbin, Guy C. Le Masurier, Dolly Lambdin
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This test has been shown to be indicative of cardiovascular fitness in older persons.

“Bending the Aging Curve: The Complete Exercise Guide for Older Adults” by Joseph F. Signorile
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Youth fitness specialists can consider a number of key questions when interpreting a child’s results: Does this represent a healthy fitness score?

“Essentials of Youth Fitness” by Avery D. Faigenbaum, Rhodri S. Lloyd, Jon L. Oliver, American College of Sports Medicine
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What tests would you use to check the current level of fitness on the following people and why? a Sarah — a 15-year-old girl who is unfit but wants to be fitter.

“PE to 16” by Sally Fountain, Linda Goodwin
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In other words, does the test item accurately measure a fitness trait such as strength, 14 aerobic capacity, and flexibility?

“Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children” by Robert P. Pangrazi, Aaron Beighle
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17-OHP, 17-hydroxyprogesterone; A4, androstenedione; F, cortisol; S, 11-deoxycortisol; T, testosterone.

“Stress Science: Neuroendocrinology” by George Fink
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Does this mean that a client achieving a score higher than the 20th or 30th percentile on any fitness test is healthy?

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
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An appropriate questionnaire that asks about fitness and health history is also very useful to assess physiological age, and would better represent “age” in a new and more accurate formula.

“The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing” by Philip Maffetone, Mark Allen
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Table 13.1 shows the measurements of resting energy expenditure for samples of 13 patients with cystic fibrosis and 13 healthy individuals matched to the patients on age, sex, height, and weight [1].

“Principles of Biostatistics” by Marcello Pagano, Kimberlee Gauvreau
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  • How old do you feel? And how many years would you like to shave off of your age? Learn how to biohack your age and live longer in Ben’s FREE MASTERCLASS ��

  • I’m 48 and lost 30 lbs since March of 2019 when I got on the D-N-A diet. I’m down to the lean mean paratrooper I was in the early 1990s. Real easy to do if you’re looking to get rid of some lbs.

    Start with a wife that decides she doesn’t want to be married anymore, because she’d rather live in her parents basement, and add copious amounts of alcohol (I recommend lite beer and a high end whiskey). When people comment on your amazing transformation you can say “Yeah, I’m on the DNA diet…Divorce N Alcohol”.

    They’ll be amazed at your dedication and transformation.

  • Yes in 5 years I went from working out every day and the best shape of my life to couch potato beer drinking. I do not eat fast good and try to eat organic when I can I dont smoke. But i do find its very easy to hurt myself.

  • 34:00 F**k Diets = comes down to genetics, and what diet works best for you
    34:45 NOT everyone should follow a certain diet (book The Dirty Gene)
    42:20 American Psycho clay mask

  • All reasonable recommendations and what any fit person over fifty with a low incidence of injury overtime would say if you ask them.

    My takeaway:
    Warmup up before muscle training.
    Never stretch cold muscles.
    Do weight training.
    Flip your weight training as much as possible to negatives (fast up, slow down).
    Don’t push through injury. Stop and move on to another exercise.
    Work up a fitness routine in the morning before eating.
    For higher intensity workout get in a good meal 90 minutes before.
    Get more sleep to help you recover and perform better.

    Focus on improving standing balance and your core muscles. That is, stand more than sitting or laying down and find a routine that works multiple muscle groups in a “functional” way.

  • At 50? God help me, I’m 62 and I just started weight training with my 13 year old son. I appreciate your good advice. I should sign this ‘Not Dead Yet’.

  • Hi Ben. As an health & fitness sports therapist, I found your talk extremely stressful. I singed up to mind valley, with the understanding that it is a holistic approach to health & well being. However I find you talks very stressful. My grandmother died at a 102. She ad never had ill health. My mother died at 92 also never had ill father was taken to hospital feeling un well. He got mrsa in the hospital. Died of MRSA in hospital age 84. Never had any medication in his life. He had been fit & healthy. They worked in the garden, Walked, took time to relax, were healthy active. They didn’t need an app or a personal trainer,or anyone to till the what they should be doing, what to eat track nutrition, how many steps, or any other shit that the industry wants to sell people today. My name is Lesley. I was brought up on organic food. I was a gymnast & a dancer. I have been a pilates teacher since I was 17. I am 60 now. I have been a personal trainer for 30. I’m sure by now you have a picture of a very old woman. I was elite fit & at the top of my game. Unfortunately 2018 I was diagnosed with breast Cancer. I had a mastectomy & radio therapy On going Chemo therapy & others medication. though recovering trying to get stronger. Such pain in my back. I have cancer in my back, ribs & Sternum. I eat healthy organic food, I push/ challenge myself every day, I am grateful everyday for everything around me. Sadly I feel mindvally isn’t about the people. It’s about the. Money.

  • I’m 58 and not in menopause and everyone thinks I’m 35 face and body. Here’s what I do. Bought a PEMF IMRS/ Bought Bob Beck product, Dr Wallach 90 Essential nutrients/ Cold Shower but start of hot, Luke warm and then cold/ Organic fruit and veg as much as possible/ Buteyko breathing, Exercise: Weights, bit of cardio and Stretching important. Detoxamin to remove heavy metals although PEMF IMRS does that as well/Landmark Education a must/ Meditation and protect myself from my cellphone and Wi Fi. Oh no Rye, no barley, no wheat and no oil in a bottle, press oil out of the olives

  • As someone who will be 50 next year, this has been on my mind the last few years. Decades of abusing my body at the gym caught up to me in my mid 40’s with injuries and likewise a decrease in things I am able to do. Instead of doing sets of 50 to 75 pull-ups at body weight, a shoulder injury made me change to less than body weight pull-ups as I will pop my shoulder if I don’t. Can’t do squats or run due to a bad hamstring injury, so I now use the bike instead. My body does recover less quickly, but more like 2x slower not 5x as was mentioned in the video, but I hurt like hell. Life moves on.

  • Everyone is different, I’m 49 and push weights 5-6 times a week and I’m stronger and fitter than I ever have been. 10-15 pullups and 40-50 pushups is part of my normal warm up routine.

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  • It’s about quality of life not length of life. How much of his extended life is being wasted sticking his head in a cold bucket and sticking coffee in his butt

  • I just took two cards of fish oil now,I didnt see this video before I started but I have had significant growth in my butts n my skin glows,I’ll sure make a video of it later

  • Be very careful if you use pull-ups as a warm up. Take good care of your bodylisten to your body. It will let you know if something is wrong or doesn’t feel right.

  • I’m 60 years old. All I do is everyday I do pull-ups,incline and decline push-ups, chin-ups, reverse pull-ups, bar dips, and get some training bands! That’s all you need. Quit wasting your time at the gym and save your gas and money!

  • I have minus power -2.5 right eye and -1.5 in left…can it be improve?? I feel some swollen in right eyes..because of lockdown i cannot go eye hospital…give some advice plz

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  • Sorry. How many oil is in one capsule? I want to tell that many year ago at school they give for us, for kids mandatory 1 big spoon oil every day by 1 year. I dont believe that such small capsules help.

  • All fit and strong young looking people you have meet they don’t do all this you mentioned…relax no need to extreme life style…life is so simple and clear

  • This white kid not being racist saying he nearly gets muscles BRUB HE NEARLY GOTS NOTHING LOL he looking fat boy I’m ten and I have a 8pack he gots fat

  • Negative reps are great in theory. But, too hard, especially if older. The rhythym should be natural and enjoyable. If one concentrates properly, the rhythym, weight, reps, all work together.

  • Couple of days ago while googling to find out, if guys around 50 could sucessfully complete a Commando course I chanced upon an Extremely Interesting and Invigorating medical fact, posted by a dude, which stated that… A person’s Musculoskeletal frame starts to naturally deteriorate only after the age of 62!
    And that… our Cardiovascular fitness starts to naturally show signs of regressing only after the age of 65!

    Of course… both these abovementioned down slides can be successfully arrested or controlled or prolonged, if the individual maintains a healthy and stress free lifestyle, coupled with a motivated mindset and regular exercise!

    So am I right in thinking, that those blokes who complain about getting ‘Old’, are either Ignorant, Demotivated… or plain Lazy?��

  • if everyone has lives like him who is going to do the work? Like plumbing, construction work etc. Everyone would be applying face masks and jogging around..

  • Incredible! I shall have to watch this several times over to gain all the nuggets of wisdom and information in this powerful, impactful and enlightening talk!

  • God this guy is a scam. Go vegan if you want the best chance of living a long life.

  • Great info, The only thing i would add is that as we age our requirement for protein goes up, so make sure you’re getting enough protein.

  • It’s really true because I am 13yrs old and I want my spec to be removed can u make next video related to the students of 13yrs old how they remove their spec……

  • Great, practical advice that covers a lot of great areas like hobbies and sleep. A lot of over 50 videos are unrealistic and say everything still applies when you’re older, go squat heavy, etc. Sorry, I’m 50 and I’m not taking steroids and have other priorities than spending 2 hours a day weight lifting (even if I could). Thanks GREAT video!

  • Dynamic stretching is so much more beneficial than static stretching. For any age group but especially for us over 40 and counting…

  • Guy talks bullshit no 1 we don’t need coffee we don’t need micro nicotine or micro lsd which is illegal also we don’t need organ meat I’ve ate liver but there nothing special about it it’s a dry meat when cooked