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Tip 2: This is something that I’ve utilized in the past, and it’s using a gym partner.A Gym partner can help you with someone to stay motivated. But also you can hold each other accountable. It allows you guys if one person wants to go the other person doesn’t. Six ways to stay motivated at the gym, according to personal trainers.

Even a two-minute workout can make a difference. Chelsea Ritschel New York; Thursday 1 November 2018 21:06. 5 Ways to Stay Motivated at the Gym. By Kristen Bridge May 24, 2019 Health & Fitness, Lifestyle. No Comments; 0; 0. 0. We have all experienced those days when we aren’t motivated to workout. Our warm, comfy beds can be impossible to leave for an early morning gym session.

A word of warning – a gym partner can also be VERY detrimental to your training if they’re a slacker. Gossiping, cutting workouts short and delaying workouts are a few of the traits I’ve discovered with the not-so-dedicated gym partners I’ve had. 5 Tips To Stay Motivated While Training At Home. Filed Under: Motivation.

Primary. To be successful at a fitness routine, you have to employ a variety of tactics to keep yourself motivated and inspired. Here are some tips proven to help make a lifetime commitment to fitness a reality. 5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise Regularly. 0 Comments. by Julie Kailus.

Promote dialogue and inclusion by asking their opinions about the gym and sharing ideas to enhance their fitness experience. The stronger the fabric of the community – making it their gym, their friends and their fitness family – the more inclined members will be to stay, renew, and recommend others to join. So now you’re at that stage your finding more excuses to not go to the gym and gym motivation is slipping. So here are my top 10 tips to keep motivated at the gym.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Gym. Now this is actually a very important factor for keeping motivated at the gym. You need to choose a gym that ticks a lot of boxes for the right reasons. Articles » Motivation » Fitness Motivation » 5 Tips To Get Motivated To Exercise After A Long Work Day Another option is getting a gym partner who may be your coworker, significant other, or friend as your workout buddy. or strategies that help you stay motivated, please leave a comment! Share 434.

Tweet. Email. 434 Shares. 41 Comments. To stay motivated and to get the most out of your workout, ask a friend or family member to join you.

Exercise in the morning to get extra energy for the day and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve already completed your exercise regimen. 6 science-based secrets to staying motivated at the gym. (and stay) motivated for the long haul. 1: Your Hard-and-Fast Rules Were Made to Be Broken Even having a supportive partner, family.

List of related literature:

Getting a personal trainer is another great option, perhaps if Annemarie is unable to find a friend to frequent the gym with her, or if that friend doesn’t provide enough motivation on his or her own.

“Addiction, Procrastination, and Laziness: A Proactive Guide to the Psychology of Motivation” by Roman Gelperin
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Gyms are motivating because motivated people go to them.

“Stronger After Stroke: Your Roadmap to Recovery” by Peter G Levine
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Join a gym with a friend; this will motivate you and your friend.

“The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!” by Michael Aziz
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Then, if I still need more motivation, I’ll ask a friend or trainer to help me out.

“Body and Soul: A Girl's Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life” by Bethany Hamilton, Dustin Dillberg
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I need a partner to motivate me and go with me.

“Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook” by Stassi Schroeder
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3 Identify how you might motivate a group that has signed up to a 12-week challenge in a fitness facility.

“The Essential Guide to Fitness” by Rosemary Marchese, Julie Taylor, Kirsten Fagan
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When I travel and work out in new gyms by myself, I focus on beating my old records.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
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Exercise with a partner for safety, motivation, guidance, and assistance.

“Fitness Instructor Training Guide” by Cheryl L. Hyde, American Association for Active Lifestyles and Fitness
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By sharing the health and fitness experience with a partner, you can help each other stay motivated.

“The 17 Day Diet” by Dr Mike Moreno
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But if motivation were all it took, we’d all be going to the gym five nights a week, and I wouldn’t have forgotten my New Year’s resolutions by February.

“Build Better Products: A Modern Approach to Building Successful User-Centered Products” by Laura Klein
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  • Just starting to get my act together and you guys are my gurus. You’ve got a great gentle approach for newcomers, seriously, you guys are amazing! I hope to report back some success in the future.

  • Tried the 5 second thing this morning and I got up and managed to convince myself I should sleep. Laziness is literally ruining my life

  • The temper thing is the only one that applies. Many of the others you listed I used to do but have found a system that works for me. Adhd is on a spectrum and everyone is different.

  • I have just had my 3rd concussion (the last one was done in a doctor’s chair during an “exaggerated” biopsy), and the symptoms of ADHD are the similar to my post-concussion symptoms. It’s horrible and knowing that I have this DISorder is very helpful to try and get my life together. My life is now a huge pile of unorganized lists.

  • I stay motivated because I am growing. It may be a slow pace currently (1 sub a week), but I am growing. I also keep making the videos because my fans love them and would be upset if I stopped my weekly series.

  • What keeps me motivated? I do enjoy making Videos, but I admit, that isn´t enough sometimes. I guess by watching Videos of People I admire and the get back to practice so I can be as good one day.

  • Dr. Marks thank you so much for this! You have opened my eyes, and I know what I must do to support my love one. It’s gets exhausting some time but I know that it is a labor of love.

  • Thanks for the motivation!!! <3
    Please also help me pursue my vlogging hahaha if you dont mind:

  • IF the ADHD person could implement these suggestions…. they probably don’t have ADHD. On the flip side, the suggestions for the non-ADHD person are solid. Just rare.

  • I really like your channel bros. It’s helped me a lot in the beginning of my quest to be a Buff Dude. Those videos about the form for exercises, the dos and donts etc, real quality stuff.

    I’d really like to see you guys squat more though. Maybe talk about paused squats, stretching to improve depth, training for maxes etc.

    Keep the quality stuff coming. Good edits, good humor, great attitudes.


  • Every time I’d tell my dad he needs to take a day off and rest he’d always say “I’ll sleep forever when I’m dead” and I need to drill that into my skull

  • Bahahahahaha it allways makes me laugh to see your over the top videos:)
    And yes they are funny, educational and motivational all together:)

  • The tips for the partner made me cry, It just what I have been trying to tell him. Maybe this can help saving our marriage. Thank you ❤

  • I don’t normally subscribe to… anything, but this was worth the button click. Tim and Eric Awesome Show meets practical workout advice. Great stuff, keep it up guys!

  • Dr. Marks. Your face at 8:21. YES!!!! My life. Thank you for this and all the other tips on living with a partner. You are an angel.

  • I have to admit that since i broke my arm its really hard to go to the gym for just cardio and leg work… is this a bad thing? I cant wait for my arm to heal to get back to my usual routine

  • Having lived with both chronic pain and ADHD, I consider exercise a privilege, NOT a punishment. I appreciate that you shifted some of the focus off weight in this video… The other physical and emotional benefits of daily movement FAR exceed weight management!

  • Good one guys! How did you know I was feeling seriously unmotivated today and the urge to quit is whispering at my door?
    I really appreciate that you said over and over that “you are not alone” because that comes down to a big “why” for me in creating my channel: I want other moms to know they are not alone in this crazy kid raising journey through life! And that no one is perfect it’s okay to be who you are.

  • And what if in the party example your partner would
    have said “you never asked me about going to to the party” and cause an argument that way about whether or. It it was discussed previously.

  • Love Buff Dudes! We want more of the Arnold accent from Brandon!:D He is awesome! And your brother looks like Buffed Jesus with the long hair!:D 

  • The entire time, all I could think is how disgusted Mr. Arnold & you folks would be with me due to the fact that I regularly sleep 10-12 hours a day. I barely have the energy to even bathe. I often watch people, in disbelief, that they have the ENERGY & DISCIPLINE to even get to the point to where they’re complaining about not having enough hours to get even more accomplished than their daily “have-to’s”, and I’m struggling to gather up the energy to keep myself & my house clean! I’m disgusted with myself, but I won’t do anything about it, so I deserve it! BTW, I just checked my history, and I’ve watched 9 “productivity” videos that were completely useless to me & out of touch; this 5 second rule is actually the most useful OUT OF 9 PREVIOUS MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS!!!

  • There is a park with a 1.25mi path that outlines it. I walk a lap, then take my 2x15lbs dumbbells and walk another doing curls, tris, presses, and various swings and shrugs (it’s a killer) and things I’ve learned from watching you. I follow that with a 3rd lap, stopping at each of the 28 benches and doing pushups, various squats and leg lifts. Takes about 1.5 hours, and it may actually be a better overall workout than I get in the gym, though not as singularly focused, and chest is not taxed that greatly, but it is definitely a work out. Keep up the motivation, we all could use a little right now.

  • My reason for success is that I want to help more ppl with going vegan. It CAN be simple, cheap, tasty and fun! It’s true when you remember your MOTIVE you will stay motivated even during the slow times.

  • i really loved these tips!
    my only roadblock i have in my mind with my husbands severe ADHD and your suggestions for handling someone with them are the fact that i (like you said were guilty of) feel like im babying him by having to do everything for him. (making the notes for him, reminding him, telling him of consequences)
    its so so so hard for a non ADHD person so view this disorder in the light of “its a disorder” instead of “my husband just wants a nanny to take care of him and his life” haha. of course im joking but thats where all of our arguments stem from. as understanding as i can be i still feel like im literally a nurse to his life and hes a patient. as sad as that is i think a lot of partners end up feeling that way unintentionally.

  • This was really helpful, I struggle with consistency a lot when it comes to working out. Even if I’m super motivated at first I inevitably loose interest and give up after two weeks. Since I just want to be stronger and fitter and it’s harder to see results. I know I always feel better after working out but sometimes even that is not enough. I think having someone to hold me accountable would really help!

  • Are you ready to take yourself to the next level it’s time to drop your negative attitude and turn up up your potential? I present A BREATH OF RESILIENCE by Rodrigo Villagomez. An apple podcast where discussions on mindset, passion, and gratitude take place in a world where anything is possible. motivate yourself, get up, and push harder.

  • My go to motivation has always been watching your videos ���� I always get the feeling of WORKOUT TIMEE whenever I watch fitness youtubers

  • My channel is barely growing ive been doing youtube for a year and got 100 subs people been doing youtube for a week and have more subs than me i just dont know what im doing wrong i want youtube to be my job and gain money for my family ive always wanted to do youtube as a job since i was really little now im just deppressee and cant make subs:(

  • how about you making a program here scott?. daily workout (day 1, 2, 3, 4…) but your program. even when it’s rest day it’s still workout, but it’s only light/ stretch.

  • All said in this video is very very True

    Tell yourself WHY do i want to beome a Buff Dude

    then go to the Gym every 2 nd day at least every 3 rd day. Healthy food is also very very important your muscles want Protein at least 70 gramm on workout days, they want lots of Water like 750 ml
    and they need Veggies to like Brokkoli

    make selfies of yourself every like 4 Weeks to keep track of your progress.

    Finding a Gym Buddy also helps and dont compare yourself to Arnold Schwarzenegger the Guy needed 8 years to look like Conan the Barbarian

  • Some of this fits more with my partner, some of it more with Family.

    I get a really slow, indignant, anger when I get reminded of my messing up. It’s why I can get so dismissive or defensive.

    But I’m an adult, and I need to work on some of this if I am to get anything done.

    I really thank you for your patience, and making this.

    I want to show this to a couple folks, lol

  • Hey @ScottHermanFitness, can you please give us your thoughts on Dynamic Tension (Charles Atlas workout). I was curious about what i could do while sitting down in front of my laptop for hours on end for work. Thanks

  • man, my issue right now is the heat, it’s around 40c in my city and i started workout on the park. the thing is im getting dehydrated and i can’t afford a gym. damn 8I

  • Again another great informative video. I have no doubt I have ADHD.(Havbent been diagnosed but done alot of research and tests) my partner has just been diagnosed with it too at age 34 (just waiting to see a specialist about medication) We have been together 14 years. Sometimes it has been electric meets water! (no violence though) It has taken a lot of time to get where we are. We have reached a deep understanding of one another and respect. We have a son and we are a loud, happy, (messy) family. We decided to stop at one because we know our limitations and want to put EVERYTHING into our son. Im happy that our son is showing no signs of our condition (hes 7) Even if he did. We are all different and we need to love ourselves for it.

  • hard to decide what to do about calories when I’m at the end of my bulk and I don’t want to get any fatter.. but don’t want to lose my muscle. Hard to work out maintenance since my schedule is so different.

    Doing bodyweight stuff at home now plus bands.

    Any suggestions?

  • I am lucky enough to have a home gym set up, so I have stuck with my regular routine. But that doesn’t mean that I am not getting nervous or anxious at times during this lockdown. So when I am I go do as many pull ups, dips and plank for as many (as long) as I can… let’s just say I have done a lot of extra pull ups, dips and planks the last couple of weeks.
    It would be nice if it wasn’t 40 degrees and raining for the last 5 days, really hoping that breaks soon so some fresh air and sunshine can come into play.

  • At this time it’s kind of hard seeing the slow growth but nonetheless it is growing. My motive is building my own community here on my channel and I want to see that happen myself, and also kind of prove it to myself that I can do it. So far I’ve been staying pretty consistent with videos and i can’t wait to see more growth for myself in the future

  • I don’t usually comment on videos, Dr Tracey I hope I found you couple years before, i randomly clicked on one of your video last week and after couple minutes listening, my soul told me you’re the answer of many of my questions. Many people include therapist know or talk about ADHD but I never ever heard someone talk like you. I felt like you was reading my mind while watching your videos you’re a pro!!! Being help by many therapists, I can say if you can’t afford to work whit a therapist, is ok �� just make your personal research and put in practice what Dr Tracey is giving in her videos and you will see the impact in your life. Good luck on your journey!!

  • I’m currently seeing someone with ADHD. I’m constantly saying, “did you hear me?” He doesn’t want to take meds even though they help. BUT it makes connecting w eachother sort of difficult. I can’t talk for longer than 10 seconds or he’s jumping in! How can I bring this to him. He gets so offended sometimes like, “what am I doing wrong NOW?!” I don’t want to play his mom or make him feel small but something has got to give.

  • I haven’t upload a video yet but I am going to. So far my one motivation is no regret. I don’t want to say ” gosh I should have done this, I should have done that” 5 or 10 years later.

  • Thank you for this video, Scott! I’ve been sitting around at home for two months now since my university is closed and though I still regulary find the motivation to do my workouts everyday and always look really forward to it, I feel like I’ve gotten lazy nonetheless. I use to stay in bed for almost half an hour after waking up and after that just watching series or YouTube but most importantly I stopped being aware of my caloric intake and what I eat. That doesnt mean I eat very unhealthy, but I dont care as much as I used to anymore, because I just got too lazy to put in the dedication that it requires for me, partly because I always feel so tired because I dont move that much anymore. So thank you very much for uploading this video, it really motivated me to get more productive and continue working hard for my goals. Many things you’ve pointed out are my goal to do the next time I wake up, as I try not to spend too much time in the bed or on the couch and focus more on what I eat:)
    Keep up the great work! Greetings from Germany

  • I’m getting like 20 views on my videos and i know that’s 20 random people I dont know don’t look how many viewers another video is getting look at your growth

  • All said in this video is very very True

    Tell yourself WHY do i want to beome a Buff Dude

    then go to the Gym every 2 nd day at least every 3 rd day. Healthy food is also very very important your muscles want Protein at least 70 gramm on workout days, they want lots of Water like 750 ml
    and they need Veggies to like Brokkoli

    make selfies of yourself every like 4 Weeks to keep track of your progress.

    Finding a Gym Buddy also helps and dont compare yourself to Arnold Schwarzenegger the Guy needed 8 years to look like Conan the Barbarian

  • I think your videos are really motivating especially this one. My channel got terminated about 2 months ago and I was so devastated. However, I have decided to try again with a new channel. I did covers on my channel and random videos:)

  • We need to present all the consequences of each of their actions/choice? Anticipate each of his objections? How can you say that as the point immediately after saying to treat your partner as an equal???
    I send an email. It’s written down & the ball is in his court. I assume his attendance is tentative for everything he says yes to; & that, if he does attend, we’re going in separate cars. If he chooses to go, I get there on time, NOT stressed. & He gets there when/if he gets there. It’s frustrating, but it’s the only way I’ve found that’s remotely fair to both of us.

  • The guy on the scale at 2:03 is exactly how I feel when I weigh myself. Lost 16 pounds and gotten much stronger, but still feel like my gut is the most impressive part of me. =(

  • Good tips man! ��

    I’m trying to maintain the same habits/schedule I had when I was lifting. Get up at the same time, eat at the same times, bio logs (weight, heart rate, etc), caffeine at the same times. Basically everything I would normally do in 24 hours, minus the gym. It’s keeping me somewhat sane!

  • My boyfriend has adhd and does everything on this list, but my mom who also has adhd only does a few. Its hard not to get mad at him for things when ive never seen my mom do it and think why can’t he not do it like my mom… I know everyone is different but thats how my head goes…. Also he has A.D.D. and has a defiancy disorder.

  • This is a badass video guys thanks for the motivation and tips. I’ve recently fell off on my morning routine and I know thats a huge part of the way I’m feeling. Also know I need to surround myself with more passionate motivated individuals for sure. As for my why? I wanna inspire others to stay true to their hopes and dreams, to find their purpose in life, and to believe in themselves.Thanks again guys!

  • I am doing it because when i Was younger i had cancer, and when i was at the hospital i was bored. Then i discovered youtube, and when i watched some videos it really help me!
    Then i knew that when i was finish with my cancer, i would do it to hopefully help others!

  • Hah listening as I work out and hear cool runnings. I’m pretty sure that was it. Haven’t seen that movie in a loooooooong time. Like since elementary school.

  • last night I fully felt what you saying went to do my work out and was so unmotivated!!!�� I actually cried!! no doubt I did complete what I usually do on a slow day but it was really difficult! Thanks Scott you are truly awesome!!!

  • I believe my girlfriend has it. 90% of what’s been said here she does. It’s soooo hard. I love her so much and she’s had a tough upbringing so it’s really hard to get the balance right. She live praise but anything other than than that’s so goes into what I call, defend and deflect mode. Makes me feel rejected sometimes and she feels like I’m pushing.

    She literally lives on her phone and has now got apps to help plan things, I pray it works!

    Ironically when she really wants to do something she is so focused, but, the attention for it doesn’t last long, other than work, but she HAS to work.

    Really hard!

  • I love this video! It is so inspiring, informative, eye-opening, motivating-far too many synonyms to name. I am truly glad I saved it to one of my Playlists. A true gem for good mental health, backed by some truly great and reliable people.

  • I worked out proper for the first time today in a long time (friend has a home gym and is much, much more fit than I am). Was fun, right until I nearly blacked out and almost shit myself.

    We Seth Rogans shouldn’t try to keep up with the Scotts of the world from Day 1.

  • I admire the attempts Scott. My work routine and eating schedule is still going even though I’m at home now but I am just not enjoying home body weight workouts at all and I hate cardio aside from rowing so I don’t enjoy running/jogging either, I have no access to weights and live in a small condo so I can’t put equipment anywhere anyways and not like I can afford it seeing as I live in an expensive city and rent eats alot of that. It was sad when they closed my condo gym, it didn’t have alot of weights or machines but it had something and I was okay with that short-term. I’ve just stopped now and hope things get better soon but seeing as how things are I don’t know if I’ll see a gym for a while but fingers crossed

  • Thank you Scott for uploading this encouraging and helpful video, and many other videos that you have created and shared. Much respect.

  • Some day’s I want to quit because I just sometimes feel like im not drawing people in but also I have to remember it does take time. But this video was so much needed!

  • Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others. Not realizing that everyone has a different question paper. ♧

  • Amazing video as always….my goal… my husband used to play pro sport where he got injured to the scale that he has hard time physically working.. so I want him to work more in the office… but I need to be the one who takes over for a while… it is enough to get me working late each night… at least for now…

  • Really going to commit to the 5 tips…. I tend to get irritable, short-tempered and I can talk down to him because, in my head, I’m like “why can’t you just do it/get it done/not do that etc.etc.?” “why do you always forget that Tues and Fri are trash days?” etc etc etc… Thank you Dr. Tracey I’m working to be a better partner!!

  • I use an alarm with a setting that means it can’t be turned off unless I scan the barcode of a book I keep downstairs. That has changed my life and I get up at 6 am every day.

  • The taking out the garbage scenario is so my marriage. I finally learned to say to my husband, “What time were you planning to take out the garbage Sunday night? I’ll have everything ready when you are.” Ours gets picked up on Monday morning. That tells him he needs to consider this. That has saved us from so many arguments.

  • I want to overcome laziness one and for all. I want to follow some code or personal mission so that I don’t fall into laziness or wrong path in life. I don’t to act like a robot, but I want some control over my life.

  • It looks like a lot of us are going to be stuck at home for quite some time and at first it sounds amazing. But then after about a week or two you start to realize that staying motivated to do anything becomes very difficult. The lines between work, gym, fun and family time are now blurred and it can be very easy to lose your focus and motivation.

    Guys, I’ve been working from home for almost the last 10 years and I can tell you that I personally have had season depression and extreme lose of motivation. It happens to everyone. So I came up with some quick tips to hold myself accountable and I know that if applied, they will keep you accountable and motivated too!

    PS: If you decide to give your scale a name… I would love to know what it is… haha

    PSS: If you have 10s, 15s or 20lbs dumbbells at home and want to see some SERIOUS RESULTS. Then it’s time you checked out my 12 Week Home Program! MEAL PLANNER INCLUDED!

  • It is a nightmare to live with a ADHD partner. First he should be the one, listening to this kind of video, so he accept he has a disorder. But he does not. I am trying so hard to help him, be patient, show him your video, read articles about this topic to help us. But he doesn’t seem to want to help himself. When you point out his behavior is unacceptable, he look at me like I am attacking him. He talks endlessy, like 4 hrs and never let me say a word or asked me question. And when I point it out, he gets mad. My emotion are shut down. Even his friends tell me it is abnormal to talk that much for a guy, but they don’t dare to tell him. In public place, he is a nightmare especially when he start drinking. I am tired to put my self love on the side, and be abused by tantrums, swear words. My emotions is running low and made me ill. It is not rational to always use ADHD as an excuse. I cannot imagine having a child like him, I ‘ll get crazy. It is a lot of work and very draining. Think twice before entering a relationship with someone unhealthy, especially if he does not want to work out their disorder.

  • Sleep is important, people. Arnold can sleep less because of his “supplements” but that doesn’t mean that you are the same. Sleep at least 7 hours a day for longevity and so that you don’t underperform

  • LOL can you believe it?, I feel more motivated than ever since the quarantine! I was at my laziest and fattest right before the quarantine. Awesome videos btw, keep it up!!!

  • my progress 25kg in the first month, “oh yaaa”.

    Then nothing for the next 6 months, “wtf”. I don’t build muscle just strengthen it my max weight has gone up but no size ganes.

  • This is great, the only way to success is through the hard work. From dedication, waking up when you really should, when it’s early and a good time to go run or work out, take that opportunity and go all out.

  • I bought myself equipment with the aim of not having to go to the gym since it’s a 25 minute drive. Didn’t realise how much harder it’d be to motivate when I actually do just that. Glad I did though since you can’t get anything now without paying ripoff prices. Just the kind of video I needed.

  • once a guy said, dam U lazy! and i said: yes I know.. then he said: but if you know, why arent you do anyting aboute it? Me: well..what did we just confirm

  • How do people with ADD overcome the communication side of things. For example learning how to think about what your going to say and how you say it so it doesnt come off in a rude way. I feel I have this problem, sometimes I’ll say something in response and in my mind it’s going to just be a blunt or normal answer and the tone is sometimes rude or careless. I’ll immediatly notice it though afterwards and feel awful. It definitely is something I want to change so it doesnt affect my relationships


    God Bless You and your family☺️☺️

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  • Awesome audiovisual edition, and even better with a 2160 4k ultra shredded definition! Thanks for the advices. This week I start the 12 week plan to get a little bit buffer for the summer xD Salute, buff dudes!!!

  • I have both ADHD and Aspergers. I can so relate. Also your bipolar disorder videos have really opened my eyes to why my mother is the way she is. So thank you so much for explaining what I only understood as the name of what she was diagnosed with. Thanks so much!

  • This is exactly my system I made on my own:D When I get ready I divide my time into 10-minute intervals, getting ready, finding my shit, and my walk to the train + the ride itself. You give such great advice! Thanks for all you do for all us with illnesses or disabilities. <3

  • I actually listen to this book on audible called “Goals” Brian Tracy This book keeps me motivated especially when sometimes I don’t believe in myself. Im glad I ran across this video! you guys always are a big help!

  • 8:55 neuro-typical partner needs to think through all consequences for the ADHD person, and present all that information with each communication….yeah, that is exactly like having to be a parent!! Especially because my partner will still pretend to be listening when I have to explain all the things that should have been considered.

  • i mean she had 3 tips in total. (the first 3 was 1 advice divided in to 3)
    #1 Use Medication every day (i already do this, and i don’t forget it(most days) so this advice i irrelevant to me)
    #2 Finnish what you start (even if it gets boring?, is that even possible when you have adhd?)
    #3 Listen to every word in the sentence all the way trough ( if i am not interested by what you are saying or lose interest on the way, i cant simply wait till they have finished talking, it is not possible.
    if i stop her from talking, to say what i want, its rude, and she gets annoyed
    if i write down what i want to say and wait till she is finished talking, i have lost the context of the whole conversation, because the last 10 minutes of her talking iv’e been thinking of something else, and than i ask the question i wrote down, listen to the 2 first word of the answer and fall back to thinking of whatever. )

    in a way it felt like her advice for the partner with adhd was, dont have adhd.
    and when she started with the advice for the partner without adhd, i lost focus and started to think about this comment. so yeah that was my day.
    PS. yeah the sentence ¨so yeah that was my day,¨ was total adhd mumble

  • I Cody Bryson am WIERD about shit being tidy and everything in its place and I Cody Bryson of Irving TEXAS take my trash out every day. Goddess Tracy I Cody Bryson of Irving TEXAS like my living quarters tidy and everything has its place I Cody Bryson of Irving TEXAS just have problems with wanting to take a shower so I’ll wait till there’s moss growing on my balls and taint before I Cody Bryson of Irving TEXAS take a shower AND I CODY BRYSON OF IRVING TEXAS DO NOT KNOW WHY GODDESS TRACY DARLING

  • My dream is to help people alter their lives in a positive way through Fitness. Fitness has been a lifesaver for me. And I know it can do the same for others.

  • ADHD is not just about poor planning or a wandering mind but a constant battle in the brain between what it wants and what it should do. It hurts to break hyperfocus as it does to do repetitive tasks. We lack inner discipline bc our minds wants to wander and we can’t FEEL the long term benefits. We start avoiding the pain of the now bc there is no long term pay off, which worsens it. Routines are a kind of exposure therapy that are facilitated by meds. Best way to motivate your partner is by doing things together and giving them structure. Structure creates exposure to useful routines that are painful at first but become less painful when they are automated (which takes longer in ADHD). Positive rewards of completion help us feel the long term reward. It’s useful when a partner paint a positive image of this reward.

  • I started youtube because I was inspired by so many of my favorite youtubers. I waned to make others happy the same way the youtubers I knew did. When people are down I want to make them feel good again, I want to help take care of my family, I want to have a job that is fun and that I love. Sometimes it feel like im just not worthy of being a big youtuber but even still im gonna keep fighting for that dream and make it into a reality!

  • That sounds tiring and not worth the effort. I would never date a person with ADHD. I’m an introvert and these behaviors mess up my own thought process. I can’t spend much time with a person like that, especially if they are an adult. Kids with ADD are still annoying but you are more empathic towards them. With an adult, I just get triggered and think to myself “Alright, I’m outta here!”

  • thank you so much, i’ve been thinking bout quitting YouTube for quite some time now cause im been here for 3 years and im not doing very well; ive lost my motivation to continue. it felt like ive been wasting my time on youtube all these time. but after watching this video i am able to regain my composure. long-story-short all my life ive wanted to work to pixar someday and thats what keep me motivated.:D thanks so much pls keep making videos:)

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  • I like your videos because they’re cute, fun witty and basically accessible for guys like me who just want to have a good time working out and getting fit without any attitude

  • I’m training for an 8k and my running split is 4 days per week. I like doing countdowns so the first day of training was workout #20, and then I just countdown until race day. Today I am on workout #17 �� Once I complete race day, I can set another goal ��

  • I don’t understand when people say that they’re lacking motivation or getting burnt out. If you make videos for any other reason than the fact that you enjoy it and want to be creative then you need to just quit now.

  • Why do I feel like I don’t belong on earth always looking at the stars nothing I do is good enough even when I try my hardest the most painful thing to see is people around you losing faith in you

  • This video instantly became one of my favorite videos ever! So insightful and so MOTIVATING! Thanks for all the work you guys put into helping us smaller channels find success. YouTube has been really up and down for me, especially with having a full time job, being in college, along with being a wife and mother. BUT I JUST LOVE YOUTUBE! Really going to stick this out and whenever I’m feeling the struggle, I’ll come back to this video and remind myself what I’m doing it all for. Thanks again guys for another awesome video!

  • Interesting I’m not impatient nor do I have a temper. I’m calm. Almost too calm because I’m daydreaming or thinking about god knows what. I’m often distracted, waiting until the last minute, and miss things people tell me (especially my husband and kids). I’m on time to work. I fulfill my outside obligations and responsibilities. My spouse pays the bills. Other than that, some things go left undone, and I do the bare minimum often.

    I wonder if trauma can cause, or contribute to, ADD and if ADD is hereditary. I had a crappy violent childhood and wonder if my brain was affected. I’m sure it was. I had lots of anger rage, and rumination, that I worked through in early adulthood.

    Tragic and sad to know how distracted behaviors affect kids. There are many times when I wasn’t present with my kids. ADD is terrible. I don’t have a prescription, however when I was on Adderall XL around age 30, my sister commented how clear my communication was and how I finished my sentences. I was switched to generic Adderall -not XL and it was not the same. I couldn’t tolerate it. I now self-medicate with coffee and Diet Coke. Not a smart or healthy treatment I’m sure. Thanks for your videos. Always helpful and interesting and sometimes I think I’m doomed — not in a defeatist way but a realistic way.

  • Sometimes not growing doesn’t have anything to do with motivation or any of the things you mentioned.

    I have found out that my energy level was my downfall. I didn’t know until a viewer mentioned it.

    I changed, now I am growing.

    Good luck to all tiny YouTubers like myself.

  • want more of what you want? stop doing what you have to. be more efficient. drive faster, get rid of family, show up late to things, stop listening, move etc its your life.

  • I love talking to people and helping people. I want to build friendships with my subscribers. I want to learn from them and make them happy ��

  • I wish I could pay YouTube to put more traffic into my fashion videos. It seems like I never get any traffic nor subscribers and I do everything. But I’m always motivated.

  • I wish I could have finished watching this video but that (loud to me) music that should have been in the background won the competition between your words being heard or the music being in the way.

  • I’ve just discovered your channel yesterday, and i’ve been watching a lot of your videos. Thanks for making such a good content, greetings from México:D

  • I’m listening,… Okay, maybe i didn’t.

    Time buffer check, reminding myself it’s probably adhd check, oh yes, this taking note thing would be helpful!

  • Talking from experience because of my depression and anxiety

    Been locked up does does play with your mind

    Agree 100-percent about weather

    but Britain has some pretty bad weather which affect mental health like you said so it’s not always a good option to get out of house

    I think what you basically saying is that you need a routine

    Usually if you write down what you going to do for the week

    That helps you remind yourself that you got a routine to keep going to

  • Is it possible to have ADHD for all your life and don’t know about it? I mean you know you are strange and different but you just think you are stupid and lazy. Can you realize in your 50, oh my God! I had ADHD all my life ( it was difficult to live ) but I just didn’t know about it.

  • Hey Hudson! Since when did you have the new camera, and which one is it? It’s cool to see that your editing skills also progress with every video!

  • I’ve been with my husband for over 20 years and over that time we’ve adapted to using these strategies. I’ve only recently been enlightened to the big possibility that I may have ADHD and while I’m undecided on whether or not I’ll seek a formal diagnosis, your videos are an eye opener and very helpful so, Thank-you.��

  • I love how you mention the WHY..very cool. My Why at the start was to share my knowledge. Now it has become much more than that. But, that’s another story.
    My thoughts as a long term YouTuber,,beginners money and supporting family has to be a no go zone,,as WHY,, the money in the start isn’t there.
    But, if YouTube is a place that helps you build what your business on the outside in my eyes I think that’s feasible.
    I am just about to reach 19k subscribers and income from adsense wouldn’t even buy food per week.
    Famous Australian entrepreneur James Shramko has a classic quote; Don’t be the racehorse, own the racecourse. You can download the course OWN THE RACECOURSE free now,,,and it’s better than most content you pay for. Check it out and it will open your eyes on what an online business model is,,,and Youtube slots right in there!
    Hope that helps in some way,, that course I mentioned is killer and was originally very expensive.
    Warm regards from Australia
    Marty Ware

  • i wanted to quit because of my patience with growth. but now i enjoy the moment and the daily grind more than the expectations. subs and watch time are just a bonus to me.

  • This was fantastic. Everything you outlined is exactly what my significant other and I are dealing with; I’ve been driving her nuts! Thank you for making me feel understood and like there are other people out there like me!

  • STAY SAFE EVERYONE As a big THANK YOU for your support Jon and I have decided for a limited time to give you a FREE E-book here Hope this helps:)

  • 3:40 Face masks make it very difficult to know if people aren’t done speaking. That’s okay. When I can make a note I will, if not, well, I hope they are forgiving. These are great ideas that really do help me get thru the day.

  • I clicked and watch 2 min and decided oh no, I’m not gonna waste 4 more minutes. So I put this comment and left. save me 3 min of my life. and hopefully no one read this comment because I’m gonna waste some seconds of other million people (because this video is more than 1 million views).

  • What makes matters more difficult when dealing with ADD issues more difficult is when your second husband partner with ADD and early dementia maybe thanks to all of the drugs and self medication he took too is in denial about it while accusing you of having the brain disorder instead because you are zoning out when trying not to listen when being told something other than not being able to listen, then being told you cannot listen to directions, then being told you cannot listen at all, then being told you never follow through on what you were being ordered to do, then being complained to and about for never finishing what you start, then after leaving a person like that often being told through a 3rd party that you are terrible at managing money and paying bills too, and then while trying to recover from a roll over accident as passenger, having to move after only 7 months of recovery during which time you lost 2 of your closest relatives and now while coping with a flooding basement and having to remove trees from your back yard by yourself in a home that used to be hiding homeless people who broke into the garage before you moved in and now while one of his former acquaintances is complaining that you are so disorganized too.

  • My current YouTube project is #1000Days #1000DaysToLive which is a positive perspective and sharing during the last “statistical” days of my life. I also write goals and keep them on my kitchen cabinet. ��

  • Thanks guys, you guys are literally the best, I was actually about to quit because I wasn’t getting enough views and stuff, then I watched this video and it helped so much. ������

  • You know what would get me motivated? Brandon visiting my house, in character as Schwarzenegger, and giving me an over-the-top man-tervention to buff up and lose the extra 150+ pounds my fat ass has grown in 7 years of wife and kids… Seriously the best Ah-nold impersonation I’ve yet seen or heard.

  • Both me and my husband of 7yrs have ADHD, we work as a team. We’ve managed to tackle on responsibilities that better suit each of our strength points. Theres still challenges, and naturally we coach ourselves through it. For example His best quality can have a down side, a catch 22 really. hes ambitious and tends to be a workaholic, I remind him not to bring work home. Or give a peptalk when his stress skyrockets. Ive taken on the homemaker role, its due to my comorbid disorders along my ADHD I have panic attack disorder&social anxiety. So I’m more comfortable at home, yet i forget to do important tasks like dinner! when i hyperfocus on other things, I’m grateful that my husband understands and doesn’t judge me or take it personally but instead helps me when I’ve fallen off track. What I’m trying to get across is find the right balance&be accepting, above all LOVE one another. keep in mind that no relationship is perfect. Even the healthiest of minds have disadvantages.. goodluck to all

  • Why do they have that tool who produces “workout” videos advertised before a real trainers videos? I can’t hit the skip ad fast enough.

  • I ve been feeling such a huge lack of motivation, especially after the new requirements, hopefully I ll be able to get more consistgent once again…My channel s growing, but very slooooowly

  • I think I have ADD. I lose track of time it seems like time goes much slower or so quickly. I lose my temper. I was scared that I’d forget to pickup my son from school and so I’d set alarm to go get him. I usually wait until the last minute for major projects. I haven’t always been this way though. Can ADD come and go? Or it may just seem different now that I’m an adult or my mental illness may have exasterbated it? Idk. I just got diagnosed with bipolar, major depression, PTSD, panic attacks, nightmares, and borderline personality disorder.

  • I am still making continuous and consistent content on my YouTube Channel only because it keeps me busy from transitioning from work to a Stay Home Mum. Many times, not having something to do to fill in my time has had very scary thoughts leading to depression. Making videos is my ‘me-time’, it’s my therapy.. The low view count is not favorable, yes but it does not stop me from making videos. This keeps me happy!

  • When I really loose motivation (which is often) I like to watch other channels who create sims contents. It makes me realize how much I enjoy this thing & how much I love what I m doing.

  • This is so helpful, thank you for your work! I would LOVE if you did a video like this for how to manage partners with anxiety/anxious attachment styles!

  • I’ve accidentaly had the speed at 1.25 for the last 3 videos. I kinda wondered why they talked so fast and high pitched. Gotta sat it was hilarous though!

  • The world has a lot of negativity in focus in a lot of ways, and I want to make entertainment that uplifts and challenges the viewer in a way that motivates positive personal change. Just started, but I’m fighting through that gotta-be-perfect-before-I-start feeling. Thanks for your videos!

  • Thank you guys so much for making these videos! I literally leave your videos busting at the seams with motivation every single time I watch! THANK YOU!

  • I’ve been doing more work at home and getting more done as time’s gone along than in the past, which has helped me accomplish more outside than what I was accomplishing before when I was getting less at home.

  • Could not understand a word the commentator was saying far, far too fast. This is important stuff so what’s the point in rushing it? Talk at a normal speed as you would to explain something like Mel Robbins does so it’s totally understandable, that would have been the answer.

  • I want to help people and I want to become a manga artist and get published so I can prove everyone around me who said I couldn’t so it that I can! It’s so hard! But I hope one day!!

  • It’s only recently that I figured out I have to factor in prep time to be punctual! Now I even include time to dance around as I get ready because I realized it was causing my actual prep to take longer than I thought it did. ��

  • TruReview is actually my son’s Channel that I am managing. He is 5 years old and he asked me a few months ago if he could have his own channel…..Why not?!?! I figured that it would be a confident booster for him and that is a motivator for me to keep pounding away at it for him. He told me that he wanted a golden button. I do all the recording, editing and uploading for him and man is it HARD!!! I have 2 other children younger than him and I work full time. I see the happiness that it brings him.

  • It’s kinda interesting… The way you explain things. I’m suspecting that I might have ADD or ADHD (that’s why I’m watching this video). Most of these things match my symptoms. Problem is that I don’t have diagnosis from a doctor and my relationship with my girlfriend is falling apart. I’m not sure how to deal with that…

  • I tilled up about 800 sq feet of my yard, mixed in a truck load of compost and then spread grass seed. I feel like I got some good exercise.

  • Can’t help but feel some of this comes across as condescending, no shit we can tell if someone is still talking, we’re not fucking blind. We make the assumption that we understand their point then start talking (half the time we don’t).

  • I want to be the person that If someone is having a bad day, when they get home they want to come online and watch one of my videos which will make them smile and feel good about themselves again!!!

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  • I am definitely in a slump right now. My motivation is way down. And it’s hard getting back in the swing. I haven’t done a video in months. And I’ve been very inconsistent with social media. In my head I know I need to start again, but still don’t. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You have really helped me a lot in my videos.