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Nick Wright: LeBron James has already passed Michael Jordan as greatest player | UNDISPUTED

Video taken from the channel: Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


Nick Wright vs. Michael Jordan

Video taken from the channel: samatic2008


Nick Wright….EXPOSED

Video taken from the channel: BSOLZ


Reacting To Someone Get this Man Off Fox Sports Nick Wright

Video taken from the channel: Extra Krispy


Nick Wright: Shaqtin’ A Fool Edition

Video taken from the channel: ClutchPoints


How Much Money I Make Nick Wright

Video taken from the channel: Nick Wright


Heavy Benching with YouTube OG Nick Wright

Video taken from the channel: Anabolic Aliens

Nick Wright, Kevin Wildes, and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekday. I am addicted to STRENGTH and building the physique to match it! Competitive Bodybuilder and Competitive Powerlifter, combining the best of both worlds.

LEAN. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. First Things First | Nick Wright react to Warriors & T’Wolves top NBA Draft order this season. The top-viewed videos from Nick Wright’s YouTube channel.

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Dak will wear different jersey in 2022, talks Browns, top QBs & NBA restart — Nick Wright | THE HERD Duration: 9:42. The Herd with Colin Cowherd 103,264 views New. Nick Wright, Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe give their Super Bowl LII picks | FIRST THINGS FIRST. by First Things First. Nick Wright “reacts” Vucevic, Magic upset top-seeded Bucks 122-110 in Game 1, Giannis 31-pt 17reb This is why we love the game! Subscribe to NBA LEAGUE PASS.

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  • Still going through tons of apparel inventory! More coming soon with wristband included:)
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  • You obviously put in some hard work.
    I don’t think your videos are bad, I think you’re just in a very cramped space inside YT fitness sector.

    That being said, I didn’t want to just shit on you……… get yourself a nice custom suit and one custom jacket. That figment and those shoulder pads, rough.

    You gotta find that niche, (Juji hit it with the grip strength and then arm wrestling stuff) I think you’re a creative enough person to do it. I’ve got some faith. Don’t scrap everything, just scrap what you’re currently trying.

    As for “passion” and “creating content”, I’ve read some pretty creative ideas in comments. There are some great entrepreneurial ideas that have been tossed out there, with your passion, you might want to consider putting your special sauce on one.

    You gotta be careful trying to please the masses, intertwine your income and still make a buck. The masses are going to come and go, but these will always be your videos. I like that you’re trying to do something you’re proud of.

  • Shouldn’t delete those videos! All content is content and Youtube algo wants you to upload content. Probably works more against you if you just delete videos.

  • Mike bro I’m just 15 year old. And I’m following all ur workouts. And bro please can you wish me on 17 March coz my birthday is on the way. If u wish it will be a world best gift��…… Awwww yaaa ready for hit those chest, trap, shoulder wating for it ��
    And by the way myself vivek

  • Nick Wright says ridiculous things like “Forget Jordans 6-0 in Finals and Lebron is better”…or…”Lets pretend Lebrons first 8 years never happened and what is left is the best 6 year run in History”…This Clown really believes people buy into his silly dumb ignorant crap…He also is an obsessive LIAR with his “stats” and Comments about Lebron and Jordan…Shannon Sharpe does this same crap

  • It took jordan 7 years before he got his 1st championship so who was stopping him all those years? And until he got Pippen he finally won

  • But here there is something that has to do with everything and that is that the nba is so soft that anyone can do anything: break records, do lots of triple doubles and many other things. That is why I will not find a superstar in this era of nba.

  • Michael Jordan went to 3 years of college, on top of retiring twice before his final retirement. LeBron will pass Jordan in stats.

  • It just goes to show, these individuals are not sports journalists, they’re simply fanboys who tout their fav players as the goat. You can thank social media for these types. I don’t have anything against Nick Wright, but he, like alot of these types think because they have these illogical opinions that they matter. If your older than 35, you know who the GOAT is!!

  • Believe me there’s still people out here they want to see you bench 500 all jokes aside. you truly are an amazing unique individual who has done something tremendous. Most people don’t accomplish anyting. my dad had scoliosis and turned his nerd body into a he-man body and bench press over 400 pounds and did a lot of the same things that you’re doing. It went against his body makeup. But he was he was very accomplished back in the 80s and actually owned a gym. Cherish these years dude. You’re living the awesome years right now. You’re young you’re strong you’re good looking and you got money. And you got a beautiful girl. Millions of people would kill to live in your shoes. You were respectable guy. You don’t swear a lot and trash your channel. So don’t go away. You can just cut back but we’d like your content. And I have improved my bench by incorporating a lot of the things that you talk about and I’m older than you and I spent 10 years doing flat back bench. Hope you don’t vanish there’s a lot of hardcore fans. Your content is great.

  • How the hell can you say a player who’s slightly lesser in terms of play to the guy recognized by many as the greatest not be even considered in a conversation with the greatest like lol

  • Hey Nick you should make a video on different business ideals or the ones that you have ventured off into so some of your viewers can find a new passion.

  • hey nick i’m 23 now been watching since i was about 16, you’re the reason i started lifting back then, quit about a year ago and just thought of you earlier today and started watching again. time to get back after it

  • How to get more interest in your videos:
    #1 Make more vacation videos.
    #2 Date nights at restaurants and fun places.
    #3 Show more cool watches and interesting stuff you own or want to own.
    #4 Don’t be too cocky / Kardashian like.. Be cool and relate to the average hard working guy.
    #5Watch a few Producer Michael videos too get some ideas besides gym stuff. Shopping, watches, cars, houses, and places in your area.
    #6 Do some fun stuff like Jujimufu at the gym or home.
    #7Everyday simple stuff being recorded is interesting as well. What does NICK like to DVR and how does he stay organized? (examples)

    Your workouts are probably the most boring things in your videos. You and your relationship, family, restaurants, trips, vacations, and shopping is what I like watching. Don’t give up yet. You are young and will regret it. I’m almost 50 and it’s entertaining too me even.

  • Nick WrightIf you have to pick either LeBron, or Michael to save humanity due to an alien invasion who you picking? OK, Nick anyone who picks LeBron, I don’t want to hear them bitch after the Aliens abduct them, and drop them back off. That’s on you for picking the wrong guy.

  • It’s really funny how Skip says if Draymond didn’t get suspended for Game 5 dat the Cavs would have lost but he was one of the main ppl saying dat “if Draymond was playing in dat game Bron wouldn’t have dropped 41 and when he came back the Warriors was gonna win” but the next game with Dray Bron drops another 41 pts and then won Game 7 like nah don’t hit me with dat bs

  • Skip ���� MJ ����. Nick����Lebron ���� Very interesting that 2 people with no objectivity are aloud to debate each other

  • dude is crazy, but who cares if he think lebron is the greatest. other ppl have kareem, magic etc as the goat. too many jordan nut riders lol. when he lose this year it won’t change anybody’s opinion more than what it already is. if he win he still lost before and if he loses he’s lost before lol

  • Just want you to know that I find all your videos extremely inspirational. If you do decide to cut back on youtube ill be a little upset but do whatever is best for you big dawg.

  • I don’t get it… You say quit youtube and just upload and not care about views, yet views seem to be all that matters to you. If you love creating content and the creative process, then why would you stop, regardless of number of views? You’re seeking external validation through views metrics and being super attached to it. Do what you love, stop being attached to the outcome. Whatever next endeavor you’re going to take up, you’re going to face the same issue if you don’t deal with how you attach meaning to things.

  • Hi Mike! Today i’m going to start doing the 30 day challenge and i would love if you could make a 30 day upper body workout, i have seen many youtubers doing workout videos and you are the best i have ever seen. Keep going brother!����������

  • You’ve had 265,000 views in the last month. At a decent RPM that would be around 600 dollars max… Where is the 4k figure coming from �� Also you can revamp and up the production value but I’ve never seen you once connect with your audience, you ignore all the positive comments. Also the thumbnail to this video alone is enough to turn anyway off you permenantly. I mean wtf is that hahaha

  • Your mistake was not using all this online money you’ve made over the last several years and investing in yourself. You could’ve had one hell of an education sitting with some kind of masters degree and with the right opportunity been making 100K+ with ease. You sucked on the YouTube tit for too long and now that the channel has died you film a video complaining you only make 2K-4K a month off your channel. I hope you have a fat savings sitting somewhere because you’re months from hitting rock bottom with the online income.

  • well i certainly don’t like seeing a video i already watching repackaged and reuploaded. i thought i saw the same thing twice the other week.

  • Your words about passion, I relate to big time with my Instagram following. I don’t care my average views went from 400k to 75k but it’s hard being an artist and wanting to spread your creativity and influence yet being punished just because the platform changes.

  • I understand nick 100%, i know there are people saying run gear and get more views, as someone who have time and time again been tempted to do gear but yet actually finds pride in being decently strong without gear. I can understand he doesnt want to jump on just to get more views, yes nick can can create videos with title like “My insane bench progression”, or “Beast mode unlocked” or whatever. I think part of it right now compared to 5-10 years ago there was a lot less wide spread of knowledge, along with what people seemed to be focused on is all the the freaks and the hotties. So many people these days compete for the same view pool, im sure even jeff has had hes view go down, i would say dont even look at the views and just keep doing it cause its something you like. Sooner or later views will come back up, its a grind just like going to the gym to train it isnt that much different.

  • Yes he’ll be hall of famer he’ll be one of the greatest……. he will never ever ever ever be the Goat…. he will be in the conversation about the great players convo should never be in the goat convo….. king fluke is not and never will be the goat

  • So your not happy with your “passion” because other people arent commending you for your work?? Sounds like you did it for their acceptance an not because “it’s your passion”

  • You had a hell of run man, if you decide to cut it.. several opportunities u could potentially capitalize on with your creating content experience. With your work ethic, im sure itll work out

  • Interesting points but I think the intangibles like leadership is why he puts LeBron automatically you against mj and not computing through every player in history. And you would also have to figure in how much better is the current competition I would figure it isnt just a slow incline of talent in skill but a sharp turn within the last decade alone

  • Jonnie Candito “I don’t have that Nick Wright money” You’ve done well for yourself kid, thank you for everything. Peace from Toronto On, Canada!

  • isnt judgeing basketball and being a judge in general a subjective issue? skip, shannon, Steven A, nick Wright or even that walking heart attack, bum ass whitlock… they’re all subjective

  • 4:15, Skip thought Jordan the GOAT cuz he was the “greatest thing ever”, regardless of Championships. For me its the same thing, regardless of Championships, I thing that LeBron is now the “greatest thing ever”.

    All of the Jordan fans, always bring up championships and finals record, like because Jordan has more chips he’s better. Jordan fans be honest. If we sub in Jordan for LeBron for all of LeBron’s finals appearances, Jordan would have a very similar record as LeBron in the finals, it doesn’t make him less great, the simple fact is that winning a Chip is a Team award.

    2007 vs Spurs: Jordan would’ve lost
    2011 vs Mavs.: Jordan would’ve won
    2012 vs Thunder: Jordan would’ve won
    2013 vs Spurs: Jordan would’ve won
    2014 vs Spurs: Jordan would’ve Lost
    2015 vs Warriors: Jordan would’ve lost
    2016 vs Warriors: Jordan would’ve lost
    2017 vs Warriors: Jordan would’ve lost
    2018 vs Warriors: Jordan would’ve lost

    Jordan’s Finals Record would be identical to LeBron (3-6) if he had the same roster and faced the teams LeBron faced in the finals

    Also, If LeBron was on those Bulls teams instead of Jordan he would also have gone 6-0 in the Finals

  • I’m so Glad I bumped into your channel about a week ago, you’re dope like vlogs after vlogs man. And hearing the weekly vlogs coming up plus the merch release, I’m so hyped to get mine! Edit: I subbed immediately after I watched your vid a week ago btw ����

  • check out devon crawfords video on the youtube algorithm. He does like software engineering vids, so is the perfect guy to try to make sense of the algorithm

  • Why dont you make a video about skip bayless being the biggest lebron james hater? You will never do it because apparently you are a heter just like skip and as we know hate never embraces love (objectivity), hate embraces hate.

  • I love how people say Lebron’s playoffs failures were the team’s fault, but heap all of the praise at only LEBRON for winning the 2016 finals (despite the fact that Kyrie took the shot it wasn’t as if Lebron passed to an open Kyrie, it was straight-up Kyrie one-on-one).

  • Crazy to think that Nick basically got Maxx and Christian into YouTube. And then they take off with it and become crazy successful. Not that 8-10K is anything to sneeze at, but lets be real. Christian can wipe his ass with 10K. I was watching Nick before I knew the other two exited. Like they always say. Do what you love and the money will follow.

  • what is the point of making a video about someone elses bias when your entire points are all biased themselves? Lmao people blow my mind

  • These you tubers are so fucking delusional. Comparing himself to a fucking wrestler. Your taking into a camera dude. The fact YouTube even pays ppl is dumb AF as it is. Reality check

  • I haven’t missed a video since 2008. It might however take a few days to get the time to watch. Youtube wont be the same without you dawg. You were the first vlogger i ever watched. Who knew searching “teen bodybuilder” on youtube would have a decade of impact.

  • Not sure how to feel about this. Either you put up a front and record you self as that,or your upset because your being your self and don’t fee appreciated.

  • damn nick you’re the only youtuber I am still watching relating to fitness!! Been around since forever vault series RTN and all that. You gotta keep it coming!!

  • Been subbed since late 2012, one of the first I watched as a new lifter and one of the only channels I still watch today. You’re an OG of the golden era of YouTube fitness (LOA, POG, Lobliner etc) thanks for the many years of great content and good luck moving forward brother! Scondore for life

  • The worse part:

    Nick tweeted that Durant would be better than LeBron in 2014, Nick is playing a character on TV, he doesn’t believe the shit he says

  • Then you should just do it for fun and for the people that are going to watch. If you got something cool to show show it. Just do it for the pleasure.

  • 10:07 yeah that’s always my point. Everybody ignores those years. Nobody not even MJ would have stopped Hakeem’s Rockets. Even Pippen said that. And if he’s the goat he shouldn’t have stopped

  • These so called analysts didn’t learn the lesson that speaking against Jordan and making Lebron better that Jordan(which he isn’t) is like shooting themselves in a healthy leg.

  • Jordan could up his game to GOD mode under pressure! LeBron crumbles right when it matters most….LeBron for the CHOKE….. and……. MJ for the GOAT!!!

  • 1:03 only 3 Teams 3 peated. 1950’s Lakers. 60’s Celtics, 90’s Bulls and 00’s Lakers. Doing that is really hard and LeBron never did it. Neither Magic nor Bird did it.

  • This is too accurate and on point! Keep it up man, these vids are amazing �� especially exposing bronsexuals like nick wright �������� same arguments can be said for leshannon sharpe too ��

  • Yeah he said if you’re a fan of the sport [a team] you don’t want the warriors to win. A bit of a no shit statement because we would 10 times out of 10 want our team to win

  • Now do a whole exposed video on yourself. You said the 2011 loss by the Heat was the worse by a superstar. That same Dallas team SWEPT Kobe and the Lakers. Beat Durant, Westbrook and Harden in the same amount of games they beat the Heat in, but of course in your “raised on Skip and Stephen A generation” its better and more honorable to get swept “going to the Finals” than it is to lose in The Finals”. Another TRASH video!!

  • If basing lebron’s career on 6 years is bad than why does that happen for Jordan. When he had worse struggles than LeBron in his first few years

  • It’s harder for fitness channels thow unless there already known u gata grind that shit out.. funny thing is toy reviews and wack ass people eating food are making bank

  • No one will ever know if lebron is better than Jordan or if Jordan is better they never played and never will be able to unfortunately lebron is best now and Jordan best then

  • Day 6 of asking Krispy to be GM of the pistons, and make them go 6-0 in the finals. After every win you can choose one player to keep, and add a bench player to keep, but must trade everyone else. Do so until you go 6-0. If you make it to the finals and lose you must trade your #1 option.

  • Maybe you don’t watch sports media, but you get popular by having opposing and/or unpopular opinions. That’s how you fill up hours of radio every day. Look at Rob Parker…he doesn’t agree with anyone.

  • Jordan only missed 1 full season and return the end of the next season a month before the playoffs. Come on Krispy I know you said you only started watching when your pistons got good put you got to know that hes Jordan lol

  • Why we acting like the sports analyst job hasnt switched from actual analysis to throwing out hot takes and creating headlines and views, these corporations don’t give a shit if theyre giving you constantly good analysis or not, they want that money.

  • Nick Wright was not wrong about the Kyrie trade. As krispy said hindsight matters. Isiah was an MVP candidate that year considering Kyrie asked to be traded it would’ve been fair 1 for 1 since cleveland was suppose to lose a trade their player asked to be traded but they got more. They got Jae Crowder who at the time was a top 3 and D player putting up like 13 a game. And they got the Brooklyn nets draft pick and brooklyn sucked it ended up being Colin Sexton. Go back to that season and look at all those pieces for Kyrie that was an amazing trade. Injuries killed Isiah and Crowder was clearly a Brad Steven’s system player same as Avery Bradley but again hindsight we couldnt know that at the time.

  • Your Karl Malone argument is fallacious because this…. is LeBron finished yet? To talk about context lol. Also you can’t argue with a person about “their” top 10 list lmao. It’s an opinion… like you clearly really like Olajuwon, Kobe, and Duncan. Duncan came into the best situation probably in league history on top of the team being stacked, not to mention his HOF talent

  • I know you guys probably think I am stupid but I think JORDAN is overrated like he’s a top 3 player but I don’t think he’s number one

  • You dumbass jordan apologist… Lebron is above 50% from the field and 34% in three pointers….. You are not telling the reallity you are just a dumbass lebron hater����

  • The whole ring thing is wild to me, Jordan played with the greatest team of all time to me. The fact is when Lebron left the first time, they set the record for most losses in a row at 26��������(76rs broke it in 15-16 at 28 in a row)
    LeBron led the “Island of The Misfit Benchwarmers” to the championship in 2007, and bruh…. J.R. 2018 iykyk

  • This dude is a clown, but also a genious. Like, for real, he gets money to talk nonsense in TV… i bet he thinks he is such a big time troll

  • I would like to point out that KD was actually holding Russ back, not the other way around. And also that Russ has always been mature as an NBA player, and KD still isn’t.

  • Thanks for taking your time of the day to making these videos! I personaly find these entertaining and informative. I can also add motivational and uplifting! Good Luck Nick i wish you the best, God bless.

  • What makes a guy or girl “the best” it’s the unstoppability factor. The unstoppability factor is what makes a player the best. When Jordan wanted points you couldn’t stop him. Same for LeBorn, Kareem, KD and maybe even harden.

  • Nick Wright is a Hot Take artist. He’s no different than Skip Bayless or Stephen A Smith. All just do things for ratings.

    I do agree with him that LeBron is the GOAT

  • Don’t give up keep it going man! It’s your passion so don’t ever let it go! I was a pianist and now I don’t feel like I ever have time but I still try my best to just MAKE time to keep doing it every so often cause it was my passion! So you got this man! If it doesn’t work out still then I understand but you’ve always been one of my favorites here on YouTube man been following you for several years now!

  • Hey mike, you concentrate on the gains and leave the camera to the new guy Grant!!�� I need a hoodie but can you wash it many times first so it’s super soft??

  • I wish someone would keep track of what these “experts” say and have them have some sort of accountability score. Negative points for trying to paint Tatum’s numbers as unimpressive by comparing him to 4 different players (who, btw, have pretty impressive numbers themselves, just not household names). Negative points for wrong predictions. The more confident/adamant they are about wrong predictions, the bigger the negative score. The lower your score, the less airtime you get.

    Sensible, nuanced and informed opinions/takes are not boring. They are more valuable than dumb “hot” takes.

  • Wilt scoring doesn’t get dismissed cause he dont have rings, thats not right. You’re ignoring alot of things just like those guyss

  • The most annoying thing about Lebron fans is the 8 straight finals appearances. Okay, so what? Y’all proud of him getting through the weak east and getting dominated in the finals?? I’m not even usually a huge “Oh Lebron is better” or “oh Michael is better” but that 8 straight finals appearances is something I really cannot stand.

  • You know you made it big when people dedicate videos about how wrong you were about a sports take…….��������
    63k views, Nick Wright is the best at creating entertainment and jobs for others.��

  • Lebron is the most overrated athlete in the history of sport! Most force fed too! They have literally brainwashed younger people/new NBA viewers into thinkin he is so great. There’s nothin special about this guy. He Is a good basketball player and would be a great number 2 player on any team. Lebron is more Pippen than Jordan! Lebron played in the worst era in basketball and still needs other Superstars to even have a chance to win. He can’t and could never win with just good role players and him willing his team to win a championship!

  • Bill Russell played against Wilt Chamberlain, Willis Reed, Nate Thurmond, Walt Bellamy. He had pretty good competition. Don’t believe me? Willis Reed went head to head against prime Kareem Abdul Jabbar and beat him and outplayed him a couple of times. Nate Thurmond is Kareem’s best defender ever. Kareem faced Wilt Chamberlain, Hakeem Olajuwon, Moses Malone, Patrick Ewing, and yet Nate Thurmond is his best defender out of all of them. Nate in 1972 outplayed Kareem Abdul Jabbar in the playoffs. Bill Russell is disrespected. He had good enough competition to where I can say his accomplishments were pretty impressive.

  • Looking back 3 years, I realize how dumb I am to have believed the nonsense Nick Wright spewed out his mouth. He literally said, “Oh, Jordan’s accomplishments don’t mean anything because Kareem and Russell won more,” then says LeBron is an overall better player than Jordan which is blasphemous. I needed to educate myself and now I know the light. If LeBron even wants to be called the GOAT, he needs more to tack on his resume.

  • great vid. This is a millennial generation and fanboys of lebron that push over and over and try to erase everything before the current athletes. You can’t even compare the two. Actually i have Kobe closer to compare to jordan than lebron. They say you cant compare generations BS.. BSSSSSSS.. lebron would got beaten up and would not put up the numbers he does in this current soft nba. Jordan on the other hand playing in todays times, LOLOLO, he would average over 40 and his overall numbers would go up. Jordan played less games that lebron and especially kobe. Then mix in if jordan didnt leave first because of father situation and baseball you dont think he would have got two more under his belt? if jerry krause didnt pull the shit he did when jordan retired the first time, who knows what would have happen

  • Nick Wright dislikes two things: Boston (which is his problem and cross to bare, not mine) & showing any respect towards anything that’s before 2004. Not a shock this fairweather sally picks LeBron over Air Jordan.

  • Are we not goin to include everytime jordan lost the 1st round of the playoffs? Im just sayin everyone says 6 and 0 for jordan but nobody says anything about him not even gettin to the finals

  • Nick Wright is forgetting if aliens came down they would obviously be smarter than us humans. They would pick Michael Jordan. If MJ didn’t try baseball he’d have 8! Also I believe if the Bulls would have waited 1 more year instead of dismantling the team, Michael and the Bulls could of won that short season. 9. Plus the East back in the day was tougher than the west! More physical!!

  • Bro you take 2 L’s for taking a “joke” and making out like he meant it as facts. Also Rondo has been immensely better in the playoffs so losing him for the playoffs is a legitimate loss, not to mention Avery Bradley so they need 3nD guard help.

  • Lazybron will never even make my top ten. I would never want him on my team. Stats over a longer time mean nothing. Hand picking your own team and leaving the old team destroyed shows what a real loser he really was. Just my opinion. What do I know. Nick makes all the money.

  • 2:46 into the video…Nick, that IS NOT a shoulder press at all. Not even close. You’re doing incline presses as you LEAN BACK. I just stumbled upon your channel and I have to tell you the truth…retiring from competing is a smart move. You have average genetics, an average physique, horrible form training, and your genetics even on PEDS would accomplish little.

  • Good job Nick! Its about time someone took on the Jordan mafia. The fact that Jordan fans have made it to the point where you can’t compare anybody to Jordan. Hes does no wrong, he never lost, he never got his shot blocked, they Will completely re write history in Jordan’s favor any time you discuss him. Hes more protected than any athlete in team pro sports, it’s pathetic!

  • 7:11 “But the aliens come down, You have one game to save humanity, Who’s your first pick in the history of the world?” well, there was that one movie where that happened…

  • Only issue I have with this video is Jordan didn’t shoot even close to 32% from 3 if you minus the years the 3 point line was shortened. Minus those years, he shot exactly 25 percent

  • LeBron faced finals teams that had 2,3,4 hall of famers on them. Jordan all teams had 1 except the jazz. Jordan never beat an all time great team in the finals. Jordan’s legacy is inflated.

  • The one argument i hate hearing people say is Jordan had all those years losing in the eastern conference playoffs like Lebron didn’t do the same thing before he went to Miami. The beginning of their careers were pretty much the same they both are once in a generation talent who faced better teams early in their careers and once they got to their prime and got help dominated the league. An argument for Jordan could be that he had more of a strangle hold on the league in his prime because when he was in the finals he never lost and the only other teams that won were the rockets during the two years Jordan was out of the league. While with Lebron he dropped his first real opportunity to the Mavericks who had an old Jason Kidd and Dirk, and then won 2 straight, then lost to a very old spurs team in his final year in Miami, then went back to Cleveland lost to a great team in Golden State, came back the next year and won down 3-1 against pretty much the same Golden State team (Greatest come back in NBA Finals history), then lost the next two years to a ridiculously stacked golden state team then didn’t make the playoffs in the previous year, and now has comeback to be at the top of a difficult western conference and we will have to see what happens once the playoffs happen.

  • I just subscribed yesterday and I honestly enjoy your content so far. I’ve gotten bored with the other YouTubers, luckily I stumbled across your channel and I think it’s great. Maybe the content is “played out” but it’s what I enjoy as I’m sure the other 10k-15k viewers enjoy as well. Stay true to you and don’t create content based on getting more views but rather what you’re passionate about. Keep up the good work and best of luck with the competition.

  • Great video but I have to disagree with you cam newton Tom Brady comparison. I understand the physical comparison you made but there’s not that big of a gap between Jordan and LeBron as there is between Brady and newton at least do Patrick Mahomes and Brady

  • So… Skip was ready to call Jordan the GOAT in 1990? Before any rings… before the 2 3-peats… no FMVPs… so accolades and championships really do mean nothing?

  • Hang in there, you’ve always been my favorite fitness channel I haven’t been following every video lately but I always make sure I catch up at some point.

  • I mean Nick wright sucks but most of these examples are dog shit. The Kevin Durant and bird thing make sense. Who TF cares about championships and teammates they were both amazing amazing guys joining an already dominant team in this scenario. Fuck this video bruh. Not Krispy tho the ones he’s reacting to

  • MJ made a massive difference on games which matters the most: play-offs and finals. Even at the twilight of his career, he managed to turn a bad team around into an almost respectable team. Only difference was the man himself.

  • Who do you take in game 7 for the championship, your on the road,a 4 point dog? Bird or james! You take bird hands down because he wants to be in that position! Bird wasn’t afraid to fail. You didn’t see bird sitting out the 3 point contest. He won 3 straight! How come the so called goat never got in the dunk contest? Because if he didn’t win he couldn’t take the being called a failure! If he knew he could win the contest he would be in it! That’s the difference between them! James didn’t have the balls to tell the opponent this is the play we are running, I’m getting the ball and scoring on you! I want that player in game 7,not the guy who says he’s the goat! Sit back and think about that!

  • Hi!! Just wanted to say I’m a big fan!! I’ve given up exercising because I can’t see the results even after continuously working hard, but I still watch your videos! ��

  • If Lebron played his 1st 15 years in the Western Conference we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Aliens coming down and Lebron can save us? Only three players can save the world from Aliens, MJ, Bird, and Kobe!!!!

  • Definitely don’t agree with nicks list but.. an all time list should definitely take in consideration Era. If not players who made big impacts on the game would honestly be lower than players who didnt.

  • I like this video. But i still feel you skewed some atats. Jordan never won a championship without Scottie. He even spoke that himself. And MJ is on rushmore, but Bill got 11, dominated. Kareem 6 rings, 6 reg season mvp which no one has. And the only reason mike got most championship mvp because they didnt do those when bill, and wilt played. There is no one player in basketball that is the greatest of all time. You have not seen what people were doing before. You guys act as if nobody can be better than Jordan. Its nonsense

  • 1991-1993 three peat. The bulls only had two all stars in the bulls. MJ and pippen. Everyone else we’re just players who were just doing their job. Grant was an all star in 1994 in the bulls but Jordan left.

  • Man that 2011 Finals loss to the Mavericks is such a big hole in his legacy to me that ones gotta be the biggest question mark Finals

  • So when people say MJ was playing against plumbers, who the fuck did he have on his team? The plumbers ended when it came to MJ teams? He had all all-stars? FOH! U can’t have it both ways. It’s either the 80s and 90s were full of plumbers period, or it wasn’t. Go research. MJ only had Pippen as an all star. Rodman wasn’t an all star when he played for the Bulls!

  • I think people who say lebron is the greatest is just dumb
    Because 2011 NBA finals

    When chris carter said that jordan did not face a great team in the finals
    He lost every credibility in talking basketball

  • nick inadvertently proves mj is the goat all the time. when you have to reach that far to make an argument, the only thing you’re making clear is how deep in denial you are

  • The argument of ‘Bigger, Stronger, Faster’ is just one of the most ridiculous arguments nuthuggers bring up, by that simple point Giannis is better than LBJ and they’re actually playing in the same era.

    LBJ lovers are just like Flat Earthers both morons.

  • Keep doin’ Whatcha doin’. Nick Wright is the biggest LBJ apologist? He got to be on LBJ payroll from the nonsense that comes out of his mouth.

  • Nick Wright should actually study sports rather than staying on his knees in front of Lebron. These people just shoot shit out their mouth not knowing anything about basketball.

  • Dude mad respect,

    I used to watch you consistently a while back when I was like 14 or so (20 now) and I have always been subscribed but have been watching videos on and off since then. I was watching one of your prep videos after a long hiatus and thought to myself “Wow, he seems like a new person” and wanted to catch up a bit I guess, which led me here. Just wanted to say you’re a legend in my book and it feels good to see the amount of perspective and openness you portray here.

    Good luck in your ventures

  • People gotta stop using the 2010 finals as a fucking reason that lebrons not clutch do people not know what happened during that series ��

  • Great guy. I have been falowing Nick for 7 years now. Super inspired by his lifestyle and youtube videos. Keep up the good work. Glad to see your training upper body again. You can definitely see the results.

  • Something that I think gets missed out. Think about this for a minute… besides losing to Milwaukee the first year…every team Michael lost to, made it to the finals. Boston beat him twice… they won 1 and lost 1 to LA in the finals. Detroit beat him 3 times… they won 2 and lost 1 to LA in the finals.

    The two teams that won the most chips were in the same conference with Chicago at the same time.

    So when you look at it 5 out of the six years Jordan wasn’t making the finals he was knocked out by a champion or contender.

    Lebron is a great player but the 8 finals run is a bit overrated. The regular season mvps and runner ups have been coming out the west consistently since Lebron during that run Minus himself and D Rose.

  • People need to understand Skip, SAS, Wright are playing a role on TV. Can’t have two ppl agreeing on the same subject everytime. Saying idiotic things will get more views at the end of day lol

  • If you by stats LeBron average only 1 more rebound and 1 more assist career wise averages he played more games than anybody numbers do lie but chips dont

  • for me if the basis are the total career records in nba history it would be lebron is the goat..becoz if we are basin in their ability how to play thats why its a big arguement becoz they are in diff. would easier of were base it on ther career high records til the doesnt how they are played the game…

  • Idk where he got his facts, Jordan has more steals and has a higher field goal % also Jordan doesn’t choke when the game is on the line.

  • Me, benching 185 made me proud,
    Watching anabolic aliens bench almost 400…. I pooped my pants
    Even more respect towards the community

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    Cant wait to watch your vids again and getting back in shape.

  • To be fair, MJ taking a year and a half off might have actually helped his overall legacy. Look at what happened in those two seasons: a prime Pippen failed as a no. 1 option for the Bulls, and Hakeem establishes himself as an all time great center and the best player in the league in Jordan’s absence. And MJ fans have plausible deniability as far as his 6-0 finals record is concerned.

    You can either say the Rockets and Hakeem only won because Jordan wasn’t there (which I personally don’t believe) and think of a hypothetical 8-0 championship run.

  • Jordan literally went 626 games and 2777 days without 3 Ls in a row. There is a 1 in 1 QUADRILLION CHANCE OF AN AVERAGE TEAM DOING THAT. Nobody is even in the same fucking universe.

  • Making $3k for your secondary income is amazing bro. Don’t give it up just because there is a slight dip in viewership. Unless you just don’t enjoy it

  • Nick Wright is out of his tree. He landed on his head. What a freaking joke. Lebron couldn’t play in the 80s and 90s with those guys. League was too tough back then. Way soft now days. Those guys played with injuries. Bird played with a bad back and a fracture to his cheek and kept playing. Stub your toe in the league today and your out a game or two.

  • Skip completely contradicts himself because he devalued Kareem and magic in this take, but listed both those players as higher than Lebron. Fraud

  • LeBron is not on MJ’s level period. If winning is what you care about, Jordan is 9-0 in Olympics, NCAA & NBA Finals while LeBron is 5-7. If you care about personal stats & awards, MJ has 10 scoring championships to LeBron’s 1, nine 1st team NBA Defense to LeBron’s 5. Jordan also has a Defense Player of the Year and led the league in steals 3 years. LeBron was never DPOY and never led in steals. Game OVER.

  • Skip always glosses over the fact that Jordan never beat an alltime great team in the finals. NEVER. Portland? One hall of famer, Seattle? One of hall of famer, Phoenix? One hall of famer, Utah twice? 2 hall of famers, but Chicago had 3 hall of famers. He also loves to go back to that Dallas finals and Lebron played like garbage, but that Dallas team swept the 2 time defending champion Kobe and Pau led Lakers and little Jason Terry busted them for 32 in game 4. Folks act like Dallas was garbage but they also whipped OKC with Durant, Westbrook and Harden 4-1.

  • 8:07 LOL NICK WRIGHT YOU SUCK CAN WE BE FAIR? Can explain to me what being fair means? You didn’t even mention Mj’s accomplishments MVPS Finals MVPS scoring champion DPOY etc you just brag some stuff to make Lebron better you don’t see the whole totality

  • Fitness on YouTube has faded big time. It peaked between 2011-14. You are not the only declining, you got other guys like online coach who seems to remained on the same subs for years. Also Chris Jones, Matt ogus are not as big as use to be. The main channels blowing up are people on gear and lift heavy like Larry wheels and Bradley Martyn.

  • Nick as a viewer for the past 10 years I just want to say you have gotten me through some tough times. Never think that what you did didn’t impact people or still doesn’t impact people. Your passion for lifting and creating content shows simply through your consistency through the years. I started off watching because of your knowledge for the industry and for the tips in the gym! Wish you would go back to that!

  • Jordan was a assasin out many times did jordan dagger many times did lebron choke when he had the game winning shot.cant recall on lebron hitting a game was wade or irving or bosh.

  • He’s wrong about the steals and blks average. Jordan averaged 2.3 steals per game and.8 blks per game in his career. Lebron 1.6 steals and.8 blks so far in his. Tell the truth mr Wright

  • Every stance Nick “WRONG” has had has been egregious. The most ridiculous one of them all is saying Lebron is GOAT when he isn’t even in top 5!

  • I’m glad you brought up moving without the basketball.
    It’s such an under-rated quality a player can have.
    Spacing and getting in the area to make plays is very important.

  • “Going up 3 doesn’t win you anything. Ray Allen taught you that.” How about “1 of 2 free throws doesn’t win you anything. Kawhi taught you that.”

  • Even with the context of your statement, the numbers aren’t lying
    Numbers don’t apply context. They’re raw data, as you said
    People apply context and use numbers to lie or tell their “truth”

  • Easy answer why Jordan why not still Russell and Kareem easy when AirJordan took fight and started winning titles the NBA had never seen nothing like him It was unreal

  • I love your videos. Frankly, I’d be really disappointed if you stopped doing YouTube. Remember that it’s about you and your process. Views may be low relative to others or the past, sure, but you still have 5,000 25,000 people enjoying your content weekly.

  • LeBron might the most accomplished stats getter but not the greatest baller or goat nick just like him LeBron is similar to Tom Brady without the chips play long enough you will break records I see him having another meltdown if the laker go down 2 -0 to the blazer watch

  • Nick Wright got hit on the head with the same ROCK he has been living under all this time, Michael JORDAN is the G.O.A.T ������������

  • No way in the world LBJ is the �� to many chokes and no shows. MJ is the all time greatest big game player. This isn’t even an argument