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Neuroplasticity Exercises Course | Rewire Your Brain with Neuroplasticity

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Neuroplasticity Meditation: Heal Your Brain Binaural Beats / Nerve Regeneration #GV331

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Neuroplasticity: How To Rewire Your Brain

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3 Simple Neuroplasticity Exercises For Anxiety Rewiring Your Anxious Brain Through Neuroplasticity

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Discover How to Rewire Your Brain with Neuroplasticity

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Rewiring the Anxious Brain Neuroplasticity and the Anxiety Cycle(Anxiety Skills #21)

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Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Not that long ago, scientists believed the brain could only create new connections during childhood and once we reached adulthood, we would basically be stuck with whatever got wired up there. Our thoughts and habits can change our brain connections and neural pathways, making us able to learn and grow as we get older.

Even the way we think can change our brain chemistry (neurotransmitters) and neural connections and pathways. This is great news because we all can be what we decide to be. “Neuroplasticity” refers to your brain’s ability to restructure or rewire itself when it recognizes the need for adaption. In other words, it can continue developing and. How to rewire your brain Neuroplasticity proves that we can change our brain structure.

By following the idea that “cells that fire together wire together,” we know that we can consciously change our structure by training habits and skills via repetition, just like training a. Neuroplasticity tells us that you can just as easily rewire your brain with positive changes as you can with negative changes. By going on “autopilot” to your life, you can inadvertently and unconsciously create negative changes in your brain that can impair your memory, mental and physical abilities.

Neuroplasticity Is The Ability of the Brain to Reorganize, Change and Break Neuro-connective Tissues, Wired by Experience, Thoughts, Emotions, And Knowledge. Neuroscience, is the Core Of Neuroplasticity. Based On Neuroscience, Researchers Developed The Idea Of Neuroplasticity. The dictionary describes neuroplasticity for anxiety to be the brain’s ability to form and reorganize connections in the brain. Neuroplasticity is your brain’s plasticity and neural plasticities which change throughout your life depending on certain brain activity.

Neuroscience Can Give Your Brain The Ability to Reorganize, Change and Break Neuro-connective Tissues, Wired by Experience, Thoughts, Emotions, And Knowledge. Neuroscience, is the Core Of Neuroplasticity. Based On Neuroscience, Researchers Developed The Idea Of Neuroplasticity. In This Course You Will Learn About Several Different Topic. The same neuroplasticity also allows you to use your mind to interrupt the loop and establish new patterns in your brain to overcome the conditions.

Use Your Mind To Change Your Brain To Beat Depression And Anxiety. Research shows self-directed neuroplasticity can make positive changes in your brain, but it’s not immediate or effortless and. The concept of this emerging field of science is called neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections.

In the last two decades, neuroscientists have overthrown the dogma that the adult brain cannot change.

List of related literature:

The adult brain is capable of learning new information and behaviors because it continues to create new neuropathways (neurogenesis) and reshape itself (neuroplasticity) (Barbezat & Bush, 2014; Bush, 2011; Doidge, 2007; Langer, 2009, 2014).

“Technology and Innovation in Adult Learning” by Kathleen P. King
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This increases neuroplasticity, which is the scientific word for new brain grooves.

“Ganja Yoga: A Practical Guide to Conscious Relaxation, Soothing Pain Relief and Enlightened Self-Discovery” by Dee Dussault
from Ganja Yoga: A Practical Guide to Conscious Relaxation, Soothing Pain Relief and Enlightened Self-Discovery
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The notion of neuroplasticity gets a great deal of attention and is widely used as the basis for a plethora of the so-called brain training programs.

“The SAGE Encyclopedia of Human Communication Sciences and Disorders” by Jack S. Damico, Martin J. Ball
from The SAGE Encyclopedia of Human Communication Sciences and Disorders
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The current terminology to describe this feature of learning is neuroplasticity.

“Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind” by Joe Dispenza
from Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind
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The technical term for this is “neuroplasticity,” and denotes the variety of epigenetic, synaptic, and networklevel mechanisms that enable ensembles of neurons to adapt their inputs and outputs so as to learn new ideas, strengthen prior representations, or weaken habitual responding patterns.

“Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders, Third Edition” by Aaron T. Beck, Denise D. Davis, Arthur Freeman
from Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders, Third Edition
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14 ‘How do neuroplasticity and neurogenesis rewire your brain?’

“The Positive Habit: Six steps for transforming negative thoughts into positive emotions” by Fiona Brennan
from The Positive Habit: Six steps for transforming negative thoughts into positive emotions
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Recent research in neuroplasticity gave us insights about how to rewire brain circuits more easily and quickly.

“Wired for Joy!” by Laurel Mellin
from Wired for Joy!
by Laurel Mellin
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Neuroplasticity is possible: See the extensive review of the literature in Begley, Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain, and Doidge, The Brain That Changes itself.

“Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation” by Daniel J. Siegel
from Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation
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The most informative studies on neuroplasticity are those specifically directed toward defining the changes induced by learning.

“Umphred's Neurological Rehabilitation E-Book” by Rolando T. Lazaro, Sandra G. Reina-Guerra, Myla Quiben
from Umphred’s Neurological Rehabilitation E-Book
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My most recent writings on the interpersonal neurobiology of attachment and brain development have emphasized that early intervention during the human brain growth spurt, a period of maximal neuroplasticity, can also optimize the development of right brain emotional well-being.

“The Development of the Unconscious Mind (Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology)” by Allan N. Schore
from The Development of the Unconscious Mind (Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology)
by Allan N. Schore
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  • I’m ready to get rid of this shit. After years of social anxiety from school I am now going balls deep in this, there is no turning back now

  • Excellent video! Great job on explaining neuroplasticity in a simple, accessible way!:) Will definitely be sharing this! Also, here’s some information on how we work with the brain and make powerful changes:

  • Your right about our brain repeating anxiety when we avoid a situation but how come when I face a situation my anxiety goes up and never comes down, even if I repeat it

  • Note that “neurons that fire together, wire together”. The brain can adapt by using areas normally used for one function to take over another function if another area is damaged.

  • No one will want to hear this one. after I became a believer, accepted what the Word of God says about me, my self confidence improved greatly. After I learned he knows everything about me, because he created me and still loves me.
    If I bring my problems, my self to him I can handle anything that happens to me.
    It was not overnight but it did happen as I grow.
    Nothing to do with religion, but his Word works. Today I am whole.

  • What is your suggestion on people who have social anxiety, I’m personally not afraid of being around people but I get nervous so bad whenever I have to do something or say something with people around me even with people I know, I feel like they are judging me, I know that its all in my head but still I cant control the way my body reacts to that situation, i’m literally shaking and crying when that happens.

  • When I do exposure I never feel my anxiety come down. Nothing bad happens, and I still feel like crap. I still have these disordered thoughts that won’t leave my brain

  • What I’m feeling right now is having to luve in my car because we have a moron in the White House. I’m self employed and have lost more than $20,000 worth of business. No, just because I have my own business I don’t make a million dollars.

  • What if u are anxious about your health which has been bad for a while now….I have been suffering from hyperacidity and anxiety because of it n vice a versa
    How to get out of this cycle??

  • Tears of joy and relief are rolling down my cheeks I’m not exaggerating as my brain heals and connects the deep understanding and release of things that the past had conditioned me to feel and believe and how understanding that dialogue those throughts and memories I can just let go of more of them I don’t know how to explain what is going on it’s healing and it beautiful it feels beautiful

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapeutic treatment that helps people learn how to identify and change destructive or disturbing thought patterns that have a negative influence on behavior and emotions. Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on changing the automatic negative thoughts that can contribute to and worsen emotional difficulties, depression, and anxiety. These spontaneous negative thoughts have a detrimental influence on mood. This is the most trustworthy online therapy:

  • I didn’t need a scientist to tell me the brain doesn’t change throughout our lives. They think they’re the only people that know anything. We are supposed to believe all the rubbish they produce

  • This is the first time I meditated with sound. I was hesitant about doing it, thinking it wouldn’t allow me to concentrate on meditation. This was a stimulation to mi mind. Within the first seconds I felt it in my body. God was with me as I started speaking to him. My body shaked, tears came out my eyes. This is amazing. God bless everyone, for who he is our source of energy.

  • Hi actually i could,nt resist myself to compliment that you are a great person. I am fortunate and very grateful that you took the time out of your busy schedule to address my concerns about my mother.
    Your session has given a sigh of hope.
    Thank you is not enough for what you did.
    Best Regards.

  • I have fear of hard breathing for whole life which makes me really feel like i breathing hard and i feel like i can’t enjoy life because of these problem which is just in my head but feels so real and the thought that it’s never ending story makes it worst and worst

  • Can you tell me why when I spend a few weeks doing really well with “re-wiring” everything is going well and then one day for no reason I’m back to square one feeling like I’m dying?

  • The hardest thing about suffering from anxiety disorder is that anxiety can you on a journey that’s so unfamiliar and it can feel hopeless sometime. THe physiological part of it is the scariest you start feeling symptoms in your body that you’ve never experienced before and the fear from this alone will keep one anxious and you stay in this loop of constant anxiety and fear 24/7. Been there and still trying to recover from it. THe mind causes all this and it just goes to tell you how powerful the mind can be. I’m grateful i found this video.

  • i”M using this daily before and during my stroke rehab sessions where nueroplasticity is key to relearning motornuero control and so far amazingly I’ve seen slight improvements in movement an connectivity with my effected left leg and hand����������������‍♂️����‍������‍������‍♂️

  • This is so true. This is just like when you’re playing a sport and you learn a new play. You are forced to practice it over and over until the mat new pathway is created and it’s second nature

  • Your videos are very helpful! Could you do one on food addictions. I have struggled with this my whole life. I recently had knee replacement surgey. I took oxycontin for pain after the surgery. Although I am not taking it now, my food addiction is out of control and I have gain 40 more pounds. Did taking that drug make me worse. I cry everyday because I know if I don’t get this under control I am going to die. Thank you for trying to help people! Your are very sweet.

  • My anxiety is different, everytime i say something or even thinnk about something I get confused if it’s wrong or right, and sometimes I just get panic attacks for no reason it is really hard��

  • Well, then what do you do with health anxiety? You can’t run from it, avoid it or anything else. You have no choice but to wait it out. Then it comes back again and again and again. It is Hell in life.

  • How would I “face the anxiety” in the context of relationships? If I am getting anxiety about my girlfriend, probably from past traumas and behavior i am not used to, what would be my little steps? I cant force her to talk to me all of time etc.

  • I get anxiety over finances and failure. I always had to get an “A” or I failed. Whenever I buy something it makes me happy in that moment but then I get anxiety that I should save all my money. It brings me to near panic attacks

  • There is a neuroplastic sound mix that stops many conditions such as tinnitus,hyperacusis,stops the hearing of voices, improves hearing, increases cognitive ability at

  • Thanks… I really like the idea of animation models of the brain, however I believe this simple two-way neural path animation can be deluding! A human brain’s neural complexity should be beyond any electric circuit or computer motherboard; they do not just “light up” in different places at the same time. Brain circuits have fork/ branch/ tree-like structures that move simultaneously to provide multiple solutions/ support to the same stimuli and/or prompt. We are continuously being subjected to many inputs and also many ways of handling this input, all correlated to the heart/core of our brain (the short and long path) or the autopilot/ ‘golden brick’, also subject to how much ”WiFi” /’why-phi’ we are receiving and how much battery-life/ or light-saver mode we are adjusted to. All factors held constant, and provided that we have foundational structures and have enough epistemic and creative means to conduct the experiment, our brain is a real web/WWW/ WOW.

  • great great vdo what a lessons 1take actions to decrease anxiety otherwise brain increases anxiety for you and it we corrupt you physically and emotionally

  • Rules, mandatory, policy. Selfregulating is SELF-MANAGING TALK?? Personal management? Reduce ANXIETY. Skills SELF-PRESERVATION, MOST PEOPLE ARE UNTRUSTWORTHY. FEARS. HELP. SAFE VS. UNSAFE Social conditions/ JOBS/ Meetings for WORSHIPPING your maker: ALMIGHTY GOD. FEARS. His FRIENDS are UNTRUSTWORTHY, impersonal. His Friends & family members are ONLY Interested in your willingness to CONTRIBUTE your OWN ENERGY & TIME TO GIVE AWAY to others UNABLE to RETURN the LOVING HARD WORK/ CARE/REWARDING Tangible, substantial valuable things. Results: NO RETURNS. NO Assistance RETURNED. Rarely ever FEELS GOOD. LOYALTY. Friends bonding? Trust & SAFETY.? ANXIETY overwhelms. Feel CHEATED.
    TRICKED. Ripped OFF!!! Causing more anxiety: FEARS. Family gatherings FEARS of being judged & intimidated, harrassed, UNKIND Personal attacks, Ridiculing behaviors from FAMILY Members & Relatives cause Overwhelming ANXIETY. FEARS No SAFETY. NO Support. No one on your side. Anxiety. Please what are the SOLUTIONS TO GAIN JOY & COMFORT & TRUST & LOYALTY to GAIN HEALTHY ANXIETY Order???? Help. Can you help?

  • I literally feel like something is moving inside every crack of my brain like smoothing little waves thats healing my brain cells and nerves internally. It feels so good its making me emotional the way its making me feel hard to explain

  • This is how God created the human body.. the Big Bang is cheap way to cover up the complex mind and regenerating nerves in our brain, that God created, this video would be wise to Glorify our father God Yahweh father of the saviour Jesus the Christ.. who was who is and who is to come.. Jesus the Christ has saved us from our brokenness he has redeemed us with the Father and now we have everlasting life. Glory be to God

  • Do these really work, I have read lots and seen lots about you tube compressed the files so they are not the true frequency that its needs to be and can actually cause more damage then good? Can you plz help me on this as I would love to use this with my 2 autism boys and my self.

  • The right video to introduce a change in our routines and habits in our lives.’if u resist the change that means u r resisting the life’.

  • How do I feel that I’m 14 and my mom is making me watch this is good for me ik but I don’t want to change I don’t want at all is that bad why can’t my mom understand ��

  • may I ask, if I am having health issue and I am worrying it will getting worse. how can I apply step one, expose to what in my case? thank you

  • This is truly wonderful but will you do a video about the constant, nonsituational anxiety of autism or racing intrusive thoughts that are not based in reality? A person with this type of anxiety couldn’t even write a list and tackle the easiest thing because their anxiety sometimes seems to have no rational or situational source. I have been studying about the polyvagal theory of autism. Sometimes the anxiety comes from enteroception gone awry. I once got a wave of anxiety while standing at the gas pump with a random emotional thought. It had nothing to do with what I was doing and I don’t even remember what the thought was at all. This happens a whole lot with people like me. There is no fear category to “tackle” because it happens so often and is unrelated to any present experience. I get waves of anxiety and tachycardia about past events. I can’t face them or re-expose because they don’t exist any more. THANK YOU.

  • I cannot believe all the years trying to cure my cptsd, last night after applying this, my life is completely changed���� i did it the whole night continuously with each of my reflex because you have made me understood about the anxiety cycle������ who would’ve thought?!?! You are really a godsend!!! I was able to sleep and woke up with reflexes still, but i kept comforting myself saying it’s okay that i have a headache/panic attack ( because these are the things that amp up my anxiety, and i used to keep trying to fix these symptoms not realising it was amping up the anxiety cycle ) that’s why they say when you understand something only then it can be cured!! Wow… This is better than those quantum healing because i didn’t have understanding of those, but you have helped me understand logically about the anxiety cycle… I couldn’t stress enough because that horrible theme of flashbacks is now gone lol because as i understood what is going on with me (my brain my own neurology), i realised those flashbacks are just images that came up with the anxiety but since i know how to cure that anxiety now, those flashbacks have little to no power except for when it first arose, and everytime i am relieved from it, it’s rewarding and is like an accomplishment!! And i finally for once am having control over my emotions aka my life!! I am someone who never wants to burden anyone so i just bottled up my feelings and walked out as a happily depressed person (hence the flashbacks and anxiety that kept accumulating in the brain), but just by applying it last night (i was crying again the whole night having a splitting headache), i just understood!! I love your approach to the problem that is realistic and practice so i don’t need to be “spiritual” to get it or seek a guru to help me “uplift” without knowing how to do it on my part… Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! It really was like common sense until i started actively applying to each and every of my thought feeling emotion and reflex, and today i am starting to live and really start achieving my goals… In such a short time!! I need no affirmation videos, i just needed to comfort what’s preventing me to live bravely (yes i can’t even approach my goals before because i was always anxious and guilt ridden due to my upbringing, i never felt i deserved to be better and lived better as i was the family scapegoat/caretaker). But this has changed everything. I apply this continuously and i no longer need to engage in endlessly fixing myself to feel better. I just comfort myself when i feel anxious or other negative emotions, and then i could keep studying, developing myself into a responsible adult, achieve my goals and approach my once distant dreams:) (still far from it but i know i can because i know what my bondage is now:))

    Thank you:)) i am so glad i bumped into this video:)) thank god!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am putting this evidence into motion. I am 55 and just now have returned to school. I have had people ask me how are you going to do that, you have been out of school for so long it will be impossible to do it. I tell them anything is possible when putting your mind to it. I say I know it will not be easy, but it take s discipline and determination to make a change. Life does not have a special button or remote to change you have to get up and manually change it your self.

  • Everyone get rid of your problems and do everything needed, don’t ever turn back, ever. I’m starting my journey now and I hope y’all do to

  • 1. Neurons that fire together wire together. So make sure when you do something good, YOU FEEL GOOD (for example, say a compliment to yourself). It’s the power of association. Or if you want to feel angry and strong because of something that didn’t do justice to you, make sure when you’re in that situation next time that you’ll have a good posture and that you’ll defend yourself! I think you can even practice by doing a simulation of that in your mind, by visualizing what you’ll do if something you’re being treated wrongly.

    2. Use it or lose it. What you practice, that you can do.

  • Amazing video! I have a question: I recently went through something I would describe as a nervous breakdown. Where everything I did suddenly felt scary/overwhelming — from making a cup of water to cleaning my teeth… Why does this happen and how do you overcome reaching that point where the daily things become scary?

  • I started drinking at 16 and a half and have been sober from it for a month now. I am 20 years old. And am veey determined to stay sober and recover. Is there any chance of me recovering????? Please someone. Let me knowww

  • Yeah, typical scientific english is not very good, so stay with me: the problem is much deeper.. what if that person, who was scared of radiator, had been bitten by a dog in the childhood, and that wound evolved somehow and in some way that stayed untouchable to that persons awareness.. those roots are spreading by using the weak spots in self-conciousnes, and the “pain” got so strong that poor mind needed something to grab and stand on so it can reflect to itself the “real” problem radiator.. and what if that dog from childhood was simply LIFE?? What if that person was climbing on the tree to take an apple and something in that particular sircumstance just snapped in his mind and he realized his place and what is he doing, realized universe and cosmological “truth” how absurd is everything for a human being.. what if that fear of radiator is just an primitive version of an RELIGION? Primitive version of creating mythos and Gods and cave drawings?! Because ancient people, as we dont now, had no slightest clue what the hell is going on during those irrational states of being under the uncomprehendable sky… its all about beliefs, mind sets, there is no answer, there is no key.. yes, rewiring our current configurations of mental web.. but does the ‘problem’ really go? You are just using different system, and you think its working, because now you can work and continue civilized living, until “apple calls”.. Its just that WE, as humans, are BROKEN by our nature, specially when u take the norm of collective cultural mind about “normal” as the ideal goal.. its suicidal..

  • Some of the points mentioned in this video were spot on… but a bit obvious like when she said that anxiety shrinks your world. Some of the points could be discarded as they are based on “scientific studies”…which keep contradicting the previous studies. This is one of those videos that seem like a game changer but actually isn’t.
    00:30 “It is simple… but it isn’t easy”. ��‍♂️

    I fell in a coma at 18. My right hemisphere got erased. I awoke a quadriplegic. I started moving in less than a month, stood in a month, returned to university in less than a year, graduated before the doctor said I could return. My brain did the impossible and I have never felt better.

  • what if my anxiety is that i get anxious that i’m dizzy and that makes me kind of dizzy what can i do? (around a month ago i had continuous dizziness for a whole week and in the end the doctor said it was an inner ear infection and she gave me med n it got better but the in the beginning the dizziness got so bad that i had panic attacks after panic attacks)

  • PERFECT Illustration!!
    ♥Love how wonderful and marvelous our brains are…we control it… it doesn’t control us!!
    Romans 12:2 Renew your Mind HE thought of everything So Thankful 😉 He is the Great I AM!!

  • This makes it seem that it’s easy. This is hard as shit. It’s a total deprogramming on ingrained behavior. It’s so much work that one needs to really feel they need this or they will die. And while you do it, you feel as if you are dying. Well, the old you is dying. It hurts either way. Does it get easier?

  • This video is pretty good but physical health also plays a factor, you can’t just think your way to a better life or state of bliss! Hell, you can pay a shrink to feed you bull but like a mechanic, they won’t show you how to make the repairs yourself or they would be out of a job and living on the street. I found a brain hack on how to build those new pathways in a third of the time, I would elaborate on it but it could only work for me. I have learned that life is too short to be anything other than happy.

  • The brain named itself, the brain watching a video on the brain. We’re awesome.
    Also I saw this comment somewhere else in here, but it was great so I wanted to add that brain naming itself fact. ��

  • It helpes me with my feeling calmer en more relaxed.and i dont drown in my anxies thougts Any more.everything becomes much clearer to me.

  • That is not true, you dont have the power to stop “bad” neurons connections consciously because they could be fired by your uncouncious mind.

    Everything that you get aware of on your mind was, before, on the uncouncious mind, so you don’t have this “power”

    I agree with you but i dont think you can consciously rewire your brain, because the uncouncious mind will fire the “bad” neurons connections anyway. The only way to rewire your brain is to create new connections, wich mean: living and experiencing more. Everything you think was, before, on the uncouncious mind, so you have no power over it. The only thing you can do is, uncousciously, select what will come to the surface

  • Thanks to everyone taking their time to read this testimony on how my son was saved from Autism.
    He was diagnosed four years ago, and he was just 6yrs old, I have tried several treatments and medications, nothing was working out, this got me frustrated and depressed. I kept praying and finally God answered my prayers when someone from youtube introduced me to this doctor from his home country and gave me his contact details.
    I called and explained my son’s condition after which I made an order for his herbal remedy, he asked for my address and the next day I got a tracking number for a parcel sent to me through DHL and after four days I received my order.
    It was a liquid herbal medicine and a letter containing the instructions on how to use the herbs, I called him again to confirm and the next morning I started giving my son the herbs as instructed and after one week I noticed great improvement on my son and I continued until the herbs got finished and everything lasted for just one month and now my son is totally free from Autism, he can now talk clearly, behave normally and has no more seizures.
    If you’ve been searching for a genuine solution for Autism, connect with this honest Dr on Whats App
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    or ( [email protected] gmail. com )

  • True but nothing new about this! I was “training” an electronic Neural net during the 3rd year of my degree in 1993. Why this is being made out to be a new discovery I have no idea. Christ, Artificial intelligence is based on this principle…. durgh!!!
    Also “plasticity” is the ability of a material to change shape without cracking or fracturing. Comparing this to what happens in the brain is almost as stupid as these people that think they’re telling you something new.

  • What about anxiety resulting from medical issues? In my case severe migraines occasionally which trigger loss of vision and instill lots of fear and panic.

  • WRONG! You Must First Remove Chemicals from Your Food and Drinks = Every Organ and Cell is Affected By Chemical Reactions It’s Like Eating Fish Hooks and Razor Blades: To Ignore This Basic Fact is = Insane! You Build Prisons for People But Wont Protect Them From Their Ignorance.. Garbage in > Garbage OUT.. Control Yourself Or Someone Else Does >? <

  • As amazing as the brain is, it is only a connection between the physical world and our souls. The three dimensional projection of sight sound and touch that are outside our physical bodies are all parts of your soul. So much for neural Darwinism which is totally false.

  • We are disintegrating and manifesting in synchronicity all showing symbolism down to nothingness of past and complete and total presence of light and darkness yin and yang colliding at once

  • Humans have negative thoughts for a reason. While I agree that remaining positive is good, I don’t think it’s healthy to straight up ignore the negative ones. Life is balance, as are our minds. While I agree with not letting negative thoughts affect your overall outlook, frequently ignoring them can lead to a build up of negative resentment in the mind. Channeling your negativity into something that is beneficial for you or your environment is the best way to do this.

  • After some panic attacks in January /February this year I started getting weird physical symptoms on a daily basis heart racing tight throat choking sensations breathing difficulties light-sensitivity dizziness lightheadness muscle twiching… Many calmed down on there on including the panic attacks they stopped but I get this weird head symptoms like my brain is moving shaking pulsing lightheaded felling tense muscles on my head eyes and neck throat area even after many doctor Chek ups still can’t belive that this is just anxiety got really bad health anxiety what can I do to get my life back Im a young mom of three kids

  • TERRIBLE VIDEO. You overstate it. Identical twins who are separated at birth are MORE similar than ones raised together. The existence of neural plasticity doesn’t mean our brain is a piece of clay to be pounded into shape.

  • Do not listen to this one I had violent nightmare and woke up feeling very off. I also had a tone in my head that kept me in that weird off state of feeling. I did switch to Jason Stephenson and had much better dreams and woke up feeling much better.

  • I love this! If everything related to living well tell us that we must learn to meditate… we should definitely without a doubt listen

  • Im a TBI survivor and this helps so much!! i love learning and understanding the brain especially since mine has been damaged and worked on ����

  • What is nuero pruning and I wanted to know about supposed if any body not used old Pathway it will changed, means uninstall the program. But I have one doubt supposed I go any where for job or education I not used bike 2 years u think all program should go but when we come back home country and I wanted to drive bike how I know drive still drive then how we cannot say nueral pruning. The main my question is how we can uninstall our brain program. Supposed driving program. Like that

  • I’m going to recommend to my coaching clients who have anxiety! Very clearly explains anxiety and neuroplasticity, can give people hope.

  • I have a suggestion for changing our brains that really worked for me:
    I practice the ‘Art of Seeing’ where I see images within a canvas that I colored with charcoal. At first, I saw sad people, angry people, storms, clouds. I realized I perceived the world as cruel, violent, predatory. I wondered if I could insist my brain to see only beautiful things within the charcoal canvas. It took a while but now I see angels, sunshine, smiles & flowers. If I see a sad face, I change it to a smile.
    We can use this same form of manipulation in the real world as well. For instance, before walking into (Walmart), visualize peace, love, smiles, friendship. This way, we prepare our minds/hearts for the best instead of the worst. We can even send telepathic words of love to people BEFORE we see them to encourage a joyful exchange. Preparation before creation is the key. Every morning, affirm what we want to create-self-importance will try to stop us at times but a daily bread of preparing will subdue the ego.

  • You have no idea how thankful I feel and safe I feel from this it’s helping me overcome some pretty significant things I feel safe and surrounded within myself that inner self comfort and knowing wait I can get myself through these situations that come my way in a new way not the old way of falling apart completely

  • Very helpful video thank you! Ever since I remember I’ve felt anxiety, first before going to school, when I grew up before work. I’ve chosen the strategy to just accept that it exists and continue with my life. Watching your video I got the sense that it should’ve been gone long time ago. Could you please explain why my anxiety hasn’t decreased despite constant exposure with the things that trigger it? Maybe I am missing something?

  • Last night I was studying about Alzheimer’s/Dementia/Stroke causes is from negative thinking, stress, anger. How to prevent my dad (65years) from getting into Alzheimer’s etcetera. It’s the brain! For many years he is a negative person in a positive family. He choose to train his mind to see cup half empty instead of half full. That’s why his physical body deteriorated as fast as inside crippled by stress/hate/anger. And this the world answer to combat old age sicknesses is to take care of mindfulness, enjoy life, positive speeches etc. And be greatful to God for all the little things in life! Plus eating fishoil & healthy brain food

  • sometimes we wonder how to change our brain, with a deep searching i found something call Neuroplasticity it is how to change your brain by changing your thoughts

  • Every night, my brain is trying to force me to do things like biting my toung off or pulling my eyelashes off, and It’s been making me actually doing it, so I need help. I’m not sure if this is normal but I thought this video would help, not sure. I cant stop it, and it happens every night. Please help me. I’m going to cry �� �� ��

  • His comment on all that pruning going on before the age of 2 makes you wonder how much of that is linked to disorders that often show up around that time, such as autism. So fascinating!

  • thats the problem, 99% of the time you tend to avoid which increases it. if i am forced to exist in the situation then i have to face it but as an adult, you really have a choice on whether you wanna be there or not, i have lost so many oppotunities in my life if i werent anxious and everytime, it felt like its worth it, but retrospectively, it was a bad idea. i dunnoo, im on meds and get to take xanax for the more than often panic and stress attacks and one time my doctor prescribed half my meds and so i had to cut down on my ssri meds by half which was anti depressant withdrawal which is mentally painful but now i just make sure everytime i see my doc i double check the right dose and write it down, i wish i was normal. i feel i can do much more if this exposure thing works. can anyone think of anxiety meds that DONT cause addiction like xanax?

  • I have chronic pain and am taking a class called understanding Chronic Pain. This is one subject they are talking about and watching this, it makes more sense.

  • Great video! I am on a binge watching videos about neuroplasticity right now and this was an interesting and helpful approach to anxiety. Great work!

  • Question. How does meditation, which I believe has you NOT think, clear your mind of all thoughts, supposed to get your brain to regenerate? To have your brain grow, you need to meditate on something or Someone. Try meditating on what you know about the CREATOR. Get to know Him. Ask Him questions. Seek. Learn. Grow new neurons! Make new connections! He is the truth. He is love. He was, and is, and is to come.

  • Does anyone else find it hard to listen about anxiety and how to help mitigate it because it makes you anxious? I definitely do. The irony is not lost on me…

  • Fortify brought me here! Great explanation. its nice to know how brains can be unwired from all the pornography addiction that has taken place! There’s hope!!

  • Thank for but this is old way of dealing with anxiety and ot doesnt work with complex traumas. Exposure therapy will retraumatize ppl. It also takes too long. You might want to learn Stephen Porges’work. He is the author of Polyvagal Theory and Safe and Sound Protocol which does wonders.

  • this is just the kind of video that I wish we could have subtitled in italian.. or even better, dubbed into many different languages… am I asking too much? Thanks in advance!

  • Thank you Sentis. May i have permission to post your video to my FB page? I’m starting up a free community event on Facebook that allows members posting of positive things to encourage personal growth and changes we want to make over 21+ days.

  • this is what my guru gave me to do everyday I didn’t took it seriously.. he told the more you do that will become ‘vardan’ for you.. it was to train my consciousness and subconscious mind.. he also told it is the highest training on earth that anyone can do… now I am going to take it seriously… thnxx

  • I have a question RE the bracelet exercise. What if what’s making you anxious is simply a thought. And thus there is nothing for you to “do” to counter that “thing” that’s making u anxious

  • I suffer from cardiophobia, I cant avoid my heart, this has savagely ruined almost every day of my life, Ive tried all ssri’s, snri’s, ketamine therapy, and so on and have found no relief. A family doctor 3 years ago convinced me that I had heart problems and high blood pressure, for the next few months I seen a cardioligist, did every test and wore a holter monitor for a month, and nothing, no heart disease, I dont have high blood pressure, and until this day I have failed to escape it, doesnt matter how many times I see my heart doctor the physical sensations are there and im suffering. I tried CBT therapy in the past but it ended as I was unable to afford it.

  • Not so long ago, many scientists believed that the brain did not change after childhood. That it was hard-wired and fixed by the time we became adults. But recent advances in only the last decade now tell us that this is simply not true. The brain can and does change throughout our lives: it is adaptable, like plastic. Hence neuroscientists call this “neuroplasticity”. If you think of your brain as a dynamic, connected power grid, there are billions of pathways, or roads, lighting up every time you think, feel or do something. Some of these roads are well travelled: these are our habits, our established ways of thinking, feeling and doing. Every time we think in certain way, practice a particular task or feel a specific emotion, we strengthen this road. It becomes easier for our brains to travel this pathway. Say we think about something differently, learn a new task, or choose a different emotion. We start carving out a new road if we keep travelling that road our brains begin to use this pathway more and this new way of thinking, feeling or doing becomes second nature. The old pathway gets used less and less and weakens. This process of rewiring your brain by forming new connections and weakening old ones is neuroplasticity in action. The good news is that we all have the ability to learn and change, by rewiring our brains. If you have ever changed a bad habit or thought about something differently, you have carved a new pathway in your brain and experienced neuroplasticity firsthand. With repeated and directed attention towards your desired change. You can rewire your brain.

  • Your messages definitely helped me through my breakup. About a year and a half ago my boyfriend of four years and I broke up and I desperately wanted him back, and because of some of the advice you had given, I was able to! Time went on and things were back to the way they were, and were not together anymore, and it’s okay. I wouldn’t have been able to go through the realization process had I not read these, as well. Your messages were very beneficial to me, though I don’t need them anymore, they were always appreciated. Thank you so much!

    for help purpose ( [email protected] ch )– Jenae

  • You basically explained why my anxiety got worse. Amazing! This has crippled me for years. I will be watching your videos. Thamk you for posting.

  • Your channel seems to have a lot of answers to questions that I’ve asked the internet without finding any answers. I’m looking forward to watching more of your videos.:)

  • How to come over anxiety related to fear of death? I’m literally anxious the whole day even while sleeping, and I get up with racing heartbeat.

  • Currently have this playing on my tv while I do some therapy for my stroke affected arm. I am 10 minutes in to listening to this and starting to get a migraine so I’ve stopped my therapy for now. Will be stopping this music because the longer I let it play the worse my head starts to hurt.

  • And just remember that eating a nice juicy hamburger can be just as good as going to therapy!

    Thanks Emma Mcadam for these wonderful pairings.

  • You do need it especially those who struggle with drugs and porn that effects brain in very negative including your life the peoples behaviours towards you

  • Can I use this to cure my mental dissorders?
    I have comorbid mental dissorders which are ADHD and Aspergers syndrom.
    And another thing can I listen this binaural beats session while sleeping?

    Pls reply.

  • Hey miss what if they feel anxious loking at me even me loking at them even the look at me it feels anxious plss i have this for 1 year i cant do much things i want to do i feel so sad having no close friends even my old friends cant look at me directly and me too plss help me plsss ������������������ theres nothig wrong i did plss hel me

  • The adaptability of the brain to new taskscalled neuroplasticity is interesting information, I am impressed that brain can be rewired!

  • Im always trying to rewire or reprogram my brain to think for myself more.Im constantly asking myself questions on how i can improve my thinking in ways that is non threatening to myself or others.

  • I wonder how I could use this to get over my fear of gagging. I sometimes gag out of anxiety, and it scares me so much and gives me more anxiety

  • I have could those numbers for help… And they all ask what I’m anxious of…
    NOTHING! I’m not afraid of ANYTHING.
    I’m just anxious… My chest hurts, can barely breathe, my mouth is totally dry, so are my eyes. My feet is cold as ice, my hands are shaking while I type and the words I want to write so you understand better don’t come.

    Guess I’ll just have to wait for it to go by… ��

  • I have phenomenal news for you guys!

    Entrepreneurs are now betting dozens of Millions of dollars that specific Sound therapy can hugely Help the brain to Help itself.

    If you have doubts I send you the Forbes article about this.

  • Rewiring happens by glia cells undoing and reforming synapses. Glia make up over half of your brain cells, but they aren’t neurons.

  • Thank god or whoever and all involved in this miracle to people with brains trying to heal thank you for something that actually works

  • First of all thank you for your hard work..question..can i listen to this beautiful audio overnight while sleeping?.will it still work.?