My Snap Success Story Najib C. Overcomes Injuries and Loses 100 Pounds


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In addition, Najib began watching what he ate. The result? Today he has lost nearly 100 pounds and 23 percent of his total body fat. “I love my new lifestyle,” he says proudly. “Snap Fitness made it so easy for me to getting a regular workout schedule, and now it’s part of my life.”.

My Snap Success Story: Najib C. Overcomes Injuries and Loses 100 Pounds Najib’s weight struggles began like many others – from an injury. A personal chef, Najib C. slipped and fell. Jay has lost a total of 280 pounds since he began at Snap Fitness just two years ago. Read on and prepare to be inspired by his incredible dedication throughout his fitness journey. “Hi, my name is Jay. Two years ago my weight was around 475 pounds due to years of poor eating habits and not exercising.

Success Stories. Podcast. Tips to Stay Fit and Active During the Holiday Season. Lifestyle. 2016-12-15 | By: Snap Fitness The holiday season is truly a wonderful time of the year.

It’s also filled with festive food and drinks that aren’t always in line with our health and fitness goals. Rightly after this, Lorenzen started a fitness program. He had his entire weight-loss journey depicted in the documentary named The Jared Lorenzen Project. He is a changed man now and has lost over 100 pounds since the inception of this project.

Lorenzen now looks forward to inspire and educate the youth about not becoming obese and eating healthy. The importance of shower shoes; spider bite warning signs; woman loses 100 pounds through sleep hypnosis; anti-aging treatment that uses teenage blood; woman catches fire while tweezing her eyebrows; a new cycle workout in a sauna; foods to stockpile in the case of a natural disaster. But stalling is completely normal.

Weight loss (as mentioned above) is easiest when you have the most to lose. Dropping 100 pounds off of 300 in a year isn’t too tough and happens all the time, while dropping the last twenty when you’re sitting at 200 is considerably tougher and often takes a lot longer. Mar 7, 2020 Explore mtvac’s board “Success Stories” on Pinterest. See more ideas about Success stories, Success, Tennis workout. Even the World’s Biggest Fund Lost Billions in Pandemic Year 2020.

August 18, 2020. China’s Stock Rally Rages On as Analyst Predicts Unstoppable Upside. August 18, 2020.

Goldman Sachs’ S&P 500 Price Target Is Rosy, but Don’t Take the Bait. August 17, 2020. Stephanie Bedard-Chateauneuf @SBChateauneuf.

I have battled depression for 30 years, and have lost 3 careers because of it.It began immediately after the birth of my eldest daughter, happened again after my second and since then has become.

List of related literature:

He does have a 5 kg weight loss in the last 2 months and has felt fatigued and lower back pain for 2 months.

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His appetite is poor and he has lost 1 stone weight over the past 3 months.

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As I gained followers, I was also losing pounds and inches.

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He reports no weight loss but says his symptoms seem to occur only during his working day.

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He has unintentionally lost 20 pounds since a visit 1 year ago.

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has recently lost 12 kilograms, causing his BMI to fall to 15.

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He has not been feeling well for 3 months and has lost 2 stone in weight.

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So he paid over a lakh at the weight loss centre and enrolled in a 6 month programme where all he had to do was lie down on a table for 20 to 30 minutes daily while painless electric currents worked on him, and go on a crash diet where he ate barely anything the whole day: channa, buttermilk and some dal.

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He has lost approximately 5kg in weight and complains of fatigue.

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Note that in 28 weeks, Tosh lost 83 kilograms and put his hypertension and T2DM into remission

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  • After seeing how many of the people who are on this show Brandon and Justin were the only 2 I actually cheer on since unlike many of the participants who lie, make excuses, don’t follow the plans, keeps their enablers, blame others, etc.
    Both Justin and Brandon lost alot of weight I hope they have a long healthy life ahead of them

  • I love your honesty and helping me to understand deprivation versus moderation issue. I had finally come to the conclusion that I had to forego “keto treats” because I couldn’t stop at just the recommended serving size. Thank you for validating my own issue with “all or none”…I am following you now and will cling valiantly to your experience!

  • Late watching this but Adam and his brother Bobby are amazing individuals. Met them both at the Engine 2 Immersion in Sedona 2018. This was great!

  • We definitely have a similar food relationship. I’m at my highest weight right now, i used to to be vegetarian (for 10 years) tried veganism for a short while… now I’m back to meat and junk food…. I’m going to follow some of your tips and see how it goes…

  • Honey, if the purpose of this video and others to come is to tell me how awesome carnivorous diet is then am soo confused. Because all I got from watching this is how dysfunctional your relationship with food really is. There is a serious lack of self control here. Maybe I watch too much of supersized vs superskinny.
    I know people who gorge on meat eating 6000 calories a day because they lack self control. Fasting has indeed helped you.

  • Finally someone that doesn’t throw a fit, go against what they have to do, or give up. He has a lot of determination. Well done to him. ����

  • i literally love how tayler is doing the diet with him and losing weight herself it makes my heart melt so see just how supportive she is of brandon

  • I’ll listen to this slowly when I’m working (not done). So far it’s so touching, so moving. A lot of us can relate. For me, I’m just remembering when I was a pubescent teen, and I was getting fatter and fatter, and the doctor said if I kept eating the way I was eating they’d put me on an all vegetable diet (no joke!). I cried, because even a little bit of vegetables (like if they didn’t hold the lettuce at a fast food restaurant) made me gag and not want to eat it. That’s how bad I was. It was cruel of them to threaten me like that, and the journey with my diet is a a very loooong story, but looking back, I realize that an “all vegetable” diet is the BEST! <3 And now that memory of mine sticks out more than most of them. I love the WFPB vegan lifestyle so much now, and never want to go back; for the first time in my life I love veggies and fruits. As you guys say in the video: You have to want the the change for yourself, because no matter how much we love those around us, just that well-meaning love alone (unfortunately) isn’t going to break us.
    I can even relate to the cultural pride thing. I’m Hispanic, but we also eat massively greasy/cheesy/meaty/fried foods. And it’s almost like a pride thing, like “I have a right to my chimichanga, and I’m proud of my chimichanga; this is how my people eat!” xD

  • When I saw the title of this video, I immediately clicked on it because I’ve never seen an episode where the patient does EXACTLY what they’re told which yielded fantastic results ��

  • Not a recap for me…2nd day of Dr. Berry carnivore challenge and you popped up. Been keto since February 2019…been leaning this way, so test driving for 30 days…now I have to binge watch your other videos…

  • Great Video I enjoyed the Beginning and also the End, glad you are doing Well and now, Helping others, have a Wonderful, Tuesday night, and thank you EatMoveRest for sharing him here, I love your Videos and now I can enjoy PlantBasedAddict with Adam Sud, too, sincerely, Diana Lipski ��

  • They’re both so adorable and lovable. I’m so proud of them both and wish them a lifetime of success and happiness! Beautiful couple I hope they kept up the good work

  • Who else is waiting and waiting for B4 and after pix? She lost and gained like a yo-yo and I could really relate, although At 5’5” I’ve never weighed over 162 lbs even after having my daughter.

  • It’s so awesome to see a healthy relationship!! And it’s so awesome to see that big ass smile of Dr. Nows face!!! These are the people I’m routing for!!! What episode is this? I want to see how he did!

  • You must treat it as an addiction because it is,you wouldn’t offer heroin to a recovering heroin addict. You must resolve yourself to eating this way the rest of your life which is perfectly fine there’s nothing wrong with looking good and being healthy

  • I’ve struggled to lose 20 lbs in 2 years how in the hell is it even possible to lose 140 lbs in 2 months?
    I mean, good for him, but that’s losing 2 lbs a DAY. That seems insane.

  • I feel this so hard. Im the exact same. I had pcos which means you can skip periods. Id skip them 6 mo to 8 mo in a row. Bloatef all the time, infertile, lethargic, dull hair and skin. Ive been carnivore for two weeks now. One week in and I got my period back. When you go so long without one whenever I do have one it is so relieving. I had no notice like I usualky do. No bloating no pms n acne. I’ve lost 13.6 lbs in two weeks. I feel good. Satisfied. Clothes fit better. I feel better. Its very easy to stick too. I know what its like to feel full and honestly don’t want any carbs or sugar. Was hard the first week but its a huge wake up to get my period back. Like my body is telling me its okay and I’m doing something right finally.

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  • I Love your honesty, with out shame!! You are speaking my mind and feelings when it comes to my relationship with food! THANK YOU!

  • The psychology around food is complex but remember you are detoxing off sugar and refined white flour? The corporate world and narrative that support the SAD diet are to blame for your struggles, not you! I found this video genuinely engaging and 120 pounds is amazing. My advice would be to support your gains with psycho-educational info? Get to know you? Good luck

  • Please contact me if you would like inexpensive, science-based nutrition advice from a qualified nutritionist.

  • This is an excellent video! I have been back-and-forth. I know carnivore works for me but I also have problems with binging or slipping for one day which turned into six months. I’ve been back on for two weeks and I feel amazing. Thank you for putting out such wonderful content I’m grateful to you and several others.

  • Hmm. Your food habits sound like mine. Bit of a binge eater. I started carnivore and the very next day started to feel better. second day did an 18 hour fast without even thinking about it. I have a lot of joint pain from arthritis and degenerative disc disease. That second day on carnivore The pain was still there but less sharp. I continued on. Went through the first month with only 3 cheats and they were only a snack type cheat. When I started carnivore I was 274 lbs. At the end of the first month I was 260 lbs. My internal organs felt better gasseyness was gone, all was great. BUT now into the second month the cravings came back and the will power dropped. I’ve had 3 cheats, 3 weeks into month 2 and although they were not binge worthy cheats, they were bigger. I am now on my heating pad with a very sore lower back when I should be outside working on my house. Major guilt trip right now. So while I’m swirling in the guilt thing and thinking about the comfort food that makes us all feel better, ( in our minds) I am digging deep to convince myself to get back on carnivore more seriously. I am usually pretty good at grabbing my brain, slapping some sense back into it and pointing it in the right direction. So here I go again. I’m hoping to get down to 200 to 210 ish lbs by Christmas. But mostly to feel better( less pain). By the way I gained this weight from injuries and pain. Tried the $$$$$ supplements and pills and diets. And so far I have gotten the best results from carnivore period. I wish you all the best in your carnivore life Laura, looks like it’s working for you and many others.

  • Wow your story is so much the same, I lost 100lbs using keto and carnivore a couple years ago and in 1 year have gained 50lbs back, I found you as im getting back into it! Thank you for sharing. It helps knowing im not the only one ��

  • darlin I feel like you’re talking to me. also grew up on a farm eating straight from our garden. gained weight in college, but had always been “thick boned” as a kid. Throw on top of that childhood trauma, PCOS, and battling intestinal yeast since birth (probably), it’s no wonder I need to lose 140+. I LOVE MEAT and my mom at 65 is healthier than I am at 31. She’s been a carni for close to two years and looks AMAZING. Would love to see your thoughts on carnivore and how it relates to hormones and healing, if you haven’t done one of those already.

  • Wow am I ever so glad I have found you. I’m on the very same path lost 80lbs been on a slow haul now also for 3 months. Have 50 more to go. Just in time you made sense. So today freeze the cheese and steaks for dinner. Make more shows I excited for. Episode 20-2
    Your awesome, Im now going to watch it again

  • You sound like me, I can’t do cheat days, when I do I go on a benge, and it takes me at least 2 weeks to get back on keto/carnivore..I have realized that if there’s a birthday I make my own keto cake and ice cream so I don’t indulge in the processed stuff..��

  • It’s pretty wholesome to see the people on this show that actually take it seriously and lose the weight and it’s even more wholesome when the relationship between the couple is decent and not toxic.

  • I am so f*cking proud of him and her, they are def soulmates they seem like a couple that might actually have a chance of lasting as long as they both shall live

  • That’s a seriously powerful and amazing interview! What a story.. you two are great listeners and seem like such genuine good folks ����

  • I just found your channel and have only watched a couple of your videos and love them. I am an addict that has been sober for 17 years. I am 39 now sadly I still have an addiction to food but was just diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic and that for me was a wake up call. This video hit me really hard because I was and still am to a point just like Adam. Sadly I have no support group I am a lone in my journey but watching your video I do at least think I have someone encouraging me to be my best. Because what you always say at the end of your videos push me to do what you say. Thank you guys for everything. Please don’t stop what you are doing cause you are changing lives one video, photo, or blog at a time. Thank you Logan

  • Hey Guys, if ever had an idea only to make a weight/Fat loss and make your sleep be better than ever you should email me directly! Only if want to have a better health and the exact weight you desire I’ve tried this and never regret that! Hope more people will get the benefit of that what I already got! [email protected]

  • Love this video. so adorable story. i want to see more of this wonderful young lady… God bless her. thanks for sharing muchas gracias… God bless her!

  • Thank you for your story, Adam. It was real and relatable and I found myself thinking of all the ways myself and those around me make the same choices and go through the same struggles.

    I really love the “podcast interview” style. I listened while doing dishes…for all the food I’ve been packing to work this week ��

  • I really appreciate finally seeing someone taking the process seriously. Like usually all I see are the memeable moments, but this was genuinely heart warming.

  • Hey there! Wanna loose weight fast and easy? Try this 2 week weight loss program that will give you 100% results!

  • Thank you for sharing your history and relationship with food. I do not typically comment on videos, but was compelled to after watching your video, first the one with your mom and then your introduction. I have battled with food since since I was at least 8 years old. I have done vegan after forks and knives, but only made it 4-6 months. I have lost 100# twice, 60# once, 40# twice, 30# twice, 20# ten times, 5-10# countless times. I also do better with some restriction…I’m still figuring what that looks like, but for sure one piece of pizza doesn’t happen in my life. I am doing keto now and have a different perspective than when I’ve done it in the past. I’ve decided I need to deal with the root because loosing and regaining sucks. I’m one week and one day in and I feel so much better already, I’ve had no cravings at all and I am very thankful!! I’m going to watch more of your videos, but I really just wanted to say thanks for being real it blessed me. I wish you continued success on your journey to health and continued freedom from the struggle of food cravings and binging.

  • You all praise him but what about James Jones, [with the nice mom but his dad and sister died from obesity] he lost over 400 pounds, from 756 to 354 and then I think less.

  • Hello Laura. Thank you so much for your freely sharing your fat loss and health experiences with us. I am interested in hearing a little bit more on the iodine if you or anyone has been dosing with it, while having Hashimoto. Dr. David Brownstein, MD, by the way is a proponent of iodine even with Hashi. I saw your interview with Dr Berry too, which prompted my question.
    Thank you!

  • Boy can I relate to your story. I’m actually doing that right now even though I don’t want to but I’m stuck! I started keto-carnivore in March (when we were all put into quarantine I swore I wasn’t going to eat junk food while in this pandemic) and it worked I was losing not only pounds but inches and I loved it. But here I am 5 months later my stomach is acting upset after eating, and I have stalled after losing my initial 20 pounds. I started at just over 300+ and now I’m down to 278/279 and the needle won’t budge (now for the past 2 months). I’m starting to waiver.. snacking a bit more (still on healthy for this diet nuts and pork rinds but still). So I pigged out… drumsticks (not chicken kind); and my favorite sweet, macadamia nut cookies (OMG the full dozen). I’m hoping now I pulled out the bacon and the ribeye for supper and that’s it, back on full steam, fingers crossed. Thanks for you delightful video (especially appreciated seeing the video with what you actually ate throughout the month). Well done, I hope to emulate.

  • Sugar and carbs are killing your families not fat and meat the best Keto Doctor to follow is Dr. Eric Berg or Dr. Darren Schmidt, Dr. Jason Fung.

  • The way of binge eating until ‘next diet’ sounds so stupid and ridiculous! And it is EXACTLY what I do!!! �� Thank you for your honesty! You look awesome! Hope you feel it as well. �� Love from Denmark, Scandinavia ❤️

  • Seems even a toxic carnivore diet is better than the shitty diets people especially in the US have. Hence why some delusional people think carnivore is a great diet.

  • Add this diet plan to your work out.This is different from traditional dieting.
    Any questions,feel free to email me at [email protected]
    What do you have to lose WEIGHT.

  • This was great, thanks for sharing his story! It reminds me of David Elmore Smith, who lost 400 lbs and was all over 20/20 and other mainstream news shows in like 2008ish but his story is so tragic and he ended up gaining all the weight back and couldn’t handle it emotionally. Maybe Adam can inspire him

  • So right on the cheat days. I fall off the wagon and it speeds away from me. I eat once a day as well. Between 2-6pm. That’s it. Drink lots of water with lemon for a treat. My biggest challenge is turning down pizza. Oh lord I miss pizza.

  • I learned moderation in my late 20’s. I read a book, When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies: Freeing Yourself from Food and Weight Obsession.” Back before YT

  • Last time I restricted carbs I lost 30 in 3 months and decided I deserved a piece of pie. The cravings returned like a smackhead. Over three years I gained back the 30 plus 70 more.

    I’m 63 and On July 4 I weighed 140 over my Airborne weight plus many symptoms of diabetes. Since then I’ve Been on strict carbs 2 to 5 max per day with intermittent fasting 16 to 18 hours between feeding windows. I feel like I’m just now stumbling out of a black tunnel of depression and self hatred. I got a 18 year old son and I’d like stay around to see him. I had given up and often felt I wouldn’t mind dying. I’ve lost 5 to 10 pounds since independence day 3 weeks ago and I want to live again.

  • You need to start practicing some kind of food moderation because it’ll be easier for you metally to continue and maintain your current weight that way.

  • Thank you for sharing! I can so relate. I always wonder why I have not off switch when it comes to cravings and sticking with a diet. I am on day 3 and praying I can find freedom in carnivore!

  • I really appreciate having a woman who is more mature telling her heartfelt story. It has taken me many many years of yo yo dieting to finally accept that my health is more important than following fads or looking cute. It is time to get serious and do what is necessary to feel good and and avoid diabetes etc in my 60’s. I’m getting the sleeve this summer.nThank you for this video!

  • Don’t be ashamed of the effect food has on you psychologically. Food can be as addicting as some hard drugs. It can also be more dangerous than drugs because it does not carry the same social stigma that drugs do.I’m 48 and have been addicted to foods (high carb foods specifically) for the majority of my life. One of the things I always loved to do after learning to cook is baking. Now at age 48 I have been predictably diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. I started on Keto to get control of my blood sugar and potentially revers the damage I have done to my body( my fault and no one else’s). Keto helped me lower my blood sugar more that the blood sugar reducing medicine that I was proscribed. I had a blood glucose level of 355 when I was diagnosed. the Metformin only got me down to the 260’s to 280’s. This was following the recommended diabetic diet (about 140 grams of carbs per day). When I started Keto, the blood sugar levels dropped rapidly. I got down to around the 140’s to 150’s on average (still too high) but not getting any lower after 2 months. That is when I started hearing about Carnivore. My wife and I are now on Carnivore. We are just starting out and have only been on it for 3 full days. We are going to be on it for at least 2 months to reset the body and see what happens. We may end up cycling between Carnivore and standard Keto because we have a vegetable garden planted for a fall/winter harvest. all Keto friendly vegetables though. It will be interesting to see where this experiment goes.

  • Check Out This Weight loss Book It not only changed my life but it’s been changing peoples life around me. I want everyone to have the same success that I have had, but it was only until i found this book that i started seeing results! Don’t wait until it’s too late, change your eating habits and lifestyle starting today.

  • Thank you. I have been on a low carb diet for 9 months. I hit the 50 pound loss wall 4 months ago. Your story could be my story with weight loss. I am intermittent fasting, 2 meals a day, with 1 to 2 24 hour fasting a week. After watching your story, for the month of August I will be going carnivore, working up to 1 meal a day. I maybe eating too much fat. Thank you for your honesty, I needed to hear this. I too am into the peanut butter. LOL

  • Your story sounds just like mine… 4 kids later got up to 290 and lost gained lost gained for years until Paleo/Keto. Almost to my goal in December of 2018 and then uterine problems and 2 surgeries later, gained 30 back and haven’t been able to lose again on Keto and tried for a year and lots of fasting… Have been thinking about Carnivore for months, but just started 2 days ago. Hopefully, this is the key.

  • I love this!! I know this is true I turned chronic fatigue around in my early 30’sI’m nearly 60 now and haven’t had depression & chronic fatigue since getting onto a plant-based diet. ������

  • Outstanding Video! I’m just starting the Carnivore Diet. I’m doing my first Fast. Day 4. I feel amazing. Really excited to start the journey. Today I’m 5’8” and 310 lbs.

  • Hi Laura, thanks for your info, I can relate to alot of your past issues. I’m an emotional eater. But I’m deciding whether to do keto or carnivore. Can you eat chicken and salmon on carnivore? I can’t fathom just eating steak (and transitioning to the volume) every single day. Appreciate your help. ��

  • Outstanding.

    The vegans are coming, and are already here, controlling government food policy.

    Anyone interested in seeing keto and low-carb presented as an option for government agencies providing food to dependent populations, join us at and

  • Thank you! I love your first video. I lost 38# in the two years ago on Keto but in the last few months I have gained 8# back. I have been “cheating” once in awhile and need to stop because I know it is carbs doing ti. My husband lost 68# at the same time and also has gained a few pounds back. We both have to take it off plus now we want to lose an extra 10#. We are both 66 yrs. old. The hardest part for me is all of a sudden I need to eat something!! Crazy I know but that is how I feel. I could use your prayers for support. WE are not carnivore but after watching this and the one with your mom, I believe that is the way to go. I am looking forward to your recipes for both of us. Thank you and God bless you!

  • Hi Laura,
    I’ve been on keto for about a month and lost thirty pounds. In the last week, my weight loss has stalled. During the month I learned how to make fat bombs and would eat one each morning along with two meals during the day. I was on a 12 12 intermittent fasting schedule.

    Since my weight loss stalled I tried to adjust my food intake, i.e., sometimes eating only one meal a day or skipping the fat bomb. The problem is that I am completely exhausted until my first meal. I’m 66 years old, male, with type 2 diabetes, and congestive heart failure. My doctor encourages me to be on the diet and I still have a long way to go with the weight loss.

    So I’m not sure how to handle the exhaustion problem. I would really appreciate any insights you may have.

  • Why can’t more people on the show be like this? Most of the time, this show is so frustrating to watch because many of the people don’t change, are full of excuses and are surrounded by enablers. This was so refreshing to watch. Anyone know what episode/season this is? I’d love to watch the whole thing.

  • awww they are so stinking cute! He really wanted to change and stuck to it…….and she was right by his side doing it with him. GOALS!


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  • This lady is a good example of a VSG patient. She clear about the journey which isn’t easy. Getting use to the new body, the new person in the mirror. This journey is life long and bumpy. My stomach doesn’t have a name yet. I think I am naming mine Not To Day. Thank you for her name. You should vlog. You would make a wonderful mentor for VSG.

  • Wow! What a slap of reality! Not only to addicts, but to the procrastinator, to the one who thinks they are not worth working hard for themselves. This is huge in a mother’s life as well, always giving to others, and putting yourself last. Adam touched so many. Thank you for this. The three of you are a crazy inspiration!!! I’ve been on and off this vegan journey for a few months. YES!! These bad foods are so messed up, triggering our bodies to FEEL like I feel better. I really appreciate the thought of “being uncomforatable for a short period of time until I LOVE this way of eating and living”!!! Best video!!

  • My insurance covers it completely I’m not sure yet though I feel like I can do it because I’ve lost it before but I can’t keep myself on it anymore I will decide soon though

  • I can’t tell you how many things you’ve said in this video that are things I’ve said to myself for years. I want so badly to have a good relationship with food but I’m the same way where I can’t do anything in moderation. So I guess here it goes….I’m gonna do carnivore. (I’ve done keto off and on so I know it won’t be as big of a change but I need it for me.)

  • I’m on Keto and i feel like you about food and I can totally relate to you. I’m very interested in learning more about your diet. I’ve lost 115 pounds and thanks so much for being so open and sharing your story!

  • Thank you for sharing. I felt your struggle on a real level. Are you my spirit animal? Lol. I am researching carnivore because frankly I have tried about everything else and am still overweight, tired, and overall I just feel crappy. Thanks for being so open and honest. You made me feel like if you (a relatable woman with a lot of the same struggles) can do it then maybe I can too. Ty!

  • I can totally relate to you!!! I lost almost 40 lbs 3 years ago on keto. But then I stalled for 5 months and got so frustrated about not losing those last 10-15 lbs I wanted to drop. I started to cheat more often, party on the weekends, and shocker, I gained it all back. I’ve been struggling to get back on it 100% since then and I think I’ve finally come to the same conclusion as you. I’m not a moderator. I’m a restrictor. And yes, I feel the same, it’s not fair. But that is me and what works best. I’m playing around with the idea of going carnivore to help me reset.

  • Thank you for posting this and sharing your struggles with food. So many of us can relate to those battles and it’s great you are winning.

  • Wow you’re beauty and awesome.. I started a carnivore diet cause i quit this vegan DIE-IT in Brazil. I’m happy when find other channels like yours. Keto Carnivore the most healthest and delicious lifestyle ever.

    Congrulations from Brazil! 😉

  • That’s why you dont focus on just the scale. You can stall at any time, but your body will change. You can be 200ibs for 4 months but your thighs would be shrunk dramatically during that time.

  • I loved hearing about your carnivore journey and congratulations on your great success! I also have extreme problems with carbs. On my channel I related how I was vegetarian and vegan for five years, crave food the whole time, then went to Paleo which is low carb and my cravings were greatly reduced. I totally identified with your comment about the Oreos. There is no such thing as one Oreo in my life! I get so tired of people saying well why don’t you just have one cookie? If I could, I would probably mainline cakes pies and cookies. That’s why I try not to have even one bite. I am excited to see more of your videos as the carnivore diet is kind of intriguing to me I have to admit. Blessings to you and congratulations again.

  • same with megonna start my diet monday every week for 5 years. i have done all diets and did get down to 116# at 5’2 lifting weights looked fantastic…. now 160 pounds…. crap….. can’t seem to get back into the Keto……. read the jason fung…. did 3 day fast blood sugar dropped to 55!! heart pounding…woozy… ugh…….. carnivore is my last hope….